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Chapter II

~ Jay ~

Jay was gay. He’d known since he was about 10. He wasn’t sure what had finally made him realize, but he’d always known that he didn’t feel the same way about girls as other boys his age did. And then, little things had started to make him notice. Like the fact that there were certain boys at school he couldn’t take his eyes off.

The problem was, everybody seemed to think being gay was a bad thing. Jay was pretty sure it couldn’t be, or else why didn’t you have a choice about it? Something you couldn’t control couldn’t be that bad… could it?

His dad hadn’t seemed to mind too much when he’d told him. Jay’s dad was a pretty cool guy. He was some kind of a designer – Jay wasn’t sure really, but he thought it might be something to do with fashion. If there was one thing wrong with him though, it was that for him, work always came first.

Jay thought that might have been the reason he’d lost his mom. She’d taken them both by surprise, packing her bags while they were both out. They’d met her on the way out as they got home, and she’d taken the car and driven off without a word. Jay and his dad had stood there, not knowing what to say, for all of five minutes, before Jay’s dad looked at him and said, “I’m gonna make this work out, son.”

And he had. They had a great life, with everything they needed – a new house in a nice part of town, plenty of money, and hardly anything to worry about. Jay’s dad still spent a lot of time working, but he still managed to find enough time for his son.

Jay had done okay at his old school, and in his spare time he hung out with friends or went swimming. Which reminded him, he was going to have to explore this new area some time, and find out where everything was. He really hoped there was a leisure park or a pool somewhere nearby.

From what he’d seen of the neighborhood so far, it was pretty great. It was reasonably quiet, but there were still plenty of shops in the area – but the best thing so far seemed to be the neighbors. He guessed it had been kinda wrong, perving on the kid across the road like that... but that didn’t change the fact that he’d been cute as hell. He looked to be slightly taller than Jay, and his hair was short and black, contrasting nicely with his light skin.

Jay’s mind wandered, imagining him and the boy from across the street together. In his imagination he grabbed the boy by the hand, dragged him into the bedroom… a daydream he’d had countless times before. And yet, this time it seemed more real.

He wondered why he was so keen on this particular guy. He’d played around with a few boys before – his old school had had a really open kind of atmosphere, and quite a few of his friends had admitted to being gay, or just been willing to experiment – but he’d never felt quite the same way about them as he did about Alex.

Usually, when he’d see a cute guy, he’d maybe indulge in a fantasy and sometimes try and get to know them, but he’d soon forget about them. This was different. He couldn’t get Alex out of his mind – and every time he thought about him, he felt a kind of painful longing feeling he didn’t really recognize.

Jay came back down to earth. Of course the guy across the street wouldn’t be gay. The cute guys never were. He heard the front door close. That must be the last of the furniture. He jumped up off his bed and ran downstairs, where his dad was already unpacking some boxes, and started to look for his things among the piles of boxes and cases littering the floor.

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