Sheltered Lives

Jeremy lived a sheltered life. His mother doted on him so much that the rest of us were embarrassed for him. He never seemed to realize how much he was a mama’s boy, though, and that earned him no respect from the other guys. We'd all started in the same private school in first grade. By the time we started middle school – another private school -- Jeremy had become a bit of a loner.

I was probably as shy as Jeremy, but for different reasons. I was tall for my age and skinny, and felt more awkward than I probably was. I played sports, mainly because my friends did. I was okay at sports, but I didn’t get into them as much as the other guys. I was shy around girls, but then, I didn’t think about them the way other guys my age were starting to think about them. That was because of my cousin Timmy and what happened a couple of years earlier.

Timmy's family had come to visit for a whole week the summer just after I had turned ten. Timmy was thirteen. I had an instant boy-crush on him; I mean, he was like, a teenager, and he treated me like a friend. He was short for a thirteen-year-old -- I was nearly as tall as him -- but he had a compact body with wide shoulders and I could see his muscles when his shirt was off. His jeans looked full in front, like he had an orange in the front of his underwear. I thought that was awesome and wondered if my stuff would grow as big as his.

He slept in my bed with me, and the first night, after crawling into bed, we got into a wrestling match in our underwear. I struggled, but it didn’t take him long to get his weight on top of me and pin my hands up over my head. He was laughing at first, his face right over mine, but then his smile faded and his face flushed, and I felt a hardness pressing between my legs.

It took me a moment to realize that he had a stiffy because I was only used to the size of my ten-year-old stiffy. His felt big!

Timmy got a funny look on his face. He rubbed his stiffy between my legs and asked me stuff like, did I have a girlfriend yet, and did I like girls, and stuff like that. He kept rubbing his stiffy on me and forgot to talk for several seconds at a time. And then he closed his eyes and grunted and pressed his stiffy hard between my legs. A moment later, he rolled off of me and went to sleep.

While he was doing it, I had this vaguely perverse feeling like when a dog humps your leg; sorta gross but… well… perverse at the same time. I watched his back while he fell asleep and wondered if he had rubbed on me because he liked me.

I woke in the morning on my stomach and Timmy was rubbing his stiffy on me again; this time on my butt. I didn't say anything, but I was sleepy and wished he hadn't wakened me.

For that whole week, when no one else was around, Timmy rubbed on me. When we were watching TV, he lay behind me on the couch and hugged me back to him, and I'd feel his stiffy against my butt. At night, he'd lie behind me in the bed and rub his stiffy on the back of my underwear. I didn’t mind it most of the time. In fact, I started getting stiffies of my own.

When we got to go swimming, I got to see him completely naked. The first time, I stared, fascinated by his pubic hair and the size of his equipment. His dick started to get stiff. It looked humongous. Timmy pulled his suit on quickly, but I still stared. I thought he looked good naked or in a swimsuit, and I had little hope that I'd look that good when I was thirteen. I figured that by then I'd be ten feet tall and weigh fifty pounds.

Like I said, after a few times I started getting stiffies, too, whenever he rubbed his on my butt. Timmy eventually noticed me rubbing mine with my hand, and he reached over my side to rub the front of my shorts for me. He didn't say anything, but just groped my stiffy and rubbed on it through the fabric of my shorts until he grunted again and then fell asleep behind me.

The night before his family left, we wrestled again, and I got a stiffy, too. Timmy rubbed his against mine through our underwear. He even lay down on me and hugged me while he ground our stiffies between us, and I laid my hands on his shoulders and back and felt how hard they were and how strong he was. And then I was breathing real fast and having an incredible feeling, but Timmy grunted and stopped and rolled away, and my feeling went away.

When I woke the next morning, I was on my stomach and my Underoos were down in back. Timmy was on top of me and I felt his naked stiffy rubbing up the length of my butt crack. His stiffy was hot and hard. And then I felt something on my back, and I thought he had dripped pee on me. I had no idea what sperm was. He'd probably soaked every pair of underwear he had that week, but I hadn't a clue. Our private school was pretty conservative, and we had like, no sex ed, other than what we picked up on the playground, and in our elementary school, that wasn't much.

I looked back over my shoulder and right into the face of my cousin.

He forced a grin. "Hi." And then his eyes widened. "I was going to show you something, Trev."


"This," he said, wiping my lower back with his fingers. "You know what this is?" He shoved a gooey finger at my face.

I pulled my head back, trying to see. It looked like clear snot on his fingers. "No."

"It's cum. You know what that is?"

"Uh-uh," I said.

"Sperm? You know what sperm is?"


The whole time, his dick was lying in my buttcrack and I twisted back, trying to see it stiff. Timmy rolled off me, and his boner wagged and pointed up his belly as he rolled onto his back. It probably was about average for a thirteen-year-old, but to a ten-year-old, it looked amazingly big and fat. He pulled up his underwear before I got to look as much as I wanted.

He pulled my underwear up in back and wiped my back with the flat of his hand while he explained what sperm was. I had endless questions, but our moms called us down for breakfast.

My uncle, Timmy's dad, was in the Air Force and they went overseas after that. I wouldn't see Timmy again for years, but when my own balls started to hang loose and my wiener started growing into a dick, I remembered that week with Timmy. When my newly-growing dick kept getting hard every five minutes and feeling so good when it did, it was Timmy I thought of, not girls. I would imagine rubbing stiffies again with Timmy. And since Timmy was gone, it wasn't long before I started imagining rubbing stiffies with my friends; especially the cute ones who had bodies like Timmy's. My best friend Danny had a body like that. He was shorter than me and tightly built. We'd been best friends forever... a Mutt and Jeff thing, my dad said.

When I heard about cocksucking and sixty-nines, I thought of Timmy's big erection and what it would be like to suck it. I thought about my friends, and what it would be like to do a sixty-nine with them. When I heard about anal sex, I started looking at my friends' butts.

Jeremy, however, was not one that I imagined rubbing with -- except every once in a while when he wore this one pair of jeans that showed the shape of his butt really well. He certainly wasn't the type of seventh-grade stud the girls went for. He wasn’t exactly feminine, but he was a gentle boy. He wasn't ugly or anything. He had a densely curly nest of dark hair and wide set blue eyes, and he was slim. He was only a little taller than Danny.

Our first year in middle school, we had almost every class together. We both had good grades and always seemed to wind up sitting near to each other -- Jere told me later that he had chosen his seats on purpose. I was always friendly to him, even when other boys weren't. I liked Jeremy okay and didn’t have a reason not to. I tended to be friendly with everybody and didn't think much about it. Inside, I was so insecure and shy, I was always just grateful if people treated me nice.

So Jeremy and I were friendly that first year of seventh grade. It still surprised me when his mom called my mom at the end of the school year to see if I'd like to spend a couple of weeks with them at their mountain cabin. Jere and his mom would be out there most of the summer. His dad was going out for two weeks of vacation with them at the start of summer, but after that, he would only go back to be with them on weekends. The idea was for me to go out with them and come back with Mr. Marinello at the end of the two weeks. Mom asked me if I wanted to go.

"I think his mom wants him to spend more time around a real boys' boy," mom told me proudly.

"What does that mean?"

"Oh," she said with a smile, "it means that you're an athletic boy and Jeremy could stand to be a little more... umm... assertive."

I shrugged. "I dunno, Mom."

"What else will you be doing?" Mom asked. "Danny's going to be on vacation with his family in California. Your other friends are all doing things. You're not in baseball this year."

"Yeah, but Jeremy?"

"You don't like Jeremy?"

"He's okay," I said with another shrug. "It's just that he’s... well, you know... not assertive. The other guys will rag me about it."

Mom smiled and laid her arm gently over the back of my shoulders. "I think you ought to do it, Trev. Otherwise, you'll just sit around the house until you look bored and your dad decides to give you a lot of chores."

I frowned at her, and she laughed.

"Okay," I said. "I'll go."

Mom laughed again.

When we first saw the mountains, I started getting excited. Kansas, where we're from, is pretty flat, and I'd only been to the mountains twice. As the car climbed up into the Front Range from Colorado Springs, my excitement built. The weather was warm, there were flowers in the mountain meadows, and the air was clear.

"Can we go mountain climbing?" I asked Jeremy, who was in the back seat with me.

He grinned. "Yeah, there are lots of places to hike."

"Just stay on the trails," his dad said back over his shoulder from the driver's seat. “We don’t want you tangling with bears or mountain lions.”

"Bears or mountain lions?" I asked, my eyes going wide.

"He's teasing," Jeremy said. "We've never seen bears or mountain lions. It's a ski area in the winter and there are lots of cabins around."

"He's not teasing," Jeremy's mom said. "You should be careful, and careful of snakes, too."

Jeremy glanced at me a shrugged like, parents!

I wasn’t too sure about mountain lions, bears, and snakes, but I did agree with him about his parents. His dad drove five miles under the speed limi,t and his mom still corrected all his driving, even when he was just driving straight down the highway. I liked that Jeremy shrugged like that, though. I liked that he might not be like his parents.

The cabin sat back from the highway at the head of a meadow. There were other cabins in both directions along the road, but there were no cabins behind the Marinello’s because the land went quickly up into rocky crags. A rapid stream followed along the other side of the highway and cliffs rose up pretty sharply on the other side of that.

There were two bedrooms and a bath at the back of the cabin, and in front, one big kitchen, dining area, and living room combined. A wide front porch surrounded two sides of the front room.

"We can sleep out here," Jeremy told me as we came back out onto the porch on our way to carry in another load from the car. "I like it out here. It's cooler at night."

"But I worry about animals coming up in the night," his mom said with a frown.

“Yeah, maybe we’ll see some,” Jeremy said enthusiastically. He grinned at me, and I liked him even more for that. I looked the porch over. "You sleep on that couch?"

"It opens up to a bed that's big enough for both of us." He said it as he headed down the porch steps, like he didn't have a clue what would go through a mind like mine.

That night, Jeremy's mom pulled the cover off the porch couch, vacuumed it thoroughly, and fitted it with clean sheets and covers. She put two blankets on it, which made me happy. As hot as the day had been, the night was cooling quickly.

"I like sleeping out here when it gets cool at night," Jeremy said.

I was game to try, but it seemed to be cooling pretty quickly to me.

After supper, we played games and watched TV. They could only get a couple of channels, but his parents had brought several DVDs and they let us watch Die Hard, which for his parents was pretty racy. They were still up reading when we got up to get ready for bed. Jeremy came into the bathroom in pajamas while I was brushing my teeth.

"I don't have PJs," I told him. "I guess I could sleep in some shorts or something."

"What do you normally sleep in?"

"My boxers, dude," I told him, squeezing toothpaste onto my brush.

Jeremy looked at his PJs and then up at me with a grin. "I'll sleep in boxers, too." He turned for the door. “I’ll change back.”

"Where are you pajamas?" his mother asked as we headed out toward the porch.

"Trevor sleeps in his boxers," Jeremy said. "So I'm gonna, too."

His mom frowned. "I should get you another blanket then."

"You're gonna make it too hot," Jeremy objected.

I was beginning to realize that Jeremy liked it cold.

His mom put the extra blanket on the bed, but folded, down to the foot of the bed. Then she returned inside.

"Mom," Jeremy called after her. "Turn off the porch light."

"You've always slept with it on before," she called back. "It keeps the animals away."

It was hard to tell in the porch light, but it looked like Jeremy might have been a little embarrassed. He looked away from me and frowned at the front door. "Please turn it off, Mom."

A moment later, the light turned off.

There was a full moon and the night was clear. We could see the cliffs down beyond the stream. We could see the whole meadow and the lights of cabins down the road. But it was also early June, and the evening had a chill. We undressed, and I watched Jeremy out of the corner of my eye. I'd never seen him without clothes before. He watched me, too; the way boys steal looks at one another's bodies as they're growing up. Because the porch was covered and we were shaded from the moon, I saw him mainly in silhouette, but I was impressed that he had a narrow waist and nice little shoulders.

We crawled into opposite sides of the bed, and then lay on our backs talking.

"There's a beaver pond up toward the slopes behind us," he told me, “where a stream comes down from one of the draws. My dad says that beavers don't normally build where the water can run down slopes like that, but there are definitely beavers there. And there's a path up from the pond toward the top of that one peak over that way." He pointed to the NorthEast.

We talked and made plans for the coming day. His parents went to bed and turned off the inside lights. Eventually, we fell asleep.

I woke in the night. I must have gotten cold because Jeremy lay on his side, facing away from me, and I had backed my butt up to his. My bare back was against his bare back, and the soles of my feet were against the soles of his. It was remarkably comfortable, and I figured it must have been for Jeremy, too, because he hadn't moved away.

“A blond boy like you should always wear sunscreen,” his mom told me the next morning, applying it to my face and arms as if I was a little kid. “Rydberg is German, right?”

“Sweedish,” I told her.

“No wonder your hair is so pale.” She looked at the bottle. “I hope SPF 45 is enough.” She put the cap on it. “I’ll put his in your fanny pack, and you keep plenty on, okay?”

I glanced at Jere and he rolled his eyes.

"You got cold last night, didn't you?" he asked as we hiked up to the beaver pond. "Because you put your feet with mine to keep 'em warm."

I shrugged defensively. "Yeah. It was cold."

"I was glad that you did that," he said, smiling. "It kept my feet warm, too."

It got cold again that night. This time, I woke in the night, hugged on to Jeremy from behind like I was hugging a teddy bear. The tops of my legs pressed the backs of his, and my belly and chest pressed his back. I had sprung wood, but my hips were back and it was so damned comfortable. I resisted the urge to press my wood against Jeremy's butt, and stayed there with my arm over his side and belly. I was tired because we'd hiked a lot during the day, and I fell back asleep.

I woke with a gasp. My cock was pressed to Jeremy's butt and shooting cum into my underwear. At thirteen, I hadn't been shooting all that long, and the few times had been the few times I had jacked off. The last time had been several days earlier and I suppose my thirteen-year-old body just needed to shoot.

I had never had a wet dream, but I knew what one was because when Connor Wilkins told his mom that he'd wet the bed, she explained wet dreams to him, and he explained them to us. At our private school, we had to educate one another.

I rolled to my other side and was about to get up to go get dry underwear when Jeremy rolled up behind me and hugged me from behind just like I had hugged onto him. I figured that he was asleep because of how he did it, and his breathing was regular after he rolled. Then I realized I felt wood pressed to my butt.

His breathing remained regular. His cock felt thick against my butt, and I was reminded of Timmy. I started to get hard again. I liked Jeremy sleeping behind me like that, so I decided to just lay there, and I tried to doze off in my wet underwear. But then Jeremy’s dick rubbed my butt. I kept still. He moaned softly in his sleep and rubbed his dick against my butt again. A moment later, he gasped behind my ear and I felt his dick throb against my butt. I also felt wet on my lower back and at the back of my boxers.

Jere sat up quickly, throwing the covers back. "Wha?" he gasped. He felt around. He felt my back, and slid his fingers through his slippery cum.

"Trevor! Trevor!" he whispered frantically. He sounded afraid. "Something happened."

"You had a wet dream," I told him.

He got quiet. "What's a wet dream?"

"It's when you come in your sleep."


"Come. When you shoot sperm. Haven't you ever shot sperm before?"

He was silent a moment. "I don't think so… what's sperm?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"Oh, sure," he said, laughing lightly. Then, worriedly, "No. What is it?"

"Sperm is what you shot all over my back."


"Dry my back, dude," I told him.

"Should I get a towel?"

"Here," I said, pulling off my boxers to hand him. "These are already wet. I had a wet dream, too."

He took them from me, and held them up, as if trying to see them in the dark. "It doesn't smell like pee," he said.

"That's 'cause it isn't pee," I told him. "It's sperm."

"These are pretty wet," he said.

"That's 'cause you got some of your sperm on them, too. I think your dick was out of your fly. Use your boxers to dry my back. It's your sperm on it."

Holding my wet boxers at arm's length, Jeremy dropped them over the side of the bed, then pulled his boxers off and wiped my back off with them. By then, we were both pretty chilled, so when he dropped his boxers over the side of the bed, he pulled the covers up.

“What are we going to do with our underwear?”

“I’ll hide them later,” I said. “After I warm up. Scoot back," I told him. "I'm coming over there with you. My side of the bed’s wet."

Jeremy backed up to the edge of the bed on his side and I scooted over. Our knees, shins, and feet meshed and the backs of our crossed forearms rested against one another.

"Trevor," he asked again, "what's sperm?"

"You really, really don't know?"


“Your dad’s never talked to you about sex?”

“Sex? No.”

“Yeah, well, my dad tried once. He didn’t say much. But hasn’t anybody else told you about stuff like sperm. Haven’t you heard the guys talking about sex and stuff like that?”

He was quiet a moment. “Some,” he said quietly. “But if I ask questions, they act like I’m stupid.”

“Well I won’t act that way,” I told him. “Geez, that’s how they found out about stuff, themselves. Look, sperm is what guys shoot to make babies."


"You know how your dick gets hard sometimes?"

"Yeah... sometimes when I sleep on it wrong."

"It’s not because you sleep on it wrong. Guys’ dicks just get hard. They get hard for sexing. You ever see what a naked girl looks like?"

"Sorta... well... not really."

"Well, you know they don't have dicks."


"They have slits between their legs with a hole inside the slit. That’s called a pussy, and a guy's dick gets hard so he can put it in a girl's pussy. That he can squirt sperm into her and make a baby. You know about how babies get born, right. You've seen pregnant women before."

He nodded. In the moonlight, I could see him frowning as he tried to take it all in. “The doctor puts sperm in?" he asked.

"No, you idiot. The father puts the sperm in. Your dad put sperm inside your mom to make you."

His eyes went really wide. Then they narrowed at me.

"I'm not joking, dude," I told him. "That's exactly what happened. That’s how I was born, too. My dad fucked my mom."

Jeremy’s eyes went wide and he leaned closer. “That’s what happens with fucking?” he whispered.

“Well, that’s what can happen, but people fuck mainly because they like fucking.”

His eyes went wide again. “Have you done it?”

“No,” I said. “But I know it feels good because guys say it does, and I’ve jacked myself and that feels good. And my wet dream felt good. Yours felt good, right?”

His brow knitted. “Yeah, but I wasn’t… you know… doing that to a girl.”

“Yeah, you were rubbing your boner on my butt.”

He frowned.

“It’s okay, dude,” I told him. “Lots of things feel good when your dick is hard. That’s how I had my wet dream tonight. Same thing happened with my dick against your butt.”

“Really?... Oh.”

“Look,” I told him. “There are lots of kinds of sex. I mean, even jacking off is a kind of sex. You know what that is, right? You know what masturbation is?”

“Not really,” he said, shaking his head slowly.


His eyes flared. “I’m not stupid, Trevor I can’t help it if no one’s ever told me stuff.”

“You aren’t stupid,” I agreed, reaching over to give his shoulder an apologetic squeeze. “Somebody shoulda told you. Look… ” I gave his shoulder another squeeze. “Jacking off is like having sex with yourself. You do it to get your rocks off.”

He gave me a funny look.

“Getting your rocks off means shooting sperm, having a climax, having an orgasm… all the same thing. A guy’s gotta do it sometimes, and besides, it feels good. That’s what happened to you; you had an orgasm.”

“Oh,” he said, thinking it over. His eyes rose to mine. “How do you jack off?” he asked.

My mouth suddenly went dry. Look, I had no idea that boys had been showing other boys how to jack off forever. After all, no one had shown me how. I had this vague feeling that it wasn’t something you were supposed to do. I did, though, want to show Jeremy.

“Do you have a boner right now?” I asked.

His brow knitted.

“An erection, a stiffy… is your dick hard?”

He nodded. “A little.”

I swallowed. I took a breath. “Okay, I’ll show you, but don’t freak.”

I reached down between us. He gasped as my hand brushed his boner, and I gasped as I closed my hand around it. Remember, the only other boy’s boner I ever felt was Timmy’s when he was rubbing it between my butt cheeks. Timmy was thirteen like we were now, but Jeremy’s boner felt bigger than I remembered Timmy’s as being.

Jere’s was hot, thick, and a little sticky on the crown, and it wasn’t even fully hard. His skin was very soft, but his dick was heavy, and the weight of it in my hand took my breath away. He grew rock hard instantly. It was almost as long as mine and felt thicker.

“Geez, dude,” I murmured. “You’ve got a nice one.”

Holding his dick, I moved my hand up and down. Jeremy’s breath caught, and he grabbed my shoulders.

“Feel good?” I asked.

He nodded, and my own dick grew even harder. It was exciting to make Jeremy feel good.

“The idea is to make it feel like you’re fucking,” I wispered hoarsely. I swallowed. “Move your hips forward and back like you’re fucking.”

Jeremy did. “Like this?”

“Yeah. Does it feel good?”

Jeremy nodded.

“I’ve never done this before,” I said. “I mean, with another guy. You do me, too.”

Jeremy let go of where he had grabbed my shoulder and reached down between us. Our foreheads touched and rested together as he hunted for my dick. When his hand closed around it, that was a first for me, too, and Jeremy’s hand felt infinitely better than my own hand.

“Oh,” he murmured. “It’s hot.” He pushed the skin down my shaft like I had done to him. “Yours feels big.”

“So does yours.”

“Yeah. Yours feels longer.”

“Yours feels thicker.”

“Maybe… So is this how you jack off?”

“Yeah, but when you’re doing it to yourself,” I told him, “You use your hand more, like this.” I moved my hand up and down his shaft. “It works better if you have the right angle but you can fuck your hand like you’re doing mine. Brad says he uses his mom’s hand lotion to make his hand slick like a pussy. I tried it, but it was sorta messy.”

“Did Brad teach you how to do this?” Jeremy asked. His forehead was still rested on mine, and we were breathing softly on each other’s faces.

“No. I just figured it out from what I heard from other guys.”

“This feels good,” Jeremy whispered.

“Yeah. That’s the idea.”

“When does sperm squirt out?”

“It builds up first.”

We moved our hips forward and back and held onto one another’s boners.

“Tell me everything else the other guys told you,” he said.

I told him. I told him the things I’d heard about girls and had seen in my own little sisters’ bodies. I told him what I knew about tits and pussies, which I thought was a lot, but looking back on it, really wasn’t. My life hadn’t been all the less sheltered than Jere’s.

“Guys can do stuff together, too,” I told him.

“Like what we’re doing?”

“Yeah, and other stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?”

I shrugged. “Like rubbing their boners together.” And then, I told him what I’d never told anyone else. I told him what had happened with Timmy.

“Did you mind?” he asked. “When Timmy did that stuff? Did you mind? How did it feel? Did you like it?”

“I didn’t mind,” I said, “except when I wanted to sleep and he kept me awake.” I grinned and Jeremy grinned back. “I liked it alright.”

Jeremy’s eyes traveled over my face. He swallowed. “If you want to do any of that,” he said, “you know… with me… we can do it.”

I bit my lip. “There’s other things that guys can do. Don’t get grossed out or anything, but I’ll tell you.”

“Tell me.”

“Guys can suck each other’s dick.”

Surprisingly, he didn’t seem surprised. “I had figured that one out, but I didn’t know why guys would want to do that.”

“It feels good… well, I mean it’s supposed to feel good. Like, I’ve never done that… I mean, not that I wouldn’t… if I wanted to… I mean… Well look, there are other things, too. Like guys can also… well… they can sorta fuck each other… in the butt.”

Jeremy started to laugh, but then… “Wait. What? Really?”


He got quiet then. I did, too. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t told Jeremy these things. He didn’t know that some things were queer things. It occurred to me that he might be mad at me later if I told him all this stuff and didn’t tell him about some of it being a little gay.

“Not everybody thinks it’s okay for guys to do stuff together,” I told him.


“It’s sorta gay. I mean, it’s stuff that mostly gay guys do. But not just gay guys. I mean, you don’t have to be gay to do stuff, but some people think guys should only do things with girls.”

“So what do we do?”

My heart skipped a beat. The way Jere asked his question sounded like he figured that we would do something.

“Well,” I said, “you could try to find girls who are willing to do things.”

“They aren’t all willing?”

“No. Not everybody thinks it’s okay to do stuff with girls until we’re older.”

Jeremy’s forehead rolled slightly on mine. “A lot of people think a lot of things.”

“Yeah, and girls say no more. I think that’s why some boys rather do stuff with other boys than with girls anyway.”

“Really?” he asked softly.


We grew quiet and concentrated on feelings… the feeling of Jere’s thick boner in my hand, the feelings from his hand as I fucked it. I liked what we were doing, but what I really wanted was to press my body to Jere’s and rub dicks with him. His lips were close to mine and I had the urge to kiss him; I’d never kissed anybody. I wanted to do something, but I didn’t want to freak Jere or have him think I was gay or something. I didn’t want to do stuff he didn’t want. And then I thought, maybe if I did something for him that he liked, he’d be interested in doing other things.

I acted on an impulse. I scooted down under the covers, pulling away from his hand in the process. I scooted down until my face was even with his cock. I couldn’t see it in the dark, but I still had my hand on it.

Jeremy lifted the covers. “What are you doing?” he asked.

I didn’t answer. Instead, I licked the end of his dick.

“Uh!” Jeremy murmured.

The end of his dick tasted salty. The smell from between his legs was like mine when I rubbed under my balls and smelled my fingers; not strong at thirteen, but sex tinged.

I wasn’t sure how to do it. I closed my mouth over the end of his dick and was surprised that it wasn’t the taste that excited me – there wasn’t much taste – it was the feel of it a boner in my mouth; thick, rubbery.

I closed my lips around his shaft. I knew I was supposed to keep my teeth off it. I sucked. I took more of it into my mouth to get my tongue under as much as I could, and then I used my tongue under it, foreword and back. I cupped his loose balls and felt the soft, moist skin of his scrotum. I felt the insides of his legs; they were smooth and his skin was soft, but his legs were firm. I inhaled deeply of his smell under the covers. I ran my palm over his butt and the curve of it excited me, as did the softness of his bottom. It all excited me… to finally, finally be doing something like this with another boy… I sucked, and I liked it.

Jeremy seemed to like it, too. He clutched at my head, his fingers in my hair.

I was glad it was Jeremy. He was much nicer under his clothes than I had thought. In fact, I was thinking he was damn near perfect.

Suddenly, my mouth filled with salty liquid. Semen at thirteen can be mainly clear, watery, and viscous. Mine was. So was Jeremy’s. The taste didn’t surprise me; I had tasted my own. Having it suddenly in my mouth surprised me. But I swallowed it all down, and kept sucking until Jeremy pulled back his hips and gently but firmly pushed my head away.

I came up from under the covers. “Did you like it?” I asked hopefully.

Jeremy looked at me, almost a little panicked. He rolled over and faced away.

I almost asked, What the fuck? But I didn’t. I suddenly felt stupid. I mean, it was only Jeremy’s second come. He didn’t know anything about anything, and I just sucked his dick off without even asking and now he was going to tell everyone. Oh, geez! What if Jeremy told my friends what I had done? Oh, shit! What if he told his parents?

Avoiding the wet spot, I crawled out my side of the bed and pulled on my shorts. Then I grabbed up our wet underwear from the floor on Jeremy’s side. In the dark, it looked like his eyes were closed and he was pretending to be already asleep. I knew he wasn’t.

I took the underwear to our bedroom and stuck them in a bag my mom had put my good shoes in. Then I put the bag in the back of my suitcase to hide it. By then, my hard-on had gone down, so I just got a fresh pair of underwear, and I got a pair of Jeremy’s from his drawer for him, and I went back to the porch. I put Jeremy’s underwear with his clothes and pulled on mine. Then crawled under the covers at the edge of my side of the bed, trying to stay out of the wet spot.

It was cold and I was too far from Jeremy to share his warmth. I pulled up the third cover. It was hard to sleep though. I was afraid because of what I had done. I was afraid of what would happen in the morning, and how fucked up the next two weeks were going to be, even if they didn’t send me home. Funny thing was, though, I was also sad because I had really started to like Jeremy.

He avoided looking me in the eyes in the morning, and I didn’t try too hard to meet his. We ate breakfast quietly while his mom and dad talked. I waited for Jeremy to tell on me. I watched to see if he pulled his mom or dad aside to talk to them where I couldn’t overhear. He didn’t.

I went for a piss and realized that in the dark, I had put on Jeremy’s boxers, which meant he probably had mine on. What did he think that meant?

They took us into Colorado Springs that day. Jeremy and I sat quietly at opposite ends of the back seat. We went to the zoo and followed his parents in.

We didn’t say much until his father leaned over a railing to get a picture and farted loudly.

“George!” Jeremy’s mother exclaimed, scandalized.

Jeremy smirked. I chuckled. We both started laughing without looking at each other. It wasn’t as funny as all that, but we laughed pretty hard. And then Jeremy looked at me and grinned, and it was like things were back to normal, or sorta normal.

After that, we started pointing out things to each other at the various animal exhibits and signs. At lunch, we joked about all the strange animal noises at the zoo, and that one had a loud, “call of the wild.”

His mom started to complain about our humor.

“At that age,” Mr. Marinello told her, “flatulence is funny.”

“Then you ought to be a riot for them,” his mom said sharply.

His dad frowned. Jeremy and I tried to not laugh… and failed.

We went to an outfitter that his dad wanted to see. Then we hit some antique shops at a little town on the way back. It was supper time when we got back to the cabin, and after supper, we played games and watched a movie. I noticed Jeremy stealing glances at me and wondered if he was afraid to go to bed with me that night.

When it was time for bed, we each began to undress on our own side of the bed.

“Thanks for loaning me a pair of your underwear,” he said quietly so as not to be overheard inside, where his parents had the TV on and were still reading.

“I goofed in the dark,” I told him. “I brought one of your pair, but I got ‘em mixed up in the dark. See, I’m wearing yours,” I said as I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them.

“Oh, yeah,” he said.

We were down to our boxers and about to pull back the covers to get into bed when Jeremy paused. “Do you want them back?”


“Do you want to switch boxers back before going to bed?”

I wasn’t sure why he would suggest that, but the sudden thought of putting on underwear that Jeremy had worn all day almost gave me an instant boner.

“Sure,” I agreed.

We turned away from each other and stripped off the boxers, then tossed them across to each other without turning back around. We slipped them on and got into bed from either side. Under the safety of the covers, I let myself feel Jeremy’s leftover warmth in my boxers, and let myself spring a boner.

I faced away from him, not wanting to upset him or anything. “Thanks,” I told him, “for not telling your parents what I did… you know.”

Jeremy didn’t say anything, and I thought he hadn’t heard me, but then I felt him scoot over behind me in the bed. “I wouldn’t tell them something like that,” he whispered.


I heard his parents moving around inside, like they were about to go to bed.

“I’m sorry about it,” I told him. “I’m sorry if I made you mad.” I looked back over my shoulder at him. “I wanna be cool with you again.”

“We’re cool,” he said. “You’re my best friend, okay?”

It occurred to me that I might be his only friend… really. But I smiled.

He rolled onto his back, gazing up at the ceiling with a frown. “Truth is,” he whispered. “I liked it.”

I rolled onto my back beside him.

“It just sorta weirded me out, you know?” he continued. “When I… when we… got done. I felt funny about having done it… sorta.”

I heard the screen door and turned my head back to see his mom lean out the door. “Good night, boys. Call if you need anything.”

“We will, Mom,” Jeremy assured her, and she returned inside. The lights turned off, and we heard them withdrawing to their bedroom.

I lay there thinking about what he had said. Jeremy rolled onto his side and propped up on an elbow beside me. He didn’t look at my face, but at my body under the covers. My boner showed under the blanket. Under the blanket, he reached over and laid his hand on it. My breath caught.

Jeremy rubbed my boner gently and glanced up at me. I returned his gaze, my nostrils flaring as my breath went shallow. He smiled, and then he slid under the covers.

He scooted down beside me beneath the blankets. His fingers traced the shape of my erection through my boxers, and then they were inside my boxers, touching my dick, feeling my boner. He pulled my dick out through my fly. He shifted, his head lifting the covers like a little mountain over my middle. He licked my crown and I shuddered. Was he actually going to suck my dick?

And then I felt his wet mouth over the end of my cock and experienced for the first time sensations a kid never imagines until they happen. He sucked and then I felt his teeth.

I lifted the covers. “Your teeth scrape,” I whispered. “Don’t let your teeth touch.”

He changed his mouth, gripping me with tongue and gums, but not teeth. His fingers found my balls, and I discovered how electric it was to have someone else’s fingers fondle your scrotum. His fingertips traced inside my legs the way I had done him the night before.

His fingers stayed busy. So did his tongue. Like he had done to me the night before, I ran my fingers into his hair and held the sides of his head. My long legs thrashed.

I hadn’t come since my wet dream the night before, and it didn’t take long before I gasped and held my breath and went rigid, and pumped what seemed like endless squirts into Jeremy’s mouth. He did like I had done and swallowed. And he kept swallowing until I pulled my hips back and pushed his head gently away from my sensitive cockhead.

But unlike Jeremy, I didn’t turn away when he slid back up the bed to face me on the pillow, nearly nose to nose.

“Thanks,” I told him.

Jeremy didn’t say anything, but in the dark, I saw the glistening of his eyes as they went back and forth between my eyes. Then they traveled over my face. He reached from beneath the covers and laid his fingertips on my cheek, stroking my skin softly. I could smell my sex on his fingers.

I laid my hand on the side of his waist as he traced his fingertips down the side of my neck and onto my shoulders and under the covers. His eyes fell to my lips. My eyes fell to his. I leaned in and kissed him softly, and I could smell my cum on his breath.

Our lips brushed lightly, and pressed, and then pressed again, and then again. I felt with my fingers for the front of his boxers. His dick was already out, and hard. I took it into my hand, and when he reached for mine, I was already hard again.

I knelt up beside him and tugged down on the waistband of his underwear. He rolled to his back and lifted his hips so I could take them off. I tossed them over the side, and then scrambled out of mine, throwing them over as well. I pulled the covers back up over us and lay down, right onto Jeremy.

We shifted, getting our dicks up between us. We had one of my legs between his and one of his between mine. I moved both mine between his. He wrapped his arms over my back and I slid my palms under the backs of his shoulders; and all of this happened quickly.

I lowered my mouth to his and we pressed our lips firmly. Our erections were sqeezed between our bellies and my balls rested on Jeremy’s. His skin was warm and smooth; my belly to his belly, my chest to his. The insides of his thighs squeezed the outside of my legs. We kissed and our breath washed our faces.

Though I may have heard more than Jeremy had from other boys, the reality was that I was as inexperienced as he was. I had heard of kissing with tongue, but I’d never kissed anybody… except my mom on the cheek.

I tried it now. I pressed my tongue between Jeremy’s lips and his mouth opened. I entered his mouth with my tongue and a whole new world opened.

Intimacy between thirteen-year-old boys can be a remarkable thing. It was like Jeremy and I fell through a hole in space together and everything was just him and me. Our tongues worked. We moaned softly. I moved my hips and Jeremy moved his. We rubbed boners and it was so much more incredible than I had imagined.

His hands slid all over my back and down to my butt where they squeezed and tugged. A pubescent boy doesn’t have to know about sex to take to it. Things come naturally. Jeremy opened his legs, grabbed my butt, and pulled us together at our grinding.

I broke the kiss to be able to breathe, and pressed the side of my face to his. Our hips pumped and our breath grew ragged in one another’s ears.

Soft whimpers came with his breaths and his fingers clutched at my butt. I slid my hands down under his bottom and clutched at his butt as well. I whimpered, too. The bed bounced, and then I was coming and Jeremy was grunting at the same time.

We slowed. Heaving breaths pressed our wet bellies. It was warm under the covers. We calmed.

With a soft moan, I pulled my hands from under Jeremy’s bottom and wrapped my arms over his head, brushing my cheek to his. He couldn’t roll away this time; I wouldn’t let him if he tried. But he didn’t try.

My understanding is that young boys are not usually tender, but my experience is that Jeremy and I were; tender. It seemed important after what happened the night before.

“We cool?” I whispered in his ear.

He nodded, and beneath the covers, he drew his fingertips up my back. “I had another wet dream,” he whispered, and I knew what he meant.

I kissed his cheek. The nuts-and-bolts reality is that orgasms release oxytoxins and hormones that encourage bonding between partners. I say that to explain that young boys making their first love together can bond fast and deeply at that. I felt a surge of affection for Jeremy. I lifted my head and pressed my mouth once more to his.

His fingers came up my back and into the back of my hair. I held his head between my forearms and kissed his lips and then his cheeks and cheekbones and eyelids and eyebrows. Jeremy purred lightly.

I pressed my cheek to his and Jeremy hugged my back. “I like sex,” he whispered. “I like Trevor.”

“I like sex,” I whispered back. “I like Jeremy.”

Our bellies were slick and we moved them around. Jeremy stayed hard, but I had come twice and mine softened. But as we kissed and I felt his erection press up against me, my dick thickened again.

“Wanna try it on top?” I asked.

Jeremy nodded.

Holding one another, we rolled. I opened my legs so that Jeremy’s fell between mine the same way mine had between his when I was on top. I felt his balls on mine. It felt good. I pulled my knees up and squeezed Jeremy’s hips between my thighs because that felt good, too.

“It feels different on top,” he murmured.

“Yeah,” I agreed, sliding my hands down his back. I liked the feel of his weight on top of me and between my legs. I liked the firmness of his body and the way I could feel muscles under the smooth skin of his back. I liked the firm mounds I felt under the soft, soft skin of his butt.

“But I like this,” I told him. “The bottom is okay, too.”

Jeremy wrapped his arms over my head and covered my mouth with his. His tongue plunged into my mouth.

We kissed along time, simply savoring and making quiet kissing noises. We stayed hard and our hips ground more and more firmly. Jeremy’s hips began to pump and I marveled a little because Jeremy was being plenty assertive.

I grabbed his butt and opened my legs out to the side like he had done with me, and it felt incredible. I clutched at his butt and ground up against him as he ground down. Our dicks felt big between us. Our balls pressed, and I had that feeling of the bottom dropping out from under my gut.

Jeremy hugged my head in his forearms and pressed his cheek to mine, and we rocked the bed till we came again; Jeremy first, then me, clutching his butt and grinding up until my third cum of the night took forever to struggle up, and I pressed my mouth to the nape of Jeremy’s neck to keep myself quiet.

I dropped my head back onto the pillow, feeling incredibly mellow, savoring the feel of Jeremy’s slender hips between my legs.

“I should get a towel,” Jeremy whispered.

“Or you can stay on top of me until our cum dries,” I suggested.

He murmured comfortably and fluffed the pillow up beside my head to lay the side of his face on it. His lips and breath were at my cheek. Beneath the covers, I stroked his back softly with my fingertips, from the smooth mounds of his butt up his spine. We fell asleep.

Jeremy’s head was on my shoulder and he had an arm across my chest when I awoke. His erection pressed the side of my leg and he had a leg over my legs. I nearly panicked because it was daylight, but then I realized that the sun was barely up and it was still quiet inside the cabin. I relaxed because I liked the feel of Jeremy’s warm body draped on the side of mine.

My arm was behind his back and I stroked his back with my fingertips. His skin was warm and taut. With my other hand, I felt my belly. There was a faint crust off dried sperm. I felt down to my morning wood. Jeremy and I had only a few pubes between us, but my few were crusty.

I nuzzled the top of Jeremy’s hair, wondering if I should wake him for us to put our underwear on before his parents awakened. He was sound asleep, and I felt wonderful, the way a guy feels wonderful the first time he has a lover, a real lover asleep on him the way Jeremy was asleep on me – just like in the movies. I felt… mature, and protective, and a little like I had the brother I never had, and another boy as lover the way I had dreamed.

A bird began to sing loudly, and I figured it would only be a matter of time before his parents were awake. I scooted from under Jeremy and he murmured sleepily. I reached over the side to pick up our underwear, and when I turned back, his eyes were open.

I help up the boxers. “I figured we better get these on before your parents wake up.”

Jeremy nodded drowsily and reached out, taking my pair.

“You got the wrong ones,” I said.

He smiled and yawned and kept them, so I kept his. We slid them on and the lay facing one another, very close.

“We still cool?” I asked.

Jeremy hugged me and pressed his body to mine, and kissed my lips. He worked a knee between my legs and snuggled onto me, smiling. We pressed wood.

“We’re gonna get our boxers wet again,” I warned him.

“Not if we sucked each other and swallowed it,” Jeremy suggested with a grin. “I’ll go first.” He started to scoot down under the covers.

“Wait,” I said. “We can both get under the covers and do it at the same time. That’ll be faster, too. That’s called a sixty-nine.”

He grinned and we both scooted down.

We watched one another dress that morning. It was the first time I really looked at Jeremy nearly naked in the daylight. He was one of those guys who had a bit of natural muscle. I knew he didn’t work out, but I could see the muscles in his legs and belly, and the outline of his pecs. He watched me, too.

“You have a nice body,” he whispered. “I always liked it, but I like it more now.” He grinned.

I winced because his mom was already inside making breakfast and I hoped she didn’t hear. “Same here, dude,” I whispered back more quietly.

“You always like my body?”

“I would have if I had seen it like I’m seeing it now.”

He grinned again.

Once we were in the woods and away from any cabins, I took Jeremy’s hand in mine. He glanced at me and smiled and interlaced his fingers with mine. We continued up the path, hand-in-hand. When we got to the beaver pond we paused.

“Let’s watch for beavers,” Jeremy said, not releasing my hand.

We watched. We listened to birds. We held one another’s hand firmly.

“So,” Jeremy said, “are we like, boyfriends or something?”

We were a day’s drive from anyone else we knew. We were alone in the woods. We were alone, together. “Yes,” I said. “If you wanna be.”

Jeremy nodded and squeezed my hand more firmly. “Yeah. I wanna be. Is that because we’re gay or something?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m feeling pretty gay right now, but like it doesn’t matter because it’s just us, and it doesn’t matter right now.”

“Yeah,” he said, glancing at me. “It’s like I can feel whatever I want right now.”


We stood silently. A puff of warm breeze came across the pond.

“We oughta skinny dip in the pond sometime,” I said.

“What’s skinny dip?”

I glanced at him. “You really don’t know what skinny dipping is?”

He shook his head and looked embarrassed again.

“It’s swimming naked,” I told him with a squeeze to his hand.

His eyes lit up.

I glanced at the pond skeptically. “The water is probably cold.”

“But we haven’t showered yet,” Jeremy pointed out. “I washed my stomach in the bathroom because there was dried sperm on it, but it was hard to do a good job.”

I nodded. “Me, too. And… ” I grinned. “I’ve never seen you completely naked in the daylight.”

He laughed. “Well me neither.”

We glanced around as if anyone else might be there. No one was, of course. We let go hands and took off our clothes.

Jeremy had a very slight sway to his back the way some young guys do. It gave a mild curve to his belly; a nice curve. His butt was high and as nicely rounded as it had felt. He had a very small patch of jet black pubes. My small patch was as black as his. Neither of us was hard and our dicks hung about the same flaccid length.

We smiled at one another and stepped close at the same instant. I reached for his cock and he reached for mine. We lifted them, feeling the weight when soft, but they quickly grew heavier. I gave his a squeeze, he gave one to mine. Then we stepped down to the water. It was ice cold.

We went no deeper than mid-calf, and we only went that deep because we sank in mud to our ankles. We scooped up water to wash one another, and somehow that turned into a splashing contest which turned into a standing wrestling match until we took each other down into the water. Our howls echoed up the crags above us.

Alone on the paths above his cabin that day, it didn’t matter if we acted like lovers in a movie. It was just Jeremy and me in a private place and time, far, far from the other guys back home. It didn’t matter if we held hands or ran fingers over one another’s arm or back or neck, just because we felt like it, or kissed or stood hand in hand looking out from the tops of the rocks over the whole world. Or even if we suddenly reached in to the front of one another’s pants; “Just to make sure it’s still there,” Jere said with a grin.

We made love again that night, and it really was love making. We held one another, kissing and rubbing cocks and coming and talking and doing it again. The next night we sucked. We sucked each other on hikes, and we rubbed cocks lying naked on top of one of the crags. We hiked and explored and played games at night on the floor of the cabin as his parents read or watched TV.

It was Friday before we had our first argument. In the morning, he wanted to hike up into the crags. I wanted to explore the stream. We almost did neither, but wound up exploring the stream, but we didn’t talk much. In the afternoon, he wanted us to go into town with his mom. I wanted to climb up into the crags. We went to town.

By the end of the day, we were staying away from each other, and that night, we read books rather than play games. He even went to bed before I was ready, but I hurried to follow. As annoyed as I might have been with him, I didn’t want to be.

He was lying on his back when I crawled into bed. I lay on my back beside him. Beneath the covers, he took my hand. I squeezed his. Our heads rolled to look at one another.

“I’m still sorta mad,” I told him honestly. “I mean, you went to bed without me.”

“I’m still sorta mad, too.”

I rolled up to face him, and he rolled up to face me.

“Getting mad at you,” I said, “makes my stomach all tight. I mean, I got really mad at you.”

He nodded. “I got mad like that, too, and I don’t ever get mad.”

Our eyes met and suddenly, we were in one another’s arms, and I was kissing him furiously and he was kissing me, and we realized we were making noise, so even though the TV was on inside, we grabbed onto one another tightly, cheek to cheek. I squeezed him hard and he squeezed me hard and we pressed our cocks hard together. I rolled him onto his back, pinning him, gazing down into his eyes, grinding against him. He pushed back, rolling us onto our sides and onto my back. And then he pressed his mouth to mine, and we kissed hard, keeping our mouths pressed to stay quiet.

I pulled the back of his boxers down. He knelt up and pulled mine off, then his, leaving them under the covers. He dove back onto me, dick on dick and we ground slowly to keep the bed quiet, but we ground hard. We held each other still when his parents turned off the TV and then the lights inside, and then we ground until we came.

Jeremy lay on me afterwards. I stroked his back. He kissed my cheek and nuzzled the side of my face. “Gay,” he whispered.

“Gay,” I agreed.

We started to argue the next day about where to go, but then Jeremy laughed, and I laughed, and we didn’t argue again for the rest of the day, nor for a long time.

That night -- Saturday night -- we stayed embraced, kissing and rubbing cocks through three orgasms each, and in the morning, we were still sleeping naked under the covers, with me spooned behind Jeremy, when his dad and mom came out. I heard them talking in hushed voices about Mr. Marincello going to get milk for breakfast.

“Look at that,” I heard his mom say, and her voice sounded like they were looking in our direction. Even though we were under the blankets, it had to be obvious that I was spooned tightly behind Jeremy with my arm over his side. There was no way to pull off Jeremy without them knowing I was awake.

“Trevor doesn’t have a brother either,” his mom said.

“They do look like brothers, don’t they,” his father said.

“Yes,” his mom answered. “I’m so glad Jeremy’s finally made a good friend.”

“Trevor’s a good boy,” his dad said.

“Yes,” his mom agreed.

And I wondered how good they would think I was if they knew the things Jeremy and I were up to.

Later that day, up by the beaver pond, Jeremy asked about anal sex.

“You said guys sometimes do that together, right?” he asked.

We were sitting side by side in the shade of a fir tree. I glanced at him, cocking an eye. “You wanna try it?”

He smiled. “Don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I grinned. “I just didn’t think you would want to.”

He wriggled his eyebrows and we jumped up to strip, laughing.

“You’re already hard,” he observed, as I got undressed first.

“I’m always hard around you,” I told him. “You’re like a dick magnet. Every time you get close to me, my dick rises.”

He laughed and pulled down his boxers to reveal a boner.

“You’re hard, too, asshole.”

He paused. “No one’s ever called me an asshole before.” He grinned. “Asshole!” He leaned closer. “I’ve never called anyone that before.”

“Well we’re about to be real assholes for each other,” I told him with a playful nudge.

He laughed and turned his butt to me. “How do we do it?”

“Well,” I said, grabbing him by the hips and rubbing my cock on his butt, “I never thought about trying it standing up, but I guess we could do that.” I stepped back. “Bend over.”

Jeremy bent over at the waist, reaching down for the ground. I grabbed my dick and dropped to a knee behind him for a closer look. I spread his butt cheeks with my palms. His pink pucker looked pretty small.

“I guess it will fit,” I said, touching it with my fingertip. “How big are your turds?”

“I dunno. I guess as big as your dick.”

“Okay,” I said, getting back to my feet. “We can try it.” I stepped up, held him by the hips, put my crown at his pucker and pushed. My dick bent.

“Whoa!” I said, pulling back. I tried again with the same result. “I don’t think it will go in.”

Jeremy straightened up. “We need Vaseline, like your parents use when they give you an enema.”

“What’s an enema?” I asked.

Jeremy grinned. “I know something you don’t?” He explained what an enema was, and what Vaseline was.

“So you think your mom has Vaseline back at the cabin?”

Jeremy shrugged; then his eyes lit up. “I know! Sunscreen! That’s like lotion. You said Brad uses lotion to make his hand slick, right?”

My eyes lit up, too. “Yeah!”

I retrieved the sunscreen that Jere’s mom made me carry in my fanny pack, and I gooped up my dick with it. Jeremy bent over for us to try again. I started to line up, but thought it might be too easy to push Jeremy over if I pushed too hard.

“Why don’t you get down on your hands and knees,” I suggested. “I think it’ll work better.”

Jeremy dropped to his hand and knees, and I dropped to my knees behind him. I placed my lotioned crown at his pucker and took hold of his hips. I eased my hips forward, and this time, my cockhead slipped in, just like that.

Anal sex is easier for guys that age. Their dicks aren’t as big as they’ll grow and their anuses are flexible. With lube, they usually can take each other with no problem, and that was my experience with Jeremy. I watched as my dick disappeared inside him and I felt the tightness of his sphincter pass down my shaft. I pulled his butt firmly against my lap, and I took in the sight of us together like that, and his butt in my lap, and the taut skin of his slender back, and the feel of his tightness at the base of my cock, and I liked it. I pulled back on his hips and felt the length of my dick stretch into his warm insides.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah. Feels funny, but okay.”

I pulled my hips back and pushed forward again; up and back a few times, testing the feel of his tightness up and back on my shaft. “It feels good,” I told him.

I had the urge to press my belly and chest to his back, and I bent over him and hugged onto him. His smaller, naked body felt good under me and my next movements came naturally; I held onto him and pumped my hips.

“Oh,” I murmured. “This is good.” There’s a difference between rubbing dicks and fucking, and I felt it. I hung on and pumped. “Oh, wow!”

I pumped away. With my arms circled under him, I pulled us upright onto our knees, and when Jeremy leaned back on my chest, I rubbed his belly and reached down to grab his boner. We sat back; me onto my haunches and him into my lap. I rubbed his belly and stroked his cock, and Jeremy ground his butt in my lap experimentally.

“This feels good!” he said, surprised.

We did it that way for a while. Then we got our legs out in front of us so Jere could sit in my lap all the way. Jeremy got into it. He ground his butt in my lap and I jacked his cock, and he came before I did. I rolled us onto our sides so I could pump my hips and come. And then we just lay there with me inside him and hugging onto him, my mouth on the back of his neck and my nose in the back of his hair. We fit well together.

We slept in the shade of our fir tree. When we woke, Jeremy fucked me on our sides and I found out that it really could feel good having a dick up your butt.

“Trevor,” Jere asked quietly. “Would you like, be interested in staying here all summer?”

“Being gay all summer?” I asked, reaching back behind my butt to pat his hip.


“Yeah,” I said. “I wasn’t wanting to go home.”


“Yeah, really.”

Jere hugged onto me.

That night, we asked his parents if, when his dad went back, I could stay with Jeremy and his mom for the summer.

His mom smiled. “I called your parents last night and asked if it would be okay if we asked you to stay.”

One night later, after his parents went to bed, I was on top of Jeremy and we were rubbing dicks when he wrapped his legs around my waist. “Do you think you can put it in me this way?” he asked.

“Yeah, maybe. I’ll get the sunscreen.”

“Just try it first. I still have some down there from earlier.”

I backed my hips and reached down to guide my cock in. I found his opening and pushed in. We wrapped each other up in our arms and I covered his mouth with mine. He dug his heels into the backs of my thighs. I pumped my hips. I felt him rub his dick up against my belly.

“Do you like this?” I asked, breaking for a breath.

“Yes,” he breathed.

I drove my hips forward, feeling my dick stretch into him. I took a deep breath of his hair and felt the press of his smooth cheek to mine. I pumped heard the rasp of his breath at my ear at the soft impact of my thrusts.

“Jere,” I whispered. “When we get back home… at the end of the summer… we’re going to stay best friends.”

He squeezed my neck more tightly.

“And if we want,” I said, “We’re going to stay gay.”

“I think I’ll want to,” he whispered.


Please let me know if you like the story; it was a bit of work.