Ron’s Adventure
by Colin Kelly

Chapter 1: Billy

This is a work of fiction. However, it is based on things that my friend Ron told me that he did in the 8th grade. The names, locations, circumstances, and a few of the events have been changed to protect the privacy of those who participated in the actual happenings.

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My name is Ron and this story is about when I was 12 and discovered sex.

I live in L.A. with my parents and two younger sisters. I go to Catholic school, St. Bartholomew’s, and will be going to be in the eighth grade. Summer was almost over, and school would be starting in about two weeks. My folks decided it was time for our semi-annual visit to my aunt, my dad’s sister Florence. Uncle Walter is a fireman in the Simi Valley, and was always on call on the weekends, so when we get together it almost always means that we have to make the long drive to their house. They live on a ranch where Uncle Walter raises buffalo, just like in the wild west. It was a small ranch, with just a couple dozen buffalo out back. But it was exciting to see them, and they look just like the buffalo you see in movies.

Visiting aunt Florence and uncle Walter meant that I’d have to be with my cousin Billy. Billy was called “Billie the Brat” by everyone, of course except by my aunt and uncle who were his parents. He was the kid everyone tried to avoid. My folks were worried that he was such a bad example that he might corrupt me. But I didn’t like Billy much, and I complained whenever we went to visit them, so I guess they figured I was safe. Little did they know!

Billy was 13, a half of a year older than me, and was always holding it over me and treated me like some little kid. He always wanted to do dumb stuff, like the time he tried to launch a toy rocket using a big firecracker and set a bale of hay on fire. It was fun seeing his dad paddle his bare behind! Or the time he tried to talk me in to smoking a cigar that he had stolen from his dad. Or the time he took me into the buffalo field and we were chased by a bull buffalo and barely escaped getting butted or gored.

I really didn’t want to go visit my aunt and uncle and especially not Billy. But I didn’t have any choice. My folks were going to see my aunt and uncle, and my sisters and I had to go too.

We got to the ranch, and after all of the normal “huggie-kissie-my-you’re-so-big-Ron!” from aunt Florence and “hi, big guy!” and a big slap on the back from uncle Walter (and the slap hurt, let me tell you!), Billie whispered to me “let’s go out back, I got somethin’ fantastic to show ya.” So we went “out back” which I discovered meant that we walked about a half mile across the field in back of their house to an old barn and around it to the back where we couldn’t be seen from the house.

“What are you gonna show me?”

First, you gotta promise that this is a secret and that you’ll never, ever, tell anyone. OK? Secret or die?”

“I promise, secret. So, what’s it that you’re gonna show me?”

“Pull down your pants, you won’t believe what’s gonna happen. It’s way fuckin’ fantastic!”

“I’m not pulling down my pants! Why should I pull down my pants?”

“Cause what I’m gonna show you we gotta be naked!”

“Naked! Someone will see me!”

“I’m gonna be naked too, and no one’s gonna see us. The house is too far away, and we’re behind the barn, and look around, there’s no one anywhere out here except buffalos over in the field and they don’t give a shit if we’re naked or not. Here, I’ll pull down my pants first. You pull down yours, too!”

I couldn’t believe Billy wanted me to pull down my pants. I was shy about showing myself to anyone, no one had ever seen my dick since I was a baby, and especially I didn’t want to be naked in front of Billy. But, good as his word, Billy pulled down his cargo pants and took them off right over his shoes, then pulled down his briefs and took them off too. I stared at his dick. It was about the same size as mine, about 2” soft, but he had hair above his dick! I had never seen any other kid’s dick, and didn’t know that anyone got hair above their dicks. I guess I stood there with my mouth hanging open watching Billy who was standing there in his tee shirt and shoes and socks and nothing else, and I was even more amazed as I watched him get a hard on and his dick grow to 3½”.

“Come on, Ron, don’t be a dork, pull your fuckin’ pants down now!”

“You got a hard on!”

“Sure, I got a hard on, and you’re gonna get a hard on too. Jeez, pull ‘em down, Ron, or do you want me to do it?”

I had a hard on already from looking at Billy’s dick, I certainly didn’t want Billy to pull off my pants, and I wasn’t a dork, so I undid my belt, unbuttoned my fly, and pulled my jeans down.

“I can’t get them over my shoes. I’ll have to leave them on my feet or take off my shoes.”

“Jeez, take off your shoes, then, but get goin’ before my mom rings the bell for us to go back for dinner.”

I leaned against the barn wall and untied and pulled off my shoes, being careful to make sure to stay on the dry grass so I wouldn’t get my socks too dirty by stepping into dirt. Shoes off, I pulled off my jeans and then my briefs.

“See, you got a hard on already. Now, close your eyes and swear you won’t open ‘em until I tell you to. Swear?”

“OK, OK, I’ll close my eyes, and I swear I won’t open them! But you better not hurt me or I’m gonna tell my folks and your folks and you’ll get the shit beat out of you like when you set the hay on fire!”

“This isn’t gonna be anything like that. And you’re not gonna get hurt, you’re gonna have the most fantastic feeling you’ve ever had when I do it.”

“When you do what?”

“You’ll see. Now, close your eyes and swear again you won’t peek or open them until I say so!”

I closed by eyes. “OK, OK, I swear I won’t peek or open them ‘til you tell me to.”

I heard some shuffling like Billy was moving around. Suddenly I felt his arms around my hips and his hands holding on to my butt cheeks.

“What…” was all I could get out when my dick was enveloped in something wet and warm. I opened my eyes, forgetting all about what I swore I wouldn’t do, and looked down. It was Billy, and he had my dick in his mouth! How could he do that, it was so gross!! But then he began sucking on my dick, and rubbing his tongue around the head, and moving his lips up and down my shaft. I gasped. “Ooooo! Ahhhh! Ummm! Ohhhh!” At that moment I closed by eyes and couldn’t have opened them if I had wanted to! The feeling on my dick was, as Billy had put it, “way fuckin’ fantastic!” I never wanted it to stop!

I heard Billy mumble something almost intelligible. He was trying to talk while sucking my dick and I realized that he was telling me it was OK to open my eyes. So, despite the feelings that made me close them, I forced my eyes open, and looked down at Billy. He was kneeling on the ground, grinning up at me with my dick in his mouth, and, I swear, his eyes were sparkling.

I gasped. “Billy, don’t ever stop!”

He stopped. I looked at him wide-eyed.

“You stopped!”

“I can’t talk with your dick in my mouth. This is called sucking. Didn’t I tell you it would be fantastic and that you’d never felt anything like this before?”

I was breathing hard. “Yes. I can’t believe you’d put a dick in your mouth, but I’m glad it’s mine. That felt awesome! Now please stop talking and do it some more. Please?”

“OK, but if I do you gotta promise to suck me off, too.”

I was shocked. This was something I had to really think about. It’s one thing to have my dick in Billy’s mouth, but something totally different for me to put his dick in MY mouth. It might be gross. It might taste like piss. But I sure wanted Billy to keep sucking on me. I knew he was real fussy about eating. I remembered that he wouldn’t eat or drink anything new without bitching and moaning about how it tasted. So I guessed that he wouldn’t put my dick in his mouth and suck on it if he didn’t think it tasted OK. And if I wanted him to keep going I’d have to do the same to him. And I wanted him to keep going!

“OK, I’ll do it to you. But if it’s gross or tastes like piss I’m going to stop!”

“Well, then, I guess you’re gonna have to do it to me now ‘cause I don’t wanna be sucking on you and get you off then have you chicken-shit out of doin’ me!” Billy stood up, his dick still hard as a flagpole. “So, get down on your knees and start sucking on me. Be careful to put your teeth behind your lips so you don’t bite me with ‘em.”

I knelt, and grabbed Billy’s butt cheeks just like he’d done to me. I looked at his dick. It was like mine but different, too. I was fascinated by the wisps of black hair above his dick. And where my dick head was light pink, his was more brown and red.

“Hey, Ron, you chickening out?”

“No, I was just looking at your dick. It’s cute!”

“Cute? You really think my dick’s cute? No one’s ever told me that before! But how ‘bout putting it in your mouth and sucking on it. NOW!”

“OK, OK. Here I go.”

I pulled my teeth behind my lips, opened my mouth as far as I could, and moved toward his dick, watching it as I moved my mouth around it without touching it. Billy thrust his body forward, pushing his dick further into my mouth and pushing the head onto my tongue. My immediate reaction was to try to block his dick head with my tongue. My mouth also closed around his dick. Suddenly, I had his dick in my mouth. It wasn’t gross! In fact, it didn’t taste bad or like piss. In fact, it tasted kinda OK!

“OK, now start sucking on it and rubbing up and down on it with your lips.”

I did as ordered. Billy moaned and ohhhhed and ahhhhed just like I had, especially when I rubbed my tongue around his dick head. It was neat, I was in control of my cousin! And I was amazed that his dick actually tasted OK! I decided that I liked sucking his dick!

“Stop, STOP! You’re gonna make me cum! Let me suck you for a while.”

I was more than ready to have Billy suck my dick some more! I pulled off his dick and looked up at him and he had a huge grin on his face. I was grinning, too. Billy put his hands on my shoulders and he was shaking.

“What’s wrong? You’re shaking. And what do you mean I’ll make you come? Come where?”

“When you’re balls get ripe you shoot cum out'a your dick when it gets sucked or you beat off or you fuck a girl’s pussy. It’s called coming. Cum is what guys shoot into girls and it makes them have a baby. I don’t wanna cum yet ‘cause I wanna suck on you some more then have you suck on me some more. Then I’ll cum in your mouth and if you’re ripe you’ll cum in my mouth. Cum tastes great. You’ll love it!”

This was too much information all at once. There were lots of questions that Billy had to answer before we did anything more.

“What’s ‘come’?”

“It’s spelled ‘c-u-m’, not ‘c-o-m-e’, and it’s white and creamy and when you’re balls get ripe they make cum. It’s like cream. When you have an orgasm you balls send cum up your dick and it shoots out the end. There’s not lots of cum, just a teaspoon or two. When you shoot cum that’s when you say you’ve come, and that’s spelled ‘c-o-m-e’. ‘C-u-m’ is the creamy stuff you shoot and doing it is ‘c-o-m-e’. Got it?”

“Yeah, but that’s gross. Cum shoots out of your dick like when you piss?”

“No, stupid. There’s two tubes inside your dick, and they both come out at the hole in the end of your dick. If you pull back on the hole on the end of your dick you can see the ends of the two tubes. See, look.” Billy pulled back the skin at the end of his dick. “Get close and look, see there’s some skin going across inside the hole.” I moved so my right eye was about an inch away from the end of his dick, and saw the piece of skin he was talking about. “That’s where the tubes come out together. The one in the middle runs inside and that’s where you piss from. The other one runs along the bottom of your dick. See, there’s a bulge on the bottom of my dick?” Billy rubbed the bulge along the bottom of his dick, and I moved down to look. “Touch it, go ahead.” I rubbed it the same way Billy had been and it felt kind of soft and squishy. I rubbed the side of his dick and it was a lot harder that the bottom. “That tube’s connected to your balls and that’s how cum gets out, that’s called coming. So cum has nothin’ to do with pissing, it doesn’t even come out of the same place. When you get a boner your piss tube is blocked off and the only thing that can come out of your dick is cum. But the first time I came it felt like I was gonna piss, but instead I got a couple of little squirts of cum. But I knew all about it so I knew what it was. Man, I was really happy that I was starting to come! I now I squirt lots more cum, about a teaspoon full, I measured it once.”

“What do you mean cum makes babies? And what’s a pussy?”

“Man, you don’t know anything about sex, do you?”

“No, stupid, that’s why I’m asking! So tell me.”

“Jeez, look who’s calling ME stupid! You ever see a naked girl, like your sisters or in a picture or something?”

“I’ve never seen my sisters! That’s gross! But I’ve seen pictures of naked ladies in National Geographic, and they don’t have dicks.”

“Right. Instead they have a pussy. It’s a hole in front between their legs that you can put your dick into. You gotta be hard to get it in ‘cause it’s tight. So you push your dick into a girl’s pussy and pull it partway out then back in then out and keep going. Just like when I was sucking you. When you do it in a girl that’s called fucking. It’s supposed to feel like when you’re being sucked, maybe better or maybe about the same or maybe even not as good. Finally you get an orgasm and come, your cum goes inside the girl’s pussy and she gets pregnant and starts making a baby. That’s how girls get pregnant. And that’s why it’s better to suck boys’ dicks instead of fucking girls’ pussies. That way you don’t get babies until you’re married.”

“If girls don’t have a dick where do they piss from?”

“They got another little hole in the front of their pussy that they use to piss out of. Greg told me about it.”

“Who’s Greg?”

“He’s an altar boy at church. He’s played around with his cousin. She let him look in her pussy and everything. She’s 15 so she’s able to make babies.”

“Did he push his dick into her pussy?”

“He didn’t say that he did or that he didn’t but I don’t think so ‘cause he might make her get pregnant. He said she let him look real close, and touch everything and he even licked her pussy. He said it tasted kinda funny but OK and she sucked his dick and made him come and she swallowed all of his cum. Man, that would be so hot to mess around with a girl that way!”

“What’s an orgasm?”

“Orgasm’s when you come. It feels fantastic. You know how I was shaking when I told you to quit sucking me? Well, that was ‘cause I was starting to have an orgasm. If you had kept sucking me I would have come and you would have been swallowing my cum.”

“You say it tastes good. You sure it doesn’t taste like piss?”

“It tastes kinda like a slightly salty cream. It really tastes good.”

“You’ve tasted cum?”

“Sure. When I beat off I scoop my cum off me with my fingers and eat it so mom doesn’t find it on my sheets. And I’ve sucked Greg and tasted and swallowed his cum too.”

“What’s beat off mean?”

“That’s when you use grab your hard dick in your hand and rub it up and down until you cum. That’s how you get off when there’s no one around to suck your dick. I do it almost every night and sometimes when I wake up in the morning.”

I had a sudden revelation, and it scared me. “Isn’t doing this a sin?”

“No, it’s not a sin. Greg’s an altar boy and he says Father Matthew told him about sucking, and Father Matthew sucks him and a couple of the other altar boys sometime. Father Mathew told Greg that it’s God’s gift of love to men and that it’s not a sin.”

“Really?” I was shocked that a priest was sucking an altar boy, and wasn’t convinced whether this was a sin or not. “I thought priests weren’t supposed to do this. What about all those stories in the papers about priests abusing kids?”

“Jeez, I told you that Greg said that Father Matthew said sucking is God’s gift to men and it’s not a sin. A priest wouldn’t lie, would he? And ‘abusing’ is beating up somebody which really hurts, not sucking on their dick which feels really good. When I heard the stories on TV I looked ‘abusing’ up in the dictionary, and it says it means ‘injury’.”

I thought about that for a minute, what Billy said made sense, and if a priest said it was OK with God.

I realized something else. “Billy, this is gay, isn’t it?”

“No, dummy, gay is when you never want to have sex with girls. Greg says all guys mess around with other guys ‘cause when you mess around with girls they can get pregnant which means you’ll get in real shit-ass trouble. Then when you get married that’s when you can fuck your wife and have babies and then you don’t have to mess around with guys any more. That’s what Greg says.”

I thought that over. I was pretty sure that what we were doing was kinda gay, but it felt so good that what Billy said that Greg said made sense. If I messed around with guys it would be OK if I still wanted to get married to a girl later. I looked down at Billy’s dick and stared at it. I guess I was taking too long thinking about this for Billy.

“Hello, hello! You still there? Is Ron home?” Billy knocked on the top of my head.

“Ow! Hey, that hurt!”

“Well, hello! How about I suck you some more and then you suck me some more?”


“OK, my turn to suck you.”

Billy got down on his knees and grabbed my dick, which was throbbing like it never had as a result of all of the talk about sex we were having. He licked the head of my dick without putting it in his mouth. My dick was so sensitive and the feeling was so intense that my eyes closed. I moaned “Ohhhhh, fuck! Mmmmmm!”

Billy put his mouth around my dick and pushed so his nose was pressing into my stomach. He began bobbing up and down on my dick, and kept it up for a few minutes. I hoped he never quit! Suddenly I had to put my hands on his shoulders because my knees felt like they were going to collapse. I began to shake and I could see flashes of light even though my eyes were closed as tight as I could make them. I started getting a feeling like I had to piss, but all I could say was “Mmmmmph!” Then I could feel my balls tighten up and they started to hurt. “Owwwww! Ohhhhhhh! Arghhh!” I could feel something pushing out of my dick. I remembered what Billy had told me. I was coming! I was making cum!! The pain in my balls disappeared and they felt fantastic, and I bent back trying to push my dick further into Billy’s mouth. He was sucking even harder and it felt absolutely wonderful. I could feel the cum spurt out of my dick head. One, two, spurts. Billy continued to suck me like he wanted to suck all of my insides through my dick into his mouth. Then my dick head got real sensitive and I yelled “Get off, oh fuck, get off, I can’t stand it, get OFF, Billy!”

Billy pulled off my dick, which collapsed like an overcooked piece of noodle.

“Oh, God, oh, shit, oh fuck! That was so unbelievable. Did I come? Did I make cum? It felt like I made cum. Did you taste it? Oh, damn, I gotta sit down or I’m going to faint!” I dropped to the ground.

“Congrats, cousin! You just made your first cum. It was fucking de-li-cious!”

“Damn, I wish I could have seen it. Was it white like cream? Does it look like yours?”

“How do I know? It was in my mouth and I swallowed it!”

“Did it taste like yours? You really swallowed it?”

“Well, I swallowed most of it and it tasted pretty much like mine.” Billy grinned. “I saved some of it to show you.” He opened his hand and his mouth, and let what looked like spit dribble off his tongue into his palm. “There it is, Ron. Wanna feel it? Wanna taste it?”

It looked kind of white and sort of thick, not clear and bubbly like spit, so I guessed that Billy actually had saved some of my cum to show me. Even though it had come out of his mouth, I dipped my finger into the tiny puddle in his palm, swirled it around to get as much as I could on my fingertip, and put my finger into my mouth. I rolled it around on my tongue. It tasted strange, but OK. No, not OK, GOOD!

“I like it. It tastes good.”

Billy licked my cum off the palm of his hand. “Mmm. Fuckin’ right it tastes good. Like mine.”

“You’ve really tasted your cum?”

“Yes, dummy, I told you already that when I beat off I eat my cum. That way I don’t have to use tissues or a washrag and there’s no mess on my sheets for mom to find. I just use my fingers and scoop it off my stomach and dick and suck it off my fingers. It tastes good, and eating it makes me horny and I get hard again and sometimes I come a second time. Greg told me about that.”


“Jeez, I told you, Greg, the altar boy at church.”

“Yes, I know that, you told me that and that he messed around with his cousin. How do you know him so well to find out all of those things?”

“Greg’s the one who showed me how to suck dicks. He said he’s trying to get his cousin to show me her pussy, too.”

I grinned. “Wicked!”

“Fuck this talk! You need to suck me off now! I need to come!”

I got on my knees in front of Billy. His dick looked like it was as hard as mine had been. I was a bit squeamish about getting his cum in my mouth, but he said that it tasted like mine and that had tasted OK, so I took his dick in my mouth and started to swirl my tongue around the head and pushed it as far in my mouth as it would go. It almost gagged me, but my reaction was to swallow and when I did that I didn’t feel like gagging any more. I moved my head up and down squeezing his shaft as tight as I could with my lips. Then I’d almost pull off but stop with just the head in my mouth and then I’d lick his dick head until he moaned real loud, then I’d go back to rubbing up and down with my lips. I even nibbled on his shaft with my teeth a couple of times. I took one hand and rubbed the hair above his dick and his balls. He moaned even louder when I rubbed his balls, so I kept doing that while I sucked him as hard as I could. Finally, I felt his balls tighten up, and his dick seemed to get a little bigger and harder in my mouth, which felt really neat. I increased my sucking and bobbing on his disk, and Billy yelled out “Ohhhhh, I’m cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnng!” and shot about 5 spurts of cum into my mouth. I didn’t swallow any of it ‘cause I wanted to see what it looked like. I continued to swirl my tongue around his dick, which was getting soft, but I kept still with my mouth closed tight around the shaft so no cum would leak out.

Finally Billy pushed me away and his dick popped out. “That’s the fucking best suck I’ve ever fucking had! Ron, you’re fantastic!” It made me feel really good that he thought I was better at sucking than his altar boy friend Greg.

I opened my hand and let some of his cum dribble into my palm. I then looked up at him and opened my mouth so he could see that I still had most of his cum in my mouth, then made a big show of rolling it around on my tongue then swallowing it. “Ahhhh! That was GOOD!” And what amazed me is that it WAS good. I licked the cum off the palm of my hand and swallowed that, too. Then I licked the cum off of his now soft dick. I really liked the taste of Billy’s cum. And I could hardly wait until I got home and beat off tonight and could see and eat my own cum!

We heard a bell, like a dinner bell in a cowboy movie. “That’s my mom ringing the bell calling us to come back to the house. Let’s get dressed and go eat!”

So, we put our clothes back on and went and had barbecue. Uncle Walter is a great barbecue cook. He had built a huge barbecue out of a 55 gallon drum cut in half and welded end to end, and he said he barbecued almost every night year round, and that’s why he moved from Idaho to L.A. so he could do whatever he wanted any time he wanted without worrying about snow and that he hated snow. We had barbecued chicken and steaks and big fat juicy sausages. Billy and I giggled as we ate the sausages because they were like huge dicks. I ate so much that I had a stomach ache on the way back and had to run into the bathroom as soon as we got home and take a huge dump.

Sunday night when I went to bed I turned on the light on my nightstand, pushed down the covers, pushed my pajama bottoms down around my ankles, and grabbed my dick which immediately got as hard as it had been when I was messing around with Billy. I began stroking it up and down, but discovered that the head was really sensitive and it hurt to rub it, so I grabbed it below the head with 2 fingers and my thumb and squeezed as tight as I could and rubbed it up and down. It didn’t take very long and I started getting the same feeling I had when Billy was sucking me and I had my orgasm. Something wet came out onto the head of my dick, so I grabbed my whole dick in my fist and it felt awesome as I beat off, and my dick head didn’t feel so sensitive any more. YES! I was actually beating off! I pulled my hand up over the head of my dick and back as far into my balls as I could push it, and squeezed harder and moved my fist faster and all of a sudden my balls pulled up tight under my dick and I got that feeling like I was going to piss. I opened my eyes and looked down at my dick as I speeded up my hand trying to come. It only took a few seconds more and I began to shiver and buck in the bed. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open and focused on my dick. And it happened. I was coming! I watched the cum spurt out onto my stomach, 3 spurts. The first filled my belly button, the next about half way between my belly button and my dick, and the last was more of a dribble that flowed slowly down from my piss slit down my dick onto my fingers.

I carefully opened my fist, tightened my fingers together, and turned my hand palm-down so I wouldn’t lose any of the cum that was on the outside of my hand. I slowly brought my hand to my mouth and licked all of the cum off. There was really not enough to swallow, the quantity was really small. But I rolled it around on my tongue savoring the flavor. I was sure my cum tasted better than Billy’s! Then I tried to scoop up the cum on my stomach. That wasn’t as easy as Billy had made it sound. But I was able to get most of it and there was a fair amount, especially from my belly button, maybe a little less than a teaspoon in all. I slurped all of it and again rolled it around in my mouth tasting it, then finally swallowed. I decided that I would keep a teaspoon in my nightstand drawer to collect my cum, and that turned out to be a great idea!

I pulled up my pajama bottoms and the covers, and laid there for a few minutes. I had discovered something new with Billy the Brat. Only I’d never think of him that way any more. I just hoped that I’d see him sooner than our usually once or twice a year visits to my aunt and uncle’s house. I went to sleep thinking about the feeling of Billy’s dick in my mouth, what it felt like when his cum spurted onto my tongue, how awesome it felt when he had my dick in his mouth. I’m sure that I went to sleep with a huge grin on my face. This had turned out to be a great weekend, a great summer! What I didn’t know then was that when I started eighth grade in a couple of weeks things were going to be even better! MUCH better!

To be continued…

Colin Kelly