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    Shane walked into his bedroom and I followed him, and sat down on his queen bed. He closed the door, and kind of gave me a smile. I stood up, and I sat him down on the edge of the bed. I removed my shirt, and I could see his mouth water. I was quite gorgeous I must say. I slipped my Hilfiger Jeans off, and was left with the boxers I had planned to wear which had the Joe Boxer smiley face right over my crotch area. When Shane saw this, he let out a little laugh. I didn't know weather I should take them off, or undress him first. I wasn't at all scared to show off my 6 incher, I just didn't want him to feel over dressed. I stood Shane up, and asked if he could undress him self. He gave me the weirdest look, and said no. I smiled, and immediately removed his shirt. He was evidentially embarrassed about his flub, which really wasn't much, and he was quite strong. I kneeled down, and took his right nipple into my mouth. I was going to pull off, but Shane held my head there. So, I bit him softly, and he moaned. I left plenty of my spit on his nip, than I kissed my way down till I reached his belly button, and licked around in there for a bit, whilst I undid his belt and pants. Shane was hard, and so was I. His cute prick was straining in his briefs. I eagerly pulled them down, and stared. He was bigger than me the little fuck, he Id say about 7 in. I looked up at Shane and he was grinning. I than felt the need to have this monster in my mouth. I licked from the bottom of his dick, taking in the size, and when I reached the top, I licked my lips, and took him in. His knees wobbled, and just as I had started to suck the 4 in I could get in my mouth, he came. And boy did he cum. When he was done, I had saved some, and stood up to kiss Shane. I shared his load, and after he clamed down, he told me that that was the first time he ever had any sexual pleasure. I just looked at him and chuckled. All the times he talked about jakin, and he tells me this. I kissed him some more than said, "Well now I don't know if I'm good or not."
"It doesn't matter, I'm sure you are", he said. Now I knew I was falling in love with him. This was the person that I wanted to be with, forever.
I stared into his eyes and said, "I love you, Shane." He gave me a blank stare, and I worried, but than he smiled. 

    "Oh, Tim, I do to. I was worried you didn't, and I wasn't expecting it", he cooed.

    Shane pulled me close, and we hugged. This wasn't very comfortable because of out height difference, so I lay down on his bed, and he crawled on top of me. Shane put his arms around my neck, and kissed me. We kissed for about 5 min I would say, than he licked his way down my chin and neck. He than did both my nipples over, making me cry in ecstasy, he had to put his hand over my mouth a few times. He finally reached my rod, which was leaking pre-cum all over my boxers, and it did kind of look like I got a blow from Joe. Shane hastily pulled my boxers off. He looked up at me with this puppy dogface. I told him just to put it in his mouth and suck it. Slowly he licked my juices off my throbbing head, and took just about all of me. His mouth was so warm and inviting, I knew I wouldn't last long. Shane started to suck just as I had told him, and than got into it and started to suck me off like there was no tomorrow. When he began twisting his head back and forth. I couldn't hold it any longer. I yelled, and put my hands on the back of his head. I gave him all I had, and than released him from my grip. I was surprised that he swallowed it all. He crawled back up and kissed me, and I licked my jizz from his mouth. We kissed for a bit more, and than we just started to talk about what we just did, how good it was, blah. We than decided to watch some TV. Shane fell asleep on top of me. I turned the TV off, and fell into a sleep full of bliss.
I awoke the next mourning with Shane still on top of me breathing contently.

    It was about 6 AM and I was happy that we could sleep a whole lot longer in each other's arms. I did realize that I was a bit uncomfortable, so I tickled Shane's back. This was the only way I could wake my sleeping beauty without feeling bad. He giggled a bit, and than groaned and asked why I woke him. I rolled him off of me and onto his side. I moved up behind him, and wrapped my arm around Shane. He sighed, and fell back asleep. I felt as if I was falling in love more and more every second. I pulled Shane closer, and fell back asleep.

    Around 10 o'clock I was awoken by Shane who was jerkin me off, and frankly he wasn't very good at it, but it was Shane, and that made it feel dammed good. I took his hand off my cock, and pulled him on top of me. He placed my face in his hands and kissed me. It felt so good to kiss again. He tasted better than ever. Our tongs were having their own fun while we gently caressed each other. I was kneading Shane's back, and Shane was feeling my arms. I broke the kiss, and said, "Shane, please, let me make love to you." I had no idea where my words came from, but I knew I meant it.

    "Ok", he said, "Please go slow".

    "Only as fast as you can take it, Shane." I rolled Shane onto his back, and kissed him again. I reached down and found Shane's hole. I had fingered myself plenty of times, and knew what would make my baby feel good, and get him ready for my cock. I started to touch his puckered little friend, and he started to shiver. He evidentially wasn't clean, but it didn't bother me. I brought my finger up to my mouth and gave it a nice coat of saliva. I than eased that into Shane. He let out a gasp as I passed his sphincter. I started to move my finger in and out. I kissed Shane, and he started groan, and asked me to please do it now. I wasn't about to argue with him. I got up, put Shane's legs over my shoulders and lubed up my cock and Shane's ass with my spit. I put my cock head at his entrance, and I could tell he was nervous. I was prepared to wait as long as it took for him to get ready. Shane looked up at me and smiled. I figured it was time. I started to push into Shane when I heard a knock at the door and his mom's voice, "When are you guys going to get up", she asked, "Breakfast is almost ready." Now I don't know why, but for some reason almost getting caught by his mom made Shane awfully aroused. He placed his hands on my ass, and pulled me into him. He than wriggled his hips, and got used to my member. He was so warm, and tight, and the fact that it was the person that I loved, it made it so much better. He whimpered fuck me, and I greedily obliged. I started slow, and got faster as I neared my orgasm. He told me to do it harder, and I did. I was going to cum, and I started to jack Shane off. Shane was squirming all ever the bed as he and I came. I leaned down and kissed my love as I filled his ass. Shane wrapped his arms around me, and told me to leave it in. I showered Shane with kisses until we got over what we had just done. Shane had his second orgasm while I was making love to him, whilst I finally had someone. It felt so good, definitely better than anything I ever had experienced before. When I got somewhat softer, I pulled out of Shane. He sighed in disappointment, but I wasn't done. With Shane's legs still on my shoulders, I bent down, and started to munch on his newly used hole. He pushed his ass into my face, and I groaned with delight. It tasted so good. His sweat, my cum, and whatever else was there. When I was satisfied, I laid down next to Shane. He rolled over, and rested his head on my chest. 

    He said, "We really should go down for breakfast."

    I sighed and said," I know." Than I paused and said, "Shane, I love you." Shane looked up. He smiled, snuggled back into me, and said, "Tim, I love you too." I pulled Shane up to me, and we shared our most tender kiss yet. I broke the kiss, and started to get dressed. Shane sighed once again, and started to get dressed too. After we were done, I pulled Shane into another kiss, and than we both scampered off to breakfast.

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