Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


Bucky was waiting for us on the front porch. He wore only loose shorts, old trainers, and a ballcap; our summer uniform. He also wore a grin.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” he said to me as Jason and I came up the steps.

I stopped. Jason went on inside. I figured his mind was already organizing for the day, and he did say that it was okay with him for Bucky and me to be buds.

Bucky’s smile grew hesitant and he shuffled his feet. “Luke isn’t here yet, and I thought,” he chuckled nervously. “I wondered if you’d help me practice kissing before the events start.” His timidity was cute, actually. I had to smile.

“C’mon,” I said, and nodded for him to follow. I stepped down off the porch and walked around to the shady side of the house, where I turned to face him with my arms open.

Bucky’s grin was completely gone now as he came to me, turning his face up to mine. I was shirtless like him, and he rested his hands low on my hips, on the sides of the waistband of my shorts. I took off his ball cap and dropped it on the ground, then did the same with mine. I took his shoulders into my hands and pulled him forward.

He closed his eyes, and, looking at his upturned face, I thought that buck teeth or not, he was a cute kid. There were tiny golden hairs on his temples and at the edge of his eyebrows. He had soft cheeks and pink lips. I placed my lips on his, and closed my eyes as well.

His mouth tentatively, hesitantly, as if he wondered whether what we’d done yesterday was okay to do today. I opened my mouth to him, and delicately swept my tongue inside his lips and onto his tongue.

Bucky reached up to wrap his arms around my neck. He’d had strawberry jelly for breakfast again. I’d had grape. We slid our tongues against each other. His exhaled breath washed over my cheeks.

I slid my hands onto his back, feeling his bare skin, feeling his small shoulder blades, feeling down his spine. I pulled his belly to mine, skin on skin. I slid my hands into the back of his shorts and cupped his small buns while our tongues wrestled. Bucky melted to me.

My dick grew instantly hard.

Bucky leaned back, grinning. “You like my butt.”

I gave his two small buns a squeeze. “I love your butt.”

With a twinkle in his eye, he pulled his arms from around my neck and shoved his hands into the back of my shorts, grabbing my butt the way I had his. “I like your butt,” he said. Then his eyes dropped to my lips and his smile faded. We kissed again, squeezing each other’s bottom.

I slipped my leg between Bucky’s legs and pulled his hardness against the top of my thigh. He pulled a hand from my bottom, and reached into the front of my shorts where he closed it around my cock and pulled it up from where it had been trapped to the side. His smaller hand felt good.

“Woo-hoo!” Luke called out as he road past on his bicycle and around to the front of the house.

I leaned back from Bucky. “Well,” I said catching my breath. “Guess we’re done practicin’.”

“We gotta do more later,” Bucky said. “Tyler and I talked about it. We want you to sleep over tonight.”

I frowned slightly, and Bucky pulled our bellies more tightly together. “I’ll let you fuck me.”

I laughed. “I’m counting on that happenin’ today,” I said. “I gotta think about the sleep over, though. I mean, Jason may be planning something.”

Bucky frowned, but I swatted his bottom. “C’mon, or they’ll come out lookin’ for us.”

I grabbed up our caps, handing him his. He put his on backward. When I turned toward the front of the house, Bucky grabbed the backs of my shoulders and jumped on, the way he had a couple of times the day before; he liked piggy-backing me. So I held up his legs and carried him up the stairs and into the house.

The others were already naked and sitting or standing in pairs. I set Bucky down, and we tossed off our hats, kicked off our shoes, and dropped our shorts.

Jason was standing beside Tyler, his arm over Tyler’s shoulder. Both of them already had hard-ons.

“We’ve already split into two-man teams,” Jason said. He didn’t look at me, but gestured with his hand. “You and Bucky are together. Now here’s the next event…”

I was surprised that, if we were going to be in two-man teams, Jason didn’t pair me up with him; especially after the night before. Maybe he thought we got too serious. Maybe that’s why he was so quiet. Or maybe it was something simple; he and I screwed almost every night that summer, and sometimes we liked sexing with the other guys in the troop. Jason liked Tyler.

Event 7 – Pairs Triathlon

I glanced at the others. Oscar and Jeremy were standing together, arms cocked on each other’s shoulders. Oscar was hard; Jeremy was getting there.

Chad and Luke were sitting back-to-back on the floor, using each other as a back rest. Chad was fondling his cock.

“Pairs Triathalon,” Jason said. “First leg is fifteen-minute, pairs kissing. Here’s the rules.” He turned to Tyler. “Lie down like I showed you.”

Tyler sat down on the floor and lay back flat. He pulled his knees up and apart, and planted his feet on the floor. From where I was standing, he was wide open to me. I could see his balls hanging between his legs and his cock pointing thick and pink up his belly.

“One partner lays down like Tyler, and the other partner lies like this.” Jason knelt between Tyler’s legs and lay down onto him, belly-to-belly. They wrapped their arms around each other, and through Jason’s slightly parted legs, I could see their two ball sacks pressed together.

Jason looked back over his shoulder at us. “I’ve got a watch. For seven and a half minutes, you have to lie, kissing, like this. Your cocks and balls have to be in contact and you have to stay kissing the entire time. After seven and a half minutes, I’ll say roll, and you have to rollover so that the second partner is on the bottom for another seven and a half minutes. Here’s the catch. You have to kiss. You have to stay belly on belly. And you don’t want to come. The next leg of the triatholon is a race, and if you come now, it will take you that much longer to come on the next leg.”

He knelt up and looked back over his shoulder at me with a sly smile. He knew how easy it was for me to come, frotting, or cock fighting as Alex used to call it.

“Smart ass,” I murmured.

“Geez,” Oscar murmured. “After we do that for fifteen minutes, the next leg’s gonna be a fast race.”

Jeremy laughed. “Even after all we shot yesterday, Oscar shot twice last night, and I mean… he spermed all over my bed. It was like, whoa, is my mom gonna think wet dreams or what?”

“So, I got a hair trigger,” Oscar countered, grinning and stroking his cock.

“Just remember that you have a race for the second leg,” Jason reminded. He looked directly at me and smiled slyly again. I shot him the finger.

“Okay, everybody get ready.”

Bucky dropped to the floor like a rock, and got into position like Tyler. Grinning, he opened his arms and legs to me.

I knelt down between his legs and lay down onto him, just like the other guys were all doing. Bucky, smiling happily, ran his fingers up into my hair and I grabbed his shoulders.

Jason called, “Go!”

I pressed my lips to Bucky’s.

We succeeded in staying motionless, except for our mouths, for about ten seconds. Then Bucky reached for my butt, and his hips moved, rubbing us together. Then it didn’t seem possible to stay motionless, even if we wanted to, and we didn’t want to… not holding each other like that, naked, dick on dick, balls on balls, skin on skin… kissing. There was no way I was going to be able to keep from coming before we were done.

Bucky squeezed my butt, and ground up against me. I held him by the shoulders, probed into his mouth with my tongue, and ground my cock between his legs.

From the corner of my eye, I could see that Oscar, on top of Jeremy, going at it, just as hot as I was. His hips were moving between Jeremy’s legs and I could hear their kissing.

My attention returned to Bucky. It was impossible to think about anything else. His pelvis ground up under me and his tongue probed my mouth as if he were in more heat than I was.

I moaned and he squeezed my butt cheeks, hard. I could feel Bucky’s long stiffy rubbing on my belly, beside mine. My ball sack draped his; I felt it. Our bellies rubbed and brushed. I let go of his shoulders and wrapped my arms over his head. Concentrating on his face with mine while frotting on his writhing, smaller body.

It was miraculous that neither Bucky nor I came before the seven and a half minute mark. I’d heard the unmistakable sounds of at least one guy coming.

“Roll over,” Jason called.

Bucky and I rolled, keeping our mouths together. I pulled my knees up to the outside, and Bucky’s hips fell between them. I grabbed his little butt, and he took my face into his hands. I had a stray impression of how Bucky’s weight on me was very different than Jason’s.

When Jason lay between my legs and on top of me the way Bucky was lying, it was infinitely more exciting. Jason was closer to my size. He had a harder body and bigger toys. His balls draped mine, and his big cock felt big beside mine. And… it was Jason.

I realized, it had always been more exciting with Jason, because it was Jason. Even back when we were ten like Bucky, and we wiggled together more than humped, doing it with Jason was intimate and exciting in a way only possible with best buds. In that moment, with Bucky pumping between my legs, I missed Jason’s body on mine.

But Bucky was worked up. He started rabbit humping, and that did create all sorts of excitement between my legs. Even a ten-year-old, when he’s mad-humping between your legs, and clutching at you, and going wild… even a ten-year-old can be exciting. He clutched my neck, and his tongue hungrily probed my mouth. Grasping his bottom, I pulled and ground his hips between my legs, even as he ground. I could feel his butt muscles flexing, and it all felt so damned incredible. My gut tensed. My balls pulled up. I came hard, whimpering.

Bucky pumped faster, as if he wanted to come with me, and a few seconds later, he whimpered and shuddered. I felt his buns clenching into hard little balls, again and again.

Bucky gasped and rested the side of his face against mine.

“Gotta keep kissin’ a few more minutes, Bucky,” I said. “The rules.”

Bucky lifted his head and rested his mouth on mine with a moan. He relaxed that way, and I laughed; puffing our mouths.

Jason called time.

We looked around. Jeremy rolled off Oscar and sat up. His belly was wet, but he was still hard. Since Jeremy shot blanks anyway, I figured the cum was all Oscar’s. Luke was on top of Chad, his hips still slowly moving between Chad’s legs, but he was looking around like me. I looked over at Jason. Tyler was just pushing up off Jason. Their bellies were wet.

“Backfired on you, didn’t it, Jason?” I asked. “You came, right?”

Jason sat up and rubbed his hand over his wet belly. He shrugged. “Who didn’t come?” he asked.

“Me!” Jeremy said, raising his hand.

“I didn’t,” Luke said. “I usually can’t come that way.”

Oscar propped up on his elbows. “Shit, Jason; you can’t start a race right now,” he said. He glanced down at his stomach. “I’m gonna go wash my belly.”

We followed him out, taking turns at the hand pump, tossing well water over our bellies and each other. I wanted to tell Jason about my revelation that rubbin’ cocks just wasn’t the same with anybody else but him, but Bucky stuck with me, and I couldn’t say that in front of Bucky.

We stretched. We looked at the sky and the trees. And then we slowly filed back into the house.

I dropped to the floor on my side. Bucky sat down with his butt backed up to my lap; one arm over my legs and one over my ribs, leaning back on me.

“Second part of the triathlon,” Jason said, standing with his arm once more over Tyler’s shoulder, “is pairs sucking. It’s an all-out race. Both partners have to come. It’s as simple as that. Any questions?”

“Yeah,” Oscar said. “How ‘bout if Jeremy comes twice; once for him, once for me?”

“Yeah, right,” Jeremy said, elbowing Oscar in the gut.

“Get in position,” Jason said.

“Bucky,” I said, motioning what I wanted. I lay back and Bucky reversed position over me. I wanted to do an over-and-under sixty-nine. When Jason and I were ten, I liked it that way. I learned how to take Jason’s stiffy down my throat while it was still a stiffy and not a boner. I remembered how Jason’s marble-like balls rested on my upper lip and how his skinny legs and butt looked back then, and how they felt under my hands.

Jason and I still did it that way, often, and I liked his lean-muscled legs and butt, and the way his ballsack draped my upper lip… and his scent. But I wanted to do Bucky that way, partly for the memory of how it was with Jason when we were ten.

It was fun; it was good. I had no trouble taking Bucky’s stiffy all the way in. The soft skin of his scrotum on my upper lip, his smell, the feel of his smooth, thin legs and bottom, all reminded me plenty of Jason at that age. I sucked happily; even more happily because Bucky jacked and sucked and licked on my cock the way a ten-year-old boy does, who’s having fun with an older boy’s cock.

Though it was supposed to be a race, I wasn’t in a hurry. I don’t think anyone else was.

When Bucky got close, his hips pumped faster. I clasped his flexing bottom in both hands, squeezing and kneading. Bucky’s pumping became frenzied, and his hand jacked me faster and faster. He brought me off with him, and swallowed my second cum of the morning.

Bucky relaxed on top of me. I spit his softening stiffy out, and he rested his balls on my throat. I stroked his butt and he stroked inside my legs as we watched Tyler and Jason finishing. They were the last.

They finished. Jason rolled onto his back, but Tyler stayed up on his side, flopping Jason’s rubbery dick around playfully with his fingers.

“What’s the last leg of the Triathlon?” Chad asked. I glanced over at him. Luke was sitting with his back against the wall. Chad was sitting back between Luke’s legs, using the taller boy’s belly as a back rest. They almost looked like a… like a couple.

I glanced over at Jeremy and Oscar. Oscar was on his belly and Jeremy lay on top of him, layered comfortably. They’d been into each other the last day or so. I glanced over again at Jason, feeling like I really should be with him.

Jason patted Tyler’s hip and rubbed it absently while gazing at the ceiling. He enjoyed Tyler playing with his flaccid cock.

“Earth to Jason,” Chad called. “What’s the next leg?”

Jason twisted his head back to look at Chad. “Pairs cornholing, of course,” he said.

Chad groaned and got to his feet. “I’m thirsty. I’m gonna get a drink.”

“And rest your cock?” Luke asked, laughing. He got to his feet, too. Then we all did.

We drank cool well water and splashed our faces. I cleaned my slobber off Bucky’s dick and balls with the cool well water, and Bucky squealed. Then he did me, and the other teams did the same.

Jason and Tyler sat down on the porch steps. I took a seat beside Jason, and bumped shoulders. I didn’t say anything. I just sorta glanced at him sideways to make sure we were cool. He looked down at the ground and smiled. We were cool.

Bucky sat down behind me and leaned back, using my back as a backrest.

Oscar came up to us, scratching his balls. He stood in the sunlight. Beaded water on the dark skin of his arms, legs, and flat belly, glistened. His dick was wet, too, and it flopped as he scratched. Oscar’s lips twisted into a lopsided grin, and there was a twinkle in his big, brown eyes. “So, what are the rules for pairs cornholing?” he asked.

Jeremy came up beside him. In contrast with Oscar, Jeremy’s pale skin almost gleamed in the sun. He threw his arm over the taller boy’s shoulders and leaned casually against him. Chad and Luke came up on either side. Chad had soaked his hair, and he shook it, showering a glittering spray onto Jeremy.

Jeremy dropped his arm from Oscar’s shoulders and shook his hair back at Chad. It didn’t work well, though; not wet enough.

Jason stood up and stretched beside me. I watched the muscles in his leg and butt. I loved his smooth skin, and I ran my fingers admiringly, and affectionately, over the side of his thigh and his bottom.

I realized that the four guys in front of us were watching me. Jason glanced down at me. That small thing I did, that small gesture… did it seem a little gay? We did stuff like that all the time, but the way I did it… could they tell how I felt about Jason?

Ours was a strange dichotomy. On the one hand, the seven of us, and now Bucky, had sexed together every way there was to do it, but it was play. We rested on each other’s naked bodies as casually and easily as lovers, but we were buds. We felt each other up, even when we were ten, but we weren’t ten anymore. These days, we never even joked about anything ‘gay’.

I patted Jason’s thigh and dropped my hand, and my eyes.

“Like pattin’ the rump of a horse,” Chad murmured.

The guys laughed.

Jason cleared his throat. “Let’s head inside, and I’ll give you guys the rules.”

We all stood up. Jason gave me a brief smile. Oscar came past me and gave my butt a friendly swat. Bucky jumped onto my back and we followed them in.

“Okay,” Jason said, as we gathered in a circle around him. “Here’s the deal… it’s a race, but there are rules. Each partner has to use three different cornhole positions. He has to hump thirty times in each position, and he has to come sometime after finishing thirty humps in the last position. If he comes earlier, he still has to come again, after the last thirty humps. You guys got that? Three positions, thirty humps in each one, then come as fast as you can.”

We nodded.

“Each partner has to do three positions, thirty humps in each, then come as quick as he can. We add your team’s finishing place to the finishing place you had in the second leg, and low score wins. So like, Tyler and I finish last, so we’re starting with four points. David and Bucky finished third; they’re starting with three. Oscar and Jeremy are starting with two, and Chad and Luke are starting with one.”

We nodded.

“Give us a second to figure our strategy,” Chad said.

“What strategy?” Jeremy asked, laughing. “You just butt-fuck the shit out of each other.”

I pulled Bucky to one side. Laying my forearms on his shoulders, I leaned close. “What’s your favorite way?” I asked him.

Bucky shrugged and idly grabbed my thickening cock. “I’ve only cornholed with Tyler,” he said. “I don’t know till I cornhole with you.”

I laid my forehead on his. “That feels good,” I said. “Get me ready, and I’ll go first.”

Bucky stroked me.

The other guys were fondling each other as well, and talking about strategy. I fondled Bucky, but didn't really have any strategy. I just wanted to cornhole Bucky.

“Everybody lube up,” Tyler said, passing out the KY tubes.

Bucky and I lubed each other’s cocks. Then I turned my back to Bucky and he lubed my bottom. I turned around, and he turned his back to me, facing the wall. He leaned forward, onto his hands, and I looked him over as I put gel on my fingertips. A ten-year-old boy really looks like a ten-year-old boy, when he’s leaning up against a wall with his little white butt pointing back at you.

I dropped the tube, and rubbed the gel on my fingers into the crevice between Bucky’s buns. I felt his pucker and pressed my middle finger tip to it. It gave, and I slid my finger in until my hand was flush on his bottom. I held my finger there while nuzzling the back of his thick hair and stroking myself with my other hand.

"Why don't we start this way?" I asked. "Standing up."

"Okay," Bucky agreed, nodding, his voice slightly strained because of my finger up his butt.

“Everybody ready?” Jason asked.

I looked around the room. Jason was on all-fours with Tyler kneeling behind him. Chad stood with his back to a wall, facing Luke, and he had one leg wrapped up over Luke’s hip. Oscar was like Bucky, leaning forward against the wall. Jeremy stood behind him, holding Oscar by the hips and already guiding his cock up between Oscar’s cheeks.

“Go!” Jason called out.

I got behind Bucky and bent my knees so I could angle up into him. I grabbed his hip with one hand and guided my cock with the other. My cock looked like a huge pink sausage sliding between Bucky’s little buns. I found his opening and pushed in. His ring closed tightly around my shaft, squeezing.

Bucky was used to Tyler's cock, but mine was bigger. I paused for Bucky to adjust. I’d already decided I didn’t give a fuck about winning this race. I wanted to enjoy Bucky, and I wanted him to enjoy me. I held his hips and slid in very slowly.

His back arched and his small body tensed, but I stayed inside him. He relaxed and I felt his damp warmth slide another inch down my boner before gripping again. He tensed, then relaxed, and his tightness eased farther down my cock. We went slowly until his bottom finally flattened into my lap, skin on skin. I could see nothing of my shaft, but I could feel it; completely inside Bucky. I folded my body onto his. Wrapping my right arm under his chest, I reached down between his legs with my left hand to fondle him. Bucky murmured and leaned his head back against me.

Nuzzling the side of his neck, I pulled my hips back slowly, almost all the way. Then I pushed in slowly and ground into his butt at the end. “One,” I whispered.

I ground on him and rubbed his cock up against his belly with my palm. I pressed my lips under his ear, and pulled my hips back very slowly, then slid them slowly forward. His tightness moved out to my crown, then back down to the base of my shaft; around the base of my shaft. “Two,” I whispered, holding Bucky up against me with both arms.

Around the room, there were quiet murmurs. I lifted my head and looked. No one was hurrying. Luke, Chad, Jeremy, and Tyler were all watching me and Bucky. I glanced at Jason just as his head turned my way. I gave him a heavy-lidded smile before turning back to nuzzle in under Bucky’s ear.

I took my time, savoring Bucky; feeling his thin legs between mine, the firmness of his little bottom in my lap, his body wrapped under my arms, his stiffy in my hand, and the smell of his hair. And best of all, the feel of my cock sheathed inside him... warm, achingly hard.

I was sorry to hit thirty in my count, but I pulled out. Taking a seat on the floor beside Bucky, with my boner pointing straight up and wet, I leaned back against the wall Bucky was leaning on. I patted my lap for him.

Bucky stepped a leg over my legs, before pushing off the wall. He dropped to his knees facing me, straddling my lap. He leaned his forehead on mine as I aimed my cock upward and Bucky sat slowly onto it. We were slick, and I slid in easily.

He settled into my lap, almost eye to eye. His brow was furrowed as he settled down. Then his eyes rose to mine, and he broke into a grin.

"Feel okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, resting his forearms on my shoulders, adjusting.

I grabbed his bottom in both hands. "Rub your stiffy on my belly," I told him, pulling his butt forward and back. "Make it feel good for you, too."

Bucky rocked his hips, testing. Then he swayed his back, pressing his dick more firmly on my belly. I tightened it for him. He bit his lip, concentrating again. His eyes rose to mine, then dropped to my lips.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and leaned in to kiss. He liked kissing with me; that was obvious. Our mouths opened to each other. Bucky swiveled his hips in my lap, rubbing his stiffy against my stomach. I kneaded his buns.

There's something really cool about the fit between ten and thirteen-year-old boys; at least between Bucky and me. Sorta like a happy big brother and a happy little brother; a fit between a big body and a smaller one, an older boy and a younger. It felt good for Bucky and it felt great for me.

Bucky pressed his forehead to mine once more. He rose on his knees, squeezing his sphincter as he pulled up my shaft. Then he sat slowly down into my lap again. “One,” he said with a small grin before giving me another kiss.

We hugged each other loosely, and kissed all the way to the count of twelve with Bucky's mouth leaving mine only long enough to call the number. At the count of twelve, we rested the sides of our faces together. Bucky still hugged my neck, and I still cupped his bottom. We counted softly as he rose and fell.

We counted to thirty-five before I remembered we were supposed to stop at thirty; not that I wanted to remember.

I rolled Bucky onto his back on the floor, and rolled on top of him without ever pulling my boner from inside him. He hugged my neck, and I extended my legs, going flat on him. I grabbed the backs of his shoulders and covered his mouth with mine. Bucky hooked his heels behind my legs. We were like one now, all joined, cock, legs, and bellies.

I moved my boner slowly in and out of his warmth and tightness, not bothering to count; I would start counting later if I felt like it. I took a breath, pressing my cheek to his. “Shit, Bucky,” I murmured. “You feel awesome!”

His hands slid down my back, feeling my muscles. “I didn’t know it could feel like this,” he whispered, rubbing his cheek on mine.

“Done!” called out Jeremy. “We took turns on each position and we just came together.”

The room was silent except for the sound of skin softly slapping skin, quiet murmurs and grunts, and the sound of wind through the window.

“Hell, none of them are racing!” Oscar observed.

I lifted my head. Tyler was on his belly and Jason was lying on top of him, pumping with a blissful look. Chad and Luke were on their sides. Chad was spooned behind Luke and his hips were moving slowly. He had an arm over Luke’s side, down between the taller boy’s legs. They were only twelve and thirteen-years-old, but they had sexed together for three years and knew what they liked and what the other guy liked. Like me, they were not in the mood to race at the moment.

I turned my attention back to Bucky. He looked up at me with a small smile and his eyes searched mine. It was a vulnerable moment for him. Sort of a loss of innocence I think, and he was doing something very intimate for another boy... for me.

I smiled back at him. I kissed his lips lightly and then hugged him to me, pressing my cheek to his. I kissed in front of his ear and pushed my cock farther inside him, moving it around. Bucky clung to my back and moved with me, rubbing his stiffy up onto my belly.

"Bucky," I whispered, "you and me are gonna be buds, even if we never do this again."

His arms tightened around my neck.

“Bucky,” I whispered. “Does this feel good for you?” I knew the answer. I knew from having been under other boys myself, and under Alex. I knew from how Bucky was moving, and by how he clung to my neck.

“Uh-huh,” he murmured.

Closing my eyes, I held Bucky and circled my hips in time with his; an easy rocking in the warm room. My skin was damp with sweat. From the window, a puff of breeze brushed up the backs of my legs, over my bottom, up my back.

Someone sat down beside us. A hand slipped between the backs of my legs. Fingers rubbed my perineum. I glanced back; it was Jeremy. He smiled.

“Is he good?” Jeremy asked.

“Oh, yeah,” I answered, pressing the side of my face back against Bucky’s. I closed my eyes and took longer thrusts with my hips.

Jeremy’s fingers rubbed my perineum, and I parted my legs for him. It felt good, and I picked up my pace.

“Bucky,” Jeremy softly said, leaning over my shoulder while still rubbing behind my balls, “sometime while we’re all out here, I want a turn with you.”

“Okay,” Bucky murmured.

Jeremy rubbed my perineum harder and leaned close behind. “I want a turn with you, too, ‘pretty butt’.

I chuckled, dreamily.

Jeremy’s fingers rubbing under my balls tightened me up down there and I felt my climax stirring. I cooperated; I was ready. I let my body take control and my gut clinched, reflexively. I pounded hard, little collisions with Bucky's bottom.

Bucky moved faster with me and started to come even before I did. He writhed and pawed at my back. His sphincter squeezed my shaft over and over. I drove deep when I came and shoved my pulsing cock as far inside as I could, driving Bucky’s dry orgasm on, impaled to the hilt on my boner.

Our skin was wet; our breath ragged. We slowed. Bucky’s fingertips stroked my back lightly. Jeremy squeezed my buttocks. I looked back at him. His cock lay thickly over a leg, but wasn’t hard. His eyes were on our bodies.

He saw me looking, and smiled. “Awesome, Davey,” he said quietly, giving my right butt cheek a brush with his fingertips. “I’d give you two the gold.”

I looked around for Jason. He and everyone else had left the room.


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