This is a fictional story that contains sexual situations between boys. If you don't like these types of stories or think they might not be legal to read where you live, then don't read it.

Some readers might remember the Choose Your Own Adventure Books from years ago. I loved reading them and thought I would try writing a version of those types of stories here. I've tried to keep the format fast paced and with simple plots just like I remember the originals being. It's all in good fun so I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think of my story at: If you want to read a more serious love story set in a fictional future, check out: New World Apprentice in the Adult-Youth section.

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You awaken to the lapping ocean against your skin. You feel groggy and disoriented. As you slowly sit up you find yourself on a beach with no visible buildings or people nearby. Your throat is parched and the afternoon sun beats down on you. You try to make sense of what is going on and your mind begins to coalesce the recent events that got you here. Two days earlier you set out to sea with some family members for a fishing expedition and were caught up in a heavy storm. You vaguely remember the boat capsizing but luckily you were already in a life vest.

Walking the shoreline you begin to find some debris from the boat you were on but you have yet to find anyone else who was on the boat with you. Being only 11 years old you are frightened at the idea of being all alone on what seems to be an uninhabited island. Worse, your family might all be dead!

You fight off the negative thoughts and wipe a few tears from your cheek. Realizing you only have one sneaker on your foot, you decide to toss that aside as well as removing your soaked socks and the life vest. Trying to assess the situation as best as you can, you see that the shoreline stretches out in either direction for quite a distance and behind you is a dense jungle.

Do you:

Continue to walk along the beach in the hopes of finding another relative who may have washed ashore like you did?

Venture into the jungle to try and find some food or water?






Walk the Beach

You decide to search the shoreline and see if you might find other people. You washed up on the shore, so maybe they did too. You'd flip a coin if you had one to decide if you should go right or left so you settle on a seashell. Smooth side right, rough side left. You flip the shell and it lands on the rough side so left it is. You walk for a while and the sun has really gotten hot making you sweat quite a bit. You remember some movie you saw where people were in the desert and they wrapped their shirt on their head to help block the sun. You're not sure if that will work, but you'll try anything at this point. You take off the shirt and do the best you can to tie it around your head. Having a little cover seems to help and you continue toward an outcropping of rocks that you see ahead. As you approach the rocks you hear voices coming from the other side and you climb over, excited at the prospect of being saved.

As you crest the top of the rocks you discover two boys at the waters edge next to a slim boat. You are a bit shocked to see that they are both naked! You squat down low and watch as the two youths frolic in the surf. You guess that one of the boys is around your age and the other seems to be a year or two older. They have a dark skin tone and you can't help but notice the older one seems to have some hair around his dick. As you lean forward some small rocks come loose and fall along the side of the outcropping.

"Totally busted" you think as you try and huddle low but realize that the boys are now staring up and pointing in your direction.

You give them a sheepish wave and you're surprised that they wave back enthusiastically. Knowing that you really do need some help, you make your way down the side and head over toward them. You are surprised that neither one of them seems to care that they aren't wearing anything and you find yourself a little embarrassed about the situation. You can't imagine walking around the beach without a bathing suit on!

"Hello" you say to them and you extend your hand for a handshake.

They both look at each other and then start speaking quickly in another language. You think to yourself, "Duh! Of course they don't speak English" and now you wonder how the heck you're going to explain what happened to you.

You start by pointing to yourself and saying "Kevin. My name is Ke-vin"

"Ke-vin" the older boy repeats and you nod your head. Then you point to him questioningly and he says, "Komi" then he points to the younger boy (who you guess must be his brother) and says "Kojo"

A minute passes and you both stare at each other in silence wondering what to do next. Kojo, says something to his big brother and they both seem to come to an agreement. You see them go to the boat and take out some sort of simple cloth to cover themselves up and then Komi takes your hand and starts to lead you inland. You hesitate for a moment but Kojo, the boy who seems about your age gives you a warm smile that sets you at ease.

The two of them lead you into the tree line and after a few minutes of walking you come to a clearing where you see several bamboo type huts. You can see people of various ages moving about the little village busying themselves with all sorts of work. Several people have some modern tools and a few even wear t-shirts with faded logos that you recognize, so you figure this can't be some isolated tribe. You start to approach what you guess is their house and notice that a few of the local people are pointing and staring at you, some with shocked expressions on their faces. Kojo runs inside yelling to someone and Komi indicates you should wait by the entrance. A moment passes and you suddenly see a woman appear at the door with a look of disbelief on her face. She asks the children something and they both start talking over themselves and gesturing at you and then back toward the beach area. She waves her hand sternly at them and they both quiet down. She steps toward you but her face has now softened to a warm smile. You know right away this is their mom and even though she's from a different race you can tell she's a good mom just from the way she looks at you. A tear streams down your face as a pang of loneliness hits you. The mother cups your cheek and says something soothing in a foreign tongue then beckons you inside.

You go inside and Kojo brings you to sit by him on a mat on the floor that looks like it was made from palm leaves. He speaks to you and you wish you could understand what he was saying, but he smiles all the same. A few minutes pass and the mother returns with a bowl of rice and some water. With a grumble from your stomach you suddenly remember how much you need some sustenance and drink the water quickly. You don't see any utensils and try and indicate that somehow. They all look a bit confused and Kojo reaches in with his hand, picks up a little rice and eats it, then he takes your hand and puts it in the bowl.

"Oh, I should eat with my fingers?" you say out loud as you gesture.

They all nod and you happily start eating while they look on with a smile.

After eating some really good rice and some fruit, the two boys take you outside and bring out what looks like the most beat up ball you've ever seen in your life. Despite the condition, it still rolls fine and you find yourself in a fun game kicking it around under a canopy of wide palm trees. For a moment you almost forget that you were recently shipwrecked. You guess an hour or two passes when a tall and really muscular man comes over to you and speaks to the boys. You guess this must be their father.

The man speaks and you hear him say the English words "mother" and "father" in his sentence. You excitedly start to explain what happened but can tell that he doesn't understand much. He holds up his hand indicating to stop and then goes off to the side where he gets a thin tree branch and begins to draw something in the sand. It looks like he's drawing a boat on the water. You take the branch and try and show a crack in the middle and draw a cloud as best you can with lots of rain coming down on the boat. Then you mime like you are drowning.

The man looks sad and nods his head seeming to understand what happened. He speaks softly to the boys and they seem saddened by his words. Komi puts his arm around your shoulder. Their father says something else and the two boys nod excitedly. Komi holds you closer and speaks back to his father in a serious tone. The father smiles with a proud expression that makes you wish you understood what was happening.

The boys take you by the hand and start running back to the beach. Halfway there you stop them and do your best charades to understand what was just decided. Komi seems to say that you will be staying with them and they will look for your family. You feel a great sense of relief that you have found people who are willing to help you and even protect you.

They lead you back to the waters edge and waste no time stripping off their limited clothing. Kojo tugs at your tattered shorts trying to tell you to strip down with them.


Do you get naked with your new friends?


Do you just take off your shorts and stay in your boxers?







Venture Into Jungle

This beach looks pretty bleak, so you decide it best to head into the jungle and hopefully find some much needed food and water. You make your way past the tree line and are thankful to be out of the direct sunlight. There appears to be a rough path through the brush and you wonder if there are other people on the island. After walking for a while you look up and notice that you've been passing by tons of trees that have bananas in them!

You hope they are edible. You've only seen bananas in the supermarket and never ate one right off a tree before. You find a tree that you think you could climb high enough to reach one and start to shimmy up. After a few falls and some scratches along your legs, you get yourself a handful of the wonderful fruit. These seem smaller than the ones you're used to, but they turn out to be really tasty.

Continuing through the jungle the trees seem closer together and denser. It's hard to tell how long you've been walking but you're definitely tired and sweaty from the humidity. Two hours? Longer? The sun seems lower in the sky at this point and you realize you have no idea where you are and probably should have been paying closer attention to your surroundings. Further along the path you come to a clearing with large palm fronds strewn everywhere. You continue forward and suddenly feel the ground give way as you drop down!


You wake up with a terrible headache. As you make sense of your surroundings you discover that you are in a deep pit and it is nighttime. You must have gotten knocked out when you fell. The top edge of the pit is way too high for you to reach and the walls are just dirt. You really can't see an easy way to climb out.

Do you yell for help?

Do you take this time to rest and hopefully figure a way out tomorrow?







Getting Naked

"Should I just take off all my clothes like them?" you think to yourself. It seems a little crazy and you've never done anything like this before, but there doesn't seem to be anyone around. You unsnap the button and slip off the shorts and then hesitantly look around as you hook your thumbs into your boxers. The boys are just standing there waiting for you and you decide to go for it. You drop the thin fabric and stand there exposed to the world. It feels weird but kind of cool. They take a second to take a look at what you have and then Kojo angles his head, points over to your boyhood and says something to his brother. You suddenly flush a little red in the face wondering what's wrong as you look down at yourself and then to them. Not really paying attention before, you see that they are not circumcised and you are.

"Oh yeah. I guess we're a little different down there" you say out loud. Before you realize it, Kojo squats down and just grabs a hold of your junk to really inspect it close up.

You yelp as he fondles it with no shame and Komi leans in to take a look as well. You're shocked to say the least. No one has ever touched you there...well, except you of course. You realize your little guy is starting to grow from the attention it's getting and you bring your hands down to cover up what's happening.

Komi says something with a grin on his face and his brother laughs. They seem to recognize your embarrassment and pull you into the water with them. Soon you're splashing and roughhousing like you would with friends back at home. These two boys seem really nice to be with and you wonder if this is the way life is for them every day.

After a lot of playing around you all sit down on the sand. The two boys lean back and the water droplets shimmer on their dark skin. You lay back like they do and bask in the warmth of the sun as you all start to dry off naturally. A light breeze rustles through the trees and you can hear the crash of the waves.

You hear some voices and blink your eyes open only to realize that you must have dozed off a bit. The sun is nearly at the horizon and the boys are pulling in a net from the water. You walk over as the net emerges from the surf with several flapping fish inside.

"Woah, that's so cool" you say, wide-eyed at their catch.

They point to the net saying something and you seem to get the idea that they want you to help them. You join in; hauling the net to the beach and Komi unloads the catch into a plastic bucket.

After getting some clothes back on you all head back up toward the village with the freshly caught fish. Walking back you consider it now feels a little strange to have clothes back on.

Back at the house Komi helps his mother prepare the fish and Kojo takes you out back where he strips back down and helps you do the same. You instinctively look around to make sure no one else can see you but feel less embarrassed about it. You can see that he has a basin of fresh water that he is using to wash off all the sand and seawater. He gives you a large cup that you use to do the same and you shriek a little at how cold the water feels. Kojo laughs at your reaction and you smile at him. He reaches out and runs his hand along your chest and then feels your hair. It's a little strange to have another boy do this but you like the attention and figure he's just interested in seeing someone with such different skin tone. You decide to mimic back the gesture and you feel the short hair on his head. He shoots back a big smile with beautiful white teeth. You can see that you are just about the same height and find yourself getting a feeling of closeness with Kojo that you've never felt before. The moment is broken when you are both dowsed with cold water and see Komi standing there laughing. Kojo playfully yells back at his brother and chases him into the house.

After a filling dinner the boys lead you to a loft like area in the house where more mats are laid out on the floor. You assume this is the bed but there are no pillows like you're used to. You strip down to your boxers and they position you in between them. Komi unrolls a sheer mosquito net from the ceiling that spreads around the bed area and then turns off a very old looking lantern. Moonlight streams in to the space and you find yourself facing a smiling Kojo who strokes your cheek for a moment before lying on his back.

This has been a long day and you quickly drift off to sleep. At some point in the night you feel some shifting around at your side and you peer open one eye to see what's going on. As you glance down you see Kojo awake and reaching toward the fly of your boxers. His fingers start to fumble at the opening and you feel yourself beginning to stiffen up slightly.


Do you pretend you are sleeping and see what happens?


Do you reach down and help give Kojo better access?







Take Off Shorts

"There's no way I'm going to get naked!" you think to yourself and decide it best if you just take off your shorts and swim in your boxers. Kojo giggles and says something to Komi before running into a crashing wave. Komi signals for you to join them, so you dive in and start to play and roughhouse a bit. The afternoon passes quickly and you all stumble out of the water after what seems like a couple of hours. Kojo and Komi put their loincloths (or whatever they are) back on and pull out some nets from the nearby boat. You grab your shorts and head off to the side where you quickly drop your boxers and put the shorts on. You wring out the boxers and walk back where you see Kojo grinning at you.

"Were you just looking at my butt?" you say to him, knowing he can't understand. Kojo replies something and you just shrug with a smile.

You soon find yourself helping them fish using just some nets and are amazed when Komi hauls in a few fish. You're also impressed with how well defined his muscles are on his body. Your guess is that he's around 13 or 14. Still, he's pretty ripped and must be athletic. You realize that you're staring when Komi says something and points you toward a plastic bucket. You run over and retrieve it for him while Kojo starts dropping the fresh catch into the bucket and the three of you start to make your way back up to the village. Walking along the small path through the trees you can't help look at Komi's tight butt in front of you. You feel a little warm and don't think it's just from the outside temperature.

"What the heck is going on?" you start to think to yourself. There is something attractive about this boy for sure and you know that you've never really liked girls all that much anyway. Kojo pushes his shoulder against you and grins.

"Oh crap. Did he just catch me checking out his brother?" You're feeling a bit mortified but try not to act like it was a big deal.

When you reach their home and step inside, Komi sets the bucket down by his mother who is stoking a small fire. She says something to the boys and they lead you out back where they fill a big basin with water from a nearby stream. Komi sets the water down and Kojo removes his clothes then tugs down at your shorts.

Realizing what's going on you think,"uh oh, I guess it's bath time". You are a bit embarrassed by the idea of getting naked in front of them and worse, what if their mom comes out?! Earlier you noticed that they are both uncircumcised and since you are circumcised you're not sure if that would be weird to them.

Komi has removed his clothes at this point and, perhaps sensing your nervousness, Kojo puts his hand on your arm and looks calmly into your eyes. He says something that reassures you then reaches down and starts to unbutton your shorts. You find yourself surprised that you are letting him do it and with the zipper pulled down, your shorts drop to the floor. Kojo taps your feet to get you to step up so he can totally remove the shorts and you see him look over your dick as he says something to his brother. It feels sort of awkward so you cover up with your hands.

Komi submerges a big cup in the basin and pours really cold water over you, which makes you shriek out. They both laugh as Komi repeats the process on his younger brother (but Kojo doesn't seem to notice how cold the water is). After dowsing himself, Komi takes some soap, lathers it up and starts soaping up his brother who happily holds out his arms while being covered in suds. Komi turns to you and says something while starting to turn the soap in his hands and before you can even reply he starts spreading soap over your chest and then your back.

"Oh man! This hot boy is totally washing me! I can't believe this." Your mind races as Komi's strong hands rub all over your back and even along your butt cheeks! Without warning you feel your dick get hard. Komi is standing behind you and you reach down to cover up but hear a squeal of excitement from Kojo who is pointing at you and saying something to Komi. Komi looks over your shoulder and down your chest toward your crotch. You're not sure that this situation could possibly get more mortifying.

Komi barks something at Kojo who gives a whining sort of reply but reaches down to the nearly empty basin and trudges over to the stream with it. Komi comes around to face you and says something almost apologetically. You notice him look past you toward where his brother went and then feel his right hand slide down your chest, pushing past your hands and onto your stiff member. Your eyes nearly bug out from your head and your heart is pounding in your chest. You let your hands part a little to give him some room and he slowly slides a soapy fist up and down your shaft.


Do you reach down and return the favor?


Do you get too nervous and push his hand away?







Yell for Help

You cup your hands by your mouth and yell up to the sky, "Hello! Anybody!" You repeat your plea a few times in the hopes that someone will hear you. For a while the only sounds that emanate from above are crickets and weird animal or insect noises that you've never heard. Maybe ten minutes go by and there appears to be rustling coming along one edge of the opening.

"Hello? Is someone there?" you yell to whatever is making the noise.

Cresting from one corner comes a silhouette of two, no, three figures. They all appear to be grown men and it looks like they are each holding some sort of long stick.

You call out and wave your hands, "Hey! Down here! I fell in this hole and can't climb out"

The figures seem to discuss something but you can't understand what they are saying. One of them steps away and a moment later a rope falls down. You grab the rope and struggle to climb up but then the men grab hold and pull you up with ease. When you are back on the jungle floor you thank the strangers and see that they are warrior looking dudes all holding spears.

"Um, hi. Thanks for saving me." You say to them nervously.

They continue a conversation in their native tongue and they seem to gesture at you a few times. One of the men quickly grabs hold of your arm and holds it in a firm grip as another ties up your hands and legs. You thrash about trying to escape but they are far too strong for you.

They carry you off into the darkness of the jungle and despite shouting and pleading you are never heard from again.









Rest Until Tomorrow

It's hard to tell how late in the night it is but that bump on the head has you pretty exhausted so you decide it's best to just try and rest for the evening. You curl up on the cool dirt and fall fast asleep.

When you wake up, your eyes focus on a HUGE spider right in front of you.

"GAH!" you scream out and scamper away as the spider darts off in the opposite direction. You really don't like spiders and shiver at the thought of that fuzzy thing crawling on you while you slept.

With daylight now flooding into the pit you see a long tree root protruding along the far wall. It must have been too dark to notice it last night. You run over and realize that it is just a little too high for you to reach it, even stretching out. Maybe a running start? You head to other side and then run hard toward the wall, jumping up at the last moment. Your hand just grabs on the root! You dangle there for a second and then using all your strength, you start to pull yourself up. The climb is exhausting and you wonder if you should have worked harder in gym class. Luckily you reach the top and scramble over the edge, back onto the jungle floor.

You are sweaty and dirty but you manage to stand back up and away from the pit. You guess that this was probably set by hunters or something and you really don't want to stick around and meet any hunters. After finding a few more bananas you think it might be worth heading back to the beach to see if you'll have better luck than out here in the jungle.


Go explore the beach.






Pretend You are Sleeping

Nothing like this has EVER happened to you before and you are feeling a little nervous. You decide maybe it's best to pretend you are still sleeping so you keep your eyes cracked open just enough to see what Kojo is doing. His hands part the opening of your boxers and despite trying to command your dick to stay down, it simply isn't working. The cool night air passes over your boyhood and it stiffens straight up to its full four inches. You see Kojo look toward you and you snap your eyes shut hoping he doesn't notice.

A moment passes with no sound or movement. Fingers touch your stiffy and you peer open your eyes again to see Kojo slowly caressing you. You want to moan out at the pleasure you are feeling but manage to stifle yourself. He continues to rub your shaft up and down with his right hand, picking up a little speed and staring in fascination. You notice that his left hand has moved toward his crotch and begins to move in rhythm with the right. A familiar sensation starts to build at your center. You've been masturbating for nearly a year now and know the powerful feeling that will soon follow. You can't help but shift a little from the attention you are getting. Kojo stops briefly to reassure himself that you are still sleeping and then gets back to his task. His hand moves swiftly now and you know you won't last much longer. You bite your lip and close your eyes relishing the moment. Closer. Closer. The smallest whimper sounds from your throat as your dick spasms in blissful release. A few clear droplets dot your stomach and Kojo releases you. You ache for him to touch you just a little longer, but you stay silent and start to come down from your high.

A fast exhale of breath comes from Kojo and you realize that he must have had his orgasm as well. You feel your boxers being adjusted to cover you back up and then Kojo rests his body close to your side. His breathing slows and you smile and drift off to sleep.







The Next Morning

The next morning you wake to find yourself alone in the loft. You panic for a moment but then hear voices coming from down below. As you climb down the bamboo ladder the boys' mother greets you. She doesn't seem to care that you are wearing boxers with no shirt and beckons you to a spot on the floor where some food is waiting. You enjoy a really good breakfast and then go back to get your shorts and shirt on. As you step outside you see Kojo and Komi hauling big pieces of wood over to another grass-roofed house further into the camp.

You realize that it's definitely not all play time at the beach and these boys are working really hard! Kojo has a broad smile when he walks by and you give smile back. After a couple of passes you decide it's only fair that you offer to help out and Komi happily puts you to work with them. You definitely put in some serious labor and it's not long before you really start to sweat. Kojo gets you some water and has you sit down to rest a little. You just aren't used to the climate and the work and submit to taking a break. It's a short while later that the boys finish up and Komi gives you a strong pat on the back seeming to indicate that you did a really good job. You feel proud that you were able to help out and can tell that Komi is a very responsible big brother.

After a snack of some fresh fruit you and Kojo head down to the beach while Komi has some additional work to tend to. Kojo has been helping you practice a few words in their language and you pick up a couple phrases. You guess your accent needs some help since Kojo really laughs when you try and pronounce some things.

Kojo brings you back toward the boat that is anchored to a big rock near the waters edge. The tide must have come in because the boat is now bobbing in the water a bit when yesterday it was sitting on the sand. Another thing you notice is a group of three other boys who are all playing in the water. They are totally naked (which you're sort of getting used to by now) and one of them calls out and points toward you as you get closer. The three boys rush out of the water and run up to you very excited. Kojo steps in front of you and says something sternly to them and then you hear him say "Ke-vin" in between a bunch of other words.

You decide it's a good time to greet them in their native language and they all giggle a bit but greet you back. Two of the boys look like they are around nine and the last one looks older than Komi. You try and act casual as you notice that the older boy has the biggest dick you've ever seen. Bigger than your dads even.

The older boy says something to the group and then heads along the beach in a direction you've never been. The younger boys run back to the water and Kojo is naked in a flash and starts lifting your shirt off. You strip down a bit easier this time and you run in the water. The four of you have a great time playing around and at one point each of the nine year olds climb up on the shoulders of you and Kojo. They both start play fighting with each other while you try and balance them and prevent them from falling into the water. The boy on your neck is all squirmy as he is locked in battle with his friend. You and Kojo are laughing and seeing who will topple over first. As you hold on to the boys' legs you can tell he has a boner and his little dick is rubbing up against your neck. You get a little stiff yourself just thinking about it and your mind drifts back to what happened last night. You make eye contact with Kojo for a moment and smile warmly. Just then you feel the boy on your neck lean forward and you start falling into Kojo and his neck boy and the four of you go crashing into the ocean. You all stagger out of the water coughing and laughing at the crazy game.

You play in the sand for a while before the two younger boys scamper off together leaving you and Kojo alone. Kojo reaches over, takes your hand and starts leading you somewhere. You try and point back to indicate your clothes are in the boat but he just smiles and waves them off as if to say, "we don't need any clothes". You find yourself being led to an area of large rocks that jut out into the sea. As you get closer you realize that the rocks are riddled with smooth openings formed by years of being battered by waves. Several openings are big enough to walk through. Kojo takes you through a few and you find yourself walking into a cave like space that has a secluded recess. He brings you inside and sits down with you on a bed of soft white sand. From here the mouth of the cave frames a picturesque view of the ocean.

"Wow" you say in a soft whisper.

As you turn back to Kojo he is leaning back in the sand and his dick is rock hard. You are a bit shocked but he just looks at you with a smile on his face. He reaches over to your hand and guides it down to his stiff dick. It's the first one you've ever touched other than your own. His is slightly bigger than yours and you like how the head peeks out from his foreskin. Kojo puts his hands behind his head and lets you explore. He doesn't seem to be in any rush and you sense that he's probably done stuff like this before with other boys. After what happened last night you feel like you want to return the favor so you slowly start to slide his skin up and down. The boy sighs as you stroke him. The feeling of masturbating another boy quickly gets you hard as well and you're certainly glad that you do not have to pretend you are asleep anymore.

You work on his dick, getting a good rhythm going and you can tell he's really enjoying the feeling. Kojo sits up and puts his hands on your chest, moving you down to lie back in the sand. You relax and look forward to feeling those fingers wrapped around your boner again when Kojo slides down and slip your dick into his mouth.

"Oh my God!" you say as you sit up quickly and place your hands on the boys head. "you're sucking my dick!" Kojo starts bobbing up and down and the sensation is overwhelming. You've never felt anything this amazing before. His tongue is swirling around the head of your dick and the feeling is simply euphoric. He picks up some speed and you feel your orgasm building up fast.

"Oh...oh, Kojo....this....this is amazing" you speak in between gasps for air. The sun is beaming on the boys back making his dark skin practically glow. You rub your hands on him as you near your climax.

Kojo sinks down a few times and runs his tongue along your balls, up the underside of your dick and around the head. You simply can't hold back any more. You dig your hands into the sand and thrust up, shooting what little seed you can make at your age and finally collapse.

Coming back down to Earth, you open your eyes to see Kojo furiously jerking himself. He is really into it, licking his lips as he does it. You can see his pink head quickly going in and out of the dark hood of skin. You lift up on your elbows to get a better view and watch intensely at the erotic scene in front of you. Without stopping, Kojo stands and moves toward you then kneels down, straddling your chest. His dick is so close to your mouth and he jerks it fast. You've never experienced anything like this before and it is such a turn on.

You can see the look in Kojo's face and see that he's getting pretty close. You don't know why but you just open your mouth. Kojo looks down and seeing you with your mouth open seems to get him really horny. His hand is a blur and then he leans forward pressing his dick against the edge of your lips. You feel a little shot of liquid hit your tongue and then a couple drops. You close your mouth and swallow the thin sperm. It hardly tastes like anything. Kojo leans down and hugs you tight and you hug him back. The two of you sit together wrapped in each other's arms as the sounds of the ocean echo around the cave walls. Kojo leads you back out of the rocky area and over to collect your clothes.


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Reach Down

You've had dreams that something like this would happen to you on a sleepover but you never imagined it might come true! You consider pretending you're still sleeping but decide if this other kid wants a better look, you're going to let him see it. You shift up slightly and Kojo looks up at you with a look of having been caught. You put a finger to your mouth letting him know to stay quiet and then you reach down and slip off your boxers. Kojo has a big smile on his face and wastes no time fondling your dick that is now reaching its full four inches.

"He's really playing with my dick!" you say to yourself and watch as your friend rubs you up and down. You love the feeling of his fingers massaging your stiff rod and how much better it feels then when you do it to yourself. Kojo looks over to make sure Komi is sleeping and then scoots himself in between your legs so that he has easier access. Kojo resumes his attention to your boyhood and uses his free hand to start working his own tool. The feelings are spectacular and you're not sure how much longer you might last with all this attention. You've been jerking off for nearly a year now but to have another boy do it for you is a new and wonderful experience.

Kojo stops for a second and then straddles himself by your hips. He leans forward and rests his dick against yours, grabs them both and gets back to work. The warmth of being rubbed skin to skin is indescribable. You really start to feel your climax coming up soon and you can't help but let out a small moan. Now it's Kojo's turn to put a finger to his lips signaling you to stay quiet. Komi shifts around a little making Kojo pause. With no further movement from his brother he gets back to work. The idea of having Komi asleep right next to you while you do sexy stuff like this makes the whole situation that much more exciting.

Kojo picks up the pace a bit more and you know it's going to happen at any moment. As if sensing it, Kojo nods his head to see if you are close and you give him an enthusiastic nod back. He smiles and works both members with a little more pressure. You cover your mouth to muffle any sound and burst into a toe curling orgasm. Your dick spits out a few water streams followed almost immediately by some clear liquid from Kojo. You look deeply at one another, your bodies illuminated by moonlight. Kojo climbs off you and settles back along your side. You're not completely sure but you think you see him lick his fingers before curling up and falling to sleep.


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Return the Favor

Komi's hand continues to work on your four inch stiffy and the feelings are fantastic, almost overwhelming. You have to place a free hand on his shoulder in order to steady yourself. You glance over your shoulder and can see Kojo still down by the river getting some water. Looking down you see Komi's dick is now rock solid and you just know you have to feel it. You tentatively caress it and Komi gives you an approving nod to continue. You fully wrap your hand around his dick and love how big and hard it feels compared to your own. The two of you savor the moment and begin to jerk each other off. Being outside like this is exhilarating! There is even a weird feeling of excitement because you might get caught.

The wonderful feelings are broken when you hear Kojo heading back up toward you and both your hands release each other. Komi walks over to take the water from his brother, with his boner still standing up, and you can hear Kojo giggling behind you. Cold water rushes over your head and body and you start to soften up from the drop in temperature. Komi leans in and whispers in your ear. You have no idea what he said but you're pretty sure this wasn't the end of your playtime.

You all finish rinsing off, get some clothes back on and head inside where their mom has dinner waiting. After a nice hot meal, the boys lead you up to a loft area that you assume is the place to sleep. There are no kinds of mattresses or pillows, just some floor mats and a mosquito net covering the area. You figure you should be thankful to have a safe place to sleep at all so you strip down to your boxers and lie down. The boys position themselves on either side of you and Komi turns off the flame of an old rusted lantern.

Moonlight streams in from a window and you turn to the left where Komi is laying on his back. His eyes are closed and you stare at his bare chest and strong muscles. "I just have to touch it" you think to yourself as you bring your hand out to touch the warm dark skin. Fingers touch flesh and you spread your palm out along his tight stomach. A small grin forms on Komi's face and you feel his hand cover your own and then push it down lower until it touches a patch of pubic hair. It's hard to believe that this big strong boy is letting you touch his stuff, but you're certainly not complaining. You take the opportunity to rub your hand all over the boys' stiff dick and then feel his heavy balls. Your own dick is fully hard and straining to be released from the confines of your boxers. You reach down and slip them off as Komi tosses aside his clothing.

Komi moves himself on top of you and you can feel your dicks touching. It's a little intimidating to have this bigger boy over you but you feel safe with Komi. He rubs against you and the sensation it gives is wonderful. Leaning forward on his knees in between your legs, Komi reaches down and pulls your legs up and rests his dick along that spot between your hole and your balls. He rubs himself back and forth slowly and occasionally passes over your butt hole. You've definitely heard stories about how gay men will stick their dick inside another guys butt and you're worried that Komi might want to do that. His tool is looking way to big for you and you've never had anything go in there before. What happens next is even more shocking though. Komi leans down and runs his tongue along your hole and under your balls. You can't help but let out a moan. Komi puts his hand over your mouth and glances over to see if Kojo is still sleeping. Satisfied, Komi goes back down to bathing your hole with his tongue. You'd never imagine someone would do this or that it could feel so freaking amazing! His tongue is everywhere down there and even pushes its way in you a few times. You start masturbating yourself and your senses are on overload.

Komi switches back to rubbing his dick under your balls and you wrap your legs around his waist. Your hands work your dick fast as you look up and see this big boy pumping against you. You are so horny and think you might be falling in love with this boy. Komi smiles down at you, rubbing your legs as he slides his dick back and forth on your smooth hairless skin. Your climax is building fast and it won't be long before you shoot.

Komi has definitely increased his pace and you think he might have an orgasm soon too. The both of you are sweating and breathing hard from the workout. You feel a familiar tingle running up your dick and you really start jerking quickly. A few more fast strokes shoot a couple clear jets down your chest and tighten your legs around Komi's waist. The older boy reaches down and pumps his dick causing a milky stream to fire out onto your chin and then a few more spurts along your balls and dick.

"Woah!" you think to yourself. "He really sperms good!" You know you can only shoot a little clear stuff but Komi definitely has a lot more. It went all the way to your chin! Komi lets out a sigh and you feel him smear the cum around your softening dick. He drops down beside you and his teenage scent hangs in the night air. He rubs your chest a while and you both soon drift off to sleep.

A New Day

The next morning you wake up and see that Komi is already out of bed but Kojo starts to stir next to you. He sits up and rubs his eyes followed by a big stretch. You give him a smile and notice that he starts to look you over. Looking down you realize that you are completely naked and have dried sperm all around your dick. You scrunch yourself up and hug your knees to your chest as fast as you can. Komi tries to restrain his laughter but isn't doing a good job of it and you can't help but laugh about the situation either. Komi signals for you to wait and then he climbs down the bamboo ladder. He soon returns holding some material in his hand that drips with water. He gently pushes you back and starts washing the crystallized cum from your body. You feel the cold water in the cloth but don't mind so much. Kojo spends a little too long rubbing around your dick and balls, his fingers under the wet cloth stimulating you. You stiffen up and he gives you a few strokes then scoots away.

"I guess you're just like your brother" you say to him even though he doesn't understand.

Kojo moves over to the ladder but suddenly leans back and gives you a quick kiss on your lips then darts down below. You sit stunned for a second.

You whisper, "I just got kissed by a boy"

After climbing down the ladder yourself, you find the boys mom waiting with some breakfast for you. After a nice meal, you head outside and see Komi and Kojo doing some serious manual labor. They are hauling wood around over to another home in the village.

"I guess it's not all fun at the beach" you say to yourself.

Feeling an obligation to help, you go over and say as much to Komi who understands and wastes no time putting you to work. The morning is back breaking for you but the other boys seem accustomed to doing physical stuff like this. You definitely understand why kids here are all ripped with muscles by the time they are teenagers.

After a bowl of fresh fruit, the boys take you down to cool off in the ocean for a while. You are thrilled to be able to stop working so hard and just play again. The next few hours are just fun in the sun and at one point two other boys, who seem around nine years old, join you all in the water. Komi eventually climbs out to do some work on the fishing nets over by the boat.

Late in the afternoon you notice a girl stroll down near the waters edge and say something to Komi. You are so glad that you are far enough in the water that she can't see you naked. Komi replies while walking out to meet her and they begin walking off together.

"Oh man! No way! He's got a GIRL-friend?! This totally sucks." your mind is forming all kinds of thoughts in your head and you don't know what to think. You feel a lump in your throat and start getting jealous at the whole situation. "Was I just being used last night?" you wonder. Kojo starts pulling on your arm to bring you back to play some more in the water.

Do you head off and see if you can follow Komi and this girl?

Do you stay and keep playing at the beach with Kojo and the other two boys?







Too Nervous

"This is all too much! Komi is feeling me up and Kojo could walk back at any second and see what we're doing!" You get super nervous about what's happening and decide it best if you slow things down a bit. You push Komi's hands off your nearly stiff dick and check back over your shoulder to see Kojo starting to head your way. Komi probably thinks you're just an inexperienced kid when it comes to sex stuff and he'd be right. You really never did anything like this before except masturbate alone. Komi doesn't seem too upset by having to stop and finishes rinsing himself off and the three of you towel down and get dressed.

That night the family has a really nice meal and you feel very welcomed into their home. After eating, everyone helps clean things up including you and then the boys lead you up to a loft area where you will be sleeping. The space is pretty sparse and only has some mats on the floor and a mosquito net. The boys have a few of their things piled into crates and you feel a little bad about how they live. You think back to how full your room was at home with all sorts of furniture and toys and you never considered that anyone could have so few things. Taking all this in you know there is no way you will be complaining that there are no pillows around. The boys direct you to a spot in between them on the mats and Komi douses the lantern light as you all turn in.

Late into the night you awaken to the sound of some wild animal outside. It gives you kind of a creepy feeling and you shift closer to Komi. The older boy moves against your back and wraps an arm around you. His body feels good and you embrace his arm, feeling safe from whatever dangers might be outside. It isn't long before something presses against your butt and you are sure it's his hard dick. Kojo is in front of you sleeping soundly. You're getting that nervous feeling again and you just lay there unsure about what you should be doing. As if sensing your apprehension, Komi moves his hand down and underneath your boxers. You stiffen at his touch and place your hand on top of his, feeling the movement going on under the thin fabric. His manipulations feel fantastic and you relish in the sensation. Some movement happens behind you and you feel your boxers being pulled down. You help to remove the clothing and then feel the press of his big boner at the crack of your butt cheeks.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" you think silently to yourself. You are concerned but you really don't want things to stop so you push back a little against Komi. The older boy brings his hand behind you and lifts up your leg. You feel his hot dick rest in between and he brings your leg back down and starts to pump in and out. His hand comes back around and masturbates your four-incher while he continues thrusting against you. You bring your hand down below your balls and rub at the head of his dick as it pushes through again and again. The sensations you feel are indescribable. In nearly twelve years of being alive, this is an experience you won't soon forget.

Komi really starts jerking you faster and you know it won't be long now before you blow. A small grunt comes from behind you and warm spurts spread over your fingers and balls as Komi unloads his orgasm. His hand reaches down to scoop up some sperm then uses it to coat your own dick. The slickness gives a new wonderful feeling and the very idea of his stuff being smeared on your boner is enough to send you over the edge. You fire off a couple of clear jets and his fingers rub everything together so that both your fluids intermingle along your shaft and stomach.

His dick slides out from your legs and Komi moves onto his back. You are totally drained and soon drift off into a deep sleep.

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Follow Komi

You see Komi and that girl walk off into the tree line near a low hill. You're feeling a bit hurt that he was so nice to you last night and now he just walks away like it was nothing. Well, you need to find out what might be going on. Maybe you're just reading too much into it. You walk out of the surf, put your shorts on and make your way in the same direction that you saw them go. As you get to the edge of the trees, you see a narrow path that skirts between the hill and the jungle. You follow the path for about five minutes before you hear some sounds coming from up ahead. Off to the right comes the growing roar of water and as you push past some trees you see a big waterfall crashing into a beautiful pool of water. Your attention is pulled away from the idyllic setting when a voice is heard. You move quietly and peer through the brush. Your heart sinks when you spy the young girl laying on a flat rock and Komi clearly having sex with her. She is moaning loudly and Komi is pounding himself in and out of her.

You can't believe it. He was just with you last night and you felt like there might have been something between you two. It was the first time you were intimate with someone else and it looks like he just needed someone to get off with. You can't watch this scene any longer and run back to the path with tears streaming down your face. First you lose your family and now you lost someone who you thought cared about you. Halfway back you find yourself facing Kojo. The boy steps up and tries to figure out why you're so upset. You blurt out everything that happened last night and everything you just saw. He, of course, cannot comprehend anything but lets you get out everything you have to say. Sobbing, you lean forward and hug him. Kojo embraces back and in that moment you can't imagine that any friend your age back at home could hold you like this boy is.

After getting better composed you pull apart but Kojo reaches behind your neck and pulls you into a passionate kiss. You're surprised but lean in and kiss him back. Your tongues start to dance together as you remain locked in a moment of bliss. All this time you were falling for the older boy and Kojo was looking to be with you all along. Kojo points to the spot where you just came from and you hear him say Komi's name. You nod "yes" and Kojo starts to storm in that direction. You try to hold his hand but you can see he is adamant about going so you release him. Trailing a little behind you can see him walk with real purpose and round the corner toward the waterfall. A minute later you hear him yelling at his brother. He might be the younger one but he speaks with serious authority. Kojo reappears with a stern look on his face; he takes your hand and walks you back toward the beach. Just as you walk out of the tree line and onto the sand of the beach, Komi comes running up from behind you. He speaks quickly at you and sounds like he's pleading or possibly even apologizing. Kojo steps in between and fires back some words at his big brother who stares down at the ground. Komi looks back up in your eyes and says a word that you're almost certain means "I'm sorry". You wipe a tear away from the corner of your eye and nod your head to accept his apology. You're still feeling hurt but he appears to be sincere about the situation.

Kojo leads you away from Komi who walks toward the village area. You find yourself being brought into a rocky formation that has smoothed out steps leading up to higher ground. At the very top you are on a flat surface with a sweeping view of the beach and the surrounding area. It is near sunset and the beauty of this lush island leaves you speechless. Kojo sits down looking out toward the sun and you sit close to him. He takes your hand and leans his head on your shoulder. In the end this turns out to be a good day after all. You are enjoying the feeling of having Kojo against you and decide to lean over and kiss him on his head. He looks up at you and moves forward until your lips meet, falling into another deep kiss.

Kojo breaks apart, stands and drops his little loincloth to the ground. You look around wondering if anyone can see you both up here. He laughs a little at your constant concern of being naked with another boy. You stare at his hard dick and then he puts his hands on his hips shooting back a look that says, "well, are you going to take off your shorts or what?" You shimmy your shorts and boxers down while staying in a seated position and this makes Kojo laugh even more. He gets down on all fours and crawls over to you. You chuckle at his playful act but that laughing stops when he sinks down and engulfs your dick in his mouth.

You moan out loud, feeling his tongue work itself around your hard on. You've never experienced a blowjob before and the feeling is beyond words. Kojo must have done this before because he really seems to know what he's doing down there. You lean back and let this boy slide his mouth up and down repeatedly. You feel that familiar tingling start building inside you. Kojo lifts up and shifts himself around into a sixty-nine position. You suddenly find yourself facing his hard dick and you get the idea of what he wants as he lowers himself. "Fair is fair" you think and open up to take in his dick. It doesn't really taste like anything and you try and mimic everything he's doing to you. It's not long before you both get into a rhythm and your mutual pleasure is reaching a peak.

You don't know if you need to warn him or not but you can sense there's no going back at this point. A few more laps from his tongue and you explode with the best orgasm you've had in your short life. A couple spurts of clear fluid shoot into Kojo's mouth making him moan with satisfaction. You keep sucking and licking and swirling with all you've got and can only hope that you're doing a good job. Kojo expertly turns himself around while keeping his dick in your mouth. He straddles your face and begins to hump you all on his own. You keep your lips wrapped around him, letting him slide his dick along your tongue. He really picks up some speed and sweat glistens on his chest. His eyes squeeze shut and his dick pulses in your mouth followed by a few jets of his own boy seed. You swallow the sweet liquid and give a few last licks on the head of his dick.

Kojo rolls back onto the flat stone surface and stretches out his lean naked body. After getting dressed, you both walk hand in hand down the side of the rocks returning to the beach.

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Keep Playing

"Fine. Let him go away with some girl." You think to yourself. You feel hurt as you see him walk away and you can't stop some tears from rolling down your cheeks. Kojo steps closer and sees your upset face. He looks out to the distance and sees his brother with the girl. You're not sure if Kojo knows what sort of feelings you had for his brother but he seems to get angry that your feelings were hurt and starts to stomp out of the water. You don't want this to get out of control so you grab onto his arm and shake your head muttering, "no"

Kojo points out toward his brother and speaks with a raised voice, but you just pull him back toward you and indicate that you want to stay and play with him and the other boys. He seems to relent and puts his arm around you. You feel good that this boy was about to go defend you even if it was from his own brother.

Your mood gets lighter when you and the other boys horse around in the waves and build little towns in the sand along the shore. The four of you take turns burying each other in the sand. One of the nine year olds being buried whispers something to the other who bursts out laughing. You and Kojo look at each other curious as to what is happening. The boy out of the sand starts putting sand all around his friend and appears to be making some sort of mountain near the center of the other boys' body. It almost looks like a volcano shape. He carefully digs open a center hole like it really is a volcano and leans over to whisper at his friends ear. The buried boy looks to be really concentrating and suddenly a stream erupts from the volcano!

"He's peeing!" you scream out.

The other boy and Kojo explode into fits of laughter. The stream of pee is firing straight up and then sliding down the sand mountain. The young boy standing on the outside runs over and starts peeing down at the mountain, which has practically dissolved into nothing at this point. The buried friend starts laughing as he gets peed on and you are practically crying with laughter.

The wet pee boy climbs out of the sand then runs over and hugs you. You can smell the sandy pee pressed up against you and you push him off and start running away. The boy turns around with outstretched arms and chases after Kojo who also starts to flee. His friend grabs a hold of the boy and marches him over to the boat like he's captured then sits him down. You and Kojo walk over and the standing nine year old tells Kojo something causing him to cover his mouth a little shocked. Kojo turns to the seated boy who is nodding his head excitedly. Kojo brings you next to him and makes a gesture like he wants you to pee.

You give him a wide eyed expression and say, "Really?! He wants us to pee on him?"

You look down and the boy has a huge grin on his face and a stiff little penis standing up. "Wow, I think he totally likes this"

Kojo is the first to get a stream going and pees all over the boys' chest who starts laughing. You soon join your friend and the boy is getting soaked but still laughing giddily. Most of the sand has washed off him and he starts to masturbate himself with the pee. You would not have thought it before but the scene in front of you turns out to be kind of hot.

A few last drops fall as you and Kojo finish up and just watch as the boy really starts working his little dick. The other nine year old is now openly jerking himself too and you can feel yourself start to get hard. Kojo pulls you down and the four of you are leaning against the boat masturbating. You think it's awesome that these younger guys are already learning to jerk off when you only learned about a year before.

Pee boy has his eyes close and is really pounding himself when he lets out a short cry and you watch his dick pulse a couple of times. The second nine-year-old shudders soon after with his own dry orgasm.

You can feel yourself building up a nice release as your fingers really work the spot just under your dick head. Kojo mutters something and the two boys rush over to watch him. He leans up on his knees and grunts as his dick spits out a few squirts of clear liquid onto the sand. The younger kids look impressed.

Watching all this really gets you horny and you start to get that familiar sensation deep inside you. The other three boys gather around you waiting for you to finish. The kids are leaning down really close to your dick and Kojo moves his hand down, grabs one of your butt cheeks and squeezes.

You yell out, "I'm gonna squirt!" and your dick fires two volleys of thin sperm. One of the boys presses his finger against the tip of your dick and rubs the wetness around.

Kojo looks really happy to have shared this moment with you and you're glad too.

You all rinse off in the ocean and put some clothes back on. Kojo leads you back up toward the village.

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You make your way back to the village and as you enter the center area it seems like there is some commotion going on. People suddenly start pointing at you and shouting.

You see Kojo and Komi's dad rush over to you and with his limited English vocabulary he says, "Kevin...come!", then grabs your hand.

He is practically dragging you as he steps up to a motorcycle that looks like its seen better days. He hops on, kicks it to life and signals for you to climb on. The whole thing is happening so fast but you get on the back and feel Kojo climb on behind you. Dust kicks up as the dad zooms off onto a dirt road to parts unknown.

The motorbike is weaving its way around other cars and even a few animals that are just wandering the road. You hold on tight and can feel Kojo leaning up against your back. Exotic trees and roadside stands rush by as you make your way through the island. Eventually the dad slows into a busy marketplace near an area with all sorts of docks and various ships. Everyone dismounts and Kojo's dad takes your hand leading you through a bustling crowd.

As you get past the dense group of people you stare across the street in shock. You wonder for a moment if you are dreaming when you see your own father standing there.

"DAD!" you scream to him and start sobbing with joy. Your father has some kind of bandage wrapped on his head and his eyes burst with tears at the site of you. He runs across and holds you in a strong embrace.

"What happened? Where were you?!" you say to him.

He pushes your hair back to get a good look at you and replies, "Oh Kevin. We've been desperately searching for you since the boat capsized. I can't believe we found you again"

"Dad, this is my friend Kojo. He and his brother and family helped me so much. This is their father" There is so much you want to tell your own father about the experience you had and begin to realize that this might be the last time you'll see any of your new friends again.

Do you say your goodbyes to Kojo and his dad now?

Do you beg your father to go back to the village with you so you can see everyone one last time?







Say Goodbye

Your father hugs Kojo's dad and thanks him repeatedly for taking care of you. You can see he offers the dad some money and the other man tries to push it away but eventually accepts it. You turn to see heavy tears in the eyes of Kojo who understands that you are about to leave. He gets close and hugs you tightly. You can hear a few soft sobs and can't help but cry some more yourself.

You look around the area for something and tell your Dad to wait, that you'll be right back. You grab Kojo's hand and take him toward a small little shack by the edge of a dock and then walk around to the far side. You press Kojo up against the wall and kiss him slow and sensual. His eyes close and he wraps his arms around your neck. Your tongues caress each other like long lost lovers. When you break apart you tell him that you love him and he speaks back the same words to you in English, certain that he understands.

As you head back your Dad notices that you are holding hands with Kojo but says nothing about it. You make your father promise that you will return again some day to visit and he agrees.

Walking away you look over your shoulder one last time and see Kojo waving goodbye.








A Final Goodbye

Your dad looks like he's ready to head out when you grab him by the shirt and beg him to take you back so that you can say goodbye to everyone who rescued you. Looking in your eyes he can see your sincerity and he agrees that it's probably the right thing to do. Your father has a car with a local driver who speaks to Kojo's dad to get directions.

You get Kojo to come with you in the car and you both sit together in the back seat. Kojo is really excited and by the way he's acting you don't think he's ever gotten to take a ride in a regular car before. The driver puts on the air conditioning and it is so refreshing to feel cool air again. The ride is way smoother than on the motorcycle and you make it back to the edge of the village. Back outside you lead your father into the trees and he's impressed at how well you've adapted.

Komi and his mother head over to meet your dad and it feels like a big reunion. Lots of over village people congregate around and you can sense how happy people are that you are being reunited with your family.

Kojo and Komi take you back to the house while the adults try and talk to each other some more. They take you upstairs to the loft and you can hear them talking about something. Komi goes off to the side and returns holding out their beat up ball that you first played with together. He hands it to you and you try and push it back to them, telling them that they don't have to give you anything. Komi seems to insist and you take it with a nod and some tears falling down your face.

Kojo can't contain himself anymore and he hugs you tight, letting out quiet sobs. Komi tries to be strong but you see him wipe some water away from the corner of his eyes. You open up to bring him in to a three-way hug.

After you separate, Komi climbs down the ladder and before you get to head down, Kojo pulls you back and locks you in a deep kiss. You lean into him and your tongues intermingle. His hand snakes itself into your shorts and rubs your dick one final time.

You all head back outside and say a last goodbye but not before you make your dad promise that you will get to return and visit everyone again some day. Back in the car you face out the back window and see everyone waving to you. Komi and Kojo have tear streaked faces and you look forward to the day that you will see them both again.