Ron’s Adventure
by Colin Kelly

Chapter 3: Unpacking Doug

This is a work of fiction. However, it is based on things that my friend Ron told me that he did in the 8th grade. The names, locations, circumstances, and a few of the events have been changed to protect the privacy of those who participated in the actual happenings.

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After dinner grandma showed the pictures she took in Hawaii. She uses a digital camera, so these weren’t slides. She brought her laptop computer and dad hooked it up to our TV and she showed her pictures. It was neat! She was mostly on Kauai and it’s really beautiful. She likes flowers, so she had lots of close-ups of Hawaiian flowers. Maybe too many, ‘cause I kinda got bored a couple of times, but then there was something different like surfers or what she said was the grand canyon of Hawaii where she took a helicopter ride, that was totally awesome. I want to do that!

After grandma said goodbye, Debbie went to bed, and my folks and I watched some TV. When the 10:00 news came on I said good night and went upstairs to my bedroom. I hadn’t been paying any attention to the TV. Instead I had been thinking about Doug and how cute he was and what we had talked about. Did he really say he wanted to have sex? Now I wasn’t so sure. Maybe he had just said he wanted to talk about sex. I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t even remember if I had told him that I wanted to have sex. I had thought it, but I don’t think I actually said it to him.

I was so confused! So much had happened today! It was like what I remembered Doug’s mom saying about too much input. I had gotten way too much input! I shook my head, went to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth. I put on my PJs and got into bed. I lay there thinking about Doug. What was that electric shock we got when we shook hands? And why did we both get boners?

I realized that I had a boner. I pulled down my PJ bottoms and began rubbing my dick and balls. Man, did that feel good! I grabbed my dick in my fist and began rubbing up and down. But for some reason the head of my dick was extra sensitive and it really hurt a lot when I rubbed it. I needed something to make it easier to beat off. I pulled up my PJ bottoms, got out of bed, and went back to the bathroom. I looked in the drawers and the medicine cabinet but there wasn’t anything. But in the linen closet I found a bottle of hand lotion. Maybe that would work! I took it back to my bedroom, took off my PJ bottoms, and got back in bed. The hand cream was kinda thick and cold on my boner, but I could tell that it was going to work.

I began beating off, and closed my eyes thinking about Doug and his fantastic eyes. They were super dark brown, almost black, and shaped like almonds so I couldn’t see much of the white part. It was like I was falling into his eyes. I thought about his lips, and what it might be like to kiss them. I thought about his dick, and what it might look like, and how big it might be, and if he had any hairs, and how big his balls were, and what it would feel like feeling him up and rubbing him and beating him off and sucking his dick.

Suddenly my balls started to ache and pulled up so they were tight under my dick and my dick started to tingle and throb and all I could hear in my ears was the loud thumping of my heart, and my eyes clamped shut even tighter. The tingle in my dick and balls got stronger and stronger, more than ever before, and my dick got extra hard and was throbbing like mad, and then I came, I shot cum, a shot onto my stomach, two into my belly button, and then about three dribbles onto my fist. I was breathing hard like I had just run a mile. I tried to catch my breath, but I was so dizzy that it took about a minute to recover and finally the head of my dick became so sensitive that I had to let go.

I licked the cum off my hand. I really liked the taste of my cum. I reached over and opened the drawer in my nightstand and pulled the teaspoon I had ‘borrowed’ from the kitchen and used it to scoop up the rest of my cum and I swallowed it all. I wondered if Doug would think that it was gross that I swallowed my own cum. And what his would taste like. Probably like mine, ‘cause Billy’s cum tasted pretty much like mine. I giggled because I remembered when I met Doug for the first time yesterday how I was thinking that maybe his cum tasted like Chinese food!

I put the spoon back in my drawer. I decided that I’d sleep without my PJ bottoms just to see what it was like. I thought about seeing Doug at school tomorrow, and going to his house to help him unpack tomorrow night, and how cute and sexy he was, and if we would mess around, have sex, and I drifted into sleep.

Friday morning I called Doug’s mom’s cell phone she put him on.

“Doug, you want to walk to school with me?”

“Sure, I’ll meet you at the corner. See ya!”

“Be about 5 minutes. See ya, Doug!”

Where was Debbie? I was walking her to school today. “Debbie, it’s time to go!”

“OK, OK, I’m ready. Ya’don hafta yell!”

“Bye, mom, we’re leaving for school. Don’t forget, I’m going to Doug’s as soon as I get home.”

“Bye, kids. Have a good day at school.”

We walked to the corner, and saw Doug walking towards us. “Hey, Doug!”

“Hi, Ron. Is this your sister?”

“Yup, this is Debbie. Debbie, this is my best friend Doug. He just moved here from San Francisco.”

“Hi, Doug. You’re in Ron’s class?”

“Yes, eighth grade but a different teacher. What grade are you in?”


“I have a sister your age, and she just started third grade at St. Bart’s yesterday. Her name’s Michelle Choi. Is she in your class?”

“Yes! I met her yesterday. She’s nice. Where is she? Why isn’t she walking to school with us?”

“My mom’s driving her to school because she’s going to meet with her teacher before class.”

“How come? Is Michelle in trouble with our teacher?”

Doug looked at Debbie with a confused expression. “No, my mom just likes to meet our teachers. She’ll meet with Ms. Garcia, my teacher, too. Doesn’t your mother meet your teachers?”

“Yah, I guess. Oh, look, there’s Kim and Amy. See you guys later!” Two of Debbie’s friends were ahead of us, and she ran ahead to walk to school with them.

Doug looked at me. “Sounds like maybe Debbie and Michelle will be friends.”

“I hope so. That will help keep Debbie out of my hair. I can hardly wait until school is over today so we can unpack all of your stuff.”

Doug grinned. “Yah, I’ll bet you just want to root around and see all of my stuff! And I haven’t seen any of yours! But I did go to your web site.”

“But I thought you didn’t have the Internet yet.”

“I used dial up. It was really slow, but it worked. The cable company is supposed to come today to get the TV and Internet connections set up. I’m glad we have the same cable company here that we had in San Francisco, so I won’t have to change my email address. Anyway, Ron, your web site is awesome! It looks so professional, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t some big company’s site. The pictures are great, they helped me see what our neighborhood is like.”

“Jeez, you’re embarrassing me! But thanks. I did put a lot of work into getting it to look good.”

Doug stopped, turned toward me, put his hands on his hips, and gave me a disgusted like expression. “Now, Ronald McGowan, would your mother like it if she knew that you said ‘jeez’ again after you promised her that you wouldn’t?” Doug laughed and looked at me with a huge smile on his face then wiggled his nose at me.

I looked up to the sky and said, in a loud whisper, “Hoo, boy, not only do I get nagged at when I’m home, now my best friend in all the world seems to have been trained to nag me by my mother!” We both laughed, and continued to school.

The day dragged on and on. Each time I looked up at the clock at the front of the class it seemed it hadn’t moved at all. And Fridays were geography and history day, and I decided that geography was OK and that history was my new least favorite subject. The problem was that the way that history book was written was dry, dry, dry, boring, boring, boring.

Doug and I met at lunch, and he introduced me to a couple of kids he’d made friends with in Ms. Garcia’s class, and I knew one of them, Sean, and the other was Kurt who I’d seen around at St. Bart’s but didn’t know, and I introduced them to Jay, Norman, Ian, and Ken, and we all got along great, talking about our teachers and subjects and telling jokes, and what we were going to be doing on the weekend.

The rest of the day dragged, but not as bad as the morning had, and all of a sudden it was 3:30 and the day was over and Doug and I walked home with Debbie and Michelle who had waited for us. Michelle was cute, I didn’t think that she was a pest like Debbie, and I liked her and spent about half the time talking with her about Galaxy Quest which is her favorite movie too. I was surprised that a third grader would even like or understand that movie, but she did, and she even quoted some of the funniest lines!

We stopped at my house so I could drop off my backpack, say ‘hi’ to my mom, wait while mom met Michelle, then Doug and I and Michelle left for his house. When we got there we said ‘hi’ to his mom.

“You boys want something to eat while you’re unpacking Dougie’s, sorry, Doug’s, room?”

Doug looked at me. “OK, mom. Ron, what do you want? We have lots of fruit!” He grinned, waiting for my response.

“Sure. That would be fine.” Doug rolled his eyes up to the ceiling.

His mom told me “Ron, we have apples, oranges, and bananas. What would you like?”

“A banana would be good. It’s not as messy to eat as an orange, and the skin is not as messy as an apple core.” I looked at Doug, grinned, and wiggled my nose at him. His mom handed me a banana and one to Doug, and I said “OK, let’s go up to your room and get busy.”

“Oh, mom, is Darryl home yet?”

“No, he called and told me that he’s going to watch the JV football game and will be home before 7.”

When we got upstairs Doug told me “Ron, you’re funny! I thought you didn’t like fruit, but here you are with a banana!”

“I never said that I didn’t like fruit, but to me a snack after school isn’t always fruit. Sometimes I want something more like a sandwich or cake or cookies or whatever.”

“Well, I still think you’re funny. And I like funny!” He grinned at me, and I grinned back and took a bite out of my banana.

“OK, where should we start? What do you want me to unpack first?”

Doug looked at me. He actually stared into my eyes for what seemed a long time, but was probably only a few seconds. Then he grabbed me in a big hug and whispered “I love you. I don’t care if it’s weird, or gay, or whatever.”

I whispered back “And I love you, Doug.” Then I got this big urge to kiss him. I pulled back a bit, looked into his fantastic eyes, and moved my lips to his and gave him a quick kiss, then pulled back.

Doug’s eyes opened wide. “Wow.” Then he moved his lips to mine and we kissed and neither of us pulled back. I felt Doug’s tongue on my lips. This was so strange, but my body seemed to know what to do and I opened my mouth. Doug’s tongue entered my mouth, and the sensation was fantastic. Our tongues rubbed together and moved from my mouth to his and back to mine. We were hugging like we wouldn’t ever let go. I had a boner and I could feel Doug’s boner through our pants. I began to rub my boner against Doug, and he moaned. Finally we pulled apart to catch or breaths.

“Oh, man, Ron, that’s fantastic.”

“Where did you learn to do that, the tongue thing? That gave me an instant boner!”

“I don’t know. It just seemed like the thing to do. Like I wanted to become part of you and have you become part of me.” He reached down between us and rubbed my pants where my boner was as hard as it ever had been.

“Jeez, Doug, that feels fantastic!”

“How about doing it to me too?”

I did as he asked, and it felt so wonderful feeling his boner even if it was still in his pants.

“Doug, I think we’d better stop. Your mom could come in any time, or your sister, or your brother might come home early. And we have work to do. Your folks would wonder what we’ve been doing all this time if none of your stuff is unpacked!”

“Damn! You’re right. But it felt sooo good kissing you and feeling you up.” He pulled back, put his hands on my shoulders, and grinned. “Ron, now I’m sure that we really love each other. I want us to get naked so we can look at each other and touch each other and do stuff. I can hardly wait. We gotta figure out where we can do it! And when, like soon!”

Oh, man, everything was so perfect! Doug did want to have sex with me, and he did love me. And I absolutely want to have sex with him. I thought for a few seconds. “It’ll probably be easier at my house because there’s not so many people, and my bedroom is private but your bedroom is open to your brother’s so you don’t have any privacy.”

“Aren’t your mom and your sisters always home?”

“Usually. What if we do a sleepover at my house? As long as we’re quiet we can mess around in my bedroom all we want, it’s private and I can even lock the door!”

“That sounds like a good idea! You ever do sleepovers with anyone?”

“A couple of times Jay came over. He brought his sleeping bag. But my bed is big enough for you and me!” I did my nasty grin and wiggled my eyebrows.

“Then won’t your folks wonder why we’re sleeping together?”

“No, I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve got a double size bed so it makes sense for us to sleep together. The question is, will your folks let you come to a sleepover at my house? What do you think?”

“No problem. I’ve had sleepovers at a couple of friends and at home, and Darryl had sleepovers lots of times, and our buds slept in our beds, so they’re used to it.”

“That must have been strange, having sleepovers in a bedroom that you were sharing with what, two brothers?”

“We only started doing sleepovers when Jason left for college. My folks pulled my old twin bed out and put it in the basement and I used Jason’s queen sized bed, and still do, that’s it right here, so there was lots of room for two kids. Darryl always had a queen sized bed. He and I built a partition to separate the room out of heavy drapes that we found in the basement when we helped dad to move out my old bed, and the door was in his end, so I had like a private bedroom.”

“Doug, did you ever mess around during sleepovers?”

“No. But I think Darryl might have because sometimes I’d hear noise from his part of the bedroom, you know, moaning sounds.”

“That’s wild! What did you do? Did you try to peek and see what was going on?”

“No, it was too dark, and if Darryl had seen me looking my life would probably have been over, so when it happened I just rolled over, pulled my pillow over my ears, and went to sleep.”

“But weren’t you curious?”

“Of course! I tried to ask Darryl about it one day, like ‘what was all of that moaning with you and Rick last night, it woke me up’ but he told me that Rick had a stomach ache and that’s why he was moaning. Maybe if we have a sleepover at your house and we moan and your folks ask ‘what was all that moaning’ we can say that I had a stomach ache!”

“Great idea! That ought to work!” I giggled, then stared into Doug’s eyes. “Doug, have you ever messed around, you know, had sex, with any of your friends?”

“My friend Craig and I beat off together maybe three times, and Jose and Alan and I felt each other up once, through our pants. But that’s it. How about you?”

“The only time was with my cousin Billy, when we visited my aunt and uncle’s ranch this summer. He taught me how to do stuff.”

Doug’s eyes got wide. “What stuff did he teach you?”

“I don’t want to tell you what, instead I want to show you. It’s awesome! I know you’ll love it!”

“Ron, you know you shouldn’t keep secrets from your very best friend!”

“You’ll be glad that I did, because this is best when it’s felt without knowing what’s coming! Billy says that it’s ‘way fuckin’ fantastic!’”

Doug looked at me, then grinned. “OK, I’ll wait. But it had really be ‘way fuckin’ fantastic’ or I’m gonna be rightly pissed!” We both giggled. “OK, you soft now? If so, let’s get some of my stuff unpacked. If not, let’s get some of my stuff unpacked anyway! I need to have everything where I can get to it, not in a bunch of boxes!”

“OK, OK, don’t push! You know I hate being pushed. Well, maybe you didn’t know I hate being pushed, but you do now! And I suppose you hate to be pushed, too, since we’re twin brothers!”

I picked up my banana and took a bite. Doug looked at me with a strange expression, then he smiled. It was one of those ‘I just figured out something’ smiles. “What? What’s the smile?”

“Oh, you’ll find out. You said I have to wait to find out YOUR secret, so now you’re going to have to wait to find out MY secret!” He put his hands on his hips, nodded his head, and blinked his eyelashes at me.

I smiled at Doug. Over his shoulder I saw the clock next to his bed. “Jeez, it’s quarter to five. And we’ve done NOTHING! We gotta get to work, Doug!”

“You’re right. And try to remember that you’re not supposed to say ‘jeez’ any more. Here, these boxes have the clothes that go in my dresser. Can you unpack them, and put the underwear in the top drawer, socks in the next down, sweaters in then next, and everything else in the bottom drawer?”

“Sure thing. No problemo. And what are you going to be unpacking?”

He pointed to a stack of six boxes. “My books and CDs.”

So, we got to work. And by the time we had about three-quarters of Doug’s stuff unpacked and put away, and I had finished my banana, his mom came into the room.

“Well, I have to say that you boys have done an excellent job! Most of Doug’s things are unpacked and, I assume, put away neatly so he can find them.”

“Sure thing, mom. Ron’s been a great help!”

“Well, it’s 6:30 and you need a break. Ron, I phoned your mother and it’s OK for you to have dinner with us, if you’d like. That way you’ll meet Darryl and Doug’s father, and you can undergo the Choi family inquisition.” She grinned at me.

“Umm, what’s the Choi family inquzion… uh, is that the word?”

“No, the word is ‘inquisition’, and it’s spelled i-n-q-u-i-s-i-t-i-o-n. What it means is that when you sit down to dinner with us you’re going to be questioned about yourself, your family, your school, everything, by all of the members of Doug’s family!” She smiled at me.

“Mom, don’t scare poor Ron! He’ll run screaming from the house before he even has a taste of your home cooking! So, what’s for dinner?”

“We’re having pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, cauliflower, and home-made biscuits. And home-made apple pie for dessert.”

That sounded fantastic! “That’s great, Mrs. Choi. Those are some of my favorite things, specially the home-made apple pie!”

“We’ll eat at 7, in, let’s see, that’s in about 25 minutes. Be sure you wash up and be downstairs by 7, OK?”

“Sure, mom.”

“Yes, Mrs. Choi.”

She left the room and we continued to open and put away stuff from a few more boxes. It was slower going now, because we were unpacking the things that went into Doug’s desk, and you know how it is to put away all of those little things like paperclips and pens and pencils and rulers and pads and everything else that you keep in a desk, and Doug wanted to arranged them in a particular way.

Doug checked his watch. “Ron, it’s quarter to 7, time to wash our hands and go downstairs.” We walked into the bathroom. “You gotta pee?”

“Nope. I didn’t drink anything so I don’t have to go. Or, are you just trying to get a peek at my dick, what did you call it, perving me, hmm?”

“Ron, you’ve got a dirty mind! But maybe later?” he grinned. We washed our hands. Where’s your brother? I thought he was supposed to be home by 7.”

“Don’t know, maybe he’s here and didn’t come up to the bedroom. Did you see the mess in his part?”

“Yah, I saw it on the way up. It looks like he unpacked all of his boxes and just piled everything on the floor.” We headed downstairs.

“That’s exactly what he did. Darryl is a real slob. My mom kids him that he’s so unlike the rest of the family, we’re all neat freaks and he’s a total slob, that when he was a little baby she found him in a trash can and took pity on him and brought him home to be raised right but the ‘neat’ part didn’t stick. I don’t think that he’ll ever change. My mom pretty much gave up, and told him that as long as he’s a slob she isn’t going to clean his room and that it’s his responsibility, and that if he wants his allowance he has to do it to her satisfaction every week or he gets no allowance that week! It mostly works, but what he does is just stuffs everything into his closet and dresser and desk, and sometimes under and in his bed, before she comes up to check. Now you know why I wanted a separate area so that’ll be all I have to keep neat. When we were in one bedroom Jason and I kept it neat then when Jason went to the University of Pittsburgh Darryl and I divided the room and that way I only had to keep my half neat, and that’s when mom made Darryl’s allowance rule.”

“Wow! I’d never get away with what Darryl does. I have to keep my room neat, and every day not once a week. But I don’t mind ‘cause I hate messes ‘cause I don’t think that I could find anything if my room was a mess.”

We arrived downstairs and I was introduced to Mr. Choi and Darryl. He had come home and stayed in the living room reading the newspaper. Doug introduced me.

“Dad, Darryl, this is my best friend Ron McGowan.”

We did the shake-hands and glad-to-meet-you thing all around. I was impressed with how nice and friendly Mr. Choi was. He really seemed glad to meet me, and I liked him immediately.

Darryl was also very friendly and easy to talk with. He had spiky black hair, and was about 4” taller than me and Doug. He was a bit chunky, and looked like he might play football. I asked him about it. “Are you going out for football at Cathedral?”

“Maybe, the junior varsity team. Might be tough ‘cause I’m only a freshman, and most of the guys who’ve gone out for the JVs are sophomores and some juniors and are a lot bigger than I am. We’ll see. Dad thinks I should wait a year, and maybe do some body building.”

Mrs. Choi came into the living room. “Time for dinner!” We all went into the dining room and sat down. Mr. Choi said grace, and we dug in. The meal was outstanding. Mrs. Choi is a great cook, like my mom, and everything was delicious. Everyone had questions for me, including Michelle but her questions were mostly about Debbie and I didn’t know the answers to about half of them. I was surprised how much I didn’t know about my sister, like what is her favorite color, what’s her favorite subject, does she like to sing, and lots more. Doug and I told them about being the same age and having the same birthday and we all laughed about us being twins. Doug’s mom and dad asked me about what I liked in school, and what I like to read, and what movies I liked, and on and on. I guess this was what Doug’s mom said was the ‘inquisition’. It worked the other way too, because I asked Mr. Choi about his job working as a lawyer for the state of California and he said he was with the Department of Justice, and what he did as a lawyer, and that was really interesting. Mrs. Choi talked a little about doing medical transcriptions and I learned what that was all about. And Darryl talked about Cathedral High School, and his classes, and the football teams, and he was real nice. I knew that I was going to like him. He was cute, too, not as cute as Doug, but a different kind of cute. He smiled a lot, and seemed really at ease talking to me and to his family.

When dinner was over we cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, then Darryl washed the pots and pans and Doug and I wiped them. It was Darryl’s and Doug’s job to wash what couldn’t go into the dishwasher. When that was finished we went into the living room.

His mother asked Doug how much was left to be unpacked.

“There’s only a couple of boxes left, and those are mostly my stamp collection and some more stuff that goes into my desk drawers. So I’m almost finished, thanks to Ron. He was really a huge help and without him I’d still be working on it for weeks.”

I was embarrassed, but I grinned as I looked at Doug. “Thanks. It was fun to help. And because both Doug and I are neat freaks, I think everything is organized real well.”

Darryl then asked a question that made me uncomfortable. “So, you guys are best friends. That was pretty quick, wasn’t it?”

I decided to answer. “You know, when I met Doug yesterday and found out that we like the same movies and TV and books and music, and that we’re in the same grade, and both like school and get good grades, and that we’re the same age, and that our birthdays are both on November 20th, I knew we were going to be friends. And even though it’s only been a couple of days, we really have become best friends.”

“And, don’t forget, you’re both blabbermouths! Ron, your mother and I agree on that point!” Everyone laughed.

Darryl kept questioning us. “But shouldn’t it take a long time to find that someone is your best friend? I mean, you guys barely know each other. With you guys it’s kinda like ‘best friend at first sight’ isn’t it.” Jeez, I thought, that was kinda like saying ‘love at first sight’. Why was Darryl asking us these embarrassing questions?

Doug’s dad interrupted. “I think it’s just fine that Doug and Ron have met and have become best friends so quickly. Doug can use someone his age that can be his closest friend, and Ron doesn’t have a brother and Doug can fill that gap in his life.”

Darryl looked at me and Doug, and smiled. “Actually, I think it’s great that Doug and Ron are best friends. I just want to make sure that it’s real and going to last.”

Doug smiled at his brother. “Thanks, bro! I’m glad you’re looking after what’s best for me. And what’s best for Ron. That’s so cool.” Doug got up and went over to where Darryl was sitting and they hugged. I was surprised and happy to see this love between Doug and his brother. I almost felt like I was going to tear up, and that would have been so totally embarrassing. I blinked my eyes a few times to clear them.

Doug turned to his mother. “Mom, could Ron sleep over tonight?” I was surprised, and happy! What a great idea!

“Well, when I talked to Dorothy on the phone about Ron staying for dinner, I asked her if it would be OK for Ron to sleep over if he and you wanted that, and she agreed. Ron, would you like to sleep over?”

“Yes, mam, I would! That would really be neat.”

“Well, then, it’s settled. But first Ron will have to go home to get his pajamas and clothes for tomorrow and his toothbrush.” She didn’t say anything about getting my sleeping bag, so she must be assuming that we’d be sleeping together in Doug’s bed. Fantastic! I could feel a stirring in my pants. ‘Down boy, down!’ I thought to myself.

Then Doug said, “You know, Ron and I are about the same size, so he can wear a pair of my PJs, and a pair of my briefs and a T-shirt, and we have a bunch of those new toothbrushes you bought so he can use one of them.” Doug turned to me, “If that’s OK with you, Ron.”

“Sure, that works for me!”

“If that’s OK, mom, can you call Ron’s mother and let her know, and we’ll go up and finish the unpacking so it will all be done tonight. And then I want to show Ron my stamp collection.”

Doug’s mom said that was a good idea, and she would call my mom, and my mom could pick all of us up tomorrow to go to the mall, and that we should try to be in bed by 10:30. Doug hugged his mom and his dad and said good night to them. Darryl also said good night to his folks, and the three of us went up the stairs to their third-floor attic bedroom.

As we were going up the stairs from the second to third floor, with Doug in the lead, Darryl started talking to us. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you two. It’s just that it normally takes weeks, maybe months, for a couple of guys to become best friends or boyfriends or whatever.”

Doug stopped on the stairs ahead of Darryl, and turned around and looked at his brother. “What’s that supposed to mean, ‘boyfriends’?”

“Let’s go on up to the bedroom so I can talk to you two.” I was concerned. This was getting weird. It sounded like somehow Darryl figured out that Doug and I were going to be more than just best friends, that we wanted to have sex together. We continued climbing the stairs to their bedroom. When we got there, Darryl led us into Doug’s bedroom, sat backwards on the chair at Doug’s desk and and pointed to the end of the bed and Doug and I sat there. “Doug, and Ron, I saw the way you two kept looking at each other during dinner. I think you guys are a lot more than best friends. Am I right? Don’t get all defensive and worried, because if I that’s true, I think it’s excellent.”

Doug and I looked at each other, Doug moved next to me so his left side and my right side were touching, then he put his arm around my shoulders. I put my arm around his waist. We looked at each other, and Doug kissed me on my lips, and held the kiss for about 2 seconds. We then smiled, and turned to look at Darryl, who had a huge grin on his face.

“This is awesome! I knew it! You two guys are lovers.”

“Not yet, bro. But soon, if we can find a time and place to be alone.”

“Doug, you forgot that you have the time and place. Here and tonight. Ron is sleeping over.”

“But you and I are sharing this bedroom! You’ll hear everything!”

“Well, you heard me and Rick going at it, didn’t you?”

“You mean Rick didn’t have a stomach ache that night? You were having sex?”

“Yup, we were!”

“What were you two doing?”

“Doug, I’m not going to ask you what and Ron do, and I’m not going to tell you what I and my friends do either!”

“OK, I guess that’s fair. What you and Rick did was probably something totally gross, anyway!” Doug looked at Darryl with a grin just like my nasty grin, and wiggled his eyebrows. I busted up laughing. And Doug and Darryl joined me and we were almost rolling on the floor we were laughing so much.

After we calmed down, Doug looked at his brother. “Darryl, tell me just one thing, please. Are you gay?”

Darryl looked shocked. He stared at Doug, not saying anything, for almost a half a minute. Doesn’t sound like much, half a minute. But watch it go by on a clock. It’s a LONG time! We sat and watched Darryl without saying anything. I’m not even sure that either Doug or I took a breath!

Darryl sighed. “I knew that someday someone would ask me that question, but I didn’t think it would be so soon and I didn’t think it would be you, Doug. The answer is, I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’ve never had sex with a girl, so I don’t know how I’d like it. I want to, some day. But right now I think it’s better to mess around with guys. I can’t get a guy pregnant!”

“Darryl, that’s exactly what my cousin Billy told me, that it’s better to have sex with boys because if you have sex with a girl she could get pregnant and that would ruin your life.”

“Doug, since Ron’s cousin agrees with me it must be true!” Darryl smiled. Doug and I looked at each other, and grinned.

“The only thing is that you guys have to be very careful. You’ve gotta keep all of this a secret, about you two and about me and Rick, just between the three of us. If you tell someone else it might get out and your lives would be ruined at school. And mom and dad would probably freak. No, mom and dad would TOTALLY freak! So be careful about how and when you look at each other, and don’t go around holding hands, and only kiss when you’re in bed, and hang with each other BUT be sure to continue hanging with your other friends as well.”

“Thanks Darryl, I never thought about those things. We will watch ourselves and keep this totally to ourselves. Right, Ron?”

“Yes, yes, and yes!”

“Darryl, what are you going to do now that we’re living here and Rick is in San Francisco?”

“Well, it took me and Rick a long time to start messing around. We’re not going to see each other hardly ever now that we’ve moved here. It’s going to be tough not being with Rick. I haven’t even thought about how or even if I’m going to find someone here.” Darryl looked sad.

Doug got up and went over to Darryl who stood up, and they hugged each other for a long time. Finally, they stepped back from each other.

“OK, you guys finish unpacking and I’m going to go and clean up my bedroom.”

Doug looked shocked. “You, Darryl Choi, are going to clean up your bedroom? Without being yelled at? Are you sure that you are really my brother Darryl? ‘Cause he’d never voluntarily clean up his bedroom!”

“Don’t be a dickhead, squirt! You know that tomorrow’s inspection day, and I need my allowance this week. So, horrible as it’s going to be, I AM going to clean up my bedroom. Oh, and when you two are having hot sex tonight, please keep it down so I can sleep!” Darryl grinned, and wiggled his eyebrows at us, then walked to his end of the attic bedrooms. Doug and I broke up laughing.

“Wow, that was intense! And he told us about Rick! Amazing!”

“I told you that I had a suspicion about him and Rick. You remember what I told you about him and Rick moaning. There were two separate voices moaning, so Darryl’s story about Rick having a stomach ache didn’t compute. Do you think he’s right about messing around with guys now and girls later?”

“Well, that’s what my cousin says. He says that you can have sex with guys until you meet a girl and get married, then you stop with the guys and you have sex with the girl because she’s your wife and if she gets pregnant that’s OK ‘cause you’re married. Darryl seems to be saying the same thing.”

“I guess.”

“Well, thinking about it I’m not so sure either, Doug. What if you and I decide that we really love each other and that it’s forever? I guess that makes us gay then, doesn’t it?”

“Ron, I don’t care. I love you, right now, and I want to see you naked and mess around and have fun tonight, and I don’t even care if it wakes Darryl up!” Doug hugged me and I hugged him back. Doug pulled back from the hug. “OK, let’s finish my unpacking, and I’ll show you my stamp collection. Then, we can go to bed and tell each other those secrets that we’re keeping from each other! Then we’ll mess around!”

“Yes! Sounds good to me, let’s get your unpacking done so we can have some fun!”

To be continued…

Colin Kelly