If you have not obtained the age of 18, you should not continue reading this story. This story is fictional in all ways. If you find this material offensive, you shouldn't continue reading. In no way do the names in this story represent names of people in real life.

It was the first day of seventh grade. I was excited, yet nervous. Seventh grade meant you had to shower in front of the other guys after P.E. I was so apprehensive about getting hard in front of all the guys. But, I wanted to see all of my friends' cocks, as well.

I wasn't exactly sure if I was gay or not, but I didn't care.

I arrived at school at 8:15, which was thirty minutes before school actually started. The first person I saw when I walked in the door was one of my friends. His name was Cole. Before summer break started, he was a shorter than average person with pale skin. During summer, he had a huge growth spurt. Probably about 7 inches. He had even gotten a nice tan. My eyes lingered down to his crotch. There was a huge tent! He must have hit puberty during the summer.

Before I knew it, my cock was growing. In a few seconds, it was fully hard as well. We stood in the hallway staring at eachothers' tents.

Then Cole said nervously, "How was your summer?"

"Good," I replied. "How about yours?"

"I had fun." He responded.


That was the warning bell. It meant we had to go to our classes. My day was going good. My classes were boring, as usual, but I enjoyed the presence of my friends. Before I knew it, I was waiting in the gym for the P.E. teacher, Mr. Smith.

"Okay class. For our first day of school, we are going to do something fun. We are going to play kickball."

The class started to set up the kickball field. The game was exciting, and it ended in a 5-6 loss for our team. The class started running back to the shower room to shower up for the next class. Then I heard Mr. Smith yelling my name.

"Paul, Cole, come back here and help me put the kickball stuff away. I'll write you both a late pass to your next class."

Cole and I went back into the gym and started putting the ball and the bases away. When everything was picked up, Mr. Smith told us to go take a shower and come get a pass when we done.

Cole and I started walking to the shower room. We both got a towel, and then sat down on the changing benches. We both hesitated to strip down and begin shower. I looked over at Cole. He was so hot with his newly tanned skin. Oh crap, my cock was hard. Cole then took his shirt off. I looked at his crotch. He was hard too! Maybe he would understand about my hardness. I then took my shirt off. Next we took off our shorts. I glanced over at Cole in his underwear. Man, I wanted to fuck him so badly.

The only thing we had on was our underwear. We hesitated, but then pulled down the briefs off our legs. His cock was about the same size as mine. About 6 inches.

"Do you jack off your cock too?" Cole said.

I was so startled by his question. I had never talked about jacking off with another guy.

"Ya, I do it some..." I said.

That was a lie. I probably did it like 3 times a day. That is more than "some."

"Do you mind if I beat off now?"

"No, but I think I'll join you."

I can't believe I was saying those things. Just a few minutes ago I was too nervous to even take off my underwear!

We walked into the shower room and turned on the water. Then we sat down by eachother. We started to jerk off. I glanced off at him. He did it differently than I did. After a minute, my other hand seemed to be moving on its own accord. It reached over and started beating Cole off, too. Before I knew it, Cole's hand was stroking my dick. Then he rolled on top of me. We were insanely jacking off eachother's cocks. I loved it.

After a bit, our lips touched. He began to kiss me. Shortly, we were making out. My hands were exploring his body. They were on his sides, on his butt, and on his cock. Next we started to hump. In a few minutes, we were jacking off eachother again.

Then my hand was covered in a warm liquid. We were both cumming. We lay on top of eachother for a while then we got up.

I said, "So, are you gay. I think I might be."

"Ya, I think I might be, too."

"We have got to do that again sometime. Maybe you could sleepover some time and we could fuck again." Cole said.

"Yes, I think we should."

We walked back to our clothes. Before we pulled our briefs back on, Cole pulled me close in an affectionate kiss. We both sighed as we exited the shower room. Neiter of us wanted to stop our fucking.