** If you are under 18 don't read this. Or don't read it if it is at all illegal in your part of the world. I will not accept any responsibility to any problems caused by this document. It is completely fictitious, and I apologize for any parts that may resemble something real. **

    The next day at school I hurriedly got what I needed to do at my locker, and than hurried off to Shane's. I snuck up behind him, and squeezed one of his cute butt cheeks. He let out a high-pitched squeal, turned around and grabbed my crotch. Nobody in the hallway really paid attention because guys grabbing each other in our school was pretty much commonplace. I had groped a lot of guys before, but now it meant something. I was on top of the world. I suggested that we move to the bathroom, Shane smiled and grabbed my hand, which I figured we could get away with, and we hurried off the bathroom. Once inside, Shane pushed me up against the wall, and was feeling my pecks. I knelt down a little, so I could kiss him. I kind of laugh at it now, the fact that my first French kiss was in the school bathroom. Just than some 7th grader was coming in so we stopped, and reluctantly went to class. 

    I didn't see too much of Shane that week because of some stupid tests we had to take, but we did have some lengthy phone conversations. We didn't talk about anything in particular; I think he was nervous about sex. We managed to make arrangements for me to go over to Shane's house that Friday. His parent's bedroom was on the first floor, while Shane's was on the second, and well away from anyone hearing. 

    Friday couldn't have come faster. I had been in the weight room all that week so I could look my best for Shane. I arrived at his house around 4 and was greeted by his parents, and Shane. After his mother's delicious dinner, Shane and me moved to his basement, and he had a TV down there among a pool table and shuffleboard. I sat down on the couch in front of the TV, and Shane popped a video in. When he was done, and the movie was rolling, he moved towards the couch, hesitated a bit, and than sat in my lap. I put my arms around his waist and he snuggled into me. Up to this point this is the best I had felt in all my life. The sweetest person that I knew was in my arms, and I could have stayed in this position forever. About halfway through the movie we both lay down, and snuggled for a bit. When Liar Liar was over, Shane got up and turned the tape deck off, and returned back to me. I had laid flat on the couch, and he climbed on top of me. Just the way he looked at me I knew he was scared of something. I asked what was wrong. He started to cry again. "Shane what's wrong?" I said.

    He looked up and said, "Tim, do you really like me?"

    I was in shock. "What do you mean, Shane?" I said.

    "I just want to make sure that you really want me before we do anything... I don't want to be used.", he said.

    "Shane. I can't believe you would think that I would use you." I said, "You're the most beautiful thing in my life right now, and I wouldn't give you up for anything...I want you Shane....I need you."

    "That's just what I needed to hear Tim." He said, " I'm just so scared about what were going to do, and I want it to be with someone that cares about me."

    He had stopped crying, and that made me feel better. "We don't have to have sex Shane, not if you don't want to. I'm nervous, but that doesn't mean I don't want to.", I said, "Think about it, and whatever decision you make, I'll be happy."

    I could tell he was really anxious about sex. I did care if he didn't want to, but as long as I could hold him, and kiss him, I could stand it until he was ready.

    "No, Tim, I want to. I really like you, and I know you'll take care of me." He smiled as he said that, and than kissed me. He tasted so good, and I wanted more. Now our kisses were filled with lust, not passion. He slipped his hands under my shirt while we made out. And started to massage my nipples. I let out a soft moan, and than he started to rub my crotch. For a guy that was scared about sex, he was really fighting his fears. Shane pulled away and said that we should move to his room if we wanted to continue. He grabbed my hand, and we bounded up the stairs to his room.

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