Robin gets owned

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Robin gets owned
By Larkin

I was eleven, but I liked to think of myself as being a mature thirteen year old. Unfortunately because I was on the small side most people thought I was only nine or ten. Usually I would have to correct them by lying and telling them I was twelve. 

We sat together at the dining room table. My Mother was deeply involved in her crossword puzzle. She rarely looked up except to exhale cigarette smoke. I reached out and took one. With the long white cigarette pinched between my lips and holding her Bic with both hands, I flicked it until the cigarette lit.

She gave me an irritated look. "Jimi, I wish you wouldn't. You have a pack of your own."

I did, but they were upstairs. My Mother was trying to erase a quarter of the puzzle. When it proved too difficult she ripped the page out of the book and started on a new one.
She wasn't above cheating either.

Don't get excited, I don't smoke today, but back then, I thought smoking looked sophisticated. I imitated the way she held her cigarette and looking slightly up, I blew smoke in the air like a real adult. 

"Jimi, would you go down to Quiki-Mart and get me another pack and a large bottle of Coke."

She continued. "Jimi, I don't mind if you smoke here but do me a favor and don't go parading around town smoking or they will accuse me of being a bad mother and then they'll take you away and put you in reform school." 

I didn't believe the reform school part I didn't mind going to the store, I had nothing else to do. I took the ten dollar bill and hopped out the door. If I can, I try never to give her any change. 

Of course this was back when a kid like me could buy cigarettes. It didn't matter if they were for me or some one else. The guy in the store slid the pack of Marlboro 100's lights at me and rung up the coke. 

A voice behind me said, "What up?"

It was Robin. He was wearing tan cargo pants and an over-sized tee shirt. 

Robin had his usual "I don't care." look on his face. 

He was fourteen and a whole foot taller. He had the reputation of always being in trouble and if he wasn't in trouble, then you could be sure he would be before the day was over. 

He looked at the floor and then back at me. He repeated, "What's up?"

Before I could answer, he said, "I am so fucking bored...!" 

We left the store together and it became obvious that we were now a pair. Robin stopped at a driveway between two buildings and he pulled out his funny looking uncut dick to pee. I didn't look away but watched with great interest while he peed on the wall of the building. He did it way more out in the open than I ever would have but I liked that about him. It was his unconcerned boldness that made it so interesting. I also knew that this was an opportunity to show it to me but it's not like I haven't already seen it before. 

My Mom barely looked up. "Oh that's nice, you brought you little friend over. Help yourselves to something to eat."

I grabbed a bag of Cheese Doodles and we both headed up to my room. Robin crashed down on my bed like he owned it and spread out, making himself at home. I sat on the edge of my bed and holding a cheese doodle aloft, I dropped it into his open mouth. He chomped it up and opened his mouth for the next.

I said, "You want something to drink?"

He said, "Ok, soda's good." 

I came back with a Miller Tall Boy. Robin sat up right and said, "No way! Won't your Mom get pissed?"

I shrugged my shoulders and watched Robin chug the beer. Personally, I don't like beer or anything like that but Robin does, so why not make him happy. I lie next to him on my bed and then lay my head across his stomach. He started laughing, bouncing my head up and down. 

He pulled me back up and still laughing he said, "Don't do that, you're giving me a hard-on."

I gave him a blank expression and then lay my head back down on his stomach only a bit lower. I looked down at his beat-up old Nikes and watched while he kicked them off one by one. 
His socks were all smelly but I didn't care. He pulled his legs up just a bit and spread them, forcing my head more into his lap. I felt it in his pants. It was hard and he started pushing it into my face. I felt his hands on top of my head holding me in place while he did it. I didn't care. I liked that he did things like that to me. I liked that he took advantage of me.
He knows I won't tell on him and I just lay there and let him. 

The beer made him stupid and bossy and I kept thinking, "What's he going to make me do next?"

He sat up with me under him and he opened his pants. His cock fell out all stiff and swinging.

My Mother called from downstairs "Jimi!"

Robin's cock disappeared back into his pants and he quickly hid the beer can under the bed. 

I said, "WHAT?"

The door opened and my Mother stood there. "I can't seem to find my car keys, have you seen them?"

I looked puzzled for a moment. "Oh, they're next to the toaster."

My Mother looked relieved. "Ok, I going over to Fran's for a few hours, you need anything, call."

And just like that, she was gone. 

Robin looked out the window and watched the car disappear.  By the time he turned around, I had taken off all of my clothes and was standing in front of him completely naked. I lit a long white Marlboro 100. My boner was only half that length. It is not easy to shock Robin but, for once, I think I did. This time I got up on the bed and started taking Robin's clothes off. He was enjoying it. He watched me tug down his pants and his jockeys. 

"It's too bad you're not a girl because then I'd want to try to fuck you. 

I gave him another blank look and then turned my back to him making sure he saw my behind when I crawled on the bed. You might as well know that this isn't the first time we did this. Robin considers this jerk off practice for when he finally gets a girlfriend. I think the beer released some kind of demon in Robin because his eyes are half closed and he's started mumbling rude and stupid commands. His cock stands up so stiff. He has a long foreskin. Underneath, it is all slippery and gooey and I like to slowly pull it down and let go so I can watch while his foreskin slowly slide back up on its own. Then I do it again and again and again. He likes it and I never get tired of doing it.

Robin blurted out, "Come on! Do it faster, like I showed you!"

I act uninterested and behaved as if I am doing him a big favor. He moves his body around and up and down under my grip. I quickened my pace. Gradually, Robin starts to turn into an animal. He gets up on his knees and tries to rule over me. I offer only the weakest resistance. He puts his hand on top of my head and I push it away. He does it again and I let him. His cock is so hard that it curves up towards his belly. He climbs over me, his cock swingin. He says I'm a snotty little bitch. I don't know, maybe I am. I open my mouth and he sticks it in and he goes at it. 

When you get this done to you, it is so strange, so wicked and exciting. To be honest, I don't really understand it but I like it a lot. Robin grunts and moans with pleasure and then pushes it so deep that I almost choke. He laughs but then stops for a minute while I catch my breath and then he starts in again. Actually, he's sort of nice because he moves me around and organizes the pillows behind my head to make it easier. Then he starts in again only faster. Sometimes I hold his balls in my hands while he does it. It is at this time that I love Robin the most. All the other times, he's mostly a jerk.

Sometimes he pulls it out and sprays and squirts his gooey sex juice all over my belly. This time he didn't. He told me that it was okay to swallow it so I did. After that, he flops down next to me. He was all out of breath and lays there like he's dead. When he finally sits up, his mind is elsewhere. He begins to get dressed. I sit there, naked and still jerking myself off. 

He says, "Can I play Metroid?"

I said, "That's not really fair you know?"

He looked at me and said. "What?"

I said, "I mean, you had fun and now you are done. What about me?"

He looked unsympathetic and said, "Yeah, well I'm not a fag like you, I don't suck dick."

This was beginning to look like the end of our friendship. It was bad but I think Robin was starting to realize it too. I'm sure he was thinking about the next time he was going to want his dick sucked, bad. 

He said, "Oh, okay, let me jerk you off."

I climbed into his lap and he started pulling my dickie up and down. I lay there while he did it. I was feeling better and better. Robin looked disinterested. I think he was staring at the Michael Jackson poster on the wall. I had one arm around him and with the other; I pulled him closer and tried to kiss him while he jerked me off. Robin pulled away and wiped his mouth. I did it again and this time got my tongue into his mouth. My body was stretching out in his lap getting closer to cum. He pulled away one more time and then came back and we really kissed and didn't stop. 

Something magic happened. I began to cum. Robin felt my body and he could tell I was beginning to cum but more than anything it was the kiss that changed him. After I came, we continued to kiss. I felt his big boner return and I stroked him and we embraced and kissed for the longest time. 

We heard the car pull into the driveway. I quickly got dressed. Robin was quiet and had the strangest look on his face. He kept looking at me. 

Is it possible that I made him fall in love with me? 

He looked like he didn't want to but he had to go. 

He got up and softly said, "Can I come over tomorrow?"

I think I must have looked bored. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know, maybe."