Secondary School for Homosexual Boys

a fictional story by Erastes

In his classic novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley described a world of the future where children were produced in a factory, and raised by the state. I thought about the way that such a society would actually treat and educate those boys who, despite all the teaching and conditioning, still turned out gay. Obviously, it would be likewise very structured, and very sexually uninhibited, the only difference being that it would be only boys in this school, and they would all be homosexual, as well. I set my story in just such a school, the "Secondary School for Homosexual Boys, Number 6", or just SSHB6, as it would be known, for brevity. It is a school located someplace in southern England.

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Orientation Week:

A Trip to the Beach

For the rest of the week, the new students at SSHB6 had orientation classes in the morning, followed by recreation periods in the afternoon, which often included field trips to nearby locales. It was on one of these afternoons that Trevor and Fergus signed up for an afternoon trip to the beach, in a group of 40 boys from their class. In the week since they had arrived at SSHB6, the boys had made some new friends, amongst them Marcus, a solid, shy, brown-haired boy of slightly larger than average height from Trevor's dorm room, and Philip, a small, outgoing, active blond boy from Fergus' dorm.

Preparing for the trip to the beach, each boy was dressed in shorts, short-sleeve shirt, and sandals, and were each instructed to carry their shoulder bag with at least 2 towels in it. The boys lined up outside the building and were checked-off as each entered the helicopter-bus that was to take them to the beach. Once seated, the bus took off, and within a few minutes, they landed on a deserted beach on the seacoast, where small waves crashed, and seagulls flew overhead. The boys were instructed to depart the bus, where they were instructed to neatly pile their bags and clothing, then stand in line to be coated with sunscreen. Within a minute, all 40 boys were nude, and standing front-to-back, where at the front of the line, under a canopy that had been erected stood 2 gamma workers with a sprayer.

The first boy was summoned, whereupon the boy stood- arms out, feet apart, as one man sprayed his pale body thoroughly. The other man then instructs the boy to lift his arms, enabling the sprayer to spray the boys armpits, the the second man lifts the boy's penis, and testicles, so that the sprayer can spray the underside of each. Finally, the boy is instructed to bend over, whence the man sprays the boy's crotch region. The boy is then told to not enter the water or sit in the sand until the lotion dries, and he sprints off, his oiled body glistening, letting the next boy advance to be sprayed.

Trevor is standing behind Fergus, and whispers into his ear, "I can't WAIT to see them handling YOUR body, Ferg". Eventually, Fergus goes to the front of the line, and the second man says to him, "Oi, yer skin's too pale fer this stuff. We have a bot'le of special lotion fer pale lads like ye' are, but ye'got to have some'ne help ye put it on." Trevor speaks up, saying, "I'll put the lotion on him, sir, if that's alright." The man hands the bottle to Fergus, and says to Trevor, "That'll be fine, then, but be sure t' get it all o'er his body, lest he get sizzled. C'mon, yer nex', lad."

Trevor steps up, and the man say to him, "An' a fine specimen of boyhood ye are, too!", as Trevor assumes the position to be coated with lotion. Having seen the process already several times, he knows what to do. When the man reaches over to lift his balls, he says to Trevor, "Ye got the bollocks of a man already, son, but no hair yet. I'll bet ye'll be quite large as a man." The sprayer coats Trevors balls, then the man lets them drop, and hold Trevor's big penis in his fingers, saying, "An' yer willie is nearly man-sized yet, too! Quite a stappin' young lad ye are. We could use a good lad like yerself on th' farm." Finishing, Trevor bends over, letting the sprayer coat his crotch with oil. Finished, Trevor strolls over to Fergus.

Fergus hands him the bottle, and Trevor starts by applying lotion to Fergus' freckled shoulders and neck, while Fergus rubs lotion onto his face. "Can I help?' asks Philip, the small blond boy from Fergus' dorm, who is standing there, nervously fiddling with his thin, noodly penis. "This is Philip, from my room", Fergus states, rubbing the lotion onto his forehead, "Remember, I told ye aboot him-the one tha' sucked 2 willies at once?" Philip giggles, and replies, "Yeah, that was fun, especially with that African boy's willie-it was spectacularly long!"

Trevor pours some lotion into his left hand, then gives the bottle to Philip, saying, "OK, you can do his legs". Trevor then continues, coating Fergus' arms, then his lower back, and finally, his buttocks. Looking around the front, he sees that Philip has coated both of Fergus' legs, and is now applying lotion to his balls, gently cupping cupping them in his small right hand. Next, Philip applies a small amount of lotion to that hand, and wraps it around the base of Fergus' penis , slowly stroking up and down the length of the shaft. Fergus speaks, saying, "Somehow I just knew you'd end up strokin' me willie up, Philip". Philip looks up, and grins. "Well, from the hardness of your shaft, I'd say that you are enjoying it, Ferg". He pulls the skin back from Fergus' glans, exposing the pink surface of it to view. ""Even your tip's paler than mine, see?", Philip says, retracting the foreskin from his now erect penis, showing off his more purplish glans.

"OK, lads, could you save that for the encounter room when we get back", says a chaperone who had come up behind us. "Sorry, sir", Philip says, "I got a bit carried away." "That's allright, son," the chaperone says, adding, "Now, have you completely covered this boy's skin with lotion?" "Not yet, sir", Trevor says, adding, "But I'm almost finished." Trevor takes the bottle from Philip, and starts applying lotion to Fergus' chest. "Very well", the chaperone says, as he turns and walks away. Trevor looks into Fergus' eye, and Fergus starts to giggle. Trevor continues coating Fergus' abdomen, and whispers, "OK, enough of that. Now, please, bend over." Fergus complies, bending down and touching his toes, while Trevor, his palm covered with lotion, places it on Fergus' crotch, and carefully coats everything from his testicles to his anus. Finishing, Fergus stands straight, and says to Trevor, "Thank ye for being so.....thourogh."

As soon as all the boys have been coated with lotion, one of the chaperones gives them a talk about the rules for swimming, how far they can go down the beach, and other such information, after which, they all go running into the warm surf, splashing and swimming. After about 30 minutes, many of the boys tire of the games of splashing and underwater groping, and return to the shore to play other games. Several start playing a game of football, albiet rather poorly, but the scene of a dozen nude boys running around in the sun catches the gaze of at least one of the chaperones, who seems to delight in watching all the bobbing penises during their game. Trevor and his friends set up a badminton net, and they play a game against Philip and Marcus.

For the rest of the afternoon, the boys splash in the surf, run in the sand, and play games on the shore, stopping only for an early supper served under the canopy, which all the boys eat sitting naked on the wooden benches at the table. After lunch, Fergus, Trevor, and Philip lay their beach towels down on the sand to sunbathe. As they are laying the towels out, Marcus stops by, and asks, "Mind if I join you?" Trevor responds, "Oh, certainly, Marcus." As Marcus is laying out his towel, Fergus asks him, "So, I hear tha' you an, Philip were in the same primary school?" Marcus respods, "Oh yes, I know him from primary school. He was always getting in trouble with matron."

Philip looks at Marcus, and responds, "Oh, yes, I do remember you. I never suspected you to be bent, though. I thought all the boys who liked boy-sex came to me." Marcus grins, saying, "Well, I never really thought about until recently. I've actually never fooled around with a boy before. Only the required sexplay with girls in primary school." Philip looks at Marcus, and asks, "You mean you've never really fancied a boy before?"

Marcus looks a little uncomfortable, but responds, "Well, maybe a bit. I always rather fancied you, but never dared try anything, after seeing the way they punished you for playing with other boys." Philip grins, then says to Marcus in a soft voice, "Well, Marcus, perhaps we can correct that later?", as he reaches over and gives Marcus' stout penis a gentle tug, adding, "I think that fooling around with other boys is rather expected now." Marcus and Philip lay their towels down together, next to Trevor an Fergus.

After laying in the warm sun for about 30 minutes, Trevor turns over to see Fergus laying on his back, his long penis laying diagonally across his pale abdomen. "It looks like that lotion does a good job of keeping your fair skin protected", he sates, as he gently strokes the underside of Fergus' freckled shaft. "Aye, that it does, but I don't think i'm gonnae get any suntan like ye."  Trevor slides Fergus' foreskin back, and says, "You're getting a litlle tan-look at how much paler the skin under your nozzle is." Fergus sits up, and retracts his foreskin fully, revealing a lighter band of skin just below his glans. "Aye, it looks like I'm gonnae get a wee bit of colour on me, Trev".

Turing to the other side, Philip is laying on his back, with his hand behind his head, elbows out, knees up and apart, and his thin penis laying on his abdomen. "You look comfortable, Philip", Trevor says. "Yes, I want to get a good tan all over, and I'm making certain that I get enough sun on my armpits as well as my ABC", Philip responds. Trevor, confused, asks, "ABC? What does that mean?", to which Philip responds, "It stands for "Arse-Bollocks-Conjoinment". Marcus giggles when he hears this. "ABC indeed!", he chuckles, to which Philip responds, "Oi, wot's so funny?", as he rolls over and straddles Marcus' body, and starts to tickle his stomach.

Philip's tickle-attack turns into an all-out wrestling match with Marcus, who, being larger and stonger, eventually prevails, but only after the 2 boys roll over several times in the sand, ending with Marcus straddling Philip's lithe body, leaning over and holding his shoulders down against the sand with his hands. "Oi, you win, Marcus. I di'nt know you were so strong.", Philip says, as Marcus releases his hold on Philip's shoulders. "An' so cute", he adds, sitting up, giving Marcus a quick kiss on the lips. Marcus sits up, slightly stunned, and replies, "Who, ME? Cute? And coming from someone beautiful as you?"

"I don't think myself as being particularily beautiful, Marcus", Philip says, "Wot with being so short, and with me willie being little more than a floppy noodle. I always wanted to have nice, broad shoulders an' big strong legs like yourself, Marc." Marcus slides back a bit, resting with his now-erect penis sitting on top of Philips boner. Philip continues, "..An a nice, stout willie like the one you got", as he wraps his small, delicate fingers around both penises. "By the way, Marc, you said that you ne'er really thought about fooling around with another boy, but it seems that you really enjoy fooling around with me, at least."

Philip looks down and compares the 2 erect penises. "Oi, look like your tips strainin' to get loose", he states, remarking about Marcus' tight foreskin that is letting only the tip of his glans peek out, despite being fully erect. Philip continues, "See, me head's completely out o' my foreskin all on itself." Marcus reaches down, and manually retracts his tight foreskin, which creates a collar of skin behind the flange of his glans. "The doctor says my skin's tight, and that I'll have to work with it to loosen it up. I usually leave it rolled up like this during the day, but out here with the sun an' sand, I decided to leve it down."

Philip lightly strokes Marcus' uncovered glans, and says, "Well, I can always help you loosen it up-I'd be glad to help." Once again holding both penises together with his hands, he continues, "Look at how thick yer willie is-it's twice the width of mine! I'm jealous!" Marcus responds, "Well, look at how well defined your muscles are", as he runs his finger down Philips taught, rippled abdomen,, adding, "I think that's quite nice, an' I'm jealous!" Continuing to Philip's painfully erect penis, he slides his finger down the length of the top of his penile shaft, across his glistening glans, then allowing it to spring upward again, slapping against Philip's hairless groin as it does so, coming to rest pointing a full 45 above horizontal. "My willie gets hard, philip, but it ne'er ponts upward as much as your does", he says, as he strokes Philip's tight, smooth testicles.

Fergus turns to the 2 boys, and says to them, "Ye know, we can save that fer th' encounter room when we get back." Marcus sits back, and stand up, his penis still rigid. Philip does likewise, his small penis fully retracted, pointing nearly skyward. Trevor says to Fergus, "Well, they certainly took a fancy to each other, didn't they?" Marcus turns his back to Philip, and Philip carefully brushes the sand off of Marcus' backside, then they reverse the process. Finally, brushed off, both boys return to their towels and lay down.

Return to School

As the sun gets low in the sky, the chaperone tells the boys that it's time to pack up and return to school. "As soon as you get back, you will all shower", he tells them. One of the boys asks if, since they were all going to shower, anyways, if they really need to dress before boarding the bus, to which the chaperon says, "No, not really-just make certain you have your shoes on, and you don't leave any clothing behind. As a result, many boys decide to merely put on their shoes, stuff their clothing into their bags, and board the bus otherwise nude. Trevor does this, but Fergus decides to wear just his undershirt. Both Philip and Marcus board the bus nude, and sit on the seat in front of Fergus and Trevor. All they boys are instructed to strap-in, and the bus takes off for the short trip back to school. Leaning forward during the trip, he notices that Marcus and Philip are once again stroking each other's penises.

Landing in the lot behind the school, the boys unbuckle, grab their bags, and run, noisiliy into the dorms, dropping their bags on their bunks, and grabbing towels for the showers. Within a couple of minutes, several dozen boys have crowded into the showers to wash the sand and lotion off of their bodies, with most boys helping other boys clean themselves. With helping hands coming from all different directions, it takes little time for all the boys to be cleaned off, and for most of them to become excited, as well. Sensing that this might be a good time to slip away, Trevor whispers first into Fergus' ear, then into Philip's and Marcus', that they should dry off and get an encounter room while they are still available. All 4 boys leave the shower room and quickly dry, then sprint down the hall to find an unoccupied encounter room.

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