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I want to thank all of you who have come back after such a lengthy delay in the continuance of this story. A lot more than tax season has caused this hiatus in writing, and I am so glad to be getting back to the story. Since I had to go back and read a couple of chapters to refresh myself as to where the boys were, I think a brief synopsis is probably appropriate for you readers also.

Originally, Part 2 was just going to be a story about Brian finding a boyfriend. But it's turning out to be a lot more than that. You'll remember that at the end of Part 1, Brian had just told A&W that he was gay and had a crush on Andy. When Part 2 was interrupted, Brian and Tanner had just expressed their love for each other, Tommy had just told Matthew that he loved him but wasn't sure he was gay. Matthew knows he is gay and doesn't care that Tommy might not be, because he loves Tommy. Andy & Wayne have just sort of been helping the other boys find themselves. Now it's their turn.

I would suggest you go back and read some of Chapter 8 - Tommy's story. There are bits on pages 4 and 6 that could impact your understanding of and reaction to the next few chapters. The sex in this chapter, while not truly graphic, is a bit more detailed than I had planned. However, mere inferences to the boys' activities just were not sufficient to the development of the story.

So remember that this is, in fact, just a story. Unprotected sex should always be avoided. And the only "safe" sex is monogamous sex, just as the only "true" love is monogamous love.

Now on with the saga of boys in their mid-teens searching for love and struggling with growing up.

The Root Beer Boys

Part II

By Dan

Chapter Twelve - Andy's Diary


Life goes on. Not much to write about the past couple of months. Wayne is still the light that brightens my day. Tanner & Brian finally found out they are in love. Tommy came over one night in late February, after almost getting killed on his skateboard. We talked about his feelings for Matthew. He's a confused kid. He thinks he loves Matthew but isn't sure he's gay. He wanted to know how Wayne and I knew we were gay, but I couldn't really tell him. Because I don't really know. It's not like I had to ask myself if I was gay or straight. I tried to tell Tommy that I figure there's a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone, but I don't know if I got my point across.

He was all confused about doing sex stuff with Matthew like he really wanted to but was afraid. All of a sudden I heard Wayne suggest that he could help Tommy find out what it was like, and I was right there saying, 'go for it.' I didn't have to think twice about it, and that made me feel real good about myself and Wayne. I knew Wayne loves me more than anybody or anything else in the world, so if he and Tommy did sex stuff that's all it would be, sex stuff. It wasn't like they'd be making love like Wayne and I do.

When Wayne came home the next day, he told me all about it. It was so cool. They beat each other off, then they did oral. But Wayne said he wouldn't let Tommy kiss him on the lips and even though Tommy swallowed Wayne's stuff, Wayne wouldn't swallow Tommy's. Wayne said, "I only want that from you, Andy. You're the one I love."

Gosh, I felt like a king when he said that.


Oh shit, diary! I feel terrible. What's that phrase, "this is the best of days, this is the worst of days"? Something like that. It keeps going through my head, because that's exactly how I feel right now.

There's a new kid in school, Bobby Monroe. He moved in about the end of February and joined the alliance as soon as he found out about it. He's my age and we've become real good friends. He's not too shy about being gay. He doesn't flaunt it, but he doesn't hide it either. Sort of like me and Wayne.

I guess it's because we're both gay that we ended up spending so much time together. I mean, I'm still part of my old group, Joey and Aaron and the others, but I've been spending a lot of time with Bobby, too.

This past weekend was heaven and hell for me, and that's why I'm writing today. I'm about to explode and can't tell anybody what happened except you, diary. You can't talk back. You won't judge me, or tell me I've done wrong. God, how can something be so right and so wrong all at the same time?

It's only been two days, and I'm not sure Wayne doesn't already suspect something. Here's what happened.

Bobby invited me over to his place Saturday night for a sleepover. No big deal. We've done that a number of times. He has a nice looking body, and we've had some fun joking around, showing off our erections and stuff. But we've never done anything other than look.

I showed up about dinner time, and we sat down with his folks. His mom had made a homemade pizza that was really good. Except for the anchovies. Little smelly slimy fishy things. I picked them off of mine and gave 'em to Bobby.

After dinner we played scrabble. Then his folks went to bed saying they had to get up early for church. Bobby suggested we sit outside for awhile since the weather was so nice. He has a swimming pool and an in-ground spa with a nice deck around all of it. The four of us each had a small glass of wine with our pizza, and the bottle was still half full, so Bobby grabbed it and two plastic wine glasses as we headed outside. I set up some chaise lounges near the pool while Bobby lit some oil lamps.

We had been sitting there sipping wine and talking for about 30 minutes when Bobby suggested getting in the spa. I was already feeling pretty mellow, not being used to wine, so the idea sounded super to me. He had been telling me about the boyfriend he left behind when he moved to our city, and I told him all about Wayne. By the time the water had heated up 20 minutes later, the wine was gone, and I think we were riding an emotional wave from our conversation.

Neither of us said anything about swim suits, which was just as well since I didn't have mine with me. We were both gay and knew it and had seen each other naked before, so we had no concerns. Actually, I guess I have to admit that I was a bit turned on by our conversation and had kind of figured something might happen. I figured it was ok, since Wayne and Tommy had also spent the night together.

I was watching Bobby as he casually slipped out of his shirt and shorts. Now that I think about it, I was kind of mimicking him in the way I undressed, pulling my shirt off the same way, sliding my shorts down the same way. As I slid my shorts down, I noticed he was watching me, too. I could feel myself getting a bit bigger in a certain area as I saw the semi-tent in his bikini underwear. I let him lead in the slow stripping of undershorts, following him by just a second or two. It really was quite erotic to see his hair appear, then the base of his penis, then the shaft. By the time the waistband slid over the head he was quite aroused, and it bounced up when it was suddenly released from his bikinis. That's all it took to finish my erection, and it bounced just as much as his did when my waistband slid across the head.

We giggled at the sight of our penises bouncing in the light from the oil lamps. I think the wine had made us both a bit giddy. When he turned the heat on, he left the blower off, so there weren't very many bubbles. I stepped down into the warm water as Bobby went over and turned the spa light on. I remember thinking that the light would make it a lot easier to see his package, and I liked the idea. I wish now that I hadn't had so much wine to drink.

As Bobby stepped down into the spa, I couldn't help but look at his crotch. Bobby was a nice looking 16 year old, from head to foot. And what made him a boy was nice looking too. He was bigger than Wayne, of course, and had a bit more hair down there, but his sack was almost hairless, just like mine. And he was hard as a rock. But then, so was I, so what?

I was a bit curious when he just stood in the spa looking at me. The water came to just below his erection which was brightly lit by the spa light. I remember wondering if he was showing off for me, or just enjoying what he was looking at. I could tell that he was staring at my erection swaying back and forth with the motion of the water. Either way, I was just that much more turned on, and I was really beginning to look forward to experimenting with him. After all, Wayne had done stuff with Tommy.

He sat down across from me and we just stared at each other for awhile, letting our eyes roam from face to crotch and back again. I knew it had been awhile since he had been with a boy. After all, he'd been here for three months, and I was pretty sure he hadn't met up with anyone yet. I figured we would at least play with each other and was looking forward to it eagerly.

So when he moved over beside me, I let him snuggle up close. I had my arm lying on the seat behind him and my head was lying on his arm which was resting on the rim of the spa behind me. I was feeling a bit woozy, so my eyes just sort of closed lazily as I enjoyed his nearness. It wasn't long before I felt him running his free hand across my chest and shoulders. It really felt good, the way he was doing it, and I moaned without meaning to. I think he must have taken that as a sign to go further and soon he was licking my ear, running his tongue into the grooves and around the rim. I was so aroused.

Then he started moving his hand lower on my tummy, rubbing it gently across that area between my belly button and my pubic hair. Then he'd slide it down one leg, then back up across my belly and down the other leg. I thought I would die with anticipation. Finally, on a trip back up my thigh from my knee, his hand moved over to my nutsack instead of coming on up to my tummy. I gasped with pure enjoyment. I don't know if it was the warm water, the wine, or just the nighttime setting, but I was so turned on.

As he started playing with me, I turned towards him a little so I could reach his package with my free hand. He shifted a little which allowed our other hands more freedom and I found myself stroking him slowly and gently with one hand as my other hand rubbed gently up and down his back.

Neither of us seemed to be in a hurry to make something happen. I know I wasn't. I was thrilled to feel his hand stroking me and to feel his penis in my hand. I didn't want those feelings to stop. Now I almost wish we had made something happen right there in the spa. Maybe I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in now.

Eventually, his fingers weren't just sliding up and down my hardness. They were sliding off the base, down across my balls and into my crack. Wayne and I had never gone that far, and it was a new thrill for me. I always wash real good back there, so I wasn't bothered about what he was doing from that standpoint, and I figured it would be ok to fool around a little bit. There was no way I was going to have that kind of sex with him. But I started moving the hand on his back further down, across the cheeks of his bottom, just stroking them softly. I was a bit surprised at how erotic that was, never having done that with Wayne.

Soon, he raised himself up a bit which allowed my hand to slide onto his crack. It just seemed natural to press my finger between the cheeks to his bottom hole. By that time he was massaging mine coming in from the other direction, from between my legs. The pressure on my bottom hole felt soooo good, and I pressed my finger against his in response. I heard him gasp even as his bottom hole seemed to open up and suck my finger in to about the first knuckle.

When that happened, I realized what we were doing, how far we had gone. I had never been down this path with Wayne and I wasn't going to go there with Bobby. I sat up straight and gently pushed him away. I told him we had to cool off and start over. I could see the disappointment on his face, but he didn't argue. Instead, we sat back from each other for awhile and talked about it. He told me how he and Tony had made love that way often, and how much he had come to love it. He even said he preferred it when Tony made love to him over making love to Tony.

I told him how Wayne and I had never done that and weren't going to do that until we were older. But all the time I was telling him that, I was thinking of what it must be like, wondering why Bobby loved it so much.

Awhile later, we moved back together again and started playing around. I guess we both got soft while we were talking, but I couldn't say for sure. We were sure hard by the time our hands touched each other's crotch.

I don't know how long we were out there, diary, but the effects of the wine hadn't worn off by the time I suggested we go inside. I should have let him bring me off in the spa, but I was kind of hoping for something more, something oral. I didn't see the danger signs that I might have seen if I hadn't drunk so much wine.

We didn't bother with getting dressed. We'd been out there an hour and a half, and Bobby was sure his parents were asleep, so we dried off and just carried our towels and clothes inside with us. With our erections leading the way, swinging back and forth as we walked, we threw the towels in the laundry room as they always did when coming in from the pool, and I followed Bobby's naked butt upstairs. As I did, my face was even with his bottom, and I couldn't help staring at it, watching the way his cheeks moved.

He has a butt that is about as cute as Wayne's. And my hardon was really throbbing by the time we got upstairs. Shit, diary, maybe I should have seen what was coming by then. I mean, I knew I was staring at his butt, and I knew I liked what I saw. It was cute! And I got even harder looking at it. But I like being hard, and I was still feeling pretty mellow and looking forward to some oral sex, so I wasn't paying attention.

We dropped our clothes in Bobby's bedroom and went to the bathroom to brush our teeth. I had forgotten my toothbrush so Bobby let me use his. All the time we were in the bathroom, we were playing grab-ass with each other's boners. It was sort of chilly in Bobby's room, so it felt good to cuddle up to each other under the sheet when we went to bed. He turned out the overhead light and left just his bedside lamp on.

The minute Bobby pulled the sheet up, I cuddled into him and soon felt our penises jousting with each other. I pushed Bobby onto his back and began rubbing his chest and belly as he had done to me in the spa. I could see the tent in the sheet throbbing and quickly moved to grasp his erection as I began to hump mine along his leg. I was really enjoying the feel of Bobby's penis in my hand and was just about to move my head down to his crotch when he pushed me away and we changed places.

As soon as he grasped my penis and began squeezing it gently, he also started tonguing my ear as he had in the spa. I was getting so turned on, all I could think of was getting off. He then started whispering in my ear about how much he wanted me to make love to him. I tried to say no several times, but he just kept coming back with excuses and reasons why it should be ok. He was telling me how desperate he was to feel me inside him and how he didn't want to replace Wayne and would never let that happen. And the more I said no, the more he pleaded with me. He was almost crying at one point.

Then I felt him move away from me. I could tell he was twisting around and reaching for something behind him. But I just laid there, gasping for breath, trying to calm down. I was trying to convince myself nothing was going to happen when I felt his hand on my penis again. But omigod this time it felt so different. It was wet and moist and slick and slippery and wonderful. I was thinking that if he brought me off this way, it would be just as good as using his mouth when all of a sudden he was straddling me, his butt sitting right on my boner. I felt him spreading that slicky stuff all over me, and I guess I knew he was putting it on his bottom hole, too, but I ignored that thought.

Then without warning, he raised up on his knees and settled down onto my erection. I remember thinking he and Tony must have done this a lot because I slid into him without any trouble whatsoever. And it felt so wonderful. I can't even describe it. Even as one part of my brain was yelling No! Stop! You can't do this! This is for Wayne only! the other side of my brain was yelling, Don't stop! O my God, don't stop! Wayne need never know! This is so good! I can hardly wait to show Wayne! I know I wasn't making any sense, but those are the thoughts that were going through my head at the time.

He just sat on me for a minute, and I think I could feel his anal muscles contracting against me, squeezing me. And I tried to answer him by using those muscles that make my penis swell and throb. God I had never felt anything so wonderful. I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but I couldn't stop it. Then he started moving on me, and I knew I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn't breathe. I opened my eyes and saw the most awesome look on Bobby's face. His head was thrown back, his penis was so hard I thought it was going to burst. There were tears streaming down his face, and he was saying things like, "Oh yes, Andy. This is what I needed. It's been so long. Oh sweet Jesus, this is so good."

At one point he even called me Tony as he continued to bob up and down on me. Then I felt it coming. My climax hit me so hard I thought I was going to poop at the same time I was cuming. And as I started to shoot inside him, Bobby began shooting all over my chest and stomach. He hadn't even been touching himself, and I hadn't either. But he was cuming as hard as I was. It was amazing.

But once Bobby rolled off of me and cleaned us both up, I immediately turned my back to him and curled up in a ball near the edge of the bed. How could I have done that? How could I not have done that? I was so confused and so upset. I couldn't help it. I began to cry.

I know Bobby heard me, because he soon cuddled into me from behind. First he thanked me for making him feel so good, then he began saying he was sorry for making it happen. Then he started trying to explain all over again. Finally he was crying, too. When I could speak, I told him it wasn't all his fault. I told him I had wanted something to happen all night and had just let things get out of control. I tried to explain that I was sad because I had always wanted to save that for Wayne, but I was glad, too, because it had been so awesome.

I think we both fell asleep crying to ourselves.

Diary, what am I going to do? I'm so fucked up right now! I don't know what to think, what to feel. I feel so rotten that what I was supposed to be saving for Wayne has been given to someone else. I can never get it back. I had convinced myself that Bobby and I could do sex stuff because Wayne and Tommy had. But I knew ahead of time what Wayne was going to do. I had even given him my permission. What I did, I did behind his back. He hadn't known ahead of time that Bobby and I were going to do sex stuff, so I feel like I cheated on him. And I didn't stop at just jacking off and oral sex, like he did with Tommy. Now I've done with Bobby the one thing Wayne and I haven't done with each other! I feel like shit, di!

But sometimes I can hardly wait to share this new experience with Wayne. I want to show him how wonderful it can feel. I want to feel what it's like to have him inside me. I can't keep my eyes off his cute bottom. If I thought Bobby's looked nice going up the stairs, Wayne's is absolutely perfect, regardless of what he's doing. And that's with clothes on. When he's naked, it's all I can do to keep from dropping to my knees and kissing his bottom all over. But how would I ever explain it to him? What would I say?

And I just know he's going to figure something out. He's always been able to read me like a book. I won't be able to hide this. I can hardly look at him any more without feeling shame written all over my face. He tries to catch my eye, and I turn away from him. And it's only been two days since it happened. SHIT!

... to be continued

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