Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


Event 6 – Medley Relay

“Listen up!” Jason said, getting to his feet. “The next event is a medley relay. We’re gonna choose up sides into two teams. And then we race, and here’s the rules: For each leg of the race, the only toys any of you are allowed to touch are the guy’s who is on that leg. Like… on the jack-off leg, you can only touch the toys of the guy being jacked off. Got it?”

We nodded.

“All right, the legs of the race are these… first leg is hot doggin’. Bucky, that means putting your weiner between some other guy’s buns and rubbin’ it between them till you come.”

Bucky laughed and glanced at my butt, then up at my eyes when he realized I was watching him. He grinned.

Jason continued. “After the guy on the hot dogging leg comes, the next leg is dick suckin’. When the guy on that leg comes, the next leg is cornholin’. When that guy comes, the last leg is jackin’ off. You can’t start a new leg until the guy on the current leg comes, and you guys who are still shooting blanks, you can’t fake it. You gotta really come. Got it?”

“Geez,” Luke said, with a lopsided grin, “we’ve already come three times today. Much more of this and I won’t have to jack off tonight.”

We hooted, like Luke expected.

“It’s a sex Olympics, numb-nuts,” Chad said, whopping Luke on the butt.

“David and I will be captains,” Jason said. “I choose Luke.”

Bucky gave me a pleading look.

“I’ll take Bucky,” I said.

He whooped, ran to me, and jumped onto my back. I caught his legs on my hips and held him piggy back.

“Pick me, Jason,” Tyler said. “No way I want to be on Bucky’s team.”

Jason picked Tyler, and Bucky stuck his arm out in front of us with his middle finger raised.

“I’ll take Jere,” I said.

“Chad,” Jason called out.

“Oscar,” I called. “I would have picked you anyway.”

He grinned and came to stand beside me, and with Bucky on my back, I pulled Oscar and Jeremy into a huddle. I had the two shortest guys in Bucky and Jeremy, but I had a plan. “Okay, guys, here’s what I’m thinking. I’ll go first, cuz I won’t have any trouble coming; hot doggin’ Bucky’s little buns.”

Bucky squeezed my waist with his legs, and I reached back to pat his butt.

I glanced at Jeremy. “You suck Bucky for the sucking leg cuz you like it and that’ll get you ready for the next leg.”

Oscar grinned. “Okay, then Jeremy fucks me, cuz that gets me hard, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, and then we’ll jack you off. You like how I do it when I use spit, right?”

He nodded. “And if Jeremy can keep a hard-on up my butt, I’ll come fast.”

“Get ready,” Jason called out.

“Lie down on your stomach, Bucky,” I told him, dropping his legs from my hips.

Bucky quickly lay down onto his stomach. Chad lay down for the other team – no surprise there, with his bubble butt.

I knelt down straddling Bucky’s thighs and sat down on the backs of his legs. I rubbed my cock on his bottom. It was still thick from Jason’s backrub, and the sight and feel of my cock, all pink and thick on Bucky’s white bottom, started it stiffening right back up; especially when Bucky wiggled his bottom.

Luke knelt down on the back of Chad’s legs. He was already hard; his long boner stuck straight out over Chad’s rounded buns.

Jason had two tubes of KY – he regularly supplied us from his dad’s pharmacy. He placed them on the floor beside the two teams. Then he waited until I was hard, raised his hand, and then dropped it.


I laid my cock between Bucky’s two white little globes, and fell forward onto his smaller body at the same time Luke fell forward onto Chad. The two of us started humping, fast.

Guys yelled and cheered. I ignored them, thinking I’d do better to concentrate. I grabbed Bucky’s shoulders and nuzzled into the back of his hair. I squeezed his legs between mine, and focused on the feel of my cock sliding forward and back between Bucky’s butt cheeks. His skin there was damp, warm, and soft. His crevice held the skin of my shaft as I slid my boner forward and back. His tailbone rubbed under my shaft and my balls slid on the underside of his bottom and the backs of his legs.

“Oh, damn, Bucky,” I whispered behind his ear. “You feel so good.”

He reached back with both hands to grab the sides of my butt.

“Look, Bucky likes it!” Oscar called out.

I sucked the nape of Bucky’s neck. I tried to do it where guys wouldn’t notice, but I liked sucking and kissing in sex. “Bucky,” I whispered, “I want to fuck you some time. I want to ride you like this, but inside. I’ll make it feel good for both of us. I know how.”

I liked talking in sex, sometimes. Bucky must have liked hearing it, because his hips moved with mine more deliberately. I rubbed the insides of my thighs on the outside of his; I humped faster. I tightened my butt and my pelvic floor, wanting to hurry my climax.

Glancing over at Luke, I saw that he was much like me; his face buried in the back of Chad’s hair, his long legs outside Chad’s, his hips pumping, hard, fast thrusts. I watched because it was hot, and brought me closer.

Then Luke pushed up onto his hands, pumping jerkily. Guys cheered and I saw the end of Luke’s cock and the cum that shot from the end. I closed my eyes and pumped faster, hit a good angle, and came, squirting up between Bucky’s back and my belly.

It would have been great to just lie on him, but I quickly got up, and Bucky got to his feet. Chad was already on his feet and Jason was sucking him for all he was worth.

Jeremy dropped quickly to his knees and took Bucky’s already stiff dick into his mouth in one gulp. He started sucking and bobbing. I stepped up behind Bucky and wrapped my arms around him, pressing my still-erect cock on his butt. I held him, rubbing my hands up and down his belly, and I sucked on his neck. Bucky melted back against me.

“That’s cheating!” Luke called out.

“Is not,” I countered. “I already came, and it’s Bucky’s leg. It’s okay to touch him.”

Luke instantly did the same to Chad.

Jeremy loved sucking, and, unlike Jason, twelve-year-old Jeremy was taking his time on ten-year-old Bucky. “Don’t clown around, Jeremy,” Oscar protested. “Bring him off.”

Jeremy slipped his fingers under Bucky’s balls, and Bucky’s legs parted a bit for Jeremy to rub between. With a finger and thumb of his other hand, Jeremy jacked the base of Bucky’s stiffy while he swirled Bucky’s crown with his tongue.

Bucky absolutely collapsed back into me then. He sounded like he was having an asthma attack; he panted so loudly. He moaned, he grabbed the backs of my forearms, he went rigid for a long moment, then shuddered and folded in my arms.

Jeremy jumped to his feet, rock hard. Oscar already had KY up his butt, and he quickly spread some onto Jeremy’s dick. As I said, Oscar had been Alex’s favorite, and Alex’s cock up his butt all the time, turned him into a bit of a bottom. Jeremy might be only twelve, but he already had a nice cock. Oscar lubed it enthusiastically.

On the other team, Tyler was already on all-fours with Jason behind him, plowing away. I watched for a moment. Jason had Tyler by the backs of his shoulders, their naked bodies joined at Tyler’s butt. Tyler’s butt quivered with each slam forward of Jason’s thrusts, and with every thrust, Jason’s buttocks dimpled hard.

“Lay down on your back,” Oscar told Jeremy, and Jeremy quickly complied.

Oscar dropped to his knees astride Jeremy’s belly, his cock wagging over Jeremy’s chest. Then Oscar reached behind his own bottom for Jeremy’s cock. He pointed it upward and quickly sat down onto it, settling onto Jeremy’s lap.

He rested there only a second, adjusting, before he started rocking in Jeremy’s lap the way Alex used to have him lap dance in his. Oscar’s boner bounced and Jeremy grabbed it.

“No!” I said, kneeling down and knocking his hand away. “We can’t touch him until you’ve come.”

Jeremy nodded, and then grabbing the sides of Oscar’s thighs he closed his eyes and arched his head back. He pulled his knees up and planted his feet so he could buck up into Oscar.

Oscar fell forward, onto his hands on Jeremy’s shoulders. His eyes closed, too, in concentration.

They moved together, hitting a rhythm of Jeremy bucking up, met by Oscar bumping his butt back. Oscar’s hard cock rubbed on Jeremy’s belly.

I glanced over in time to see Jason pull back hard on Tyler’s hips and arch back, every muscle straining. His butt clenched and clenched and I knew he was shooting. I glanced back down at Jeremy, wondering what I could do to speed him up.

Shifting, I reached down between Jeremy’s legs and under Oscar’s butt, down under Jeremy’s balls, where I rubbed his perineum; as his hips rose and fell, bucking into Oscar.

The other team scrambled to get Tyler onto his back, legs apart so they could all get to him to start jacking.

“C’mon, Jere,” I encouraged. “Fuck Oscar’s butt. He’s loving it. Give it to him!”

“Yeah, Jere,” Bucky encouraged, rubbing his hand inside Jeremy’s leg. “Give it to him!”

Jeremy’s back arched and he bucked harder. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” he called out.

“You comin’ Jere?” Bucky asked.

“Hell yes, he is!” I said, placing my hand over Jeremy’s tightened ballsack.

Jeremy lifted Oscar on his lap and his legs quivered. I could feel his pelvic floor tightening over and over.

Oscar quickly grabbed his cock, and still rocking on Jeremy’s cock, he pumped his own frantically. Almost immediately, he shot his watery load over Jeremy’s chest and neck. Bucky and I cheered.

The guys on the other team glanced at us and they all paused except for Tyler who kept moving his hips, obviously close to coming as well. And then, suddenly, there was a fountain of cum up from the midst of all their hands; Tyler shot, only moments after Oscar had.

The whole race took maybe fifteen minutes. But we sat around talking about it for the next thirty, almost like guys recapping a great football game. It was cool, too, because we were lying all over each other. I was on my stomach and Bucky started out sitting astride my butt, but he eventually lay down on me, almost like I hot dogged him earlier. Jason used Tyler’s butt as a pillow, and Chad used Tyler’s back. Oscar was sitting with his back to the wall with Jeremy sitting between his legs, leaning back against him. Luke was on his belly, too. Jason and Chad were using his butt and back for foot rests.

The conversation slowed.

“You guys want any more events today?” Jason asked.

“Let’s give it a rest,” Chad said, rubbing Luke’s butt with the heel of his left foot. “Let’s save some fun for tomorrow.”

“Oh, I have lots more in mind,” Jason said.

“Like what?” Bucky asked.

“You’ll see,” Jason said.

“Tell us at least one of the events,” Jeremy said.

Jason shrugged. “Depends on how far we get. We may have to go to a third day.”

“Awesome,” Bucky said, rolling over so that his butt was on mine and the back of his head was on the back of my shoulder.

“We oughta wash up,” Luke said. “We smell spunky, and it’s really getting hot.”

Jason sat up. “Okay. Quick swim, and then we go home and come back tomorrow.”

We split up as we got back into town, Tyler and Bucky pedaling for their house, Chad for his, Luke for his. Jason, Jeremy, and I all lived within a couple of blocks of each other. When Oscar didn’t turn off in the direction of his home, I glanced over at him.

“I’m sleeping over with Jeremy tonight,” he said with a lopsided smile.

I grinned. “You guys enjoyed that relay, didn’t you?”

His smile widened.

Jason and I spent the last of the afternoon, out of the heat, at Jason’s house, watching City Slickers on his dad’s VCR. He lay on the couch, on his side, and I watched the movie, leaning back against the couch, the back of my head on the cushion about even with Jason’s chest. I had my knees pulled up and my feet planted on the floor under my butt, slowly waving my knees back and forth.

His mom was in the kitchen and his sister wasn’t around. Jason did something he’d never done before. He played with my hair; just casually… running his fingers through it, scratching my scalp lightly. It felt good. I laid my head back.

And then he did something else different. I felt the cushion shift behind my head, and then I felt him press his lips to my hair. I heard him take a deep breath. And then he lay back on the couch, and toyed with my hair until we heard his mom coming from the kitchen.

We ate at his house that night, and then walked to my house to sleep over. It was dark as we walked, and Jason did something else new; he took my hand. We walked silently, holding hands, our shoulders brushing. I got hard. This wasn’t just Jason and me being buds. This was Jason and me being something else.

My mom was watching a Rangers game – two of her brothers had played semi-pro and she actually enjoyed watching baseball. We sat with her for a while, watching and armchair coaching. Afterward, we took turns showering. I went first and came upstairs in just a towel. Jason was on my bed, reading. He looked up at me. He looked at my belly and the towel, low on my hips. I hardened my belly, and he looked up at me and smiled.

Then he jumped from the bed and grabbed my towel on his way out the door. I laughed; that was Jason.

I was under the covers, with only my nightstand light on, reading a Sports Illustrated, when Jason returned, in only a towel. I lowered the magazine and looked at him the way he had looked at me.

He closed and locked the door, then came to the bed. He dropped the towel, lifted the bedcovers, and crawled in beside me. Jason rolled up on his side and looked at me.

I smiled, but he didn’t. He looked into my eyes, steadily, and then very slowly, he leaned toward me. I didn’t close my eyes. I waited until his lips just touched mine… lightly.

Pressing his cheek to mine, he slid up against me. I rolled up to him, and we held each other, growing hard, but simply holding each other. Then Jason pulled back his head and looked into my eyes. He swept my hair back off my forehead, and then pressed his lips gently to mine once more.

I was thirteen. I’d been kissing boys for almost three years. I’d been kissing Jason for almost three years. But this was different, again. Our lips pressed, and I was so aware that Jason was a beautiful boy.

He leaned back and laid his head on the pillow, looking at me.

I moved up over him, rolling him onto his back. I slid my hands under his back and lowered my mouth to his. He clasped the sides of my head and our mouths opened to each other. Again, it felt different.

He opened his legs for me to settle between. We ground our pelvises together while kissing slowly, tasting as if for the first time… as youths, not boys… as something other than best friends.

“Put it in me, Davey,” he whispered in my ear.

Keeping my cheek against his, I quietly spit into my hand and reached down, lifting my hips. I spread spit onto my crown, and then angled my shaft down to his opening. At the same time Jason lifted his knees up along my sides, lifting his butt to meet me. I felt his pucker with my crown, and pressed forward with my hips.

I eased into his familiar warmth and tightness, slowly, until his bottom bones pressed at the base of my shaft. I wrapped my arms under Jason, and he wrapped his over my back. We held each other tightly while I moved my hips forward and back.

“This isn’t like it’s been before,” Jason whispered in my ear.

“No,” I whispered into his. “Not like before.” On impulse, I pressed the tip of my tongue into his ear. Jason shuddered under me and his reaction excited me. My gut clenched and my hips drove forward. I probed his ear with my tongue. I felt his cock twitch between our bellies. I tensed my belly and pressed it down against him.

Jason clung to my neck and his breath rushed past my ear. I probed every contour of his ear with my tongue, and Jason arched back under me.

I kissed down his neck. I sucked on the nape of his neck – not sneaking a lick this time, but sucking and licking and tasting.

Jason’s fingers ran through my hair and he murmured in my ear. I covered his mouth with mine again, and drove thrusts home while probing into his mouth with my tongue.

He moved with me as in a dance. We moved as one, fluidly.

He tensed and whimpered and I felt his wetness between our bellies. I came almost silently, holding him, pumping into him, into my beloved… I actually thought the word, and it seemed at once, strange and yet, true.

I collapsed on him gently. I rubbed my cheek against his. He stroked the back of my hair and kissed in front of my ear. He straightened his legs out along the outside of mine, and I slipped out from inside him. I shifted, dropping a leg outside his so that I lay half on him, my head next to his on the pillow.

Jason’s head rolled toward me. He shifted up to face me and our legs entwined. We watched each other’s eyes until he closed his for sleep and I closed mine.

I woke in the night with him sleeping on my side. I woke again later when he shifted off me and onto his stomach and I rolled onto him, sliding a leg over the backs of his and laying an arm over his back.

When I woke in the morning, Jason was awake and sitting on the side of the bed, staring at the wall.

I threw back the sheets and sat up beside him. His body looked so lean, his skin so smooth. But then I saw his face; he looked pensive.

“You okay,” I asked.

He shrugged without looking at me. “I don’t know.”

I almost asked if he had the ‘regrets’. That’s what we called it; that feeling of guilt that sometimes came after sexing. We used to get it early on. That’s why Alex kept everything a game. But we rarely got the regrets anymore.

I decided not to say anything. Jason really was very smart, and I was never much help when he was sorting things out in his mind.

He was quiet that morning, all the way out to the old farmhouse.


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