Scarface and the Alien - Chapter Eight

In this chapter Martin finally learns a bit about sex, and from a practical point of view, too. And his brother improves his practical knowledge of it as well...


So, have you recovered from being wild?” Luke asked Martin, as soon as he arrived.

“I think so. I had a good bath and ate something hot, so I suppose I’m back to normal. Are we going to do what we said and carry on with the game, but being sort of semi-civilised, using the tent and the cooker and speaking English and so on?”

“I’d like to do it like that, but it’s up to you. Maybe you’ve had enough exercise for one day. If you have we could just spend the evening reading – I wouldn’t mind that.”

“I’d like to do that a bit later, but I really don’t mind if you want to do something else before it gets dark – a bit more exploring, or something like that. And really it’s up to you: you’re still the alpha male, after all.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I like being alpha, but I don’t want to make you do a lot of stuff you don’t want. I nearly treated you badly yesterday evening.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll tell you later. But, anyway, you can challenge me again if you want a shot at being alpha, or we could just be completely civilised and equal if you prefer.”

“Well… I think we should carry on as we were, at least to start with. I know we’re going to be cheating a lot with food and the tent and everything, but the basic game is still the same. And that means that if I don’t want you in charge I have to challenge you, and I’m not ready to do that yet because I think you’d beat me. So you’re still alpha, at least for tonight. Is that okay?”

“It’s fine by me. Let’s get the tent sorted out, and then we can decide… okay, I’ll decide what we’re going to do until it gets dark.”

They went to the tent and Luke unpacked his bag. This contained another sleeping bag, a gas lantern and some more food. Martin waited outside while Luke got everything organised inside, and then Luke called him in. He found that there was now a blanket underneath the first sleeping bag, that the second had been attached to it at the foot and folded back with the second blanket beside it, and that everything else had been stacked neatly at the far end of the tent.

“I think we’ll be warmest if we use the sleeping-bags as a double one,” Luke said. “If we aren’t warm enough like that we’ll put the blanket on top. I’ve even found a couple of inflatable cushions we can use as pillows.” He indicated these, still uninflated, at one side of the tent. “So, which side do you want?”

“I don’t mind. You choose.”

“Okay, I’ll take the right side. Lie down and we’ll see if we’ve got enough room.”

Martin took his trainers off – Luke and already removed his – and lay down on the sleeping bag, and Luke came and lay beside him.

“I think there’s enough room,” Martin said. “So, should we get undressed?”

Luke hesitated, but only briefly. “Okay, then,” he said. “You go first, and I’ll try to stay out of your way.”

Martin undressed, folding his clothes up as he went and putting them into his bag, which he put next to Luke’s at the far end of the tent. Once he was naked he sat cross-legged next to the bags so that Luke would have room to get undressed, and when Luke was naked – and he just stuffed his clothes into his bag without folding them – they lay down side by side and Luke pulled the sleeping bag over them, though without zipping it up. Martin inflated one of the pillows and passed the other to Luke, and then they lay quietly for a couple of minutes.

“I think we’ll sleep well in here,” said Martin. “I didn’t sleep too badly last night, but we’ll be more comfortable like this. Of course, it is cheating if we’re going to carry on with our experiment, and if you think we should go back to the pine tree for the night we can – but this would be warmer, probably.”

“I think it’s okay if we cheat from now on. We’ve already proved we can manage without the tent, so we don’t need to do it again. And the same goes for hot food and speaking English – though it might be fun to practise our growling language a bit, because it would mean we could talk to each other without anyone else understanding us. But I’d like to do some more training… you’re not angry with me for hitting you while we were training, are you?”

“Of course not. I’m no use to the pack if I’m too weak to hunt, so you have to make me stronger – and I’m sure that if we were doing it for real you’d have hit me a lot harder and a lot more often, or maybe you’d have given up on me and killed me so that you could eat me. So really I think you let me off too easily.”

“I’ll hit you a lot more in future if you want me to,” offered Luke.

“It’s not that I want you to, obviously, just that I think you probably should. Really you treated me too well – I mean, you probably wouldn’t have shared the food with me unless I’d earned it if we were doing it properly, either. I’m glad you did, of course, but maybe it was a bit unrealistic.”

Luke looked at him. “You really want me to be realistic?” he asked.

“Well, yes… except for killing me, anyway. Otherwise it won’t be a proper experiment.”

“Yes, but… look, Martin, the trouble is that you’re my friend, and I want us to go on being friends afterwards. If I’m cruel to you, or hurt you, or do stuff you really don’t want, you’ll hate me and won’t want to be friends afterwards.”

“No, I won’t. I want to do this properly, even if that means I get hurt. But I’ll still want to be friends with you afterwards whatever happens.”

“You might not. See, yesterday evening I nearly did some bad things to you.”

“What sort of bad things? Beating me, you mean – or are you talking about forcing me to try to climb down the rope?”

“No, nothing like that – although it would be good if you could use the rope, and maybe we can try to find a way to work on that later. No, it’s just… well… I was having some bad thoughts about you. See, if we were really in that situation, permanently, not going home after a couple of days... well… I might have…. No, I would have done things to you. Sex things.”

“What do you mean?”

“Bloody hell, Martin, can’t you guess? If I was really an alpha male, and we were the only humans around, I’d have made you have sex with me.”

“What do you mean, ‘have sex’? What are you talking about?”

Luke stared at him. “You know what having sex is. Everyone does.”

“I don’t. I’ve never been taught anything about it. I think my brother knows, and I was going to ask him, but I haven’t got around to it yet.”

“Are you serious? How old are you, Martin?”

“I’m twelve.”

“You’re twelve years old and you don’t know anything about sex? Oh, come on – even if you missed the classes at school, you must have friends who’ll have talked about it with you, surely?”

“I don’t go to school – I told you that before. I haven’t since I was nine. And I haven’t got any friends, either… well, except you, now. Apart from my brother there’s nobody I could ask awkward questions. I suppose I could talk to my dad, but I’d be too embarrassed – and, anyway, I’m sure my mother will make sure I’m taught about it when I’m old enough to need to know.”

“So you really don’t know anything at all about sex?”

Martin shook his head.

“Haven’t you ever kissed a girl?”

“No – why would I want to do that?”

“Well, because you really like her, of course. Haven’t you ever seen a girl and thought something like ‘wow, she’s really pretty’?”

“No. I don’t see a lot of girls – but I can’t imagine wanting to kiss one, anyway. I know some boys do like kissing girls, because I’ve seen it happen on television, but I don’t really understand it. I’ve only ever kissed my parents – and my brother, sometimes.”

“You’ve kissed your brother? Why?”

“Well, because I love him, I suppose. Sometimes he’s really nice to me – okay, he teases me a lot, too, but I’m scared of thunderstorms, and when one wakes me up Miles lets me share his bed and tries to make me feel less scared. So when that happens I sometimes kiss him to say thank you and to show him I love him.”

“Well, that’s why boys kiss girls, to show them that they love them.”

“Oh. Okay, I suppose that makes sense… but kissing is nothing to do with sex, surely? I mean, like I said, I kiss my brother…”

“Well, no, it isn’t, really… but when a boy likes a girl, they might start out by holding hands and kissing, but after they get to know each other really well they might go past kissing and start doing sex-type things as well. Of course, some people do sex-type things with people they don’t love, or even like, just because it feels good… but that’s not really the same.”

“Yes, but what do you mean by ‘sex-type things’? What do they do, exactly?”

“Well… do you know where babies come from?”

“Yes. In reptiles and birds – and most other creatures, too, like insects and spiders and fish - the young hatch from eggs. They’re called oviparous creatures. In mammals – except for the duck-billed platypus and one other that I’ve forgotten, which lay eggs – the young gestate inside the mother. Mammals are viviparous creatures.”

“Thank you for the lecture, Professor. Well, forget the fish and birds and insects and duck-billed platypi…”

“Platypuses,” interrupted Martin. “It’s Greek, not Latin, so the plural should be ‘puses’… actually, strictly speaking it should be ‘platypodes’, but for some reason nobody ever says that. Some dictionaries say you can just use ‘platypus’ as the plural, like ‘moose’ or ‘sheep’…”

“Shut up! I don’t care what the plural is – I’m never likely to meet one, never mind two, so they can call themselves whatever they like. What I was asking, before you interrupted, was: do you know how the young start gestating inside the mother?”

“Well… not exactly. It’s something I haven’t really studied. I know eggs are still involved, though in mammals the eggs are really, really small. I don’t know why they appear in the first place, though.”

“Okay. Well, in order for an egg to grow into a baby it has to be fertilised, and that’s just like the reptiles and fish and platypussypodes – any egg that is going to grow into something living has to be fertilised. And in mammals – in fact, let’s just talk about people, it’ll be a lot easier – in humans, the egg is carried by the female but the fertilisation is done by the male. Which is why you need a man and a woman to create a baby. So – how does the man fertilise the egg?”

Martin shrugged.

Luke still found it incredible that a boy could reach the age of twelve without knowing this stuff. Maybe thirty years ago, he thought, before we had computers – but even then he supposed it would have been taught in schools. Of course, Martin didn’t go to school and he hadn’t got a computer, so maybe he really didn’t have any way to find out about sex.

“Well,” he said, throwing the sleeping bag back so that they could see each other’s bodies, “that’s what that is for.” And he pointed at Martin’s penis.

“Are you sure? I thought that was just used for urinating.”

“Well, that’s true in boys of our age and younger. But when we get a little bit older we’ll be able to use them to make babies. Haven’t you ever wondered what your balls are for?”

“I suppose so, but I’ve never seriously thought about it.”

“Well, your balls are where your body makes the stuff that fertilises eggs. Loads of tiny little things called sperm are made in your balls – they look like tadpoles, but they’re really, really tiny – and when you have sex with a girl they sort of swim into her body and meet up with an egg that she makes in her ovaries. And if everything goes well one of them fertilises the egg and starts a baby growing.”

“Okay, I suppose that’s sort of logical. But how does it happen – I mean, how do the sperm get from him into her?”

“Well, you know girls are different… I don’t suppose you’ve actually seen a naked girl, have you?”

Martin shook his head. “But I know they don’t have a penis or testicles,” he said. “At my last school some of the boys in my class said I couldn’t be a real boy because I don’t like football. They said I must be a girl in disguise. So they pulled my shorts and pants down to see if I was a girl, and one of them said, ‘No, he’s got a willy, so he really is a boy,’ or something like that. So I know girls don’t have a penis.”

“That’s right. They have a hole instead. It’s a sort of two-tier arrangement: they pee out of it, but there’s also a sort of tunnel you put your penis into when you have sex. And that’s how the sperm get from you into her.”

“Oh. Okay, I’ll remember that. But… when you were talking about us as feral boys, you said you might have made me have sex with you. How could you do that when we’re both boys? Obviously I haven’t got a place for you to put your penis.”

“Well, we couldn’t do it properly, obviously, but there is a way for me to have sex with you: I could put my penis in your bum.”

Martin stared at him. “Why?” he asked. “I haven’t got any eggs and boys can’t have children, so what would be the point? And, anyway, it would be messy, doing that, wouldn’t it?”

“You don’t just do sex to have children. Most people do it for fun, because it feels really nice – in fact, most of the time when you have sex you don’t want the girl to get pregnant. That’s why they make contraceptives… okay, don’t worry about those at the moment. The point is that it feels good, and that’s why I might do it to you if we were really feral kids permanently. I’ve never done it with anyone before, so I don’t know for certain what it would feel like, but I can imagine wanting to find out. And probably it would be a bit mucky, but if it feels as good as people make out then probably I wouldn’t care very much.”

“Well, then probably you should do it to me, shouldn’t you? I mean, if we’re doing the experiment properly then you should treat me the way you would in real life. That way I’d learn more about power dynamics within the pack.”

Luke stared at him and pulled the sleeping bag back over them. “Look, Martin,” he said, “we’re friends. I like you a lot. If I did something like that to you – or if I hit you a lot and beat you when you mess up the training – you’d never want to speak to me again afterwards.”

“Yes, I would. I told you, I want to do this properly. I like you too, and I want us to stay friends, and whatever happens in our experiment that’s going to stay the same. So you should beat me and hurt me if I don’t work hard enough, and do sex with me if you want, and keep most of the food if I don’t earn any. You have to forget that we’re friends and just act the way a real alpha male feral boy would.”

“You swear that’s what you really want?”

“I swear.”

Luke was silent for a moment. “Okay,” he said, eventually. “But if you’re not happy and want to stop you just have to say so. Just say something like ‘I want to stop the experiment now’ and we’ll go back to being the real us.”

“Okay, but I won’t say that unless I’m really hurt. I want this to be a proper experiment. So we can be civilised for sleeping and eating, but the rest of the time we have to be properly feral, okay?”

“Okay. In that case, let’s rest for a bit and then we’ll go out there and do some more training.”

So Martin relaxed, though he was wondering exactly what he was letting himself in for here…

Miles and Twitch had a much more relaxing evening than the one Martin and Luke were planning. They walked back from the dip to Miles’s house and spent much of the evening watching TV and then playing in Miles’s bedroom. At nine o’clock Miles’s mother said they ought to get to bed and suggested that they ought to have a bath first, so they decided to stop their latest battle, declaring it a draw.

“You go and have your bath now while I get the bedroom a bit tidier,” said Miles – there were toy soldiers all over the floor. “Leave the water in – I’ll get in after you.”

“I can’t bathe on my own,” Twitch said. “Remember what I told you would happen if I had a seizure in the bath? I’d probably drown. I have to be supervised. I could ask your mum, but I’d much sooner you did it. Would that be okay?”

“Of course it would. Give me a hand putting this stuff away and then I’ll come and make sure you’re okay in the bath.”

So they finished tidying up and then Twitch took all his clothes off and went through to the bathroom, waiting while Miles ran the bath for him. Once it was ready he got in and lay back, no longer remotely self-conscious about being naked in front of his friend.

He enjoyed the warm water for a while and then washed himself, and Miles helped him to wash his hair by holding the spray attachment and using it to make sure all of the shampoo had been washed out. Finally Twitch said he was finished, stood up and got out of the bath, taking the towel Miles offered him and starting to dry himself.

“I’ll go and wait in the bedroom,” he offered as Miles started to undress.

“Why? Stay here and we can talk while I get washed.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Why should I mind? We’re friends, Twitch, and we’re going to sleep in the same bed, and I really don’t mind you seeing me undressed.”

He got into the bath and lay down, and they talked for a while about possible forfeits they had each dreamed up to inflict on their fellow crib-players next day. Some of these were to do with the other players’ genitals, and talking about this made Miles get an erection, which Twitch teased him about until the same thing happened to him. After that they changed the subject while Miles washed himself and then shampooed his hair (and Twitch helped him with the spray, although he also rather mischievously used it to spray Miles’s erection). Finally Miles stood up, still very stiff, and took the towel Twitch handed him.

“You look good like that,” Twitch told him. “I think Robyn was impressed. You’re bigger than anyone except Kevin, and maybe Jack, and yours looks nice, too. I think you’ll be able to get girlfriends really easily.”

“I don’t want a girlfriend – or not yet, anyway. Maybe I will when I get to secondary school, provided it doesn’t take too much time. After all, I’ll want to spend most of my spare time playing with you and Graham and the others.”

He finished drying himself, put the towel in the laundry basket, pulled the plug out of the bath, picked up his clothes and went back to the bedroom, where he dumped the clothes on a chair and got straight into bed.

“Aren’t you going to wear pyjamas?” Twitch asked.

“No, it’ll be too warm if we’re sharing. And I dare you to sleep naked, too.”

“Okay,” said Twitch straight away, and he put his pyjamas back into his bag, closed the curtains, turned the light out and got into bed. And Miles pulled him close and put his arm round him.

“Wasn’t there something we were going to do to help us get to sleep?” he asked.

“Yes, there was. Do you want to do it to me first?”

“Okay,” agreed Miles, and so Twitch rolled onto his back and Miles took hold of his erection, rubbing it slowly but steadily in the way Twitch had taught him. And gradually Twitch was dragged closer and closer to what turned out to be a highly satisfactory orgasm.

They switched places and Twitch returned the favour, though they had to stop to put a folded handkerchief into Miles’s mouth to stifle his gasps and groans a bit. Finally he bucked up hard, doing his best to suppress a cry of excitement.

“Wow, Twitch, that was amazing,” he said afterwards. “Thanks for teaching me how to do that – it’s a really cool feeling.”

“I like it. And you’re right, it’s way better doing it to each other instead of on our own.”

They snuggled up and eventually went to sleep.

Right,” said Luke, "let’s get some more training done.” He crawled out of the tent and stood up, and Martin came out and stood next to him. It was still quite warm, though there was a bit of a breeze.

“We’ll race to the far end of the dip and back to the branch, and if I beat you you’ll be punished,” said Luke. “Ready? Go!”

Martin did his best but still finished three or four yards behind Luke, who snarled at him and pushed him hard, making him fall over. Luke dropped onto his knees beside him and slapped Martin’s bottom as hard as he could, and Martin, who hadn’t been expecting it, gave a cry of pain.

“Run, you useless little baby,” snarled Luke, by now fully into his character as alpha male. “Run, or I’ll rip your balls off and eat them.”

He dragged Martin to his feet and made him race again, and Martin did his best to imagine how a real feral boy would feel – which was, he thought, terrified. He ran as fast as he possibly could, and although he finished second once more, at least he got a bit closer this time. Luke shoved him over again, but at least this time he didn’t hit him.

“You’re still too slow, but at least that time you were trying,” Luke said. “Now go again, on your own this time, and if I don’t think you’re trying I’ll kill you.”

Martin got to his feet and ran towards the edge of the dip as fast as he possibly could and then ran back absolutely flat out, dropping to his knees and breathing heavily.

“Better,” said Luke, adding the ‘feral language’ growl that conveyed satisfaction. “Now let’s try the rope.”

They swung on the rope for a while, and Martin found that a lot easier because he had learned the technique the previous afternoon. Next came the spear, and here Martin was still learning, and when he missed the tree completely Luke hit him hard, knocking him over, and then pinned him down and slapped his bottom as hard as he could, four times on each buttock. Martin yelled and struggled helplessly.

“If we were hunting and you missed your throw the whole pack could go hungry,” Luke told him. “You’d be threatening all of us with starvation. Now pick up the spear and go on practising until I say you can stop.”

Martin stood up, his bottom hurting, and limped off to pick up the spear. He knew that what Luke said was true: a pack had to work together when hunting, and they couldn’t afford to let their prey escape. So he concentrated hard and worked on his throwing until he was hitting the target – though not the centre of it – with every throw.

“That’s better,” said Luke. “Tomorrow you can try from further back. And now we’ll try climbing.”

Martin wasn’t happy about that, but Luke drove him up the tree again anyway, threatening to jab the spear up his bum if he didn’t climb. And while Martin was climbing Luke went and collected a second piece of rope, this one a bit thinner, from the tent, and then wrapped it around himself and climbed quickly up to stand next to Martin at the point where the branch with the rope attached grew out of the trunk.

“Can you tie a bowline?” he asked, handing one end of the rope to Martin.

“Yes, but I don’t think…”

“Shut up and do it, or I’ll just shove you off the branch.”

Martin was fairly sure Luke wouldn’t do that, but maybe if Luke got too much into character he might do it before his rational self retook command, so he tied the rope round his waist in a bowline.

“Now move out along the branch. Crawl if you don’t feel safe walking,” ordered Luke, reinforcing the order with a snarl demanding compliance.

Nervously Martin crawled along the branch, managing not to look down, until he reached the point where the thicker rope was tied to it. Luke took the end of the rope that was tied round Martin’s waist and fed it around the branch, making an extra loop around one of the smaller branches that grew off the main one and then tying the other end around his own waist.

“Now you’re secure,” he said, making sure that the loop around the branch was tight. “Take hold of the rope with both hands, hang on really tight, and then slip off the branch. Get your feet to grip the rope the way I showed you yesterday and then climb down hand over hand. Don’t slide or you’ll burn your hands.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Yes, you can. You can’t fall because I’ve got you on the other rope. Look, if you don’t just want to step off the branch try it like this: sit on the branch and then turn round as if you were going to lower yourself into a swimming pool with your back to the water. Slip down until your armpits are level with the branch - I’ve removed most of the bark there, so you won’t get caught up. Once you’re in position, hold on to the branch with your left arm and grab the rope with your right. Cross your feet and grip the rope with them the way I showed you yesterday, then let go of the branch and get hold of the rope with your left hand, and then you can lower yourself down. If you slip you won’t fall because you’re tied on.”

Martin didn’t like this at all: he was convinced he was going to fall, and that he might even pull Luke over with him. Even though he knew that the support rope was securely tied it was almost impossible to overcome his illogical fear. It was only because he didn’t want Luke to think he was a baby that he forced himself to sit on the branch and then turn and lower himself. But then he couldn’t bring himself to let go of the branch with his right arm.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. I know it’s not easy and I’m not going to pretend it is, but you can do it. Or don’t you trust me? Do you really think I’d let you fall?”

“Of course not, but…”

“Then do it. The rope is right beside you – just reach out and you’ll find it.”

Martin swallowed. He knew he had to do this if he didn’t want Luke to think he was a loser, but… He looked up at Luke, who looked back at him, gripping the support rope tightly and making sure it wouldn’t slip until he wanted it to. And Martin forced himself to let go of the branch with his right arm and grope for the rope.

He got hold of it, brought it close enough for him to be able to get his feet on it and then made himself let go of the branch. And he grabbed for the rope with his left hand, missed and fell…

…about two feet, after which the support rope brought him to an abrupt stop, digging into his body.

“See?” said Luke. “You’re safe. Now get hold of the rope again.”

Martin did that and got his feet back into position, and then he started to climb down hand over hand as Luke had demonstrated the previous day. He was fairly sure that if Luke hadn’t been taking part of his weight with the support rope he wouldn’t have been able to do it, but as things were he reached the ground safely.

“Well done,” said Luke, untying the support rope. “Watch out, I’m coming down.”

He reached over, took hold of the rope, stepped off the branch and then swarmed down the rope about five times faster than Martin had done.

“Come on,” he said, untying Martin’s end of the support rope because Martin’s own hands were trembling, “let’s go to the tent for a rest.”

“That was really brave,” he said, once they were lying side by side once more. “I could see how scared you were, but you still did it. Good one, Martin.” And he put his arm round Martin’s shoulders and gave him a quick hug.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to do that again,” said Martin.

“I think you probably could, but I’m not going to make you – well, not today, anyway. And I think if I tie the rope on a bit differently – there’s a side branch I could tie it to instead, and then you could get hold of it from a sitting position and just slide off the branch – you’ll find it a lot easier. Perhaps I’ll try that tomorrow. And you’re getting better with the spear, too. Maybe I won’t have to hit you so much tomorrow.”

“You should if I don’t do it right,” said Martin, starting to recover a little. “That’s the reason I ran so fast the last couple of times, because I didn’t want you to hit me again.”

“Then maybe I should just stick to being feral next time we’re in the tree,” said Luke, grinning. “If you don’t step off the branch I’ll push you, and if you fall and die it’ll just get rid of a feeble little cub who’s no use to the pack.”

“You don’t really mean that – do you?” asked Martin, not completely sure that Luke was joking.

“Grrrrr!!!” growled Luke, jumping on him and pretending to claw him. Martin fought back but was soon pinned down helplessly, having his ribs tickled.

“You okay now?” asked Luke, happy to see Martin laughing again.

Martin nodded at him.

“Good. Then I can start to beat you again if you deserve it. Or I could do something else…”

Lying on top of Martin’s naked body as it wriggled underneath him had given Luke an erection and Martin could feel it pressing against him.

“Is this where you have sex with me, then?” he asked.

“Do you think I should?”

“Well, if it’s what a real feral boy would do, then probably you ought to.”

“Okay. But only if you’re sure you don’t mind.”

“I don’t know if I mind or not, because I don’t know what it will feel like. If it hurts a lot I probably will mind; if it doesn’t, I won’t. I think you should just do it and then I’ll tell you what it feels like.”

“Okay, then… let’s see how we can do this.”

Luke thought for a moment and then made a mound using the two blankets and the top sleeping bag, which he unzipped from the bottom one. He placed this halfway down the bottom sleeping bag and got Martin to lie across it with his bottom in the air.

“Are you okay like that?” he asked. “Not too uncomfortable?”

“No it’s fine.”

“Good. Spread your legs so that I can see where I’m going.”

Martin did that, feeling a bit strange – somehow having his bottom looked at was even more embarrassing than having people looking at his front.

Luke lined up and pushed, but nothing happened.

“Try to relax a bit,” he said. “Open it up if you can.”

Martin obediently did that, but still Luke couldn’t force his way inside.

“Damn!” he said. “What are we doing wrong?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never even imagined doing this, so I’ve got no idea how you’re supposed to do it.”

“Same here. Oh, well, let’s forget about it, then. Let’s just be normal boys again, then we can read for a bit. Is that okay with you?”

“Okay,” said Martin. So they took a blanket each to sit on, and Martin got the books out of his bag. It was still light enough for them not to need the lantern at first, so they read quietly, and Luke left his hearing aids in this time, knowing Martin wouldn’t interrupt him. But suddenly, after about half an hour, he did.

“Didn’t you say you’d brought some bacon with you for breakfast?” he asked.

“Huh? Yes, why?”

“What are you going to cook it in?”

“I’ve got a frying pan,” said Luke, looking bemused.

“No, I mean what are you going to put in the frying pan before you add the bacon?”

“I’ve brought a small bottle of sunflower oil. It’s a lot healthier than using fat.”

“Good. So… suppose you put a little oil on your penis? Wouldn’t that make it slippery?”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Because if it was slippery it might go into my bottom.”

“Oh! Do you think so? Well, I suppose we could try. Okay, put the blankets and the sleeping bag back how we had them before and I’ll look for the oil.”

He found it in one of the cool-boxes, and by the time he had dug it out Martin was once again lying across a pile of blankets with his bottom in the air and his legs wide apart. That sight was enough to restore Luke’s erection, even though he wasn’t quite sure why. He took the bottle of oil and a roll of kitchen towels – because he didn’t want oil dripping on the sleeping bag – got himself back into position between Martin’s legs, poured a little oil onto the tip of his penis, added a drip or two to Martin’s anus for good measure (and that made Martin gasp, because the oil was quite cold), and then put the bottle down and lined up once more.

“Try to relax and open up, like last time,” he said, and Martin did that. And this time, once he finally got into the correct position, Luke found that his penis was able to slip past Martin’s sphincter without too much difficulty. It felt strange, but interesting, too, so he pushed a little more, and soon it was as far in as it could get.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I think so. Can I stop trying to keep it open now?”


Martin relaxed, and Luke gasped as the tunnel closed in on him, squeezing. It was hot and somehow both hard and soft at the same time, and it felt really good. He assumed that sex would work the same like this as he had learned in his boy/girl instruction at school, so he pulled back a bit and then pushed once more, and that felt even more interesting. He began to rock slowly backwards and forwards.

Martin had expected this to hurt, and it had been a bit uncomfortable right at the start. But now that it was properly inside he found that it didn’t really hurt at all – actually it felt quite nice.

Luke paused. “Are you sure this isn’t hurting you too much?” he asked. “Tell the truth – I don’t want you to put up with this if it’s bad.”

“No, it’s fine, honestly. I like having you up against me like this – I don’t know why, but it feels warm and sort of nice, somehow.”

“Good. I wouldn’t really want to do it if it was hurting you.”

“It isn’t. How does it feel to you?”

“It’s really good. You’re sort of tight and hot and it feels pretty incredible, to be honest. I can understand why people like doing it if this is what it feels like.”

He started moving again. And now Martin could feel something happening, too: Luke’s penis was doing something inside him. It felt strange, but it was a nice sort of strange, and it was making him feel good. And as Luke kept moving, so Martin felt better and better about what was happening to him…

And then Luke gave a couple of extra large thrusts and held still, crying out and gripping Martin’s hips tightly, pulling him against his own body. And then he relaxed completely and moved back, allowing his penis to slide out of Martin’s body.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind if you want to carry on,” Martin said, feeling somehow disappointed that the sensations had stopped. “It isn’t hurting, honest.”

“No, I’ve finished,” Luke told him, tearing a piece off the kitchen roll and wiping himself with it. “And it was bloody amazing – I would never have believed it could feel like that. Stay there, I’ll wipe your bum for you – there’s oil and… stuff on you.”

He took another piece of kitchen towel and carefully wiped Martin’s bottom.

“That should do it,” he said. “So it didn’t hurt, then?”

“No, it felt nice – I was actually sort of enjoying it just before you stopped. Of course, I suppose that just proves I’m an alien again, because I don’t suppose human boys would enjoy having that done to them. I did, though, and I won’t mind at all if you want to do it again.”

“Cool! In that case I certainly will.”

“So,” Martin asked, “does that mean I’m your mate now? I mean, properly your mate, not just sort-of-friends-type mate?”

Luke laughed. “I don’t know. I suppose so in a way, if we’re going to have sex together. But really my mate would have to be a female, because the point of mating is to produce cubs, and you obviously can’t have children. But I don’t see why you can’t think of yourself as my mate if you want to. After all, I’m not likely to get a female mate any time soon.”

“Good, then I’ll be your mate until you do…. Can I borrow the kitchen towel for a moment? I think I need to defecate.”

“You need to what?”

“To defecate – you know, to… to shit.”

“Oh, right. Okay. I’ve done that out here once or twice. If you squat on the branch a couple of yards past the bit we sit on, your bum will be right over the thorn bush, and if you do it there, we won’t tread in it later.”

He handed the roll to Martin, who went out and edged along the branch until he was over the small thorn bush. Then he squatted down, holding onto the other branch for support.

He was halfway through his business when Luke came out and peed into the same bush. Martin was mortified: nobody had seen him do this since he finished his potty-training as a toddler, but he was halfway through the process and so couldn’t stop. But Luke didn’t seem remotely concerned: he finished his pee and then sat on the branch a yard or so away from Martin.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he said, seeing that Martin was blushing and looking in the opposite direction. “Feral kids would do this in front of each other all the time. I’ll probably need to go tomorrow, and I won’t worry if you’re around. Of course, really we ought to use moss when we’re being wild, but we’re being ourselves at the moment, more or less, so I suppose the paper is okay. You can bury it afterwards – it’s supposed to be biodegradable, I think.”

“Well, okay,” mumbled Martin. “I think it might take me a bit longer to get used to having you watching me do this, though.”

“Don’t worry, if we play out here often enough you’ll get used to it eventually. If you want us to keep playing here together, that is.”

“Of course I do! It’s just… I’m not used to doing personal stuff in public, that’s all.”

“I’m not the public – I’m your mate, remember?”

Martin finished off and buried his used paper in the earth at the edge of the thorn bush, and then they went back into the tent, rearranged the bedding once again, and lit the lantern so that they could carry on reading. And eventually they put the books aside, went out and had a quick cursory wash in cold water, cleaned their teeth – because they were being civilised at the moment – and then retired to the tent, closed the flap and settled down together. Luke rolled close to Martin and put his arm round him.

“Thank you,” he said, quietly. “For letting me have sex with you, I mean. It was an amazing feeling, and I’ll never forget it. You’re a really good friend, Martin.”

Martin rolled over to face him. “I enjoyed it, too,” he said. “I like being out here with you, too – in fact I wouldn’t really mind if we lived here all the time, as long as we could go home for a good meal and a hot bath sometimes.”

“That’d be nice,” agreed Luke. “At least, during the summer it would. In the winter we’d have to find a proper place to live – we’d have to build a hut, or something. Or get lots of extra blankets and stuff for the tent – which I suppose we could. Perhaps we should try it next winter – we could come out here and see if we could survive.”

“I don’t think we’d be able to if we didn’t have any clothes,” Martin pointed out. “I think we’d freeze.”

“Not if we stayed in the tent all the time, and only came out to pee – although even that might be enough to make us freeze. I wonder if your pee can freeze before it hits the ground?”

“Not unless it’s really cold, because it’s warm to start with and there’s salt in it. Maybe in Antarctica it would. I’ll have to try to look it up.”

Luke laughed. “You’re really strange, Martin,” he said. “I can’t imagine anyone else I know seriously intending to do research into the freezing point of pee. But probably that’s why I like you, because you’re strange.” And he hugged Martin and then took his hearing aids off and rolled over to go to sleep. And Martin lay there, thinking that the last couple of days had been the most interesting time he had experienced… well, ever. He felt really happy, and he wondered if it could possibly last…


Well, that has changed the relationship a bit, and certainly at this stage it seems to have been for the better, too. At least, both parties seem to have enjoyed it.

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