Chapter Four - Taking Another Chance

This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts between the characters in it. Although the characters are teenagers who may be below the age of consent in the country or state where this is read, nothing written here should be taken as approval of, or encouragement for, sexual liaisons between people where such liaisons are either illegal, or objectionable for moral reasons. Although this story does not include safe sex practices, it is everyone's own responsibility to themselves and to each other to engage only in PROTECTED SEX. It is a story. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. Nothing represented here is based on any fact known to the authors.

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This chapter was written by The Eggman


I was still dizzy, barely able to focus on his handsome face. But I could still feel his heart racing, pounding through his chest and into mine. Closing my eyes for a moment, I whispered, "I love you, Joey."

Resting his head on my shoulder, he kissed my cheek then whispered, "Love you too, Robin. Since the first moment I saw you, honest."

With my arm wrapped under and around him, Joey started to move up and away from me, or so it seemed. I tried to hold him firmly in place but he slithered down the front of my chest. As I opened my eyes to see why he was trying to move away, I felt him lick at an already wet spot on my chest. Moments later, he shifted again, lower and to the far side where he licked up another spot. He was cleaning me! I sighed and thought; oh… he’s so sweet!

I’m not much for praying. My folks never were much for churches or religion but we do believe in some supreme deity. It’s more like God is all there is that is natural. But at that moment, while my boyfriend meticulously cleaned up, I silently prayed, "Please, let Joey be the one. Let it be him and me, forever." A horrid thought swept across my prayers though. What if he finds out what happened and why I’m here? Would he still love me or even like me for that matter? Firmly, I told myself, Joey will still love me. I could tell him and will tell him. Then I prayed again, "Please, if there truly is a goodness in this universe, let Joey still love me."

Finishing my chest and belly, Joey took my half-hard prick in his hand again. I giggled. It’s really sensitive after an orgasm and I’d never had one quite like the one he created for me. My nips will never be the same! Joey didn’t move for the longest while. But then he twisted his hand and I giggled more loudly! He stopped and remained still for a few moments then twisted his hand again! I laughed out loud, "Stop!" and tried to push him away.

Joey’s head popped off my stomach and he turned to look at me. What a beautiful smile! And his eyes were so shiny; radiating what could only be real love. I smiled back at him and hoped he could see how much I loved him, how much I was depending on him. He still hadn’t cum yet. Would he get rough and force himself on me? I couldn’t bare that. Not after what happened.

It seems like eternities ago. The other mate I had, back in Australia, he wasn’t much of a friend. It started out that way but, once he learned how I really am, he mocked me and worse.

We’d done it a few times. The first couple of times, only jacking each other off. Then, a few weeks later, he wanted me to suck him. After I made him promise to return the favour, I took his bone in my mouth. But he didn’t suck me. He didn’t even jack me off. He made some lame excuse and hurried home. The next time is when it all went to hell. We got naked and he grabbed my cock sharply, making me flinch. He then squeezed my bone till I thought it would pop. I yelled for him to stop and pushed him away with all my strength. Laughing at me as he wobbled back a step and released my aching erection, he then softly told me he was sorry and that he really wanted to fuck me. Since I felt like the only remaining virgin in the whole country, I got on all fours. I remember the searing heat of his un-lubed cock being forced up my bum and screaming out in agony. It never felt good. The next day, while I lay in bed recuperating, Jack came home from school in tears. The day after, when I went back to school, my worst nightmares came true. I couldn’t walk the halls without verbal and physical harassment. Changing for gym was impossible. Every one wanted either a blowjob or a chance to fuck the queer boy’s ass. I stopped going in the locker room the next day. The next week, I started skipping classes. Soon, I was ditching entire days. The less time I spent in school, the easier things became for Jack. It still wasn’t always normal for him but it wasn’t too bad, or so he’s always said. The counsellor I was sent to tried to teach me it was okay to be gay and how to be careful and how to judge other people. I wasn’t learning anything new. My sexuality wasn’t the problem. The rest of the world seemed to be the problem. One day, in the car outside his office, I absolutely refused to see him again, telling my mum, "You’ll have to carry me‘ cause I ain’t budgin’." Mum couldn’t lift me or even budge me. Then Jack got beat up and I swallowed the remainder of a bottle of sleeping pills. Jack found me and I was rushed to the hospital. Because of me, because of my attraction to boys and because of my inability to judge a friend from an enemy, we had to move.

The smile I showed Joey waned too quickly and a tear rolled down my cheek because of my memories.

It only took a second for Joey to whisper, "Robin?" and another second for "What’s wrong?"

That made me feel so good! I smiled and pulled him to me. His erection jabbed into my side and I giggled but tears still flowed. Joey hugged me tightly and I felt him shudder briefly. I felt his erection deflating and, in moments, soft flesh against me. "You want me to go?" he whispered.

"No!" I choked out. Then, after controlling myself a bit more, I clearly said, "Don’t ever leave me."

Joey shuddered again and squeezed me firmly for a moment. Then he sniffled. I pulled back and held him by the shoulders. Amazingly, tears were flowing down his face too but he wore the widest smile! I noticed a few fading childhood freckles darkened as tears rolled over them.

I can’t be wrong this time! This boy is sensitive, just like me! Joey took the time, in the middle of our first sexual experience, to ask me if anything was wrong. Maybe, I made him feel sad because of my tears and he thought I didn’t want him any more? That couldn’t be further from the truth! But he smiled, obviously pleased to hear me beg him to stay with me.

Sniffling once again and quickly wiping his face, Joey chuckled, "I’m gonna have to go some time, unless you’re asking to move in with me?"

Laughing and shedding tears of joy, I threw myself on him. "That would be great! But mum and dad aren’t quite ready for that yet, eh?"

"They might not be but I sure think I am," Joey giggled. For a long few minutes we laughed and kissed, smiled and kissed then eventually only kissed. Feeling myself getting hard again, I reached down for his dick. It was hard too. He forced his hot breath into my mouth and I consciously inhaled most of it.

I’d never kissed a boy before. In only three days, Joey had taught me what a kiss could be. If he was half as nervous as I was, then it was all quite accidental but fun just the same. We were getting dizzy though from recycling air and started huffing through our noses. Soon, I pulled back to smile down at my boyfriend.

Joey doesn’t seem to even realise how attractive he is. He’s got a lean, swimmer’s body. When we talk, there have been these occasional pauses. I did it because I didn’t want to seem lame but I asked myself, why did he do it? I think it was because he was just as scared as I was. He’s got a great body though. Even through school clothes, that was obvious. I almost crumbled to pieces when he said hello to me the first time.

Then I looked down at his cock. I had it by the base and there was still plenty peeking out past the edge of my hand. It was a nice handful too, not too much and certainly not too little.

He groaned then sighed as my hand began caressing and stroking. His jewels were pulled close to his body already though. They were rubbery, not fleshy. Years of wanking taught me to slow down and try to loosen them up a bit before he lost it too quickly. I was hungry for his cock though. I really wanted to taste it, to have it in my mouth, but I waited and gently massaged his jewels. Turning my attention back to his face, Joey dreamily muttered, "So nice."

"What would you like your boyfriend to do for you?" I softly asked.

"Oh, anything he wants," Joey groaned, "what he’s doin’ now is so fine."

After a few moments careful consideration, I whispered, "Can I taste it?"

Joey shivered and hummed yes. He then whispered, "I’ll have to taste yours too then," and started to pull my side. He moved a little and I moved so that one eye was staring me directly in the face. We looked at each other then I tentatively licked the head, cleaning up the drop of wetness there.

With a sigh, Joey opened up wide and took the head and another inch or so into his hot wet mouth. I was deliriously happy. Joey wasn’t going to use me and leave me, I was certain of it. I took him in my mouth and began bobbing up and down on his meat. He was good and dealt with my foreskin real nice. Not to be out done, I finally had easy access to his back door and softly fingered the outside of it. Joey whimpered and bucked; forcing a bit too much of his cock into my mouth and making me gag for a second.

Immediately, he let my cock out of his mouth and softly said, "Sorry."

Amazing! He paused to apologise! Insane lust and passion overwhelmed me. I tried to swallow his whole cock and discovered that, if I were ready for it, I wouldn’t gag. Pushing him flat and moving over him, I went crazy, making Joey’s cock feel the best things my mouth could offer. When my mouth got tired, I licked the head and the whole length then moved down to his spongy jewels, never once letting the finger teasing his hole take a rest.

Joey tried to keep up but I had a mission; to finally give my best to a boy that wanted to give his best to me. His breath puffed against my balls in quick, short bursts. Moments later he released my cock and urgently whispered, "Robin! Omigod! Robin!" He heaved in a deep breath, quickly grunted and I tasted my reward. It splashed, warm and salty against the roof of my mouth. My tongue relished this new flavour but I had to swallow. I sucked and got more. I bobbed deep and got a little more. Then I just let the rest flow onto my tongue. Beneath me, Joey gasped for breath and tried to speak.

"Oh… Robin… I don’t believe it… it was so good… I love you baby… I’ll always love you… stay with me… please, say you’ll be mine… please say it… please."

I wondered if I had heard him correctly for a brief moment. He called me baby and wants me to be his! Letting his meat fall from my mouth, I quickly crawled around to face him. Seeing his content smile and glistening eyes, I cried, "Yes Joey. I’ll be yours."

"I’ll never leave you, never hurt you," Joey said breathlessly and pulled me down on top of him. He kissed my cheek and neck. After a long few minutes holding each other, Joey whispered, "Something bad happened in Australia?"

I shuddered at the thought and hummed yes.

"Tell me, share it with me, please."

Tears once again flooded my eyes. "It was bad," I softly began and told him what had happened in Cowaramup. He started to cry. When I told him how I was finally abused and mocked, he sobbed unashamedly. We were both total wrecks as we got dressed. Physically and emotionally exhausted, we stared at each other as the tears dried up. Stepping forward, Joey took my hand. My free hand took his.

Joey said, "We don’t need to do that, have intercourse I mean, not till you are absolutely sure you’re ready."

I smiled gratefully and said, "Walk me home?"

We went to the loo and got cleaned up. Joey giggled insanely when I said that I needed to use the loo. "It’s a bathroom or restroom here," he giggled.

"Too many syllables," I grinned. Noticing Joey paused at the bathroom doorway, I beckoned him inside with my finger and reminded him, "Close the door, eh?"

He blushed and closed the door. My dick was starting to get hard again but I really had to pee. Taking my dick out and aiming at the bowl, I concentrated on urination but watched Joey as he washed his hands and face. Grabbing a towel and drying himself, he turned to me and saw my predicament.

"They always get hard at the strangest times," he giggled.

"’S not so strange in this case, eh?" I teased. His face turned bright red and he shook his head.

"I’ll just turn around then so you can finish this month," Joey said.

Thankfully, with half a hard-on, I started to leak soon after he turned around.

After a few moments, Joey sighed, "I’m already dreading saying goodbye to you. It’s ripping me in half, ya know?"

"’S all right. I’ll talk with Jack tonight. Tell him how special you are. Then I’ll find a way to tell mum and she’ll tell dad. They’d probably like to know that I can make good choices from time to time."

"I’m not out. No one knows but you, Robin," Joey softly said. I finished leaking then he turned around.

Tucking my pecker away, I asked, "It would be all right though, wouldn’t it?" I turned on the water and began washing up.

After a few moments, he shrugged, "Dunno. But I guess I’ll be finding out soon." Then he held out the towel for me.

Taking the towel, I said, "Can’t let it get back to school though, eh? I’m sure not ready for that again."

Joey nodded, "We gotta watch ourselves around Amy. She’d go flapping her gums and everyone would know within a day, max."

I’d met so many new people and wondered aloud, "Which one is Amy?"

"The boisterous redhead," he smirked. Done drying my hands, I folded the towel and returned it to the hanging holder on the wall. Joey smiled brightly, "My mom is gonna love you!" then giggled heartily and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. As we walked out of his house, his little sister ran up the path and, a few paces behind her, Joey’s father.

She shouted, "Hi," and hurried into the house.

I waved nervously to his dad.

"Who’s this, Joey?" his dad asked.

"This is Robin, dad. He just moved here from Australia," Joey answered.

His dad said, "Welcome to America, Robin." Then he turned to Joey and said, "Where are you two off to?"

"Just walking Robin home. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes." Joey said. He tugged at my shirt and we were on our way.

"Nice meeting you Robin," his dad loudly said as we hurried off.

I turned and waved, "Yes Sir, same here!" Ecstatic as I crossed the street, I could barely believe that I had a boyfriend and had already met his father and sister! I had only met the other boy’s mother once. Joey chuckled as we knocked into each other a few times. I asked, "What’s your sister’s name?"

"Beth, Elizabeth really."

For a while, we walked silently, occasionally smiling at each other. Then Joey cautiously asked, "How do you want us to be at school?"

"Best mates… er… friends," I answered.

"I’ll want to touch you, run my fingers through your hair," he softly said.

I blushed and giggled, "I’d want you to but not at school. Maybe someday but not yet eh?"

Smiling widely, he mimicked my accent and said, "No worries. I’m not ready for that either but can’t deny what I’d want to do."

Again, we walked silently for a while. I glanced at my watch. Mum and dad would be home by now. Supper would be served soon. There might be time for introductions but no time for an affectionate goodbye embrace that I so wanted and needed.

"Do you have to be back home in twenty minutes?" I asked.

He grinned, "I could be a few minutes late."

Moments later, we stopped briefly at my front door and glanced at each other. He inhaled, exhaled then nodded and I opened the door.

Dad and Jack were in the living room. "Hi, I’m home," I said a little too cheerfully. Coughing to catch myself, I then said, "Dad, this is Joey. Joseph Anderson, from school."

"Hello," dad smirked.

Joey waved and said hello to both my dad and brother. Jack stared up at us like we were from outer space, growing antennae on our heads. He knew. I could tell he knew. Quickly, I pulled Joey into the kitchen and introduced him to my mum. Just as quickly, I said, "Joey needs to get home but I’m gonna show him the house and my room real quick."

Like greased lightning, I led him past the dining room and down the hall to my room. I closed the bedroom door most of the way, leaving it slightly ajar so my folks wouldn’t get too suspicious. The second it was safe, Joey wrapped his arms around me from behind and whispered, "I love you."

Leaning back and smiling my widest, I softly said, "I love you too."

"It’s gonna be lonely tonight," he sighed.

"I’ll be thinking of you." After a few moments bliss, I said, "Wish I could ask you to stay but its too short notice. How about supper tomorrow?"

Flustered, Joey stammered, "So soon? You think that’d be okay?"

Turning in his arms, I said, "I’ll let you know for certain tomorrow," then kissed him. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and brushed his tongue across it. Holding the back of his head firmly but not too roughly, I opened up wider and accepted his tongue. Within moments we were huffing huge breaths out of our noses. I began to get hard and started to feel his erection against me. At the same moment we backed away and smiled knowingly.

Fixing his shirt, he gasped, "Wait till tomorrow."

"Might not be able too. I’ll talk with Jack then go to bed around eleven."

He grinned, "We’ll be apart but together." Pulling me closer, he plainly said, "I love your eyes. Gotta snap a close-up photo some day."

Blushing, I giggled and then said, "Meet me at eleven."

"With bells on, figuratively speaking of course!"

We both giggled hysterically and I led him to the door. Stepping just outside the door, he looked both ways down the street, turned back for a moment and blew me a kiss then trotted down the path. I watched him until he was out of site.

Dad said, "You made a new friend, eh?"

Answering my dad but shifting my gaze between him and Jack, I said, "A really good one, I think."

Concerned, my dad said, "Be careful. We can’t move again."

"We won’t have to, I promise."

Dad then got up and headed for the dining room and Jack followed.

I could tell that Jack was bursting at the seams to ask me tons of questions and to probably curse me too. Joey was the first topic of conversation at the table.

Mum sat down and said, "He’s a handsome boy, eh?"

Smiling widely, I nodded enthusiastically saying; "And he genuinely cares about me. Jack knows him too. They’re on the swim team together."

Disinterested and probably a little angry, Jack only nodded.

"How do you know he cares so much?" dad asked.

I swallowed my food and without even thinking, I said, "I told him why we moved… in detail. He didn’t just shed a few tears but bawled as hard as I was." Noticing everyone had stopped eating and was staring at me, I said, "He had to know, didn’t he? And no one can fake crying that hard."

After everyone began eating again, dad said, "You’re moving a little fast, don’t you think?"

Mum quickly added, "You can’t really know each other that well."

"We’re working on it. I met his dad and little sister, he’s met all of you too," I quickly explained. Then, during a break in the conversation, I thought I’d better relieve some worries. "We’re not having sex. We sat on his couch, watching television. He moved closer to me and I instinctively shuffled away. When it happened again, Joey asked why I was so afraid. I told him exactly why. He cried with me. Then he told me that he’s not out to anyone, not even his family. Things are gonna move much more slowly this time." I wanted so badly to say, he loves me and I love him, but thought better of it. If my folks knew we were saying that, I might be grounded till I turned eighteen so I kept the truth secret. Instead, I said, "We’re in America now. This is San Mateo, California, one of the most liberal areas in the world. Tell me you didn’t choose this area so we could all breath a bit easier?"

Dad chuckled a bit but never denied what I said.

Mum asked me to help her with the dishes after supper. Alone, she asked me more about Joey and his family and what their house looked like.

Confused, I asked, "What does it matter how their house looks?"

"You can tell a lot about people by how they maintain their home. Is it neat or cluttered or a total shambles?"

"Its tidy," I answered.

She nodded then asked, "Was Joey’s dad nice?"

"Only saw him for a minute but yeah, he welcomed me to America."

I had finished drying the dishes and mom was finishing up the glasses when she said, "Just because this is a liberal area doesn’t mean that everyone is tolerant of homosexuals."

"I know mum. We already talked about being careful at school. But Joey knows he’s gay. He just never had a reason to tell anyone."

"We worry. Don’t be in such a hurry to give away your heart. You’re special and he needs to treat you that way," my mom said. Noticing I was become bored by her overprotective speech, she sighed, "Promise me you’ll take it slow?"

"Of course. I don’t want to cause another problem where we would have to move again."

Mum sighed then looked me in the eye and firmly said, "You were not the reason we moved. We moved because of small town people and their small minds! Never forget that. It wasn’t your fault."

Wanting to believe that, I nodded and then asked, "Can Joey come over for supper tomorrow?"

"’S fine with me. Go ask your dad."

Excited, I yelled across the rooms, "Dad, can Joey come over for supper tomorrow?"

Mum covered her ears then cuffed me one on my shoulder and laughed, "I said, GO ask your dad! As in, walk over there and speak in a normal tone of voice!"

No sooner had she finished, dad hollered, "Yeah, no worries here."

"You’re all hopeless," mum grumbled.

I giggled then high tailed it out of the kitchen before she took another swing at me and hurt her hand.

Jack wasn’t in the living room but I slowed down and thanked dad then went to Jack’s room.

Slowly and sadly shaking his head, Jack said, "You did it again, eh?"

My brother is thirteen going on thirty, I think.

I shushed him then sat on his bed, very near to the desk chair he was sitting on. I struggled with myself for almost a minute before saying, "I’ll tell you the truth but you have to keep it a secret."

Jack whispered, "Damn it!"

Softly but very firmly, I said, "Joey didn’t force me to do anything! Everything I said at the table was the truth. But there was one other thing I couldn’t say to mom and dad. I wanted to tell you. You want to hear it, eh?"

Jack sighed, "I guess."

Leaning closer to him, I whispered, "After I told him everything that happened in Cowaramup, Joey held my hand and said we didn’t have to have intercourse until I was absolutely certain I was ready."

"Yeah, right. And a few weeks from now he’ll get horny and force himself on you, just like Stan did."

Taking my little brother by the shoulders, I sternly said, "He won’t Jack! Joey is nothing like Stan! He’s better looking and more polite and sensitive and, most importantly, definitely gay."

Jack and I stared at each other for a long while. Finally, he pulled away and my hands fell from his shoulders. "You’d better be right. If he hurts you, I’ll drown him, swear to God I will."

I chuckled, "He’s bigger and stronger than you, eh? Please don’t be that way tomorrow night.‘ S important to me that you two like each other at least a little."

Turning back to his homework, Jack asked, "Why can’t you just get a little lotion and have a wank like every other teenager?"

Unable to help myself, I busted up laughing! Jack turned and grinned at me, which only made me laugh harder.

"I’m serious!" Jack giggled. Then he said, "I know you do it. You know I do it. Why do it with Joey?"

Eventually regaining some composure, I said, "Until today, I couldn’t have answered that question. But Joey held me close, he kissed me several times yesterday and today, he wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him. Stan was never like that. I should’ve seen that he was using me, that he would gossip and spread it around town, eh?"

"Yeah, you should’ve."

"Joey’s not like that. He did me first then I returned the favour. Stan always wanted me to do him first. Then he ignored me at school until he wanted more. Joey kissed me yesterday, that’s all. And he still talked with me today.‘ S more than Stan ever did, eh?"

Jack nodded but his eyes got angry and he said, "He had better be nice to you tomorrow!"

I sighed. No matter how I tried to lessen his fears, Jack wanted to play guardian.

I forced myself to watch television with my family that night, though I have no idea what we watched! Joey was in my every thought. Even his name was so cute! It reminded me of a baby kangaroo and he could be just as playful. I liked that a lot. By the time eleven o’clock rolled around, my underwear was damp from my constantly leaking erection. Oh, if only he could really be with me, sharing my bed, gently caressing and kissing me until we both made love then fell peacefully to sleep in each other’s arms. I closed my eyes and imagined him on his bed. He was thinking of me. I was dreaming of him.

Finally, I had a reason to wake up in the morning. Joey was nice to me at school the next day. During lunch, I caught him staring at me, scanning my face. It made me blush. Stan couldn’t even look at me or speak to me but Joey seemed desperate to memorise my every feature, including my accent.

After school, I went over Joey’s again. Our faces smashed together the moment we stepped inside his front door. Still swapping air and spit, he led me to his room. We undressed. But Joey didn’t have an erection. I immediately asked what was wrong. The idea of supper with my family made him nervous. He was way too distracted to have sex so, a first, we lay naked on his bed holding each other and talking.

"Umm…I’ve never been out to anyone before," Joey nervously said. "How should I act? What do I say? What should I wear?"

"Act the same way, say the same things and wear the same clothes," I told him. But then a silly picture of him in a tutu crossed my mind and I joked, "Or wear a pink dress and sprinkle confetti around the house?"

Wide-eyed and giggling, my boyfriend playfully attacked me, tickling me until I could barely breath! "You’d like that, eh?" he chuckled in a broken Australian accent. After a minute or two of him playfully rambling on, I noticed his erection rubbing against my leg. He smiled down at me while my giggles subsided. Then his magic fingers went to work on my nips again but he never lost eye contact. I could reach his cock but couldn’t move my hand very much because we were lying so close. I did what I could though and that was enough for Joey.

After we made love, Joey asked me how he might come out to his folks. We talked about that while cleaning up, dressing and most of the way back to my house. Since I didn’t come out to my family but was outed, I could only make vague suggestions. The most important things would be his parent’s reactions, I told him. So he asked if I would have supper at his house over the weekend. That way I could meet his folks and we’d both have better ideas. He seemed determined enough to do it but I wouldn’t rush him. Rushing into things caused my family and me enough trouble. I didn’t want to see it happen again and definitely not to my Joey. Mum practically begged me to slow down a bit any way. I knew that I should but he made my heart and mind race, like barely controlling hysteria.

Walking up the path to my house, I said, "Being out don’t matter near as much as how you treat me. Take your time, eh?" Then I opened the door and we stepped inside.

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