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Shovel in Paradise

By Ero Writer

William Davis stared at the horrific length of his snow-hidden driveway, while zipping up his thick winter jacket. He stood at the front door in awe over the massive heap of heavy flakes that had fallen the night before, and kicked his stiff boot into the blinding substance to feel its weight. "Shit," he thought to himself, while pulling his gloves tight over his fingers.

The echoing pitch of metal against concrete burned William's eardrums as he ploughed the shovel across the stairs, working his way towards the dreaded double-lane driveway; if up close, a person could hear him cursing his father's name for thinking a two car garage was a good idea. William begged to differ. He was only thirteen. Therefore, felt it unfair that he should have to clear a driveway that he wasn't able to use, and the worst part was that his parents only owned ONE vehicle.

Shaking his head, William tossed a large, square-shaped scoop of snow into the yard, and then dropped the blade of his shovel back against the concrete. He slid the metal to the centre of the driveway, glared with narrowed eyes across the snow, and then darted as fast as he could towards the street.

"Hey-watch it!" screamed a very squeaky and panicked voice.

William looked over to the voice, his shovel buried in a mound of snow, to see a younger boy of about ten covered to his knees in the heavy pile; his cheeks were red from the cold, and his short blond hair was standing up in a few places on top of his head. "Wow dude, I'm sorry!" blurted William in surprise, "I didn't see you crossing."

The boy peered down at his legs then over to William's shovel, "It's okay. I still got my feet - I think."

William let go of the shovel's handle and stepped into the pile of snow, "Here let me help you outta there."

"It's cool, I got it," replied the boy, in a moan of independence, as he threw out his arms to stop William from coming closer.

"Okay, all right," William stepped back from the boy, "I'm sorry."

Awkwardly leaning to his side, the boy fell to his knees and rolled out of the mound, and onto his butt. William pressed his lips together to muffle his throat from its threatening giggle, so that he wouldn't offend the boy anymore than he already had, "You okay?"

The boy looked down at himself, brushing the snow from his jacket, and then gazed up at William to portray his obvious embarrassment, "I think so."

"That's good... So, you got a name?"

"Yeah, do you?"

William grinned at the boy's reply then offered out a hand to help him up, "I'm William, you?"

"Connor," replied the boy as he reached his hand out to take William's.

"You live around here Connor?" William looked down the street in the direction of Connor's footprints, "I don't remember seeing you around here before."

Leaning over to dust off the sticky snow from his soaked jeans, Connor cleared his throat "Yeah. Well kinda. I live about two blocks down the street." the boy turned his head and pointed down the street, "Straight down there, just after Grisly."

William bent forward to look down the street as if he could see the house from a quarter-mile away, "Cool - so what brings you down this way so early?"

Connor's eyes turned back to the street as if looking for a means of escape, "Got locked outta house."

"Really? Aren't your parents home?"

"Nah," Connor turned back to William, keeping his eyes to the ground, "They went on a second honeymoon for their anniversary and left me with my sister for the weekend." Kicking at the remnants of snow on the driveway, Connor lifted his gaze back to William, "She got pissed 'cause I said I'd tell Dad that she let her boyfriend spend the night - so she ended up throwing me out; said not to come back 'til I change my mind."

"She wouldn't even let you get a hat, huh?" William thought out loud, as his eyes kept drawing themselves to the boy's cowlicks, "So, you're not gonna change your mind?"

"No way, she's gonna get it!"

"Well... Why didn't you just lie to her?"

"I tried," explained Connor in an angry tone, "she won't answer the door."

"Can't you go wait at a friend's house?" suggested William while collecting his shovel.

"I tried that too. No one's answering their doors, so I figured I'd just walk around to keep warm."

William poked at some snow with his shovel as he looked at Connor's wet pants, "Guess I didn't help much - got you all wet."

Connor looked down at his half frozen pants, "It's okay, I'll be fine."

Sliding the shovel into the pile of snow that had once held Connor captive, William turned from the soaked boy, "You know... You could hang out here until you can get back in your house you know."

Connor watched as William tossed a scoop of snow into the yard, "I dunno - I don't really know you all that much."

"So?" William turned back to Connor, "I got you all soaked, and if you can't get into your house you're gonna freeze to death. That's my fault. At least come inside to warm up a bit."

Connor turned his head in obvious reluctance, "I dunno, I'll be fine."

"Too bad," William decided, "You're coming in. Just let me finish up the driveway and then we can go warm up with some hot chocolate."

A smile notched the side of Connor's cheek as he shyly lifted his gaze to William's, "And a sandwich?"

William laughed at the unexpected bargain while scooping at the snow, "Deal."

"So..." Connor turned his head towards William's house, "Got an extra shovel?"

"I dunno - maybe. If there is it'll be in the garage."

"Wanna go check? I'll give you a hand," offered Connor.

"Go ahead," dared William, looking over to Connor and nodding back at the house, "Just go in the front door, and right to your right there's another door that'll get you in the garage."

"Uh," Connor stared at the front door, "Can't you do it?"

"Don't worry; no one's around - it'll be fine."

Connor backed away from William and nervously stared at the house, "I don't really feel right just walking into someone else's place."

"I'm right here, if anyone says anything just tell them I sent you for a shovel."

Connor's right eyebrow lifted over his widened blue eye as he turned back to William, "I thought you said no one was home." "Yeah," giggled William, "I lied. Just go."

William bent down and grabbed a heap of snow then chucked it at Connor. "Ow, hey!" whined Connor as he threw his arms out in front of him to guard his face, "Okay, I'm going."

With a mischievous grin on his face, William rolled up another ball of snow, and chucked it at Connor, who was slowly climbing the step in front of the house, hitting him right in the rump. Connor's eyes bulged as his hips thrust forward, and swung his hands against his backside. "Sorry!" said William through a snicker.

"Cut it out!" Connor warned, while he patted the seat of his pants to see how wet it had become, "It's your furniture I'm gonna be sitting on!" Realizing that Connor had risen a valid point, William thought for a moment, shrugged, and threw another one. Connor heard a thud beside him, and a spray of ice particles showered his face. He glared back at William, who was preparing another snowball, and quickly jumped inside the house.

Closing the door behind him, Connor wiped his feet and looked around. In front of him was a hallway; in its centre was a stairwell, and across from that was an entrance to living room. Farther down, at the end of the hall was the kitchen, but just before that was a door that was positioned underneath the stairs. Connor examined the rows of pictures that were hanging from the walls, and then he turned to his right to see the door that would lead him into the garage. Wiping his feet once more, he grabbed the door's handle, turned, and walked inside.

Looking at a big blue car, parked only several feet in front of him, Connor then panned his vision across the strangely tidy garage. The walls were hidden behind rows of shelves and cabinets, except for a small section tucked away in a corner. The echoes of William's shovel bounced off of the garage door and spun around the room as Connor circled the vehicle, but when he got to the corner there was no shovel to speak of. He then turned and studied the cabinets, hoping to guess which one may be holding a tool which he could use. However, his head got the best of him, and he couldn't make himself to start snooping.

"Forget it, I'm done," said William, announcing his presence.

Connor jumped, and whipped himself around in a fright, "Don't do that!"

"Do what?" William smiled, then pushed the door open a bit more, "Come on, I'll make you that sandwich."

Connor removed his boots and jacket then followed William into the kitchen where he sat down at a small table. William went straight for the kettle and then to the sink to fill it up, and while the water flowed into the kettle he turned his head in Connor's direction; Connor's hair still stood up on end, mainly at the back of his head, but there was a small section above his forehead which displayed a gentle rise and twist of his sandy blond, partially-damp hair, which made it look almost as brown as William's. He wore a loose fitting t-shirt, which was blue and had a large picture of a question mark in its centre, and then there were his jeans. William guessed they would be a light blue, maybe denim, but they were so wet that he couldn't quite tell.

"What kind of sandwich do you want?" asked William, as he plugged the kettle into a socket on the wall.

"Peanut butter's fine."

"Jam too?"

"Yeah," nodded Connor.

"Chocolate sauce?"

Conner turned his head toward William, unsure if he was disgusted or intrigued, "What?"

"It's good, honest," said William with a smile, "You should try it," he then opened the fridge and rummaged for the needed ingredients, "Tell you what - I'll make you one with the sauce, and if you don't like it, I'll just make you a fresh one."

Connor tilted his head and nibbled at his lower lip while thinking, "Okay, but it better be chocolate sauce! The last time I said yes to a chocolate sandwich it turned out to be this nasty stuff called Marmite," Connor shuddered at the thought, "It's not Marmite is it?"

"Uh," William held out the container of chocolate sauce, "I don't even know what Marmite is," he assured him.

"It's some British spread that my dad likes. It looks like chocolate when it's on bread, but it tastes like spicy dog crap."

William chuckled in disgust as he smeared a heavy layer of peanut butter on a slice of white bread, "That's disgusting dude! You should get some for you sister."

"Hey," Connor smiled a plotting smile, "That's not a bad idea!"

"Haha, of course it isn't - I'm smurt."



"What? You're confusing me," giggled Connor as William placed the sandwich in front of him.

"Good," William turned back toward the Kettle, and opened a cabinet, "You like 'em with or without marshmallows?"

"Big or small?"


"Then big, if you got'em," decided Connor just as William pulled out a large bag of marshmallows.


Dropping a couple of mugs onto the counter, William poured two packets of hot chocolate into each mug, followed by a generous portion of chocolate syrup.

"Hey this is pretty good," complimented Connor through a cheery hum.

"Heh, told you you'd like it," said William, placing a mug in front of Connor, "Bet you like this even more though."

William watched as Connor put down his sandwich and reached for the mug. There were two marshmallows that had almost completely melted to the surface of the drink, which formed a dangerous barrier between Connor's lips and the boiled water. However, Connor knew the drill and poked a hole into the marshmallow with his finger, and then swirled the liquid around in the mug to release some of its heat. After a couple of gentle blows, Connor took a slow, careful sip of the drink; his eyes opened wide, and his tongue begged for more the moment the thick, rich liquid touched his tongue, "Dude this stuff rocks! Seriously, I can feel my teeth rotting already!"

"Haha, nice. It is pretty good isn't it."

"God, you can almost eat it!"

"Well," William looked down at the mug in his hand then looked up at Connor, "I wouldn't go that far."

"Hey, I thought you said your parents were home," realized Connor as he peered around the room.

"They are. Mom's probably down in the basement working, and my Dad's probably still sleeping off last night's bowling game."

"Oh - what's your mom do?"

"She's a therapist - works with old people. Dementia, schizophrenia, that kind of stuff," William explained.

"So, you have a crazy old guy in your basement?"

"No," William rolled his eyes and snickered, "She just reviews their sessions and stuff. The crazy people stay at the nursing home."

"That's cool," mumbled Connor while shoving the last morsel of sandwich into his mouth.

"So Connor, how old are you anyway?" asked William, "I can't decide."

"How old do you think I am?" smiled Connor.

"Ummm, judging by your looks - I'd say... God I suck at this - 11?"

"Nope," replied Connor, smacking his lips as he finished his drink, "Ten."


"No foolin'," Connor placed his mug down on the table, "Honest."

"Hmm, never had a friend that young before."

"I'll be eleven in a few months though."

"It's okay. I don't care that you're younger than me. I was just curious, that's all," explained William.

"What about you?"

"Me? I just turned 13, had my birthday last week actually."

"Cool, did you get anything good?"

"Yeah, a few video games, a couple movies, and some clothes."

"Cool, what games did you get?"

"Devil May Cry, Alone in the dark, and Army of Two," William listed, with his eyes directed to the ceiling as if forcing his memory.

"Really? Awesome! My parents won't let me play any of those - can we play'em?"

"Heh, yeah sure," William stood up and gathered the dishes, "Lemme just rinse these off first."

William followed in behind Connor, looking up at the boy's soaked pants as they climbed the stairs. "Dude, you're soaked - you want to borrow a pair of pants 'til they dry?" offered William.

"I'm okay - they look worse than they are," Connor assured him.

"Well okay, but if you change your mind just let me know."

"I will - which room is yours?"

"Right at the end of the hall to your left."

Opening the door, Connor studied the room; it wasn't huge, nor was it tidy - but the TV was a decent size and the bed looked comfy enough. Connor stopped and thought for a second, "Uh..."

"What's wrong?" asked William as he dropped down on his bed.

"I'm soaked, remember? I don't want to get your bed all wet."

"It's cool, don't worry about it," William assured the boy, while patting his hand down on the mattress for, "Come on, have a seat."

Connor remained still, obviously nervous, as his eyes avoided all directions, "Uh... maybe I should change - I might be a little wetter than I said I was."

"Haha, all right," William jumped back up from the bed and crossed the room to his dresser, "Shorts okay? Maybe sweats? I figure something with a string would be better, right? My waist's a bit bigger than yours."

"Whatever you got - where can I change?"

"The bathroom's right across the hall," said William as he chucked a pair of sweatpants over to Connor, "Try those. They're a bit tight on my so they'd probably fit you fine."

"Thanks," Connor forced an awkward smile, and turned back to the hall towards the bathroom.

William turned on the TV and threw a game into the console, and then resumed his seat on the bed. As he gathered the controllers and watched the game's opening video begin to play, Connor re-entered the room with his wet pants on his shoulder, wearing William's baggy old sweatpants.

"So, do they fit?" asked William, looking over at the boy's thin waist as he attempted to hold the worn fabric of the old, gray sweats up.

"Good enough," replied Connor, "Where should I put these?"

William looked up at Connor who was holding the damp jeans out in front of him, "Uh, give'em here, I'll see if I can hang them over the air vent."

"Good idea," smiled Connor as his eyes met the TV, "What game is this one?"

"Uh... Army of Two - You're gonna love it, honestly, it's nuts!"

Connor made his way over to the bed and sat down, with his eyes glued to the screen as he watched the multiple explosions, along with gunfire, blood, and more explosions, "Wow, I can't believe your parents let you play this stuff."

"That's probably only because they don't realize how brutal they are," William said proudly, "They never look at the rating or nothin'."

Grabbing a control, Connor pressed start, and then waited for William to get ready. He looked down at himself, wearing someone else's clothes, and sitting on their bed. Something about the situation made him feel weird, like a sense of vulnerability mixed with excitement.

William had placed Connor's pants on a hanger, and had managed to balance it on a thumbtack just above the hot air vent. Feeling partially proud of himself, he smiled and went back to the bed where he sat next to Connor.

"You any good at shooters?" asked William, picking up a controller.

" Yeah, I play Halo a lot; oh! And that old James Bond for the 64. That one's so awesome - DK mode almost makes me piss my pants."

"Haha, yeah I'm with you there. I haven't played that in a long time; don't even think I still have a 64."

"I do," said Connor, almost bragging, "Maybe you could come down and play it some time."

"Sounds cool," agreed William, "But - your parents won't care that I'm older than you though will they?"

"I don't think so, never really brought home someone older than me before."

"Oh... well I guess we'll find out at some point."

"Cool," Connor looked back up at the screen, "Ready to go?"

"Yup, just hit load your guy and hit the 'A' button."

William spent the next hour-and-a-half protecting Connor from dying; and although normally he'd be frustrated with any other friend, he found Connor's giggling and screaming and random jumping into the air to be more than amusing, which made up for not accomplishing anything.

"Crap!" screamed Connor, jumping up from the bed, "Help!"

"Haha, calm down. I'm right behind you," chuckled William, "Watch out for those guys on the bridge." Connor jumped again, thrusting his arms forward and leaning his controller in the direction he wanted to go, "Dude you all right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"No reason..." William smiled at Connor's fright which had caused the boy to lean right up against William's side.

Peering over at the boy, William playfully nudged his elbow into Connor's side. Connor glanced up down at William's arm and realized how close he had gotten, "Oh, sorry," he apologized and scooted away.

"It's okay, no harm done. I was just messin' with you."

"Well in that case..." Connor dropped his controller and shoved William, just hard enough to make his elbow make contact with the mattress.

"Oh, so you wanna play, huh?" said William behind an evil grin as he slowly placed his controller on the floor.

Connor smiled and eased his way back from William, "Okay - okay I'm sorry, I crossed a line, I'm sorry," he begged, holding his arms out defensively. "AH!"

As Connor screamed and jumped back into the bed, William dove on top of him and snatched Connor's wrists in his hands, "You're what?!"

"I'm sorry!" Connor pleaded, as his hands flew back against a pillow, "I'm sorry!"

William's smile grew as he gathered Connor's wrists under the grip of one hand, and began poking at the boy's sides, "What was that? I can't hear you?"

"AH!" cried Connor, "I said I'm SORRY!"

Wrapping his legs under Connor's ankles and squeezing them together, William ploughed his free hand into the boy's sides and then around his neck. William then noticed that Connor's shirt had risen slightly, which was about the same time that Connor's giggles transformed into cackling pleas as he poking and prodded at the boy's stomach. Connor thrust his body in all directions, twisting and turning, hoping to escape. William stared down at boy with a devilish grin on his face, listening to Connor begging for mercy. Soon William sensed that Connor could laugh no more, which was remarkably discovered when the boy's laughter turned into heaving breaths. He looked at Connor's reddened face, buried beneath a smile, and lowered his gaze to the boy's stomach; it looked smooth and well defined. Not muscular, but trim and gently toned. The, slightly too big, sweatpants had lowered themselves just barely below the boy's hips, revealing his white briefs which had black trim and waist.

At first William thought nothing of it, but when he looked back up at Connor something seemed different. Their eyes met, Connor's eyes glimmered at a bright blue, and William's a heated auburn. He felt a strange glow rush through him, almost like a heat was being expelled from the pit of his stomach. Connor released a faint giggle as he playfully rocked himself from side to side like he was still trying to escape. William's prodding hand had now stopped its tickling, and was now resting lazily over the centre of Connor's belly; Connor's skin felt so smooth and warm underneath his palm that William's thumb began to gently slide itself back and forth.

William then released Connor's wrists, and placed his now free hand on the side of the boy's head, stroking his fingers through his hair. Connor remained still as he quietly stared up at William; when suddenly, a hand slid over his stomach and up his shirt, to his chest, as a thumb stroked the side of his forehead. He wasn't sure what to do, if he should do anything at all, so he lay unmoving as the strange sensation caused goose-bumps to flood across his body.

"You okay?" asked William, staring down at the boy below him.

"Mm hmm," replied Connor, revealing a faint smile.

Sliding his weight off of Connor, to his side, William's hand slid back down the boy's chest to his navel. His eyes became strangely obsessed with Connor's existence, and could not force himself to look away from the boy's small frame. William's hands then become curious, and his fingers stretched out to feel the texture of Connor's waistband. Sliding his fingers along the elastic's edge, William watched as his hand pushed farther. Just as his hand had settled itself on the cotton fibres of Connor's briefs, barely below the elastic, with his pinkie finger touching the waistband of the sweatpants, William looked up to see Connor looking right back at him, still sporting the same smile as before.

William then turned back to his hand, and curled his thumb underneath the band of the sweats. The warmth escaping through the cotton of the boy's briefs caused William's insides to tense and knot, as his eyes devoured the sight of the fabric below his hand. He then held his breath, and lifted the waist of the pants and tried to peer inside. Proving to be far too shadowed, William pushed the material downward, stopping just as the white of Connor's legs were revealed. Both of William's hands suddenly found themselves on either of the boy's hips, as their thumbs slid up and down against the fabric. They then crept inward, as William's eyes gazed in wonder at the slight mound between the boy's legs. His thumbs caressed the black, double hemmed fly, and then began to slowly travel farther down.

A faint gasp escaped Connor's throat as William's hand slid over the top of his groin, and then rested directly over top. William gently squeezed, feeling the boy's softness, and then let his fingers lightly stroke the boy's tiny length, which was no more than an inch long. His thumb and index finger placed themselves on either side of the miniature head of Connor's penis and pinched at it softly until his thumb began to circle the tip. Almost instantly, William noticed a change in size and density, so he turned back to look over at Connor's face, which was still red but his smile was fading to something deeper. "You still okay?" whispered William.

Connor's head lifted, and he peered down at William, "Yeah."

"You sure?"

"Mm hmm."

William smiled and leaned his head towards the boy and placed a gentle kiss on his belly, just below the navel, "How about now?"


Grinning, William bent farther down, lowered his head, and kissed the boy's abdomen, below the waistband of his briefs, "Now?" "Yeah."

Sliding his thumb along Connor's half-hard length then grazing it along the bottom of his cotton wrapped pouch, William leaned down and pressed his lips to the boy's cock and gently squeezed the hardening mass, "and now?"

"Mm hmm."

William widened his mouth, entrapping the boy's centre entirely, and squeezed once more, "and now?"


William's lips tightened, massaging against the boy's genitals as his tongue pressed against the cotton, soaking above Connor's scrotum, and circling his hardness, "and..."

"Uh huh."

Pushing himself up onto his knees, William grabbed either leg of the boy's sweatpants, and pulled them right off of Connor's body. He then slid his hands under the boy's shirt, and pulled it up over the boy's head and onto the floor.

Connor lay staring up at William, his creamy white skin contrasting against the black trim of his underwear, as his tiny bulge pointed upward in between the two black hems of his fly. William lowered himself back down, sliding his hands over the boy's bare chest, and then placed an unsure kiss on Connor's cheek. He waited for a moment, but Connor didn't react; so he did it again, only to get the same blank response. William slid his hand down the boy's stomach, and wrapped his hand over Connor's groin. He then looked the boy right in the eyes while leaning forward, and pressing his lips right over Connor's. His hand enveloped the boy's cock and began to gently stroke, but Connor's face remained dormant.

"Are you sure you're okay?" William asked while sliding his hand back up the boy's chest, "I can stop."

"No, I'm good," Connor assured him.

Looking down at the damp stop that he had created on the white cotton of Connor's briefs, William slid both of his hands to the boy's underwear and hooked his thumbs under the black waistband; then, looking up at Connor's expressionless face, turned his head and slowly peeled back the elastic.

"Wait," whispered Connor, "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"I don't want to be the only one naked."

William smiled and released Connor's underpants, and they snapped back against his waist. William pushed himself up onto his knees, grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt, and pulled it up and over his head; Connor stared up at his new friend's bare chest, partially tanned and slightly toned, as William reached for the button of his pants and snapped them open then pulled either side outward which lowered the fly. As this was done, William stared down at the boy, noticing his tiny bulge twitch from inside his briefs as he stared at William's bright-blue, boxer-briefs with a small skull-and-crossbones printed just off to the right of the fly; William then lowered his jeans, and rolled onto his back to slide them off of his ankles.

Connor's hand reached out and grabbed William's crotch, and squeezed his erect mass that pointed awkwardly up and to the left. He ran his small hand across William's length which was nearly twice as large as his own, perhaps a little over four inches, and quite plump. Grasping his hands at either side of William's underwear, Connor tugged them down anxiously, causing William's cock to catapult from his speeding waistband and slap heavily against his abdomen. Shivers spread across William's skin as Connor's hand wrapped around his exposed cock and began to stroke it firmly. Connor ran his pinkie finger through a few barely noticeable, little hairs which had gathered at the base of William's length while his remaining fingers cautiously pulled back the strange skin which partially covered the head of William's penis.

As the boy squeezed his hardened centre, a clear bead of fluid emerged from the very tip of William's cock which was promptly met by the boy's thumb and smeared over the reddened glands. William's hands reached for the sides of the boy's briefs, his thumbs sliding underneath the waist once again, and he slowly peeled them down. The pale white skin, almost as white as the boy's briefs, slowly came into view. The boy's stiffness snagged against the folded elastic of his underwear, but only for a moment, as William pulled the fabric up to and continued to slide the material down to Connor's knees. His eyes were glued to the boy's exposed centre. At a thin, short length, and a tight, little rounded pouch, both nestled comfortably between his legs and bare groin. The exposed head of Connor's circumcised penis pressed itself right against his lower abdomen, pointing upward, no more than two-and-a-half inches long. William smiled, and his face reddened as his fingers reached out and cradled the boy's small length. He rolled it around in between his fingers, and then turned to look up at Connor.

"How about now?"

Connor smiled up at William, his face red as well, "Mm hmm," he replied, while gently stroking the older boy's cock.

Lying down next to Connor, William turned his head and kissed the boy on the neck, check, and then lips, "and now?"

Connor just rolled his eyes as William drew away from him, stretched out his neck, tilted his head, and pressed his lips against the older boy's. William's insides shivered then knotted as his lips spread then pinched down at the other boy's. Their heads fell against the pillow, while William's hand cupped itself over the boy's crotch and began to massage its entirety. Connor wrapped his arms around William's neck then ran his hands down his back.

"What are you doing?" asked Connor, as William moved away from him.

William grinned back at Connor while slowly kissing down his chest and across his stomach. His hand released Connor's excitement where he then placed his index finger and thumb against the sides of the boy's tiny length, and then pointed it upward.

A faint whimper rolled out from Connor's lips as William's tongue pressed itself against the tip of his cock, accompanied by two heated lips. Pushing forward, William slowly devoured the boy's erection, and slid his tongue up and down its short length. A slight musk filled William's lungs as his nose tickled against the skin of Connor's tightened scrotum. His tongue encircled the boy's stiffened joy which felt strangely like a thick but soft latex that had been wrapped around dense modelling clay.

Connor placed his left hand to the back of William's head, while his right hand slid across the older boy's back, which then stretched itself over William's well rounded behind and greedily squeezed the soft flesh, causing the older boy to hum against Connor's sensitive skin.

William's mouth widened and consumed the boy's entire centre, slurping at his smooth, rounded scrotum. The boy's tiny fingers fell between the separations of William's cheeks, merely an inch from his opening, causing his cock to twitch and spasm against the mattress. Connor felt William's backside push towards his hand, which made his fingers slide over William's puckered centre. At that precise moment, William's lips pressed tighter and his tongue slid firmer, so Connor did it again with more force; he heard William softly moan then his mouth increased its speed. Connor smiled, and pressed his thumb against William's anus then pushed it inward. William's body jolted, due to a sudden sharp pain, which was then followed by a strange pressure heaving in and out of his behind. Realizing he had inflicted pain on William, Connor withdrew his entire hand, "Sorry," he blurted awkwardly.

"It's okay," William turned his head to Connor, "you can keep going if you want, just go in slower."

Connor nodded, as William turned back to the boy's glistening crotch, and placed his hand back over the older boy's rump. He ran his fingers against the skin, and down along the crack. His small finger tickling the back of William's hanging balls, which caused them to tighten. Connor then circled his middle finger against William's entrance, and slowly pushed it inside. However, the moment his first knuckle had entered, Connor's finger accidently slid inside entirely. He froze and looked down at William, looking for any signs of pain. Instead, William pushed back on the hand, and ground his hips into the mattress.

William gazed down between the boy's spread legs, as his head bobbed up and down, watching his saliva slowly stream down to the mattress. He then grabbed Connor's legs, lifting them so that his knees were in the air, and wrapped his arms underneath. His hands then grabbed the boy's beautiful mounds and spread them apart. William gazed down at the boy's glistening hole; the moisture of his saliva had created a tiny stream which rolled down the boy's crack, caressed its centre, and then trickled down to the sheets below. William's finger reached for it, and tenderly circled the rounded pucker, watching as it pressed against the boy's muscle and spread the liquid across its opening. As he continued to do so, the boy's anus would slightly expand and contract to the movement. Sudden desire urged against William's mind, and his lips pressed themselves into the boy's soft and moist crevice. He placed a heated kiss against the sensitive skin, feeling the twitch of Connor's erection against his chest, where he then slid his tongue along the boy's softness, and allowed it to slowly dip inside.

The taste was nothing like he had expected: slightly metallic and bitter, but in a strangely inviting way. It was so warm and silky that William's tongue had easily slid deep inside of the boy, causing Connor to gasp, and push down against William's face.

His mind scrambled with urgency as his hips pressed harder and harder into the sheets of the mattress, until he could take no more; William rose up from the boy and turned around. Connor looked up at him in confusion, watching the older boy gaze down at his body; before he knew what was happening, William had grabbed his hips, and flipped him over onto his stomach. William looked down at the boy's beautiful mounds; they sloped upward from a curve in his back, both cheeks plump and round, followed by a gentle fold at the bottom of either buttock which connected to his legs. William placed his hands against the flexing bubbles, massaging his palms into them, and then spreading them apart.

"What are you...?" Connor felt William climb over top him, followed by something prying in between his cheeks, "...doing?"

Feeling something poking against his tightening hole, Connor dug his face deep into the pillow. William pressed his thumbs against Connor's moist entrance on either side, and carefully pushed them downward into the boy's flexing muscles. He then pulled his thumbs outward, stretching the boy's anus slightly, and peered inside the darkened tunnel.

William grabbed his stiffened length, and slowly lowered himself towards the boy below him. Pressing the slippery head of cock against Connor's entrance, he slowly pushed it forward. Connor felt a sharp pain surge throughout his body, and his eyes shot open, "No-no... Ow, it hurts," he begged, but when William looked up at him, the entire length mistakenly slid in, "AH!"

"Shit! I'm sorry," William pushed back with his hands, trying to quickly get himself out of the boy.

"No! AHH," the boy hissed, "Just wait."

William froze, and glared down at the boy's watering eyes, "You okay? What do I do?" But Connor didn't reply, so William remained still for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, William saw a smile stretch out in the corner of Connor's cheek. The boy rubbed his face into the fabric of the pillow, to wipe away the single stray tear that had decided to dry on his face, "Your twitching," mumbled Connor.


"You thing, it keeps twitching inside me," giggled Connor.

"Sorry, I tried not to."

"You can go again if you like," announced the muffled voice of Connor as he dug his face back into the pillow.

William felt his cock twitch the moment he heard Connor's words. He then lowered his face behind the boy's neck, and kissed it softly as his hips began to slowly rise and fall. He could feel his pelvis slightly bounce as it fell against Connor's plump behind; which was followed by a whispered groan, escaping from the pillow where Connor had planted his face, but before William could ask if he was all right, the boy pushed his ass back against him.

With a smile, William drew back then gently pushed back inside. Every thrust became more and more needed, which caused William's movement to speed up. Connor's throat groaned as William's lips pressed deep into the corner of his neck, where he then reached back for the older boy's hand, and directed it underneath his body, to his abandoned erection. However, instead of William complying, Connor felt himself being flipped over once again. William pushed the boy's legs upward, wrapping them under his arms, and then cautiously re-entered the boy; gazing down at him, watching the smooth child stroking his small cock, while he thrust his hardness deeper and deeper inside of the boy. William soon felt his insides ache and tingle at the same time. He grabbed the boy by his hips, and started to repeatedly pull back on the boy against his stiffened length. Connors smooth, white skin, glistening with a gentle sweat, as his reddened length bounced back and forth between his fingers. William's eyes grew large, and his body rapidly shook as he ploughed his hips hard into Connor's rounded flesh. Connor stared up at William in bewilderment, and watched as the older boy's eyes rolled back into his head as he dropped down to the bed.

"Holy crap," giggled Connor, as William slid out of him, "I think I'm leaking."

William turned his head and looked up at the boy, "You're what?"

"Leaking... it's warm."

"Oh crap!" William grabbed Connors hip, and turned the boy onto his side, "Whoops."

"Is it bad?"

"Well..." William had to stop and laugh, "I think I'm gonna have to try and wash these without Mom seeing them."

"That's bad," decided Connor, "Brown bad?"

"No, it's clear. Just lots."

"So... Okay good, I thought I crapped on you."

William chuckled and pulled the boy towards him, "Nah," he then stopped and thought for a moment, "So, will your house be as much fun?"

Connor's eyes blinked and glistened as he gazed into William's eyes, "Guess you're just going to have to wait and see."

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