Ron’s Adventure
by Colin Kelly

Chapter 5: At the Galleria

This is a work of fiction. However, it is based on things that my friend Ron told me that he did in the 8th grade. The names, locations, circumstances, and a few of the events have been changed to protect the privacy of those who participated in the actual happenings.

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After we got ready we went downstairs for breakfast. Darryl was already there, eating the biggest bowl of cereal I had ever seen. It looked like a mixing bowl! I guess I was staring because Darryl looked up at me and grinned.

“The JV football coach said I should bulk up, so I’m eating more carbs. Healthy carbs. This is Cheerios and corn flakes and spoon size shredded wheat. Want a bowl?”

“Uhh, no thanks. I don’t think I could eat that much cereal!”

Mrs. Choi spoke up. “Well, Ron what would you like for breakfast? I can make eggs and toast, or you can have a more human sized bowl of cereal if you want!” She looked over at Darryl and giggled. It was neat hearing an adult, Doug’s mom, actually giggling!

“If it’s OK, maybe just toast and if you have peanut butter that would be great. And some milk, please.”

“That I have. I assume you want regular milk like Doug drinks, but you can have soy milk if you want. That’s what Darryl and the rest of us drink.”

“Uhh, I think regular milk. I’m not sure what soy milk would taste like.”

Doug was filling a smaller bowl with corn flakes, then began slicing a banana into his cereal. “Want a banana, Ron? Goes good with peanut butter!”

“No, thanks, Doug.”

Mrs. Choi put a loaf of bread and butter and peanut butter and some jars of jam and a carton of milk on the table. “This is the regular milk. And here is some jam, you can take your pick.”

“Oh, neat, you have apricot-pineapple preserves! They are my absolute favorite.” I put two slices of bread in the toaster. Doug sat down next to Darryl, across from me, and began to eat his cereal. I noticed how much they looked alike when they were eating. They were looking down into their bowls of cereal and shoveling it into their mouths, almost like they were machines. I grinned, but they never noticed because they were ‘too busy feeding their faces’, which is something my dad likes to say!

“You boys have a nice breakfast. You know, it’s 9:15, and Ron’s mother will be here in 45 minutes. I’m going to tidy up a bit, you finish your breakfast and clean up the kitchen and be ready to go when she gets here.”

“OK, mom.” Doug looked at me and smiled. “Mom wants the house to look like no one lives here so your mom will be impressed, Ron. Let’s hurry up and finish eating. I can hardly wait to go the Galleria. It sounds neat.”

Darryl looked up. “What’s the Galleria?”

I explained. “It’s a shopping mall in downtown Glendale. It got hundreds of stores including lots of big department stores. And there’s a Tower Records and a Borders and lots of restaurants. My mom’s picking us up at 10 to go there, and we’ll have lunch, and be back around 2. You want’a go with us?”

“Yeah! That sounds OK. I’d like to see some more of the town. You know, it seems like we moved here just yesterday even though it was last Tuesday. And I haven’t seen anything except our house and Cathedral High and the bus from here to there and back. Is it OK if I hang with you guys?”

“S’ok, bro! It will make it more fun!” Doug was smiling at his brother. I could tell they really liked each other. This was different, a lot nicer, than some of my friends who had older brothers and they seemed to be fighting or arguing or yelling at each other all the time.

Suddenly Doug turned and looked at me with a serious expression on his face. “Ron, is it OK with you that Darryl comes with us? And will it be OK with your mom?”

“Sure! I think it’s neat that Darryl can come with us. And my mom will like Darryl just like she likes you, Doug.”

Darryl grinned. “What’r your favorite things at the Galleria?”

So, as we finished our breakfasts I told Doug and Darryl about some shops I liked to go to and the best places to eat and the movie theatres and everything I could remember about the Galleria. Then we talked about where we would go, and how we should leave our moms to do their own thing and then we could meet up with them for lunch. And then we tried to decide where to eat lunch, and picked Red Robin because they have great burgers.

When we were done we cleaned up the kitchen and went into the living room to wait for mom to pick us up. A few minutes later we heard the doorbell and Doug’s mom opened the front door. Our moms introduced themselves to each other, and talked and talked and talked, which is what I expected.

Mrs. Choi brought mom into the living room and introduced her to Darryl. “Dorothy, this is my middle son, Darryl. He’s a freshman at Cathedral High School. He’s 13, and will be 14 next month.” She smiled with that proud mother kind of smile, and I grinned at this ‘cause it was just like my mom.

“Hello, Darryl, it’s nice to meet you. I’m glad you’re able to come with us, and I hope you enjoy yourself today.”

“Thanks, Mrs. McGowan. It’s nice to meet Ron’s mom. Now I know where his good looks come from!”

“Nora, you have a real flatterer here! And thank you, Darryl, but Ron looks more like his dad than me!”

Good grief! Can’t we stop all of this babbling and get going? I looked over at Doug and rolled my eyes, and he grinned and shook his head. “We better get going, mom! You want to get there before the parking fills up, right?”

“Alright, Ron, let’s go!” And with that we finally left Doug’s house, got into our car, and mom drove us to the Glendale Galleria. On the way we told our moms our plan to go off by ourselves and meet at Red Robin for lunch at 12:30, and they thought that was a good idea. We found a parking on the first level of the parking structure, and that’s lucky! We took the entrance to the second shopping level and Doug, Darryl, and I said goodbye to our moms and turned left while they headed across toward Nordstrom.

“Well, where do you guys want to go first?”

Doug told me “I don’t know. You know where things are in this mall and we don’t. The stores you told us about sound neat. Where do you want to go?”

Darryl seemed to agree. “I don’t care. I’m like along for the ride. You and Doug had this all planned.”

“Well, I’d like to go to the Discovery Channel Store, they have lots of neat stuff. And the Apple store, we can look at the new iPods. Sharper Image and Brookstone are always fun, especially sitting in those chairs that massage you. We can check out f.y.e. but Tower’s a lot bigger and it’s just across the street, we’ll go there and Borders after lunch. Gap’s got great clothes. Oh, let’s go to A&F, they usually have some hot models in the front showing their clothes on the weekends.” I turned to them and whispered, “The guys pants are so low it looks like they’re being held up by their dicks!”

We busted out laughing, and agreed that A&F was the first place to go. They did have three models, just inside their entrance, moving around and showing the clothes, and the two guys were totally HOT! There was a crowd watching them, mostly kids but some adults also. Most were either giggling or drooling!

One model was a tall black kid who had a big bulge in the front of the shorts he was wearing. They weren’t buttoned, and the zipper was partly open, so we could see the guy’s boxers which were a dark blue stripe. When he turned we could see that his butt was very flat. He was wearing a short dark red T that said ‘BA in BS’ and that cracked us up. He grinned at us when he saw us laughing.

The other guy was wearing really low cut khakis, and they weren’t buttoned or zipped at all! It was a good thing he had a real bubble butt to hold ‘em up, otherwise they would have slipped down around his ankles! Even better, he wasn’t wearing any top, and he was barefoot, too. He was real skinny, and his chest was totally flat with big nipples. His khakis hung below his hip bones which stuck out on each side. He had a big, sexy innie belly button and for some reason it totally turned me on and I started to get a boner! He was looking right at my crotch and was smiling at me! Man, this was soooo HOT!

The girl was wearing a really long skinny blue tank top that showed everything. Her boobs weren’t very big, and she wasn’t wearing a bra so we could see every part of her nipples. Her denim skirt was like super short and we could see about an inch of the tiny thong she was wearing below the bottom of the skirt. She never looked at anyone, either the two hot guys next to her or the people staring at the show the models were putting on. She was HOT too!

My boner was starting to press inside my jeans and I was feeling real uncomfortable because it was hurting from being held in so tight, and because I was sure everyone could see that I was hard. “Wanna go in and look at the clothes?”

Doug and Darryl said “NO! Too expensive!” at the same time, and we laughed and left the store.

Darryl turned and looked back at the entrance to the A&F store. “Man, that was so hot! Did you see those guys? If they’d moved a half inch the wrong way their pants would have fallen off!”

Doug grinned his nasty grin and wiggled his eyebrows. “And then it would have been REALLY hot, right, bro?”

“You got it!”

“No way the black guy would have lost his shorts. He must either have a huge dick or a boner, ‘cause the bulge in the front was what was holding ‘em up! That’s what I call HOT!”

Doug and Darryl looked at me and we all started laughing. That caused a lot of the people around us to turn and see what was so funny, I guess. Some frowned at us, just the sort of thing adults will do when kids are just having fun. Go figure!

We spent the next couple of hours just wandering around, going to the stores that each of us wanted to see, and in some drooling over stuff that we’d like to have but probably no chance! Like Doug wants one of the sexy new iPods that let you store and show your digital photos. Darryl wants one of those great massage chairs at Brookstone that he said would really help his muscles feel better after football. And I want the microscope at Discovery Channel Store that you can plug into your computer and look at microbes and stuff. (I didn’t tell them I want it so I can look at my sperms up close!)

We also just sat around on the benches they have everywhere, and hung together, and talked a lot, about school and what we liked to do and pointing out the hot guys, and even girls, we saw.

We were on the top level where there are places to eat, just sitting and talking but about some more personal stuff. I was getting to know Darryl and he’s real nice and really not that much older than me and Doug, about a year. We told him all about how we met at Galileo, and he said that he thinks it’s amazing that we’ve become such very good friends. And that we’re already messing around, having sex, all after just a couple of days. He asked us lots of questions about ourselves and us together, and we told him ‘cause we both want to be honest with him. But Doug and I didn’t tell him that we loved each other, ‘cause he might have thought that was too weird.

Then Darryl talked about Rick and how much he missed him. I noticed that he started to get tears in his eyes, so I realized that he was in love with Rick. He blinked and turned so he was facing me and away from Doug, and a couple of tears flowed down his cheeks. I could tell that he was real embarrassed, and that he didn’t want Doug to see that he was crying because he missed Rick so much. I stood and walked past Darryl and turned to Doug and said we should head over to Red Robin because our moms would be there in about 15 minutes and it was going to take about 10 minutes for us to walk there. That gave Darryl time to wipe his tears.

Lunch was great. Red Robin has lots of different kinds of burgers, and you can build your own if you don’t like the combinations they have. We really pigged out, with burgers and fries and shakes. Our moms had salads, and we kidded them about their diet lunches!

After lunch we crossed Brand Blvd. and went to the Tower Records store, and mom let me look at all of the different recordings of Pearl Fishers and bought me the one I picked out. Darryl bought a couple of CDs, and Doug just browsed but didn’t buy anything. Then we went to Borders and our moms went to have coffee and talk, which was fine with us, and we wandered all over the store. I went to the computer book section (hey, I’m a computer geek nerd kinda guy, and I admit it!), Doug went to the science fiction section and I joined him there after looking over the computer books, and Darryl went to the sports section ‘cause he said he wanted to find books on fitness training for football. We agreed to meet our moms at 2:30, but we were about 15 minutes late. Darryl had found three books, and he and his mom discussed them and he decided to buy two that he thought were the best. Doug bought a paperback book, ‘Going Postal’, it’s a science fiction story about stamps and a quote on the back of the book said it was ‘very funny’. Doug said he’d loan it to me after he read it. I didn’t buy anything. The computer books I was looking at were like $39.95 or $49.95, each, and I’d have to save a major part of my allowance for months to have enough for just one of those books!

Our moms were ready to go home, and so we walked back to the car and mom drove us back to the Choi’s house and dropped them off. Mom told Mrs. Choi that she hoped I wasn’t any trouble, and Mrs. Choi said I could come over any time I wanted because I was such a nice boy and mom said she hoped I was well behaved when I was there and Mrs. Choi said I was. I was so embarrassed. Why do parents do that sort of thing? Don’t they know how embarrassing it is? And not just mom, but now Mrs. Choi as well. Doug and Darryl were standing next to the car laughing their heads off. That made it worse!

Finally, without actually embarrassing me any more, mom and I finished our goodbye’s and left for home. I still had my homework to do, and I wanted to listen to my new CD.

I was about half way through my homework when mom called me for dinner. We ate and I cleaned up the dishes, and by then it was 7:30. I told my folks that I would be in my room finishing my homework, then I’d listen to my new Pearl Fishers CD, and then go to bed. So we said good night.

The math problems were kinda complicated, and for some reason I wasn’t really getting it even though yesterday our teacher showed us exactly how to do them. I went back to the examples in the book about three times before it finally clicked and I was able to finish. I sat at my desk and stared at the wall for a while wondering why I was having trouble ‘cause I’ve always been able to do my math homework, it was easy. Then I yawned. That was the problem, I was tired and didn’t realize it. I put my school stuff in my backpack for Monday and put on my PJs, just the bottoms, and did the bathroom thing and brushed my teeth. I called downstairs to my folks that I was going to bed, and they said goodnight again.

I climbed into bed, put Pearl Fishers into my portable CD player, put my headphones, on and pressed the play button. I really love this opera, the music got into my head when we went to see it at the Music Center and I love remembering it and even humming along. I lay there listening to the CD and closed my eyes.

It was Monday. I turned in my math homework to the teacher, and was glad because almost none of the other kids had finished theirs. She checked my answers and gave me an A on the assignment. During the break after math I talked to Jay and Norman and they asked what I had done over the weekend. I told them about going to the Galleria with Doug and Darryl. Jay asked why I was spending so much time with Doug, and wasn’t I his friend any more? Norman agreed with Jay and wanted to know why he and Jay weren’t invited to go to the Galleria with us. Jay said the way Doug and I were looking at each other all the time it was like we might be messing around and having sex with each other. I was shocked that he said that and confused and embarrassed, too. I remembered that Darryl had warned me about how Doug and I were looking at each other and people would guess about us. I told Jay that was stupid for him to think that Doug and I would be messing around and having sex with each other, and that of course I was still his friend and Norman’s friend. After school Doug and I walked home and talked about having another sleepover. Doug said it should be at my house, but I said that it would be better at his house ‘cause his bedroom was more private. The real reason was that I wanted to see Darryl again, maybe I’d see him naked again. The rest of the school week was normal, nothing interesting happened, and I could hardly wait until Friday. When it finally came Doug and I waked home, and I dropped off my stuff and got my PJ bottoms and some clean underwear and my toothbrush and hairbrush. Mom hugged me, then she hugged Doug and said how much she liked him and how she was so glad he was my best friend. That made me happy, but embarrassed too. We walked to Doug’s house and went up to his bedroom. Darryl was there, and we said hi. Doug said he had to use the bathroom, so Darryl and I went into his bedroom. He had a couch in there and it was nicer for sitting. Darryl asked me if I told Doug that I had seen him naked, and I said I did, that I figured if I didn’t tell Doug and Darryl did then Doug would wonder why I didn’t tell him and he’d be pissed at me. I asked Darryl if that was OK with him and he said that he was glad that I told Doug, and that he was also glad that I saw him naked. Darryl was looking at me, and grinning. He was glad that I saw him naked? And glad that I told Doug that I saw him naked? I wasn’t sure what was going on. He asked me what did I think about how he looked naked. I said that’s a weird question and that I didn’t know what to say. He asked me if I liked looking at him. I said well, yeah, probably, actually, yes, I did. I told him that he had a great body, really strong, especially his thighs. That he had fantastic thighs, real thick with muscles everywhere! Then he asked how about his dick and balls, did I like them too. I looked at Darryl. It gave me a strange feeling in my stomach. And I had a boner. A super hard boner. I told him that yeah, I liked looking at his dick and balls. That his dick is bigger than mine, and his balls were so huge and that they stick out, they can’t hang down ‘cause his thighs are so huge and… jeez, I told him this is too strange, talking to him about this stuff. And Doug might come in any second. Then Darryl put his hand on my shoulder, and squeezed a bit and told me that he was sorry if he weirded me out, that he just wondered, since I saw him, what I, like, thought about him. If he looked good. To me. I told him that I really liked him, but, I’m in love with Doug. I mean, he and I… Shit, I didn’t know what to say. It’s like Darryl talking about things with me like that, it makes me uncomfortable, I guess. I told him that when I saw him in the bathroom I got hard. Looking at him. Like I was perving him, that I wanted to touch him. Jeez, can’t we drop this, please? Darryl looked very concerned, like he thought maybe he had offended me or something. He said that he didn’t mean to make me uncomfortable, or feel weird. When he saw me looking at him in the bathroom it really surprised him. He said that when I was looking at him I was staring at him, at his dick and balls mostly. It turned him on and he got a boner. Then he told me that I was a really hot guy, sexy as all hell. He tousled my hair. When mom did to me it made me embarrassed, but when Darryl did it, it felt really nice, and for some reason it relaxed me. I looked at him and got an urge to kiss him. On the lips. I couldn’t figure out why I felt that way. But I did it, a quick kiss, then I pulled back. We just looked at each other. He looked like Doug, a Doug who was a year older. Like Doug would probably look when he was almost 14. I smiled at Darryl and told him that I really like kissing him. That I wasn’t uncomfortable feeling any more. He said he liked kissing me, too. I said that I guessed he didn’t want me to say anything about this to Doug, and I won’t. But it sure is going to give me a lot to think about. No older kid ever said I was hot, or sexy. I laughed. I said that in fact, no one has said that to me except Doug. And now him! Darryl got a big grin on his face. I told him that he was totally hot, too. And sexy. And he’s got a great body. And I did like looking at him. Especially his thighs and his dick and his balls. He said thanks for all that and looked at me. Then he told me that Rick used to tell him that he was horny all the time, and that it’s true. And that since he didn’t have Rick any more, that he was perving on whoever is around. Like those models at A&F, and me. Then he leaned in and kissed me, with his tongue in my mouth, and I got a boner. He began feeling my boner through my pants. He pulled back and began to unzip my pants. My eyes got huge. I was shocked. Darryl was unzipping my pants. He looked at me and laughed and told me not to be shocked, that he was in love with me. He put his arms around me, and hugged me real tight. He had found my boner and was starting to rub it, and press it, and it felt so wonderful. Suddenly I started to come, and that felt even better. Darryl was getting my cum all over my pants, and it was feeling really sticky. He was still holding me in a tight hug, and I couldn’t move even though I tried. Suddenly Doug came out of the bathroom and I saw that he was staring at us, crying…

Suddenly I woke up. I didn’t know where I was. The room was dark, and I was confused. I was all twisted up in something, and couldn’t move. I began to realize that I was in my bed, and was all twisted up in my sheets and blanket. My crotch was all wet. I had cum! I pulled the covers off me, and turned onto my back. I was sweating. My PJs were wet with cum. I was totally sticky, my PJs were sticky, and I could feel that the sheets were sticky too. What a mess!

I’d been dreaming. Dreaming about having sex with Darryl. It made me feel real uncomfortable that I had that kind of dream about Darryl. The dream, and all of its details, were still in my head. I could remember all of it, all of the details. I almost never remember my dreams. But I sure remembered this one. It was like a color movie, like a DVD in my brain. I ran through it like I was viewing it, from the beginning. I got a boner just thinking about the dream. It made me feel guilty. Jeez, why was I dreaming about having sex with Darryl? I loved Doug. I felt strange, and nervous, and was shivering. I felt sick. But the worst was feeling guilty. Feeling like I had cheated on Doug. I felt like I was crying, but no tears came.

I lay there thinking about the dream, and why I would have dreamed it. I didn’t love Darryl. I had seen his dick and balls and they were nice to look at and I thought he was totally sexy. I got a boner looking at him. Then I thought about the models at A&F. I thought they were sexy, and I got a boner watching them. Maybe that’s all it was, seeing hot guys like the A&F guys and Darryl, and they are all sexy, and that makes me get a boner. I didn’t want to have sex with the models from A&F. But I was confused about Darryl. I thought he was totally hot and totally sexy and I was afraid that somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted to mess around with him, have sex with him, but that scared me. It would never happen anyway. Darryl wouldn’t be interested in a younger kid like me, he wanted someone like Rick, someone his own age. With that thought I took a deep breath, and that made me relax. I went over it in my mind again. I could look at hot guys, and get a boner looking at them, but it was still Doug that I loved and would mess around with and have sex with, not any other guys. Especially not Darryl.

I realized what a mess I had made in my bed. Mom did the washing on Monday. She’d see the cum on my sheets, on my PJs. How could I clean everything up so she wouldn’t see it? The only way that I could figure would be to say I didn’t feel good and not go to church in the morning, then I could put my sheets and PJs in the washer and dryer and have them clean and back on my bed by the time they got back home.

So, that’s what I did. I said maybe it was too much lunch yesterday. Mom said that I looked pale, and she felt my forehead and said I felt a little warm, and she wanted to make sure I wasn’t coming down with anything so I should go back to bed. I did, and when they said goodbye and left for church I got up and put the sheets and PJs in the washer. I set it to a short cycle to make sure they’d be washed and dried before they came home.

When they got back everything was clean and dry and back where it should be. I was sitting in the living room in my PJ bottoms and my robe, watching TV.

“Ron, shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“I feel a lot better, mom. Whatever it was seems to be gone now. Feel my forehead.”

She did, and agreed that I didn’t seem to be warmer than usual, and that I didn’t look pale. “I think that you should get dressed. Sitting around in just your PJ bottoms and robe isn’t as warm as having your clothes on. Be sure to put on a T-shirt and a long-sleeve shirt. And pants, not shorts.”

“OK. Did you see Doug and his folks at church?”

“No, they must have gone to a different mass. Now, scoot! Go upstairs and get dressed!”

I went to my room and changed. I felt guilty about lying to mom, but the alternative would have been totally embarrassing. I don’t know what I’d do if mom found cum on my clothes or my sheets. And if she asked me about it! It really made me feel strange thinking about that!

I sat on my bed, leaned against the headboard, and put on my headphones and listened to Pearl Fishers. While it was playing I kept thinking about Doug and Darryl and my dream. I’d really like to have someone who I could talk to about my dream and all this stuff I was thinking about, but there isn’t anyone. I didn’t want to talk to dad, we had never talked about sex stuff. I wondered why, weren’t dads supposed to have a ‘birds and bees’ talk about sex with their sons? Did Doug’s dad talk to him, and to Darryl? But I was glad it hadn’t happened. It would be embarrassing! Not as totally embarrassing as having mom ask me questions about my sheets and PJs, that’s for sure! But embarrassing, anyway. I didn’t want to talk to our priest about it, he’d just talk about sex being a sin and how I needed to go to confession. I couldn’t talk to Doug about it, he wouldn’t understand why I’d have a dream about having sex with Darryl, and I’d lose my very best friend. I couldn’t talk to Darryl about it either. He was the one I dreamed about having sex with! All these feelings were so strange! I wanted to do something, to talk to someone. Jeez, this was all so confusing!

I fell asleep. This time there were no dreams, at least none I remembered, and no cum in my pants when I woke up an hour later.

I turned off my CD player and sat up. I wondered what it would be like to be walking to school and talking to Doug when I had the dream about Darryl playing in my head. And it was still playing, just like a DVD set on repeat. Or that ‘small, small, world’ song at Disneyland that you can’t get out of your head. I rubbed my forehead, and my temples, trying to make the dream go away. I knew that I’d act different, and that Doug would wonder what was going on and ask me what’s my problem. What could I tell him? I don’t like to lie. But I couldn’t tell him the truth. I had to forget the dream, or at least stop it from playing in my head.

Maybe it was like a headache. It might go away if I took a couple of aspirin tablets. That was a good idea, so I got up and went to the bathroom and took the aspirin bottle out of the medicine cabinet. I shook out four tablets, two for now and two for when I went to bed tonight. If it didn’t stop the dream at least it might relax me. I took two tablets with a glass of water, and went downstairs to watch TV. If I was concentrating on something like TV that might stop the dream.

Mom fixed brunch on Sundays. We ate around noon, so it was more like lunch, but usually with breakfast foods like eggs and bacon or pancakes or waffles. We ate, and talked about what we would be doing during the week. Dad was going to a client’s office in San Diego on Tuesday, mom was going to drive him to Burbank airport that morning, and he would be back late Friday afternoon and mom would pick him up. I asked if I could go along, I’ve never been to an airport and I’d be home from school in time, and mom said it would be OK and Debbie and Nichole would go too. Mom was meeting with her publisher tomorrow, she writes children’s books, for little kids Debbie’s age, and she has a couple of new titles done and they are going to discuss the printing date. Debbie was excited about going to the airport, and said she and Michelle, Doug’s sister, had a project about the moon and would be meeting every day after school to work on it. Mom reminded her that to tell Michelle that she would be going to the airport on Friday so she wouldn’t be able to work on the project that day. Nichole chattered on and on about kindergarten. They were learning to play musical instruments, and hers was a flute. She said she’d like to bring it home to show us, but the teacher said all of instruments had to be kept in the classroom. I said that homework was getting tougher, but I had finished everything for tomorrow. I talked about the Pearl Fishers CD and how much I liked it, and thanked mom for buying it for me. Mom asked if I’d be going over to Doug’s house this week, and I said we hadn’t made any plans but we’d be talking about it tomorrow and I’d tell her tomorrow night.

“Can Doug come over on Friday after we get back from the airport for a sleepover?”

“Why don’t you ask Doug if that will be OK with his folks, and if it is it’s OK with me.” She turned to my dad. “Mike, is that OK with you?”

“Sure. Ron and Doug seem to be great friends.” Dad didn’t say a lot sometimes and this was one of those times.

So it was settled, it was OK for Doug to come over for a sleepover Friday if it was OK with his mom.

By the time we were finished eating, and I had helped mom clean up the dishes and pots and pans, I realized I hadn’t been thinking about the dream. That, of course, started me thinking about the dream. Why am I so stupid sometimes?

We all went into the living room and dad asked what movie we would like to see. We have some movies on DVD, and Debbie and Nichole wanted to see ‘A Bug’s Life’ and I wanted to see “Men in Black’. Mom said that we hadn’t seen ‘A Bug’s Life’ in a long time, and dad just shrugged his shoulders, so it was 3 to 1 or counting dad 3 to 2, and we watched ‘A Bug’s Life’. It’s OK, but maybe it’s not the best movie for little kids because there are lots of scary parts, and Nichole climbed up onto the couch to sit with mom. It’s easy to be scared by a movie when you’re only 5 years old!

After the movie dad asked me to come outside and help him pull weeds in the back yard. I went upstairs and changed to my grungy clothes, and I spent the next 2 hours pulling weeds out of the flowerbeds. It was hot, September always has hot weather in L.A. It was amazing how many weeds there were. I filled a small trash can full of what I picked by myself.

When we were done I was hot and sweaty, so I told dad I was going to take a shower. I up to my bedroom and got undressed, put on my robe, and went into the bathroom. I turned on the water in the shower, took off my robe and tossed it on the floor, grabbed my towel and washcloth, and got into the shower. Man, did it feel good! Because I pretended to be sick this morning, I hadn’t taken a shower. I really needed to take one now!

I washed my hair, then soaped up the washcloth and began washing my body. I can’t reach the middle of my back, so mom bought me a brush and I used that to scrub my back. That felt great! Then I rubbed the soapy washcloth on my chest and arms, then on my legs and in my butt crack, and finally all over my dick and balls. I got a boner as soon as I touched my dick.

The washcloth felt so fantastic on my dick and balls, especially my balls! I kept rubbing them lightly with the washcloth. I soaped it up again, and used it on my dick, rubbing up and down like I was beating off. The sensations on my dick were so fantastic that my knees began shaking. I felt the tingle I get in my dick and balls, so I stopped rubbing to see what it would feel like. My boner twitched like it was asking me to keep going, it felt like a major frustration to stop, and I began shivering.

I couldn’t take stopping any more, so I began rubbing with the washcloth again. The rough texture of the cloth felt so fucking fantastic on my dick, especially on the sensitive head! It felt like I was about to come, so I pulled it away from my boner and stood there looking at my dick twitching. I pushed whatever it is you push when you’re going to pee. That made my dick jump and it felt awesome! I tried it again, and it jumped again, twice this time. I did the pushing thing about 4 times in a row and my dick almost went crazy. It jumped 5 or 6 times and looked like the head was more swollen. Suddenly I got that feeling in my balls that I was going to come. I still didn’t touch my boner, which was now jumping about once a second instead of twitching. Then it happened! Without even touching my dick I began to shoot! The first spurt of cum landed near the bottom of shower wall in front of me. The second and third spurts landed on the floor of the shower. The last couple of spurts weren’t really spurts, just dribbles that ran down the bottom of my boner onto my balls.

I was shaking so hard I thought I’d fall down, so I sat down with my back pressed against the wall of the shower. My eyes were shut, my breathing was ragged, my heart was beating so strong and fast that I could hear it in my ears. And my entire body was shaking, all over. Man, what a great way to beat off! I’d have to do this more often! And there was no cleanup problem, just wash the cum down the drain! Normally I ate my cum, using a spoon to scoop it off my stomach. I didn’t want to eat it in the shower. I still had soap on my dick, and I didn’t want to eat soapy cum! The cum that went onto the shower floor was gone, down the drain. The cum that landed on the shower wall had slid down and I couldn’t see it any more.

I now had two great ways to beat off. One, the original, in bed and scooping my cum off my body and eating it. Two, this new way, in the shower with a soapy washcloth and washing my cum down the drain. I’d have to tell Doug about this one!

I washed my dick and balls to get the cum off them, then rinsed my body, standing under the water for a long time. When I stepped out of the shower I took my towel and began wiping myself dry. When I got to my dick I discovered that the head was extra sensitive, more sensitive than it had ever been. I thought about it for a few seconds, and guessed that it was so sensitive because of the soap on the washcloth that I used to beat off with. It had irritated my dick head and made it super sensitive. I bent down and looked at it. The head was very red. Even though it hurt, it felt good too. I touched one fingertip to my dick head, and jumped because it was so sensitive. I thought about what it would feel like in Doug’s mouth. Maybe we could try this at Friday night’s sleepover!

I finished drying off, very carefully when drying my dick. I hung up my towel and put on my robe. When I got back to my bedroom I started dressing I discovered that putting on my Jockey’s hurt my dick head. I put my robe back on, and got the tube of Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet and rubbed some on my dick head. That made it feel much better!

When I was dressed and got back downstairs, I read the Sunday paper. I read lots of the articles because I needed to clip stories and bring them in for a history project. My favorite part of the Sunday paper is the comics, and I laughed at most of them.

Dad grilled hamburgers and sausages and corn on the cob on the barbeque for dinner. We sat outside on the backyard patio and that made everything taste even better. Because we used paper plates and plastic cups there were no pans or dishes to clean up! We all sat and watched the stars coming out as it got dark. It was a really nice feeling just being outside with my folks and my sisters, no one saying anything, just watching the stars.

Finally, mom said “Oops, I think I heard a mosquito. We’d better go in now, kids!” We all went into the house, and I was amazed that it was after 9:00. Mom put Nichole to bed, Debbie said goodnight, and I sat and read some more of the Sunday paper for about a half hour. I realized that I was tired, so I said goodnight, kissed mom, and went up to bed. I peed, and when I was done I carefully touched the head of my dick. It was a little sensitive, but not like earlier. I got out the Vaseline and put a little more on. Then I brushed my teeth, took the two aspirin tablets, and went to bed.

I rubbed my balls for a minute or so, but I couldn’t get a boner. I guess that I still hadn't recovered from beating off in the shower. I turned onto my side. My last thoughts were about walking to school with Doug in the morning, and that made me happy, and I fell asleep.

To be continued…

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Colin Kelly