Secondary School for Homosexual Boys

a fictional story by Erastes

In his classic novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley described a world of the future where children were produced in a factory, and raised by the state. In this world, children were encouraged into sexplay at a young age, and throughout the society, sex was casual and frequent. However, in chapter 3, he described a scene where, in the garden, "naked in the June sunshine, six or seven hundred little boys and girls were running with shrill yells over the lawns, or playing ball games, or squatting silently in twos or threes among the flowering shrubs". Then later, a nurse comes along, leading a small boy, who "seems rather reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play". One could assume from this passage that the boy might not be interested in the same kind of erotic play that other boys were. Perhaps he was a homosexual?

I thought about the way that such a society would actually treat and educate those boys who, despite all the teaching and conditioning, still turned out gay. Obviously, it would be likewise very structured, and very sexually uninhibited, the only difference being that it would be only boys in this school, and they would all be homosexual, as well. I set my story in just such a school, the "Secondary School for Homosexual Boys, Number 6", or just SSHB6, as it would be known, for brevity. It is a school located someplace in southern England.

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The helicopter bus sets down in front of the school building, and Trevor looks out the window, apprehensively. He knows that this school is something different than the ones his classmates from his elementary school are going to, and he wonders if it's because of his difference. The bus is filled with a couple dozen other boys his age, all 10 years old, all ready to start their first form at secondary school. Most of the other boys also seemed worried, and few spoke during the trip as they were picked up from a dozen different schools around the southern part of England.

The pilot informs the boys over the speakers that this is their destination, and that all should gather their luggage and exit the bus. Trevor reaches under the seat, pulls out his small case, and queues up with the other boys. At age 10, his is a bit taller than average, with a full head of tousled dirty-blond hair, and a fairly solid, rather muscular build. His eyes are dark brown, and his skin is light and blemish-free. Most would say that he is a very good-looking boy, and being an Alpha, one with a bright future, it would seem. Still he is worried a bit, since in the last few weeks, he had been asked to visit the psychiatrist quite a bit, and most of the questions he was asked seemed to revolve around his interest in other boys, especially their bodies. The psychiatrist had shown him many pictures of naked children, both boys and girls, and had studied his reaction to them, writing observations in his journal as Trevor explained what he liked about each one. Now, he has a feeling that this school assignment was the result of all those tests.

The boys line up in the courtyard outside the building, which has a sign over the entrance that reads "S.S.H.B. Number 6". He wonders what the letters stand for? As the line slowly moves, he gets his identity booklet ready. He reaches the window, hands the man his documents, and the man gives him a piece of paper with his information on it "Dorm 3B, young man, down the hall, turn right, and then half-way down on the right", the man says, before turning to the line, and yelling "Next?"

Trevor walks down the hall, turns right at the end, and walks down until he gets to dorm 3B, and enters. A young man of about 17 approaches him. "Hello, there, I'm Karl, the dorm prefect." He takes Trevor's information sheets, and continues. "Welcome, Trevor. You are being assigned to bed #8, and your new uniforms will be arriving later. There are 10 boys in this dorm, all first formers like yourself, all Alphas. Most of them have arrived already. Put your case under your bunk, then make yourself aware of the dorm rules posted on the wall. There will be an orientation meeting in about 1 hour, when the director will explain what this school is, and why you are all here."

Trevor finds his bunk, slides his case under, and sits on the bunk. Several other boys are wandering around the dorm, reading the dorm rules, checking out the facilities, or just looking out the window. None of them are talking to each other, which continues to make him apprehensive. He sits alone, wondering why he is here, at this particular school. Finally, the prefect tells everybody that it is time to line up, and head to the auditorium, for the orientation. The boys silently queue, and the prefect leads them down several hallways, then into an auditorium, where two to three hundred boys his age are already seated. They take their seats, just as the lights are dimmed.

The director walks out onto the stage, turns on the microphone at the lectern, then says to all the boys gathered, "Good morning, lads. I am Dr. Engels, and I am the director of this school, the Secondary School for Homosexual Boys, Number 6. You have all been chosen to come to this school because testing has shown that all of you are homosexual, and will need specialised education. That's what we specialise in here."

"Now, many of you may be a bit confused about why you are here, rather than in a secondary school with your primary school mates. Let me assure you that all of you will benefit greatly from learning in a setting like this, rather than in a more mainstream secondary school. As boys mature into adolescence, homosexuality becomes a disruptive element amongst heterosexual males. Also, young homosexual males have a need for community, which we provide. We also provide the type of sexual education that heterosexual teachers can't provide. In addition, since all your new classmates share a similar sexual orientation, there need be no confusion as to who is or is not likewise inclined."

"Many of you have come from primary schools where erotic play with other boys was discouraged, or even punished. As a result, many of you have probably been rather clandestine in your encounters with other males. Now that you are here, though, nothing needs to be hidden. You will learn the full experience of being a homosexual male in our society, and you will be a valued member of our society when you graduate. Most of the teachers in this school are likewise homosexual, so they will have an understanding of what you need."

As the director drones on, Trevor looks around at the other boys in the audience. He spots one boy, a few rows ahead of him, who has brilliant red hair, and was sitting taller than the other boys around him. "My Ford", he thinks to himself, "That boy's quite ginger, isn't he?"

The director continues with his talk: "Now, many years ago, society thought that the best way to react to boys who showed homosexual interest was to change them into being heterosexual. This rarely worked, and in fact, it taught these boys how to be devious and clandestine, and how to lie convincingly. Nearly all of them eventually reverted to homosexuality, but they also had many personality disorders, due to the secrecy they had to keep. Today, we have a much more enlightened approach to homosexuality, and you boys are the beneficiaries of these policies. From this day forward, nobody will punish you for expressing your sexual nature. Of course, there are limits to the time and place you choose, but for the most part, restrictions are few, especially during recreation periods. All we ask is that your interactions together be consensual and not forced."

Several boys were becoming fidgety, and the director starts his summation: "Today, after this assembly, you will have lunch in the first form dining hall. After that, you will go back to your dorms, clean up, and have your physical. Then, once you have completed your physical exams, there will be swimming and recreation period until dinner. Have a good day, boys, and welcome."

Washing up:

After the lights come back on, the boys all start to leave the auditorium, and are all in a much lighter mood. Trevor overhears one of the boys from his dorm saying "To think, we're all here because we like other boy's willies! It's like I've died and gone to heaven!" Several of the other boys chuckle at this statement. They continue to the dining hall, where the food is served cafeteria-style, and each dorm sits at it's own table. The boys make conversation while they talk, and Trevor is surprised to find that there are boys from all over the British isles in the school, all wearing different primary school uniforms, all in shades of gray and blue, indicating that all were Alphas or Betas.

Then he sees the ginger boy, 2 tables away. He can see that the boy has copious freckling on his cheeks, and bright blue eyes. The boy smiles to one of his dorm-mates, and Trevor is impressed by his beauty. In fact, Trevor notices that his penis is starting to become erect. He thinks to himself, "I just must meet that ginger boy. He's incredibly beautiful!" The boy is wearing a rumpled gray uniform, indicating that he is also an Alpha.

After the boys finish lunch, the dorm prefect leads them back to the dorm, and makes an announcement: "Boys, it's time to get ready for your physical exam. Before we go, you will remove all your uniforms, so that we can send them back to your primary schools. We will then go down to the showers, and will clean ourselves, being particularly sure to clean our foreskins and arse-holes fully. We will then go have our physicals, and then down to the pool and recreation area. When we come back, your new school uniforms will be here, and we'll then go to dinner. Any questions?"

There were no questions from any of the boys, and we all fairly quickly removed our old primary school uniforms, throwing them into a pile. "Blimey, Trevor, you've got a big willie!", one of his dorm-mates exclaims, causing nearly every other boy in the room to turn his head to see. Trevor's penis was quite large for a boy his age, being not only longer than most, but also rather thick. His foreskin only covers his glans half-way, due to him requiring a partial circumcision when he was younger. Being used to people looking at his oversized pre-pubescent penis, he just shrugs, and says to the boys, "Yes, it is quite large, isn't it?"

Once all the boys are naked, the dorm prefect issues each of them a towel, and they walk down the hall to the shower room, most with their towel over their shoulder. As they do, the boys from the dorm across the hall join them, including the tall ginger boy that Trevor has been looking at all day. Trevor looks over at him, and sees that he's a good 3" taller than him, and has a very large collection of freckles on his shoulders, arms, back, and even his buttocks. Trevor looks at his muscular buttocks, and his taught thighs. The boy seems to have absolutely zero fat on his body. His buttocks are so lean, they have a concave shape on the sides that Trevor finds very attractive.

They enter the shower room, and the boys all hang their towels on the hooks on the wall. Trevor notices the ginger boy's frontside for the first time, and nearly gasps at his perfection. The boy has a finely defined chest and torso, with sharply defined abdominal muscles, and lines heading down to his pubic area. The boy has a fairly long penis, with a long foreskin as well, and a pair of firm, round testicles underneath. He looks up, and sees that the boy has noticed Trevor's interest in his body.

Trevor speaks first, saying, " name's Trevor. What's yours?" The red-haired boy smiles, and replies in a fairly thick northern accent, "I'm Fergus. Nice to meet you". He looks down at Trevor's stiffening penis, and adds "You're quite well equipped there, now, aren't you?" Trevor stifles a chuckle, and replies, "Well, I suppose I am, but I don't have as nice legs as you, Fergus." They smile at each other, then one of the other prefects shouts "Boys, we have only 10 minutes to wash up. I want to see each of you wash under your foreskins, and also wash your bung-holes. We don't want to give the doctor any nasty surprises, now!" Fergus says to Trever, "Hey, if you wash my foreskin, I'll wash yours. Is it a deal?" Trevor breaks out into a big smile, and replies "Yes, it is."

The 2 boys take shower heads next to each other, and start soaping their bodies. Fergus is the first to reach over, and take Trevor's now erect penis into his soapy hand. Wrapping his long, graceful fingers around Trevor's shaft, he says "Quite thick, aren't you?", as he retracts Trevor's short foreskin. Trevor reaches over, and grasps Fergus' likewise stiff member, and slides his lengthy foreskin back. Since he first laid his sights on Fergus' penis, it has lengthened considerably, but has not thickened much. Trevor then slides his new friend's foreskin back, where even though his member is now fully erect, it still covers the glans completely.

The 2 boys stand, facing each other, both penises excited. Trevor's thicker, heavier penis sticks out slightly below horizontal, with his foreskin nearly fully retracted. Fergus' longer, thinner dick points up about 45° above level, still covered. "Odd, isn't it", Trevor says, "My foreskin is so short, yet yours is so long".  The 2 boys continue to soap each other's willies and balls, until Fergus mentions "Hey, don't forget to wash your bum as well."

Finishing the washing of each other's willies, they each wash their own anus, and quickly rinse off. Going back into the drying room, they each help each other dry off, then they discard their towels into the dirty towel basket. Once all the boys are dry, the prefects lead them down the hall to the room for their physicals. Trevor is right behind Fergus, and when they come up to the front of the line, they are both sent into the same room, where 2 doctors await them.

Physical exams:

 Each doctor has a cart, and a chair, with no divider between them, Fergus' doctor is a younger man, and Trevor's doctor is more middle-aged. Both doctors start by checking each boy's pulse, heartbeat, blood pressure, and taking weights and measurements. Each boy is photographed against a backdrop, in frontal and profile views.
Both doctors are checking the same items on both boys, but each seems to do it in a different order. At one point, Trevor is having his heartbeat checked by the doctor with his stethoscope, while Fergus' doctor is putting on a latex glove, and asking Fergus to bend over. Trevor watches as the doctor greases up his gloved finger, then slowly inserts in inside Fergus' pink anus, checking his prostate. Witnessing the young doctor inserting his index finger fully inside the freckled boy's tight anus makes Trevor's heartbeat increase, as well as the size of his penis. The doctor notices the increased pulse, then looks down and sees Trevor's erection. "What on earth", the doctor says, as he turns around and notices what is causing this effect on his patient. The doctor turns back to Trevor, and says, "Oh, well, to each their own, I guess. Still, I'd prefer one to have a bit more color in his complexion". Looking down at Trevor's now throbbing erection, the doctor adds, "Well, I suppose now is as good a time to take that measurement", as he reaches for his ruler, to measure the length of his erection. Writing the result in his ledger, the doctor comments, saying, "You are quite well equipped, young man!"

The doctor takes a few more readings, then asks Trevor to likewise, bend over. Trevor does so in such a way so that Fergus can get a full view of his prostate exam, and the doctor complies by making certain that Fergus can see everything. At this point, Fergus is having his erection length measured. Finally, Fergus' doctor finishes, and says, "Well, this lad's healthy, and probably more excitable than any first-former I've yet seen!" Trevor bends back up, and his doctor replies, "Same here with this laddie. He's 10, but he acts like he's 16. And with a willie as big as he's got, I wonder what he'll be like in 6th form?" The younger doctor notices the way that Fregus and Trevor are looking at each other's excited genitals, and adds, "Doctor Albert, I do believe these 2 lads fancy each other!"

The doctor sits, and examines Trevor's shortened foreskin, sliding it as far forward as he can. "Has your hood been snipped, young man?", he asks. Trevor responds, saying, "Yes, sir, when I was 5, if I recall. The doctor there said that I had a strangulated foreskin, and he removed just the tip, It was a bit painful." The doctor slides Trevor's skin back, and replies, "Very nice work. Shame, though, that we couldn't take a bit of the extra skin from your mate here to make you complete. Still, a rather pleasing result on a very nice penis, if I do say so myself."

Standing up, the doctor says to Trevor, "Well, I'm through. You and your ginger mate here can go off and play now."  The 2 boys exit the room, both with visible erections. From the next door over, another boy likewise exits his exam, likewise excited, and giggles at the scene, before running off down the hall, following the signs that point the way to the recreation area. Fergus drapes his long arm over Trevor's muscular shoulder, and says, "Well, on to the pool?", and they walk down the carpeted hallway, their rigid poles bouncing with each step.

As they turn a corner, Fergus stops, pushed Trevor's shoulders against the wall, and presses his body against him. He opens his mouth, and kisses Trevor on the lips.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. I have more in mind, including the 2 boys swimming, and of course, several stories revolving around a class for sexual instruction. Any ideas would be appreciated.