Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


Jason and I lay side-by-side on the floor, the back of my head in the crook of his arm. My hand was on his bare hip, and I felt mellow. However, ten-year-old Bucky and the other twelve-year-olds standing around us, stroking their hard-ons, didn’t look like they were so mellow.

Pulling his arm from behind my head, Jason sat up beside me. I laid my hand on his back, feeling the hardness of the long muscles up either side of his spine.

Event 4 – Individual and Pairs JO

“Jacking off is the next event,” Jason said. “We’ll judge it like we did the kissing, with points for technique.”

“And like we judged pissing,” Luke suggested. “Most cum.”

“Yeah, you’d like that,” Chad said with a frown.

“And farthest shooting,” Jeremy suggested. We all knew he could shoot farthest.

“You guys gotta wait a sec,” I said. “I just shot and I gotta get it up again.”

“Sixty-nine with Jason,” Tyler said, as if the solution was obvious. “Suck each other up hard. We’ll wait for you.”

Jason looked back over his shoulder at me. The corners of his mouth curled up. Then he reversed positions, and we rolled up on our sides to face each other’s crotch.

I always liked Jason’s curved boner, ever since Alex started us together and it was only a curved stiffy. Since then, Jason’s cock had grown thick like a sausage. His crown was just a little small for his shaft, but that was okay by me. It made it easier to take him up my butt. It also made it easier to swallow him deeper.

At the same time as I lifted his, Jason lifted my still-rubbery cock on his fingers. The other guys watched us, stroking themselves, as Jason and I sucked up each other’s cock like heavy noodles.

Jason’s scent was like it always was after sex, exciting. I had his cock down my throat in no time.

“Okay, okay,” Tyler said. “Ya’ll are hard now. Let’s get going.” He slapped my butt.

Reluctantly, I pulled off Jason only to find Bucky sitting behind Jason’s butt and starring at me wide-eyed, as if I were some alien creature.

“Dude!” I said. “Get over it! All of us got used to cock sucking a long time ago. Some of us even like it.”

“Do you? Like it, I mean?” Bucky asked quietly.

Hell, it was just so damned tempting – I dove into Bucky’s lap and sucked up his stiffy. He fell back onto his elbows with a yelp. I took him all the way into my mouth and growled around like an animal, sucking him. Bucky grabbed my hair and squealed.

“Come on, guys,” Chad groused. “I’m startin’.”

We all sat up, basically into a circle, guys spreading their legs, and every one started stroking themselves. A couple of guys used spit. They were just getting into it when Jason yelled, “Slow down. It’s time for the judging.”

“Like hell it is!” Jeremy complained. “I’m ready to come.”

“Don’t,” Jason said. “We judge individual, then we continue with JO pairs.”

“Oh,” Jeremy said, his hand pausing. He glanced at me. “I get David.”

“Then I get Luke!” Chad called out, getting dubs on the other lefty.

“I get Jason,” Tyler called out. “No way I’m jackin’ with my brother.”

Bucky glanced at Oscar, who waved him over. “It’s cool,” Oscar said. “I got an idea.”

We all shifted.

“Just remember how you want to vote for individual,” Jason said. We were moving on to pairs whether he called it or not.

Oscar was sitting with his legs apart, and he motioned for Bucky to back up between them. He sat Bucky down in his lap, back to him, so that, spreading Bucky’s legs over his own, the two of them could pull Oscar’s cock up between Bucky’s legs for the ten-year-old to grab onto. He did, with both hands; it was amazing how much bigger twelve-year-old Oscar’s cock was. At the same time, Oscar reached into Bucky’s lap with both hands to stroke and fondle Bucky.

Luke sat side-by-side with Chad, with Chad’s right leg over Luke’ left. They reached into each other’s lap and grabbed on.

Tyler and Jason had been talking. I turned to see them lie down in a sixty-nine.

“You guys are cheating!” I accused. “It’s supposed to be doubles jacking, not sucking.”

“We aren’t gonna suck,” Jason said, taking Tyler’s cock into his hand. “We might lick a little, but we’re jacking.”

I looked at Jeremy and he shrugged. Our height difference might make it a challenge for us anyway, so we did it like Jason and Tyler.

Jason and Tyler took the gold, after those of us who could, shot the clear, watery cum of twelve and thirteen-year-olds around the room.

Event 5 – Oral Competition

We made our way down to the creek to skinny-dip and to clean off the cum. Someone, at some point, had made a gravelly bank and bottom for one of the natural pools of the creek so that area wasn’t rocky like most of the creek bed. It was obviously intended as a swimming hole, and we had made it ours. We made our way toward it.

Recent rains from the remnants of a tropical storm up from the coast had refreshed the springs and the creek was up; at least six feet deep in the middle. As I began to wade in, Bucky grabbed the backs of my shoulders and jumped onto my back. I grabbed under his legs and carried him into the water, piggy-back.

The water was cool and clear, and the sun sparkled on the surface. I waded out toward the middle and enjoyed the feel of the cool water lifting my balls and floating my cock. I went deeper, up to my chest, and Bucky wrapped his arms around my neck. He pressed the side of his face to my ear.

Jeremy hopped on Luke’s back, and they took us on in a horse fight. Tyler hopped on Oscar’s back and Chad hopped on Jason’s. We would have made it an ‘event’, because it was naked horse fighting, but it would have been hard to award medals since everybody was unsaddled at some point.

The horse fighting slowed. Bucky and I drifted away from the others. He slid around to my front, wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck. He grinned at me, buck teeth and all, his face and golden-streaked hair all wet and glistening in the sunlight. I held him up, under the butt.

“That was awesome inside,” he said, “when you showed me how to kiss.”

I smiled. “Yeah. You caught on fast.”

Bucky’s smile faded and his eyes dropped to my lips. He moved his slightly open mouth to mine; his eyes closing. We kissed in the cool water and warm sunlight, at first, just pressing our lips. Then I nibble-kissed his lips and he nibbled back. I covered his mouth with mine and we slid our tongues over each other.

At thirteen, I could come all day; my cock grew hard and rose up under Bucky’s bottom. His stiffy pressed into my belly.

“Time to go back!” Jason called out.

Guys moved into the bank.

“C’mon, David,” Jason called. “Quit screwing with Bucky.”

We broke off our kissing and Bucky leaned back, smiling again. “That’s so awesome,” he said. “We gotta do more later.”

“Oh,” I said with a promising grin, “we’ll for sure do more later.” I let him drop off me and we waded up out of the water.

Jason was standing there, his wet, red hair back over his ears and down the back of his neck. His eyes rose from my erection and flashed at me. He looked jealous again. He turned toward the old farmhouse and I started to put my arm over his shoulder, but he walked away from me.

All the guys brought their own lunches; sandwiches and chips mainly. We sat around on the wooden back porch of the old house, eating and talking about the coming school year and football season. There was a slight breeze which felt good blowing over our damp bodies, but the day was growing hot.

We pumped water from the old well, drank, and then went back inside, where we cracked a few windows – but not wide in case we needed to shut them quickly. In the living room, all of us, except Jason, took seats in a circle on the floor.

“Next event,” Jason said, “is individual cock sucking. We’ll go one at a time so the other guys can judge. We’ll do like kissing; the vote of the guy getting blown counts double. Once you’ve taken your turn sucking, you can choose who you want to suck your cock.” He looked directly at Bucky. “Bucky, you go first. Suck my cock.”

Bucky laughed nervously and looked at me as if to be sure Jason was serious.

I nodded. “Go for it, Bucky,” I said.

“Yeah, haven’t you sucked a wiener before?” Chad asked. “I bet you’ve sucked Tyler’s.”

“He has,” Tyler confirmed. “Just remember to not use your teeth, Bucky.”

“Oh, shit,” Oscar murmured with a chuckle. “Buck teeth on a blow job.”

Bucky shot him the finger, but then crawled over to Jason, whose cock hung limply. Bucky lifted it on his fingers and swallowed it into his mouth. He sucked, almost like he was drinking.

Jason’s look had been almost stern at first, but now, as ten-year-old Bucky knelt at his feet, sucking intently, Jason’s look softened. He petted the top of Bucky’s head, almost as if petting a puppy. Bucky twisted his head and sucked harder.

Jason moaned and his eyes drooped. His hand rested on Bucky’s head.

Bucky grasped the base of Jason’s cock in one hand and waved the now rubbery tube around, admiring it. Then he jacked it a couple of strokes.

The rest of us moved closer. I moved right up behind Bucky because I liked the way his little butt poked back as he bent forward on his knees and licked up Jason’s shaft.

Jason was rigid by now. Bucky held Jason’s shaft and licked all over the crown like licking an ice cream. Then he closed his mouth over the crown and pulled his head back, dragging his lips like he would over the ice cream of an ice cream cone, several times.

The rest of the guys leaned in to watch. I cupped Bucky’s bottom with my hand and slid my fingers down between the backs of his legs to rub on his perineum. It was taut. He evidently liked Jason’s cock. I looked up at Jason to see if he was enjoying it, but found instead that he was frowning at me. So with an ‘oops!’ grin for Jason, I dropped my hand from under Bucky’s bottom.

Bucky’s head began to bob and I leaned around for a better look with the other guys. I leaned against Oscar and he slipped his arm behind my back. I glanced down. Oscar was hard… so were we all.

Bucky’s cheeks puffed as he took Jason farther into his mouth. He bobbed, and gagged a little. Saliva dripped from Jason’s cock. Jason’s hips responded. He put his hands on the sides of Bucky’s head, but he let Bucky manage the thrusts.

I glanced up. Jason’s eyes were closed and his head was back. My eyes lingered on his torso. The muscles in his thirteen-year-old body had tensed. I could see his pecs, his abs, his biceps. He looked hot, especially contrasted with the ten-year-old sucking on his cock. Idly, I stroked my cock.

We cheered when Jason shot and Bucky swallowed almost the whole wad.

Jason pulled his cock from Bucky’s mouth and leaned back against the wall, eyes still closed and his mouth still open. Bucky wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and stood to his feet. His stiffy pointed up, hard as a little stick, from between his legs. I grinned, not expecting that.

“I pick David to suck me,” he announced and stepped toward me, cock forward.

That was fine with me. I got up on my knees and sat back on my haunches for the right height as Bucky stepped forward. Grabbing him by his narrow little hips, I extended my tongue under his balls and licked.

Bucky grabbed my head, widening his stance and going up on his toes. I grabbed him by the hips and butt and went to work, licking up from under his balls, taking his balls into my mouth, licking the creases inside his legs, licking his shaft, swallowing it whole.

Before long, Bucky was bent over my head, his little hips pumping frantically, while I made the best tunnel I could for him with my lips, tongue, and mouth. When he came, he held my head so tightly I thought I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

With Bucky’s last little shudder, I patted his butt and pulled my head back from under him.

“Well, dude?” I asked as he straitened up.

He had a really dreamy look, and smiled lopsidedly. “Awesome,” he whispered.

I looked at the guys seated on the floor beside me, left and right. I couldn’t pick Jason or that would through off everybody getting a turn for both sucking and begin sucked. I’d been sucked by just about all of them before; the decision was easy; Jeremy was the best at it. “I pick Jeremy to suck me,” I said. “He’s probably gonna take the gold.”

And he did. Jason took silver for the job he did on Tyler, and I took bronze for what I did to Bucky.

Jason didn’t seem happy with me. He walked over to one of the windows and looked out on the hill country while the rest of the guys lay napping or talking together. Tyler was talking to his little brother, and, for once, Bucky wasn’t trying to hang with me. They were laughing about something.

I walked over beside Jason and laid my hand on his shoulder, leaning into him. “C’mon, Jace,” I told him. “Let me give you a backrub.”

He turned to look at me. I knew his moods; he definitely wasn’t happy. So I slid my hand down his back and pressed my body a little more firmly to the side of his.

“Don’t be pissed about Bucky,” I said quietly. “If you want me to stick with you, I’ll stick with you.”

Jace smiled slightly, sighed, and then patted my butt. “Backrub, huh?”

I grinned and nodded.

He lay down on his stomach, next to the window, where the breeze would blow on us. I straddled his butt, letting my balls and cock rest on the top of his buttcrack. I leaned forward to work on his shoulders. Jason laid the side of his face on his folded arms, and closed his eyes.

Bucky came over and knelt beside us.

“Awesome!” he said, grinning. “You guys give each other backrubs?”

“Yeah,” I said, kneading Jason’s shoulders. “We both like backrubs.”

“I bet you get lots of hard-ons.”


“You take turns?”

“Usually,” I said. “But today, I’m giving Jason a freebie.”

“How come?”

“Cuz he’s my best bud, my main man,” I explained, watching Jason’s face for a reaction. He simply kept his eyes closed.

“So you guys are really tight?” Bucky asked, sounding a little disappointed.

“Yep. The tightest,” I said. “Doesn’t mean we aren’t friends with all these other guys, and with you.

Bucky smiled uncertainly.

“Bucky,” Tyler called. “Give me a backrub like that.”

Bucky glanced at his older brother as if he might flash him the finger, but then he glanced at me. I shrugged. He shrugged, and got up to go over where Tyler was already stretching out on his stomach.

I worked down off Jason’s shoulders and slid off his butt and onto the backs of his legs so that my ‘toys’ fell onto the backs of his toys.

“Jace,” I whispered.

“Um-hm,” he murmured.

“We shouldn’t have tied for gold. You got the hottest body, hands down.”

He smiled, eyes still closed and reached back to pat the side of my thigh. “Dude,” he murmured. “Same here.”

I worked down his back. I worked his butt, and then down the backs of his legs. I worked the insides of his legs, the way Jason liked… the way I liked to do for Jason. He had legs to envy; fine legs… and smooth skin. When I rolled him over, we were both hard. Jason smiled, heavy-lidded.

Smiling back, I straddled his hips so that my balls rested on his and the bases of our cocks pressed. I leaned forward to do his shoulders, my eyes directly over his. He grabbed my forearms.

“Dude,” he said, shaking his head with the same sleepy smile. “You’ve gotten me hard again. If you bring me off, you’ll spoil the next event.”

“That’d be fine with me,” I said, with a little rock of my hips forward and back.

He reached up for my ribs with his fingers, and I went flying off backwards; I’m super ticklish.

Jason laughed and rolled on his side toward me. I sat down beside him, leaning onto my elbow, and smiled at him. I felt happy; really happy… happy because of Jason and me. On impulse, I mussed his red hair. I’d never done that before. I mean, showing affection like that.

Jason’s smile faded just briefly, as if I’d really surprised him doing that. Then he smiled again, even wider; looking as happy as me. His focus shifted beyond me.

“Don’t start fucking your brother, Bucky,” Jason called out. “We’ve got another event coming up.”

I twisted back to look. Bucky was flat on Tyler’s back.

Jason patted my hip. “It’s okay to be buds with Bucky,” he said. “You and me are tight.” He gave me a warning frown, though. “Just buds with Bucky, nothing else.”

As Jason sat up, I wondered what he meant by ‘nothing else’.


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