Chapter Three - Lies

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This chapter was written by The Journeyman

It was becoming a habit. Up early, showered, breakfast and at school well before the first bell rang. I was hoping to see Robin again first thing. But once again it was not to be.

I was sitting on a short retaining wall in front of the school watching the traffic go by. I didn't hear anyone come up to me, but suddenly I felt a sharp jolt in my back. I turned around quickly, ready to punch back at whoever hit me. But standing there was Jack.

"Hi, Jack. Why'd you hit me?"

"Leave him alone," was all he said.


"Leave him alone. I mean it. I like it here, and I don't want to leave." He had said the same thing yesterday before he and Robin left the pool. "You're just going to ruin it. So leave him alone or I'll whip you."

Well the prospect of Jack whipping me almost made me laugh. Sure he was strong, but I had 40 pounds on him, and I was no weakling. But it was the tone that caught me. He didn't say it with any conviction, like he really meant it. He said it with sadness.

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw the way he was looking at you. Have you done it yet? Have you gotten him into bed?"

"Look, Jack. Let's start all over."

"I'm trying to. We all are. My whole family. And now you're ruining it."

"Okay, this whole conversation is making no sense. You and I are going to have to talk. Right here, after practice. You get rid of Robin somehow, but you and I are going to talk."

Jack just looked at me, then walked away.

I was really rattled. If Jack knew, we were in big trouble. I debated whether to tell Robin, but decided it would be best not to. I didn't want to worry him. I figured Jack and I could talk it over, and I could convince him there was nothing more between us than a friendship.

It wasn't 30 seconds later that Robin came up behind me, and whispered, "Good morning, gorgeous."

"Stop that," I hissed. "Someone might hear you."

"Yeah, you're right. Hey, have you seen Jack?"

"Jack? Er, no. Why?"

"Oh, he came to school early. Something about a project he had to do about migration. I guess he's probably in the library looking up things."

"Yeah, probably."

The school day was long as hell. The problem was, I was trying to figure out how Jack and I could talk without Robin getting suspicious.

I actually tried to avoid Robin in History without being obvious. Right. The not-being-obvious won out and I ended up talking to him for a few minutes before class.

"What are you doing after school?" he asked.


"Oh, yeah. And then?"

"Dunno. Homework, I guess, and some chores around the home. My mum wants me to do some stuff, I guess."

"Oh." I could hear the disappointment in his voice, and it hurt a little. "Could we get together later?"

"Um, yeah, sure. I think so."

Well, I'll see you when I come pick up Jack."

"Uh, well actually, I can walk Jack home. That way you won't have to wait around."

He got a confused look on his face for a moment. "But I don't mind. He's my brother."

"Well, yeah, but see, this way you can, like, get YOUR chores done, and we'll have the rest of the afternoon after I get mine done."

"Ok. Sure."

The bell rang, and I watched him walk over to his desk, staring out the window. As he sat back down he looked over at me, and flashed me an uncertain grin.

The day was the longest in the history of school. Practice, which I usually love, was tedious. Jack glared at me the whole time. I was off on my times. It was awful.

In the locker room, I asked Jack if Robin was picking him up.

"No, he said you would walk me home."

"Yeah, okay."

We finished dressing and started for his house. Halfway there we stopped in a park.

"Now, what's this all about?" I said.

"It's about you and Robin, that's what," Jack said angrily. "Leave him alone, Joey. Don't mess with him."

"I like him, Jack. I want to be with him."

"Yeah. Just like the kid back home. 'I love you, Robin.' 'You're the only one for me, Robin.' 'I want to be with you forever, Robin.' 'Let's fuck, Robin.'"


"Well, that's what happened. It lasted a few months, then the guy tells Robin to fuck off. It was awful. I know brothers aren't supposed to get along, but I love him. He just fell apart. His grades were bad. He didn't sleep, couldn't eat. He didn't do anything. And when he called the kid to try to find out what happened, he got real angry at Robin. And then he spread it around school that Robin was stalking him and was a faggot. He got beat up a couple of times. The school made up lies about him and tried to have him expelled. And then I got beat up for being the brother of a faggot.

"It was so hard on Robin." His eyes began to moisten. "He blamed himself. He saw a counselor, but it didn't help much. He started ditching school, hiding out in the woods all day. He got sick and weak. I thought he was going to die. I thought he was trying to kill himself by starving himself to death.

"But he wasn't. Because he tried that for real one day. After everyone had left he swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills. I was the one who found him. We had a water main break at school and they had to let us go. I got home and found him in our room. I called hospital and they came and got him. They said another half hour and it would have been all over."

I sat there stunned.

"That's when mom and dad decided the only thing to do was to move. Just leave town and try to start over. So we came here. I guess it was too much to hope for. He wants to be loved, and I guess he's going to keep making the same mistakes."

"But this isn't a mistake," I said. "I love him."

"You don't even know him."

"I do know him. I feel I've known him my whole life. I couldn't do something like that to Robin. I honestly think we're meant to be together."

"How can you know that?"

"I don't know. It's just a feeling. I'm not trying to get him to - um....Jack, I'm not trying to only get Robin to have sex with me, like that other creep did. I'm in love with him. I don't want to hurt him. I want to make him feel good."

"Yeah, right."

"Jack, look at me." He did. "I don't want to hurt you. I like you. I like Robin. But I'm not being selfish. I'm not in this for myself. I'm not sure how to convince you."

He looked sad. "I don't know, either. All I know is that, number one, I want Robin to be happy, and number two, I'm happy here and I don't want to leave."

"Jack, I swear to you I will not hurt Robin or you."

He sighed a deep sigh. "I don't know. I guess I have to trust you. You don't seem like the last bloke that fucked up my brother. He's got terrible judgment of people. Mine's better. You seem okay."


"Don't push it, mate."

We finished walking home. Robin was sitting on the front steps waiting.

"What took you so long? You guys are late."

Jack and I looked at each other and he raised his eyebrows. I figured I'd have to take the lead.

"Coach got mad at us. Said we were slackers, not trying our hardest. We had to swim extra."

Yes, I know. I know it. It was a lie. I promised I wouldn't hurt Robin, and I turn right around and lie to him. And I was afraid it would come back to haunt me.

"Wanna come over?" I asked. "I thought you had chores to do."

"Yeah, but they're pretty easy and I thought talking to you would make them go faster."

"Um, sure. Mom! I'm going over to Joey's!"

Jack said, "Thanks for walking me home, Joey." He went into the house.

Robin and I walked quietly all the way back to my house. I got us some Cokes and chips, then we went up into my room. Robin sat on my bed, and I sat on the floor in front of him.

I could see up into the shorts that he wore, but the essentials were lost in the shadows. I was horny, but I also knew I had to make a confession.

"Robin, um, I need to tell you something."

"'S okay, Joey, I already know you're gay," he giggled.

I laughed to, but not with much conviction. "No, I mean, I need to make a confession."

"You're trying to look up my shorts."

"Well, yeah, but I mean, more serious. I lied to you."

The smile flew from his face and he looked at me. "What do you mean? When?"

I drew a deep breath. "Well, most of today has been a lie."

I could see tears start to form.

"Robin, wait. It might not be as bad as you think, although I admit I don't know exactly what you think. I mean I lied about seeing Jack this morning."


"Yeah. When you came up to me this morning and asked if I'd seen him and I told you no, it was a lie."

"How come?"

"Because he had just left. We met early at school."

"You arranged it?" he asked, his voice becoming strained and angry.

"No. I went to school early hoping you and I could spend some time talking before class. But he came up to me while I was waiting for you and punched me in the arm."


"And he told me to keep away from you."

"That little fucker. I'm gonna kill him."

"No, Robin. No, you aren't. He loves you, and he's afraid. He told me a little bit about what happened back in Australia and why you had to move here. Not specifics, but enough. He doesn't want it to happened again. He said he loves you too much to see you be hurt. And, of course, he doesn't want to have to move again."

"He said all that this morning?"

"Well, no, see, he just told me to keep away from you this morning. He asked me if I'd gotten you into bed yet." Robin blushed deeply. "And he said if I didn't leave you alone he'd whip me." That got a smile out of him. "But I told him we had to talk it out, and to meet me after school. That's why I walked him home, so we could talk about it. And I didn't tell you, and so it was a lie. The whole day was a lie, Robin. I'm sorry."

He didn't say anything for a moment. Then, "It's okay. I understand. I mean, I'm glad you talked to him. I'm glad he talked to you. I didn't now he was so scared. He sort of hinted at that in the pool yesterday, but I didn't think it was so bad. You know, I don't want to hurt him. Maybe we . . ."

"No. We talked about it on the walk home. I told him I love you. I said it was more than sex. By the way, I didn't tell him whether we did or didn't - I said it wasn't any of his business. Anyway, I said I love you and would never do anything to hurt you. I said I didn't want to hurt him, either."

"What did he say?"

"He said he would just have to trust us."

He thought for a moment. "You told him you love me?"

"Yeah. He asked how that could be since we only just met. I said it was a feeling."

"It is a feeling. I have the same one." He gave me a shy look. "I guess I'm going to have to talk to him."

"Yeah, I guess you better, but I'm not sure he trusts you completely. He loves you, but he may not trust you to think clearly."

"Do you?"

"I trust you to do exactly the right thing," I said.

He reached out tenderly to me and pulled me by the neck toward him. Our mouths met in a soft, moist kiss that we could have broken off or continued. We continued it, tongues meeting tentatively. The kiss got more aggressive, more passionate and our breathing became deeper. Our senses sharpened as our lips mashed together, and our hands, which we had wrapped around each other, began to caress each others' backs.

We finally had to break the kiss to remove our shirts, but we did it at the same time so we were apart only a second or two. Then our lips found each other and we were of on round two. I pushed him onto his back on the bed. His hands moved up and down my back, so soft, so gentle so . . .well, yes, loving would be the word. Thank you.

With him on his back, my hands had to find something else to pet. I decided on his hair. I ran my fingers through his hair. I never could see why guys did that in the movies or in shampoo commercials, but now I knew. It was fucking sexy. I ran my hands all over his head, feeling his hair and tugging ever so slightly on it. I wasn't laying directly on top of him, but sort of at an angle. At any rate, the bare skin of my chest was against the bare skin of his, and together we were generating a lot of heat. We ground our lips together, pushing as far into each others' mouths as we could with our tongues. He had to break to swallow. (I wonder if my saliva was running into his mouth since I was on top. Oh, all right, I won't.) And we took the moment to gasp for breath, something that was become more and more labored.

Then right back at it. His hands moved under the waist of my shorts and he stroked the top of my butt. He kneaded the part that he could reach. I didn't know my butt was so sensitive. The more he grabbed, stroked and kneaded, the hornier I got. This was going way too fast, but I was helpless to stop it. It was kismet (get a dictionary). No, it was teenage hormones.

We started moaning into each other at about the same time and our groping became more and more urgent. Finally, for some reason, a ray of sanity shone through the sexual energy that had overtaken me. I pulled back slightly, but he raised his head to lock lips again. I pulled back further.

"Robin," I said.

"No. I want this. I want you, Joey. I need you. I don't care about anything else."

"We have to. What Jack said . . ."

"I can't help it. I need you, Joey. I've already fallen in love with you. Don't you feel it?"

"Yes, and I told Jack I love you, too. But we can't."

"Why?" He was panting.

"I don't know. We've known each other like, three days. This is way too soon."

"Then don't think of it as love. Think of it for what it is. Sex. Just plain sex."

That stunned me. "It's not love?"

"Yes, of course it is, Joey. I didn't mean that. But guys have needs. Hell, all teenagers have needs."

That was true enough.

"If we don't do this, what are you going to do when I leave today?"

"I don't know."

"Yes you do. You're gonna beat off, aren't you? Be honest."

Well, it was the truth. I nodded. His hands were still on my butt, my hands in his hair.

"Then let's help each other. If we love each other, then we'll seal that love. If we don't, if we're just friends, we'll just help a friend."

I stared at him. It made sense. I was so horny I could just about burst.

"Kiss me. Please?"

I lowered my lips to him, and he was as soft and gentle as anything I'd ever known. He nibbled on my lower lip and sucked it into his mouth. He was starting all over with me, not picking up where we had left off but beginning our make-out session all over again. He was slowly building again, recreating the passion I had broken off. He had even taking his hands from under my shorts and was squeezing me to him. After a few moments, his tongue found mine again, and his passion increased, taking me along with him.

It got hot fast after that. Soon our passion was as high as it had been before. He snuck his hands under the waistband again, but in addition to squeezing and stroking, his finger found my crack and he slowly ran it down as far as he could. I strained for him to find my hole. I knew it would feel great. But he couldn't quite reach at the angle I was at.

I moved my left hand from his hair and stroked his cheek, then his jaw line. I cupped it around the back of his neck and with my thumb I rubbed the side of his neck. Our kissing continued. My lips were becoming raw.

I slipped my hand to his torso and cupped it around him under his armpit. That left the thumb right next to his nipple. I couldn't resist. His nipple was about the size of a nickel and brown. The nipple part was hard, almost white and stuck out a little. I put my thumb on it and moved it around. I didn't just slide my thumb around on the nipple, I moved the nipple under my thumb. He arched into me, thrust his tongue deep into my mouth and moaned. I continued to tease his nipple, and he was squirming fiercely under me.

Then I moved my hand lower toward his belly, tickling and stroking, until I came to the waistband of his shorts. I didn't just work my hand under, I began tugging them down. I could feel the heat of his stiffie, but I avoided touching it. I lifted up a little so I could work the shorts off him and around his sweet bubble butt. I didn't try to take them all the way off because we would have had to break the kiss. Instead, I got them down to just above his knees. Then I went back to work on his nipple.

"Oh, Joey. Please. Oh, fuck," he gasped. Then back to the kisses. Again I left the nipple, stroked my way to his belly button, which I teased for a moment. And then lower. At last I took his cock in his hand, the first time I had ever held someone else's cock. I just lightly took it, and the moment my hand touched the head, he exploded all over both of us with a huge release of boycum. He gasped into my mouth, grabbed the cheeks of my butt with all his strength, and pumped out shot after shot of his sweetness, coating my hand, my shoulder, his belly and the sheets as it ran off the side of his chest.

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