The Root Beer Boys

Part II

By Dan

Chapter Four - Andy's Diary

Andy, age 16

I was going to make Sport give me the keyboard back when he was talking about our private parts. I swear, all he ever wants to talk about is sex (thank God)! Hehehe. I was getting so worked up reading over his shoulder that I had to do something before we made a mess here. But then he started talking about Christmas so I left him alone. You can believe him about us not making love. That one time was so special we wanted to wait for another special occasion.

Wayne and I are both very sentimental and emotional people. As soon as he started telling you about his first mom I knew he was going to cry, so I just beat him to it. I don't mind being that way, especially with Wayne. Our tears seem to be a zipper on our emotions. They just open us up to wanting to be with each other. So as soon as he saved the chapter he was working on, we fell over onto our bed.

That isn't hard to do because the computer table and the bed are so close to each other it's hard to get the sheets tucked in on that corner. Since I was behind him, I just sat down and rolled over on my back. Then Wayne scooted off the chair and rolled over on top of me. We fit together so well in just about any position. I was kind of propped up on two pillows with my legs spread, and Wayne was lying on me with his head on my shoulder. His crotch was right on top of mine, and I wrapped my legs around his. As he nuzzled my neck with little kisses and licks, I felt him start to stiffen up. Of course, this made me get hard, too.

I had him all wrapped up in my arms and was humming a little tune he liked. I was using my heels on his butt to push his hardon against mine, and my hands were rubbing up and down his back as my cheek was being dusted by the hair on his head. Pretty soon his lips settled down in one place on my neck and he just started sucking lightly on that one spot, sorta like a baby sucking on a bottle or a nipple.

It was so wonderful, lying there like that, knowing Mom and Dad wouldn't walk in on us without knocking first. I loved the smell of his shampoo, the weight of his body on mine, the feel of his little hardon pressing into mine, the feel of his lips on my neck. I could almost have dozed off if it hadn't been for what his sucking on my neck was doing to me. I was really getting excited as I kept bumping my crotch up into his, and this made him suck a little harder.

After awhile I realized from our breathing and our humping motions that we were each approaching a climax - and we still had all our clothes on.

"Wayne? Are you gonna cum?" I whispered.

"Yeah," he panted in my ear. "Are you?"

"Yeah. You don't mind cumin' in your shorts?"

"Not if I do it with you. Tell me it's ok Andy. Please?"

"It's ok Sport. You know that. I love it when you cum, and I love it when you make me cum."

All this time we had been whispering to each other, and we just kept it up. Everything was just so right.

"Make me cum, Andy. Please make me cum."

He was whimpering now and suckling on my neck something fierce as we kept humping against each other, our hardons throbbing and rubbing against the fabric of our shorts as we thrust at each other.

"I'm almost there, Wayne. It's cummin'!" I shouted in a loud whisper.

"Mmm hmmm!" was all he could say. I felt his lips latch onto my neck as his body began to tremble with his orgasm. The suction on my neck and his orgasm took me over the edge and I shot my own load into my undershorts with moans as soft as I could make them. Gosh, that was good.

We just laid there for about 30 minutes and enjoyed each other. Actually I think we both fell asleep, because I woke up to hear Mom tapping on the door. I had just opened my eyes when she stuck her head in the door and smiled when she saw us.

"Can I get your Dad?" she asked me in a whisper. I just nodded my head yes because I could sense that Wayne was still asleep.

Soon enough, Dad and Mom were both looking through the door at us with these big grins on their faces. Then Dad did something he doesn't do all that often. He stepped into the room and came over to the head of the bed. He had a couple of little tears in his eyes as he bent over and kissed my forehead and then Wayne's.

When he leaned back, I could see where one of his tears had fallen on Wayne's cheek.

"I love you boys," he whispered as he let his hand rest on Wayne's back.

"We love you, too, Dad," Wayne answered before I could.

Then you know what Dad did? He sat down on the bed beside us and just looked at us as he rubbed Wayne's back. The three of us just stayed that way for what seemed like forever but was probably only three or four minutes. But it was some of the best three or four minutes we ever had, that's for sure. Later, I was glad he sat on that side of the bed, 'cause all that suckin' Wayne was doing left a big hickey on my neck - just below my shirt collar, thank goodness.

But I need to get out of the bedroom and add something from my diary.

- December -

Dear Dairy, Brian's still my best friend and still a part of the fearsome five (that's Joey, Aaron, Tommy, Brian, and Matt, remember?). The group continues to pal around and do stuff together. And we do things in sub-groups, too. Wayne and the guys his age do things together, just as Brian and Aaron and I do.

Aaron has his eye on this girl from his synagogue and Tommy is kinda goggle-eyed over some girl in his English class, but I don't know what she thinks about him. Matt? Who knows. I think he thinks he might be gay. He seems to scope out everybody his age, like he's tryin' to decide. I see him looking at Tommy a lot though.

I think someone needs to start putting dates into this story. I'm gettin' confused. Let's see, Dad's trip the weekend Wayne and I made love was just before Thanksgiving. I know I said it was about six months after my birthday, but it wasn't. It was barely five months. Brian's first alliance meeting was the week of Thanksgiving and his second was two weeks after that. That makes his all important third meeting just before Christmas. There, that puts things into perspective so you'll understand the rest of this story.

Christmas is always a special time of year for most people, and we're no different. We rarely have a white one because it almost never snows, but it did that year. Mom loved it. They always had snow at Christmas where she was born and raised, and it meant a lot to her to come out of church after the midnight candlelight service to see snow all over the ground.

Most of the fearsome five attended different churches, but the year Wayne showed up we all went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. Since then it's become a tradition. The other guys go to their church's early service, then they come over to our house and go to the midnight service with us. Even Aaron goes with us. We kid him about being the token Jew, but he always reminds us that Jesus was a Jew, too. We aren't trying to convert him. He just likes the music.

That year Wayne and I sang O Holy Night as a duet. It was so cool. As we started singing, the ushers turned the lights down so that only the altar and the manger were lit. Wayne's voice was so special that night I almost cried. In fact I am crying as I write about it. He sang the lead and the solo parts and I added the harmony parts. It was really special, and I could see Brian where he was sitting in the front pew. He looked so alone right then. I could tell he wished he had invited his friend.

When we left the church, we about busted our butts fooling around in the snow. I don't know how many times I fell down, but most of them were NOT on purpose. The streets had gotten icy and we spent more time than Dad appreciated running and sliding. I didn't understand his temper until we started driving home and almost ended up in a ditch. I hadn't realized driving on that stuff would be so difficult.

When we got home, Mom served us all some eggnog laced with just a touch of Southern Comfort as a special occasion drink. Then the other guys all went home and we went to bed. Now I know what you're thinkin'. I said just a minute ago that Wayne and I saved makin' love for special occasions. But this wasn't one of them. We were tired. And anxious for Christmas morning to get there so we could open presents. So we went straight to bed.

We did give each other a special kiss, though. You know what I mean. Yeah, there. It was fun, and soft, and neat, and I love him bunches, more than he loves me. OW! He just punched me. Sometimes I think we shouldn't let each read along when we write in our diaries.

Can I take just a minute here and tell you just how wonderful Wayne is? Sure I can. I'm writin' this. You're just layin' there in a book. And he already knows 'cause I tell him all the time, so having him looking over my shoulder is no big deal. Yeah, I know I probably said that a dozen times in the last year, but this is important.

I am just so lucky. I have a Mom and Dad who love me and accept the fact that I'm in love with a boy. And I'm in love with the most wonderful boy in the world. He's cute, loves to cuddle, smells nice (most of the time hehehe), has the cutest giggle, sings like an angel, and loves me something fierce. I guess you already figured that out, though, didn't you, you being a diary and all. (Giggle)

When we went to bed Christmas Eve it really was special. With the double bed taking up so much space in our bedroom, we almost always changed clothes in the bathroom. I was sittin' on the john tinkling as he hung up his slacks. He stood there in just his t-shirt, briefs and socks with his little tallywacker poking out the front of his undershorts, looking so adorable I almost cried.

Then he took off his t-shirt and let me see his smooth hairless tummy and chest. He doesn't have any hair in his pits yet either. Then he slipped off his socks, slowly, one at a time. Duh! Of course one at a time. You ever tried to take off both socks at one time while standing up? I don't THINK so.

I got the distinct impression he was teasing me, and I felt the head of my penis hit the cold rim of the toilet seat as it hardened up in response to the show he was putting on. Then when he slipped out of his briefs and stood before me, for some reason I was overcome with emotion, with the love I felt for him. He didn't even have a hardon, and he was so beautiful.

Our bathroom isn't all that big either, so it was easy for me to lean forward, lift his penis to a level position and kiss its head. I gave it a long kiss with my lips open just enough to rest on the top and bottom of the head, just short of the rim. I didn't even use my tongue, but when I let go of it, he was hard.

I looked up and saw a little tear trickling down his cheek. Oh, he looked so precious at that moment, I just reached out and pulled him down onto my lap. We sat like that with my arms wrapped around him, his head on my shoulder and my cheek resting against the top of his head until it felt like the toilet seat was going to cut my legs off. By that time, our boners had gone away and we stood up to brush our teeth. I had already taken off everything but my shorts, so I just left them at the foot of the commode.

We took turns brushing our teeth and then went to bed. That was a very special night. A night when we remembered how much God loves us and experienced how much we loved each other.

... to be continued

© 2001 by Dan. All rights reserved.