Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


I tried again with Jason, but he insisted on riding home alone, while I rode with Tyler and Bucky to their house. From there, I called my mom at work to tell her I’d be sleeping over with them.

They had a swimming pool, and since I didn’t have a swimsuit with me, Tyler gave me one of his speedos to wear. I got a hardon because it was a speedo and I didn’t normally wear one, and because it was Tyler’s speedo, and that made me hard like putting on another guy’s underwear.

We played in the pool; just played. After two days of pretty solid sexing, Tyler and I were not our usual thirteen and fourteen-year-old horny. Of course, Bucky at ten, dicked around, literally, grabbing the front of my speedo or goosing me or giving me a wedgie, but he was playing; and I dunked him, I tickled him, and I noogied him. He kept coming back for more.

Compared to the spring-fed creek, the pool water was almost hot. We ended up just resting at the side of the pool. Tyler and I hung on the side; Bucky hung on my back. We talked about school and football. I figured Tyler didn’t want to talk about other things in front of Bucky.

Bucky got a stiffy, at least once, floating against my back. I let him rub it on me while we talked. He did it casually, and the whole thing was mellow.

Back inside, we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the movie, on the VCR. When I lay on the couch to watch, Tyler took the other end of the couch, and, with his legs behind mine, stuck a toe between the backs of my legs and under my butt. Bucky, undaunted by a full couch, managed to wedge in behind me, and watched the movie over my shoulder. Their mom came through, and shook her head at the three of us so packed together.

I thought of Jason. I wondered if he was still pissed. I framed various apologies in my mind. Usually, Jason and I didn’t apologize out loud, other than a ‘sorry, dude’ kind of thing. We each knew when the other guy was sorry, and we simply didn’t stay mad at each other. But this was different. This might require a serious asking for forgiveness.

Tyler’s dad grilled hamburgers for supper. A breeze picked up before sunset, and, after eating, the three of us sat on the edge of their back porch, talking again, this time about movies.

Tyler, on my left, kept glancing at his younger brother, on my right, willing Bucky to leave us alone, but Bucky ignored him. Finally, Tyler just came out and said it.

“Bucky, go do something! Let me talk to David by myself for a while.

“No,” Bucky replied, shaking his head. “You’re going to talk about important things. I don’t wanna go.”

“Exactly,” Tyler told him. “I do want to talk to David about important things; so go away for a while!”

Bucky leaned close to me. “I don’t wanna go, Tyler. It’s important to me, too.”

Tyler glanced at me, exasperated. “You tell him to go away, Davey,” he said.

“No,” Bucky said, wrapping my arm in his two arms. “I won’t tell anybody anything, Tyler. You know I won’t tell anybody. I never tell anybody.”

Tyler eyed Bucky narrowly. “Bucky,” he said, “this is really serious, okay?”

Bucky held my arm more tightly. “I’m serious, Ty,” he said.

Tyler eyed him a moment longer, and then sighed. “You can’t say anything, ever, to anybody, Bucky.”

Bucky nodded.

Tyler looked at me then, then dropped his eyes. “Shit.”

“What?” I asked.

Tyler shrugged. “I don’t know how to say it.”

“Just say it,” I said. I wasn’t sure what he was going to say… that he was gay? That he was crushing on me or Jason?

Eyes down, he patted my bare knee. “I don’t wanna be left out, Davey,” he said. Leaving his hand on my knee, his eyes rose to mine. “If you and Jason are gonna be like, gay or bi, I don’t wanna be left out, you know?”

I shrugged. “Didn’t sound to me like any of the guys wanted to be left out.”

Tyler’s brow furrowed and he squeezed my knee. His eyes bore into mine. “You know what I mean, Davey. You and me are a lot alike.” He lowered his voice. “You’re going to be gay like me if Jason will let you, and he’s gonna let you. I think Jason’s gonna be gay, too.” He squeezed my knee again. “You and Jason are boyfriends,” he said. He shook his head. “I don’t have anybody; I mean, not like you and Jason have each other. Like if I wanted a boyfriend, it would be you or Jason, you know?”

I nodded.

“Or Wes,” he said.

Wes Choy was on the swim team, and he was way cool. He was my height and thirteen like me, only he had black hair and large, dark eyes. He was cute, and I’d looked at him more than once myself.

“You’ve done stuff with Wes?” I asked, my eyebrows rising.

Tyler shook his head. “I wish! I mean, like, I’ve thought about it. We always share a lane at swimming and when we pass each other, I check out his toys… you know, his speedo and all, and sometimes, I think, he checks mine. He started to get hard once, in the showers after workout, when we were just talking and showering together, and he like, turned away from me, but I knew what was happening.”

I nodded. “Wes would be awesome to sex with.”

Tyler nodded, sighed. “Yeah, but like, how would that ever happen, right? I just wish he had been in scouts with us when Alex was around.” His eyes rose to mine. “You and Jason sex like, every night, and you two are like getting really, really tight. I know that, right? But I still wanna be tight with you guys, too. And not just friends but like… ” His eyes dropped. “… you know, sexing.” He leaned closer, earnestly. “Like maybe I can be tight with you guys and sex with you and hang with you on weekends and stuff, or if I’ve gotten really horny looking at Wes, and don’t wanna just jack off… like, could I come by and sex with you guys? And with you guys, I don’t have to worry at all about being gay because you guys are like me?”

“What about me?” Bucky demanded. “Aren’t you going to sex with me anymore, and what if I wanna sex with Davey?”

Tyler glanced at him, without answering.

I took a deep breath. “Look, I’m cool with that, you know? I mean, it’s awesome if we all four stay tight – I mean, Jason and I are tightest, of course, but the four of us can be… special.” I frowned. “But right now, Jason’s pissed at me and he’s trying to decide about being gay and all.”

“Why’s he pissed at you?” Tyler asked, surprised.

I hesitated a moment, frowning, trying to decide what to tell them. But hell, it was Tyler; I just told him. “When we were at the UT library last week, I sexed with a guy without telling Jason.”

Tyler’s jaw dropped. “What guy?” he asked.

I shrugged. “His name’s Kevin. He’s a college student, and he’s on the UT diving team.”

“No shit?” Tyler asked, impressed.

I shook my head. “It wasn’t like, a big deal. Jason was all busy looking at books and Kevin said he’d show me what a college dorm room was like and when we got there, he asked me to cornhole him.”

Tyler’s jaw dropped down, almost to his chest.

“So did you?” Bucky asked.

I nodded. “But I didn’t tell Jason cuz, well, because I thought he would be pissed.”

“So how did he find out?” Tyler asked.

I grimaced. “I’d told him that Kevin was a diver for UT, and when we were all talking about gay stuff this morning, and you said that one Olympic diver was gay, Jason looked at me, and he like, knew. He can read me, you know.”

Tyler nodded. “Bummer.”

I thought about Jason. I thought about him back home, pissed at me, and him knowing that I knew he was pissed, and that I still went off with Tyler and Bucky.

“I need to go home,” I said. “I need to go get things straight with Jason.” I glanced from Tyler to Bucky, patting each on his thigh. “Maybe tomorrow night, all four of us can sleep over at my house, okay? I just really need to go get right with Jason right now.”

“Aw,” Bucky complained. But Tyler nodded. He understood.

“Seriously, Bucky,” I said, giving his thigh a squeeze. “We can sleepover tomorrow night. I just really need to go home right now.”

Bucky frowned. He looked around. “Can we kiss first? I wanted us to kiss some more tonight.”

I glanced at Tyler. He shrugged. It was dark, but we were too close to the light from the windows. The three of us stood.

“Later,” Tyler said, giving me a knuckle bump.

Tyler went inside. Bucky grabbed my hand and led me away from the back porch and off to the shadows at the corner of the house. Turning to me he laid his hands on my shoulders, smiling uncertainly.

“The stuff we did today,” he said, squeezing my hard shoulder muscles, “was I okay? Did I do alright?’

Grinning at him, I clasped the sides of his waist and pulled our middles together. “You were awesome, dude, and you know it. You liked what we did, right?’

Bucky’s eyes went wide. “Oh, yeah, Davey. Oh, yeah.” His eyes, glinting faintly in the dim light of a quarter moon, searched mine… wanting more… more affirmation, more appreciation, more of me.

“Dude,” I said softly, resting my forehead on his, “I told you this morning, we’re gonna be buds. I promise.”

Bucky threw his arms around my neck and kissed me hard. His body melted into mine. I grabbed his bottom. In only shorts, our bare legs brushed and our bellies and chests pressed. Despite the sexing of the previous two days, I came up hard; so did Bucky. I could feel the hard ridge of his stiffy in his shorts. We ground pelvises and the kiss grew hotter.

For a moment, I thought about dropping our pants and me laying him down to frot with, but then my mind cleared, and I thought of Jason. I patted Bucky’s bottom and pulled from his arms.

“Later, Bucky. I promise.”

He didn’t want to let me go, but I pulled away. I thought about one last kiss, but knew it would be hard to break. Instead, I gave him a little noogie, and left.

Jason’s mom and dad were in the living room, watching TV and reading.

“Hi Davey,” Jason’s mom said, glancing up from her book. “I thought you were sleeping over at Tyler’s house tonight.”

I shrugged. “Sorta tired,” I explained. “Thought I’d come home.”

Jason’s dad peeked over his book at me; a big book – like father, like son. He smiled. Jason’s mom smiled as well. They liked me calling their house ‘home’.

“Have you eaten supper, dear?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered. “Thank you.”

She nodded and raised her book again. “Jason’s back in his room.”

“Thank you,” I said, passing on to the hall.

The door was closed, and, I was sure, locked. I gave my knock… tap, tap-tap.

I heard the bed, footsteps, and Jason’s hand on the doorknob. He opened the door, standing behind it. Jason closed the door behind me, and moved past me, returning to the bed. He was naked, which was normal. He crawled back onto the bed with only the book he’d been reading and his red pubes and floppy toys which I loved. He lay back on ‘his’ side of the bed.

I kicked off my trainer’s and lay back beside him on ‘my’ side of the bed without taking off my shorts. I’d left one of his dad’s Popular Science magazines laying on the night stand next to the bed, and I picked it up to have something in my hands, too.

Jason opened his book. “Why’d you come back?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I’d rather be with you.”

His eyes stayed on the book. “Did he fuck you?” Jason asked.

“Who?” I asked.

“You know who; that guy you met at UT”

“No,” I responded keeping my eyes on the magazine.

Jason glanced at me.

I swallowed. “I fucked him.”

Jason looked away. “Tell me you used a rubber.”

“I did.”

He took a breath, and blew it out his nostrils. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

I shrugged. “I didn’t want you to be pissed.”

“Why should I be pissed?” he asked impatiently.

“Why are you pissed now?” I asked.

He turned and glared at me. “Because you didn’t tell me about it, you dick-head.”

My jaw worked. I don’t always think well with words. Sometimes I just feel, and it’s hard to put my feelings into words for Jason. I tried.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen, Jase. It like, happened all of a sudden… well not for him, but for me. I didn’t know… I just… ” I looked at him. “I’m sorry, Jase. I’m really sorry.”

“So what?” he asked. “Are you saying he seduced you?”

My brow furrowed. “Yeah, I guess.”

“What happened?”

I told him.

“It won’t happen again, Jason,” I promised. “It’s not worth it. I’ve felt guilty about it since it happened.”

“Don’t keep things like that secret from me, Davey,” he warned. “No matter what happens, don’t keep it secret from me.”

I nodded.

Jason sighed, looked at his book, and then back at me. “Why are your shorts on?”

I grinned with relief. That was that; I was forgiven. “I thought you might kick my butt,” I told him.

Jason cocked an eyebrow. “If I’m going to do anything to your butt, I want it bare.”

Laughing, I unfastened my pants. Lifting my hips, I pushed my pants and underwear down, and kicked them off the bed.

As I settled back, Jason rolled up beside me, his face close to the side of my face, and he traced his fingertip over my lips.

“I’m in love with you, Davey,” he said, quietly. “I don’t just love you; I’m in love with you. You know what I’m saying?”

I nodded.

On an impulse, I closed my lips around his fingertip.

He grinned and chuckled.

Taking his hand in mine, I sucked in his whole index finger.

“That feels weird,” Jason said with a chuckle, cocking a leg over my side and pressing his groin to my hip.

Taking his hand in both of mine, I pulled his index finger from my mouth, pointed his middle finger up alongside it, and took both back into my mouth. I sucked.

“Oh, damn,” Jason said, laughing lightly. He shifted, cradling the back of my head with his other hand and leaning his forehead against the side of my head. “That’s giving me a hard-on,” he murmured.

I pulled his fingers from my mouth and grinned. “Me, too,” I said, and swallowed his fingers again.

Jason chuckled, and rubbed his crotch against me.

Then he grew quiet. “Davey,” he said softly, “If we keep going this way, we’re gonna be gay.” He pressed his forehead harder against the side of my head. “But I’m still in love with you.”

I pulled his fingers from my mouth, and kissed his large palm. “I’m in love with you, too, Jase,” I said quietly. “You know that. You know I’ve been thinking about all this, too, right?”

He nodded against the side of my head.

“I don’t know a lot of things, Jase,” I said softly, gazing up at the ceiling. “I don’t know whether I’m gay or you’re gay; I think we are. But what I know for sure; what I know for absolutely, absolutely sure, is that I love you. I don’t think I’m just in love with you, Jason. I really love you.” I pressed his palm to the other side of my face. “In a way, I’ve always loved you. That first day in first grade, when you came up and said, ‘hi, I’m Jason,’ I couldn’t believe it cuz you were so cool; I mean, the moment I saw you, I wanted to be your friend. And right off, we were best friends, and I was special because I was Jason’s best friend.” I smiled. “And it was like, we didn’t have brothers, but we were brothers, right from the beginning. I’d wake in the morning, and right away, think about what we were going to do together that day, and at night, I’d think about what we did. Everything was more fun when we did it together, and not much fun at all when we didn’t.”

Jason nuzzled in behind my ear. “I think about you all the time, Davey, even when we’re together. I dream about you, even when we’re in the same bed. These last few months since we started shootin’ and getting our pubes and all… I’m horny all the time, and everything about you gets me even hornier.” He kissed behind my ear. “Your body’s gotten like, really hot Davey. But it’s not just that. I get horny for you because it’s you and because of the way we feel about each other. Sometimes, even when we’re together, I ache for you.”

“Davey,” he whispered, “I want us to be brothers. I want us to always be brothers… all our lives. And if we ever want to be something better than brothers… we can do whatever we want to do, and if we want to be gay together, let’s be gay together.”

I rolled up to face him, taking Jason into my arms, and looking him in the eye. “When school starts,” I said, “I wanna keep sleeping together every night, like we’ve been doing this summer.”

“Me, too,” Jason agreed. Then he smiled. “And screw the shit out of each other, right?”

I laughed and Jason covered my mouth with his, rolling me onto my back, and moving his body over mine. When he lifted his head to look down into my eyes, his eyes looked really happy.

“I like loving you, Davey,” he said. “I like loving you more than anything I’ve ever done or even thought about doing.”

His eyes dropped to my lips, and I pulled his mouth down to mine.

Even after two days of sexing, we came again. But I was glad for the two days of sexing, because it took us a long time to get there.

We lay afterward, Jason on top of me, mixed cum between our bellies. He bunched a pillow under the side of his face, his nose just touching my cheek, and he wrapped an arm up the other side of my head. I told him about what Tyler had said, and how we shouldn’t leave him out.

“Or Bucky,” Jason whispered. “It wouldn’t be right to leave Bucky out, and you like him.”

“You’ll like him, too, Jase,” I promised. “And he’ll like you.”

I called my mom in the morning. “Is it okay if the Sky Troop guys sleepover tonight?” I asked.

“Sure, baby,” she told me. “You might as well enjoy your last couple of days of summer. I tell you what. I’ll pick up some pizzas from the store on the way home, and since tomorrow’s Saturday, I’ll pick up what I need to make you guys breakfast.”

I smiled. The guys loved when my mom made breakfast.

We were quieter as we gathered in the living room of the old farmhouse on the third morning of our Olympics. It wasn’t necessarily that we were tired or sexed out, though even kids that age have thoughts other than sex, from time to time. It was more like we were passing over something, more like we all knew we weren’t ten-year-old boys simply rubbing stiffies anymore. It wasn’t a bad feeling.

We kicked off our shoes and then our shorts and underwear, and gathered around Jason with arms over each other’s shoulders, almost like the huddle around the quarterback in a pickup game of touch football.

“Here’s the plan,” Jason said. “Today is the final event, pairs marathon, and,” he quickly added, looking directly at Bucky, “I get Davey this time.”

Bucky, standing beside me, frowned.

“Then tonight,” Jason continued, “we all sleepover at the Olympic village.

“Where’s that?” Chad asked.

“Davey’s house,” Jason said. “We sleep over there tonight, and then come back tomorrow for closing ceremonies.”

Jason grabbed my hand, and pulled me away from the others. “Each of you get a partner,” he said, “and I’ll give you the rules.”

Jeremy instantly grabbed Bucky’s hand. Tyler took Chad’s. So Luke stepped over beside Oscar.

“It’s a marathon,” Jason said. “The two guys who come the most times before we go home today, win. You’ve got all day, but you have to come a different way each time. Keep your own count, and we’ll compare at three or four o’clock; whenever we quit.”

He turned to me and slipped his hands behind my butt, pulling our bellies together. I wrapped my arms over his shoulders, grinning. I knew what he was doing – he and I would have the whole day together, a last day of summer together, our first day as ‘boyfriends’. I kissed him. I cradled the back of his head in my hands and covered his mouth with mine. And then, when I took a breath, I pressed my lips to his ear and whispered.

“Jason, I love you.”


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