by Blake Dawson* <>

From the Preface to Chapter 1:

If you like to read this kind of story but are concerned about possible legal implications, work to change the law! If you don’t, why are you here?

*Blake Dawson is the person the otherwise anonymous author would be if “trading places” became magically possible.

Chapter 20: Orgy

From the moment we attached a new canvas annexe to our caravan at Bermagui I could no longer even imagine how mum and I had managed to both squeeze into the interior of our dear old van for so many summers. For the first time I actually spent a reasonable chunk of our first Saturday afternoon setting up “my space” just how I wanted it. Having finally satisfied myself, it was time to reconnoitre the public space. Mum was already out chatting to the same old neighbours we had always grouped up with, so it was suffice for me to greet them briefly. Three sites up I sensed the first change with a tired station wagon and an old fashioned roomy tent on a site which had always been filled by Captain Purcell’s oversized 4WD pickup, the demounted living quarters that he had built to fit the pick up, and his deep sea cruiser on which I had cruised to Montague Island more than once.

“Cap’n.” A recognised young voice which I instantly assumed and then momentarily hoped was seeking Purcell’s ghost. Reluctantly turning in the direction of the voice. “What the fuck are you doing here? Cricket is off off off for the next five weeks.” “You don’t have to talk shit—you know better than I we’ll be having our first game on the paddock straight after tea.” He knew that wasn’t what I meant, and continued ... “Now getting back to your real question ... can we take a walk so I can give you the whole story. Then you might not be quite so pissed.” Sean Douglas was far from the worst of the kids at the club, and was under active consideration for promotion to my side—I’d be really shitty if he had come all this way just to push his claims—and was in reality the first boy younger than me whose physical attractiveness I had even noticed. He was actually 15 months younger—you know these things when you are organising cricket teams—which meant he was still going to be a young player in his final Under 12 year and that he was two school grades below me—although as he went to a different school that wasn’t an issue for me. The development of his physique was a bit ahead of his height, making him look kind of neatly compact. His flawless face, perpetually tanned complexion, longish beach blonde locks and deep dark eyes, had me labelling him “pretty boy” in the darker swings of our chess-like selection games.

We found ourselves at the same bit of wall overlooking the main beach where I had sat all too briefly fifty weeks earlier plotting with Lucas Coulter how we would make this a summer to remember. “You really still don’t know who I am. ... I can’t really complain. When I first arrived at your little club, I only half thought that your face looked familiar. It wasn’t till you had a bat out on the wicket that my mind was jerked back to this place three summers ago.” I suppose I had already recognised that he knew a bit about this place, but to me he was still a cricket kid where I didn’t ever want to see a cricket kid—not even my beloved Hayden was invited to visit. My gag loosened a bit: “Ok, so you’ve been here before, but you haven’t been the last two summers so why’d you come back to haunt me when you see me at cricket all the time.” He was good enough at putting off answering a question until he had made a few points of his own that he might finish up in politics. “Three years ago we had that trouble with fat Willy.” I grimaced and he continued: “You handled him pretty well in the finish, but there is still one thing about that story you do not know.” He gave me time to stick my bit in before resuming: “I was the ‘other kid’.” “Well I at least thank you for that.” “So please try to think of me as a Bermagui kid who found your cricket club by accident, and remember that I don’t go to your school, so we have only really ever had anything to do with each other at cricket practice.” “And probably matches sooner or later” trying to make it clear that I was not about to spend the next fortnight having him push his claims for promotion. Finally he got back to his story: “Back when we started pre-season and you were trying to show your warm side, my folks still hadn’t decided where we were going for the summer. Seeing you had taken my mind back to this place, so finally I just picked up the phone. The office here had just learnt that Captain Purcell would not be returning and so they had a free site and I handed the phone to mum to confirm the booking.” “So you’re not a real Bermagui kid, but you’re not a real cricket kid either, so maybe I will rediscover enough of my ‘warm side’ to at least be civil.” “Shit, I hope so, because I have a big big favour to ask you. The big issue that had made our decision on where to go so difficult, was that our ever-growing family doesn’t really fit into our old tent any more and we haven’t got the money to replace it. I bullshitted them that we could somehow squeeze in for one more summer, but I knew that reality would turn out how it has with the tent already fully occupied and all my stuff still in the back of the wagon. So I really need to bunk with you for the next couple of weeks.” “You wouldn’t want to have been counting on that for long—we only just bought the annexe.” “You do your research and I do mine.” “Well if you really do your research, you should also know that, as cool as she appears, mum is really putting pressure on me to grow up straight not gay, and she is going to be very wary of me sharing with a boy as pretty as you.” “Don’t you think I cop the same—that’s something you can learn to enjoy fixing.”

Sean had his own fold-out bed, air mattress and sleeping bag, and my new annexe had just enough width that we were able to set them up far enough apart that we could not quite reach one bed when lying on the other. First night down, nobody is quite ready to party, so we headed for bed not long after it had got too dark for cricket. I stripped to my normal bedtime suit, then thought better of it and rummaged round till I found the pyjamas I had stashed for contingencies, got quickly into them and into bed. I could not help noticing how Sean was taking his time, making his every move deliberately sensual. By the time I had looked around, he was wriggling out of his skin tight shirt so as to gradually reveal a torso that I had seen in its perfection at the beach but now saw as even more beautiful in the half light. He used his bed to balance as he extracted himself from his equally tight denims, confronting my eyes with his round firm buttocks hidden only partly by the skimpiest of jocks, then spun slowly to face me as he lowered his jocks to reveal a dick which hung flaccid half way to his knee. While no thicker than mine and with Sean’s body showing no hint of the onset of puberty, that image of him standing there in half darkness in all his glory etched itself permanently on my retina in the moment before he turned away and stepped into his own shorty PJs. He appeared to have a second thought as he was about to climb into bed: “Thanks for everything Blake.” Then he reached across and kissed me on lightly the cheek and immediately slid back into his own sleeping bag. It was clear that neither of us could get to sleep, so I finally broke the silence and the conversation flowed rapidly as we filled in lots of the details we did not know about each other and finally talked ourselves to sleep without either of us suggesting or making a physical move.

The second night was the traditional night for the camping ground kids to gather for a getting back together party, from which the younger ones were usually the first to go or to be dragged back to their family camp sites. There was the usual significant excess of teenage girls over teenage boys, girls still getting less latitude to do their own thing in the summer of 91-92. By the time all those who were willing and able had paired off, it became obvious that Sean and I were being targeted by a couple of girls three years our senior. It turned out that they were sisters who were close enough in age to want to do most things together and who were therefore trusted to sleep in their own separate two man tent, two rows away from our site. We walked them home past our annexe and discovered it was possible to take a short cut between camps straight to their site. The older sister suggested not to zip our flap right up in case they found it looked safe to sneak back and see us. We decided against pyjamas and didn’t have to wait long for their return, they proving as eager as we to get right into it. Soon we were humping away and all approaching climax when the annexe light went on and my mother stepped out of the caravan door. “Scuse me.” She headed quickly out the flap and into the night. I felt a spasm of panic pass through my girl but somehow converted it into a heightened tension which rapidly led to a shattering climax. By the time mum got back from her trip to the dunny, two boys in PJs were sitting on our own beds smooching quietly with two fully dressed young ladies. Mum would have tried to walk straight past us had I not demanded to sort things out: “You scared the shit out of our two friends, so I’m sure they would like to hear from your own mouth that you won’t be gassing to their folks.” Mum explained quietly that she was very happy for the girls to be doing whatever they were happy doing and that she trusted they would be taking their own precautions. I thought of suggesting that she could find us a source of extra small condoms, but fortunately Sean got in first on a more serious note: “I greatly appreciate your generosity towards me Ms Dawson, but maybe it would be an idea if when you needed to go through the annexe in the middle of the night you were to flick on the light say ten minutes beforehand, to give anybody we might be entertaining time to make themselves decent or scarce.” Mum thought that was fair enough and went back inside. Sean and I kissed a couple of relieved young ladies good night, dumped our PJs and were finally ready to start exploring each other’s bodies.

A cloudy morning allowed us to catch up on some much needed sleep. After a very late breakfast, I had only just stepped out through the flap to belatedly greet the day, when a very new red sports car with P plates pulled off the track and pulled up almost touching the ropes of my annexe. I hadn’t expected to see him during the first fortnight, but Lucas Coulter was clearly as keen as I to put three years of unwanted separation behind us. Sean followed me out, took one look at Lucas and his fancy wheels and made himself scarce. After little more than a polite hello, we soon found ourselves wandering in the direction of what I was coming to think of as my heart-to-heart wall. Having recently acquired his own means of transportation, Lucas had driven down for the day to make sure I would still be around when he came back with his family for the third week. I assured him that we had been able to confirm the extra week, although mum needed to spend one of those nights in Canberra on business. Lucas had been able to book an extra site for himself right next to his family and had reserved it through to the fifth week in the hope that I might be able to stay on with him. I again found myself going through the familiar lines about mum’s expectations and found him positively looking forward to that kind of challenge.

We eventually wandered back to our site just in time to find Henry the camp ranger hassling mum for having a second car parked “illegally” on her site and hearing her deny any knowledge of it. “Henry. Henry. Henry. It belongs to your best new customer. I had just cruised down for the day to make sure Blakey would have all the girls warmed up for when I get back, and I find you hassling poor Elaine when half the bins are already overflowing. Anywhere else I go in this state they pay me a thousand dollars a night just for turning up. Here I pay you full price for an extra site for three weeks just so I can have somewhere to park my wheels legally. What’s the matter, don’t you like the colour or something?” “I don’t see how you could ever get insurance for it,” Henry finally retorted. “I can’t—that’s why I drive it very carefully. I’m not yet wealthy enough to replace it if anything serious happened. Jump in and I’ll show you how it goes.” I granted Lucas’s judgement that perpetual tinkerer Henry would value a ride in the new machine much more than I. During the short time they were gone, Sean flitted past, whispered conspiratorially that he might need me to cover for him that night, and disappeared as quickly. We fitted in a swim and an early barbie before Lucas really had to get back to Sydney. Having made sure all his other meals were with his family, Sean turned up again to accept mum’s earlier invitation to join us, and I tried to make very sure that nobody thought me the least interested in how Lucas and Sean sized each other up. Lucas had just pulled the car away from our ropes, when he jumped on the brake, released the hatch catch, jumped out, got out the guitar he had started to teach me to pick three years ago and handed it to me. “I almost forgot the most important thing.” He ruffled my hair and was gone before I could ask “What the heck?”

I found myself fiddling with the guitar, until way after the rest of the camp’s younger crowd had assembled for courtship rituals, but when I finally headed to join them I was nowhere near ready to take the guitar with me. I was a little relieved to spot Sean at the centre of a tight knit group on a corner seat, mauling a girl who could easily have squashed him. Leaving him to his own devices, I found a group of three girls who had clearly missed out on the pairing rounds and was soon scoring heavily with each of them in turn. By the time they had to go and I surfaced for air, Sean’s little crowd was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t consciously waiting up for him, but was still picking on the guitar in the dark when he finally straggled in after 2:30. Without much to say, he undressed, gave me a loving kiss and climbed into his own bed. I conceded to the time and settled into my own bed just as the ten minute warning light flashed. While mum was off to the dunny, I told Sean I would really like to share some time with him the next day and night, and he sleepily promised that we would.

For lunch the next day, Sean finally brought his mum around to meet my mum. With the outpourings of apologies, appreciations, no troubles and always welcomes out of the way, they actually found themselves very comfortable with each other and opened up to the point where my mum revealed her one big worry about me. “I worry about that with Sean all the time too.” “If you are so worried about that why did you send me to an all boys school?” he retorted. “Well, with a willy like yours, we couldn’t really send you to a school with girls, could we?” “Excuse me, Mrs Douglas, but you must not use that word to describe that part of a boy’s anatomy while you are in this camping ground. Call it ‘dick’ or ‘penis’ if you must, but never that. ‘Willy’ is absolutely banned from Bermagui.” I succeeded in lightening the conversation, to an almost dangerous degree, as my quick tongue had not considered that the perfect Sean might have a hair-trigger sense of humour. He convulsed on the ground helplessly for almost half an hour and while he kept insisting that he would be ok, my mum was at one point getting serious about calling for medical assistance if he couldn’t pull himself out of it.

With Lucas returning in a week and a half, I really needed to get my arse into gear. With amusement still indelibly stamped on Sean’s lips and eyes, my first step on that path was going to be easy. The little imp enthusiastically buried his long skinny dick deep inside me for the couple of hours I needed to make myself totally comfortable with it. While I was fascinated by my beloved Hayden’s progression through puberty, it just seemed to provide him with one more excuse to never score more than a good batsman should, so the only time I had managed to get my arse penetrated by a grown dick was by Garth when we were already growing apart, and he was so careful not to hurt me physically that I was only just aware we had done it at all.

After absenting himself most of the next morning, Sean and I headed for the beach via my heart-to-heart wall where he propped. “There’s one other thing I haven’t yet told you about my previous time here. The reason that I couldn’t give you a few more nights off from fat Willy was that I was already getting on with another pretty decent kid who was then about the age you are now. Anyway Mick still comes here—I’m sure you know who he is, but he says he barely knows you—and for the past couple of years has brought his faggot mate Tony. I spotted them doing the public image ritual with a couple of desperates the other night, so when you were tied up with the lovely Lucas I caught up with them and we quickly rediscovered some of our old chemistry. Trouble is they are now fantasising about me using their tent for bed space rather than your annexe, and, as much as I enjoy being with them, this couple of weeks with you is not something I would change at any price. Anyway I got around to thinking that I might be able to do a deal that would keep all four of us happy. Instead of me finishing up up there for a couple of hours after lights out every second night or worse, I thought you might be prepared to promise to come too one night next week and I could use that prospect to keep them happy in anticipation.” If the brat had really been doing his research he would have just told me rather than asked me. I certainly knew who Mick and Tony were and was sure that one or both would be the perfect choice to break in my arse ready for Lukie, as I was starting to affectionately think of him. My only regret was that I hadn’t picked them a year or two earlier. “I’ll give it a go, provided you don’t forget that we too need to look after our public image, and to that end I’ve promised Lucas that I will try to warm up a few of the dolly birds with his old guitar before he gets back down.”

The only thing that didn’t go to plan during the following week and a half was that I had to make a special trip into town to photocopy more pink and blue scoresheets for both Sean and myself. When it was time for him to leave with his family, it just wasn’t one of those sad goodbyes of other years and other people, just a “see you soon”—at cricket practice in 18 days to be precise. He had squeezed everything a ten year old ever could from those past 14 days, he knew Lucas would soon be coming for me, and he faced no further temptations from Mick and Tony who were also checking out.

The hours after sunset quickly settled into a routine of collecting dolly birds around Lukie’s guitar, making our choice for that night and bedding them in whatever safe spot we could find. My dick gave me a lot more satisfaction than it gave them, so I became very proficient at applying my hands and mouth parts to all the relevant parts of the female anatomy. On the Monday after Lukie’s return we both scored early and decided it would be more beneficial to advance my guitar skills than to go back for seconds. When we got to our van, mum was still pottering around and immediately invited us to join her for supper. The night became a wide ranging and seemingly never ending conversation, with me quietly picking away in the background unless I had something caustic to add and Lucas sometimes stopping to give me pointers. In the early hours, I called it quits and no sooner had I hit the sack than he pulled out his repertoire of sweet love songs. I think that was the first time I was prepared to recognise the total lack of privacy of a camping ground, but still hardly dared think about how much others probably knew of our summer adventures. Instead I silenced my mind and was content to listen to the love songs become love acts with the full intensity of adult intimacy. Whenever they paused for breath, it was never long before Lukie produced yet another song and they were quickly back into action. Eventually he floated out and I stage whispered: “That was awesome.” As he set the guitar down right where I had been keeping it, he strummed a couple of chords. “I wasn’t referring to the music.” He rubbed a very sticky hand into my face: “You’ll get yours,” and bounced out the door. I soon realised that there were now four cold used condoms slowly adhering to my face and I was so high that I proceeded to lick them clean of all bodily fluids, re-roll them and stash them in my toilet bag—for convenient disposal, not reuse.

Two nights later mum was in Canberra and Lukie and I made it back to the caravan even earlier. As soon as we were in the door, he dimmed the lights, grabbed me tightly and commenced kissing and undressing me all in one action. I tried to reciprocate as best I could but for almost the only time in my life my older partner was prepared to lead without apology. He sat me on the edge of the bed naked, almost ripped off the rest of his clothes and handed me a condom for me to roll onto his swollen dick. That done he lay me face down on top of two pillows and quickly rubbed a couple of fingers dripping in Ky into my arse. Without hesitating, he was on top of me, pushing in and starting to thrust. While he protected me from some of his weight with his arms he was at the same time hugging me ferociously back into his body. I felt myself start to repeatedly climax in a way I had learnt to make girls do but had not believed a boy could. The contractions of my arse hole did the trick with him, but he barely caught a breath before he resumed thrusting, at first a bit slower and deeper but steadily rising to a truly shattering climax. This time I felt his muscle tone collapse and he rolled onto his side, withdrawing a still miraculously intact condom and ditching it before giving me a sharp slap on my arse cheek. Lying loosely in his arms I was able to spin my body around and pull his body underneath me in which position I proceeded to kiss him like there was no tomorrow.

Over breakfast the morning after mum got back from Canberra I finally got around to mentioning the possibility of me staying on with Lucas after she returned to work. She rapidly devalued all the work I had put into preparing my plea by revealing that she had been able while in Canberra to finalise arrangements to continue with that series of presentations around the state capitals over the next couple of weeks. It would have been possible for me to tag along with her, but she was certain I would be just as happy to stay on at Bermagui so she had only made single reservations. Not one to leave any opening unchallenged, I told her I felt I really had to come back for cricket training on the second Wednesday, and she said that that would not be a problem as the road show would be winding up in Sydney. Despite how conveniently that all worked out for both of us, it also gave us the confidence in each other that meant we never again would feel the need to work up some elaborate scheme prior to telling each other exactly what we wanted to do.

For every one of my eleven consecutive nights sharing Lukie’s roomy tent, after we got through with that evening’s dolly birds, we would again make passionate love. But always it was me that had to take the lead before he would finish up screwing my arse in some or other novel orientation. After the third such session I was so concerned that he wasn’t happy about something that I asked him straight out. He said that as much as he was excited by that first wild night, that he never wanted things to stay that way between us. But no, he had not simply lost control on our first unrestricted night together—he simply wanted me to have enough time and reason to change my mind about staying on if I wasn’t completely happy about what I might be getting into. Actually I lie a little about the dolly birds. On at least a couple of different occasions each we felt we had run right out of reasonable female choices, but each time managed to find some or other young bloke who also proved to be into it.

Lukie stayed at my place while I rode around to cricket training, so I was not quite sure at first why he and mum later turned up in separate cars. I watched Sean wander over to the sports car carrying a big bag and wearing a bigger grin than the news of his promotion warranted. Lukie released the hatch catch and Sean shoved the bag into the luggage compartment, returning to pick up his cricket kit which he then put on the back seat of my mother’s car. Not wishing to appear totally stupid, I put my own cricket kit and BMX in the back of mum’s car, then squeezed into the back seat of Lukie’s so Sean could enjoy the trip down in the front, and without even bothering to check what luggage of mine had been stashed on board. There were only two Bermagui nights left, so anything they had overlooked couldn’t matter much. And I made it a point to remember to tell the other two about what mum and I had recently decided re making arrangements by consensus in future.

After stopping for pizza at Bateman’s Bay, we pulled onto Lukie’s site safely after dolly bird time. I gave them each a big kiss and a rub on the crotch and told them to enjoy—I needed some sleep. After more than an hour of their gentle yet passionate love making, I surrendered and rolled over to watch what they had got up to. The tip of Sean’s dick must have been tickling Lukie’s tonsils, but with Sean lying straight on top he couldn’t quite reach the 69 position so was tugging Lukie’s dick hand over hand. I could not stand watching that for even 30 seconds, so I got up and got out a condom and the Ky. Peeling away Sean’s hands I applied the condom and Ky to Lukie’s dick, straddled him and sunk myself onto it. Sean found his mouth could now reach my dick and put his hands around me to grab my bum and help steer its rise and fall. We all got there pretty quickly, I again kissed them both good night and this time was happily asleep when my head hit the pillow.

The more interesting camping ground parties for the younger generation in Bermagui are on Thursday nights when many of the parents traditionally have their own night out on the town, with the fifth Thursday having achieved a legendary reputation. None of the three of us had ever been there for the fifth Thursday and this was to be our last night there for that summer as well us as being so conspicuously free of adult interference. I had seeded the rumour factory a week before that Lucas was prepared to put on the entertainment and we knew by then from some of the later arrivals, that the favoured fifth Thursday venue was actually out of the camp at a secluded cove on the ocean beach. That safely eliminated most of the tackers and had some even quite a lot older making sure they were back in camp before lights out. The crowd had actually dropped to six before we really noticed, that is if you ignored scattered couples busy humping around the cove, and the other three in that final crowd were not from the camp. Two were identical twins with breasts just starting to bud who had got Sean and eventually me actually dancing to Lukie’s music. The other was a young woman in flowing robes who looked as though she was kneeling in prayer beneath Lukie’s guitar. A change in his tempo was the first thing that alerted the other five of us that the party appeared to be over, and they invited us back for a night cap at their shack.

A large Mercedes was the only car left in the carpark at the top of the track down to the cove, and we were ushered into it. Their “shack” consisted of a large central living area, with what seemed to be only a few seemingly tiny functional rooms off to the side. The kitchen and a bar served the open area which featured a large deep spa bath right in the middle. “Mrs Robinson”, as Lucas later named her after the song, brought us exotic multi-coloured fruit-based drinks from the bar, and followed up with warm bread-based snacks with rich savoury toppings. At least I had the manners to pick a few chords on the guitar and pass it back to Lucas with the clear implication that he should continue. Being a dedicated 2BL listener, I was often caught unawares by his musical choices. The twins took a cue from his first tune and commenced a sensual dance in which they started to remove their clothes and finished up naked in the spa, followed in rapid succession by the rest of us. In such a situation, it is only really appropriate for a younger person to chose an older partner, but that does not necessarily mean that the youngest gets to chose first, and I finished up with “Mrs Robinson” as my only choice—not that it mattered much. By the time we were ready to admit we had had enough, every non-incestuous combination had been tried, some in a variety of positions. My enthusiastic repeat of the sitting on the mast trick from the night before even brought a small round of applause. The Merc delivered us back to camp with just enough time to avoid being revived by the first glimmer of the coming day.

The sun didn’t let us sleep in as long as we might have liked, but it produced one of those days on which you simply must have a decent swim at the beach no matter what else you have to do. Sean suggested that we should pretend that Lucas was a completely different shape, but I preferred to settle for him as he was and take things easy. By the time he finally tipped his pair of joy boys out at my place, the young rock star had made certain the changes I knew had come to my life were there to stay. I could no longer persist with my separation of Bermagui from the rest of my world and would have to somehow weave them into a single tapestry. I had put my imprisonment in the world of tackers far behind me and was off and running into a succession of bigger challenges. And I had become able to deal with a plurality of relationships in which I took on board the others’ points of view. I loved Hayden and Lukie and Sean and Cherie and Mum and others I hadn’t even met yet—each in their own way. I had no more need to be the little shit I had often let myself be during the previous year.

Mum took on the promotional work for Lukie’s band. They wanted to put a picture of Sean’s dick on the sleeve of their forthcoming CD, so I had to remind them of our old family rule about not taking unnecessary risks, and they settled for dedicating three songs to it instead. Me? If you still want to know after you’ve put down this book, you should look up and listen to all of the lyrics on their second album.