Saturday Morning Cruise, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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This tale and its characters are based on the serial The Birthday Boy, which can be found in the Gay/Incest section of the archive.

“Hey Bobby,” Jacob said, smiling as I coasted into his driveway on my bike. I was standing up on my pedals as I made the turn into his yard and felt my heart skip a beat when he flashed me his cute grin. His blonde hair looked freshly cut and his braces were on full display when his moist red lips curled up into a smile. He was wearing a pair of blue fleece sweatpants that looked tight on him and a yellow pullover. Seeing the outline of his plump bubble butt and his plump boner through his sweats sent a strong shudder through me.

“What are you doing?” I asked coyly, seeing that he had a broom in his hand.

“Just sweeping out the garage for my mom and dad,” he said, his voice husky because he knew what I was sniffing around for.

“You look really cute today,” I told him with a shy smile, and he blushed. “Are you alone?”

“Yeah, my mom and dad just left a little bit ago,” he revealed as I stepped off of my bike and leaned it against his dad's work bench, then he swallowed hard and looked down at the bulge in his crotch. “Do you feel like going inside?”

“Yeah,” I admitted, my own voice now as husky as his. I watched with hopeful eyes as he hit the button on the wall and the garage door started to close, then he offered me a warm smile and took me into the house.

When we made it to his room, we both started to undress right away. He shucked his pullover, revealing a plain white tee that he was wearing under it. Without bothering with his shoes, he hooked the waistband of his sweats and his white boy briefs and pulled them down so that they were bunched around his ankles. As soon as his 13 year old boy cock came into view, I let loose with a soft moan and dropped my jeans.

I watched Jacob's cock jump when he saw that I hadn't even bothered putting underwear on before I left the house. By the time I had resolved to come see him I was so horny that I hastily lubed my rear end up and stepped into a pair of pants and a shirt. I slipped into my socks and shoes and hurried out the door, anxious to see my dreamy schoolmate.

Moving things along, I approached my cute conquest with a naughty smile and wrapped my hand around his 4 inch boner. My own cock was hard as steel, standing straight up and pressed tight into my almost hairless groin. My body was burning with so much desire as I felt his warm erection pulsate in my hand, making me tremble as I began stroking it slowly.

“Oh crap, that feels nice, Bobby,” he hissed, and I responded by batting my eyes at him. “You do everything right.”

“Thanks, cutie,” I said, feeling sexy and warm inside as I enjoyed the moment. “Can I suck it now?”

“Yeah, but don't make me cum yet,” he said, then I felt his hand run over my bare butt. “I really want to cum in your ass.”

Feeling another strong shudder roll through my horny frame, I assured him, “I want you to cum in my ass, too.”

With that, I slowly slid down to my knees, planting kisses on his exposed nipples, his bare chest and his trim tummy all the way to my prize. When I was face to face with his hard as steel boy cock, I leaned in and planted a wet kiss on his glans. When I pulled my lips away, a long strand of saliva connected his piss slit to my lips, so I used that as an excuse to slip my mouth over the end and work it diligently with my scratchy tongue.

When I ended my passionate suck, I kissed along the length of his dick, loving how warm it was against my lips. When I made it to the base, I ran my tongue through the small tuft of pubic hair that was growing, pulling in his salty precum as I navigated the modest growth. From there, I moved down to his nuts, trapping his entire scrotal sack in my mouth and humming gently while he pulled in air through his clenched teeth.

Letting a deep breath go, he exclaimed, “That feels really nice, Bobby.”

Without letting his nut sack go, I moaned in appreciation and reached up to rub his tummy in acknowledgment. Finally, I let his balls loose and kissed my way back up the length of his four incher until I was face to face with the head. Giving him a naughty smile, I slipped my mouth back over the end and treated myself to a luscious sucking of his cock.

“You suck such a good dick,” he panted, so I diverted my eyes up to his face just in time to catch him watching me with a look of carnal passion. Batting my eyelids, I smiled and maintained the up and down motion of the blow job I was loving so much, then he hissed sharply.

“Shit, I'm about to cum,” he said, a note of panic in his cute voice. Not wanting him to fret, I pulled off of him with a slurp and licked my lips, watching him compose himself for a moment. When he was finally out of the danger zone, he reached down and helped me back up, making my heart flutter with romance.

Eager to move things along, I dutifully climbed into his bed on my hands and knees, letting my feet dangle over the side so that my rear end was sticking straight up for him. I watched with a wanton gaze from over my shoulder as he lined right up to my hole and pushed in, then I felt his cock get hot and let loose with a moan. I continued to look over my shoulder as he began to thrust, seeing him gasp with pleasure as his hard dick ran back and forth in my always hungry hole.

“So hot and tight,” he whispered to himself, trying to keep his composure as his climax loomed.

Through my moaning, I managed to whimper, “You feel really nice to me, too.”

He raised his head to meet my gaze, his mouth hanging open and strings of saliva connecting the top and bottom rows of his braces, then he gave off a boyish moan and picked up the pace of his thrusting. Knowing that my horny top was about to bust inside of me, I reached back and ran my fingers around the diameter of my stretched pucker. My eyes were filled with so much lust as I watched him hammer my bottom, which was humming with delight as I accepted his cock.

Without a word, his hips began moving at a blindingly fast rate, rabbit fucking me while my body rocked to and fro with the speed of our ride. My boy cock was on fire, too, tingling with the pleasure that I was feeling while a long strand of precum hung from the end. We were both panting hard, his pants boyish and full of pubescent testosterone. In contrast, my panting was feminine and I felt like I had estrogen surging through my 13 year old body, loving the way his cock seemed to conquer my always horny boy hole.

In one last flurry of thrusts, Jacob fed me ten hard, gratifying strokes that had me moaning like a bitch in heat, then he buried his teen rod all the way up my butt and his load erupted with fury. I was moaning gutturally as my rear end filled up with his seed, still rubbing the lips of my anus as my body sizzled with delight. When he pulled out of me, I watched with a horny gaze, seeing his rod emerge from my tingling hole. In a flash, I was back on my knees, sucking and licking his cock like a bitch in heat while his chest heaved and he took deep breaths, trying to recover from his orgasm.

When I got on my bike to go see Jacob, I was in a petulant mood, to say the least. I had been all but barred from attending my big brother's Saturday morning baseball game, leaving me pouting and filled with angst. I tried to argue when daddy told me that I had to stay behind, but he was firm and I was outraged.

“It's not fair!” I pouted, stomping my feet in protest when he explained that I was staying home.

“You brought this on yourself, buddy,” he said, keeping his cool in the midst of my tantrum. “I asked you to behave yourself last night, and you couldn't do that. Since you can't seem to keep your pants on when we're at the ballpark, you need to stay home.”

With that, I huffed off, stomping my feet all the way to my room, where I slammed the door. It was so unfair that I was being punished for something that I didn't even mean to do. Crossing my arms in anger, I threw myself down on my bed and pouted up at the ceiling, thinking about what I did.

My troubles started the night before at my brother David's baseball practice, when I wandered away from the bleachers to go play with a few boys from my school. I was sitting beside daddy on the bench, feeling my bottom throb with horny passion as I checked out my brother's team mates in their dirty uniforms.

Seeing a group of hot 13 and 14 year old bubble butts on such full display was getting me hot and bothered., and daddy knew it. When I let loose with a soft moan, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, giving me a firm squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. At the far end of the ball field were three boys I went to school with, playing a three way game of catch. Seeing them throw the ball and hearing their yells and laughter made me want to join them for a little bit of three way fun of my own. Seeing that my eyes were gazing longingly on the diamond, daddy spoke to me.

“What's on your mind, baby?” he asked gently, giving me a knowing smile.

“It's all these cute boys, daddy,” I admitted, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Is my little horn dog getting an eyeful?” he asked, and I nodded my answer.

“I want to go play with those cute boys over there,” I pouted, pointing to the boys at the other end of the ball field while he ran his fingertips through my hair.

“Practice ends in 30 minutes, Bobby,” he told me in a soft voice. “I want you to sit with daddy until it's over so I don't have to come looking for you.”

“What if I just stay where you can see me?” I bargained, and he raised an eyebrow at first, then his look softened.

“That'll be fine, sweetie,” he said, earning a hug around his stomach from me, then I got up and hurried to the other back stop, where the trio of cuties were playing catch. I turned and waved at daddy and he waved back, letting me know that I hadn't wandered too far from him. As soon as the trio saw me coming, they all knew what I was looking for, and I knew it.

My reputation as a cock hound at school is well established. I was out of the closet before the end of 1st period on my first day of middle school, eager to take advantage of being surrounded by so many cute boys. By the end of the week, I was sucking cock and bending over in the boys room for any available takers. Since then, my appetite for sex has grown, and so has my reputation as a pussy boy. So when I made my way over to the familiar trio of cuties, they weren't surprised to see that my jeans were tight and my rear end was swinging from side to side.

Hey look, it's Bobby,” said a cute 8th grader named Tyler, whose dark curls always make me so horny, especially when they stick out from under his baseball cap. As soon as he pointed out my approach, the other boys stopped and turned my way, taking my breath away. He was standing side by side with a 7th grader named Jason, a cute brunette whose flowing hair falls to his shoulders. To Jason's left was a chocolate stud named Jamal, who I'd already sucked cock for at school that day.

“I bet he wants to suck cock for one of us,” Tyler said, earning him a grin from Jason and nod from Jamal.

“Hey Jamal,” I lisped as soon as I saw him checking me out. “I had fun earlier.”

“Are you looking to have some more fun?” he replied, and I nodded with a moan as I checked out all three cuties with a blatant stare.

“I was kinda hoping to have some fun with all of you,” I revealed, my lisp thick and my gaze suggestive.

“Are you lubed up?” Jason asked, and I nodded eagerly. “Do you want to get fucked in the ass?”

“Yeah,” I admitted with a soft moan, then I was quickly ushered into the dugout. Without waiting to be told, I promptly dropped my pants and climbed onto the dugout bench, feeling my body shiver with passion as my three prospective tops took their trousers down. Since he was the first to ask, it was agreed amongst my studs that Jason would go first. I smiled over my shoulder as he lined his rod up to my quivering entrance and pushed in, then I reached out with my free hand and wrapped it around Jamal's six inch package while he thrusted. I was moaning in no time flat, letting go of soft, feminine notes while my top pleasured me.

“Does it feel good, Jason?” I heard Tyler ask, and he nodded while he concentrated on drilling my hole. “I can tell that Bobby's loving it, too.”

“I am,” I lisped through a needy moan, then I smiled at Jamal and began a slow, sensual stroking of his shaft. When he met my gaze, I told him, “I want to suck this so bad.”

“Look at how hard his dick is,” Tyler noted, then all eyes were on my 3 ½ inch erection. “He gets so fucking hot for cocks.”

“He sucked me off in the bathroom at school,” Jamal boasted, then he reached out and brushed the bangs out of my forehead. “I love getting my dick sucked by this little fairy.”

Hearing him say that lit my body on fire, and even though my ride just started, I found myself climbing the heights of gay ecstasy. Just as my anal orgasm was about to flourish, Jason buried his teen rod all the way up my poop chute and bred me, then he pulled out and I started to cool down.

“Let him suck your dick clean,” Jamal encouraged my satisfied lover, so I quickly took a seat on the dugout bench and wrapped my lips around his still throbbing boner, loving how slimy and salty it was with the taste of cum and my butthole. After a luscious afterglow spent sucking dick for Jason, I leaned to the side and wrapped my lips around the head of Jamal's prick, too horny to contain my lust.

“That's really good, Bobby,” he praised me, treating me to more strokes along my bangs. “But how about if you get back on your hands and knees so Tyler can have a turn fucking your ass?”

Pulling off of his dick with a slurp, I looked up at all three of the cuties in my midst and nodded my head, “Uh huh.”

As if I were in a trance, I turned my upper body so I could hold onto the backrest, then I got on my knees and turned to put myself in position. I felt my bottom shiver as the cool afternoon air fluttered across my buns and into my crack, making me feel so naughty because we were outside. I felt Tyler's familiar glans pressing into my well used anus, compelling me to push back against it until it slipped in and I sighed.

“Fuck, he wants it bad,” I heard Jason say, and I nodded over my shoulder to let him know that he was right. Tyler grinned at me as I made my slutty proclamation, then he began to thrust his 4 ½ incher back and forth while my depraved moans filled the dugout. With my rear end being tended to again, I fell into an almost hypnotic trance and reached out, taking Jamal's six inch rod in my left hand again so I could stroke it.

“Would you like it if I sat on the backrest so you can give me a little more head?” he asked tenderly, and I nodded with certainty while Jason and Tyler grinned at each other. When my chocolate stud was where I wanted him, I hastily wrapped my lips around his drooling pole with a moan. I was so anxious to wrap them around the base of his dick that I found myself in a new trance, eagerly bobbing my head up and down while I swallowed his full length.

With my throat now accommodating all of Jamal's teen cock, I felt my rear end catch fire and this time, my boygasm exploded. Tyler's always satisfying rod was hammering my sweet spot so perfectly, making my bottom burn with the pleasure of a fierce anal orgasm. In the meanwhile Jamal's prick pumped continuous precum into my mouth that I swallowed greedily. My own teen rod was sticking straight out from my body, still drooling precum as it tingled with pleasure. Finally, Jacob shoved his 13 year old cock up my butt and seeded me, then he pulled out and Jamal implored me to tend to my top.

Obeying my cute chocolate lover, I pulled off of his scepter with a loud slurp and sat on my butt, eager to worship Tyler's talented cock. As I was going down on Tyler's salty cum and ass juice coated cock, I wrapped my hand back around Jamal's prick and stroked it with passion. When Tyler's dick was too sensitive for stimulation, I pulled off of it and bit my lower lip while I gazed up at Jamal. I wanted to suck his cock so bad, but at the same time, I was yearning to feel it slide along the walls of my horny poop chute.

Finally giving into what my body was screaming for, I scrambled to get back into the doggy style position with my hands folded against the backrest and my ass easily accessible for my top. With the cutest smile ever, Jamal lined his thick pole up and pushed in, causing my body to melt down right away. I could feel him pushing it in, thrusting back and forth as he got deeper and deeper, drawing long, girlish moans out of me that I was helpless to control. When he bottomed out I felt his pubic bush smashing into my crack and I sighed with relief, then he placed his hands on my rib cage and began to thrust again.

In no time flat, I could feel my whole body catch fire as the ecstasy of what was happening swept me off of my feet. My boygasm took a punishing hold of my body as I shivered, moaned and called out for him to do it harder. My hard little wiener was drooling with so much precum that it was running off of the bench and into the dirt while my toes curled hard in my shoes. I felt Jamal's hands move up my shirt, where he found my hard as steel nipples and toyed gently with them while I continued to enjoy an extended anal orgasm. Then he leaned into my ear and spoke to me.

“Do you still feel like sucking cock for me, Bobby?” he asked, and I nodded feverishly. “You've got me really hot right now. How about if I pull out and let you suck it for me.”

“Yeah,” was all I could muster through a strong moan that sounded more like a whisper, loving how sure he was of himself when he offered to let me blow him. He fed me a few more satisfying thrusts, then he pulled out and I turned over as fast as I could. Leaning forward, I wrapped my lips around his prick with a ravenous set of eyes and flowed right into a passionate deep throating while he grimaced.

I was in a state of sheer delirium as I sucked cock for my lover, anxious to bring him off in the most pleasurable way I could. My boner was pressed so tight to my pubic bone that the few wisps of hair I had growing down there were barely visible. My little wiener was producing so much precum that my pubic hair was completely matted with it and I knew the pouch in my undies would be soaked with it, too. At the same time, I had two loads in my satisfied rear end that would certainly leak into the seat of my undies anyway, so it made no difference to me.

Just as thoughts of explaining my cum stained briefs to daddy were permeating my thoughts, Jamal's cock jerked in my mouth and his balls pulled tight. He hissed, then he groaned, then his hips drove forward and his cock spewed its delicious bounty of sperm for me. My mouth filled up with hot cum in an instant, prompting me to swallow as fast as I could while he continued to unload his seed. When it finally ended, I sat back and gulped once more, then I licked his dick clean with animated eyes while he and the other boys watched. I felt him petting my head, then he praised me again.

“That was so hot, Bobby,” he panted, so I smiled up at him, then at Tyler and Jason, who were smiling back at me.

“Thanks,” I said, letting loose with a satisfied sigh while Jason set his green eyes on my rigid boy cock.

“Are you still horny?” he asked incredulously, and I nodded my confession.

“I wish I was still doing stuff with you guys,” I admitted with a lisp, then I gave them all a hopeful smile. “I kinda want to keep sucking dick for you all.”

“We have to clear out of here before the high schoolers get here for practice,” Tyler said, and I let loose with a heavy sigh of disappointment.

Seeing my brooding expression, Jamal sat next to me and wrapped an arm around me, then he tenderly said, “If you really feel like sucking some more cock for us, maybe we can find another place.”

“Really?” I asked with a hopeful grin, and he nodded with a warm smile. “Okay!”

Daddy was beside himself when I finally emerged from the outhouse. One by one, I had taken all three of my classmates into the smelly stall for some privacy and before I knew it, I was wearing the odor on my clothes. As soon as Jamal and I were inside, he plugged his nose and daddy began texting me to ask where I was, but I was too caught up in the promise of sucking cock to care. I took an immediate seat on the wet seat and made a play for his dick. As soon as I had it in my mouth, I smiled up at him blissfully while the seat of my jeans and briefs soaked up a puddle of pee that I sat in.

When he blew his load in my mouth, I was still so horny for him that I begged to lick his ass, and he reluctantly obliged while Tyler and Jason listened through the door. When he was rock hard again, I hastily dropped my pants and crawled onto the seat so that I could make my wet rear end available for fucking. Soon, my sacrifice paid off in the form of a powerful boygasm and yet another load of cum from Jamal, this time in my eager rear end.

When Tyler took his turn, I treated him to a long, sensual sucking that ended with a load of cum in my hair while my phone continued to fill with angry texts from daddy. He was panicked but I assured him that there was nothing to worry about, then I proceeded to tongue his smelly hole while he looked over his shoulder with disbelieving eyes. While I was licking his ass for him, he told Jason through the outhouse door, “Dude, you have to open the door and see this. He's literally licking my asshole.”

When the door opened and Jason set his eyes on my naughty sex act, I took the opportunity to spread Tyler's cheeks far enough for him to see the delicious brown eye that I was eating. With a pleasure filled smile, I took my time and enjoyed the strong, dark flavors while Jason looked on in shock. When I was finally through feasting on Tyler's delectable poop chute, I crawled back onto the seat and let him pump a fast, satisfying load into my own turd tunnel while I moaned with pleasure. When he seeded me and pulled out, I dropped to my knees and enjoyed the flavors that lined his pleasure stick until he hiked his pants and walked out.

When Jason joined me in the outhouse, he wanted me to lick his ass first, and I anxiously agreed to this arrangement. I dropped to my knees again, completely disregarding the dried and moist pee that had collected on the floor, and fell into a lust filled eating of Jason's stinky bottom. It was so yummy and I was enjoying it so much that I never wanted my feast to end, but then he asked if he could still cum in my mouth and I instinctively agreed to blow him.

When I sat back and swallowed his load, he presented his ass to me again, and I found myself rimming him deep while I took long, satisfying whiffs of his caca cave. My tongue and my nose were both working double time and a half at his back door, so much so that he quickly regained his boner and was ready for more action. I hated to abandon my feast, but my phone was now alerting me every thirty seconds or so and I knew that David was now texting me too. Pulling my tongue out of Jason's yummy poop chute, I got back into the doggy style position and let him pump a hot, sizzling load of cum in my hole while I moaned like a harlot, then I sucked him clean again.

When I was finally ready to go, I pulled my pee soaked pants up and texted daddy and David that I was coming, then I opened the outhouse door just in time to see daddy standing there with a disappointed look on his face.

Before we got in the car, daddy made me take my shirt off and spread it out on the seat, then he and David got in and we drove home.

I knew I was in trouble when I first rode my bike up to the ball field. It was a daring move, to be sure, especially after the trouble that I was already in with daddy. But I was incredibly horny and wanted to hook up with another boy as soon as I could when I left Jacob's house. I sent a text to Jason, Jamal and Tyler, hoping that at least one of them would agree to meet me again. Luckily for me, all three of them agreed to see me, so I told them to meet me in the outhouse.

Much to my delight, Tyler was already there when I rode up on my bike, so I locked it up and we slipped into the outhouse completely unnoticed. Just like the day before, it had already been used by a number of little leaguers and their coaches and the smell was really strong. I didn't let that get in the way of having a good time with Tyler, though, and quickly found myself sucking cock for him, much the same way that I had the day before. When he was about to blow his load, I hopped up and dropped my jeans, grinning over my shoulder as he slipped his cock into my horny behind and serviced it for a full minute before seeding me.

He casually hinted that he wanted a rim job, so I acted on his offer, eagerly tonguing his stink hole while he texted Jason and Jamal to hurry up. With my tongue still lodged in his pooper, someone knocked at the door and Tyler said, “It's going to be a little bit.”

Without abandoning the rim job I was giving him, I listened as someone came out of the outhouse right beside us, then whoever was knocking went inside. Giving my lover a naughty grin, I got up and offered him another piece of ass, and much to my delight, he accepted my offer. When we emerged from the outhouse, he rode away on his bike while I scoped the area out for any sign of my other two tops.

While I was watching out for Jamal and Jason, a cute 12 year old from my school named Nicholas caught my eye and I quickly lured him to the outhouse. I had the freckle faced brunette out of his undies in no time and made a fast play for his hairless boy cock by wrapping my lips around it. When he shivered with a dry orgasm, I offered to lick his ass for him, but only if he promised to spread the word at school. With a naughty smile, the 6th grader agreed and I eagerly ate his smelly, unkempt anus while he let go of adorable moans. With my tongue still working against his poo hole, my phone chimed with a text from Jamal that he was there.

Seeing Nicholas off with a reminder of his promise to tell everyone that I ate his ass, I found Jamal watching from afar and gave him a naughty wink. When the coast was clear, we went back into the outhouse and I sucked cock for him like a prostitute with a greedy pimp. After blowing his load down my throat, he let me spend a pleasure filled afterglow licking his nuts and rubbing his hot hole with my fingertips. Sensing that I wanted to give him another rim job, Jamal let me proceed and I was in a state of sheer bliss. In no time flat, he was hard as a rock again so I crawled onto the toilet seat and placed my hands flat against the wall while he slid his rod up my butt, then he fucked me silly while I tried unsuccessfully to suppress my feminine moans.

When he bred my hole again, he pulled out and slapped me on the ass, then he let me suck cock for him while he texted Jason. We found out that Jason was going to be a while, but Jamal had to get moving so I left the outhouse and cruised the ballpark for another hookup. It didn't take me long to entice a cute companion, this time a ninth grader named Kirby who I'd been eying ever since I first came out of the closet at school.

He knew about me from the year before, when I was a sixth grader and he was an eighth grader. I spent the entire school year dropping both subtle and blatant hints that I was interested in having a fling with him, but he didn't seem to pick them up. When I reminded him that I was gay and into boys like him, he smiled at me through his shiny braces, seemingly oblivious to my intentions. I even told him that his braces were cute, and he only thanked me with a shy smile.

But today he didn't hesitate when I offered to give him head in the outhouse. His hair was sweaty and his uniform was dirty, and I couldn't wait to have him. As soon as the coast was clear, we went inside and locked the door, and I made the first move by shoving my hand down the front of his pants. After playing with his junk, I pulled his jock strap down and set his cup to the side, then I settled into a sensual worship of his sweaty cock and balls. When he presented me with his yummy load, I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the ass and he eagerly agreed.

I took the initiative to help him get hard again by licking his delicious tasting butthole. His crack was lined with sweat and I took nothing but pleasure in licking it all away, then I centered my tongue against his pucker and experienced a strong, spicy flavor explosion that gave me chills. After having his ass licked for a few minutes, he was up to the challenge of fucking me. Wanting to take it missionary style this time, I laid across the seat and pulled my knees to my chest, letting him penetrate my hole while I smiled up at him. I could feel the accumulated piss soaking into the back of my shirt but I didn't care at all. Forty five seconds after he entered me, Kirby filled my hole with a load that he blew with a frantic look on his cute face.

Giving him a wink, I offered to let him come see me at home anytime he felt like it, even if my daddy was there. I told him he could even spend the night if he wanted because I was totally out of the closet at home. We traded cell phone numbers and I asked if he would be interested in spreading the word that I was cruising the park for gay lovers. Giving me a naughty smile, he offered to write it on the dugout wall when no one was looking, then I watched with a dreamy sigh as he hurried back to rejoin his team mates in the dugout.

When Jason finally arrived, I was so horny I could hardly stand it. Right away his nose picked up the smell of drying piss on my clothes and I told him that I had been seeing guys almost non stop since I got there. We waited for a boy who was using the outhouse to come out, and he finally emerged. When we went in, it was clear he hadn't gone in there to pee, but the smell didn't phase me at all. I was too horny to think about anything but sex with Jason, so when I dropped my pants and crawled onto the seat, he simply plugged his nose and gave me the fudge packing I was so horny for.

When it was over I was feeling so aroused that I recklessly moved in to give him a rim job while he smiled over his shoulder at me. Just like last time, his poop chute was delectable and I took great pleasure in giving it deep, forceful licks while my body shivered with horny delight. When I abandoned his turd tunnel, it was only so I could climb back onto the seat and take my butt fucking like a good little gay boy. After he seeded me again, I spent a luscious after glow licking his cock and balls while he took a text from his dad.

When my cute classmate left me, I found myself back on the prowl, not wanting to leave the ballpark while I was on such a roll. Out of nowhere, I got a text from a stranger who said he found my name and number on the wall of the dugout. Realizing that this was Kirby's handy work, I anxiously texted him back that I was sucking cocks and licking asses in the outhouses. After making arrangements to meet, I hurried back to the area where the outhouses were and found myself looking at a very cute, very hunky looking 15 year old named Luke.

Luring him into the first available outhouse, I eagerly laid in the missionary position for him. Placing myself across the dirty seat, I bit my lower lip and spread my legs wide while I used my trembling hands to guide his thick rod into my yearning boy box. It didn't take long for me to find gay ecstasy with this stud hammering my doody hole, running his cock deep while I moaned like a little girl. Every plunge he fed me lit my body on fire, and soon the flames of passion consumed me and I experienced a punishing anal orgasm.

When Luke pulled out of me, I told him that I was sucking cocks and licking asses, too, and I was interested in doing both for him. He let me go to work on his rod, sucking on it with lusty whimpers while his teen set dangled by my chin. After a satisfying minute with his cock in my mouth, I begged him to let me suck his balls and lick his ass for him, and he agreed with an incredulous smile. His nuts were so warm and salty, and I delighted in sucking every single trace of sweat I could find.

When I moved to his backside, the aroma was rich and pleasing, and I could hardly wait to feast. When I began licking up and down his sweat filled crack, he cooed and I knew he would never want me to stop. I zeroed in on his hot, spicy hole and ate it with soft, pleasure filled moans. I honestly lost track of time while I was enjoying his caca cave and it was the frantic knock of a little boy who needed a toilet that pulled me out of my spell.

“We'll be right out,” I assured the kid, then I resumed the deep rimming while Luke sighed and moaned along with me. Two minutes later we both emerged and the frantic 8 year old ran inside, pressing his hands against his bottom. I thanked Luke for a good time and told him to call or text me anytime. I also let him know that he could spread the word that I was looking for more asses and dicks to service with my mouth, and that I was anxious for another rooting. By then then smell of drying pee was swirling all around me along with the distinctive aroma left behind by all of the rim jobs I had given, but I was determined to cruise the park for another gay encounter.

Happily for me, I managed to catch the eye of another cute baseball player, one I recognized from my brother's team. His name was Tanner, and when I found out that they had won their game, I offered him a congratulatory blow job in the outhouse if he was interested. Taking me up on my offer, he followed me back to the outhouse, where the kid was just emerging with a look of genuine relief on his face. When we went inside, there was a dark stink that was filling the stall, causing Tanner to crinkle his nose while I got down to business, pulling his juicy wiener out of his uniform and wrapping my lips around it with a naughty expression. Two minutes later, I sat up and swallowed while he watched me with a cute smile, so I told him that I was interested in more than just sucking cock.

Five minutes later, I pulled my face out of his sweaty crack and Tanner put his cup back in. The taste and aroma of his flavor filled poop chute was strong in my mouth and all over my face, joining the remnants of the other rim jobs I had given over the course of the day. My body was burning with desire when I emerged from the outhouse with my cute companion in tow, wondering how quickly I could hook up with another boy when I found myself face to face with my daddy, who looked even more flustered than he was the day before.

“It stinks in here,” my brother David complained, rolling the window down as we pulled out of the ballpark. My bike was in the trunk with my shirt, but I didn't wear any underwear so I had to leave my pee soaked pants on. I was pouting at my daddy as he looked at me in the rear view mirror, giving me an expectant look as he waited for me to explain myself.

“Well young man, I'm waiting,” he said, but I simply crossed my arms in my typical stubborn fashion.

“I don't have anything to say to you right now!” I retorted, my feelings hurt at his sharp words, the disruption of my fun and my subsequent grounding.

“You're mad at me?” he asked incredulously, and I nodded with my lower lip hanging down. “Please let me know what it is that you have to be upset with me over.”

“Because, daddy, it isn't fair,” I pleaded through a teary eyed sob. “You wouldn't let me come to see David play this morning and then you made me come home with you and now I can't go anywhere!”

In a calm voice, daddy explained, “I didn't let you come to the ballpark because yesterday, we had to look all over for you, only to find you in an outhouse. Then we had to drive you home and keep the windows down because you smelled just like the inside of an outhouse, son.”

“It wasn't that bad,” I muttered quietly as I used the back of my hand to dry my eyes, but daddy continued.

“And now today, since you didn't do what you were asked, we have to drive you home again. And we have the windows down again because one more time, you're stinking up the car, baby.”

“He smells like pee and poop,” David griped, turning in his seat to face me.

“I'm sorry,” I said in a small voice, looking at them both with puppy dog eyes. “I guess I just got really horny.”

“I accept your apology, sweetie,” daddy said, then he smiled warmly at me. “You know, there are a lot of cute boys on our street who I'm sure would like to spend the night tonight, Bobby. I'll bet that if you get nice and clean, you can call a couple of them up and see about a sleepover.”

“Oh daddy, you always give the fairest punishments!” I gushed, clasping my hands together while daddy and David shared a knowing smile between them. “I love you, daddy. I love you too, David.”

“I love you, Bobby,” my big brother said, smiling back at me with affectionate eyes.

“You know how much daddy loves his littlest gay boy,” daddy reminded me. “When we get home, I want you to get upstairs and out of those smelly jeans and I'll run a bubble bath for you, okay?”

“Thank you, daddy,” I lisped, feeling my heart burst with joy. “Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“How long do I have to stay in my room for?” I asked with a curious lisp.

“Well, let's see how many boys you can get to come visit you this weekend, baby,” he said with a wink. “If you get a nice long line, we might have to keep you in your room all weekend and they'll have to visit you in your bed.”

“But what if I don't have that many boys to come visit me?” I asked, and he smiled.

“Then we'll have to see about ending your punishment early so you can get out there and cruise for boys, baby,” he told me.

“I had a nice cruise this morning,” I told him, and he smiled again through the rear view mirror.

“I know you did, honey,” he said, giving me a wink. “I saw you going in and out of that toilet with a different boy every time. You were very busy.”

“Were you proud of me?” I asked, and he nodded his answer.

“I was a really proud daddy this morning,” he said, reaching over to ruffle David's sweaty hair. “I had one boy scoring on the baseball field, and I had another boy scoring all morning in the outhouse.”

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