Search and Destroy

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Search and Destroy

by Larkin

How do I explain this story?

We were both eight and both about the same size. To be honest, I was afraid of Mark and excited by him all at the same time. He may very well have had a screw loose because once he got started you never knew where it was going to end. 

Why did I find his behavior so thrilling?

Mark was having another monster attack and I was his victim.He was roaring and was preparing to eat me alive when his Mother suddenly grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Mark, Mark! Settle down!"

Still lunging at me, he didn't respond to his Mother immediately. She had to shake him out of it. 

"Mark, don't play so rough! Calvin is going to go home and never come back here again!"

I lay flat on my back looking up at Mark and his Mother. The expression on Mark's face had suddenly turned sad and apologetic. He became a puppy who only wanted to please.  I had to wonder about his Mother's intentions because she left me pinned under him and went back to her chores. Holding both my hands, making me defenseless, He looked down at me and I got a rainy dose of the raspberries. 

I heard his Mother call from the other room. "Come on boys. Lunch!"

Mark got off of me and I was free to get up. I pulled up the front of my shirt to wipe his raspberry spit off of my face. We were both in good spirits. Mark's Mother had laid out a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce, a glass of milk and several fig newtons. After paper napkins had been tucked to our shirts we dug into the generic kid's meal. We both ate the fig newtons first and only then began to eat the luke warm canned spaghetti.

The phone rang and Mark's Mother disappeared into the other room. Spaghetti hung out of his mouth like a red wormy, dangling mass. His eyes had a blank stare as he moved ever closer to me. 

I screamed "Get away!" and I ran.

He chased me around and around the table with the spaghetti still hanging out of his mouth. 

"Boys! Now sit back down at the table and finish eating."

It was his Mother. Momentarily, things returned to normal except for the orange spaghetti sauce ring around Mark's mouth. I'm glad his Mother took a napkin and wiped it off of his face because it did make me a bit nervous. 

"Alright boys, go upstairs and play in Mark's room and try to keep it down because our insurance man is coming over."

As soon as the door to his room closed, Mark began to stalk me. Jumping across the bed, I ran around the room trying to avoid him but he was relentless. My breathless squealing and giggling only seemed to encourage him. If he caught me, what was going to happen? He jumped and we bounced up and down on the bed. I got grabbed and I desperately tried to crawl away.

"No, no, please let me go!" 

Like an octopus he grabbed on to me and pulled me closer.  With both arms and legs, he held on tighter and tighter until I couldn't move.  He did the doggy hump on my behind. Biting down softly on my ear, he whined and growled giving me chills.  When I felt his spit run down cheek, a shudder ran through my whole body.  He continued his doggy humping.

He was Wiley Coyote and I was the Road Runner and I finally got caught.  After all those cartoons, I wanted him to ring my neck and finally make a meal out of me. I mean like, it's about time.

I turned and looked into his wild eyes and in my soprano voice I said, "You can eat me if you want. It's ok."

Still holding me tight, we rolled from side to side, doggie humping me harder and harder. I felt him pull my pants down off my behind.  It gave me goose bumps and I let down my guard completely. I felt him pulling his own pants down and then he went back to doing the doggy hump on me. This time I felt something slid between my legs and it tickled my little balls. He did it faster and slower and then faster again.  It felt so good to be totally helpless. I pretended that he was preparing me for dinner. When I felt a finger up my butt, my eyes flew open. What was he going to do? When I looked, he was making a contorted effort to push his boner up my butt hole.

Whatever gave him the idea to do something like that?

It was difficult until he realized that I was the one who had to change my position. He manhandled me in to a better position and then went at it again. I wanted him to do and then I didn't want him to do it and then I wanted him to do it but it really didn't matter because he was going to do whatever he wanted to do. With my face smashed into the pillow, my pants and underpants down around my ankles and my butt up in the air, Mark succeeded. 

Let the doggie humping begin!

It was a little uncomfortable at first but Mark was so deliberate and consistent that is soon became so wonderful. I didn't ever want him to ever stop. 

When he did stop, he was strangely satisfied and for a while at least he became calm and almost spiritual. Downstairs, his Mother helped me to gather my things to go.

She said, "After what you put poor Calvin through, I would be surprised if he ever comes over again. Mark, you are too rough on your friends. You know, people don't like that."

Mark had a stupid expression on his face.

I said, "I could come over tomorrow."

She gave me an astonished look.

The next day I did come over only this time I became a willing co-conspiretor. I would place myself in situation that would fire him up and I would be completely pliable to his excesses. I wanted to repeat the experience. The whole event was so successful that I offered him my behind every time we got together and for a number of years, that was every single day.

Then one day... he got interested in girls. He changed my life forever but I'm not sure if I had any effect on his. 

Mark was married at 17, became father 3 months later and was divorced at 20. 

Died in Afghanistan at 21