Jack Edwards

The Private Games of the First Olympiad of Sky Troop
Marble Falls, Texas


Mom had gone to bed by the time we got back. I put the eggs in the fridge, and Tyler and I climbed the stairs to my room.

The guys hadn’t bothered to lock the door since my mom never came upstairs when I had guys sleeping over; not since we started sleeping in our underwear even before we were in the scouts. Of course now, we didn’t sleep in anything.

Chad, Luke, Jeremy, and Oscar were on the floor playing nude Risk, which simply means they were naked and playing Risk. Things were different on my bed, though. Jason and Bucky were naked, as well, but Bucky was on his back, legs apart. Jason’s larger body was on top. They were kissing and cock fighting. Jason looked up, saw me, smiled, and waved me over.

Tyler and I walked over to the bed. I bent close to Jason and Bucky’s heads. Bucky grinned at me.

“Bucky and I are making friends,” Jason said, “since we are both such good friends of yours.”

Before I could reply, Tyler dropped onto the bed beside them, on his back. He had already shucked his shorts and shoes and his dick lay up his belly thick and pink. Grinning, he opened his arms and legs to me.

I kicked off my shoes, and the three of them watched my middle as I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor. I’d started coming up hard, seeing Jason on Bucky. Freed from my shorts, my cock popped up above half-mast. I dropped onto the bed, and onto Tyler, my cock alongside his.

We wrapped up instantly, mouths locked. It was awesome, actually, me and Tyler sucking tongues and grinding hard-ons right next to Jason and Bucky doing the same thing… on my bed.

Tyler had a hot mouth. I knew that, of course. It wasn’t the first time we’d sexed or the first time I noticed that he sometimes had a hot mouth. But we hadn’t sexed together in a while, and it was the first thing I noticed… well other than the obvious pleasure of our hard-ons squashed between us.

Tyler’s knees dropped out to the sides as I ground my cock between his legs. Bucky’s knees did the same. We adjusted, moving Bucky and Tyler farther apart. Then Jason and I plunged back onto the brothers.

Though Tyler was several months older than me, I was taller. It made for a good fit. Tyler hooked his heels behind my thighs.

Beside us, Jason knelt up. He worked the tops of his thighs under the backs of Bucky’s, so Bucky’s knees were up in the air. Jason reached to my night stand and retrieved the tube of lube I kept there. Then, kneeling at Bucky’s bottom with the ten-year-old’s spindly legs draped out over the tops of his own, Jason lubed himself and then reached under to lube Bucky.

In the meantime, I worked the tops of my legs under the backs of Tyler’s, and I knelt up at Tyler’s bottom, just like Jason had knelt up at Bucky’s beside us. Jason grinned and passed me the lube.

As I lubed my cock, I watched Jason position his cockhead at Bucky’s bottom. Then he grabbed Bucky by the hips and pulled him onto his cock. Bucky’s smaller body tensed and arched, but quickly relaxed.

I squeezed more lube, and rubbed it into Tyler’s bottom while he eyed my cock, jutting up from between my legs. I set the lube aside, and splayed my knees wider to position my cockhead at Tyler’s opening; holding it there. I grabbed him by the hip and pulled. Tyler came with me, and I felt his tightness and then his warmth slide over my crown and down the length of my shaft.

Next to me, Jason had Bucky by the hips and his own hips pumped steadily. I glanced at him, at the muscles working in his torso and legs, and thought, ‘hot!’

Grabbing Tyler by the hips, I did the same. Jason and I moved together like two cowboys trotting horses, side-by-side.

We’d all watched each other sex for days, of course, but it was a little different, the four of us, side-by-side in that bed. My eyes went from Tyler to Bucky to Jason. Jason’s eyes did the reverse, and the two brothers watched Jason’s and my bodies.

“That’s hot,” Chad commented from behind us.

“No shit,” Oscar said.

And then it got quiet behind us.

The bed rustled rhythmically with our riding. Our lubed cocks made squishy noises. And then we heard the sounds of kissing from the four guys on the floor.

We drove our thrusts harder and the bed bounced. The two brothers were hard. I rubbed Tyler’s boner with my hand. Jason doubled over Bucky, kissing him.

I folded over onto Tyler and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. We kissed, and I extended my legs back, going flat on him. My belly pressed the underside of his cock and he ground up against me. Slipping my hands under the backs of his shoulders, I probed into his mouth with my tongue, and pumped harder.

Tyler’s body had gotten hot, as well as his mouth. It made me hotter. I pressed the side of my face against his, and I could hear my own, ragged breathing. I wondered if the sound of my pounding breath in his ear excited him the way Jason’s had excited me earlier at the creek. The way Tyler moved with me; he was excited.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock grow even harder. I wanted to drive deeper again. I knelt up, shoving the tops of my legs once more under the backs of Tyler’s. I grabbed him by the hips, pulling him hard into my lap. I let my hips go, pounding, rabbit-thrusting.

Next to me, Jason rose up, doing the same.

I went up on my knees, pulling Tyler up by the hips with me. I drove deep, tugging him hard onto my cock, and I came, looking down at his thick cock and heavy balls.

I stretched it out as long as I could and Tyler circled his hips to keep it good for me. Finally, I collapsed onto him. We kissed. He rolled me to my back. And then he shoved the tops of his legs under the backs of mine.

The four of us slept together on my double bed that night. It was a tight fit, but pleasant as we spooned and draped ourselves over each other. I slept between Bucky and Tyler, and at one point in the night, I was on my back with Tyler’s butt backed against my left hip and Bucky draped on my right side. Bucky’s head was on my shoulder and his breath tickled my chest. Tyler’s body next to mine was warm under the covers. I felt content. There’s something about your lover sleeping on you after sex that’s very comfortable.

There would be many, many nights after that, that the four of us would share a bed.

Mom made us a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, juice, and toast. She’d had a boyfriend not long before, but they broke up. With it being just her and me, she enjoyed the company of my friends.

We helped her clean up, and then made ourselves sandwiches to take to the old farmhouse and creek. All that was left, Jason told us, was the closing ceremony, but none of us was in a hurry for that. It was the last Saturday of summer.

So we spent the morning at the creek. We sunbathed naked. We swam. Oscar wanted me to cornhole him, and so I did, in shallow water under the shade of the cypress trees. We’d barely gotten started when Jeremy plugged into me from behind.

“I’ve been wanting your butt for days,” he murmured behind my ear.

The other guys sexed as well. It was casual. Right before noon, when I was sitting on a tree root, just out of the water at the base of a cypress tree, Chad settled between my legs and sucked me slowly. He took his time, enjoying it, the way a boy sometimes enjoys sucking another boy’s bigger cock. I leaned back against the tree and gazed off at the blue sky and puffy white clouds.

Dragonflies danced over the water. I ran my fingers into Chad’s hair and left my hands there. My eyes grew heavy with pleasure. To my right, Tyler argued with Jason about the Cowboy’s chances that year. To my left, Jeremy was bent over a tree root with Bucky behind him, pumping.

I rested the back of my head against the tree trunk and wished summer could go on forever.

“So, are we going to have to wait four years for the next Olympics?” Oscar asked as we climbed, single file, up toward the farm house.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Jason said. “There’s always regional, state, national, and world championships.”

“World Cup!” Bucky said, circling his fist.

“Who got the most gold medals?” Jeremy asked.

“You know you did,” Chad told him. Jeremy was directly ahead of him and Chad popped his butt.

“I got second most,” Bucky called out.

“And had the most fun,” Tyler said.

“Nah, I did,” I said, and since I was behind Jason in line, I swatted his bottom.

“The fun isn’t over yet,” Jason said, glancing back over his shoulder with a smile.

Closing Ceremony

“You know how we have to close the Olympics,” Jason said as we gathered around him in the living room.

The rest of us glance at each other.

“We fly,” Jason said. “We mount our eagles and we fly.”

Several of us grinned. Bucky was beside me, and I’d thrown my arm over his shoulders.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Alex used to have us pretend things,” I explained. “One pretend was to have half of us lay down on the floor on our bellies and pretend we were eagles. The other guys would climb on us and cornhole. And we’d pretend that we were flying with the guys on top riding us. That’s how we picked ‘Sky Troop’ for our name.”

“My eagle,” Jason said, taking my hand and pulling me away from Bucky, “is Davey.”

“I’ll take Bucky,” Jeremy quickly said.

“You gotta be the eagle, though,” Bucky said. “You’re bigger.”

“Get in formation,” Jason called. He pointed for me to lie down on the floor. I did. Then Jason directed Jeremy and Oscar down on the floor, echeloned off on my right and Luke off on my left so that the four of us eagles formed a long-sided V.

“Sky Troop, mount up!” Jason called out. He sat down on the back of my legs with a tube of lube, and then lubed himself and my butt. Bucky did the same, sitting on the backs of Jeremy’s legs; Chad did so, on the backs of Luke’s as did Tyler on the backs of Oscar’s.

I remembered the first time Jason climbed on my back for this pretend, back when we were ten-years-old. It was a ‘real’ pretend back then. I could so picture us flying; me and Jason. I was his eagle, he was my rider, lying on my back, his face next to mine… wind in our hair as the whole earth passed under us. I wondered if Jason remembered.

The four ‘riders’ pitched their hips forward, guiding the tips of their boners down between our butt cheeks. I lifted my hips from the floor to give Jason a better angle, and felt the cool length of his wet cock fill me.

Jason lay down onto me, squeezing my legs between his. He grabbed the backs of my shoulders and leaned close behind my ear.

“Time to fly, Davey,” he whispered. “Time to climb higher than we’ve ever been before.” He kissed behind my ear, and then his voice dropped to such a quiet whisper that only I could hear. “My Davey.”


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