Ron’s Adventure
by Colin Kelly

Chapter 7: At the Airport

This is a work of fiction. However, it is based on things that my friend Ron told me that he did in the 8th grade. The names, locations, circumstances, and a few of the events have been changed to protect the privacy of those who participated in the actual happenings.

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As mom drove us to the airport she asked Debbie about school, and we learned about the tests she took, one where she had to write a review of a story they had been assigned to read, and a spelling test, and an arithmetic test. She said she got an A on every test. She told us about the project about the moon she and Michelle Choi had been working on together, and that they had finished it and turned it in today even though it wasn’t due until Monday. “We’re gonna get an A for this project. We really did a fantastic job!” She smiled, quite proud of herself. Mom and I told her that was great.

Then mom asked me about the history project.

“Well, we have all of our pictures, including a picture of the real Bill of Rights, quotes from people who wrote it and people who don’t like it and people who are defending it, and the complete text of the Bill of Rights, too. The biggest problem is going to be how to write each section and make it all work together. We’ve divided up the project into four pieces, and it’s gotta have at least 1,500 words, that’s about two and a half pages for each of us to write. Since Doug’s coming over tonight, we’ll work on our sections before we go to bed, and then work on it tomorrow too.”

“Well, I know it’s going to be a lot of work Ron, but I’m proud that you boys picked such an important subject to write about. And I’m sure you’ll all do very well!”

“Thanks, mom. Say, do you think you could read it before we turn it in? You’re a writer, you know how things are supposed to be written so they make sense, and you can tell us if it sounds OK or not!”

“I don’t see why not. Just don’t wait until the last second to give it to me!” I could see her in the rear view mirror and she was grinning.

“We want to turn it in early to get the extra points. We all want to get an A on this project!”

Debbie looked at me. “Could I read it too, Ron? I could tell you if I understand it, and that might help you get a good grade.”

“Sure, thanks, Debbie. I’ll print a copy for you to read. Umm, mom, I think we’ll all have our parts written this weekend. Will you have time to read it then?”

“Well, we don’t have anything planned that I know of, so that should be fine. Will that include your pictures and other material too?”

“We have that now, but we’re going to have to spend time putting it together with what we write. You know, put the pictures and quotes next to the parts we’ve written that they go with. Ms. Jefferson told us that organization is 200 points out of 500, so we have to make sure it’s going together the right way.”

“If you want me to look that over as well, I’ll be glad to do that too.”


Debbie asked me about the circles during recess on Monday.

“It was so the two classes could meet each other and decide which two kids to pick from the other class.”

“I don’t remember that happening last year.”

“Yeah, I don’t remember that happening either. Maybe they picked the teams a different way in the past.”

We turned off the freeway. “We’ll be at Burbank airport in about 5 minutes, kids. You know we can’t go to the gate where your dad is arriving because of security. We’ll have to wait outside of the security checkpoint and wait for him to come down the concourse.”

“What’s a concourse?”

“It’s like a big hallway and the gates where people get on and off the planes are lined up along the concourse like doors into rooms, Debbie.”

“Will we be able to see the airplanes? I want to see the airplanes!” Nichole was so excited she was bouncing up and down.

“There’s an observation lounge on the second floor. If it’s open we’ll go up there and you’ll be able to see the airplanes. We’re about 20 minutes early, so we should have plenty of time. Nichole, please sit still!”

I was excited that we’d be able to see the airplanes too. Of course, I’d never say that to anyone. It would make me sound like some little kid, like Nichole. That would be totally embarrassing!

Mom parked the car in the parking structure. She said that we were lucky because she found an empty space right away on the first level. She said that we were right across from the Southwest Airlines terminal where dad was arriving. We walked across the road at a crosswalk. There were some police directing traffic and making sure people weren’t leaving their cars parked in front of the terminal. Mom said that was only for people taking a flight who were being dropped off or picked up.

The observation lounge was open. We could see the planes parked at the gates, and even watched planes landing and taking off. It was neat! I was glad that I finally able to see an airport! It’s about time, I mean, I’m almost 13 years old and all of my friends had not only seen airports they had flown on airplanes and I hadn’t yet. Bummer!

After about 10 minutes mom said we should go down to meet dad, that his plane should be arriving in a few minutes. We walked past the ticket counter, which had tons of people lined up. I asked if they were there to buy tickets. Mom said most of them were probably just checking in their luggage and getting their boarding passes to get on their flights because most people buy their tickets on the Internet or from travel agencies.

We were walking past the entrance to the security checkpoint. It had three long lines of people who were showing guards their boarding passes and driver’s licenses. Past it in the distance, near the exit from the terminal, there were lots of people standing around. I guess they were waiting for their relatives or friends flights to arrive.

Debbie looked at mom. “How would someone take a plane if they didn’t have a driver’s license?”

“They would need a picture ID, something official. They could use a passport if they have one. If they don’t have a passport or a driver’s license they can get an ID card by going to the Department of Motor Vehicles.”

Suddenly, mom called out “Nora! Hello, Nora!” I looked at her, then at the people standing around, and was totally surprised to see Doug’s mom and Michelle and Darryl standing there! Doug’s mom waved. We rushed over to them, and mom and Mrs. Choi started talking, and Debbie and Nichole started talking to Michelle. I looked at Darryl and he had a huge smile on his face.

“Hey, Ron! What are you doing here?”

“My dad’s flight is arriving and we’re here to pick him up.” I grinned at Darryl. “What are you doing here, waiting for my dad too?”

He laughed, and he smile got even bigger. “No, we’re here to meet Rick. He’s flying down to spend the weekend with me! I can hardly wait to see him! It seems like it’s been months.” He seemed really excited, and was kinda bouncing up and down.

“That’s neat.” I smiled at Darryl, partly because I was happy for him that he’d be seeing Rick, and partly because his huge smile was making me smile! “What time’s his flight get in?”

“4:55. What time’s your dad’s flight get in?”

“Umm, I don’t know.” I turned to mom and asked her. “5:05.” I looked at my watch. It was 4:45.

“I’m glad that I’ll finally meet Rick. You’ve told me a lot about him.”

Suddenly Darryl got a kinda shocked expression on his face, he grabbed my arm, and moved me away from the crowd.

“Pleeease don’t say anything to Rick that I told you about what we do. He’d probably be pissed at me big time. Please, Ron?”

“I won’t say anything! I wouldn’t have even if you hadn’t asked me not to.”

Darryl let out a sigh, and his big smile returned. “Thanks, Ron. You’re totally cool. And I’m glad you’ll meet Rick, I think you two will like each other.” Then he did something that kinda shocked me, he grabbed me in a tight hug. I hugged him back, and we broke the hug and looked at each other. “I’m kinda jealous that you’re Doug’s bud. But I’m really glad he has someone so great to be his best friend.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Darryl was jealous? I was confused. Was he saying that he wanted me to be his best friend, or what? I just grinned at him, and looked at my watch. “Hey, it’s five, shouldn’t Rick be here?”

“It takes time to get off the plane. 4:55 is the time the plane pulls up to the gate. It takes a long time for everyone to get off.”

We continued to wait for Rick and for dad to come down the concourse. Darryl talked about the plane trips that he had taken with his family. They went to Hawaii on vacation last year, and to Seattle to visit his aunt and uncle, and to Vancouver in Canada the year before.

“Jeez, that’s fantastic going to all of those great places. Doug never told me about any of that. I’ve never been on a plane. Now I’m the one who’s jealous!”

“Darryl!” It was him mom, pointing up the concourse. “There’s Rick!”

Darryl rushed to the concourse exit. A tall, kinda skinny kid with dark hair was running toward Darryl. He dropped his duffle bag and almost knocked Darryl down as he grabbed him in a huge hug. They just stood there holding each other, slapping each other on their backs.

I walked over to them, and I could see that Rick had tears running down his cheeks. He was talking to Darryl. “I’ve missed you so much, Dar! Oh, God, how I’ve missed you!”

“Me too, Rick, me too.”

I couldn’t see if Darryl was crying too, he was facing away from me. I turned and looked at mom and Mrs. Choi who had walked up and were standing near me. Mom had a confused expression, but Mrs. Choi was smiling. She started talking to mom. “Darryl and Rick are best friends. They grew up together from kindergarten, and were inseparable from the very first day they met. They went out for the same sports teams, went on vacations with each other’s families, spent almost every other night sleeping over at the other’s house, and doing everything together. I know Darryl has really missed Rick. And I’m sure that the same is true of Rick.”

Mom smiled, glanced at me, then tuned back to Mrs. Choi. “I can see how close they are. I think that it’s wonderful when a boy has a best friend. I’m so glad that Doug has become Ron’s best friend.”

That made me kinda embarrassed, and I turned back to look at Darryl and Rick. Darryl looked up at me, grabbed Rick’s arm and pulled him toward me. Rick barely had time to pick up his duffle bag. I walked over to meet them.

“Rick, this is Ron McGowan. He’s Doug’s best friend. Ron, this is MY best friend, Rick Ramos.”

“Hey, Rick. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi, Ron. Nice to meet you, too. Where’s Doug?”

“I don’t know. Darryl?”

He looked at Rick. “Doug’s probably at home getting ready for a sleepover at Ron’s tonight.”

Rick looked at me and grinned. “Ahh, so!”

I looked at him with a confused expression. “‘Ahh, so’ what?”

Rick laughed. “Doug will be at your house for a sleepover, and I’ll be at Darryl’s house for a sleepover. So we’ll both have some privacy!” He turned to Darryl. “Great planning, Dar!”

Darryl grinned. “Not my doing, Rick. Blame it on Ron here and Doug!” Rick raised his eyebrows like he didn’t understand. “Doug and Ron planned their sleepover last weekend while they were having a sleepover at our house. So when you called me this morning that you could come down, it just worked out perfect.”

Rick turned to me. “Thanks, Ron. Great timing, man!”

I grinned at Rick. “No problem, any time!”

Mom and Mrs. Choi were standing a little distance away from us, I guess so we could talk. I looked at Darryl and decided that I needed an explanation of his comment him about being jealous that I’m Doug’s friend. I grabbed his arm the way he had grabbed mine earlier, and looked at Rick. “I need to ask Darryl something private, be back in a second.” Then I pulled Darryl away from the crowd.

He looked really confused. “What?!”

“I need to know what you meant when you said that you were jealous that I was Doug’s friend.”

Darryl looked at me. “I meant that I’m jealous that you and Doug have each other all the time. Rick and I are living hundreds of miles apart.” He looked sad.

“Oh. That’s OK, then.”

“What did you think I meant?”

“I wasn’t sure. It just was strange, the way you said you were jealous without explaining it. Now I know what you meant, and it’s OK.” I smiled at him. “It sounds like you’re glad that Doug won’t be at your house so you and Rick can do whatever you want.” I giggled and wiggled my eyebrows.

“Well, you two know about Rick and me, so it doesn’t make any difference whether you two’ll be there or not.” He stood looking at me for a couple of seconds. “Well, actually, it’s good you won’t be there ‘cause now I can tell Rick that you and Doug are an item and that you two know about him and me.” He grinned at me.

“Darryl, Ron, what are you doing?” It was Mrs. Choi. We turned and walked back to where she was standing with mom and Rick.

“We were just talking, Mrs. Choi.” I changed the subject. “Mom, do you see dad yet?”

“No, but I checked the information screen over there and his flight from San Diego is on time, so he should be here any time now.”

I looked at my watch. It was almost quarter after five. Debbie yelled, “Dad, dad! We’re over here!”

I turned and dad was walking up. “Hi, kids!”

All three of us called out “Hi, dad” at the same time.

“Hello, Mrs. Choi.”

He hugged mom and they kissed. “Hi, Dorothy!”

“Glad you’re home, Mike! How was your trip?”

“The meeting went well. The client signed the contract, and for two years, so we’ll be doing their network upgrade and administering their network.”

“Mike, that’s wonderful. Will you be going to San Diego often?”

“I’ll go down about once a month for status meetings, maybe a few times more while we’re doing the upgrades. Kurt will be moving to San Diego to be the new network manager. His wife’s happy about that because her sister lives there.”

“Well, I’m glad you won’t be traveling a lot.”

“Actually, so am I.” He looked at Darryl’s mom. “How are you, Mrs. Choi? I’m sure you didn’t come to the airport just to see me arrive!”

Mrs. Choi laughed. “My son Darryl’s best friend Rick came down from San Francisco for the weekend. This is my middle son, Darryl, and this is Rick.”

Dad smiled and shook hands with Darryl and Rick. “Nice to meet you, boys. How long will you be visiting, Rick?”

“I go back Sunday night. I wish I could stay longer, but I have to be back in school Monday.”

“I’m sure you’ll have a good time while you’re here. It’s supposed to be great weather this weekend.”

I broke up. Darryl and Rick were certain to have a ‘good time’ but not the kind dad was thinking about!

Dad looked at me. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking about something and it made me laugh.”

Dad shook his head, grinned, and looked at mom. “Dorothy, I think it’s time to get home. After my trip I’m tired and I’m looking forward to some home cooking!”

I turned to Darryl and Rick. “See ya later, guys. Bye, Mrs. Choi. Oh, we’ll stop by your house and pick up Doug for the sleepover on our way home.” I turned to mom, “Right, mom?”

“Yes, Ron.” She turned to Mrs. Choi. “Nora, is that OK with you? Will Doug be ready for us to pick him up in about 20 minutes?”

“I’m sure he will. In fact,” she chuckled, “Doug’s probably sitting on the front porch waiting for you right now!”

I laughed, because I thought that was exactly what Doug was doing! He was probably as excited about the sleepover as I was.

We said our good-byes and walked out to the parking structure and our car. We have a Honda SUV, so there’s enough room for all of us, and when we pick up Doug, too. Mom drove, and we headed for the freeway toward Glendale. There was heavy traffic, so it took us about a half hour to get to Doug’s house. And, just like Mrs. Choi said, there was Doug sitting on the front porch with his backpack. I laughed. “Look, there’s Doug just like his mom said he’d be waiting for us!”

“Well, I guess he’s as excited about the sleepover as you are, Ron! How about you help him put his backpack in the back, and we’ll get your father home.”

I jumped out and met Doug as he walked from the front porch to the car.

“Hey, Ron!”

“Hey, Doug! Here, put your backpack in here.”

We jumped into the car, everyone said ‘hi’ to everyone else, and mom drove us home.

“How was your trip, Mr. McGowan?”

“It was good, Doug. I was in San Diego on business.”

“I’ve never been to San Diego, but I’ve always wanted to go there to see the zoo. Did you have time to go to the zoo?”

Dad laughed. “I wish that I had, but I was busy with a client the entire time I was there. Maybe we’ll take a family vacation to San Diego in the spring. And Doug, if it’s OK with your folks, you can come too.”

“Wow, dad, that’s fantastic! Can we fly?”

“Well, Ron, with six of us I think that would be pretty expensive, and we’d have to rent a car when we got there, so I think we’d drive. It’s only about a three hour drive from here, so it’s not that far.”

I was disappointed. I really wanted to fly somewhere!

“But you flew to San Diego for your business meeting,” I whined.

“That was paid by the company, not by me personally. I would have driven otherwise.”

Doug poked me in the ribs with his elbow. “I think driving to San Diego will be neat. That way I’ll see more of Southern California on the way there and back. I’ve never been here before we moved.”

I guess Doug was saying that I should cool it, so I did. And just in time, too, because mom pulled the car into our driveway. “OK, everybody out! And Ron, don’t forget Doug’s backpack.”

My ears felt hot, like they were turning red. Jeez, why does she always have to say something that embarrasses me? I got Doug’s backpack and we all went into the house. “Let’s get you set in my room, Doug.”


I led Doug to my room. He’d been here already, but this was the first time he’d sleep over. Just thinking about that made my dick start to get hard. I said ‘Down, boy!’ to myself. I didn’t want Doug to see that I was getting a boner!

“I cleared out this drawer in my dresser for you. You can unpack your stuff and put it here. And you can put your bathroom stuff in the top right drawer in the bathroom, I cleared that one out for you too.”

“OK, thanks, Ron.” Doug looked around my room. “I see my bed, where’s yours?” He burst out laughing, and I did too.

I grabbed him in a hug, and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to take you to bed and have wild sex with you all night!”

“Promises, promises!” Doug whispered back. We broke the hug, and Doug looked toward my bedroom door to make sure we weren’t being watched, and leaned in and quickly kissed me on the lips. I stared into his eyes, and he stared back. “I love you Ron.”

“I love you too, Doug.”

“OK, let’s get me unpacked so we’ll be ready for dinner. What time will your mom have dinner?”

“I don’t know. Let me go find out while you unpack.” I walked to the kitchen, and mom and dad were there fixing dinner while Debbie and Nichole sat at the table watching them. “Hi, mom. We were just wondering how much time we’d have before dinner.”

“We’ll eat in about a half hour.” Mom turned to dad and looked at him to see if he agreed.

“I think that’s about right. We’re having steaks and baked potatoes and carrots and salad. How does Doug like his steak?”

“I don’t know. I’ll go ask him.”

As I turned, Doug walked into the kitchen. “Mmm, something smells real good!”

Mom grinned. “That’s baked potatoes. Doug, how do you want your steak cooked? Rare, medium, well done, or somewhere in between?”

“Medium, please! Wow, steak and baked potatoes, that’s fantastic!”

Mom grinned. She always liked complements about her cooking. “We’re having carrots and salad, too. Do you like Ranch dressing, Doug?”

“Sure, that’s great, thanks.”

“We’re going to eat at about seven. You can sit here at the table and we can all talk about what we’re going to be doing this weekend, or you can watch TV, or I suppose you and Ron might want to play some computer games.”

Doug looked at me. “Well, if it’s OK with Ron, I’d like to just sit in here.”

“That works for me.” I like it when we all sit around and talk.

We sat down at the table, and we started having our normal kind of before-dinner conversation. Debbie told us, again, about the story that she read and then wrote a report about, and how she was sure that both of them would get an A. Then she told us, again, about the moon project that she and Michelle worked on, and how she was sure that both of them would get an A. Nicole told us about the friends she was making in kindergarten, and how much she liked doing art. I said Doug and I would work on writing our sections of the history project tonight and tomorrow, and I told Doug that mom and Debbie volunteered to read our sections and let us know what they think. Doug thought that was a good idea. Doug told us about Rick coming from San Francisco to visit Darryl, and asked if we had seen them at the airport. Mom said that we did, and that we all had met Rick. Dad said that he had told us all about his trip already, and that once was enough. I thought that was a good idea! Mom told us about the new children’s book series that she was starting, and how her meeting with her editor went very well.

Dad put the steaks in the broiler. Debbie and Nichole want theirs’ well done so they went in first, then Doug’s because he wants medium, then the rest because we want medium rare. We ate dinner and it was really good, and Doug complimented mom and dad. We helped clean up, then went to my room to work on our sections of the history report.

“We better get going on this, Doug.”

“OK, but you only have one computer. That means I’ll have to write mine by hand.”

“Hey, wait a minute. I have an idea.” I went to the living room to see dad.

“Dad, do you think Doug could use your laptop to write his part of our history report?”

“Hmm. Sure, that should be OK.”

“He’d need it tomorrow, too.”

“I won’t need it until I go to work on Monday, Ron. Here, let me get it for you.”

We walked into dad’s office, and he handed me his laptop.

“Thanks, dad. You’re the greatest!” He smiled, and I went back to my room.

“Doug, my dad said that you could use his laptop to write your section. He doesn’t need it until Monday morning.”

“Wow, that’s nice of him. But how am I going to get my section off his laptop onto my computer?”

“We can copy it using my Jump Drive. Then you can copy it to your computer when you get home.”

“Cool! I gotta go thank your dad!”

“I know he’d appreciate that. He’s in the living room.”

Doug left to see dad, and I switched on my PC. I pulled out the notes I had written while we worked on the project at school and at Norman’s house. I brought up Word and started to write my section. Doug came back in a couple of minutes, plugged in and turned on dad’s laptop. He didn’t have to log on because dad’s still using Windows 98 on his laptop because it’s such an old model. Doug pulled out his notes from his backpack, and started writing his section. We worked for at least a couple of hours, and I was getting tired.

I looked at the clock next to my bed. “Jeez, Doug, it’s 10:30. I’m tired. How about you, are you ready for bed?”

“Oh, man, am I ready! My back’s all stiff from typing. But I got it almost done! Tomorrow I’ll have to go back and read it and edit it and make sure I have enough pages.”

“I just about finished my section too. Maybe not as much done as yours, but I think I have over two pages. There’s still some stuff I want to add, and I need to edit it. But I think I can have it ready for mom and Debbie to read tomorrow afternoon.”

Doug saved his file and turned off the laptop. He stood and stretched. “I could sure use one of your shoulder massages, Ron.”

“Let’s go say goodnight to my folks, and we can get ready for bed and I’ll give you a massage, then you can give me one. My shoulders and back are sore, too.”

We went into the living room.

“We’re going to go to bed. We both worked on writing our sections and they are almost done.”

Mom looked at us and smiled. “That’s great. Are you planning to work on it tomorrow?”

“Yes. I think Doug and I’ll have our sections all done tomorrow and ready to put together with Jay’s and Norman’s sections and the pictures and other stuff into our final report. We might even be able to turn it in earlier than Friday. We’ll get lots of extra credit!”

Doug looked at dad. “Mr. McGowan, thanks again for letting me use your laptop. I couldn’t have gotten my section written without it.”

Dad smiled at Doug. “You’re welcome, Doug. Glad I could help. I’m proud of both of you boys.”

Doug and I said “Thanks!” at exactly the same time.

“See, mom and dad, I told you that Doug and I were twins separated at birth! You just didn’t know about it!”

They both laughed. Mom looked at me and grinned. “I think you’re real tired, and maybe you’re talking a bit of nonsense! I think that I would have certainly known if I had been carrying twins!”

I laughed. “Then I guess we were separated BEFORE birth!”

“Just go to bed Ron. You too, Doug. And go to sleep instead of watching TV until all hours!”

I burst out laughing, and so did Doug. We weren’t planning to go to sleep, but we wouldn’t be watching TV, that’s for sure!

“Good night!” Again, we both said this at exactly the same time, and started laughing again.

Mom just shook her head, and looked at dad and rolled her eyes, and they both looked at us and grinned.

Doug and I went to my room and I closed the door. We took off our shoes and socks and shirts and pants, then went to the bathroom in only our T-shirts and briefs to pee and brush our teeth. I grabbed a towel then we went back to my room. I closed the door. There’s no lock on my bedroom door, but mom never walks in when the door is closed, she always knocks first. Mom’s cool! I pulled back the covers and laid the towel across the bottom sheet about where I thought our dicks would be. Any cum would get on the towel instead of the sheet, and I’d be able to wash it off the towel in the morning. No problem, ‘cause I usually get my towel real wet when I take a shower.

“Ron, how quiet do we have to be?”

“Well, my room is next to the living room, so until they go to bed they might hear any noises we would be making. Like specially when you groan.” I grinned my evil grin.

“I don’t groan!”

“Yeah, like you don’t snore, either!”

“I don’t snore! YOU snore!”

We burst into laughter.

I grabbed Doug in a big hug, and whispered “Shhh! We gotta keep it down!”

Doug whispered back “OK. But enough talking.” He pulled me into a long kiss. I got a boner, and rubbed it against Doug. He was hard too, and it felt great rubbing our boners against each other, even through our briefs. I felt Doug’s tongue rubbing against my lips, and I opened my mouth and our tongues touched. The feeling was totally awesome.

Doug pulled away and took a deep breath. “Whew! God, I love kissing you Ron!”

“Me too.”

Doug laughed. “You love kissing yourself?”

“You know what I mean, I love kissing you, Doug.” I grinned at him. “Let’s go to bed. Naked.”

“I didn’t think you’d ever ask!”

I turned off the room light and walked over to my side of the bed. I turned on the lamp next to my bed, then pulled off my T-shirt and briefs and got into bed. My dick was sticking straight up, pointing at my belly button. Doug stood by the other side of the bed and slowly pulled off his T-shirt, then even slower pulled down his briefs, wiggling his hips like he was doing a striptease, making me giggle. His boner was sticking straight out from his body. He got into bed, and turned onto his left side facing me.

“You promised me that you’d give me a massage.”

“Oh, right. Turn over so you’re facing the other way.”

Doug turned over so his back was facing me. I began to massage his shoulders. It felt great, touching Doug’s body, my thumbs rubbing his back above his shoulder blades. “You feel so fantastic, Doug. I love touching you. I love you.” I leaned in and kissed his back, then the back of his neck.

I could hear Doug quietly moaning. “God, that feels so good Ron. I love having you massaging me, touching me. Please don’t ever stop.”

“I promise that I’ll never stop touching you. Uh, when we’re alone, that is!” We both giggled. “Jeez, it would be so embarrassing for mom and dad to walk in and see us in bed naked.”

“Jeez, Ron, stop saying ‘jeez’. You know your mom doesn’t want you to use that word!”

“Well, you just said it!”

“I know, I told you to stop saying it.”

“No, I mean you really said it. You started by saying ‘jeez, Ron’ before you got to the ‘stop saying’ part.”

“I didn’t! Did I?”

“Yup, you did. See what a bad influence I am?”

“Ronald McGowan, you’re a terrible influence. You make me say ‘jeez’ and you perv me and you make me get a boner all the time and you love me and I love you!”

I had moved my hands down to the middle of Doug’s back, and was massaging him there. I moved my fingers into his armpits. I figured he was ticklish, ‘cause when we had the sleepover at his house and I licked my cum off his stomach he said it tickled.

Doug burst into laughter. “Oh, shit, oh, that tickles, stop, Ron, stop, pleeeease stop.” He began trying to get away from my fingers but I was stronger than he was. He kept laughing, and I was laughing too, and I kept tickling him, and suddenly there was a loud knock at my bedroom door.

“Ronald McGowan, Douglas Choi, I want you two to stop whatever you’re doing and get to sleep this minute or I’m coming in and you won’t like that a bit!” It was my mom!

I called out, “Uh, sorry, mom. We started tickling each other and we’ll stop and go to sleep. You don’t have to come in!”

“All right, but this is your last warning! I don’t want you dragging yourselves around the house half asleep tomorrow when you’re supposed to be working on your project. Lights out! Sleep! NOW!”

I guess that she could see that I had the lamp turned on. I reached over and turned it off. “OK, mom. The light is out. We’ll go to sleep now.”

Doug was still facing away from me. I wrapped my arms around his chest and stomach, and pulled us together so every part of our bodies were touching, and my boner was pressing in the top of his butt crack. I began kissing the back of his neck. I pulled my hips back a bit and with my left hand pulled my boner down and tried to push it in between Doug’s thighs.

He whispered “What are you doing?”

I whispered back “I read about this on Nifty. Lift your left leg a bit. He did, and I pushed my boner between his thighs with the head rubbing against the back of his balls.

He lowered his leg, trapping my dick between his thighs. “Oh, Ron, that feels great!”

I began moving in and out, like I was screwing him between his legs. “This feel good for you? It feels fantastic for me!”

“Oh, yes, yes. Keep doing that!”

“It feels like I’m screwing you, without putting my dick in your butt hole, which would probably hurt you and be totally gross ‘cause that’s where your shit comes out.”

Doug shuddered. “Eeewwww! Totally gross! If you ever put your dick inside my butt I’d never want to suck it again.”

“Yeah, me too.”

I started pumping faster, and Doug was moving his hips back and forth as I pumped my dick between his thighs. It felt so awesome each time my dick head bumped against his balls! “I wanna cum. I want you to tell me what it feels like when I cum between your legs.” I was real close, my balls felt like they had pulled up completely inside my body, I was having a hard time breathing, and my eyes were clamped shut. “Oh, oh, now!”

I pulled my dick back so it was about half way to the back of Doug’s balls I shot about three globs of cum, one right after the other real fast, and it felt like most of my cum stayed in between his legs.

Doug moaned, over and over, but kept it pretty quiet. I was trying to catch my breath. My dick didn’t get soft, it stayed totally hard. Doug started moving his hips back and forth, and I started pumping my dick in and out. The head was way sensitive, but it still felt awesome. I got that feeling in my balls and stomach again.

“Oh, I feel like I’m gonna cum again!” And then I did, just as I pushed my dick all the way against Doug’s balls and he pushed his butt hard into my stomach. This time there were only about two small spurts, but it was amazing. I had come twice in a row, only about a minute or two apart. I couldn’t believe it! This time it took a lot longer for me to breathe normally!

Doug twisted his head around so he was able to see me out of the corner of his eye. “God, Ron, I can’t believe it, you came twice in a row! And it felt so fantastic, especially the first time, your cum felt so warm. I think most of it is still between my legs and in my butt crack. I love how it feels. And it’s so awesome when you’re moving in and out. You were screwing me. I can hardly wait to screw you between your legs!”

“Hang on a minute, let me get the tissues.” I reached over and pulled out my box of tissues. I pulled my now soft dick out from between Doug’s legs. “Lift your left leg so I can clean off the cum. Lift it higher. OK, hold that.” I wiped up the cum. I was surprised how much there was ‘cause I don’t normally make a lot. It took four tissues to get it all off of Doug’s legs, balls, and butt crack. I reached around and began wiping the front of his balls and his boner. He was really hard!

“Ron, stop! Don’t touch me, if you do I’ll come! I want to do it between your legs.”

I stopped. Doug rolled over so he was facing me. I started to roll over, but he grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“I want to stick it in from the front. While you were screwing me I couldn’t see you. I want to see your face and have you see my face while I do it.”

I smiled, and reached in and kissed him on the lips. “That’s a great idea.”

I lifted my left leg, and Doug pushed his boner under my balls and up against my butt crack. “Wait a second, let me move my balls, it kinda hurts ‘cause they’re sorta caught.” I grabbed my balls and pulled them out so they weren’t trapped by Doug’s boner. Then I lowered my leg and squeezed them together.

“That feels so fucking fantastic! Start screwing me now. Please!”

I pushed my right arm so it was under Doug’s neck, and pushed my left arm under his right arm and pulled him tight against me in a hug. I looked at him up close. “You, Douglas Choi, are still the most handsome boy in the entire world. I love you, I really, really love you. Ya know, you’re the first person I’ve ever loved? Except for my family, and that kind of love’s different.”

“I totally love you too, Ron.” Doug started screwing me between my legs, and I began rocking my hips in and out. Doug’s boner felt just amazing between my legs, especially rubbing on the underside of my balls and in my butt crack. I began to moan.

Doug whispered in my ear, “Shhhhhhh! Stop groaning so loud! You’ll wake everyone.”

“I’m NOT groaning! I’m moaning! And it’s because you’re making me feel so good!”

Doug increased his speed, pumping in and out even faster. “I’m about to come! Oh, shit, it feels so unfuckingbelieivable! Oh, ummmmmmmmmmmmm!”

I felt a couple of globs of cum in my butt crack, and both of us groaned but quietly. Doug pulled out. “Oh, that was so wonderful.” He leaned in and kissed me. “But I’m so sensitive! I had to pull out or I think I would have died!” He giggled.

I grabbed some tissues and handed some to Doug, and wiped out my butt crack with others. The towel under me felt wet, probably a mixture of cum and sweat. I was dripping wet from all the exercise. I could feel drops of sweat rolling across my chest and back. It kinda tickled, so I laughed.

“What’s funny?”

“I’m sweating and it tickles.”

“If I wasn’t so tired, Ronald McGowan, I’d tickle you to death in revenge for earlier. But I’m about to fall asleep.”

“Lift yourself so I can pull the towel out from under us.” Doug lifted his hips and butt, and I pulled the towel from under his body, then did the same and yanked it out from under me. I wadded it up and tossed it on the floor on my side of the bed.

“Doug, what do you think Darryl and Rick and doing right now?”

“I’m not sure what they do. Probably suck each other, and maybe screw between their legs like us, or beat each other off, and maybe butt fuck but I don’t want to think about that!”

“You think they fuck each other up their butt holes?”

“Maybe. There’s lots of stories on Nifty about kids doing that. That’s just not my cuppa tea!”

“Not mine, either.”

I turned so I was facing Doug. He way lying on his back. I began to stroke his chest, and rub his nipples which got hard. I pulled myself up on my right elbow and leaned in and kissed Doug, a soft kiss with no tongue but I kept doing it for a long time, and Doug was kissing me back. Finally, I pulled away, flopped onto my back, and took a deep breath.

“Night, Doug. I love you.”

“Night, Ron. I love you.”

I don’t remember falling asleep, so it must have been right away. I woke up because the sun was shining into my eyes through the gap between my blinds and the edge of the window. I looked at my clock radio. It was 7:45. Hey, that was the same exact time I woke up when we had the sleepover at Doug’s house. I turned my head and looked at Doug. He was still asleep, with his mouth open and there was a string of drool from the corner of his mouth to his pillow. I giggled to myself ‘cause that’s exactly what I saw when I woke up and looked at Doug still sleeping when we were at his house!

I realized that I had to pee, so I got out of bed as quietly as I could and went to the bathroom. This time there was no Darryl standing naked in the shower. Thinking about that gave me a boner, but I had finished peeing so that was OK. I checked the head of my dick. It hadn’t hurt at all when I screwed Doug between his legs, but I figured that I’d better check it out. The head looked normal, not red or sore at all.

I went back to bed, and fell asleep. I was wakened by mom knocking on my door. “Ron, Doug, time to get up, it’s almost nine! Breakfast is almost ready.”

“OK, mom, we’ll shower and be down in about 15 or 20 minutes.”

“All right, don’t fall asleep!”

“NO, we won’t fall asleep! I’m totally awake now, but Doug is still asleep! I’ll wake him up, though!”

I got an evil grin, and began lightly tickling Doug in his left armpit. My fingertips were tingling like when I touched Doug for the first time. In his sleep he tried to move so whatever it was that was tickling him would go away, but it was me and it wouldn’t go away. The second time he did that I went into a full frontal tickling assault on his armpits. I got on top of him so I was sitting on top of his dick and balls.

“Quit it Ron, STOP!” Doug burst into uncontrollable laughter caused by my tickling him. He bucked and rolled and tried to get me off but it didn’t work. I grinned at him, and after a minute or so I stopped the tickling.

“Oh, am I gonna get you back! You took advantage of me when I wasn’t able to defend myself! You’ll never know when I’ll get my revenge, but it’s going to very sweet for me and very embarrassing for you, Ronald McGowan!”

I rolled off Doug, and we both lay there laughing.

“Mom called us to breakfast. We’ve gotta get up and take our showers and brush our teeth and be quick about it!”

I rolled out of bed and grabbed my briefs and pulled them on, then grabbed the cum-soaked towel off the floor. Doug was up and had pulled on his briefs, and I opened the door and checked that no one was in the hall, and we ran into the bathroom. I closed and locked the door, and we both got into the shower and washed each other. We both had boners, but we left them alone for later. I brushed my teeth while Doug peed, then combed my hair while he brushed, and then he combed his hair while I sat on the toilet (with the lid down!) watching him. God, he’s beautiful! How could I be so lucky to meet Doug? Whatever, it happened and I’m so glad!

We got dressed, and went into the kitchen for breakfast. Mom cooked us scrambled eggs and bacon and toast. I had peanut butter and jam on my toast. When we were done we put our dishes in the dishwasher and went back to my room to continue working on our sections of the history project. I phoned Jay and Norman, and they were finishing up their sections, same as Doug and me. By two in the afternoon Doug stretched and yawned.

“Well, I’m done! Finally! How ‘bout you, Ron?”

“Yup, I’m done too. I even worked on organizing the pictures and quotes, and have a good start on the glossary. I think we’ll have everything ready to turn in to Ms. Jefferson sometime this week. I’ll bet that we’re the first to turn ours in!”

I pulled out my Jump Drive and handed it to Doug, and he plugged it in to dad’s laptop and copied his file to it. I plugged it into my PC and copied the file to my server, then emailed it to Doug.

“It’ll be there when you get home, Doug! Now, let’s print out copies of our sections for my mom and Debbie to read, copies for you and me, and copies for Jay and Norman. I gave Doug his copies, then we went into the living room.

“Mom, here’s your copy of Doug’s and my sections of the history report.”

“OK, boys, I’ll take a look in a few minutes.”

“Thanks, mom!”

“Thanks, Mrs. McGowan!”

“Is Debbie in her room?’

“No, she went to visit Michelle, she’s at the Choi’s.” Doug and I laughed.

“Mom, can you give her a copy to read?”

Doug looked at me, then at mom. “Um, Mrs. McGowan, could Ron sleepover at my house tonight? That way he’ll be able to spend some time with Darryl and Rick, and I want to have him help me with a computer problem.”

“Well, I guess if it’s OK with your mother it’s OK with me. I’ll phone her now.”

“Cool! Thanks mom!”

We went back to my room. “Why did you want to sleepover at your house, Doug? What’s your computer problem? And I thought Darryl would want to be with Rick?”

“Yeah, that’s what he wants. But I want to let you listen to them moan and groan when they’re messing around tonight! And there’s no computer problem. That was just a little lie to help your mom agree!” We grinned at each other.

“I like your idea!”

Mom walked into the room. Jeez, I hope she didn’t hear what Doug said!

“OK, your mother says it’s OK with her, Doug. Get your things together and if you want, I’ll drive you. And here’s Debbie’s copy of your reports. You can give it to her at the Choi’s.”

I looked at Doug. “Thanks, mom, but we can walk. It’s silly for you to drive us when it’s just two blocks!”

“Ron’s right, Mrs. McGowan. And you know, Ron could use the exercise. He’s starting to get a little pudgy around the middle and, well, his butt too.” I was in shock! Doug looked at me and grinned.

“You know, you’re right, Doug. I’m afraid the next time we buy clothes for Ron we’ll have to go to the chubby department. And I’m always telling Ron he needs to get more exercise.”

“I’m NOT fat! I DON’T need more exercise, you NEVER tell me that! I get LOTS of exercise! I don’t have to buy clothes in the chubby department!” I was so mad I was almost ready to cry.

Mom and Doug burst out laughing. What was going on?

“Gotcha’ Ron! That’ll teach you to tickle me when you know how ticklish I am and I can’t defend myself!”

“How, when…”

“You were so busy working on your report that I sneaked out and told your mother how you had attacked me when I was asleep this morning and defenseless and then wouldn’t stop tickling me, so I asked her to help me get my revenge. And she agreed!”

I looked at mom. She had an innocent expression on her face. “Traitor!” Then I couldn’t hold back my own laughter, and Doug and mom joined in.

“I give up! You win, I apologize Doug. You got your revenge, and did a great job doing it. I was totally fooled! I promise I won’t tickle you again. Unless you ask me to!”

Doug packed his duffle bag, and I stuffed clean underwear and socks and my toothbrush into my small backpack, and we said ‘bye’ to mom, and walked to Doug’s house. I was looking forward to seeing Darryl and Rick, and maybe we’d hear something tonight! This was working out to be a great weekend!

To be continued…

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