Ron’s Adventure
by Colin Kelly

Chapter 4: The Sleepover

This is a work of fiction. However, it is based on things that my friend Ron told me that he did in the 8th grade. The names, locations, circumstances, and a few of the events have been changed to protect the privacy of those who participated in the actual happenings.

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It only took us about 20 minutes to finish unpacking Doug’s last two boxes. His stamp albums were in one box, and some other stamp collecting stuff and a few other things like his alarm clock in the other. “Wow, I’ve been wondering where my alarm clock was!” He put it on the nightstand next to his bed.

“Doug, if didn’t have your alarm clock how’ve you been getting up in the mornings?”

“It’s no problem ‘cause Darryl gets up earlier than me and when he gets up he makes lots of noise and that wakes me up.” He laughed. “Hey, let’s look at my stamp collection!”


Doug actually showed me three stamp collections. His grandfather gave him his collection a couple of years ago, and it had lots of old foreign stamps from countries that I had never heard of, like Nyassa and Prussia and Croatia. They were interesting to look at, but they didn’t have color pictures, probably because they were so old. His uncle died last year and left Doug his stamp collection. Doug told me that he didn’t have any kids, and he and Doug’s aunt agreed since Doug was the only stamp collector in the family that he should have his collection. This collection was a lot more interesting. It had most of the U.S. stamps from 1900 on, and quite a few older ones, too. Doug said he was keeping it up to date, and adding older stamps whenever he could afford to buy them. His uncle’s collection also had all of the United Nations stamps, and a about 25 stamps from Hawaii. Finally, he showed me the collection he had started when he was 9. It was mostly colorful stamps from lots of countries like France and Germany and Switzerland and Australia. We probably spent about an hour looking at his stamps.

Doug laughed. “Well, have you had enough stamps for one night?”

“They are really interesting. I’d like to see more, especially the collection that you started, because they are neat looking with interesting color pictures.” I looked at his alarm clock. “But it’s 10:15 so maybe we should get ready for bed.” I put on my nasty grin and wiggled my eyebrows at Doug. “And I suppose we should get some sleep, too!”

Doug laughed. “Well, let’s see what we can get you.” He walked over to his dresser, and opened one of the drawers. “Here’s some PJs, tops and bottoms.”

“I don’t need any PJs! Let’s sleep naked!”

“So what do we do if my mom comes to wake us up in the morning and we’re both naked? Think maybe she’ll be a bit suspicious? I sure do!”

“Jeez… oops, sorry. Gee, I guess you’re right. But isn’t it going to make things harder for us to mess around?”

“If it makes a couple of things harder, I think that’ll be OK!” Doug giggled.

“You know what I meant! I thought you wanted to be naked, but if we’re wearing pajamas that’s not being naked.”

“Ron, we’ll put on the pajamas, clean up and brush our teeth, then go to bed. I never said that we’ll have to wear the PJs all night, did I? We’ll put them back on just before we go to sleep. That way if my mom comes up in the morning, we’ll be OK.”

“OK, that’ll work for me. But it’s kinda warm, so I don’t want the top part.”

We undressed. It was weird, since we were planning to be naked in bed together, and we were planning to mess around with each other, and to have sex, but we faced away from each other when we took off our clothes and put on our PJs. We went into the bathroom at the same time. Doug stood at the toilet and took a leak while I washed my face and then he joined me as we brushed our teeth. I took a leak while he washed up, and we went back into his bedroom.

“Ron, do you want to be on the inside or the outside?”

“I don’t care.”

“Do you ever have to get up to pee at night?”

“Sometimes, do you?”

“Hardly ever. I’ll get into bed first, so I’ll be on the wall side, and you’ll be on the outside so if you have to get up you won’t have to crawl over me and wake me up.” He grinned. “And that way you’ll be less likely to have an accident!”

“I NEVER wet the bed! The only thing that’s going to get your bed wet is all of my cum!”

“Whoa, is that a promise?”

“No, Doug, it’s a threat!”

We both broke up, and must have been laughing so loud that Darryl heard us and came in to Doug’s bedroom. “Would you guys hold it down a bit? Don’t forget, I’m right over there and I want to go to sleep, so keep it quiet, will you?” He grinned. “And I can hear most of what you’re saying, too!”

We both yelled “No way!” at the same time.


“Well, bro, then tell me what we said!”

“Well, maybe I didn’t hear exactly what you said, but I did hear something about peeing. Am I right?”

We both blushed with embarrassment.

“We’ll keep it down. And you just stay at your end of the bedroom, please! We don’t want you to come in here and peek at what we’re doing!”

“No worry, Douglas! Why would I want to peek? I sure wouldn’t learn anything, would I!”

I joined the conversation. “I’m not so sure about that! I learned a lot of neat stuff from my cousin, and we’re going to do them tonight!”

“Yuck! I don’t even want to think about what that might be! Gross!” Darryl opened his mouth and pointed his finger inside and made a face like he was gonna barf, and all three of us busted up in laughter.

“OK, OK, bro, we’ll try to be quite. We don’t want to disturb your beauty sleep ‘cause we know how much you need it!”

“Oh, I’m going to remember that remark and make you pay, Doug, I’m SO going to make you pay!” Darryl stared at Doug and grinned an evil grin for about five seconds, turned around, and walked back to his bedroom.

I don’t know why, but I was nervous. I’d never slept with anyone before. And I wasn’t sure what Doug would want to do when we started to mess around. Or if he would even want to mess around. Maybe he’d freak and get scared and decide he didn’t want to do anything. Maybe if I tried some of the things Billy had taught me he’d be grossed out.

I felt Doug’s hand on my shoulder, and turned to face him. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips, then pulled away and smiled a huge smile. I wasn’t nervous any more! Neither was my dick. I had a boner that felt harder than any I ever had before. I looked down and saw that Doug had a bulge in the front of his PJs. He had a boner too.

“Let’s go to bed, Ron.” Doug walked over and clicked off the ceiling light, came back and took my left hand in his right, and walked me to the side of the bed. He pulled back the covers, got in, and slid over to the side next to the wall, still holding on to my hand. I got in next to him, and pulled the covers over us. “Turn off the light, Ron.” I reached up to the lamp on the table next to my side of the bed and turned it off. The room wasn’t totally dark because some light came from Darryl’s half of the attic bedroom because he still had his lights on.

Doug was lying on his right side, facing me. I was lying on my back, with my head turned looking at him.

“Turn onto your side. I want to hug you, Ron.”

I turned so I was facing Doug. I touched his cheek, then leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Ummm, your kiss feels so wonderful, Ron.”

Doug pushed his body up against mine, reached his left arm under my right arm and around my back, and began rubbing my bare back. It felt so wonderful! I started lightly touching his neck. I felt a tingle in my fingertips like what we had felt when we shook hands yesterday. I could feel his boner pushing against me. It made my boner even harder, and I pushed my hips into Doug so our boners were rubbing against each other through our PJs.

“Oh, Doug, I feel that tingle in my fingertips when I rub you like this. And I feel your boner. But I want to feel it against my skin, and I want to rub your back. So let’s take off our PJs now.”

I could see Doug’s grin, and he rolled onto his back, kicked the covers off of us, and sat up. He pulled off his PJ top. Then he laid down, lifted his butt off the bed, and pulled off his PJ bottoms. For the first time I could see his body, and his dick, his boner sticking straight up toward the ceiling, and it was maybe four inches long, a bit longer than mine but thin, not as big around as mine. He was beautiful! He was the most beautiful person in the whole world!

Doug turned to me with a huge grin.


“You are so beautiful!”

Doug blushed. Even though there wasn’t much light, I could see his cheeks get a reddish glow. And his ears, too! It was so cute!

“Umm, Ron, what I meant was, how ‘bout you getting your PJ bottoms off so I can see you, and feel you, and touch you too!”

I lifted my hip off the bed and pushed the PJ bottoms down, then kicked them off, and my feet pushed the covers so they fell off the foot of the bed. I giggled. “We’ll have to pull the blanket and sheet back on the bed in case your mom comes in to wake us up!”

“Later. It’s so much easier to see you and touch you without all that in the way!”

With that, Doug turned onto his side and moved so we pressed against each other, from our chests to our toes. He pushed his right arm under my neck, and wrapped his left arm around me. I could feel that he had locked his hands together, and he hugged me. I was held in his grip. I could feel his chest and stomach, and his boner, and his legs, and his feet, all pushed up against mine, and I could feel his heart beating, and it all felt so awesome.

“I’m never going to let you go, Ronald McGowan! I love you!”

He leaned in and we kissed. It was so wonderful, and the feeling that came over me was so overwhelming that I had to close my eyes. The kiss lasted and lasted. It was just a kiss with just our lips, but it was the best ever.

Doug pulled away and I opened my eyes. He had a huge smile on his face. I looked at his face. I really looked at him, his eyes, his nose, his forehead, his lips, his cheeks, his eyebrows, and his smile. I’d never looked at anyone this close in my life.

“I want to memorize what you look like, Doug. I never want to forget you. I love you so much! I can’t believe that we just met yesterday. It’s amazing! This must be what they mean by love at first sight. I really think that I fell in love with you the first time I saw you sitting at that picnic bench. You asked me if I was perving you. I wasn’t perving you, I was falling in love with you!” I could feel tears forming in my eyes, I guess from all the emotions that I was feeling, emotions that I never, ever, had felt before. And that I didn’t understand. I leaned in and kissed Doug, just a quick kiss, then I pulled back and the tears began to slide down my cheeks.

“I’m doing it again, I’m crying because I’m so happy and because I love you so much. I’m feeling all kinds of emotions, like I’ve never had before, and I feel kinda strange all over, my muscles are all tight, I’m shivering, and my stomach is tingling, my boner has never been so hard, my heart is beating like mad, and I feel sort of dizzy. And it’s all sooooo wonderful! Doug, I love you sooooo much!”

Doug pulled me close to him, and I buried my face between his cheek and the pillow. He stroked my back, and my arm, and kissed and licked my tears off my cheek. He whispered into my ear “I love you Ron. I love you Ron.” He kept repeating this and it made me cry even more, not sobbing, but just tears, crying because I was so happy.

We held each other like this for what seems like hours, but it was really only a few minutes. It was wonderful. It was awesome. Finally, I pulled back and looked at Doug. I put my right hand on his cheek, and I felt his tears, he had been crying too. I wiped them away with my fingers. We just looked at each other, barely breathing. It was so comfortable doing this, looking at Doug while he looked at me, our faces just a few inches apart.

I whispered, “Doug, I could look at you like this for the rest of the night, for the rest of my life, and I’d be totally happy.”

Then the lights went out! Darryl must have gone to bed, so the light coming from his end of the attic was gone, and Doug and I couldn’t see each other. Doug started to giggle. Suddenly I felt his hand on my boner.

I gasped! “Oh, jeez, oh fuck! That feels so fantastic! You’re the first person to ever touch me, Doug! Oh, don’t stop!”

I reached down and grabbed his dick. It felt hot, and hard like it was made out of metal, but the skin was soft. I loved holding his dick. I began feeling it, from the bottom just above his balls, to the soft spongy head. When I touched the head of his dick Doug jerked and out loud groaned “Ooooohhhhhh!”

“Shhhhh! We don’t want Darryl to hear us!”

“Screw Darryl. I don’t care if he hears us! Please touch me there again!”

So, I continued to feel up Doug, to touch his boner all over, and the head, and every time I touched him there he groaned.

Doug was doing the same thing to me, but more slowly. He started at the bottom of my dick, holding it in a circle made from his thumb and finger, and slowly moved up and down my boner, sometimes holding it very tight and sometimes very loose and sometimes in between, then sometimes holding his fingers tight and rolling them around twisting my dick, and rubbing my balls with his little finger while he massaged my boner. Then he began to rub the head of my dick, and I let out a loud groan.

“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrg! Oh, Doug, that’s fuckin’ amazing! But it’s really sensitive, and it kinda hurts when you rub it, do you have any hand cream or something?”

“There’s some Vaseline in the bathroom medicine cabinet. I’ll get it.”

“No, I’ll get it ‘cause it’s easier for me to get out of bed.” I got up and felt my way through Doug’s bedroom to the bathroom so I wouldn’t crash into any furniture and wake up Darryl. There was a nightlight in the bathroom, so I was able to see enough to find the medicine cabinet and the tube of Vaseline. When I got back into bed I opened the tube, put the cap on the nightstand, and squeezed some onto my fingers then put the tube into Doug’s hand. I rubbed most of it on the head of my dick, man did that feel good, and the rest all over the shaft. Doug handed me the tube and I put it on the nightstand.

We turned on our sides so we were facing each other again, and we grabbed each other’s boner. When Doug rubbed the head of my dick it felt so much better, it was still sensitive but it didn’t hurt. It felt amazing. No, it felt wicked!

I began feeling Doug, and both of us groaned with pleasure, over and over and over. It was like I had died and gone to heaven! Nothing could ever feel better than this!

My boner and balls were tingling like mad. I could feel my balls pulling up tight under my dick. “Doug, I’m gonna come!”

“Good! I want to watch you come! Quick, turn on the light!”

“I don’t think I can. Oooohhh! I’m commmmming!”

I grabbed Doug in a tight hug that pressed our bodies tightly together. I began shooting cum between our bodies, on our stomachs and our dicks. I could feel it beginning to run down my stomach to my side.

“Doug, we better turn over so my cum doesn’t get all over your sheet!” I rolled onto my back, and I felt Doug do the same. I used my fingers to push the cum off my side back onto my stomach. I licked the cum off my fingers, and collected and swallowed some more.

“Ron, what’s that slurping sound you’re making?”

“I’m eating my cum so it won’t get onto your bed. You don’t want your mom to see dried cum on your sheets, do you?”

“You really eat your cum? I’ve never even tasted mine!”

“Yeah, I eat it. My cousin Billy taught me to do that. He says you don’t have any problem cleaning it up if you eat it. It tastes good! Want to try mine?”

“I’m not sure that I’d like that!”

“That’s OK, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. But you should try yours some day just to see what it tastes like.” I licked the last bit off my fingers and rubbed the wet part still on my stomach until it was dried up. “now it’s your turn.”


I moved down so my head was on Doug’s chest, and felt for where my cum was on his stomach. Then I began licking it off.

“Oh! That tickles! That feels good! Are you licking your cum off of me?”

“Yup. Sure thing!” I went back to my licking and swallowing. When there wasn’t any more to lick off, I rubbed Doug’s stomach until it was a bit sticky but mostly dry.

“You didn’t come, did you Doug?”

“No, but I’m real close. Please feel me some more. Make me come!”

“I’m going to do something else Billy taught me. It’s what I told you that he said is ‘way fuckin’ fantastic’. And it is. You’re gonna love this!”

I grabbed Doug’s boner in my fist, then moved my head down and laid it on his stomach about where his belly button was. “You ready?”

“OK.” Doug’s voice sounded nervous.

I licked the head of his dick.

“Oh, shit, fuck, oh, oh!”

I grinned. “That’s like way fuckin’ fantastic, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, oh, do that some more!”

“Nope, I’m going to do something even better.”

“Oh, Ron, nothing could be better than that. I can’t believe you actually licked my dick. It’s wonderful. No, it IS way fuckin’ fantastic! You’re right!”

“Well, how about this?” I moved my mouth down and began sucking on his boner, rolling my tongue around the head and moving my lips up and down the shaft.

“Jeeeeeez! Ohhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Doug sounded like he loved having his dick sucked. And I loved sucking it. It tasted nice, like his mouth and tongue when we kissed this afternoon. I rubbed his balls, and Doug’s moans told me that he loved that, too. I could taste a drop of pre-cum that oozed out of his dick, and it was sweet and I loved that, too. I felt his balls tighten up,

“Ron, I’m gonna come! You better get off me!”

“Mmm mmm!” That was a ‘no’ with my mouth filled by Doug’s boner! I speeded up so my lips were rubbing up and down his shaft faster and faster, and each time I pulled back I rubbed my tongue all over his dick head.

“I’m commmming!” It was a loud shout. If Darryl didn’t wake up it would be a miracle! Then Doug shot two globs of cum into my mouth. I swirled them around, tasting it. I suddenly had a thought, Doug’s cum didn’t taste like Chinese food after all! I continued sucking on Doug’s dick, but was laughing at the same time.

“Oh! Oh, man, that’s so unbelievably fantastic! Uhhhh! It’s real sensitive, my dick is real sensitive, please stop!”

I pulled off his dick, and moved up and kissed him. It was another of our long, sweet kisses. Then Doug pushed his tongue between my lips, and I opened my mouth and we played tongue-tag for a few minutes.

Doug pulled back. “That absolutely was way fuckin’ fantastic. It was the best, the best thing ever. I totally love having you suck my dick. And that humming or whatever you were doing when I came made it feel even more fantastic.”

“Humming? Oh, you mean when I was laughing!”

“Laughing? You were laughing at me?”

“No, I was laughing because I was thinking about something very silly but very funny.”

“What? What!”

“Yesterday I had thought about sucking on you, and I wondered what your cum tasted like. Maybe it would be like Chinese food!” I burst out laughing.

Doug was laughing, too. “Yes, that’s silly. Very silly. But it is funny. You’re weird, Ronald McGowan!”

“You’re not mad at me for thinking that?”

“No. Why should I be?”

“I don’t know. I just thought you might.” I reached over and began stroking Doug’s back, and his butt, and every part of his body that I could reach. He began doing the same to me.

“I just love touching you. You feel so good. Your skin is so smooth. And when I touch it like this my fingers tingle like yesterday. I wish there was some light so I could see your body. You are so beautiful, Doug, but I guess if we turned on a light that Darryl would wake up.”

From out of the dark we heard, “Darryl IS awake. You guys are making so much noise that it woke me up! And maybe mom and dad, too. You gotta learn to keep it down!”

We were both stunned. Darryl was in Doug’s bedroom. We couldn’t see him because it was so dark, so he couldn’t see us either. But he heard us. He knew everything that we had been doing.

“Darryl, you could hear us?”

“Yes, Doug, I could hear you. I’ll bet the whole neighborhood could hear you two!”

“Oh shit, oh damn. This is bad. What did you hear, bro? How long have you been standing there?”

“A few minutes. I heard you, Doug, yell that you were coming, and that woke me up. When I came in I heard you say that Ron had sucked you off and you loved it.”

“Shit!” We said it together, at the same time. I mumbled, “This is so fucking embarrassing!”

“No,” Darryl replied. “What would be fucking embarrassing is if I turned on the lights, which I’m not going to do. Just let this be a lesson to both of you. Keep it quiet when you’re messing around! Oh, and by the way, you two are really hot! You’re doing stuff I didn’t do until I was 13. Way to go, guys!”

With that we heard Darryl walk back to his bedroom.

The rest of our conversation was in a whisper.

“Doug, do you think that maybe your folks heard us, too?”

“No, their bedroom is on the first floor at the other side of the house. Michelle’s bedroom is on the second floor, but at the other end kinda under Darryl’s bedroom.”

“This is so embarrassing. I’m nervous about your brother knowing that we had sex and what we did. Do you think he’ll tell your folks?”

“No way, he wouldn’t do that. Don’t forget that I heard him messing around with Rick. I just wonder if he’s right when he says that my folks couldn’t hear us from their bedroom. Or Michelle. I don’t think anyone did, but we’ll have to wait and see if they say anything tomorrow morning.”

“God, I hope they don’t say anything. If your folks know and they told my folks that we were doing things with each other I’d probably be sent to away to military school!”

Our enthusiasm for sex was totally turned off, and neither of us had a boner any longer. In fact, my dick had pulled back into my body so it looked like it was only about a half-inch long! We fumbled around and found our PJs and put them on, and I pulled the covers back onto the bed. We were lying on our backs, and under the covers we held hands, my left in Doug’s right.

I lay there with my eyes open thinking about all of the bad things that could happen tomorrow. Would Doug’s mom look at us and be able to tell that we had sex? Did any cum get on the sheet, and if so was there a way to clean it so she wouldn’t see it? Would Darryl make some comment about us that would let Doug’s folks figure out what we’d been doing? Would Darryl blackmail Doug to keep him from telling, making Doug clean his bedroom for the rest of his life?

While I was worrying and not able to get to sleep, Doug had fallen asleep. I could hear his breathing, and he was even softly snoring. It was cute! We were still holding hands, and it felt so comfortable, and made me feel safe and secure. Maybe Doug was right, and no one except Darryl would know what we had done. And Darryl had sex with his friend Rick in San Francisco. And he said we were hot. And he said ‘way to go’ to us. So I didn’t think that he’d say anything to his folks.

Thinking about Doug, and how much I loved him, and how much I loved holding his hand, and listening to him softly snore, calmed me down. Finally I fell asleep, and had dreams about making love with Doug.

I woke the next morning, and looked over at the clock on the nightstand. It was only 7:45. I lay thinking about why I was awake so early. Suddenly the need to pee explained it all! I looked over at Doug, who was lying on his back sound asleep, his head turned about halfway to my side of the bed, his mouth open and a bit of drool running down from the corner of his mouth. He looked totally cute, especially the drool part! I wanted to giggle, but kept it in so Doug wouldn’t wake up.

I eased out of the bed, and rushed to the bathroom. The door was partly open, so I went in and closed it behind me. I walked to the toilet, which was straight ahead, but noticed a movement to my left out of the corner of my eye. I turned and, there was Darryl, in the shower, soaping up his body! I could see everything! His shoulders were broad. His arms were well-muscled, the biceps bulging. His waist was thick, but not with fat but with muscle. His thighs were strongly muscled, like the guys who play rugby on TV, so thick so that they squeezed together at the top and tapered down to his knees. His dick was longer and fatter than mine, and he had big balls that didn’t hang down but were up against his body and made his soft dick stick out over them. They couldn’t hang down because of his strongly muscled thighs. He had lots of hairs above his dick, mostly straight instead of curly, and some on his balls. There were lots of short, soft looking hairs on his legs, but none on his chest. I looked up at his face and blushed big time! He was looking at me and grinning.

“Oh! Jeez! Darryl! Sorry! I didn’t know you were in here! I have to pee! Sorry! I’ll get out of here!” I was totally embarrassed. Not only had Darryl heard Doug and I going at it last night, and came in to tell us to hold the noise down, but now I walk in on him and see him naked! I was blushing as I turned to go.

“Hey, Ron, if you gotta pee, then pee. ‘Sokay with me!”

“Uhh, maybe I should leave…”

“Don’t be stupid. Just pee, OK? We don’t want you to end up peeing all over the floor in Doug’s bedroom, do we! And speaking of Doug, where is Doug?”

“Doug’s still asleep. I do have to pee, real bad, so thanks, I’ll pee, and sorry that I walked in on you but the door was open. I’ll leave as soon as I’m done. Sorry!” I turned back to the toilet, lifted the seat, and started to pee. The problem was that as I was peeing I started to get a boner. Shit! It was hard to aim to keep my pee going into the toilet and to keep peeing as my boner got harder and harder.

Darryl had turned on the shower and was rinsing off. “Hey, Ron! Don’t flush the toilet! If you do I’ll get scalded ‘cause all the cold water’ll go to the toilet!”

“Umm, OK, I’ll wait and flush when you’re done.” I stood there trying to ignore my boner, to make it go away, and trying to finish peeing. I heard the shower stop, and I looked over to see Darryl step out onto the bathmat. He grabbed a towel and started to dry his hair. I could see his dick and balls even more clearly ‘cause he was a lot closer to me. I looked away from him, and flushed the toilet. I tried to hide the boner in my PJs. I really wanted to see him once more, so I turned around to my left, which meant I was able to see Darryl. Unfortunately, he was drying his chest and stomach so the towel was hanging in front of his crotch and I couldn’t see anything. The problem was that turning that way meant he could see that I had a boner from the bulge in my PJs.

“Whoa there, Ron! You got a boner!”

“Uhh, yah, I get ‘em in the morning when I have to pee.”

“From that lump it looks pretty good to me! I see why Doug likes to mess around with you!”

I was totally embarrassed! I was blushing big time, and my cheeks and ears felt super hot. I looked at Darryl and he was getting a boner too! Oh, shit! I had to get out of the bathroom! What if Doug had heard us talking and walked in on us, both with boners? He’d hate me forever for perving on his older brother!

As if he could read my mind, Darryl grinned at me. “I get ‘em when I dry off my dick and nuts. All guys get boners. Don’t worry about it. I’ll never tell.”

“Uhh, OK, thanks, I better get back to bed now.” I turned to the door and went out, making sure to quietly close it as I left the bathroom. Doug was lying on his left side so his back was toward me as I got back in bed, so I figured that he must still be sleeping. Just then Doug rolled over so he was facing me and our bodies were pressed together.

Doug groaned and stretched, then started to open his eyes. It looked like he was just starting to wake up. I could see him swallow a couple of times, and he squinted at me. He mumbled “Ya ‘wake Ron?”

“Uh huh. Had to take a pee.” I thought for a second about Darryl being in the shower, and decided to tell Doug about it so he wouldn’t hear about it later from Darryl. “I walked in on Darryl, he was in the shower. It was so fucking embarrassing!”

Doug’s eyes popped open. “You saw Darryl in the shower? Naked?”

“Uh huh. The door was open and I didn’t know he was in there. He told me to go ahead and pee, and I did ‘cause I really had to, bad.”

“You saw his dick and balls?”

“Uh huh. Just for a second or two.”

By now Doug was like completely awake. “Oooo. What’d they look like?”

“You never saw his dick before?”

“No. When would I ever get the chance?”

“I don’ know. Just figured you were brothers in the same house it must a happened sometime.”

“Nope. Never. What’d they look like?”

“Dick’s a bit longer than ours. It was soft. Balls are real big, and they don’t hang down much, maybe ‘cause of the water. He was taking a shower.”

“How long was it?”

“Just a few seconds.”

“No, no, how long was his dick?”

“Jeez, I don’t know. Maybe three inches. Hard to tell, I didn’t want to stare at his private parts ya know!”

“His balls are real big? How big, like an orange maybe?”

“Not that big. Maybe three times as big around as mine. Like a couple of lemons, round lemons, maybe.”

“Cool! I always wanted to know what Darryl was like. It’s lucky that you walked in on him and saw him naked.”

Doug reached down and began rubbing my boner, which with all of the talk about Darryl and his dick and balls was super hard once again.

“Ummm, you got a boner! I want to try sucking on your boner! Tell me if I’m doing it right!”

“Doug, do you think you should do that now? Darryl could come in, he’s probably finished in the bathroom and is getting dressed! Maybe…”

“Now!” Doug scooted down the bed, under the covers, and laid his head on my stomach. “Ummm! Nice!”

“Doug, don’t! Your mother could come in and catch us!”

It was too late. Doug had my boner in his mouth, and he was doing all of the right things to it. Licking the head and rubbing his lips up and down the shaft. It was wet, and warm, and felt a lot better than when Billy sucked it. Then Doug pulled off my dick and began licking my balls! That was unbelievable! They tingled, and the feeling was so intense that I could hardly breathe. Then he sucked my boner back into his mouth, and worked his tongue up and down the bottom side. Finally he began to suck on the head. My balls kinda ached, and pulled up tight against my body, and my boner got even harder.

“I’m gonna come!” I barely got that out and I started to spurt my cum into Doug’s mouth. There were three spurts, then two more. More cum than I had ever shot. Almost immediately my boner went away, my dick was soft and super sensitive.

“Oh, it’s too sensitive, please stop!”

Doug pulled off my dick and move up so we were facing each other. He smiled, and began to giggle.

“You’re right, cum tastes OK. I think that I’ll really like it, if it’s yours!” Then he kissed me on the lips, and pushed his tongue into my mouth, and we kissed like that for about a minute. “Now I gotta pee. Let’s shower and get ready for breakfast. It’s almost 8:30, and mom’ll be up here to shag our sorry butts outa bed if we don’t get up now!”

So we got up, and showered, brushed our teeth, got dressed, and in 20 minutes we were ready to go downstairs for breakfast.

To be continued…

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Colin Kelly