Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction which contains explicit descriptions of sexual activities between pre-pubescent boys and a male teen. Do not read this if you are offended or if it is illegal for you to do so.

Science Club Field Trip
by BluePoetX

The Hook

We were horsing around as usual. Playing PS2 and making jokes eventually leads to wrestling and tickling in our house. Oh, my name is David, 5'9" with brown hair. In three months I'll be seventeen.

My brother, Ben, and two of his friends were in my room with me. They are all eleven or twelve years old and in the science club at their school. Ben and Jason have light brown hair, Jason's is a bit lighter almost blonde. Jeremy, or Jerr, is a real blonde and has wonderfully beautiful blue eyes. I guess my bro is good looking, and girls say I'm cute, but my brother's friends are all cute or downright handsome, each in their own way. Besides J and J, the other two that stay over sometimes are Mark and Sean.

Of course, I have friends my own age, but some Friday nights I hang with the little guys. It gives me a break from my friends trying to get me together with a girl or even just talking about "hot chicks". Yeah, I know I'm gay.

So I was straddling Jason and tickling his under arms. My brother was on my back, pretending to choke me. Jerr came up to me and pretended to punch my jaw.

"Wham!" he said. "I just broke your jaw in a million pieces!" I swung my head to the side and groaned.

Ben got off my back and wrestled Jerr to the bed. "Hey, you dirty sneak! You can't get away with busting my bro like that!"

"Quiet down, boys!" my mom yelled, but she didn't really sound angry. "Unless you all want to go out to the tent right now."

Ben got off of Jerr then shouted, "Sorry, mom!"

Jason was trying to squirm his way out from under me. I said, "Hey, careful, you might damage my goods," but I got off of him anyway.

"Sorry, Dave," he said as he sat up.

"I'm just kidding ya," I said with a smile. He looked relieved and smiled back.

"Ben, isn't it about time?" Jerr asked. I thought he was talking about them going to the tent in the back, but he wasn't.

Ben said, "Dave, I need to ask you something."

I turned to look at him, "Yeah, Ben?"

"Me and the science club are planning to go to Garner State Park at the end of the year, and Mr Wallace wants to know if you can go to help watch us. Mom and Dad already said you could." He closed his eyes and made a pleading grimace, "Please, say yes!"

"Oh, yeah, they said I could, but why would I want to get stuck in a tent?" I asked. "I don't like tents like you guys."

"No, it isn't like that," Ben said. "We're gonna stay at a motel, probly with a swimming pool!" He looked so happy like I couldn't resist that.

"Um, who all is going?" This didn't sound so bad, but I wanted to make sure.

"Mr Wallace, of course, and Coach Mata and the nine boys in the club," Ben explained. We're gonna get three rooms, so one teacher or you stay with three kids." I guess he didn't like the face I was making. "Please! It's only one night, then we come back home." The other boys started pleading with me, too.

"There's no girls in the club?" I asked.

Jason looked like I had said something gross, and I almost burst out laughing. Jerr said, "There were two girls, but they quit last semester."

"Hmm, I see..." They started pleading again, then finally I said, "OK, I'll go if ya'll promise to behave."

They all started cheering and jumping around.

"Boys!" my mom yelled again.

"OK, we're going to the tent now!" Ben answered.

The Trip

The week after they asked me to go on the field trip, I heard that one of the kids in the club tried to do a stunt on his bike but he fell and broke his leg. This would mean he would miss the trip. Then the Monday night of the week of the trip, Mr Wallace phoned me.

Well, he started buttering me up, so I asked him if something was wrong. It turned out that Coach Mata had a family emergency, so Mr Wallace wanted to know if I could share a room with four boys. I told him that was fine.

Before that call, I had to force myself from thinking of Ben's friends as I jacked off, but that night I just couldn't help it.
Mr Wallace was to blame. He made it sink in that I was going to spend a night with cute boys. I jerked my almost seven inches as I fantasized about Jerr sucking it dry. The next couple nights were just about the same with the other three in my imagination.

Finally, Saturday morning came. We all met at the school and packed into the SUV that Mr Wallace rented. The time on the road went as you could well imagine. Gameboys being passed around, counting VWs, looking at cattle and horses.

Mr Wallace is a teacher and this was a science club trip. The boys wanted to swim in the Frio River, but Mr Wallace said he had plans for the hiking trails, the water might be "frio" and they could get cramps and drown (frio is Spanish for cold. Haha, he made a lame joke), besides the motel did have a swimming pool.

It wasn't so bad. The place was really gorgeous and I hadn't been there before. Of course, if Mr Wallace had me looking for moss like one of the kids I didn't know, that would've been different, but all I had to do was keep my eyes on the boys. The boys in shorts. The boys skipping and jumping, some of them with early summer tans on their arms and legs. Ah, not a bad way to spend an afternoon at all.

As the sun sank nearing the hills, we headed back to the SUV. We went to a Burger King for dinner. The boys were wolfing down their burgers so they could have more time in the swimming pool before it closed for the night, so it wasn't long before we were on the road again.

As we pulled into the motel parking lot I looked at the gate at the pool and said, "Shit!" The swimming pool was closed for maintenance.

"David, watch your language, please."

"Sorry, Mr Wallace, but look, they closed the pool." All the boys started complaining using less offensive expletives. Well, maybe I heard a muffled "fuck" from Sean.

When we checked in, the clerk apologized about the pool. "Don't be too upset," he said, "In the morning the chlorine should be at a safe level."

Their teacher told the kids to be up early so they could swim before hitting the road back home. Slowly, the boys cheered up to that plan.

My brother decided to be generous to his four friends and let them sleep in my room. He joked, "I'm tired of seeing his face anyway." Later, I found out that he felt he would miss Mr Wallace in a couple of weeks and wanted to spend some time with him.

The Room

My four charges and I entered our room to find that the air conditioner wasn't on. In fact it felt like it hadn't been on for days! I turned it on to full blast and dumped my backpack on the closest bed.

"This sucks!" Sean said then pulled off his shirt. I glared into his green eyes as a warning to keep his words clean. "It's freaking hot and we can't use the pool!" The other kids agreed. Who wouldn't?

"I know," I said. "Life isn't always fair, but remember we can swim in the morning."

"But it's hot right now!" Sean wasn't letting up. "How are going to sleep when it's so freakin' hot?"

"You guys start taking showers," I told them. "I'll ask Mr Wallace if I can walk to that gas station down the road and get some three liters, then we'll get some ice in this." I picked up the ice bucket and set it back down.

Sean said that sounded great then he and Mark got ready to take a shower together. I dailed Mr Wallace's room and asked him if I could buy the sodas. He agreed that it seemed like a good idea, but wanted to speak to Jason and Jeremy. I passed the phone to Jerr, told J and J to behave and said I'd be right back.

While walking to the gas station, I thought about Sean and Mark in the shower. Like I said before Sean has green eyes. His hair is black and his face never seems to get a tan. Mark on the other hand, usually looks tanned to me. I guess because, he's Hispanic. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

I stumbled on the rocks by the side of the road. It wasn't quite dark yet, but I just wasn't looking where I was going. I got angry at myself and felt guilty about getting a hard on. How could I think of the boys like that? How could I have jacked off while thinking of them earlier during the week?

The gas station had a Street Fighter machine, so I decided to play a game before buying two three liters. I came back to the motel and dropped one off at the other guys' room then headed to ours. Mark opened the door for me wearing only a clean pair of shorts. He said, "Cool, now I can stop eating the ice."

"You guys got the ice?"

"I did," answered Sean as he got up and fixed a plastic cup with ice. He was wearing swim trunks.

"OK, I guess that was alright." It came out pretty lame, but the guys didn't seem to care. They just served three cups of Coke. I thanked Sean for the cup he handed to me.

"No problem, Dave."

Just then the bathroom door opened and Jason and Jeremy came out naked. Jason hesitated for a moment as he noticed I was gawking at them. They had beautiful little boy dicks. Jason wasn't circumcised, but Jeremy was. Their little balls were held tight underneath, but I couldn't tell if that was normal or from taking a cool shower. Jerr said, "Hi, Dave," and walked to his backpack and grabbed his clean briefs. Jason soon had his briefs on, too.

"Sorry, guys," I said. "You just surprised me coming out of there like that."

Jerr just let it go. "Hey, there better be enough ice for me and Jason!"

"There should be. If there isn't, I'll get some more," answered Mark.

I said, "No, it's getting late. If we need more, I'll get it after I shower."

I took off my sneakers and socks, finally letting my feet breathe after the long day. We drank our Coke and watched the Cartoon Network. Sean had put out is sleeping bag, but was sitting with me on my bed. The three others were sitting on their bed.

"My God, they all look so adorable!" I thought. "Especially, when they laugh." Well, I needed a cold shower quick!

I reached for my backpack and pulled out my boxers and gym shorts. I might need both to hide my excitement. "OK, my turn in the shower," I announced. "I guess there's no clean towel left in the bathroom?"

"Just the small ones," answered Jerr. "I have my towel in my pack if ya need it."

"It's OK, I brought a beach towel." I grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom.

"Don't lock the door, Dave" Sean called out. I turned back at the door and he said, "We all just drank soda remember?"
J and J looked at me nodding their heads.

I said, "Right. Just don't flush if you use the toilet." I closed the door and hung my stuff on the towel rack and the hook on the door.

I undressed and noticed I was getting hard. I was glad there was no way for cold water to run out. I used what was left in a packet of shampoo then soaped and rinsed my way down to my balls when I heard the door open.

"Hey, Dave," Mark said, "me and Sean need to piss, OK?"

I said, "OK, just don't flush." Why I said that when I was using almost no hot water, is beyond me. As I started rinsing my crotch, I heard one then two strong streams of piss splashing into the toilet. Geez, how much did those little dudes drink? My dick started to inflate, so I stuck my face right under the shower head and turned the knob all the way cold.

As they washed their hands, Sean said, "Hopefully J and J can hold theirs til you're done."

"Yeah, well, I'm almost finished." I thought about jacking off, right there, but then I didn't want to get caught if J and J came in and tried to take a peek. Fuck, what the hell was I thinking? Did I want to lose this hard on or not?

The door closed and I finished my shower while trying to picture the ugliest girls I've ever seen. I wiped off some of the water from my body then opened the curtain. My clothes and all the towels were gone! They even took the used towels from the floor.

I stepped out of the tub and opened the door just enough to look into the room. The four of them were all sitting on the bed nearest to the bathroom. They turned away from "Space Ghost" to look at me with innocent faces. Jason's lap was under the sheet, but I could see that Sean and Jerr had boners. I couldn't tell about Mark, not knowing if he was wearing briefs under his shorts.

"What are ya'll doin'?" I asked, trying to be angry to control my dick. "You're supposed to behave. Remember your promise?" I could see my stuff on my bed near the outside door. The towels where piled on the chest of drawers.

Sean said, "Aw, come on, Dave. We're just having a bit of fun. We're all guys here, ya know."

"Yeah," said Jeremy, "besides you saw us naked already."

"That's true," I said, "but pass me my towel, I don't want to get the carpet and our stuff wet. The manager might get mad."

Jason said, "He may be right." The others shrugged or mumbled in reluctant agreement. He got up and brought my towel. I saw he did indeed have a little boy erection under his briefs.

I closed the door and dried myself, trying to stay angry by rubbing hard on my arms and almost hairless chest, making me feel kind of burned. I put the towel over my shoulders, but then changed my mind and put it to dry on the rack.

I opened the door and stepped out noticing that four pairs of eyes were following my uncut teen dick. As I passed between the bed full of eleven and twelve year olds and the chest of drawers, I said, "Sean, put the clean towels back on the rack."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, OK." I heard him jump off the bed behind me to do as I told him. As I pulled out my deodorant and comb from my pack, I heard him jump back on the bed with the others behind me.

"My brother has more hair than you, and he's only fifteen," said Jason. "I... I mean on his chest."

Jerr started laughing then the rest busted out, too.

I turned around with my deodorant stick in my hand and asked, "What's so funny?!" That did it. They were once again mesmerised by my hairy penis. I had to clench my jaw to keep from laughing at them now.

Slowly Jason looked up into my eyes and said,"I'm really sorry, Dave. I didn't mean anything." I sat down on my bed and put my deodorant and comb back in my pack.

Sean said, "Yeah, we were laughing at Jason's goofiness, not you, Dave." The others nodded.

"OK, I forgive you guys." I pushed my backpack to the other side of my bed and got under the covers.

Jeremy asked, "You gonna sleep naked?"

"Why not? Sometimes I sleep naked when it's hot, and that ac doesn't seem to working very well."

"Can we sleep naked, too?" he asked.

"Sure," I said, "we're all guys here, ya know." I turned on my side, facing them, making sure there was space between my stiffening cock and the covers. I pretended to be watching TV.

"Come on, Jase," Jeremy said, "he already saw us." J and J stood on the bed, pushed down their underwear and kicked them to the floor. There they were, again. The uncut boy dick and the cut one, except now the were fully erect to about three and a half inches. Jerr told Sean and Mark, "You guys should do it, too, so we'll all be even."

"They don't have to, if they don't feel like it," I said.

Jason said, "I'm pretty sure they do feel like it."

I was about to say something, but Sean asked, "Is it OK... Is it OK if we have boners?"

"Yeah," I said. "You're in the science club, so you should all know that getting boners is normal, right?"

"OK, cool!" he said. "Come on Mark, you ready?" Mark gave a slight nod, then they both stood up. Now, I could see the bulge in Mark's shorts. I could also see that the bulge in Sean's trunks was bigger than I thought. Mark unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts as Sean untied the knot on his trunks, then they shucked the clothes they were wearing.

While the other three's cocklets were fairly pinkish or cream colored, Mark's uncut dick had a nice tanned color. Of course, his nut sack was a little darker, too. Sean was a little developed. He stayed standing with the biggest grin on his face while the others sat down. He didn't have hair down there, but his balls were bigger and hanging lower than his friends'. His circumcised cock was longer and a little thicker than theirs.

"He likes to show it off," Mark said as he jerked his head toward Sean.

"Oh, this isn't the first time?" I asked eventhough I figured the answer.

"Nah," replied Jason, "he shows it in the school restrooms and on sleep overs."

Sean turned red and looked like he was about to pounce on Jason.

I sat up and raised my hand. "Hey, Sean, it's alright! It's perfectly normal behavior for guys to... do things like that."

Jerr said, "Yeah, just like that web site says, we're all normal guys."

"I'm sorry, guys," said Sean. "I thought Dave would hate us and tell Ben not to see us any more."

"No way, dude!" I said. "You guys are all such good friends. I'd be stupid to do something like that!" The boys looked at each other and me.

Jeremy asked, "So is it normal for a sixteen year old to have a boner at a time like this," he got up on his knees and thrust his hips forward, "like this one?" Jason started giggling then we all started laughing like crazy.

Jason hopped off the bed into the space next to me. "Or like, ha, ha, this, heh, heh, one?"

Mark and Sean got up on their knees, too. Mark put his hands on his hips and Sean pointed to his bouncing cock with both index fingers. Almost at once, they said, "Or like this one?"

With a smile, I said, "Boys, get ready for bed. You want to swim in the morning don't ya?"

"It's not even midnight yet," said Sean then added with a voice of authority, "besides, the science club demands an answer to the question!"

I put both of my hands under the cover to cup my balls and squeezed my hard cock between my right arm and my abs. When I stood up I said, "Make way guys!" Jason and Mark let me get into the middle of their bed then hopped back on my left. Sean and Jerr pressed their knees onto my right thigh and hip.

"Future scientists of the nation," I announced, "I present to you the genitalia of a teenaged male," I moved my hands just to tease the boys then added, "in a state of arousal."

I must have worked them up right, because when I finally put my hands behind my head there were gasps and sighs all around me.

Sean asked, "Is it OK if we touch it?"

"Yeah, check out whatever you guys want."

I watched as Sean grabbed my cock in the middle and the rest followed. Jason put his hand on my glans, Mark explored my balls and Jerr was left to squeeze the base of my shaft and run his fingers through my patch of pubes.

I put my hand on Jeremy's thigh and asked him if I could touch his dick.

"Sure, that'd be cool," he answered.

I scanned each of their faces and saw that they were all enjoying the situation, so I fondled Jerr's boyhood and his little balls. I hadn't touched a dick so small since my friends and I were that young.

Jason said, "Ben never told us you sleep naked."

"Well, I have my own room and I never told him."

"Has he seen you with a boner?" asked Sean.

"No, that'd kinda be weird 'cause he's my little brother."

"Yeah, he told us he never saw it except soft after ya'll went swimming," said Mark.

"My brother showed me his dick when he started growing hair," Jason said, "but when it started getting hard he freaked and put it away."

They started taking turns feeling the different parts of my cock, my nut sack and the hair on my legs and the little bit on my chest. I started playing with Jason's prick and balls with my left hand as I kept my right on Jerr's. Mark and Sean used their free hands to play with their own cocks.

I was wishing it could last forever. I was wishing they would sleep over in my room instead of my bro's tent, but my parents and theirs sure wouldn't go for that!

Sean let go of the end of my dick to show us all that his hand was a little wet. He said, "Hey, here's that clear stuff. Pre-cum, right?"

"Yeah," I said. "So you guys know about puberty and... uh jacking off from some web site?"

Mark said, "Yeah, Sean showed it to us a couple months ago." He glanced at my face and asked, "Is it OK if we jack off now?"

I was thinking of saying Fuck Yeah or Hell, I'll suck you all off, but all I said was, "Sure, go ahead." Mark stopped exploring my body and started pleasuring himself in earnest.

Jeremy and I noticed that Sean pretended to smear my pre-cum on my leg but used it to lube his four inch circumcised cock and started stroking.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Jerr protested. "You can make your own!"

"Sorry, dude," Sean said. "Use some soap and water or just spit in your hand like I told ya before."

"Yeah, alright," Jerr sighed but sounded upset.

Jason put his hand on my wrist and asked me to let go of him, so I did then he and his uncut boyhood joined the circle jerk.

I gave Jeremy's little head a gentle squeeze and asked him, "I haven't been hurting you, have I?"

"No, it's been cool." He was slowly stroking me and rubbing my abs.

"When I make more you can use it, all off it," I told him.

"Cool!" He started jerking me faster and moved his face a bit closer to my cock. "What should I do?"

"Just... keep jacking," Mark told him.

"No, I might cum too fast," I said. I showed Jerr how I wanted him to circle my glans with the thumb and first two fingers of one hand and play with my balls with his other hand. I stroked my shaft with my left hand while rubbing my chest and abs or playing with Jeremy's cut boy cock with my right. I wasn't used to jacking off with my left, so I wasn't afraid of cumming too soon.

After just about half a minute, Jerr asked, "Can... we try something else?"

"Go ahead... ask him," Jason said.

Jerr continued, "Sometimes Jason a... Jason put's his skin on my dick." He looked at Mark and Sean then added, "and Mark does it for Sean."

Well, understandably Mark and Sean were having much too good of a time to care about me hearing this secret.

"Hey, that's a good idea!" I said. I shifted on my side and my seven inches bounced on the blonde boy's lap and landed on his stiff little rod. "And I have more skin than Jase's one inch dick."

"Hey!" Jason knew I was kidding, but he slapped my ass then continued jerking his boy meat. Everyone else just chuckled for a moment.

I slid my man-sized cock underneath Jeremy's boyhood so my glans was snuggled in his hairless nut sack. My dick twitched and I was afraid I'd cum, so I paused to ask him if I had hurt him.

He said no, so I told him to hold his dick against mine. I pulled my skin back then after a couple of tries had most of his hardness under my skin alongside my head. I slowly started jacking us off.

"This is way cool!" Jeremy exclaimed.

I guess that took Mark and Sean over the edge, because they bucked and moaned and groaned in their dry orgasms. After they calmed down they shifted the way they were sitting to watch me and Jeremy finish.

A few moments later, Jason was grunting and humping my thigh. As he lowered himself on my legs he said in a low voice, "Way cool! Way cool!" When his boy cock stopped pumping air he curled up behind me resting his head just above my knee.

"I'm gonna go faster now, ready?" I asked Jeremy.

"Yeah," he said, nodding three times.

Careful not to let his little hot dick slip out, I stroked faster and faster with my left hand. I felt it get slippery as my pre-cum leaked out and got spread around.

"Now it's way, way cool!" Jeremy said. Soon after he moaned, "OOOOOUUUUUUHHH!" He raised his cute butt and started humping into my foreskin so hard I had to let his boy meat go. He put out his hands on my side and thigh but he still didn't look too steady.

I didn't want him to fall over and hurt himself, so I grabbed him and held him to my chest, letting him poke my stomach and grind the end of my hard cock between our bodies. He, also kinda kissed my shoulder for a moment.

"Looks like you had your best orgasm so far, Jerr" said Sean.

"That was wicked cool!" Jeremy said and snuggled back onto the bed with his head on my shoulder. "That was better than I imagined it could be."

I said, "Just wait til you're older. Your body will change and you can learn more."

"Are you gonna finish?" asked Mark. "You're gonna make sperm, right?"

"Oh, yeah!" I answered. "I'm pretty close already." Since Jerr was resting his head on my right shoulder, I had to continue jacking with my left hand, but I was close and I was in a better position."

The other three boys inched their way closer to my reddened cock.

"Can one of you play with my balls?" I asked.

"I will!" Jeremy said. He started rubbing my nut sack. "They feel tighter now."

"Yeah... I'm almost there." I closed my eyes and imagined Jeremy sucking on my trobbing man meat, looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I opened my eyes at the last second.

"Heeeere... AAAAAHHHH! AAAAUUUUUHHHH!" My first shot of hot cream flew up about two or three feet then landed on my stomach near my chest, but Jeremy kept his cheek on my shoulder. My next shot didn't go up so high and landed near my belly button. I panted as my cum dribbled down my shaft and over my fist. I pointed my cock towards my face so I wouldn't get too much cum in my pubes. I started rubbing it and my fingers against my abs.

"That looked awesome, Dave!" said Mark.

All the boys agreed and Sean said, "Dude, I can't wait to shoot cum!"

"No shit!" said Mark, "We all wanna shoot like that!"

Jeremy let go of my balls and sat up. "So how do you clean up, Dave?"

"Usually with some tissues or toilet paper."

"I'll get you some," said Sean, "I have to piss like crazy anyway. Can you wait a while?"

"Yeah, I can wait."

Mark said, "Dude, I need to piss, too. Too much Coke." He followed Sean into the bathroom.

I asked J and J, "Haven't you guys been holding it in longer?"

"Yeah, I gotta go, too," said Jason. He leaned over me, grabbed my softening dick and pulled my skin over his semi-hard boyhood. "And I need to wash my sperm off, too." He giggled then jumped over me and ran to the restroom.

Jeremy looked at my messy cock and opened his mouth just a little. I thought he was gonna kiss it or suck it. He turned to smile into my eyes and kissed my chin. Almost whispering he said, "There, your jaw is all better now."

I sat up, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thanks, Babe!"

The Clean Up

He got up and I followed him towards the bathroom. Hell, I needed to piss, too.

"Here's your tissues," said Sean. "Is this enough?"

"Yeah, that's enough." I cleaned myself up while Sean and Mark watched. Jason was finishing his piss and Jeremy was starting his.

I had bits of tissue stuck on my dick so I went to sink to splash water on it and wash the paper off. I dried off with my beach towel.

"It's that hard to keep it clean?" asked Mark.

"Nah, just don't wait that long." I looked at Sean and said, "It's OK. I'm fine."

I went to the toilet and threw in the wad. As I started to relieve myself, the boys crowded around. Jeremy and Mark stood on the side of the tub. I said, "It's just piss, guys."

"Yeah, we know," answered Sean.

Jason said, "But it's... still interesting for some reason."

As I started shaking the last drops out Sean asked, "Are you getting a boner again?"

Sure enough I was. "Yeah, you guys must be staring at it too hard."

Mark said, "Come on dudes, let's give him a rest."

They all left as I headed to wash my hands, except Jason who still had my cum drying on his two inches of soft boyhood. I picked him up and sat him next to the sink. After I washed my hands, I washed his dick and it stiffened real quick.

As I carefully dried it, I asked, "You always wash under your foreskin, right?"

"Yeah, my dad always used to remind me when I was younger." He hopped back onto the floor and we went into the room.

He and Sean ended up sleeping with me. One by one we all fell asleep as we talked about what they were going to go through the next few years.

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