Secondary School for Homosexual Boys

a fictional story by Erastes

In his classic novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley described a world of the future where children were produced in a factory, and raised by the state. In this world, children were encouraged into sex play at a young age, and throughout the society, sex was casual and frequent. I thought about the way that such a society would actually treat and educate those boys who, despite all the teaching and conditioning, still turned out gay. Obviously, it would be likewise very structured, and very sexually uninhibited, the only difference being that it would be only boys in this school, and they would all be homosexual, as well. I set my story in just such a school, the "Secondary School for Homosexual Boys, Number 6", or just SSHB6, as it would be known, for brevity. It is a school located someplace in southern England.

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 Recreation Period:

Fergus breaks his kiss with Trevor, and says to him, "Ye hae a nice body, Trevor, so firm an strong, an wi' a nice willie, too", exaggerating his accent a bit. Fergus' stiff penis grazes against Trevor's erection, and Trevor stammers out his response: " really like your body too. are quite.....beautiful". Trevor reaches his hand around, and places it on Fergus' muscular butt cheek. Fergus moves away, and opens the door that they are next to. On the door, there is a sign that reads : "Encounter Room # 12".

Fergus opens the door, and turns on the light. Inside the room is a small bed, a single chair, a shelf with several neatly folded white towels, and 2 bottles, one marked "Oil", and the other marked "Lubricant". In the corner, behind a plastic curtain, is a small shower/toilet combination. Fergus closes the door behind them, and continues his embrace with Trevor. "Oh, Trevor, when I saw that face of yours, I just knew that we would be mates. And then, when I saw your body this morn, well, I'a nearly jumped on ye right there."

Fergus pulls back slightly, and pushes his rigid willie downward, retracting his foreskin, until his glans is touching up against Trevor's larger, wider penis head. Fergus then slides his taught foreskin down, over his own glans, and then over Trevor's as well. "The doctor said that he wished that we could give some of my extra skin tae cover your willie, so I decided tae do it myself. I hope you like it". Trevor wraps his fingers around their conjoined penises, sliding Fergus' extra foreskin to completely cover Trevor's glans, and then he slides his own loser, shorter skin as far over Fergus' skin as he can. "Thanks, Fergus", Trevor says, as he returns Fergus' kiss.

They remain this way for a couple of minutes, until Trevor breaks the kiss, and says "I think they'll be looking for us if we stay here much longer. We have an entire 6 years together, you know, so let's not do too much on the first day." They separate, their foreskins uncoupling from their still-erect penises. "Yes, I guess your right. Still, I do want tae explore your entire body, and soon!" Fergus turns to open the door. "My Ford, you have the most charming buttocks I've ever seen, Fergus", Trevor states, continuing, "You even have dimples on your cheeks!" Fergus stands with his back towards Trevor, and says, "Thanks, I'll be sure tae let you explore it later!"

Fergus opens the door, looks both ways to see if anybody is coming, then motions Trevor, and they both exit the room. Fergus starts jogging down the hall, with Trevor in close pursuit, his heavy penis bouncing and slapping against his hairless groin with every stride. They make several turns down different hallways, following the signs directing them to the pool and athletic complex. Finally, they turn the final corner, and come upon the entrance to the pool, where a temporary table is set up, with 2 of the school employees seated behind it.

"So, young lads, what are your names?", the middle aged man with round spectacles asks. Trevor speaks up first, saying, "Trevor Attlee is my name, sir", he says, standing upright, with his hands held behind his back. Fergus steps up, next to Trevor, likewise standing at attention, and states, "Trevor Thaelmann is my name, sir". At this point, Fergus' penis was still slightly erect. The man looks up at the 2 quite well endowed boys standing in front of him, and asks, "Are you both first-formers, then?" Fergus and Trevor reply in unison, "Yes, sir". The man continues speaking as he writes in his book, "My, Ford, both you lads look very well developed for your age, especially you, master Trevor. I would've taken you for 3rd formers, even without having any pubic hair!".

As the man continues writing in the ledger, the younger man speaks up, saying, "OK, lads, you will be here in this area until you are called for, which will likely be in about 3 hours. Until then, you may use the shallow pool, but not the deep diving pool-that will only be available after you can pass our swimming test later in the week."  "You may also use the sun deck, although I'd suggest that, with your fair skin, you'd best put sun lotion on beforehand", he says, directly to Fergus, than continues, saying, "And, you can also go into the garden, if you wish to sun yourself there, or engage in any sexual encounters. As a general rule, such encounters are not permissible in the pool or on the sun deck, although there may be a certain level of erotic play permitted there."

Excuse me, sir", Fergus asks, "Are there any limitations on the types of behaviours permitted in the garden?" The older man looks up at him, and says, "My, we ARE an eager young man, aren't we?" The younger man responds, saying, "There are no limits on what may happen within the garden, providing that it is consensual between all partners, and it does not involve violence." Trevor looks at Fergus, and smiles slightly. The older man mutters, just loud enough to hear, "I can assure you that these lads will be availing themselves of the garden shortly." The younger man then says to the boys, "Well, have fun, and please, no rough play in the pool." Both boys say "Thank you, sirs", and scurry off through the entrance.

Inside the pool building, there are at least 150 naked boys swimming, some jumping in, some sitting on the edge, others riding on the shoulders of larger boys, most having a good time. "Would you like to swim first, or check out the garden", Trevor asks. Fergus turns to him, and says, "It looks a bit crowded now, so lets try the outside first." They walk towards the large opening, where a large sliding door is opened to the outside, onto a warm, sunny day. Trevor puts his arm around Fergus' waist, as the walk outside, into the garden, between the trees and bushes, on toe soft, green lawn. They hear a noise, and notice 2 smaller boys laying on the grass to their left, the blond boy busily sucking the dark-haired boy's penis. They walk a ways, until they find a reasonably secluded spot next to a tree. Trevor lays down in the sun, and Fergus in the shade of the tree, next to him.

The sun shines onto Trevor's bare body, as he lays on the grass, with his hands behind his head, and his big penis laying diagonally across his abdomen. He closes his eyes and relaxes in the sunshine. Fergus is laying on his side, looking at Trevor's body. "You really have a beautiful chest, Trevor", he says, as he lightly runs his fingers over Trevor's pectorals. Travis continues, saying, "Your shoulders are big an' strong, an' your thighs are really quite amazing. But what's most amazing is this big willie of yours." As he says this, he lightly runs the tip of his index finger from Trevor's scrotum, along the underside of his penile shaft, up to the frenulum.

"Mmmm, that feels good, Fergus", Trevor moans, his eyes still closed, adding, "You're making me hard again, Fergus." Indeed, Trevor's penis is becoming larger and firmer, as Fergus continues his exploration of his new friend's big penis. After a minute or so, Fergus stops, and moves so that he's straddling Trevor's chest with his knees, such that his own rigid penis is just above Trevor's. "If tha' was making you hard, what do ye think of this?", he asks, as he moves his hips to make his hairless, crenelated scrotum slide along the underside of Trevor's erection. As he slides downward, retracting Trevor's short foreskin, Trevor opens his eyes, and looks at Fergus' upward-pointing erection, still fully covered by it's foreskin.

He reaches down, lightly pinches it closed at the end, and tugs it slightly outward. "Fergus, your foreskin is amazing", Trevor says, as he then slides it slowly back down the shaft, uncovering Fergus' glans, "And quite silky, as well." Fergus stops as Trevor slowly plays with his long foreskin. "Here, bring that closer to me", Trevor says, as he grips Fergus' buttocks, motioning him to bring his penis towards Trevor's head. Sliding foreword, Fergus maneuvers his penis until it's right in front of Trevor's face, whereupon Trevor opens his mouth, and wraps his lips around Fergus' penis. Inside his mouth, Trevor slips his tongue under Fergus' ample foreskin, sliding it all around his glans in a clockwise motion. Fergus bites his lip slightly, as Trevor starts applying suction as well, taking more of Fergus' long shaft into his mouth.

"Trevor, nobody has ever sucked my willie like you", Fergus moans, as Trevor continues. ""Actually, you are only the second lad who's ever sucked my willie, an' the first one wasn't too good at it", Fergus adds. Trevor lets Fergus' penis slide out, and says, "Well, then, I guess nobody ever did this for you, either." He then wraps his lips around Fergus' left testicle, sucks the scrotum inside his mouth, and stimulates it with his tongue. Opening his mouth wider, he barely manages to get Fergus' other ball inside as well. Fergus moans, saying, "Oh, tha' feels soooooo good." Fergus permits Trevor to suck on his scrotum for a couple of minutes, until he pulls his testicles free, and moves downward on Trevor's body.

Fergus then grasps Trevor's erected penis in his fingers, and says "I've never sucked on one this big, but I'm gonnae try". He leans over, envelopes his lips around the glans of Trevor's big penis, and pushes his shortened foreskin back. With his mouth fully opened, his teeth just barely clear the diameter of Trevor's shaft. Fergus continues until  Trevor's big willie is about half-way inside his mouth, then he backs off,  until Trevor's penis is out. Then, he starts playing with Trevor's foreskin with his tongue, circling around it, and licking the underside, around his frenulum. Trevor is moaning with delight, when Fergus suggests, "Hey, wha' if I turn around, so we can both suck each other's willies?"

Trevor tells Fergus that it sounds like a good idea, so Fergus unstraddles himself from Trevor, turns around, and swings his leg over Trevor's head, so that his penis is right about over Trevor's face. Trevor pushes Fergus a bit forward, so that he can see his pink anus. Trevor runs his index finger lightly along the parting line on Fregus' pale crotch, from his scrotum up to his slightly greased hole. He brushes his finger over the crinkly pink skin, and Fergus says, "Oh, tha' feels good, Trevor."

Trevor maneuvers Fergus' thin, long penis into his mouth, tilting his head backwards to do so, while Fergus does his best on Trevor's swollen penis, concentrating first on the head, then slowly loosening his jaw up enough to take the majority of his large erection into his mouth. They pleasure each other for about 5 minutes, when Fergus starts to pump his long penis in and out of Trevor's mouth, slowly at first, then faster, until he stops, his twitching penis and tensing body in a full dry orgasm. Finally, Fergus pulls his dick out of Trevor's mouth, saying, "Oh, It's too intense now." He swings his leg over Trevor's head, turns around, and positions himself to continue suckling Trevor's penis from the proper direction.

From this angle, Fergus is able to use his tongue properly on the underside of Trevor's shaft, and Trevor's responses tells him that it's working. Fergus continues to slide his lips up and down Trevor's rigid shaft faster and faster, until Trevor blurts out "Unh...I...I....oh......aaahhh!", as his body convulses in this first ever orgasm. Breathing heavily, his chest heaves up and down, and he manages to speak to Fergus, saying, "What....what...happened just now?"  Fergus slides forward, and says to him, "You just had an orgasm. Was it yer first one? Wasn't it brilliant?". He kisses Trevor on the lips, and Trevor's body quickly relaxes.

Trevor stretches out in the sunlight, and Fergus moves back into the shade, laying on his side, looking at Trevor's relaxed body. He looks at Trevor's still glistening penis laying flat against his abdomen. "You really have quite a fine body, Trevor", Fergus says. Trevor turns his head to Fergus, and responds, "And you have a very nice body yourself, Fergus, especially your thighs and bum. Also, your willie is very, very nice." Fergus says in response, "Well, thank ye, but I've found that most people don't like gingers much, especially those with freckles. Something about us looking 'sickly', I think". Trevor smiles, then says, "I think you look rather healthy, Fergus, and I happen to find you freckles rather sexy. In fact, I wish you had freckles on your willie, as well. Maybe if you lay out in the sun a while, you'll freckle all over?"

"Well, perhaps with some sun lotion, maybe I can join ye' in the sunlight", Fergus says, adding, "but until then, I hae tae stay in the shade, else I'll burn my fair skin an' start peeling all over. It's not a pretty sight, ye know!" Trevor reaches over, and strokes Fergus' arm, saying, "No, I certainly don't want you to burn your fine fair skin, and certainly not the skin on that fine long willie of yours." He slides over, and the boys kiss once again. "Hey, Fergus, what do you say we go swim a while?"  Fergus agrees, they rise, and walk together, arms over each other's shoulders, towards the pool.

For the next hour or so, they splash around in the pool, joining about 150 other naked 10 year-olds, until finally a guard blows his whistle, and announces, "Everybody out of the pool, shower off and dry off, boys!"  They gather with all the other boys, nude bodies pressed against each other, as they each quickly rinse the chlorine off their bodies in the shower, then line up to get a towel from the window, and dry off. Finally dry, the guard announces that all boys should return to their dorms, and that running in the halls would not be permitted. At that announcement, suddenly 200+ naked boys start filing into the halls, all heading for their respective dorms. As Fergus and Trevor near their rooms, Fergus says to Trevor, "Well, if I don't see ye tonight, we'll meet tomorrow?" Trevor says "Sure, Fergus", as they separate, and go into their dorm rooms.