Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


There were seven of us after Alex moved away; seven of us, taught about sex by Alex. He was our scoutmaster, with a taste for athletic boys who had long legs and arms… and stiffies. He had an instinct for boys who liked adventure, and he seduced us by ones and twos. He seduced Jason and me when we were ten.

He brought the seven of us together and made it play. He called our genitals, “toys”. Our dicks were “wieners” and our butts were “buns”. We made “hot dogs” by rubbing our wieners between two buns or we warmed our wieners inside another boy’s “bun oven”. He had names for everything… cock fighting, sixty-nines, frogging, butt humping, bunny fucking, trains, sandwiches, daisy chains.

Alex particularly liked to watch boys kiss. That was a challenge at first, because sometimes boys will suck each other’s cocks and fuck each other’s butts before they’ll kiss one another. He made it silly at first… joking around… a game. He knew which boy each of us might want to kiss, and teased us into doing it. He knew that Jason and I had been best buds since we were six, and he talked us into kissing each other first of the boys… the first kiss for me… and for Jason. A lot of my firsts were with Jason… with Alex watching over us, instructing.

Alex liked to watch boys do almost anything, naked. He taught us how to dance naked, and doing so, how to playfully seduce a man… or another boy.

He had a boy’s imagination, constantly thinking up new ways for us to play everything from truth-or-dare to winner-takes-who-he-wants poker. He passed on an attitude of sex as play, and a taste for variety to us. That’s how the Olympic idea came up.

It was Jason’s. Jason and I turned thirteen just before Alex moved away.

In football, Jason was our quarterback. In baseball, he could switch hit, and he had a wicked curve ball. His dick had a curve, too; to the right. His pubic patch was little more than a little mustache, like mine, but his pubes were red; deep red like his hair. That little patch of wine-red pubic hair made his skin seem all the whiter, all the more flawless. He was smooth and hairless as a dolphin. It made it easy to see his muscles move under his skin.

I had begun to notice Jason’s muscles… and his skin… and his pubes… and what hung between his slender legs. Back when we were ten, it was all about rubbing stiffies or getting our stiffies sucked or sticking our stiffies up other boys’ butt. But now it was becoming more than that… much more. We weren’t ten anymore. Jason’s body, and the developments in my own, excited me.

Those kinds of changes are easy to see when you’re always sexing together. Jason’s balls had changed from marbles to eggs. His stiffy had become a boner, and to me, a thing of beauty. I noticed the feel of his long legs when they slid against mine, the hardness of his muscles under my fingers, and his scent when I licked and sucked between his legs. I noticed the curve of his neck, the line of his jaw, the hollow under his ear, and the fine golden hairs on the back of his neck. I admired the veins in his forearms and muscles in his belly. Every time we were together, there was something new to notice about him; something new to notice about us. Things were changing.

Jason was smart; way smart, and he looked it; particularly in his eyes. He had wide-set eyes of amazingly pale blue. I liked his eyes, best of all, even though they had begun to stir confusing feelings in me when they met my eyes.

Alex was gone, and Jason’s body stirred me. We sexed more than ever, but our sexing wasn’t always play anymore… for either of us.

My pubes were black, like my eyebrows, even though my hair was a pale blond, almost white. My legs were even longer than Jason’s because I was a couple of inches taller. All the muscles in my belly and chest and arms and legs had begun to show, just like Jason’s. I’d stand in front of the mirror and marvel at what was happening to my body. I’d pose and flex and swing my cock by swiveling my hips, and as I watched, it’d get longer and swing heavy like a pendulum.

I played wide receiver, and, in baseball, I was one of the few guys who could hit Jason’s curve ball. My dick curved like is, but straight up, rather than to the right or left. We both had thick cocks compared to the other guys. Alex said we were gonna be hung like horses.

They picked a new scoutmaster for us after Alex left, but the new guy was a dad of one of the younger scouts and it was a sure thing that sex play wasn’t on his program for us. So the seven of us, the boys trained by Alex, formed our own troop within a troop. We called ourselves the Sky Troop, because one of Alex’s games was to pretend, and one pretend was for some boys to lie on their stomachs and extend their arms out to the sides like great birds. Then other boys climbed onto them, buried their cocks in the prone boys’ bottoms, and lay down on them to ride like boys riding great birds, winging up into the sky. We liked the sound of the name, Sky Troop.

Jason got the idea for “Sex Olympics” for Sky Troop the night we watched Greco-Roman wrestling on TV from the Barcelona Olympics. Afterward, we went to my room to try wrestling ourselves, naked.

We didn’t get hard at first, because we really wrestled, but then I pinned Jason’s hands above his head and sat on his belly. He squirmed, and I moved my butt farther back, over his middle. I pinned his cock under my bottom. He stopped squirming, and grinned.

Then he got one of his thoughtful looks. “I’ve got an idea, Davey.”

“I’m getting one, too,” I told him. The feel of his thickening cock under my perineum was getting me hard.

“Not that kind of an idea… well, yeah, sorta.” He wiggled his hips under me, and I lifted my butt long enough for his cock to go up his belly, then I sat back down on it.

“What I’m thinking,” he said, bringing his knees up behind my back, “is that the Sky Troop oughta have their own Olympics… Sex Olympics.”

I laughed. “Awesome!”

He looked down his chest and belly to where my cock curved up from between my legs. “While you’re sitting there,” he said, “would you mind putting my dick up your butt?”

We lay side by side on the floor, later, fondling each other and talking. He always lay on my left and I always lay on his right – I’m a lefty and he’s a righty. Playing with each other was easier that way. We lay like that countless times from when we were ten, with spindly legs cast over each other. Now, at thirteen, the sides of our muscled legs and flattened butts pressed each other, and the forearms of our crossed arms rested on taut bellies.

Jason returned to his Sex Olympics idea again, and the more we talked about it, the more excited he became.

“My dad’s gotta go to his Austin office tomorrow,” he said. Let’s get him to drop us off at the UT library. I wanna do some research.”

“On sex?” I asked, with a chuckle.

“Asshole! No! On Olympics… like I read somewhere that the first Olympics, everybody was naked.”

“Whoa!” I murmured. That sounded interesting. Going to the UT library didn’t. Jason had dragged me to that library once before. He loved it there. I was bored stiff. But naked Olympics…

“Do you think they’ll have pictures?” I asked.

He whacked my belly with the back of his hand.


Jason’s dad bought us lunch at County Line Barbeque, then he dropped us off near the university library. I tagged along as Jason hit the card catalog and then made a bee line for the section he wanted.

There were books with pictures. He and I sat on the floor to read. Well, actually, he read; I looked for pictures… mainly of statues of naked guys or paintings of naked guys on urns and vases. Every time I found one I liked, I poked Jason.

“You are so lame,” Jason complained. “You see me naked all the time. Why do you need pictures of old Greeks?”

“You aren’t naked right now,” I pointed out. “Wanna hit the john?”

“Yeah, right. Get busted in the library john.”

People had been passing the end of the row of books we were on, and I noticed one guy pass by and look in at us at least twice. He looked like a student, but not one of the older looking students. He was short, but blond like me. Finally, he came into the aisle, as if looking for some book. He didn’t look like he was really looking for a book; not to me. I watched him. He glanced my way, and looked away. A moment later, he glanced again, but didn’t look away. He smiled.

“What… are you guys like child prodigies or something?” He asked. “You don’t look much like college students to me.”

“What’s a prodigy?” I whispered to Jason.

“Don’t worry; you aren’t one.”

“Nope,” I said, smiling up at the guy – he was cute the way college guys often are. “Not prodigies,” I said. “Jason, here, is doing research on something we’re planning.”

The guy knelt down beside me; Jason was on my other side. The college guy leaned over us, looking at the books we had in our laps. “Ancient Greece, huh? What the hell are you planning?”

I shrugged. “We’re gonna hold our own Olympics, with some of our scout troop.”

“Boy Scouts, huh?” he said, nodding. Then he grinned. “You gonna be naked for your Olympics? You know, the original Greeks were naked.”

“Sure,” I said, grinning.

The guy swallowed and his smile slipped, slightly. “You’re kidding.”

“No,” I said, grinning and shaking my head.

He smiled back. “You are kidding.” He paused a moment, looking at me. “You know,” he said, “there might be something in the sports section. I could help you look if you want.”

“Go ahead,” Jason murmured, not even looking up from his book. “You’ve been driving me crazy.”

I shrugged, put down the book that was in my lap, and got to my feet. I was as tall as the college student. The guy turned, and I followed him out of the aisle.

“You’re tall for a kid,” he said. “You into sports at all?”



“Football, baseball, track.”

“Swimming or diving?” he asked.

“Not really. I mean, I swim and all, but I’m not on the team.”

“I dive,” he said, rounding a corner. I followed. He continued. “I’m on the UT diving team. That’s why I’m attending this summer.”

He opened a door. We went down some stairs, and out onto another floor, and then we stopped at a section of books on sports. I looked over the books. He looked over me; I could see, from the corner of my eye.

“I bet you’d be a good swimmer,” he said. “You’ve got a nice body for it. You ought to try it out.”

I shrugged. “Maybe.” I reached down for a book on wrestling.

“You wrestle?” he asked.

I shook my head. “We watched it on the Olympics.”

He nodded. As I turned the pages of the book, he looked over my shoulder, his chest against my back. “Some of those wrestling positions look almost like they’re having sex, don’t they?” he asked with a chuckle.

I laughed. I almost told him about how Jason and I wrestled.

He laid his hand on the back of my other shoulder; the one he wasn’t looking over. “Hey,” he said, his voice sounding strangely a little shaky beside my ear. “Have you ever seen a college dorm room? Would you like to see one? Like… my room is real close to here and I can show it to you.”

Even after three years of sexing with Alex and my buddies, and doing just about everything with another guy that can be done, sexually, I didn’t see where this was heading. Hell, I was thirteen, and not the swiftest kid; at least not back then. I just knew that the college guy was nice, and cute, and he seemed to like me. I thought it would be cool to see a dorm room. From what I’d heard, there would be pictures of naked girls and a fridge full of beer.


He asked me questions on the way over, about where Jason and I were from and were we good friends and all. He asked me if I had a girl friend, and I told him no, the girls in our school sucked. He said most guys liked girls who sucked, and he grinned at me. I laughed.


“My name’s Kevin, by the way,” he said, leading me into the dorm building.

“I’m David.”

He stopped and shook my hand. “Good to meet you, David.” He held my hand a long time until I finally pulled mine away.

We went up an elevator, which I thought was cool; living in a building that needed an elevator. We went down a hall and into his room. He closed the door behind us.

I looked around. It was a nice room, but I was a little disappointed; it was all neat and clean, and no pictures of naked women. The little fridge I saw just didn’t look like it’d hold much beer. On the desk, I noticed pictures of nearly-naked guys. They looked like pictures of divers and swimmers. I went closer to look.

Kevin came up beside me and laid a hand on my back. He rubbed my back a little and smiled at me. “The photos are mostly of me.”

I picked one up. In the picture, at least, Kevin had a nice body.

“Dude,” I said. “You’re ripped.”

He laughed, rubbing the small of my back. “Diving works all your muscles.”

“Maybe I should take up diving,” I said.

“I don’t know,” Kevin murmured. His one hand rubbing my back, he rubbed my belly with his other. “You feel good and solid. Let me see you without your shirt.”

Suddenly, I knew exactly where this was going. It got a little difficult to breathe. My pulse quickened. And despite being a little afraid, my dick started to bone up. I let him pull up my shirt and pull it over my head.

“Dude!” he murmured, looking me over. He slid his hand over my belly. I could barely breathe.

“You’ve got a boner,” he said, quietly, and his hand drifted lower. He closed it over the bulge in my shorts. “Want me to suck it?” he whispered in my ear.

I trembled slightly. I couldn’t help it. I nodded.

Kevin stepped in front of me, and dropped to his knees, reaching for my waistband. He unfastened my shorts and slid them off my hips, along with my briefs. My cock swung up free.

“Oh, shit,” he murmured, taking my cock in his hand. “I knew you were packin, but… how old are you?”

“Thirteen,” I croaked. I cleared my throat. “Jason and me just turned thirteen.”

“Baby,” he murmured, “you’ve got a nice one.”

It shocked me, to be called ‘baby’ that way, by a guy. He was a gay guy, obviously. I was about to have my cock sucked by a gay guy.

He rubbed his upper lip along the length of my cock as if smelling a fine cigar. He skinned it back and kissed the tip; then with it in his hand, he looked up at me.

“Dude, have you ever fucked another boy with this?”

I nodded.

He stood up facing me and pulled off his shirt. He had a beautiful torso; better than any of the pictures of Greeks. He looked lean and strong, like one of the Olympic divers. He pulled a square plastic wrapper from his pocked and held it up beside our faces. I recognized it as a condom.

“I want you to fuck me, David,” he whispered, and then he pulled me into a kiss.

I was kissing a gay guy. For three years, I had purposefully not thought of myself as gay. Alex assured us; lots of boys play together like the seven of us in Sky Troop did. Even with the feelings for Jason that puberty brought me, I wouldn’t let myself think of me as gay.

I felt Kevin’s erection through his shorts, against the inside of my thigh. It excited me.

“Find anything?” Jason asked as I returned to my seat beside him on the floor.

“Not really,” I said. My face felt hot. No way could I tell Jason about this. Could he smell the sex on me? I hadn’t thought about that. I took a breath through my nostrils. I could still smell Kevin. Could Jason? I moved away a few inches and leaned my head back against the books and closed my eyes. I thought of the piece of paper in my shorts pocket; the paper with Kevin’s address and phone number. I needed to throw that away.

Jason closed his book and patted my leg. “Ready to walk over to my dad’s office. I’m done here.”

I nodded. I had a sudden urge to hug Jason. I needed to hug Jason. But I didn’t; not there in the library.

All the way over to his dad’s office, Jason talked about the Greeks and how they were all gay, and that the men were all like Alex, wanting sex with boys. My mind wandered, but kept coming back as he talked about boys working out naked at gymnasiums and dancing naked for men.

I showered when I got home. I needed to shower. And then I felt better… some. I called Jason. “You sleeping over here tonight?” I asked. “Mom says she has steak if we want it.”

It was summer, and we spent almost every night sleeping over at his house or mine. We stayed up so late, normally, that we simply went to bed together at whichever house we were. It’d been that way for years; we lived only two blocks apart. Our parents were used to it. Just after fifth grade, Jason’s parents bought him a double bed because we crowded his twin-sized one. I’d always had my mom’s old double.

We preferred my house, normally, because it was just me and my mom. I had an upstairs room, and I could lock the door. Mom never intruded on my privacy. And I had a window unit air conditioner. We could crank it up and sleep under covers.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ll bring my notes. I’m ready to call the guys to set up the Olympics.”

“You alright?” Jason asked as we stripped for bed that night. Sleeping naked was another thing we’d been doing for a long while.

Jason already had a boner.

“Sure,” I told him, pulling back the bed covers. I dropped onto my back.

Jason climbed in on my left side and pulled the covers up over us. He scooted the side of his body to mine and his hand closed over my cock and balls. I was afraid I’d feel too guilty to ever spring a boner for Jason again. That was stupid. I was thirteen. My cock stiffened. I reached for his.

“We need at least one more guy for the Olympics,” Jason said. “For relays and things. We need an even number.” He grinned. “How about Bucky?” he suggested, referring to Tyler’s ten-year-old little brother. “You’ve had the hots for Bucky’s butt ever since Tyler told you that he cornholed him.”

I smiled, thinking of Bucky. He was one of those pesky, little brother types who was always happy and up to something. I let the thought of Bucky’s grinning face displace the memory of Kevin.

“Yeah, so?” I said, “Bucky’s got a nice butt… for a ten-year-old.”

Jason rolled onto me, belly-to-belly, pulling our dicks up between us. He ground his dick on mine and grinned down at me. “You gotta nice butt.”

He obviously wanted my butt, but I wanted his. As silly as it might sound, I wanted to put my dick back where it belonged; inside Jason. “You’ve got a nice butt, too,” I countered. “Take turns?”

Jason grinned, and ground. He forced my legs apart with his knees and I felt his balls settle onto mine. I knew what he was trying to do. He knew he could make me come like this, and he was going to try to make me come first, because he figured I’d have to roll over then, and let him take his turn. When Jason lay on me, rubbing cocks, like he was doing – cock fighting as Alex called it – it invariably brought me off.

That night, as always, the weight of his slender body on my belly and between my legs, the smell of his hair in my nostrils, the feel of his warm skin on my skin, his shoulders wrapped in my arms, our balls and cocks rubbing… stirred me and soothed me, all at the same time.

Jason had to be careful, trying to bring me off first, that way. It often brought him off as well.

For the first time since that afternoon, I started to feel “right” again. I smiled up at Jason, deciding I’d try to bring him off first. I grabbed his smooth bottom with both hands and pulled apart his butt cheeks the way he liked. I ground back up against him and cocked my eyebrow so he’d know I was thinking, ‘We’ll see who comes first.’

I loved the feel of his butt in my hands. At thirteen, he had firm butt muscles, and yet, the skin on his bottom was as warm and soft as it felt at ten.

Jason cocked an eyebrow back at me, and then taking my face in his hands, he planted his mouth on mine and pushed in with his tongue. He knew how that turned me on.

I sucked his tongue and pressed on his sphincter with my finger. I knew how that turned him on.

That’s when I felt the dampness between our bellies. Precum. The two of us had been shooting live ammo, as Alex called it, for less than a year, but Jason was the only one of us who could make precum yet. It excited me, that I could do that to him.

Our grinding increased its tempo; an athletic tempo. The bed bounced. He whimpered into my mouth.

‘I have him,’ I thought, just before a whimper escaped my own throat.

Our cum was still watery back then, and it fascinated me endlessly… the slippery viscosity, the slightly acrid scent, the slightly salty taste, the way mine and Jason’s mixed on our bellies. Orgasms blow you away at thirteen; at least they did me. The way cum came up through my dick, still a new feeling, feeling so damned thick, coming from deep inside… exquisite sensations from my prostrate, still learning how to squeeze out its seed as my pelvic floor clenched… and the length of my dick feeling so long and thick, and intensely hard and throbbing, from the tip, down to my asshole, all at one time… my stomach going bottomless, my gut clenching reflexively… all of it making me squirm and gasp. It was the same with Jason, and when we came together, it was as awesome as awesome gets.

He pressed his cheek to mine and grabbed my shoulders. We whimpered – high boyish whimpers – coming together.

Then we lay there, feeling our wet bellies press as we breathed; his breath on my neck, mine on his. His weight so comfortably on my belly, chest, and his legs between my legs. Our cheeks together, soft, hot. Him feeling my hands on his butt; me feeling his hands on my shoulders.

He lifted his head, sliding his cheek on mine. He pressed his lips to mine, softly for a moment, and the smell of his breath, so familiar, filled my nostrils. He had been doing that lately, kissing me softly after the sex. It wasn’t a sex kiss. It was more like a… like a ‘thank you’ kiss, or a buddy kiss… an ‘I like you’ kiss.

A shadow of guilt passed over me, because of Kevin, earlier. I pushed it from my mind. Jason felt so good on me.

This wasn’t like the play sex was when we were ten. It hadn’t been for some time between us. I wondered if Jason was going to turn out gay.

Was it wrong if I wanted Jason to be? Because if he did turn out gay, it meant I could. It meant that if he ever wanted us to be like… like boyfriends… like when we got older… we could be. Deep down inside, I hoped for that. Jason was so awesome, and my best friend. And like I said, with us hitting puberty and all, I’d been noticing things about him… like the way his hair smelled in my nostrils, or how the hollow under his ear invited my tongue, but I only licked there during sex, when I didn’t think he’d notice.

We tended to sleep on each other. Jason fell asleep on his side with his butt pressed back against mine. I rolled and spooned behind him. I wrapped my arm over his side and nuzzled into the back of his hair, nestling my body behind his. We didn’t normally go to sleep so tight, though we’d wake up that way. That night, I needed to hold him. I’d sleep better holding him.

In his sleep, Jason shifted back against me, and he wrapped his arm over my arm around his belly.


This is going to be a short one, for fun; inspired by, what else, the Olympics. Let me know if you liked the chapter and would like more. My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com.