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This story is mostly true.... though I have added a few 'details' to it.

This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!

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  ( The year : 1977 )

  I was excited, no, ecstatic.... absolutely thrilled! We were going on our annual school trip out of town.

  Every year, just before the September holidays the class 10 boys were taken to the Maithon barrage, on the Bihar-Bengal border, for a 3-day trip. Ostensibly for a geographic and botanical excursion, but in reality it was more of a break from the hectic schedule of academics that we in class 10 had to go through before the December finals.

  I was excited 'cause I would be getting a highly deserved break, besides for the first time in my 14 years of existence I'd be going out somewhere on my OWN! Yes, I was pretty dumb for my age and overtly protected!

  And I was ecstatic about the fact that Sebastian was also coming! I could be with him for three whole days and nights, together..... eat, play.... walk the woods and just be around each other. I didn't know why but every time I set eyes on Sebastian, I went all weak! I didn't know much about sex or sexuality aside from the usual whispers doing the rounds in the school toilets and playgrounds. And knew absolutely nothing about what homosexuality was all about!

   Sebastian was one year senior to us but had flunked his exams and had to continue in class 10 for another year and that's how we became classmates. He was half-German and half-Indian, a true Adonis! Large almond eye, brown that you could drown in. Full pouting lips that anybody would drool over and lovely curly brown locks. And a body to match! Till that trip I didn't even know why he fascinated me but I was totally enamored by this hulk of a 16-year old!

  It was a Friday and we took the evening train to Asansol and would be reaching there late in the night. We were to spend the night there at one of our classmate's uncle's home and take the early morning bus to the dam site in Maithon where we were booked at the tourism department's guest house.

  We were traveling in the chair car and the whole compartment was empty except for Mr. Thomas, the teacher and us 12 guys. For some reason, as the train pulled out of the station, Sebastian came over and sat down by my side. He normally didn't even speak to me much at school and generally ignored me, so it was quite a surprise for me to find him at my side as we started moving. But I was absolutely thrilled no end at this chance of being so close to my idol, my hero! And I smiled up at him as he sat down.

  "Hi," he smiled back, as he sprawled down beside me, his legs stretching way out under the chair in the front row. He strutted his crotch way out, showing a distinct bulge as his arm went round my shoulder!!!!

  We soon got talking... small talk at first and then as I ventured to asked more about himself he opened up, telling me about his family, his older brother in the U.S. and about himself. He surprised me with his utter candidness and his warmth that I had never got to see. He shocked (?) me by telling me how his older brother jacked off when he visited home on vacations and told him all about his various gay encounters in America! Leave homosexuality, I wasn't even aware about 'jacking off', yes, I was that dumb! .

  He had now really got me curious and I asked more. And he seemed most willing to supply me with all the information, educate me in all my gray areas. I didn't know what to think or what to feel it seemed I was in some kind of a constant high. Soon the spell was broken as the train pulled in at Asansol. We were received at the station by the uncle and were soon driven in two cars to his tiny yet beautiful bungalow. There we found ourselves cramped into one room, all 12 of us!

  Well, its pointless to say it but we didn't sleep a bit that night as we had a hell of a time horsing around and at least being reprimanded a dozen times by the uncle and Mr. Thomas. But nothing could stop us that night! Sebastian again seemed to grow distant, as he joined the others and ignored me in his usual way. Only once did he look my way and gave me one of his special smiles... I was ecstatic, silly me!

  Early next morning we were dropped at the bus station by the good uncle and were soon seated in the very crowded and rickety bus, rattling our way to Maithon. I looked around, searching... and saw Sebastian seated at the far corner in the back, looking out at the rolling countryside. Had I lost him? The question bugged me all the way ... I desperately wanted him... but for what?! I didn't know.

  It was late morning as the bus chugged its way to a halt in front of the guest house to off load its cargo of boisterous and highly charged teens. Like kids set free at a candy store we rushed out and shouting with joy ran down the gravel path, our rucksack slung over our shoulders. I was with the rest of the gang and turning back I noticed Sebastian walking slowly along with Mr. Thomas, talking. I didn't know it then but he was 'fixing' up things, which I would find out later.

  As we ran about in the large and beautiful garden, Mr. Thomas went inside and checked us in. Having completed the formalities he called us and handed us our keys - two guys to a room. I took my key and looked around to see who was with me.... but all the others had paired off and went to keep their luggage in their respective rooms so I also proceeded to follow suit sure that my roommate would eventually come and join me. Imagine my surprise and joy went Sebastian entered the room, smiling broadly and announced that he was my roommate for the next three day! Well, I could feel my heart thump against my rib cage with excitement.... Woah, what more could I have asked for!!!

  "Coming for a walk before lunch?" he asked.

  'To the end of the world....' I thought as I said, "Sure!"

  "So lets go." and he walked out of the room. I ran after him.

  The guest house was situated on a small 'island' in one of the reservoirs, connected to the main land by a narrow foot bridge. On one side you had the barrage, with lovely gardens and surrounded by small hills all around. As we crossed the bridge Sebastian took a narrow path leading up one of the wooded hillocks and I followed. We walked for some distance in silence and as we reached higher he took a turn, following a very narrow cattle path deep into the woods. We still didn't speak a word.... I was panting from the uphill climb, unused to such uneven mud tracks being city bred. But it was lovely, the quite, the cool mid morning breeze.... the tiny forest animals scurrying about, the birds.... all so new to me unlike what one usually gets to see in a city.

  We reached a small clearing and he pointed out a little stream emerging from under a huge rock, flowing down the hill in the other direction, gurgling, the water crystal clear and sparkling in the diffused sunlight! I was fascinated at the sight.... I moved forwards to get a closer look and like the fool that I was, stepped on a small rock and twisted my ankle!

  "Ouch!" I screamed at the shooting pain.... as I grabbed for the nearest tree, unable to keep the foot on the ground.

  "Now what?" Sebastian asked coming over to where I had sat down under the tree.

  "Sorry, I've sprained the ankle.... It's... it's very painful.... I can hardly stand..... " I said in a choked voice.... holding my breath, clenching my teeth in pain.

  "Let's see..." he sat down and touched my throbbing foot as I winced in renewed pain.

  "Let's get you over there" he said pointing towards a large boulder, under a big Saal tree. Putting my hand over his shoulder he held me by my waist and passing his other hand under my knees gently lifted me up and carried me to the rock and sat me down.... The pain was excruciating... but my mind was on different things now..... I was suddenly shaking! And realized that I was hard!!!!

  He bend down and carefully undid and pulled off my sneakers and socks. My ankle was slightly swollen and a bright red now.... and throbbed with pain. He ran a soothing hand lightly over the swelling and gently massaged my foot.... it felt so good, it felt like the pain was seeping out with each stroke of his fingers. Sitting on the rock as I looked down at the handsome figure of my friend I suddenly realized why my pulse raced whenever I saw him, why I loved to be around him.... I was madly in love with this boy. It wasn't the normal love that I had known till then or felt for my friends.... this was a different love. The newly unleashed hormones that coursed through my pubescent body and flooded my brains screamed it out.... THIS WAS A SEXUAL FEELING, THIS WAS SEXUAL LOVE!! I was filled with desire....!

  I must have had a funny look on my face for as he looked up he said, "Hey, what the matter.... Something wrong?"

  I didn't answer.... couldn't answer, I just stared. He rose and went down to the stream, wetted his hanky and returned. The cool water felt nice on my pain as he applied it to the swelling, then he tied it around my ankle and sat down on the rock by my side.

  "So........." he said.

  "So?" I asked, my eyes glued to the ground.

  "Won't you tell me?"

  "What?" I mumbled.

  "About what you were thinking just now.... about how you feel?"

  I felt myself blush.... the heat creeping up from under the collar and rising relentlessly.... my ears burned and cheeks flushed. I didn't answer.

  "I noticed you last year too, the way you gawked at me.... and this year you never seem to look anywhere else. So, will you tell me?"

  "I.... I don't know... what you're talking about...." I said lamely.

  He turned towards me and taking my chin in his hands turned my face till I was looking at him. Then bringing his face closer he kissed me on the mouth, a light peck! I moaned and must shook like an aspen in the autumn air, for he pulled back and just laughed..... and suddenly hugged me tight plastering his open mouth over mine!!!!

  Finally he pulled back and said in a low voice, "I too love you." .

  I didn't know what to say or do as I sat there under the shade dumb-stuck. He stood up and slowly, as I watched, unbuckled his belt and opening the single button pulled down the zipper..... I was breathing hard, my eyes glued to his bulging crotch, watching his fingers part the jeans to reveal the white cotton briefs and reaching inside he extracted the most beautiful penis I have ever seen (and I haven't seen too many...). I was absolutely mesmerized as I sat on that boulder staring at that beautiful penis sticking out of his clinging jeans, right into my slobbering face!

  It was so magnificent, so very breathtaking in its sheer beauty that I can never get that morning out of my mind's eye. His cock was simply awesome. Large, in both length and thickness the skin surprisingly soft and smooth. The color was a stunning pink while the large head was a bright purple. The glans shone in the dancing light of the noon sun as he pulled back the foreskin, stretching the 'eye' and a tiny drop of clear pre-cum oozed out like some winter morning dew, glistening in the diffused light of the forest!

  There was lovely curly brown hair peeking out from between the open slats, framing the drooling cock. Unconsciously I licked my lips. As if in a dream I reached out with shaking fingers and we both let out a heavy groan as I touched the engorged cock. His pelvis rock uncontrollably as my fingers wrapped around the shaft....

  "OH! kiss it.... kiss it for me!" he groaned, voice hoarse with passion.

  I lowered my face into his groin and sticking out my tongue licked the tip. This time HE shook, violently and his hands grabbed my head. I opened my mouth (today when I think about it I myself feel surprised, but maybe it was nature, instinct, taking over....) and took the bloated head into my mouth! My mouth was immediately flooded with the salty precum that gushed out of the tiny slit at the tip and for the lack of a better option I swallowed! I bobbed my head as he pumped his hips, both rocking in rhythm, deep in the woods.... me tasting my first cock, experiencing my first sexual encounter..... As I continued, my tongue furling and unfurling over his dick head hands running over his exposed pubes.... fingers curling and pulling at the silky pubic hair his moans grew louder and suddenly he pulled out and splattered the spot where he had been sitting with thick wads of rich, creamy white spunk.

  "Marking our territory," he commented with a naughty smile.

  I sat and watched, wide-eyed. All so new, so exciting.... I reached out and took hold of his penis once more and pulling it closer licked the tiny drop of cum that drooled out of the slit!

  "Hey! you are a wild one!" he laughed as he moved away and tucking the wilting cock back into its prison, zipped up. I didn't care anymore.... I was feeling so raunchy..... so hot, I could have done anything at that point of time, only he had to ask!

  The swelling had started to go down and the pain was more bearable.... so we decided to go back to the house. Slowly getting up I limped my way back, Sebastian holding me, arm wrapped around my slim waist. We were very late for lunch and had Mr. Thomas yelling.... about learning to be more 'responsible when freedom was given....' etc. etc. .... Frankly, we weren't much bothered. The rest of the afternoon I didn't get him alone and in the evening they left for a trip to the nearby power plant. I didn't go, I wasn't feeling up to it and besides I wasn't interested either..... my ankle came in handy! I just wanted to re-enact that scene in the woods.... and whatever more there was to discover....!! I wanted Sebastian, and for him to introduce me to the joy of what he had just given me a sample of.

  Over dinner I could hardly get anything down my throat.... I was so excited. A million butterflies fluttered in my stomach and whenever I looked up and towards him, he was watching me! It felt so embarrassing, it felt like the whole world was watching us, reading our every thought, every action.... I wished he would not make it so obvious by staring at me. But I also liked the attention he was paying me!

  I excused myself and rushed back to the room and stripping naked went to lie down on the bed........ ! (Please, don't ask me how I did such a thing.... but I knew there was more to come after that morning in the woods and I wanted it.) Shortly Sebastian entered and switching on the light came over to my side of the bed.

  "Why did you rush out like that?" he asked. "And why didn't you finish your food?"

  I didn't answer.

  He came closer and touched my shoulder. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

  I remained silent but was shaking slightly at his touch. He took hold of the sheet that I had covered myself with and pulling it off gasped loudly as my naked body was revealed in all its glory!

  "God!" he exclaimed as he stared down at my bare body and the throbbing cock sticking out from between my closed thighs.

  I rolled over on my back and looking straight into his eyes said, "Switch off the light and join me!"

  He continued to stare and a wicked smile lifted his lips as his eyes glinted with some nasty thought that passed through his mind. "Sure!" he said and went over to switch it off.

  The room was once again plunged into darkness and I heard him bolt the door before turning back to head for the bed. I heard the rustle of his clothes as he stripped and then felt him climb into bed. The room was pitch dark and I couldn't see a thing but I felt him move closer and felt his hot breath as he brought his mouth close and kissed me! I let out a soft moan and my arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer....

  He climbed up and over me and our two young bodies ground into each other.... hot and aroused! The touch of naked skin sending shivers up and down my spine. We kissed, sloppy, wet and lip smacking..... saliva dripping everywhere. He ground his pubes into mine and I too pushed back, our stiff cocks nudging and jostling each other.... two erect lances, jabbing and fencing! It felt awesome!!!! Finally we broke away, mouths open and gasping for air.

  Sebastian raised himself and started kissing my forehead.... eyes and nose and slowly started to move down. He kissed and licked his way down to my neck and then further down to my smooth and heaving chest.... Taking my erect and pointed nipples between his teeth he lightly nibbled and lashed them with his tongue extracting loud groans from me! He raised my arms and licked my nearly bare pits, pulling the light hair between his teeth.... O, it felt so nice, so sexy! My fingers wrapped into his hair and I pulled his head even closer.... wanting more.... lust tearing at my very soul. Back to my nipples he continued to build bridges with his pliant lips. Getting up and off me he moved lower.... kissing and licking his way to my navel and pushing his tongue deep. I shook with pleasure and moaned.... pumping my hips up and off the bed. His tongue licked even lower now and played in my light pubes... kissing the raging shaft. I pushed harder into his face, my hands guiding his head closer to my bursting cock.

  Finally he opened his mouth wide and took me in - I yelled and ground up, nearly shooting my spunk! But his hands held me at the base and he squeezed it tight.... My balls churned up to form a tight knot at the base of my cock.... dying to release its load of boiling cum. Sebastian sucked me with bobbing head and massaging fingers but never let up on the pressure on my cock and though it throbbed and jerked mighty, I was unable to cum.

  He now released my cock and went to my balls, licking the sac and taking them into his hot and wet mouth. He rolled the loaded nuts and lashed out with his tongue as his fingers played with my pubes.... I was driven wild as I rapped my groin into his slobbering face and pulled at his hair roughly. He again took me into his mouth but kept his grip at the base, not allowing me to shoot the boy juice that I so desperately wanted to spurt.... On and on he went.... sucking and licking till I felt I would die and asked him to please let me cum!

  "Oh, please......... please.......... God, make me cum..... Ah!" I rasped.

  He now got up and climbed over me, straddling my pelvis he held my stiff penis and slowly lowered himself, opening the ass mouth to engulf the head of my cock. Letting go of the cock he pushed down and I felt his insides grip my shaft in a hot embrace.... It felt incredible....

  "AAAaaaaahhhhh!!!" I moaned loudly and ground my hips up, pushing further into him.

  And that's all I did.......... he started moving, riding me.... up and down he danced on my pubes.... I lay there eyes closed, toes curled, groaning at the impossible pleasure washing over every inch of my 14 year old body....... 14 and being denied release for so long, imagine the tension in my loins.... just two squeezes of his rectal muscles and I EXPLODED!!!!! Grabbing his hands I pushed up and flooded him with volleys of boiling cum.... it seemed to go on and on..... as he stopped moving up and down, just rotating his ass sideways and continued to squeeze. At long last it stopped and I slumped back exhausted, totally drained.

  I lay there, gasping for air as he raised himself, my penis popping out of the tight grip. My eyes were still closed and a smile played on my lips.... a beautiful feeling washed over my entire body, I wallowed in the after glow of the most fantastic experience of my young life, my first fuck! I felt his hot breath and then felt his soft lips touch mine.... My mouth opened to let his tongue in and slowly I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, we kissed. He pulled back after a while and I felt him turning me on my side as he got behind me.... he patted my hips as he lifted my left leg and parted my cheeks. The cool air in the room felt so good as it caressed the exposed orifice and I felt one of his fingers rub me around it..... I still lay, eyes closed, still smiling.... I knew what he wanted and was most willing to give it to him, after all he had just done it - taken me in, so I should also let him have me! Besides I truly loved him.

  I heard him fumble with the cap of the hand-lotion and then felt his hands again parting me and the cool wet fingers at my virgin opening.... rubbing in the lotion. I felt him move behind me.... moving closer, his hot body touching mine.... his right hand snaking under me to wrap around my heaving torso.... holding my left leg at the ankle, my knees against my shoulder..... and then a very hot and hard tip touch my pulsating hole. I gasped.... I wanted it and felt myself opening....

  "Relax, it may hurt a bit in the beginning.... just relax and push." he whispered in my ears.

  I did and felt him apply pressure.... the broad head pushed the cheeks apart and nudged the sphincter... My eyes flew open and I yelled out at the sudden, sharp pain! My hands grabbed at the bed and I bit my lower lips to stifle the cry. Tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down to wet the sweat drenched pillow. Sebastian lifted my leg higher and pushed harder and with a shooting pain the head popped in! The air was pushed out of my lungs and I groaned, unable to stifle my cry any further. He shifted, changing the angle of entry and then holding me tight shove in with a massive thrust. My mouth flew open as a scream filled the room.... partly muffled by me turning my face into the pillow...(I didn't want the others to hear me yell and come rushing to inquire...). The pain was unbearable and my insides burned as Sebastian slid more of his thick cock into my previously untouched rectum.... It felt weird, his cock, going in.... stretching my bottom like never before.... but somehow it also felt extremely wonderful. I wanted it.... I wanted him to take me, enter me.... do whatever he may want to do with me, my body.... even tear me apart! I loved him and could do anything for him, to make him happy....

  I shook violently, biting my lips and clutching his hand tight. God, that first time was absolutely impossible.... but I bore it bravely! Finally he was completely in and he held still, as we both caught our breath, panting with our efforts.

  "You OK?" he whispered softly into my ears.

  I nodded, unable to speak and squeezed his hand. He nuzzled close as his open mouth sought my naked skin, kissing, licking.... He now raised my leg even higher and placed it over his left shoulder and started to move, slowly. Pulling back just a little and then gently pushing in again.... as he held me close and tight. My insides still resisted and it felt like it was being pulled out with every backstroke... the mouth stretched and clinging to the thick shaft, refusing to let go! My insides burned horribly, yet somehow it felt so incredibly good!! His right hand took my limp and sticky penis and started to play.... and slowly he increased the tempo and the strokes!

  He rocked me with his huge lunges as we fucked, both moaning and groaning. His cock sliding in and out of my shuddering butt hole, opening up more and more of me. He continued to kiss me and play with my slowly stiffening penis as I slowly got into the rhythm and started to push back at him. I could hardly breath, it felt so huge inside me and I felt stuffed! My stomach churned violently and the colon quacked and spasmed.... But the cock, my Sebastian's cock thrilled me.... it was in me and doing some incredibly wonderful things to me.... I loved it! I too was getting into the act now, a bit more comfortable with the thick shaft that I was impaled on. I experimented with rotating my hips, wriggling my ass at him..... and then squeezing the strong ass muscles and that got him ! He grunted and strutted his hips violently and I squeezed again.... ! Now I knew what I had to do, to pleasure him.... to make him enjoy the fuck even more.... So, every time that he shoved in I opened up and pushed back..... and as he pulled out I clamed down on his cock in a vice like grip, squeezing the rectal muscles that left him growling with lust!

  He thought he had a virgin lad.... but he didn't know that I was virgin no doubt but also a quick learner.... Soon we speeded up and he was now slamming into me, driving the long dick deep. I too held on and gave him push for push and pretty soon my Sebastian was grunting and gasping as he reached the point of no return. Gripping me tightly he buried his cock to the hilt and let out a searing hot load of thick, creamy fountain of cock juice. He spurted and spurted filling me up completely and then loosening his grip slumped back.

  We both lay that way, barely able to move, gasping for air.... After a long while he raised himself and came over and turning me on my back crushed his open mouth to mine.

  "I love you." was all he said as we drifted off to sleep.

  For the next two nights we fucked the shit out of each other and drank a gallon of spunk each! But like all good things this too came to an end the day we left Maithon...... I felt like crying as I sat on the train for the journey back home. We didn't speak much, just sat there holding hands. I didn't know what would happen once we went back to our regular life..... would he again forget me..... ? Would he ignore me like before.....? I didn't know and didn't want to think..... I closed my eyes and sat back.


  Over the next two months we did meet again, thrice, after school and at his place to make passionate love...... but somehow he again seemed somewhat distant. Then it was school out and preparation for the exams.... I tried to contact him but never got through..... After the exams I never got to see him again and all my efforts to contact him failed.... I finally gave up, but even today, after all these years I still remember and love him as then and will always wait for him......... maybe........ just maybe he also remembers me..........

* * * * * * * *

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