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Chapter IV

~ Nighttime Adventures ~

Alex’s mom had gone out somewhere, and he was bored. But then, Sundays were always boring at Alex’s place. If he’d had friends who lived nearby, he could have gone out to see a movie, or gone skating, or something. But as it was, he was always stuck in the house, doing chores for his mom, and thinking. He wondered if that would change now that Jay was around. If they made friends, Jay and he could maybe spend their weekends together... they could spend the whole day together, go down the arcade and play some video games, maybe get a pizza, just generally hang out together.

Why couldn’t he stop thinking about Jay? This was really starting to freak him out. He tried a different approach... what would dad say if he were here? It was obvious that if he couldn’t stop thinking about this guy, he must really like him. Either that, or really hate him. And he was pretty sure it wasn’t that.

“So dad, what should I do about it?”

“Well son, you should... um...” This wasn’t working. If he couldn’t have a dad, he wished he at least had a best friend he could talk to about it... friends understood things. That was it! That must be the reason he couldn’t stop thinking about Jay. Sure, Alex had friends, but he’d never really had a best friend. Not someone he could confide in, someone who would help him out when things weren’t going too good. Everyone else in his grade seemed to have a best friend, and now he realized he must just be jealous.

But how could he get to be friends with Jay, he wondered? He didn’t really know how you went about making a best friend... and what if Jay didn’t like him? He spend the rest of the day (and quite a lot of the night) worrying. His dad would have known what to do...

It must have been quite late when his mom got back. He heard the door open... was that a man’s voice he could hear? The door creaked quietly closed, and Alex drifted off to sleep without thinking much more of it.

*   *   *

Jay squeezed a little more of the KY jelly onto his finger, and rubbed it around a little. With his other hand he slipped his boxers off onto the floor, and sank down onto his bed where he’d left his laptop ready. The bed was a king-size double, so there was plenty of space, and he rolled over so he was facing the screen. He started to rub his ready-lubed finger around his asshole, pressing very lightly at first, and moving it around in small circles. With his other hand he deftly opened up his internet browser, and typed in the password for his online Favorites page. All his ordinary bookmarks were just saved on his computer, but this was where he kept his more... personal ones.

Top of the list was nifty.org, along with a few links to his favorite stories, but he scrolled past it until he found what he was looking for. He gently stroked his cock, which pulsed excitedly as it stood to attention against his belly, while his computer loaded up a free gay porn site.

The front door clicked, and Jay froze. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs towards his room, and looked towards the door in panic. The bolt was fastened, and he breathed a sigh of relief. He heard his dad call “Night Jay!” as he passed his room. He was still rubbing his slick finger around his asshole gently, and struggled to keep the shaking out of his voice as he called back “Night Dad!”

He heard his dad retreat to his room, and started to rub his cock in earnest. The picture on the screen was of an 18 year old guy getting fucked by an older looking man, and Jay pushed his finger deeper into his ass, moving it in and out slightly, and going slightly further in with each movement. The muscles surrounding his finger tensed slightly as he pushed, and he let out a soft moan. Shit, he though. Dad better not have heard that.

He carried on jacking his cock for a couple more minutes, exploring his ass with his other finger, but he realized that the picture wasn’t really turning him on that much. The guys were both quite old, and had a lot of hair around their cock and balls which Jay didn’t really like – and he found himself imagining what it would be like if it was him and the kid from across the road in the picture instead.

Damn, Alex was hot. Jay wondered what he had meant by that stare. He could remember the piercing blue eyes... it had almost felt as if Alex was looking inside him. Had he been trying to say something, or had he just been bored and thinking about something else? He hoped it was the first... but no, that was just too wishful.

And then the smile. It had been so shy, but so cute. And Jay had just grinned back... he felt like he should have done something more now. But he had no idea what. Maybe winked at him? Naw, that would have been too cheesy. And besides, it had probably been just a smile, nothing more.

Still, there was no point worrying about it. Whether Alex was gay or not, he could still fantasize about him. He looked back at the screen, and the people in the picture seemed to change before his eyes. He saw himself kneeling on the floor, and Alex behind him, his dick inside Jay’s ass.

Jay moaned again just thinking about it, and moved his finger faster, imagining it was Alex’s hard little cock sliding in and out of him. Images of him and Alex together flashed through his mind, and as his ass contracted around his finger and his dick pulsated in one of the best orgasms of his young life, he felt like he could see those bright green eyes again, staring straight into his heart.

He lay back, breathing heavily, and thought he felt something sticky drip onto his belly. He looked down, and saw that the tip of his cock was glistening with liquid. He grinned with pleasure as he realized he’d just produced his first ever cum, and he dipped his clean finger into the tiny pool resting on his belly. Mm, he thought, licking it off. It wasn’t that bad. Not bad at all. He wondered if Alex could cum yet, and what his would taste like. Damn… his dick was getting hard again. He shut down the laptop and turned over, pulling the covers over him, and it wasn’t long before he was fast asleep.

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