Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


It’s important to understand that Alex, our scoutmaster until that summer, always made our sex play a game. That’s how he seduced us, and kept a potentially explosive situation, defused. It made it easier for us to think that, though secret, it was as normal for boys to do as Alex told us it was. It made it easier to believe we weren’t gay. After my sexual encounter with the gay college student, and troubled by my increasingly complex feelings for Jason, I wanted sex to be play again. I liked Jason’s idea.

The Barcelona Olympics took place in the summer of 1992 when Jason and I were thirteen. There were five other boys in Sky Troop, and they also liked Jason’s idea for a Sky Troop Sex Olympics.

In our troop, there was Chad, with curly black hair, about to turn thirteen at the end of the month. He was a nerd at heart, despite playing sports. He had a fleshy, bubble butt and a thin line of pubes at the base of his cock.

Chad tended to hang with Luke. Luke was about to turn thirteen on the second of September. He was the only one in Sky Troop taller than me. He was skinnier, though, and his long dick was skinny, too. He had like, two pubic hairs. Luke had high arching eyebrows and an upturned nose that gave him a stuck-up look, but he was a quiet guy, and actually a little shy.

Jeremy, twelve, was the shortest of us, but he was a pretty boy, though we would never call him that. That’s why Alex wanted him in the group, though; because Jeremy was pretty. He had very long eyelashes like some boys have, and fine features. For a little guy, he already had a nice dick, though no pubes. He was a grade behind the rest of us and hung mainly with other guys from his class, but if there was going to be sexing, he wanted in on it. No one ever said anything about it, but we all knew; Jeremy loved to suck on other boy’s dicks.

Oscar, twelve, was our only Hispanic guy, and the only guy besides me who was uncircumcised. He parted his long, black hair in the middle and tried to look Native American. He was dark, and his large dick and balls were darker than the rest of him. The few pubes he had were straight and not curly at all. He had been Alex’s favorite, and Alex liked cornholing. That’s how Oscar came to like having his butt fucked. That was something else we all knew, but didn’t say anything about.

Last, there was Tyler, who was the oldest of us. He would turn fourteen before Christmas. Tyler was on the swim team and already had wide shoulders and gold highlights in his hair. He shaved the few pubes he had. Tyler hung a lot with Jason and me, but lived almost a mile away and so didn’t sleep over with us as much.

The six of us older ones, other than Jeremy, hung together primarily because we sexed together. Anything was cool between us guys. That wouldn’t be the case with other guys and we knew that. In fact, it might not be safe to hang too much with other guys. Something might slip; word could get out, and people think we were queer. Not much worse than that could happen in a small Texas town.

Living in a small town wasn’t all bad – not that Marble Falls is that small a town. One good thing was that it wasn’t difficult to find the place for our Sex Olympics.

The seven of us lived on the east side of town, and it was an easy ride on our bicycles, out to our “secret” place, an old farmhouse on the Colorado River. We simply took the back highway, passed our bicycles across the old gate, and took the dirt road back through the trees to where the farmhouse lay hidden behind a low hill.

Rumor was that some rich guy from Houston bought the place because it had a spring-fed creek which fed into the river, and that someday he was going to build a big house on a knoll that overlooked a bend of the Colorado. In the meantime, we roamed the old farm at will, and during the summer, we skinny-dipped in the creek.

Monday morning of that last week of summer, we met at the old farmhouse. We all knew the way in through the unlocked window in the back bedroom. Jason and I brought along a good supply of gold, silver, and bronze “medals” we put together from his old Pokémon game tokens.

We gathered in the living room. Tyler’s little brother Bucky was there. He would be our eighth guy. We all figured Bucky would be safe.

At ten, Bucky was as tall as Jeremy. He got his name because he had buck teeth, sorta. They fit, somehow, with his mischievous grey eyes and ready grin. Like Tyler, he had dark blond hair, streaked with gold. Both had a thick head of hair.

Jason was right about me having the hots for Bucky. I wouldn’t normally go for a ten-year-old, but Bucky had a tight little butt; I’d seen him in his swim team speedo. I said ‘hi’ to him, and then stood next to him because I knew what was coming.

Opening Ceremony

Outside the abandoned farmhouse, a puff of breeze blew through the tops of the trees. The sun was well up and the August morning was growing warm.

We stood in the old living room in our summer uniforms; shirtless, shorts, old trainers, and ball caps… except for Luke, a wanna-be cowboy, who wore a beaten-up western hat. Jason stepped to the front of the room and raised his hands like an announcer calling for attention. “Welcome to the Private Games of Sky Troop’s First Olympiad,” he announced.

Luke hooted.

“Olympiad means four year,” Jason continued. “It’s been almost four years since Alex started teaching us stuff, so like, we started preparing for this Sex Olympics almost four years ago… one Olympiad.”

“Cool!” I murmured, appreciating that Jason knew what an Olympiad was.

Jason smiled at me, and lifted his hands once more. “It’s gotta be naked,” he said. “The original Olympics were naked.”

We all hooted at that.

I glanced at Bucky. He grinned at me, and kicked off his shoes. His belly rounded out a little, like boy’s bellies do. His nipples were tiny points of pink on his flat chest. He dropped his shorts and underwear, and I leaned back to glimpse his little white buns.

He caught me looking, and grinned.

I leaned forward and checked out his “toys”, as Alex called them, and grinned back. He had a long little peter for a ten-year-old. It hung straight down, and it looked even longer because he still had a little marble sack for balls. Alex would have liked Bucky for sure.

Event 1 – Parade of the Athletes

“Listen up,” Jason said, once we stood naked, in a semi-circle around him; some of us with dicks already thickening. “The Olympics started with a parade of nations. Well, we’re gonna have a parade of athletes, and we’re gonna start awarding medals right off.

“Fastest hard on!” Jeremy called out, jokingly. His cock was almost there.

Jason ignored him.

“Back at the time the Greeks started the Olympics,” Jason told us, “they had beauty contests, but the contests weren’t for girls. They were for boys our ages. The boys would dance naked and the Greeks gave them prizes for who danced best and who was the handsomest boy and who had the best body. So, we’re gonna give medals for those things. We’re gonna line up at the door, and we’re gonna march into the room like Olympic athletes. We’ll all sit down, and then one at a time, we’re gonna dance for everybody – the way Alex used to have us dance naked, but dance even better than that if you want to win.”

Beside me, Bucky danced a little jig and wiggled his butt.

“That’s the idea,” I told him. “I think you’re gonna do pretty good in the best butt category.”

Bucky laughed and wiggled his butt at me.

Jason lined us up at the door. Chad started humming the Olympic theme through his lips, like a kazoo. The rest of us joined in, though humming like that isn’t easy if you’re grinning a lot.

Jason paraded us around the room a couple of times. Those who still weren’t hard, flapped their dicks right and left. We wiggled butts for each other. I grew rock-hard watching Bucky.

“David,” Jason said to me, “why don’t you start. Show Bucky how it’s done.”

I grinned at Jason. Alex had taught us how to seduce another boy… dancing.

The other guys sat down, or stretched out on their sides to watch. Chad started a beat with his hands on his thighs; he was usually the one to start it. The other guys joined in. Jason beat a counter rhythm.

I knew from watching my buddies; there isn’t anything more erotic than a slender, thirteen-year-old boy, dancing naked with his erection arching up from between his legs, pelvis moving, long muscles flexing… the way we’d learned to dance.

I put my hands behind my head and stepped up to where Jason sat, cross-legged, and I circled my hips; circling my upward-pointing cock in his face.

I danced as Alex taught us to dance, and, as Alex had taught us, Jason fondled me. My legs were slightly apart, and his hand stayed under my balls as my hips circled I turned my back to him, swaying my hips from one side to the other, and Jason ran his hands up the backs of my legs and over my bottom.

The guys slapped and clapped their beat and I moved next to Luke. He was lying on his side, and lifted his long fingers to fondle my balls as I circled them over his head. I wagged my cock over him.

I stepped to where Bucky sat next. He was cross-legged and his stiffy stuck straight up from his lap. His eyes were riveted to my middle.

“Play with his toys, Bucky,” Tyler encouraged. “Cop a feel.”

Bucky reached up with his long-fingered hand and tentatively lifted my balls and then swept his fingers over my cock.

“That’s the idea,” Jeremy encouraged.

I stepped to Jeremy, hands behind my head, circling my hips in front of his face. He sat up, grabbing my hips, and rubbed his face under my cock and on my balls. I grabbed his head, and ground my front into his face.

We were like split personalities, the seven of us. Alex had done that for us. We were model boy scouts and perfectly normal boys, most of the time. But Alex had sexualized us, completely. When he brought us together for sex, anything went, and he encouraged everything.

I felt Jeremy’s tongue on my balls, and I moved on before we both got carried away. Tyler was next and he was hard. He jumped up and ground cocks with me.

After I made it through, Tyler went, and after Tyler, Bucky. We felt up and even sucked up Bucky unmercifully. Then Oscar went, and after him, the others.

I was surprised when we were done, that none of us had come yet.

Our erections all subsided quickly enough as we spent the next half-hour arguing over how to vote, how many times we could each vote for each category, and just what the hell were the categories again, anyway. Finally, we settled on voting by body parts, and then for the dancing itself, and then for overall body, face, and dancing.

Jason started it, by calling for a vote for best leg muscles.

By the time we were done, we’d given everybody a gold medal for something. And when we all stepped outside for a piss, we even gave a gold medal to Luke for pissing up a Great Flood.

Event – Freestyle Kissing

“Kissing?” Jeremy asked surprised. “How the hell do you judge that?”

We were back in the living room. Bucky, standing next to me, snickered.

“We judge it like they judge diving,” Jason said. “On points. Each guy picks someone to kiss, and we all judge the kiss on a scale of one to ten. The guy getting kissed, counts double, so he better like it.”

Bucky looked up at me with a lopsided grin. “Really? We’re gonna kiss?”

I laid my arm over Bucky’s shoulders, and sighed. “Kid, you got so much to learn.” I smiled. “But I’ll teach you.”

He grinned.

“What about degree of difficulty?” Tyler asked. “If anyone kisses Bucky, he ought to get something for that.”

Tyler was standing on Bucky’s other side, and Bucky punched his older brother in the arm. Tyler gave him a shove back into me.

“Who’s first?” Jason asked.

We all looked at each other.

“I’ll kiss Tyler,” Oscar said.

Tyler grinned, and the two stepped toward each other. The rest of us quickly gathered around. Oscar’s cock grew thicker, even as the lips of the two naked twelve-year-olds met.

Oscar clasped the sides of Tyler’s narrow waist and their bellies came together. Tyler rested his hands on Oscar’s shoulders. Their lips pressed. Their mouths opened.

Oscar probed into Tyler’s mouth with his tongue. At the same time, he slid his arms around Tyler’s waist. Tyler wrapped his arms over Oscar’s shoulders. Their bodies pressed together.

My dick started to rise. I glanced at Bucky. His eyes were wide and locked on Oscar and Tyler. Bucky already had a stiffy. It curved up from between his legs a little like mine did, and it was easily thicker than my thumb. I guessed that it was easily four inches long; awesome for a ten-year-old.

Glancing around, I could see everyone was getting hard. Watching Oscar and Tyler, it was damn tempting to cop a feel of their bare bottoms. Instead, I stepped a little closer to Bucky and copped a feel of his. My hand easily covered one firm, little globe. Bucky leaned sideways into me.

Oscar’s hands roamed Tyler’s back. One hand dropped to Tyler’s bottom and clutched a handful of bun.

“I guess we better put a time limit on this,” Jason said. He was standing to my right, and when I glanced down, I saw that his cock had already hardened to its curved shape. He stroked it and pointed to Jeremy with his free hand. “You’ve got a wristwatch Jeremy. Let’s stop at a minute.”

“Stop!” Jeremy said.

Jason grabbed Oscar and Tyler by the shoulders and pulled them apart. Both boys were rock-hard.

“I pick Oscar to kiss,” Tyler quickly said, and the two were instantly back at it, this time clasping each other by the butt.

They worked their heads back and forth and made a lot of ‘Umm’-ing noises. When Jeremy said “Stop!” they kept going.

“I give ‘em both an eight,” Chad said.

“Me, too,” Luke agreed.

“Seven for Oscar,” Bucky said, “because he picked Tyler to kiss, and like zero for Tyler.”

Still lip-locked with Oscar, Tyler shot his little brother the finger.

The rest of us pretty much gave them eights as well, giving Oscar a slight edge. After pulling them apart, we dropped out high and low score, mainly to take out Bucky’s scoring, and we called it 8.1 for Oscar and 8 for Tyler and let it go at that, because no one wanted to figure the math for averaging scores together. Standing around with hard-ons, we weren’t exactly in the mood.

“I’ll kiss David,” Luke said, coming up to me. He stepped close enough that his dick, which pointed straight out, poked me in the seam of my left leg. It was long and thin, with a very pink crown; the very smooth crown of a young boy. I pulled his dick up between us, like mine.

Luke took my face into his two hands and planted his mouth right on mine.

I felt like a sword swallower as he plunged in with his tongue. We had all kissed each other at some point or another… well, except for Bucky – the rest of us had all been coached by Alex. But Luke had never kissed me like he did that morning. He went all out.

He slid one hand behind my neck, cradling the back of my head, and slid his other hand down to my dick. He squeezed it and stroked it while his tongue roamed my mouth.

I barely heard Jeremy call time. “Wow!” I mumbled as Luke stepped away.

“I’ll do David, too,” Chad said, coming toward me. Then, as the others voted on Luke, Chad stepped up to me, pulled our cocks up between our bellies, grabbed me around the middle, and pulled our bellies tightly together. Then Jason said, “Go!” and Chad planted his mouth on mine.

He bent me backward, which didn’t quite work, but he quickly recovered, straightening back up and grabbing my face with both hands. I held onto his fleshy butt as he probed hungrily into my mouth with his tongue. Our bellies pressed, and he rose and fell on his toes just enough to rub our cocks between us.

“Time!” Jeremy called.

I took a deep breath as Chad pulled away and wobbled dramatically, as if he’d taken my breath away.

“No fair faking it!” Jeremy said. “He wasn’t that good.”

I grinned. “Yeah, actually, he was pretty good.”

“I’ll do David, too,” Bucky said, suddenly appearing at my side, grabbing my arm, his stiffy wagging in front of him. Then he frowned. “But I’ve never kissed anybody before… like… that way.”

“Whoa!” Jeremy said. “First kiss… awesome.”

Bucky was a full head shorter than me, and I figured that he wasn’t going to get many points trying to kiss me on tip toes. So I glanced around for something to sit on, and settled on the floor. I sat down with my legs out in front and patted my thighs.

“Take a seat.”

Smiling uncertainly, Bucky took a seat astride my lap, facing me, his head actually a little higher than mine. I grabbed him by his little buns and pulled him forward in my lap. His upward curving stiffy pressed mine and I could feel his small ball sack settle in under my cock, on top of my own ball sack.

He glanced down at our two dicks pointing up at us, and then looked up at me. His face was deeply flushed.

The other guys all knelt around us.

I stroked Bucky’s bare sides with my hands. “Just wrap your arms over my shoulders and kiss me,” I suggested.

Bucky laid his forearms onto my shoulders and his eyes dropped to my lips.

“Go for it, Bucky,” Jeremy whispered.

Very slowly, Bucky leaned forward. His eyes closed and his lips touched mine softly. I could barely feel his breath. It smelled like strawberries, strawberry jelly, which I guessed he had for breakfast.

The guys around us watched quietly.

I cupped Bucky’s bottom in my lap with one hand, and stroked up his back with the fingers of my other hand. He pressed his lips more firmly and wrapped his arms around my neck, settling in to the kiss.

“It’s okay to breathe, Bucky,” his brother Tyler whispered, encouragingly. He patted Bucky high on the back.

Bucky let out a breath and quickly took in another and replanted his mouth on mine. His breath was warm… warm strawberries.

“Breath through your nose,” Chad suggested quietly.

“But open your mouth, Bucky,” Tyler suggested. “David will open his.”

Bucky opened his mouth, and I did as well. I thrust my tongue into his mouth and he jumped slightly. But a second later, his tongue was inside my mouth, feeling over my tongue.

He began to get into it. His head leaned this way and that as he worked around inside my mouth with his tongue, exploring, tasting, perhaps tasting the grape jelly that I’d had with my breakfast. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, our tongues sliding against each other. Our mouths parted slightly, and I taught him how to tickle tongue tips. Then our mouths came together again, and ten-year-old Bucky rose higher on his knees to probe hungrily down into my mouth.

“Way to go, Bucky!” Jeremy cheered.

“Time,” Jason called.

“Oh, let him go,” Jeremy suggested.

“Nah, it’s time,” Jason said, pulling Bucky and me apart at the shoulders.

“My turn,” I said, “and I choose to kiss Bucky.”

I rolled us to the side and over, rolling Bucky down onto his back while keeping my hips between his legs. He kept his arms around my neck, and I settled onto him, dick on dick, belly on belly. I grabbed him by the backs of his shoulders and covered his mouth with mine.

Bucky clung to my shoulders and I felt his legs wrap around my hips. His heels settled in behind my thighs. I ground my cock on his while I probed his small mouth hungrily. Bucky and I began to moan.

“Time!” Jason called, all too quickly.

“Hey, I’m the timekeeper!” Jeremy complained. “Quit calling time.”

“You weren’t calling it,” Jason complained.

“Okay, okay, it’s time,” Jeremy agreed.

Jason’s hand was on my shoulder, pulling me off Bucky, and rolling me back toward Jason. “My turn,” he said, “and I’m going to kiss David.”

Jason rolled me onto my back and scooped up the back of my head in the crook of his arm. He almost scowled at me as he laid his other hand on my chest, and stretched himself out against my side. His deep red hair hung down the sides of his face and his grey eyes bore down into mine as he lowered his face toward mine.

I felt his boner press my forearm and pin my arm to my side as he cocked his leg over my middle and trapped the underside of my cock with the inside of his knee. He took his hand from my chest and placed it on my cheek, pulling my face to his. His eyelids closed and his lips parted, and he lowered his mouth to mine.

He pressed my lips for a long moment before I felt his tongue touch the tip of mine. He held the back of my head in the crook of his arm, the side of my face with his hand, and he pressed his open mouth to mine. Our tongues pressed each other. His knee rubbed my cock as his kiss grew deeper.

After the previous kissing, and after Bucky, and now with Jason kissing me like he’d never done before, the weight of his knee on my cock was the last stimulus I needed. I shot up my belly, splashing cum all the way up onto Jason’s side.

“Oh! Ah!” guys cried out, falling back, laughing.

“That’s a gold!” Jeremy called out.

Jason took his hand from my face, found my freehand and pinned it up beside my head. His hips were moving now, even while he continued to kiss me.

“Time, Jason!” Jeremy called out. “Time!”

But Jason ground harder and I felt his cum pulse out onto my ribs and chest.

He rolled off me and onto his back, but kept the back of my head in the crook of his arm. We both took deep breaths, bellies heaving. Bucky leaned over me and drew his fingers through the mixed cum on my belly and chest. Jason and I lay there, breathing hard. I laid my hand on Jason’s hip.

We watched the rest of the kissing event from the floor. Jason got the gold, and I got silver. We gave Bucky bronze.

No one else came, though.

“What’s next, Jason?” Luke asked. “I really need to get my rocks off.”


This is going to be a short one, for fun; inspired by, what else, the Olympics. Let me know if you liked the chapter. :)My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com.