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If you’re just here for a quickie, you might want to hit the back button straight away and try something else. This story follows two boys as they discover each other and ultimately themselves, and while there’s a whole lot of confusion and emotion, there probably won’t be any actual sex until the story is more underway. For now, I hope it has enough other merits for you to enjoy it anyway.

Note: The first few chapters of this story are taken in part from my previous story, Meeting Jay. However, I’ve made the chapters much shorter this time, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with myself, and some major plot inconsistencies have been fixed. I’ve also (I hope) improved the readability and style considerably. If you read the previous version, I’d strongly recommend reading the first chapters again here before you move on to the new material, otherwise you may get a little confused. If you drop me an email, I’ll let you know as each new chapter is published.

Chapter I

~ Solitude ~

Alex pedaled slowly, thinking. He did a lot of thinking. Right now he was thinking about his Dad. It was two years now since the accident, but the memories, instead of fading away, seemed to get more painful every day.

He’d been a great Dad – the kind of guy who knew exactly what Alex needed, and when. If Alex wanted privacy, his dad always seemed to be somewhere else, doing something else; and if Alex needed to talk about something, his dad was always there.

After the accident, Alex had gotten shy and introverted. He wasn’t his old cheerful self any more, and he spent a lot of his time shut in his room. At school he talked a lot less, preferring to concentrate on his schoolwork. He’d used to be popular and fun to be with, but his friends had slowly drifted away as he became more and more silent and thoughtful.

When his dad was alive, if Alex had a question, or something was worrying him, he knew he could always ask him – and he knew his dad would always give an honest answer. But now, if he was worried or unsure about something, all he could do was go over it in his mind, until it grew from a worry to a nightmare. He knew he was letting things get to him. And now, just going into puberty, he needed his dad more than ever. He had more questions that needed answering than ever before, and he needed someone to talk to about his problems, and help him understand what was happening to him as he grew up.

He turned down his street, past the little corner shop which had been there ever since he could remember. The old man in the window watched forlornly – he still remembered the old days, when Alex used to wave to him as he passed every day, and sometimes stop to buy a pretzel or a coke.

As he neared his house, Alex saw a removal van parked outside the house opposite. So somebody had finally bought it… probably another elderly couple who smelt of urine and tried to offer him stale cookies. Most of the people in this street were.

He got off his bike, wheeling it into the garage.

“I’m back!” he called, as he opened the front door. There was no answer. He hadn’t expected one. “Looks like someone finally moved in across the street…”

“I saw.” His mom’s appeared around the kitchen door. She looked like she’d been crying. Alex looked at her sadly. He wanted to hug her, but somehow the idea scared him now. It was like her soul, her energy, had died with Dad. And gradually, she and Alex were slipping apart. It wasn’t that they didn’t love each other any more, just that the openness and the fun had gone.

Dinner was quiet. It usually was, now. Alex paid little attention to the food, watching the men across the street moving furniture. A leather sofa came out of the truck and down the drive, followed by a wall TV. Maybe not an elderly couple then. He didn’t spend much time wondering – why should he? People came, people went. They never took any notice of Alex and his Mom any more, and he preferred it that way.

*   *   *

The next day was a Saturday. Alex woke up late, and lay in his bed, not feeling like getting up just yet. He had morning wood, and he absent-mindedly rubbed his boxers as he lay there.

Eventually, he hauled himself out of bed, and stood looking at himself in the mirror by the window. He didn’t see the pair of eyes watching him from the window across the street.

At thirteen, he was about average height but skinny for his age, and his untanned skin was just beginning to show traces of hair. His clear green eyes stared back at him from his reflection, as he examined his arms and chest. He’d started to do more exercise recently, and it definitely made a difference to his body. It looked like the very beginnings of a six-pack might be forming and his arms were a little less wiry than they had once been. His eyes moved down. He was still hard, and there was a prominent tent in his white boxers. He rubbed it a little more, and squirmed as it tingled as if with anticipation.

The pair of eyes across the street took in every detail.

Alex turned towards the window to grab his towel from the radiator, just in time to see a blond head disappear from the window directly opposite his. He didn’t think much of it at the time. Why would he? He didn’t much mind what color his next-door neighbor’s hair was. But for some reason, it stuck in his mind.

As bedrooms go, Alex’s wasn’t great. His bed was a single, and the wall was only a couple of meters from the foot of it. On its right were his computer desk and his wardrobe, and on the left was the door. He grabbed his towel from the radiator and threw it over his shoulders, then crossed the landing to the bathroom. Once safely inside, he let the towel fall to the floor and slipped down his boxers. Stepping into the shower, he slid the frosted glass door closed and turned on the water. He flinched and pulled away as cold water hit his chest, but quickly began to relax as the water warmed up.

Once he was done peeing, he soaped himself up all over, starting with his legs, then his arms, then moving down his chest towards his semi-boner. He often played with himself a little in the shower, since he started waking up with a hard-on. As his soapy fingers slid over his now rock hard dick, the feelings coming from it got more intense.

He tried to figure out what he was thinking about... the other boys at school talked about how awesome “jacking off” and thinking  about girls was, so he tried picturing his friend Lucia. Nothing happened.  He remembered something his friend Mikey had said to him, and tried to imagine it was her hand rubbing against him. His dick didn’t seem quite as firm under his fingers as it had done… whatever was meant to happen, he didn’t think it was that. He tried rubbing harder, and Mikey’s words came back to him again. Suddenly he realized it was Mikey’s face he was looking at and not Lucia’s, and he found himself picturing Mikey’s body instead, Mikey’s hand… That wasn’t right! It was meant to be a girl who you thought about. Mikey had said that himself. Was he different from the others? Or maybe they were just making it up, trying to show off to each other.

He’d never carried on rubbing his dick for this long before, and the intense tingling feeling grew more acute. His breathing came in short bursts. He moved his hand faster and faster, hardly able to control it any more. It felt so great that he wanted it to go on for ever. He didn’t need to try and think about Lucia any more, his own body was giving him so much enjoyment.

He stretched out a hand to support himself against the wall beside him and had to stifle a moan as his dick gave him the pleasure that only a twelve year old boy can experience.

The hot water splashed down on his neck and shoulders.

As Alex’s young body spasmed and shook with the satisfaction of his first ever orgasm, the face he’d seen across the street surfaced in his memory.

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