Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


We walked down toward the creek where the others were already swimming. For once, Bucky didn’t jump on me to ride piggy-back. I was sure it was because, after having my cock up his butt for so long, he needed to tighten up down there. He walked beside me, though, and I put my arm over his shoulder.

He smiled at me, a little sheepishly. He looked unsure of things, and I could understand. He looked up to me, and had let me fuck him. He needed to know everything was still cool. So I gave him a noogie.

Bucky squealed and tried to get away, but I hung onto him. We continued on to toward the creek with my arm still over his shoulders. Bucky slung his arm behind my back.

“Buds?” I asked.

Bucky grinned and nodded. “And I get a turn,” he said.

I laughed and bumped him with my hip.

We came to a narrow part in the path. Jeremy led the way, then Bucky, then me.

Naked, from behind, they were cool to watch as they walked, and as they climbed down rocks. Jeremy, at twelve, was just a little more beefy than ten-year-old Bucky, especially in his buttocks, but he still had the slightly rounded hips of a preteen – more rounded than Bucky’s, actually.

As they walked, their butts dimpled and flexed, and I could see muscles working in their backs. I wasn’t horny for the moment, having just come again. I simply watched them because they were cool to watch.

They were graceful in their movements, as thin boys often are. I remember it as something of a revelation that morning, on the path, when the thought came to me that, simply as creatures, naked boys were beautiful.

I was glad I was one; a naked boy, that is. As we walked, I grew conscious of my own butt and leg and back muscles, as if someone was behind me, watching me, admiring my thirteen-year-old body the way I was admiring Jeremy’s and Bucky’s. I knew that I had a good body, too.

I looked down at my left arm. The day was hot. The skin on my arm was moist with sweat, and it glistened. So did my chest and belly. My cock swung this way and that. It, too, was slick and glistened, but from lube and the moisture inside Bucky’s bottom.

Along the bank of the creek, at our swimming hole, there were several tall cypress trees. The sun was almost overhead, but there was shade among the roots of the trees, and the other guys were sitting on rocks and tree roots, or floating in the water there. Jeremy, Bucky, and I slid into the water and drifted in among them.

I grabbed hold of a tree root and rested the side of my hip on the gravely bottom. It was only a foot and a half deep. Bucky floated up behind me and sat up. He rested his hand on my hip. I looked over at Jason. He was sitting with his back to a tree root, head back, eyes closed.

“So, Bucky,” Oscar said with grin, “you like having a big cock up your butt?”

Bucky frowned, and glanced at me.

“It’s okay,” Oscar said. “You can like having a cock up your butt. Guys have somethin’ inside their butt chute called a ‘prostate’. That’s why it feels so good, because when you have something up your butt, it rubs your prostate.”

Bucky eyed him uncertainly, and glanced at me again.

I nodded. “That’s right. I can reach inside your bottom with my finger and touch it if you want.”

“Seriously?” Bucky asked.

“Sure,” I told him, sitting up. “Get up on your knees and bend over. We don’t need any lube or anything; you’re probably still loose.”

Bucky got up onto all fours and backed up, throwing a knee over my lap. His balls and cock didn’t clear the surface of the water. Only his white little rump was above the water, down to his perineum.

With one hand on the side of his bottom, I gently probed in with my finger. The others watched silently. I felt the little bump of Bucky’s prostate and pressed softly.

Bucky’s back arched. “Oh!” he murmured.

“That’s it,” I said, pulling my finger back out and patting his bottom.

He tightened his sphincter and it closed. Then he sat back in my lap. I gave his back a rub.

“Is that what turns guys gay?” Bucky asked quietly, looking around the group. “Cuz it feels good?”

“Nah!” several of the guys chorused.

“It’s like Alex, our old scoutmaster used to tell us,” Tyler said authoritatively, “guys our age always mess around like we do, all the time. They just don’t talk about it.”

“It doesn’t make you gay?” Bucky asked.

“Nah!” we all chorused. And then we fell silent; uncomfortably silent, at least I was. Bucky’s was a question I had been asking myself. After parroting Alex’s answers for three years, I wasn’t so sure they applied to me anymore.

“So, do you guys have girlfriends?” Bucky asked.

We glanced at each other. Eyes dropped.

“I do,” Oscar said.

“What? Alicia?” Luke asked. “She hardly counts as a girlfriend. She’s more a friend, friend.”

Oscar’s brow furrowed. “We dated. Last year we dated. We went to movies and all.”

“Did you make out with her?” Luke asked, knowingly.

“Some,” Oscar said, defensively.

“I bet,” Luke harrumphed. “She’s more like a sister to you.”

Oscar said nothing and we fell silent again. Bucky was asking questions we never asked aloud.

“To be honest,” Chad said, quietly, looking out across the creek. “I look at guys a lot.” He glanced at us. “I mean, after sexing with you guys so much, it’s natural – you know? – to look at another guy’s toys or butt, and wonder what it’d be like to sex with him.”

“I look at girls,” Oscar said.

“I look at girls, too,” Chad quickly responded, frowning. “Like Megan Philips. I look at her.”

“Yeah, Meagan,” a couple of us echoed.

“It’s just that I look at guys, too.” Chad explained.

“Maybe that’s normal for guys our age too,” Jeremy suggested. “Like… I look at guys who are like… big, strong – you know? – I wish I looked like they do.”

“That’s cuz you’re short,” Luke said. “I look at short guys like you, and wish I wasn’t so tall.”

Jeremy smiled, lopsidedly. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Luke answered. “Sometimes I feel real clumsy and all.”

“I think that’s normal – what you said about guys our age looking at other guys,” Tyler said, and then he paused. “What worries me sometime,” he added, more quietly, his eyes dropping, “is how I feel with you guys when we’re sexing.” He suddenly pointed at his little brother sitting in my lap. “You don’t tell anybody this, Bucky.”

Bucky jumped and nodded solemnly.

Tyler’s eyes dropped again. “Sometimes, when we’re sexing, like I was doing with Jason this morning… sometimes I just feel like… like… ” He shrugged. “I just feel like I really like you, like I… ”

“Love you?” Chad completed.

Tyler frowned.

“It’s affection,” Luke said. “I mean… I know what you’re saying. Sometimes I feel it, too, when we’re sexing together. I asked my dad…”

“What?” Chad asked, sitting up.

Luke frowned. “I just asked him if guys ever love each other, and my dad said sure, but between guys, it’s called affection. Like this morning with Chad, I felt like we were the best buds in the world.”

Oscar sat up in the water, and leaned forward. “Sometimes,” he said, “when we’re sexing, I feel like what you’re talking about, but also, it’s physical, too, you know? I mean, like with Jeremy this morning; I was really loving his body.” Oscar frowned. “That sounds stupid; sounds gay.”

“Not to me,” Jeremy said, grinning. “You loved my body?”

Oscar smirked. “You got an awesome body, Jere.”

Jeremy grinned, and gave him a wink. He glanced over at Jason. Usually by now, in any serious discussion, Jason would have said something, and we’d all agree with him because he was so damn smart about things. But Jason was gazing up through the trees.

Jeremy turned back to us. He took a breath, and his brow furrowed. “I think you’re supposed to feel that way about someone you sex with,” he said. “The pastor at my church talked to us guys about sex once, and he said that sex is made that way. He said we’re made to have deep feelings for our wives, and to stay with them like, forever. And, like sex is supposed to give you deep feelings. Our pastor warned us that when we screw with girls who aren’t our wives, our deep feelings become guilt feelings, and when we keep doing it when we’re feeling guilty, sex losses the ability to give us the right feelings. He said sex was like Post-its. If you put a Post-it up, and leave it, it stays stuck. But if you keep moving a Post-it around, it looses its stickiness.”

I thought about me and Jason, and the feelings I had for him. We had sexed almost every night that summer. In a since, I was staying stuck on him. I started to smile at the double meaning, but Jeremy was ahead of me.

The corners of Jeremy’s mouth turned up in a grin. “So I guess we’re stuck on each other.”

We chuckled, except for Oscar. He shook his head. “Yeah, dude; that makes sense. We’ve been like, sexing together since we were kids, right? Maybe it’s normal we all like each other so much.”

“How much?” Jason asked, speaking for the first time. His head was still back on the tree root, and he was looking up at the sky, not at us. “What if one of us does turn out gay?”

Tyler’s eyes met mine, and we looked away.

“What if we all turn out gay?” Jason asked quietly. He sighed, looking up through the branches at the sky. “It’s not like Alex ever gave us a chance, you know?”

“But I thought being gay is like, hereditary or somethin’,” Luke protested.

“Maybe,” Jason said, putting his hands behind his head. “Maybe for some guys. Maybe other guys are gay because they get used to sexing with guys. Maybe some guys turn gay because they fall in love with another guy.”

“Like you and Davey?” Tyler asked quietly, almost resentfully.

Jason didn’t turn to look at him, but I did.

Tyler’s eyes dropped. “Now that we’re actually talking about this stuff, I gotta tell you two... ” He glanced back up at me. “Ya’ll have been crushing on each other for like, months. You even do it in public when you think the other one isn’t looking, and that no one is looking either. You’re gonna get busted some day.”

Jason’s head rolled toward me and our eyes met. Sorta like… ‘yeah, we know that’.

“I don’t want us to stop sexing together,” Oscar said. “Not until we’re older and fucking girls.”

“I’ll probably want to keep sexing, even then,” Luke said. “What we do is cool.”

“Way cool,” Jeremy echoed.

“Sky Troop for life!” Oscar called out, pumping his arm over his head. He was smiling, but not completely.

“Maybe we should get girlfriends,” Chad suggested. “I mean, Tyler’s right; sometimes… ” his eyes met mine, “sometimes, Davey, you and Jason are like, really obvious.”

I dropped my eyes, remembering the way I ran my hand over Jason’s bottom in front of them earlier.

“Not just any girlfriend,” Jason said. “The girls in our class suck.”

That statement was something else we’d parroted for years. But now the girls in our class were turning thirteen like us. They had pretty faces and firm little boobs, and curves to their hips, and soft skin. They were pretty. Truthfully, they didn’t suck.

“But none of you guys are gay, right?” Bucky asked, looking back over his shoulder at me; his brow furrowed. “I mean, gay guys act gay, and they don’t play sports, right?”

“Gay guys don’t always act gay,” Luke said. “And there are gay guys in sports.”

“Yeah, like figure skating,” Oscar chortled.

“Or diving,” Jeremy countered. “Like that Samoan guy, Louganis. They say he’s gay.”

At the mention of diving, I glanced over at Jason. Jason’s head rolled my way again, and I wondered if he wondered about Kevin, the UT diver. I kicked myself, mentally, for ever telling him Kevin was a diver. Jason’s eyes met mine.

I dropped my eyes; Jason could so read me.

Jason stirred. He stood up and waded away from us, wading out to the middle of the creek.

“There he goes; thinking again,” Chad said with a lopsided grin. He glanced at me. “Sometimes, he thinks too much; you know what I’m saying?”

I shook my head. “I’m glad he thinks a lot.” I glanced out at Jason. He had reached the middle of the swimming hole and was treading. He turned back to look at me. His red hair looked even darker, wet. His wide-set eyes gazed at me steadily.

“I’m glad he thinks so much,” I told the guys, “because when he decides something, he sticks to it.”

“What do you think he’s deciding now?” Luke asked quietly.

I glanced at him. “Maybe the same thing we’re all deciding,” I said. I looked back at Jason. “And maybe he’s deciding about him and me.”

Tyler glanced at me, and away.

We grew quiet. Bucky leaned back against me and I wrapped an arm around his belly.

“I’m hungry,” Luke said, standing up, naked and wet, from the water.

“Yeah,” Oscar agreed, getting to his feet as well.

We all stood. The others started up the bank, but I waited for Jason.

Tyler stopped beside me and laid his hand on my chest. “Bucky said he asked you to sleep over tonight. Maybe we can talk, okay?”

I nodded.

He smiled sadly. “I just wanna talk about stuff… you know?”

Again, I nodded. “Yeah. Talkin’ could be good.”

I was alone when Jason came to me on the bank. He didn’t look at me. He headed up the hill, and I went with him.

“Bucky and Tyler want us to sleep over tonight,” I said.

Jason didn’t answer, and I thought he hadn’t heard, but then he stopped, looking up toward the farmhouse. “You go ahead,” he said. “It’s you Bucky wants to sleep over.”

“Tyler asked, too,” I said. “Why don’t you come?”

Jason shook his head.

“I won’t go either then,” I told him.

“No,” Jason said, continuing on. “You go; I want you to go.”

‘He’s pissed,’ I decided.

Event 8 - Four Man Dash

“Just one event this afternoon.” Jason asked as we took seats in the living room.

“What event?” Tyler asked.

“A four-man dash,” Jason replied.

“What’s that?” Chad asked, for all of us.

“Same teams as yesterday’s relay,” Jason said. “And it’s a race. Only this time, instead of a relay, everybody goes at once. The team, where all four guys come first, wins.”

“Any rules like positions or anything?” Luke asked.

“Nope. Just go for it. First team to get all four guys off, wins.”

The four of us on my team drew together. Unfortunately, we were all more or less flaccid. Fortunately, Jason’s team was in about the same shape.

“Daisy chain?” Jeremy suggested.

“What’s that?” Bucky asked.

“We make a circle,” I quickly explained. “Like, I suck your cock, you suck Jeremy, Jeremy sucks Oscar, and Oscar sucks me.”

“Let’s start that way to get hard,” Oscar said, cocking an arm over my shoulder. “But then we each do what we want to get off.” He grinned at me. “I want Davey to cornhole me.”

I felt my cock thicken. “We’ll come fastest if we just daisy chain,” I pointed out.

“I know,” Oscar said with a wink.

I chuckled

“I’ll sixty-nine with you, Oscar, while Davey does your butt,” Jeremy volunteered as he dropped to his side on the floor. He patted the floor in front of his face. “Give me your cock.”

Oscar quickly lay down with his cock at Jeremy’s face. But he leaned back from Jeremy, and waved me down to give him my cock.

I dropped to the floor with my cock at Oscar’s face. He grabbed it.

Buck dropped to his knees and then his side to complete the circle. I pulled his thin hips toward my face.

“What do I do while you’re cornholing Oscar?” he asked, “And while Oscar and Jeremy are sucking each other?”

I patted the side of Bucky’s hip. “You plug in behind me or Jeremy,” I said. “Cornhole one of us, or if you want, I’ll suck your dick once I get plugged into Oscar.”

By then, Bucky had Jeremy’s cock at his mouth. “Got it,” he said, taking a lick.

I grabbed Bucky’s stiffy and smiled. “Yeah, I guess you do,” I said before engulfing it.

Across the room, Jason’s team employed the same strategy as ours. Their four bodies formed a square, more or less, and their four heads bobbed.

Oscar may have preferred being cornholed, but he was a good cock sucker. He liked it, and he knew how to do it. He opened my legs and stroked inside them. He fondled my balls. He stroked the base of my shaft while he sucked my crown.

If we hadn’t have come twice already, that morning, I would have come pretty quickly again. And I would have been happy to stay in our daisy chain. Sucking Bucky’s stiffy was sweet. He smelled of clear creek water. As I sucked, I ran my hands over his thin legs and little, rounded bottom.

It’s funny how you can be thoughtful sometimes, even while one boy is sucking your cock and you’re sucking another boy’s. I lay there thinking about how I liked Bucky. I enjoyed Bucky hanging on me like a little brother. I liked his personality. But I also liked sexing with him. I liked how his smaller body fit mine. Pretty gay, I knew. If I were Jason, how would I feel about that? I mean, if boyfriends were like boy and girlfriends, Jason could be jealous of Bucky, right? But he didn’t seem jealous.

Oscar pulled his mouth off my cock. “You’re ready,” he said.

Reluctantly, I crawled around to spoon in behind Oscar. As soon as I got behind him, though, I got motivated.

With my cock wet from Oscar’s slobber, and Oscar still being loose from earlier, I tried without lube. Holding his fleshy buttocks apart, I used my hips to position my crown at his pucker, and then I pushed. His opening gave, and I slid in smoothly. His tightness skinned me back as my length extended inside him.

Bucky had been incredible that morning, but Oscar and I had done this before, and we liked doing it together. I liked cornholing Oscar because he so got into it. He liked me cornholing him because I had a nice cock.

Grabbing his hip, I pushed my hips forward until his butt was snug in my lap. I wrapped my arm around his waist and cocked my leg over his hip, and then wiggled my cock in for the last millimeter. “Oh, damn, Oscar,” I murmured. “You got a great bottom.”

Oscar looked back over his shoulder at me. “That’s cuz I got a gay bottom. Just my bottom, though.”

I heard a few chuckles around mouths full of cock.

I looked over at Bucky. “Go for it,” I told him.

Bucky got up from sucking on Jeremy, picked up a tube of lube from the floor, and knelt at my bottom.

Jeremy and Oscar quickly shifted into a sixty-nine. I kept my leg cocked over Oscar’s hip, partly to keep myself open to Bucky, and partly because it felt good, especially the way Oscar kept thrusting his butt back. I slowed my hips when Bucky spread cool gel into my butt crack.

I paused as Bucky scooted forward on his knees, splaying them to the sides to lower his cock to the height of my opening. I felt him there, momentarily marveling once again at how big a kid’s stiffy can feel when it’s about to go up your butt.

He pushed, and slid in, taking my bottom into the ‘V’ of his legs. The inside of one of his thighs slid between the backs of my thighs. I could feel it with the back of my balls. The inside of his other thigh slid up the small of my back. Reaching across our middles, he grabbed Oscar’s hipbone and pulled the three of us snug.

When Bucky began rabbit pumping, I pretty much quit thinking about other things. I let Bucky do the driving, and simply ground myself pleasurably into Oscar’s bottom and watched over Oscar’s shoulder as he bobbed on Jeremy’s boner.

I could see the other four guys. They stayed in their daisy chain, and it looked like Luke might already have come. Jason had been sucking him, but now Jason’s head was back. I couldn’t see his face, but I could see the top of his head, and for a moment, a detached part of my mind simply admired its familiar shape, and the deep red of his hair.

Bucky doubled over us and his thrusts drove my hips forward into Oscar’s bottom. It felt good. I held on to the top of Oscar’s shoulder and lowered my mouth to the back of his neck -- to that little bump and taut skin at the top of the spine. I kissed and sucked and pumped my hips with Bucky’s thrusts while Oscar ground enthusiastically back against my lap.

When I came, I whimpered loudly. It felt like my balls actually squeezed themselves tight and didn’t relax right away.

“If we keep this up, my balls are going to fall off,” I murmured.


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