The Sick Boy

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

The Sick Boy
By Larkin

This happened a long time ago when I was little.

Our Moms got together and decided that it would be a good idea if I came to visit Peter. I didn't really know him and I didn't really want to visit.
Peter had been out most of the school year with rheumatic fever and from what I had heard, he was sure to be left back.

It was winter and my mom bundled me with gloves, scarves and a stupid looking snow suit. Going out the door, I slipped and fell flat on my back.
I couldn't get up so my Mom had to help me back on my feet.

Once over at Peter's house, his Mom greeted me and helped me off with my snow clothes.
I was led into his room bearing candy gifts for a sick boy.
He was surprised to see me and was overjoyed to have some company.
He didn't look all that sick but being bedridden could not have been fun.

I didn't know what to think except that I thought he was sort of pretty.
He had wavy blonde hair and really blue eyes.
All he had on was a tee shirt and white underpants.
His bed was cluttered with books, toys and packages of cookies.
Rocky and Bullwinkle was on the TV.
I climbed up on the bed with him and helped myself to the cookies.
I was thinking, he's ok, even if he is sick.

We sat cross-legged facing each other.
I remember, I saw his penis through the stretched out leg hole of his under pants.
I looked up and realized that he knew what I was looking at him.
He smiled and did nothing to conceal himself.
I stuffed a cookie in my mouth.
He leaned back on his pillows and pulled down the front of his underpants.
His penis and little balls were totally exposed.
I tried hard to swallow my cookie but I needed milk.
Before my eyes, his penis went from a curved macaroni shape to a stiff and standing straight up cock.
He smiled at me and pulled down his foreskin to show me the pretty part.

When I reached out to touch it, he relaxed as if that was what he wanted all a long.
I looked around the room to see if I was going to be informed on by one of his stuffed animals.
He pushed his underpants down to his knees.

I admit, I was afraid and I let go and organized myself to leave.
Before I could, he climbed on me and put his lips to mine.
I found myself looking right into his blue eyes.
He pushed his tongue past my lips and into my mouth.
I felt his hand going down into my pants.
It encircled both my little scrotum and mini-cock.

He pulled away from the kiss and looking into my face, he said,
"Let me give you a boner and you'll feel different."

It was his tongue in my mouth that did it.
Tickly, sweet and yummy and he was right, my little cock got so stiff.
He slid down lower and put my cock in his mouth.
My natural impulse was to curve down, slide closer and suck on his stiff stiff boner.
It became a perfect sixty nine.

I owe him.
Never before had I been able to let go and do what I wanted inside.
I licked his balls and even his butt hole.
He showed me what lust was about.
Lust is sex.
Love is a modifier that can make it better but it's not required.

I must tell you here and now, more than anything, it was the kiss.
It made me love him.

This is the adventure of life that no one will tell you about.
It is precious and it is yours and yet people tell you, you have no right to it.

Love who you want and tell everyone else to fuck off.