Ron’s Adventure
by Colin Kelly

Chapter 8: Sleepover at Doug's

This is a work of fiction. However, it is based on things that my friend Ron told me that he did in the 8th grade. The names, locations, circumstances, and a few of the events have been changed to protect the privacy of those who participated in the actual happenings.

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Well, it’s been a long time since Chapter 7 of Ron’s Adventure was posted on Nifty. That was about five and a half months ago! School started, and the homework and projects and studying for tests have all been really heavy. I went to Seattle for the funeral of my great-great aunt. I took the Community Emergency Response Team training at our county Fire Training Center. I went to our football games (we won the Northern State 3A championship!). And the holidays were busy with family and friends. And don’t forget about the homework and projects and studying! So, I haven’t had much time for writing additional chapters of Ron’s Adventure. Ron and I met and I have material for several chapters. Now all I have to do is find time to write!


Doug packed his duffle bag, and I stuffed clean underwear and socks and my toothbrush into my small backpack, and we said ‘bye’ to mom and walked to Doug’s house. I was looking forward to seeing Darryl and Rick, and maybe we’d hear something tonight! This was working out to be a great weekend!

The walk to Doug’s house took longer than usual. We talked about how to get together with Jay and Norman to combine all their parts into one project file and print it to turn in. We decided to call them and see if they could get together tonight at Doug’s house. Then we talked about Darryl and Rick.

“Doug, I saw Darryl at the airport while we were waiting for my dad and he and your mom were waiting for Rick. It was really neat how he was smiling the whole time he was waiting. He had such a huge smile that it made me smile too. Then you should of seen how he and Rick grabbed each other in a huge hug, and how they stood there holding each other, slapping each other on their backs, smiling like they hadn’t seen each other in years. And Rick was crying. I couldn’t see if Darryl was too ‘cause then he was facing the other way.” I decided not to tell Doug what Darryl said about us, me and Doug, and that I thought he was jealous that we were such great friends and could be together.

“I wish I’d been there. Ya know, Darryl and Rick totally love each other. Kinda like…” Doug looked at me but didn’t say anything else.

I completed his sentence. “Like us.” Then I smiled and grabbed Doug’s right hand in my left.

Doug looked like he was getting tears in his eyes. “Yes. Like us. Oh, Ron, yes, just like us!” Tears streamed down his cheeks, but he was smiling, and it was just like Darryl’s and Rick’s smiles at the airport. I wanted to hug him so much, but we were on the street, and people would see us. They probably wouldn’t care, but I did and that made me feel kinda funny, like I shouldn’t have to care what other people might think, but that I did.

Doug let go of my hand. “Hey. Let’s get to my house and see Darryl and Rick. All we have to do is phone Jay or Norman, and figure out how we’re going to get their parts of the project. Maybe we can do something with Darryl and Rick.”

I grinned my evil grin. “And, Douglas Choi, do you propose we should do with Darryl and Rick? Hmm?”

“Jeez, Ron, nothing like that! You’ve got such a dirty mind. You’re just a total perv!” He giggled.

I burst out laughing. “OK, OK, what do you suggest?”

“Oh, how about a movie? Or we could go to the park and shoot a few baskets or just sit and talk. I’d like to tell Rick about you and me. If that’s OK with you?”

“Sure, I’d like that, ‘cause maybe they’d tell us more about them, too.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“I’m not so sure about the basketball idea, though. They’re high school kids, and play sports, they’d blow us away and that’d be embarrassing. Don’t you think?”

“Umm, yeah, I suppose so. Darryl’s a lot bigger than either of us, and Rick’s tall and would get every rebound. And Darryl’s always trying to beat me at something, so he’d try to make sure we were humiliated. Any other ideas?”

I looked at Doug. “I suppose we could go to the library, then walk over to the park. We could make some kind of excuse about needing a book or to look up something for our project.”

“I’m not sure they’d want to go with us to do something like that. Unless you really need a book. Sorta boring for them.”

“Yeah, you’re right. There’s really nothing much around here, is there. I guess we should just suggest a movie. But I’d really like to go to the park with them. What do you think about saying that first, and if they blow that off then we can suggest a movie. What do you think, Doug?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We’d arrived at Doug’s house. He rang the front door bell.

“Don’t you have your key?”

“Yeah, but it’s in my gym bag. Let’s see who answers the door.” He grinned at me.

The door flew open. Darryl scowled when he saw it was us. “Jeez, why didn’t you use your key, Doug? I got better things to do than come and open the door for you!” The he grinned, which I realized meant that he was just kidding.

Doug put his fists on his hips, stuck his head forward and looked at Darryl. “Bitch, bitch, bitch! And the porridge isn’t even poured yet!” Then he burst out laughing, and so did Darryl.

I didn’t get it. What was this ‘bitch bitch’ thing that they were laughing about?

“Twit! You’ve said one of our secret codes in front of Ron, now we’ll have to kill him!” He turned to me with his hands out like he was going to choke me. I took a step backward, and must have looked scared because Darryl started laughing again, and Doug joined him.

“Let us in, and let’s tell Ron our secret code.”

“OK, bro.” With that, Darryl stepped aside and let us come in. As Doug passed him he was whacked lightly on the top of his head by Darryl. “That’s for making me get up from the TV to let you in. Next time, don’t forget your key.” I noticed that Doug didn’t tell Darryl that he’d left his key in his gym bag.

“Hey, Darryl, is my sister Debbie here? She’s supposed to be with Michelle.”

“They went shopping with my mom. I think they were going to your house when they were done.”

Doug pushed me towards the stairs. “We’re gonna put our stuff upstairs then we’ll come down and we can tell Ron our secret code.”

“Sounds good to me. Don’t take waaaay too long.” Darryl stressed the ‘waaaay too long’ part and giggled.

“Darryl, is that all you’ve got on your mind? Sheesh! We’re just gonna put our stuff in my room. We’ll be back in like two minutes.”

Doug grabbed my arm and pulled me to the stairs, and we ran up to the third floor. I was breathing hard when we got there.

“Jeez, Doug, why the hurry? I guess your mom’s not home, ‘cause if she was she’d be yelling at you for running up the stairs.”

“No she wouldn’t. ‘Cause if she was here I wouldn’t be running up the stairs!” Doug laughed and threw his gym bag on his bed. I tossed my backpack there too. Then Doug grabbed me and hugged me, hard, with our left cheeks pressed tightly together.

“I totally love you, Ron McGowan.”

“And I totally love you, Doug Choi.”

We kissed, just lips, and soft, none of the grinding lips together. It felt soooo wonderful. Doug pulled away and held my shoulders in his hands and looked at me. And I looked at him, into his deep, dark brown eyes, those eyes that I could fall into forever and never want to stop falling.

“OK, our two minutes are up. Let’s get downstairs and see what my big bro and his lover are watching on TV and indoctrinate you into the Choi Secret Society and find out if they want to go to the park with us and just hang and talk.”

We went downstairs, walking this time. Darryl and Rick were in the family room watching some sport thing. At first I thought it was soccer, but it wasn’t.

“What you watching?”

Darryl turned around. “Hey, Ron. We’re watching Rugby. It’s UCLA versus Cal Berkeley. You ever watch rugby?” Darryl patted the sofa cushion next to him. I sat down next to him. Doug sat in a chair next to where Rick was sitting at the other end of the sofa.

“Nope. Never seen rugby.” I watched for a few seconds. It looked like soccer, but apparently the players could run with and throw the ball. And the ball looked something like a regular football, but maybe bigger. Darryl started explaining the game, and Rick would interrupt with corrections.

“Rick plays rugby. They don’t offer it at his school, so he’s in a junior league. He knows lots more about it than I do. I’ve never played, just watched when Rick played, and on TV.”

Rick chimed in. “I’m a rugger, that’s what we call guys who play rugby. Rugby is rough, lots rougher than U.S. football. You don’t have all that padding or helmets. Guys get hurt almost every game. I’m not playing right now because I tore a muscle in my shoulder, and it still hurts a lot.”

Darryl turned to Rick and put his hand on his shoulder. “I told you I’ll massage you, rub out the muscle. Why don’t you let me do it now?”

“Nah. Maybe tonight when we go to bed.”

I saw the grin on Rick’s face, and the way his eyes sparkled when he looked at Darryl. It made me smile. “Hey, when this game is over. What d’ya say we go to the park and just hang out and talk?”

Doug turned back from the TV and looked at me, then at Darryl. “That sounds like a great idea. It’s real nice out, and it’ll be nice sitting under the trees at Galileo. How ‘bout it, Darryl? Rick?”

They looked at each other, grinned, and at the exact same time said “OK!”

Doug and I burst out laughing. Darryl and Rick seemed confused, ‘cause they didn’t know what was funny.

“Well, Doug, you and I aren’t the only twins around here. Looks like maybe Darryl and Rick are twins, separated at birth, too!”

“Well, Ron, I must agree. But ya know, I don’t think their birthdays are on the same day like ours are.”

Rick was getting frustrated. “Just what the heck are you two talking about?”

So Doug and I explained about being the same age, and how our birthdays are on the same day, and how we’d decided that we must be twins, separated at birth. Rick thought it was funny, and neat. He grinned an almost nasty grin and looked at Doug.

“You guys been an item for very long?”

Doug took in a deep breath. “Uhh, what d’ya mean?”

“You and Ron are messing around with each other, just like Darryl and I are. Having sex. You’re boyfriends. Lovers.” He giggled.

Doug sounded like he was choking. “How, who... Darryl! Did you tell Rick about Ron and me?”

Darryl looked shocked too. “No way. I don’t know how Rick found out.” He turned to me and winked. “Ron, did you tell Rick?”

I put on my innocent look. “No, of course not, I didn’t say one word to Rick. Did I, Rick?”

I guess Rick decided to play along, that this was fun, getting Doug all confused. I saw his eyes sparkling. “No, Ron, you and I have never had a conversation about anything, ‘specially not that you and Doug have been messing around, or that you’re boyfriends, or how much fun you have when you’re having sex with each other!”

I looked at Doug. “See, I’m telling the truth. I guess Rick’s a mind reader. Right, Rick?”

“Yup. I inherited my powers from my great-great-great granny when she’d bounce me on her knee.”

This was too much. I burst out laughing, and so did Rick.

Doug looked at Rick, then at Darryl, then at me. “What is going on? I’m so confused!”

I started to giggle. I couldn’t help it. This was soooo funny!

Darryl sat there, laughing and shaking his head. “Doug, I told Rick about you and Ron.”

Doug looked at us. “I hate it when everyone’s in on something and I’m not. Clever, guys!” He started to laugh, then turned and looked at Rick. “Ya know, mom’ll be home soon, so I think we oughta go to the park now so we can talk. In private.”

Everyone nodded, I guess that meant ‘yes’. Then I knew it was ‘yes’ when Darryl grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. We all stood up, and I stretched. I looked at Doug.

“Wait a minute! We have two things we’ve gotta do first. Number one is what’s that ‘secret code’ thing, and number two is Doug and I’ve gotta call Jay or Norman and figure out how we’re going to get their parts of our project.”

Doug sighed. “OK, let’s go call Jay and Norman first.”

As we walked to the kitchen I asked Doug, “What was that sigh all about? Don’t you want to finish the project today?”

“Huh? Yeah, sure I do! What sigh? I didn’t sigh!”

“Well, it sure sounded like you did when I asked you about calling Jay or Norman.”

“Oh. Well, maybe I did. That whole thing with Rick and Darryl kinda weirded me out. I wish I’d known Darryl was gonna tell Rick about us. How did you know about it?”

“I’m OK with it. We were gonna tell Rick anyway, right? When we were at the airport Darryl told me that he was going to tell Rick about us, and I guess he did, and I forgot about that.”

Doug gave me a strange look, then picked up the phone and rummaged in his pocket until he found a scrap of paper that he pulled out. It must have been a phone number, ‘cause he looked at it while he dialed.

“Uh, hello, is Jay there?” There was a brief pause. “It’s Doug Choi, and I’d like to talk to him about our history project.”

There was a longer pause, I guess while Jay’s mom or whoever answered the phone went to get Jay.

“Hi, Jay. How’s your’s and Norman’s parts of the project coming? You guys done yet?” Another pause. Hearing only one end of a phone conversation is always frustrating. “Great. You want to bring it by my house, or email it, or what?” Yet another short pause. “OK, I’ll hang on.”

Doug turned to me. “Jay’s and Norman’s parts are done. Jay said his mother read it and they changed some stuff that she found, and now it’s completely finished. He’s asking his mom if she’ll drive him over here to give it to us and to work with us to put the whole thing together this afternoon. He’ll bring a printed copy and the files on a jump drive.”

“OK! That sounds good. Then we can…”

I was interrupted when Doug began talking again.

“OK, 4:00 this afternoon works for us. Ron’s here, he’s gonna sleep over tonight. So we can combine our parts and make any final edits and print copies for each of us and to turn in.” Another long pause while Doug listened. “Sure. And you can stay for dinner.” Pause. “No, I can’t ask my mother ‘cause she’s out shopping or something. But it’ll be OK, Ron’s here and Darryl’s friend Rick is here visiting from San Francisco. You’ll like him, he’s cool.” Doug looked at me and grinned. “We’re going to the park just to hang out and talk.” Brief pause. “Galileo Park. We’ll be back before you get here.” Pause. “Darryl’s my brother. He goes to Cathedral high school. He’s OK. Weird, but OK.” Long pause. “Sure, that’ll be OK if they can’t pick you up.” Longer pause. “No, I’m absolutely sure it’s fine with my mom. We’ve got lots of room. Ron and Rick are already staying here. And there’ll be absolutely plenty for dinner. Mom buys tons of food. Darryl’s a bottomless pit so we always have more than enough, and she’s already planned for Ron and Rick.” Short pause. “OK, thanks, that’s a good idea. Oh, and if you have any colored markers can you bring them too?” Very brief pause. “Great. See you at 4:00. Bye.”

“OK, fill me in. I HATE listening to just one end of a conversation, and that one was like, strange!”

“Jay’s coming at 4:00.” I rolled my eyes. I knew that. “He’s gonna bring paper for us to print the copies on, and some colored markers so we can color in some of the maps and graphs after it’s printed. Uh, let’s see, what else. Oh, he’s gonna stay for dinner.” I rolled my eyes again. Jeez, I don’t need to hear the stuff I already know! Let’s get this over with and get to the park! I want to find out about Darryl and Rick! “His mom and dad have to go somewhere. They may be late, so he’s gonna bring clothes and stuff in case he has to sleep over.”

I frowned. “Shit! If he stays over that means that we can’t, uh, mess around. And neither can Darryl and Rick, ‘cause Jay’ll hear all the moaning they’ll be doing.” I wiggled by eyebrows and grinned my evil grin.

“Sex fiend!” Doug laughed. “Jay said his folks will pick him up unless they get stuck in traffic or something. They should be here by 9:30. But if not, we’ll have to figure out what to do with him. Lock him in the bathroom, maybe? He could sleep in the bathtub.” Doug laughed.

“Nah, what if one of us has to go pee? And what do we do if we can’t wake him up in the morning? Take a shower with him in the tub? And if he wakes up while we’re showering he’ll see our dicks.” I giggled.

“Like he’s never seen a dick before! Don’t forget, he and Norman are messing around. Say, maybe we can do a threesome! Or a fivesome, with Darryl and Rick!”

“No way. You are mine! No sharing! And I’m not interested in Jay. Or Darryl. Or Rick. Only you.” I looked into Doug’s eyes. God, I love his eyes!

“Don’t worry, if he stays we’ll figure something out. It’s most likely it won’t happen anyway, so don’t worry about it.”

“OK, if you say so. Now I want you and Darryl to tell me about your secret code, then let’s get ready and go to the park before Darryl and Rick change their minds.”

We walked back into the family room and were shocked to see Darryl and Rick kissing. I looked at Doug, and he had a big-time shocked look on his face. That was his brother kissing another boy, even if Doug new that boy was Rick, and I guessed that he'd never seen them kiss before, so it was a real new thing to walk in and find them kissing, and he just wasn’t used to it yet.


They broke off the kiss and looked at us, both blushing and looking very embarrassed.

Doug put his fists on his hips and stuck his head forward, like he was lecturing them.. “If you two are through smooching, Ron wants to know about our secret code, and I guess Rick does too.” Then he laughed, showing that he was kidding.

Darryl looked at Rick, then at me. “Actually, it’s not a secret code, it’s a stupid joke that we both think is real funny. You’re gonna think we’re stupid too, for thinking that it’s funny, but…” he turned and looked at Doug, “…we don’t care, right Doug?”

“Right, big bro!”

So, Darryl told us the joke. “Papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear sit down at the breakfast table in their house in the woods. Papa bear looks at his bowl and says ‘Someone has been here, and they have eaten all of my porridge! I’ll bet it’s that damned Goldilocks again! We’ve gotta change the locks so she can’t get in!’ Baby bear looks at his bowl and says “And someone has been here, and they have eaten all of MY porridge, too! I’m so hungry! My tummy’s so empty! I’m gonna starve to death!’ and he started to cry. Mama bear shakes her head and says ‘Bitch, bitch, bitch! And the porridge isn’t even poured yet!” He and Doug burst out laughing.

Rick and I just giggled, a little, and looked at each other. It WAS a stupid joke! Then Rick smiled. “I guess you had to be there!” Then he and I burst out laughing, too. “Now, how about we go to this park?”

“OK, let’s do it!”

We all went upstairs to get jackets. Even though it was September which was usually hot weather, today was just warm. Under the trees at the park it would probably be cool. The walk to the park was fun. Since I was the one who’d lived here a long time, I pointed out everything along the way. You know, real tourist stuff like the Sav-On drugstore, the Jack-in-the-Box, the Foster’s Freeze, Burbank elementary school, the Methodist church, the library, the Chevron station, the bus stops, all of the most exciting things that are in our part of town. Rick and Darryl thought it was funny. Doug looked bored ‘cause he’d heard my tour guide bit before.

There were a few kids at the park. A group of older teens were playing basketball, and Darryl and Rick kept looking across the field to the basketball court. There were two families having picnics, kids on the kiddy rides, and three people playing Frisbee with each other and their dogs even though dogs weren’t supposed to be in the park. Galileo Park is big, and except for the two families most of the picnic tables were empty. We picked one that was as far from the families as possible, and sat down like we were having a picnic. Doug and I were on one side, Darryl and Rick on the other.

We sat there for about a minute not saying anything, just looking across at each other. I was sitting across from Rick. It gave me the chance to really look at him. His eyes were brown, not dark but not pale. He had kind of a pug nose, a lot like Darryl’s, and a few freckles across his cheeks and nose. He had full lips that turned up at the corners so it looked like he was smiling all the time. His skin looked like it was tanned, what mom calls an olive completion. He was sort of sexy looking. But not nearly as sexy looking or as cute as Doug.

Rick shook his head. “Jeez, you guys! We came here to talk, let’s talk! OK, Darryl and I are boyfriends. We’ve been best friends since we met in kindergarten, and we’ve been boyfriends since we were about 12 years old. We love each other. We have sex. Together. Only together. Doug and Ron are boyfriends. They probably have sex together, Darryl didn’t tell me that kinda detail. So, what’s your story, guys?” He looked at me, then at Doug.

So, Doug and I told how we’d met, and the buzzing sensation when we touched, and how we instantly liked each other. We told him again about how we discovered we were exactly the same age, with exactly the same birthdays, and how we decided we were twins who had been separated at birth. We told about the first time we’d kissed, the first time we touched each other, the first time we messed around, had sex. What our favorite things were to do in bed, mainly 69ing and screwing each other between our thighs. About how we loved to hug each other, and to cuddle when we went to bed. I told about how Doug was like the brother I’d never had. We even told about what it was like to go to St. Barts, and our teachers, and our history project, and Jay and Norman (though we didn’t tell them that Jay and Norman were messing around, that was private).

When we were finished, Rick was smiling and looking from Doug to me and back. “Jeez, guys, great story! But I’ll tell ya, I think this is another one of those stories where I had to of been there!”

Darryl punched him in the arm. “Hey, these guys have opened up and told us everything, stuff they’d never, ever tell anyone. Don’t give them a hard time, Rick!”

“I’m not giving them a hard time. I said, and I mean it, this is a story where I had to of been there. That way I could have watched them the first time they kissed, the first time they touched each other, the first time they had sex. It would have been fantastic to see all of that! Way to go, guys!”

Darryl rubbed Rick’s arm where he’d punched him. “Sorry, Rick. But the way you said it didn’t sound like what you just said you meant.”

“Well, I was kinda making a joke, like my crack after your joke. Doug, and Ron, sorry for giving you a hard time, even if I didn’t mean to. NOI, guys, no offense intended.”

I looked at Rick. “Apology accepted. Not needed, but accepted. Now tell us more about you two.”

Darryl and Rick looked at each other, and started telling us their story, going back and forth.

“I told you the overview. The details are kinda like you two, but you got together as boyfriends almost as soon as you met. Darryl and I met in kindergarten. We became friends, then in first grade we became best friends. My folks always said it was like we were attached at the hip. We did absolutely everything together. Some kids actually thought we were brothers!” Rick turned to look at Darryl, he had a huge smile and his eyes sparkled.

“We never knew anything about being gay until the sixth grade. An eighth grade kid made a remark about us being queers and I was shocked. Rick just hauled off and punched the guy in the nose and he fell down, his nose was bleeding big time. Rick stood over him and told him to never ever say anything about us being queers or he’d have more than a nose bleed. That story got around the school, and we were pretty much left alone as far as any talk about being queer.”

“Dar and I talked about it, and decided that the guy didn’t know what he was talking about. We just shrugged it off as not meaning anything to either of us. But it made me think about Dar and how much I liked him. I’d seen him naked, and he’d seen me, when we were getting ready for bed during sleepovers. I thought about how I’d wanted to touch him, to feel his cock. I thought about his lips.” Rick looked at Darryl. “About his fantastic, pouty lips. And his eyes. God, they are so beautiful, I could fall into those eyes and never want to come out!”

I reached for and took Doug’s hand under the table, and squeezed it a bit.

“What Rick didn’t know was that I had strong feelings for him, too. I was always embarrassed that my dick was smaller than his, but I was so happy that he never said anything joking about it. And even in the sixth grade, Rick was constantly making jokes! I wanted to feel his dick, to rub it until it got hard like mine would, and make it feel good.” Darryl blushed. “Jeez, it’s embarrassing to say these things, I’ve never even said them to Rick before!”

“At the start of seventh grade we were both 12. That summer I almost went crazy seeing Dar in his swimsuit, and had to keep from staring at him. I thought, no, I knew he was beautiful. The most beautiful person on Earth. And I soooo much wanted to hold him and hug him and kiss him. It was making me crazy. School started, we were in the same class, and we got together to do our homework every night. One night at my house, the next at Dar’s, then at mine, back and forth, every night, Monday through Saturday. Of course, we did lots of other stuff, like video games, and TV, and music, and just laying on the bed reading books.”

“If you think Rick was going crazy, you should of seen me! I was a wreck! I was nervous every time we’d lay on one of our beds to read, afraid that I’d reach over and kiss him, or even better, begin feeling him up. But I couldn’t do that, what would I do if he didn’t want to do that sort of thing and stopped being my friend? I’d begin shaking, and I don’t know why he never noticed me shaking. It was like I was outside in freezing weather, and shivering all over. I’d have to get up and go to the bathroom a couple times an hour, just so he wouldn’t notice me shaking so much. He must have thought I had diarrhea or something! Finally, one day, I decided that the next day I had to tell him how I felt. We’d be at my house, and mom was taking Doug somewhere, I don’t even remember where. It was the scariest thing I had ever planned on doing. I actually got diarrhea that morning and almost didn’t go to school! But I had made up my mind, so instead of taking the bus I walked all the way to school, to have time to think about it.”

“It’s so bizarre. That same day when I saw Dar at school he looked totally miserable. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I felt like if I hugged him when we got to his house after school, he’d feel better. Then I thought about kissing him, and feeling him up. That was a big deal in seventh grade, getting felt up. Guys were always wanting some girl, any girl, to feel them up. I wanted to feel up Dar, and have him feel me up. I didn’t really care about girls, they were exciting to talk about, with their tits and pussies, things I’d never seen, except in pictures, but that was enough for me. And I didn’t worry about being queer, or gay, or bi, or whatever. I just knew what I wanted to do with Dar, and that was OK with me. Screw what people called it, I didn't care. So, I decided that as soon as we got to his house, I was going to hug Dar and kiss him, on the lips, and make him feel better.”

“I didn’t want to talk to Rick at lunch. I was afraid that I’d lose control and either grab him and kiss him, or start crying. But going outside, in the cool air, seemed to calm me down, and we ate lunch together, neither of us saying very much. I only ate half my sandwich, and after I was finished eating I began looking at Rick and started getting nervous and shaky again. I excused myself and went to the boy’s bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. Then I went to our classroom instead of going back outside.”

“Dar seemed more miserable and nervous after lunch, and he had to be excused to go to the bathroom a bunch of times. I was afraid that he was really sick, and he’d say that we couldn’t get together at his house after school. But that didn’t happen. We walked to his house. Usually we talked a lot as we walked, and we didn’t walk fast, but that afternoon Dar seemed to be inside his own head. He said almost nothing, and I almost had to run to keep up with him. I was afraid he was sick and was hurrying to get home before he threw up or messed in his pants.”

“The day seemed to last forever! I was so nervous I felt like I was going to throw up, and had to be excused to go to the boy’s bathroom just in case. I never did throw up, and finally the bell rang and school was over. I wanted to grab Rick’s hand and drag him home. I was almost running, and I don’t think I said more than five words to him. When we got home I opened the door and grabbed Rick’s arm and dragged him into the house, slammed the door shut, grabbed him in a hug, and kissed him on the lips.”

“I was shocked! Here was Dar doing exactly the things to me that I planned on doing to him to make him feel better! It was so wonderful. I grabbed him in a huge hug, and we must have been standing there hugging and kissing and crying for 10 or 15 minutes. Yeah, crying. As soon as Dar started kissing me, I started crying, the kind that’s just tears, no sobbing or anything like that. We rubbed each other’s backs, I felt his face and wiped the tears off with my thumbs, I ran my fingers through his hair, and I rubbed his butt. When we finally stopped kissing, I held him tight and whispered ‘I love you’ in his ear over and over and over.”

“When Rick started whispering in my ear that he loved me, I started crying for real, sobbing and all, and kept saying, or trying to say, between sobs, ‘Me too, me too’ to him, over and over. I pulled his shirt and T-shirt out of the back of his pants and began rubbing his back. Oh, you can’t even imagine how fantastic that felt! I nibbled on his earlobe and stuck my tongue in his ear on one side, then on the other. We were rubbing our crotches against each other. I had such a boner it hurt like hell trapped inside my jeans.”

“As soon as Dar pulled out my shirt and started rubbing my back, I did the same to him, but I pushed my hand inside of the back of his jeans and began rubbing the top of his butt cheeks. I was hard as a rock, and Dar rubbing his crotch against my boner was driving me crazy. I pulled my hand out of the back of his jeans and began felling him up, rubbing between our crotches. It felt so wonderful, so amazing, so right to feel his boner through his jeans against the palm of my hand, and my boner through my jeans against the back of my hand.”

“When Rick began feeling me up I knew what to do. I reached down and began undoing my belt and undid the button and zipper on my jeans and wiggled so they fell around my ankles. Then I did the same to Rick, pulling off his khakis so we were there in our briefs. He was feeling me up, and I was feeling him up. Long story short, we got our pants off and went upstairs to my bedroom and we got naked and felt each other up and beat each other off and it was amazing. I knew I loved Rick, and that I wanted to do this every day forever.”

“We almost got caught. We heard Dar’s mom come home with Doug, and just barely got dressed before he came upstairs. He looked at us, sitting on Dar’s bed, breathing heavy and sweating. He said something like ‘Been wrestling again? Who won this time?’ and we laughed and said it was a tie.”

I turned to Darryl. “OK, we told you what we do when we’re making love. What do you guys do?”

Darryl looked at me, then at Rick. “Well, we 69, we both love to suck each other. Uh, we eat each other’s cum. You didn’t say whether you did that or not.”

“Oh, yeah, Doug and I eat each other’s cum. I love the taste of Doug’s cum!”

Rick looked at me. “Um, maybe that’s too much information. We feel each other up a lot. I love to feel Dar’s cock and balls. And I love the way it feels when he’s rubbing my cock and balls.”

“If you’re wondering, Rick and I don’t fuck. We don’t like the idea of shoving our dicks into each other’s assholes. That’s gross. But this idea of yours, shoving your dicks between the other guy’s thighs…” He turned to Rick. “…I think that’s something we should try.”

Rick smiled. “Out of the mouths of babes comes something we should have figured out for ourselves! Thanks guys! So, that’s about it. Oh, and we cuddle in bed too, just like you guys.”

I looked at them. “Man, that’s so neat! You were about the same age as Doug and I are now. And you’re in high school and still boyfriends. That’s soooo cool! It is amazing!” I looked over at Doug, who was looking at Darryl. “I just hope that Doug and I are still together when we’re in high school.” He turned to me, and we leaned into each other and kissed for about two seconds then pulled back.

Darryl was looking around the park. “Jeez, be careful! Anyone could have seen you!”

I hadn’t thought about that. Looking around I saw that the two families had left, and there was no one near enough to see what we were doing. Way over in the other direction there were a couple of guys, they looked like high school kids. One of them was real tall with long probably blond hair. They were starting to walk in our direction from the basketball courts. I figured that they were too far away to have seen anything. I noticed that Darryl was looking at them too.

“Hey, I think one of those guys is from Cathedral. The real tall skinny one is in a couple of my classes, his name is, umm, Jon, uh, Jon Underhill. He’s about 6-5 and probably doesn’t weigh more than 150 pounds. I’m not sure who the other guy is, he’s too far away to see. But Jon’s someone you can see from about a mile away!” Darryl laughed, but what he said was true. The guy looked like a coat rack, he was so skinny. Not thin, skinny.

“Hey, Darryl!”

Darryl looked up. The two guys were walking up to our picnic table. “Hey, Jon. Uh, this is my brother Doug and his friend Ron, they go to St. Barts, and this is Rick Ramos, my best friend. He’s visiting from San Francisco for the weekend.

“Hi, Doug and Ron, and hi, Rick! This is Jamie Cairnes, my best bud.”

We all said ‘hi’ to Jamie, and Doug, Rick, and I said ‘hi’ to Jon.

Rick looked at Jon. “Man, you are TALL! You play basketball?”

“Just for fun. I’m too thin to play on the team. I’d get annihilated! Jamie’s into sports. He’s on the Lacrosse team. He’s a fantastic player, probably will be all-CIF. You ever watch Lacrosse? Now, that’s a fun sport!” Jamie beamed. He seemed to like Jon’s praise.

I looked at my watch. “Hey, Doug, it’s after 3:00, and Jay’ll be at your house in a little while. I think we should go and get our parts ready so we can put it all together with Jay’s and Norman’s parts.”

Doug agreed, we said ‘bye’ to everyone, and headed back to his house. We were almost there when Doug said “Shit!”

“What? What!”

“My key. It’s still in my gym bag. On my bed. In my bedroom. In the house. We can’t get in unless mom’s back! Shit, shit, SHIT!”

I put my fists on my hips, and pushed my head forward like Doug had done earlier. I tried to make my voice high so it would sound like his mom’s. “Douglas Choi, don’t let me hear you say that word one more time, or I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!” I burst out laughing. “Darryl will be back in a little while. We can wait on the porch until he gets there. And anyway, maybe you mom’s already home.”

“I’m so bummed. I forgot my key, so we can’t get into the house. I’m so stupid sometimes!”

“Jeez, you’re not stupid, Doug. Maybe you’re forgetful, but you’re cute and you’re mine and I love you!”

Doug laughed. We turned the corner and walked up his street. As we approached his house, we saw his mom’s SUV in the driveway. “Man, am I lucky! Mom’s home. Now we can work on the project and be ready for Jay when he gets here.”

Doug’s mom opened the door for us. As soon as we got in, Doug started telling her about our plans for this afternoon. “Jay’ll be here at about 4:00, and we’re going to work on the project and get it put together so we can turn it in on Monday so we’ll each get an A and extra credit. Jay’s folks are going to drop him off, then they’re going somewhere, and I told Jay he could stay for dinner. If his folks get stuck in traffic coming home, I told Jay that he could sleep over, so Jay’s bringing some clothes and stuff with him. But Jay’s folks plan on picking him up around 9:30, so it isn’t likely that he’ll sleep over. Is that all OK, mom?”

His mom grinned and looked at me. “Nothing to add, Ron?”

“No, ma’am.” I wasn’t sure what she meant.

She turned back to Doug. “You know, Doug, that you said all of that without taking a breath? And you don’t like me to call you a chatterbox! Now, for tonight. Well, since you’ve made all of these arrangements, I guess I can’t say ‘no’, can I? Anyway, my answer would be and is ‘yes’. Jay worked on the project with you, so you need him to help you finish putting it together, don’t you. Wasn’t there another boy working on it as well?”

“Yeah, Norman, but he had to go out of town this weekend with his folks, so he gave his part to Jay.”

“Thank The Lord that I won’t have any more boys here tonight! It’s going to be more than enough with five of you! It’s a good thing that I went to Costco and the grocery store and stocked up!” She laughed, then smiled at Doug and at me. “I hope you like pork chops. I have boneless ones, so they’ll be easier to cook and to eat. We’ll have spinach, carrots, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and cornbread. And ice cream for dessert, three kinds, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and praline pecan.”

She grinned at me. I guess my eyes were about to fall out of my head, everything sounded so great. “Is that OK with you, Ron?”

“Oh, yes, wow, that sounds fabulous! I love all those things!”

“Yeah, me too, mom! Now Ron and I better get our stuff ready for Jay. He’ll be here in about a half hour.”

“All right, you boys go on and get to work. Do you need a snack?”

Doug looked at me, and I shook my head. “No, we’ll wait for dinner.”

Doug’s mom turned and started walking toward their kitchen. “Goodness! No snack. Boys. What will I ever do with them? They are so unpredictable!”

Doug and I walked, not ran, upstairs to his room. I’d emailed the file to him, so he opened his email and saved the file on his PC. “OK, Ron, is there anything that we need to do before Jay gets here?”

“Can I phone my mom? She said she’d read it, and Debbie said she’d read it too. I need to find out what they think, if they have any changes to suggest.”

“Sure, you can use the phone over there on the nightstand.”

Mom had four spelling corrections, and a couple of grammar corrections, and Debbie said she really liked it, and learned a lot about the Bill of Rights, and she didn’t have any changes or suggestions. I made the corrections on Doug’s PC, looked at how our parts might fit together, and decided to wait until we had Jay’s and Norman’s parts, and we went downstairs to wait for Jay.

At around 4:05 the doorbell rang, and it was Jay and his mom. Mrs. Price, Jay’s mom, talked with Mrs. Choi, and Jay, Doug, and I went up to Doug’s room to work on the project. We copied Jay’s and Norman’s parts onto Doug’s PC from Jay’s jump drive, and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find the best ways to put the four sections together. Finally, we decided to make it like a textbook, with four chapters. We printed six copies of everything, and used the color markers to jazz up some of the charts and maps which had been in black and white. It took a long time to print, we had 11 pages times six copies. And Doug’s inkjet printer wasn’t very fast.

While we were sitting there watching pages sloooowly come out of the printer, Darryl and Rick got home and came up to see what we were doing. We did the introductions, and Darryl and Rick went into Darryl’s bedroom. We could hear them talking and laughing, but we couldn’t hear well enough to know what they were saying. Finally, six copies of the last page came out of the printer, and we stapled the sets together.

Jay held a copy and flipped through the pages. “Oh, man, this looks so great! It’s totally professional! Hey, can we get Darryl and Rick to read it and tell us what they think?”

Doug picked up two copies. “Sure. It’ll be good to know what they think. After all, they’re in high school, and stuff is a lot harder there, so if they think we’ve done a great job, that means we’re doing work at the high school level! You think?”

He took the copies into Darryl’s room, and was gone for a while. He came back with the copies and a huge smile.

“They said they were really impressed! I think we’ve got like an A+ and tons of extra credit! All of our grades in history should be A’s on our report cards!”

Doug’s mom called us for dinner, and we washed our hands and went downstairs. Everything was as good as I thought it’d be. Everyone said they were real full, and we all decided to eat our dessert later. Doug asked his folks to read the project, and they said they thought it was way above eighth grade level. I was a little embarrassed. Sometimes I have a problem with complements. But I really felt good inside.

We watched TV for a while, then went back to Doug’s bedroom and played Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon. At about 10:00 we heard the phone ring, and after a while Doug’s mom came upstairs to tell us that Jay’s folks got stuck in Sacramento because of an accident, and decided to spend the night there. So, now we did have the problem of what to do about Jay.

Mrs. Choi said we’d better have our ice cream or it would be too late to have it before going to bed. So, we all went downstairs and sat around the kitchen table eating ice cream. I had mint chocolate chip and it was great. I really wanted to talk to Doug about sleeping arrangements, and make sure they were OK with Darryl and Rick. But I didn’t want Jay to feel like we were trying to get him away from us. Jay solved the problem. He yawned, and stretched. “Mrs. Choi, I’m getting tired. Where will I sleep?”

“You can use Jason’s room. He’s my oldest son. He’s away at college at the University of Pittsburg. Let me show you, and we’ll get you settled.”

When Doug and I got back to his bedroom and Jay had taken his backpack to Jason’s bedroom on the second floor, I was excited. “Man, that worked out so great! It’s almost like your mom knew that we didn’t want Jay sleeping in your room. It works for us, and it works for Darryl and Rick.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” He yawned. “And I’m tired, too. Let’s clean up and get ready for bed.”

That’s what we did, sharing Doug’s and Darryl’s bathroom like we usually did when I was here for a sleepover. We’d taken off everything in the bedroom except our T-shirts and briefs, and put those back on after showering. As we walked out of the bathroom, Doug looked at me with a sort of evil grin.

“Let’s go say ‘good night’ to Darryl and Rick!”

We walked to the entry to Darryl’s end of the attic bedroom. He and Rick were sitting on the bed, each reading a paperback book, with their MP3 player earbuds plugged into their ears, leaning against the headboard, their legs stretched out, in just their T-shirts and briefs. Darryl’s T-shirt and briefs looked like Calvin’s, baby blue Calvin’s, and Rick’s were just regular white T-shirt and briefs like mom gets at Penny’s, just like what Doug and I were wearing. From the bulges in their briefs, it looked like they both had semi-hard boners. Darryl’s had a slightly darker spot at where it looked like the head of his dick was. He was leaking pre-cum!

Doug giggled. “Night, guys. Have fun.”

There was no reaction. I turned to Doug. “They can’t hear us over their music. Let’s just go in and say good night.” I wiggled my eyebrows.

We walked up to the foot of Darryl’s bed and both waved our right hands, like semaphores. That got their attention, and both pulled out their earbuds. Darryl blushed, I think ‘cause his boner was making a bigger bulge in his Calvin’s. Rick grinned, slid further over to the side of the bed, and patted the space between him and Darryl.

“Come on you two, sit here for a little while before we all go to bed. Let’s talk.” He looked over at Darryl, who looked even more embarrassed but moved over to his side of the bed making room for Doug and me. We crawled up from the foot of the bed so we were between them, me next to Darryl and Doug next to Rick. We rolled over onto our backs, bumping and shoving Darryl and Rick and each other, and getting bumped and shoved back, until we were comfortable. By the time we got settled in the same position as Darryl and Rick we were all laughing.

Rick grinned at us. “My, isn’t this cozy?”

I looked at Darryl’s bulge, then Rick’s. “Yup. And it looks like you guys are REALLY glad to see us!” Doug and I burst out laughing, and now Rick blushed big time.

“Hey, it’s normal for healthy young guys to get, uh, excited. Specially when they’re reading sex novels!”

I looked at Darryl’s book, which he’d put in his lap covering his bulge. I reached down and, before he could react, I picked it up. “Hmm, ‘The World of Normal Boys’. I wonder what that’s about?” I turned it over. There near the right edge of back cover, about a quarter of the way up from the bottom, was what looked like a half-inch wide spot of dried cum. I nudged Doug, and pointed to the spot on the back cover of the book. “It looks like this is a really, REALLY exciting book! Doug, when Darryl’s finished, umm, ‘reading’ it, be sure to borrow it from him so we can read it too!”

Darryl reached across my body, pushing his elbow into my crotch, and grabbed the book. “Jeez, you guys are such horndogs!”

Rick handed the book he’d been reading to Doug, who took it and read the title. “’Clay’s Way’ by Blair Mastbaum.” He turned the book over. There was nothing ‘extra’ on the back cover. “Hmm, not nearly as exciting as the book Darryl’s reading.” Doug, Rick, and I burst out laughing, and Darryl just sat there looking miserable, the book back in his lap covering his crotch.

“Hey, bro, don’t worry about it. We’re all boys, and like Rick said, we all get, uh, excited. We’re all horny all of the time, right?”

Rick laughed. “Hey, Dar, I think they’re right, and I think you agree too!”

“Uh, yeah, I guess.” He looked at me, then at Doug, then back at me. “But it’s embarrassing to be found out by my little brother!” Then he started to laugh. “Look you dickheads, go to bed. Have hot, sweaty sex. Suck each others dicks. Shove your dicks between each other’s thighs and pretend you’re fucking. And let me and Rick do the same! Shit, he’s going home tomorrow! We’ve hardly had any time to make love with each other!”

Darryl looked across at Rick. His eyes looked like they were getting teared up.

I grabbed Doug’s hand. “Come on. Lets give them some privacy. And let’s take Darryl up on his suggestions.” Then I turned and kissed Darryl on his cheek, a quick kiss, but more than a peck. “Nighty-night!” Darryl looked completely shocked, and his mouth was hanging open. I started to laugh, and scooted down to the end of the bed, dragging Doug with me.

We got off the bed, and turned to look at them. “Night, guys. See you in the morning.” We turned and walked into Doug’s bedroom.

“Jeez, Ron, that was so cool! I don’t think Darryl has taken a breath since you kissed him.”

“I though it would surprise him. I didn’t think he’d be shocked and embarrassed and be all blushing, though. It was funny, wasn’t it? I really got him good. And Rick seemed shocked too.”

“Hmm. Yes, you got Darryl good. Twice! The cum stain on the book, and the kiss. But he’s gonna get you back. He won’t let you get away with this, Ron. You better watch out! He could do something that would really embarrass you.”

“Like what?”

“I dunno. Maybe he’ll tie your clothes in knots, or use marker to write words on your T-shirt, or put stuff into your backpack. Just be real careful, and watch out. Don’t leave anything where Darryl can get it.”

“Won’t he be busy with Rick tomorrow?”

“Yeah, but Rick goes home tomorrow night. It’s probably best if you’re gone before he gets back from the airport!”

“What if I apologize to him? Say I’m sorry I embarrassed him. Something like that.”

“Maybe. Can’t hurt, and if you do it in front of Rick that might help.”

“What if I do it at breakfast, when you’re folks are there. I don’t have to say what I’m apologizing for, I can say that I was just kidding around and said something that embarrassed Darryl and that I’m real sorry.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Do that at breakfast, and Darryl’ll probably be OK with it.”

We took off our briefs off. We were going to sleep half-commando. Full commando is where you’re totally naked, and that’s what we’d normally do, but it was a little chilly so we decided to go to bed with our T-shirts on. Just as I turned to get into bed, someone cleared their throat. I turned around. Big mistake!

“Umm, good night guys.” It was Jay. He was standing there in his PJs, looking real embarrassed, seeing Doug and me with our dicks and balls hanging out. We both immediately covered ourselves with our hands. Jay stood there, looking like he didn’t know what to do.

“What are you doing here, Jay? Don’t you knock before you go into someone’s bedroom?”

“Well, Darryl told me you were getting ready to go to bed, and I should come up and say good night to you.”

I was shocked. “Darryl told you to come up here? When?”

“Just a couple of minutes ago.”

He was staring at my dick and balls, so I grabbed my briefs off the floor and pulled them on. I noticed that Doug had already put his on. Darryl stuck his head into Doug’s bedroom. “Oh, are you two afraid to have Jay see your little dickies, and find out that they are really, really tiny?” Then he burst out laughing.

Jay looked up at me, and seemed to be a frightened. “I really think I’d better get to bed!” He was holding his hand over his crotch. He had a boner! He turned and practically ran down the stairs.

I turned to Doug. “Well, Doug, it looks like your brother got his revenge! And I guess now I don’t have to apologize in front of everyone at breakfast!”

Darryl looked at me. “OK, I guess we’re even. Just remember, NEVER get me pissed, I will ALWAYS get my revenge.” He burst out laughing again.

We were pretty tired. It had been a busy day, lots of things happening. Even too tired to mess around with each other! I fell asleep right away. We woke up in the morning when Darryl and Rick pulled the covers off of us. “Wakey, wakey, kiddies! Breakfast’ll be on the table in about 20 minutes!” They turned and went downstairs.

We both groaned and tried to pull up the covers, but Darryl and Rick had pulled them completely off of us, and onto the floor at the foot of the bed.

Doug looked over at me. “Oh, how I absolutely don’t want to get up!”

“Me, either. But I guess we gotta. Come on, Doug, let’s get our butts in gear and get cleaned up for breakfast. I’m actually kinda hungry. And I can smell bacon. I love bacon!” So that’s what we did, and 20 minutes later we joined Doug’s folks, Michelle, Darryl, and Rick at the breakfast table. We talked about what we’d do today, and decided to go to a movie.


To be continued…

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