Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


Event 9 – Pairs Marathon

Jason’s legs rested loosely around my waist as I waded chest-deep in the creek. His cheek rested lightly against mine and his arms wrapped loosely over my shoulders. I held him up by the butt; held his warm cock and balls to my belly. The spring-fed creek was very cool, even in the middle of the day.

Sunlight glinted on the surface of the clear water. A mockingbird sang from the branch of a nearby cypress tree.

I didn’t know if Jason was asleep or simply enjoying me holding him. I was contented.

I suppose any thirteen-year-old feels euphoric over having a first boyfriend – or girlfriend. It was more than that in my case, because my boyfriend was Jason.

We had made love that morning; once, face-to-face simply rubbing cocks till we both came, and then once Jason came inside me, and then I came inside him. After we took a break, the others went on for a third coupling. Jason and I watched them at it, smiling at their creativity in trying new positions. But then we came down to the water. After all, Jason and I weren’t simply sexing; we were making love, and we had made love the night before as well. We weren’t concerned about winning the marathon.

Jason stirred. The backs of his thighs tightened in my hands. He dropped his legs from around my waist and one of his arms from the backs of my shoulders. He leaned back and smiled at me while reaching between us to grasp my floating dick.

“We ought to clean each other while we’re down here, right?” he said, quietly. His hand squeezed and stroked my flaccid, well-used member.

I reached for his. It felt thick and rubbery.

“You’re already coming up hard again?” I asked in surprise, while working his cock the way he was working mine.

“You know I like sexing outdoors,” he replied, grinning, rubbing the back of my head with his free hand. “A couple more days and we’re going to be into football, and then school. Let’s make the most of this.” He dropped his hands to my butt and pulled me up off my feet. “Float on your back.”

“You know I don’t float,” I said.

“Just float. I’ll hold you up.”

I leaned back in the water and Jason lifted me by my butt. My legs came up on either side of his ribs, and he looped his arms over my thighs. My stiffening cock rolled up on the surface of the water. Jason, looking at it, smiled.

Pulling my hips closer, Jason leaned up over me and captured the end of my cock in his mouth. He sucked it up, and, cupping my butt in his hands, he worked my thickening cock in his mouth.

I lay back in the cool water, sculling casually to keep my head up. The sun was bright and I squeezed my eyes shut. In my ear, I heard the soothing sounds of water running over rocks and gavel.

Like any thirteen-year-old, my cock had grown dramatically in the last three years, but Jason had been sucking it over three years, and he could take it all the way down his throat. He did. He knew the things I loved.

We drifted into the shade of the cypress trees and I opened my eyes. Above us, the trees arched over the water, rising skyward. It was the kind of scene authors liken to being in a cathedral, and I did feel peaceful, dwarfed by living structures of the great trees while Jason performed his own bit of reverence between my legs.

I’d lost count of all our cums the previous days, but I remembered those that morning. I knew I wouldn’t come very quickly. I relaxed and enjoyed.

Jason floated in among the roots of one of the trees. I grabbed a root to hold myself up, no longer needing to scull. It was shallow enough for Jason to kneel. He knelt over my cock and cupped my butt, almost like he had two hands full of water from which he lapped.

Jason swirled my crown, and again. He knew what that did to me, and he obviously wasn’t going to be content with me taking a while to come.

It didn’t take him long to bring me off, clutching to my tree root and moaning loudly.

As soon as I’d come, and shuddered because my crown went super-sensitive and he kept licking it, he pulled my hips down from the surface. In one fluid movement, he went from sucking me to pulling my bottom down to his cock.

“Slick!” I murmured.

He smiled and poked his cockhead between my buttocks. He knew the way to my entrance and entered me quickly. I lifted my head from the water with a yelp.

“Shit!” I said with a groan. “Dude, your cock is cold from the water.”

“Warm it for me,” he said, grinning, thrusting his cock all the way into me, like an ice cube up my butt.

“Let me flip,” I said. “I’m not floating so well.”

“Go ahead,” he said, pulling my butt tightly against his lap. “I’m staying inside.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him, but prepared to roll. Jason helped, rotating my leg across his front, holding my bottom. I could feel his cock rotating inside my sphincter.

“Damn, Davey, that feels good. Keep spinning.”

“Yeah, right,” I said as my knees touched down on the gravel bottom.

“Seriously,” Jason said. “Spin again.”

I tried. Flipping down was easier than flipping up, but I managed a full three-sixty while Jason’s cock stayed buried in my butt. When I was back on my hands and knees, I propped up on my tree root. Kneeling, we were almost chest deep in the water.

“Don’t ask me to do that again,” I told him. “I got some creek water up my butt that time, and if I get any more, you aren’t going to like what happens.”

Jason chuckled and slid a hand under my belly. He slid his other hand under my chest and molded his warm body to the back of mine.

“Thanks for doing that, Davey. That was awesome,” he whispered behind my ear. “Let’s learn every way there is to sex together.”

His hips slowly pumped, and it was strange to feel his cock go out warm and come back in cool.

“Well,” I murmured. “I’m willing to spend all day down here, learning ways to screw in the water. Just keep the creek out of my bottom.”

Jason chuckled. He kissed the nape and side of my neck, and wrapped my body warmly with his. Only his hips moved.

“I already know I like this way,” he added.

He hugged my belly and chest. He sucked on the nape of my neck. I planted my knees on the gravely bottom and pressed my butt back for him.

“Damn, Davey,” he murmured, and then made noises like someone enjoying a good meal.

Though I’d just come, the way Jason held me, moved inside me, and sucked on my neck began to stir me again. A thirteen-year-old boy can be quite a lover, especially when he’s really into what he’s doing, and Jason was really into me.

It excited me. And then, he started breathing in my ear. Not ‘blowing’ in my ear, but the steady, heavy breathing of an athletic boy in sex. He grabbed the back of my right shoulder and pulled us more upright, driving himself farther up inside me at the same time. My breath caught. I arched back against him, my belly tightening, my torso stretching, squeezing his thickness between my buttocks.

He licked in the hollow under my ear and at the back of my jawbone. He squeezed me more tightly and drove hard up inside me. His thickness pressed my freshly-discharged prostate and triggered little after-shocks inside me. My cock hadn’t gone completely flaccid. It was on the rise again.

He built a rhythm and his breath came harder in my ear. I grabbed my cock with one hand, while hanging onto my tree root with the other.

“Shit, Jason!” I murmured. “You’re makin’ me hot all over again.”

“Come with me, Davey,” he murmured, nuzzling against my ear. “Jack yourself and come with me.”

My cock grew harder; skin-stretching hard. I jacked and moved with Jason, grinding my butt back when he ground forward, and it felt increasingly better. His one hand clutched my shoulder; his other held my taut belly, both of us feeling my muscles work as I swayed and ground my butt back against him.

“Yesss, Davey,” he murmured. “That feels awesome.”

I squeezed my butt cheeks. I squeezed them hard. The thickness of Jason’s shaft between them made it feel so damned good to squeeze. I jacked faster. Jason’s breath came louder, harder.

“You getting close?” he asked hoarsely.

I nodded and stroked faster; tightening my pelvic floor, feeling his length inside me and the pleasure of his pressure against my prostate. I lay my head back on his shoulder and he closed his mouth on the side of my neck, just under my jaw. I butted against his thrusts. He whimpered, and drove up hard.

I clutched him hard with my butt, arching back against him and felt my balls pull up tightly. He pulled back and drove up hard with a cry. I cried out, too, as my orgasm arrived, hitting particularly hard because I was so dry after coming three times that morning.

For several exquisite seconds, my butt and insides spasmed in time with the throbbing of Jason’s emission. And then we grew still, my head back on Jason’s shoulder, his mouth on my neck and his arm around my belly, and my butt impaled in his lap.

“Oh, damn,” I murmured, dreamily.

“Ah-ha!” Chad said from the bank. “Actin’ like you guys don’t care about the marathon, but you sneak down here to get ahead of us.”

All six of the other guys were on the bank. Jason’s mouth left the side of my neck, but he held me close and pressed the side of his face to mine as we glanced at the other guys.

“We’re just catching up,” I said. “You guys all came again, right?”

Luke took a seat on a tree root. “Oscar and I are ahead; I just got him to come twice, so that’s like four times for him today and three for me.”

“Davey just came twice,” Jason said, his cheek warm against mine and his voice sounding louder because the side of his jaw was against my ear.

The other guys took seats on tree roots, the bank, or in the water, gathering around us.

“Is Jason’s cock still inside you?” Bucky asked, his eyes meeting mine.

“Oh yeah,” I said, laying my head back again. “It’s hitting just the right spot. We may just stay this way.”

“How is it, sexing in the water?” Tyler asked.

I lifted my head again, glad to tell someone. “It felt weird at first, cuz Jason’s dick was cold from the water, and then it felt funny when he pulled out and pushed in because it’d get cool each time.”

Jason’s cock grew flaccid. I felt it begin to slip from inside me. I tried catching it by tightening my sphincter, but that only pushed it out. Jason held onto me though, and rubbed his cheek behind mine.

“We’ll try it in the water next,” Luke said, and I heard others agreeing.

They began moving into the water, but Jason continued to hold me. One hand stroked my stomach, the other my side. I laid my head back on his shoulder once more and he kissed the side of my neck. And then he simply held me, and we rocked gently in the cool, spring water.

The eight of us stayed down at the creek for the rest of the afternoon, but most of us didn’t try to come again. Bucky and Jeremy won the Marathon, which wasn’t a surprise. It may take them longer, but kids with dry orgasms can often come more than kids that shoot. Jeremy came six times that day, and Bucky came five.

Olympic Village

All of us – all of Sky Troop – rode to my house late that afternoon. We called it Olympic Village, and played board games and cards till Mom got home and fixed us pizzas. Mom liked my friends, and, at supper, she caught up with news about them and their families, asking all the guys lots of questions.

Mom had rented Die Hard and Die Hard Two for us. So after supper, we lay around on each other, the way even straight guys that age do, while we watched the movies in our den. Mom watched the movies with us, but whenever they got too tense or violent, she left the room to make us popcorn or bring us sodas.

We’d already gone upstairs for bed when Mom called up for me. I came to the top of the stairs.

“Yeah, Mom?”

“I thought we had more eggs than we do. The Stop-n-go is still open. If I give you the money, will you walk over and buy us a dozen eggs?”

“Sure, Mom,” I called down, but inside, I really didn’t want to go and miss out on anything with the guys. It was five blocks to the convenience store.

“I’ll go with you,” Tyler said. He’d come to the doorway of my room, and had heard what Mom said.

“Thanks!” I told him, gratefully.

We set out, side by side, walking quietly. Halfway down the first block, Tyler glanced at me. “Did you talk to Jason yet? You know… about what we talked about at my house?”

I nodded. “Yeah. He’s cool with it… like, you sleeping over with us on weekends some, and stuff like that; Bucky, too.”

Tyler smiled. “Awesome.”

A car passed us from behind.

“You and Jason were different today,” Tyler observed. “So are you guys like, officially boyfriends now?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “We talked about that last night, too.”

“So what’s that like? I mean, being boyfriends with your best bud and all. Weird?”

I shook my head. “Not really.”

Tyler nodded, thoughtfully. “I can see it. I mean, like, I can picture being boyfriends with you or Jason. I’d be totally cool with that.”

I glanced at him. He flashed a slightly-embarrassed grin and looked away.

I kicked a rock, and it rolled ahead a few feet. Tyler kicked it next.

“So, do you think you guys are like, in love?” he asked.


“Oh, man, what’s that like?”

I shrugged. “I dunno. Just like it’s always been, except even more so.”

Tyler nodded, knowingly. “Yeah, you guy’s have always been tight.”

“Of course,” I said. “It’s different, too, because for the last few months we’ve been horny for each other all the time.”

Tyler laughed, but then nodded. “I get it.”

“He’s really hot, you know,” I said. “Jason. Not just hot, but, like, at least to me, really incredible, you know? I mean, like he’s perfect.”

“Jason sure as hell isn’t perfect,” Tyler said, “but I know what you mean. You’re hot, too. I think you’re hotter than Jason.”

I laughed. “No way.” I glanced at him. “You’re hot, especially when you’re in your speedo.”

He grinned.

I kicked another rock.

“So,” he said with a sly smile, “you guys gonna hold hands at school? Gonna do a little kissing behind the north building?”

“We hold hands some,” I said. “We held hands walking, the other night.”

“No kidding?” Tyler asked, thoughtfully. “What’s that like?”

I took his hand. The next street light was almost at the convenience store, and no cars were coming.

Tyler said nothing at first. He simply held hands with me as we walked.

“It’s sorta nice,” he finally decided. “Not sexy, you know. Just sorta nice.”

I nodded, agreeing. He didn’t let go of my hand, and I didn’t let go of his.

“Davey,” he asked quietly. “You and Jason have started something in my mind, you know? I mean, I’ve started imagining what it would be like if Wes… ” he chuckled nervously, “if Wes was my boyfriend… Damn that sounds fucked up to say.” He squeezed my hand, just slightly. “But sort of exciting, too, you know?”

I nodded.

We walked quietly, thinking.

“So,” he asked, “are you and Jason going to ask each other to school dances?” He smiled, but only slightly.

“Yeah,” I said, “and get the shit beat out of us. And get kicked out of sports. And have our parents disown us.”

Tyler nodded. “I’ve wondered what it would be like, though, to dance with a boy. Not naked dancing like we do, but dancing like at school dances.” He glanced up and down the street and then tugged on my hand. “Let’s try it.”

“No music,” I pointed out.

“That doesn’t stop us when we’re naked dancing,” he countered. He stopped and pulled me around to face him. Then slipping an arm behind my waist, he pulled my belly to his and took my hand in his as if to slow-dance. He pulled me close.

“What if someone sees us?” I asked.

“No one’s out this late,” he said. “And it’s dark. Just try it with me.”

We cozied up, as if to dance, cheek to cheek. He started humming. We began to dance. It took me a second to recognize what he was humming.

“Indiana Jones? You’re humming Indiana Jones to dance to?” I asked, laughing in his ear.

“Hey, we’re two guys dancing, right. It’s a guy flick.”

I chuckled, and relaxed into him, resting my mouth on the nape of his neck because that was sort of natural. We were in only our shorts and trainers, and his skin felt good against mine.

“I could get into this,” he murmured.

“Yeah,” I agreed, and then rested my mouth on his neck again, and this time, tasted his skin.

“You’re getting me hard,” he said.

I laughed. “After the marathon today?”

“That was hours ago.” He pulled his hand from behind my waist and felt between my legs. “You’re getting hard, too,” he said.

“Maybe a little,” I acknowledged.

He put his arm behind my waist again. “To dance for very long like this,” he said, “I’d need to pull my cock up.”

I pulled my arm from behind his back and reached into the front of his shorts, pulling his cock up. Then I put my arm behind his back again.

He returned the favor.

“Davey,” he said, thoughtfully, “maybe, someday, we ought to have a Sky Troop dance, you know?”

I thought about it. Dressing up. Taking Jason, like on a date. “But where would we do it?”

He shrugged. “One of our houses, I guess.”

Our dancing slowed, and we stood holding each other. Tyler pulled his cheek from mine, and pressed his lips to mine.

It was a good kiss, there, on the dark street. An, ‘oh, yeah, this feels good’ kiss that became an ‘oh, yeah, this feels really good’ kiss.

“When we get back,” he said. “I want to sex with you. I haven’t sexed with you this whole time with the Olympics and all.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I think I can get it up again.”

Tyler chuckled. “You will.”


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