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Silent Voices
A Love Story
by Benjamin J. Conner

Chapter 6


The next couple of days were a pretty normal summer time for the little patchwork family. Some splashing in the local pools or the river followed by biking, skateboarding and one or another short excursion together with Auntie Sharon. They got along pretty well and as a result of this, Ryan finally settled in and felt as comfortable as at home, smiling, laughing and not worrying about the past, which he had left behind in the U.K..

Enjoying the freedom so much, he simply tried to avoid any further trouble with Jason, disregarding the strong affection that he felt for his cousin. Fortunately, it worked and the two grew back together in their old brotherly way - still both recognized that something had changed between them in the last year not knowing how to adapt to these changes.

Jason was still struggling with what had happened on Monday and to this day felt the anger inside himself for acting so recklessly on his mate. He always wanted to be kind and faithful towards his cousin and never harm him in any way, because he longed to be closer to his `brother'. This call had become louder than ever, but also catchier for all the new feelings and physical sensations.

Having this in mind, the older of the two constantly thought about how to change track and was happy to have finally gotten an idea, how to make things work.


*** Four days later - Friday - 2nd of July 2004, 8:37 AM ***


After the last days that Sharon had taken off to be with her beloved boys, it was the early morning shift for her at the Inland hospital in Waterville, leaving at 5:00 AM - the little ones still asleep.

The three had agreed that they'd be visiting the Maine Academy of Gymnastics once more next week, to which the level 9 gymnast very much looked forward. But first of all, they planned to go camping tomorrow at the Bigelow Mountain Preserve for two days, which required a bit of preparation. More important, Independence Day was only 48 hours away and they wanted to join the local festival in the city center, with big fireworks and many different attractions they could enjoy. So a lot of fun things to come.

As boys are, they would first start thinking about it shortly before they would leave, and didn't waste too much time with planning. That was Sharon's job anyway. She had already made up her mind, where she would find all the tent and sleeping bags stuff. While she wrote a list of things to take with them, the boys slowly came back to life in their quiet home.


*** ***


Jason opened his eyes, feeling relaxed and well rested. He scuffed the younger boy lying still on his mattress next to his bed. Jay had wanted to sleep with him in one bed last night but had encountered a friendly refusal for known reasons - a slap in his face that he was not willing to take anymore.

So something had to change now. Considering the talk the boys had last Monday, Ryan had shown a strong courageous behavior and trusted his cousin very much with speaking up so honestly. Now, Jason had to show some bravery as well and it was his plan to be strong this morning, regardless of the outcome. Being the smarter of the two, Jay was convinced, that Ryan had to have the same, or at least similar feelings. Nothing else would have explained his behavior. So the taller boy was optimistic that his plan would work.

Ryan reacted to the scuffing with his usual grunting - he wanted to sleep a bit more and wake up on his own, only once. But since Jason was nervous for his plan, knowing that the two would be alone this morning, he couldn't sleep anymore.



"Are you awake?"

"Do you really believe I'd still be sleeping after all your kicking?"

"Sure, when you're tired, you can sleep even when a bomb goes off next to you."

Ryan turned his head towards his cousin and smiled - a good sign.

"Wanna get up?" asked Jason.

"If I have to..."

"Yes you have to! I'll go downstairs and prepare some breakfast - cereal?"

"Yep...Apple Jacks...NO wait...the other ones, how are they called, the chocolate bits?"



"Cool, I'll wait for you then!"

Ten minutes later the two boys were sitting in the living room, gobbling down the kid's breakfast stuff to some boring morning TV shows. Of course they were not using the dinner table as they had been asked to, but the couch which was so much more comfortable. And as any adult would have predicted without further assessment, some of the milk landed on the soft surface of the old and battered seating furniture.

"Gosh, are you blind? You are spilling milk all over the place - Mum will kill us," complained Jason.

"It's not my fault."

"Whose fault is it then - the milk's?"

"No, the spoon's. It's too small."

"I can get a ladle."

"You should rather get a cloth!"

"Why, it's your fault."

"Gosh, I'll go then," said Ryan with a bugged voice, putting the bowl on the coffee table with a little bit too much momentum, spilling even more milk over it.

Jason laughed out loud, "You are so useless!"

"Shut up! You poured too much milk in it! Your fault!"

The boys seemed to have fun and laughed about the incident, even though Ryan now had to clean up the mess he produced unwillingly, before they ate up what Jason had prepared.

"Now what?" asked the smaller of the two eagerly looking at his entertainer for any idea to plop out of his mouth.

"I have an idea."

"What is it?"

"I'll show you, but you have to do whatever I say."

Not only could Jason feel the tension building in his guts, Ryan also felt that there was something in the air, not being able to identify it properly.

"Okay, whatever you say."

"Good, follow me!"

Jay took Ryan's hand and led him upstairs, his heart beating louder than ever, questions popping up in his mind `Am I doing the right thing? Will this change anything? I hope, he'll not run away. Please God, make this be right!'


*** ***


Locking the bathroom door behind them, the younger boy was asked to sit down on the closed toilet bowl. Jason stood in front of Ryan and looked a bit doubtful, not saying any word. He didn't know how to start.

"What are we doing here, and why did you lock the door?"

"Just wait! This isn't easy."

"What isn't easy?"

The room was bright and warm, filled with all different scents of perfume, toilet cleaner and toothpaste, but also with uncertainty and excitement. Jason took all his courage in both hands and reluctantly took off his shirt, followed by his white socks, leaving himself only wearing his boxers. Slowly, the truth dawned upon Ryan, feeling unconfident if he liked what he sensed or not, with the unwanted results of their early week's talk still weighing strong on his shoulders.

"What are you doing," whispered Ryan, his veins filled with adrenaline and the first early waves of testosterone his young body was producing.

"Keep quiet, please!"

With shaky courage, Jason grabbed the waist of his underwear and slid them down, now standing in front of the younger boy as God had made him, naked, vulnerable, beautiful...trembling from the fuss, not knowing what to do next - his plan obviously not thought-out to perfection.

Ryan, with eyes wide open, was irritated. What was he supposed to do now? Looking at the so long hidden thing that he had wanted to discover, he questioned his cousin's motives, who now more or less tried to hide his nakedness behind his hands.

`What is he doing? Did I make him do that? Does he really want that? Are we feeling the same for each other or am I dreaming?'.

Instead of finding answers, Ryan asked "Can you pinch me?!"

"Why? You said you wanted to watch me shower...and here I am."

"You're doing this for me?"

"Do you see anybody else?"

That said, Jason looked down on his body as he felt his flaccid 3.9 inches penis rising from all the excitement. Of course he had expected this to happen but didn't expect it to be that embarrassing, even if it was only his cousin who had seen him naked at a couple of occasions - but he had grown since then and the sensations were completely new.

The younger boy dropped all his thoughts for the moment, while his eyes were glued to the very center of the body in front of him. He didn't know what to look at first. The clean and young chest, his arms or legs, his shoulders or tummy....no, he had seen this already every day. But fully naked was different, and there was something else calling for attention, something he was likely to inspect a bit more now.

Nothing was heard from outside, nothing was heard from the inside. Neither of the boys said a word - both looked at each other, watched the other's behavior, watched for any sign of discomfort or reluctance, encouragement or assurance.

Ryan couldn't resist any longer and looked at the round and tightly filled ball sack in front of him - it was larger and more voluminous than his own. The uncut and hairless, wonderfully shaped dick that was rhythmically pulsating from Jason's heartbeat asked for a closer view, but the younger one didn't dare to move - it would have been too obvious and that would have crushed the situation, which was extremely exciting for both.

Also exciting was to see the penis in front of him grow, slowly filling with the dark red elixir of life, leading to a constant change in size. It was enticing in a way none of the boys had ever experienced before and that, of course, had consequences. Only seconds later the 12-year-old's body started with a decent reaction in his own pants, which he would really loved to take care of now, but for understandable reasons avoided this activity.

Jason on the other side didn't understand if it was right or wrong for the silence of his observer. He noticed what was going on in Ryan's pants and hoped to see a reaction in his eyes, other than being wide open, but wasn't able to read him. Not knowing if his opposite really liked the situation or not, he bent over to pick up his boxers again.

"No, wait," said Ryan "what are you doing?"

"Putting my boxers back on."

"Why, you haven't showered yet?!"

"So you want me to continue?"

"Yes?! I mean, you watched me shower. I want that as well!"

"You saw me watching?"

Ryan nodded.

"But why didn't you stop then...you were...wanking."

"I've no freakin idea, but I want to watch you as well."

"But I'm not going to jack-off."

"Up to you," said the still dressed boy with a sheepish grin on his face, seemingly liking the situation. That was the needed reassurance for the 13-year-old. Dropping his underwear again, he headed towards the shower and stepped into the glass cubicle, turning on the hot water. His dick had grown to its full size in the meanwhile and was now hard like a rock - so was Ryan's who still didn't dare to move, only watch.

The following minutes were filled with unbelievably tempting moments. Reflecting water that ran over Jason's tanned skin, foam flowing down his body as he washed himself, not leaving out any spot of his vulnerable figure. Especially as he was retracting the foreskin of his dick to clean the glans, Ryan nearly freaked out from the stir, already pushing down his own hard pecker through the fabric of his boxers. It was like sex without touching - even better than the feelings they had sleeping together in one bed for the first time this summer.


*** ***


Ryan was totally out of his mind from the unexpected and marvelous experience he would have never dared to dream of. Jason was drying himself with a large towel and got used to being naked in front of his cousin now looking into the mirror combing his Justin Bieber haircut, even though not many people had known JB at the age of 10.

"And, did you like it?" he asked.

"I still don't get why you've done that...but yes, I liked it. Sounds weird, right?"

"Naah, not at all, although I've never done anything like that before - felt...curious."

"Curious like odd or good."

"More good, but having a boner so openly was a bit shaming. I mean, not bad in front of you, still somehow crazy."

"Ask me, I felt the same."

"I know. Is it okay for me to put my boxers back on now?" asked Jason after he finished drying and styling.

"You're not really asking me, right?"

"Why not, it's your show."

"My show? Well then, I want to you to walk around naked all day!"

Both laughed to that statement before Ryan concluded with a happy "Thank you!"

"Thank you? Now that sounds crazy. I have just taken a shower and you have accidentally seen me, right?"


With that excellently laid out explanation, both boys could accept this awkward but lovely morning exercise. Neither of them thought about any deeper meaning of it, but hoped to have made a step farther in their relationship - silently. Ryan was already imagining how it would be to shower together, but didn't dare to mention it.

Jason was ahead of his mind already, feeling as turned on as relieved from his approach - this time he did it! `Most probably because I kept my mouth shut,' went through his mind, while he was unlocking the bath room door, once again dressed.


*** ***


The day had started pleasurable, blue sky, no clouds, a wonderfully comfortable temperature and not to forget, the newly discovered openness. Nothing stood between the two boys anymore and Ryan was sure that he could fully trust his cousin, now that Jay had revealed one of the last secrets of his wonderful personality. Deciding that they would use the lovely weather and continue working on the tree house they began building last year, the youngsters armed themselves with hammers, nails, screws, saws and all the wood they could carry, heading for the riverside.

Not making a detailed plan of what they would be doing to finish the house, Jay started to fix wooden planks that would work as side walls to the floor they'd already installed a couple of feet above the ground.

While the hammering was heard everywhere in the vicinity, Jason remembered the secret Ryan wanted to lift some day.

"Hey, you wanted to tell me the secret we've talked about."

"What secret?"

"Why you stopped with gym?"

"Oh yeah. That was annoying," the young boy began, feeling more comfortable talking about it now, "there was this new boy in my gym class."

"What boy?"

"His name was Gareth Cooper."

"What about him?"

"He was a pretty cool guy. I mean not like you, but really cool."

"...and you liked him."

"Gosh Jay, shut up! I'm telling."

"Okay, okay, sorry."

"So, yeah, I liked him somehow. I liked looking at him, to be with him, same as with you...."

Jason put his hammer away, sat down on the edge of the floor and listened carefully.

"...and I don't know why, but he distracted me from being focused on my exercises. I never had that before. I felt strange around him, somehow...good."

"Like with me?"

"Well, not exactly, but similar. Anyway, one day we were in the showers and....I popped a boner from looking at him. I don't know what happened or why, but he started making fun of me and blamed me for being queer and so."

"Freakin asshole, that's embarrassing."

"I can tell. I was afraid that he would tell on me, but fortunately never did. I didn't want to see him anymore anyway."

"And THAT's why you quit with gym?"

"Yes, I felt ashamed and didn't know what to do. Haven't had anybody to talk to."

"You could have called me."

"Sure and risk to annoying you as well."

"I would have never been angry with you."

"So you say now."

"Hmm, okay I can understand that, but at some point you will have to go back to gym - I have seen you exercise, you love it."

"I really do."

"Okay, then I'll come back with you and beat the shit out of this asshole and you can go back."

"No need to, he's not the problem."

"But what is the problem then?"

"It's me. What if it happens again?"

"Who cares!"

"I do."

"I know, but at some point you have to overcome it - forget about the others and what they think!"

"Yeah....I will, some day."

The secret was told and there wasn't much to add so both remained silent, while a couple of minutes passed. Jason was trying to understand what the core problem was and concluded....

"So you like boys over girls?"

"Dunno, kind of...although I don't like it....it's weird?"

"Why do you say so? That means you don't like yourself."

"But what should I do, I feel excited around other boys and don't like girls...that's crazy."

"No it's not, I have no use for girls as well."

"To have no use for girls is different than feeling excited around another boy!"

"Yeah, but it's the same in my view."

"And...that means, you feel the same?" Ryan asked full of hope.

"Guess so."

The all so well known excitement for the meaning of what has just been said replaced despair, but Ryan wanted to know it exactly.

"Do you...uhm...feel...I don't know what it is, but I feel good when I'm with you. I feel...safe and...I like to look at you and be close and all that stuff."

Jason's heart jumped in happiness from what he heard - were his silent longings to finally come true? But once again by opening his mouth, he tried to act cool to give Ryan the needed assurance.

"You know what that's called?"


"It's love, dummy."

"OUCH....FUCK!" Ryan shouted out as he had hauled off with the hammer and hit his left thumb, being irritated from the big word `love'.

Jason jumped down from the tree house to look for his cousin.

"What have you done?"

"I hit my thumb...aaawwww...gosh that hurts."

"Show me!" said Jay, reaching out for Ryan's left hand "It's okay, not bleeding or so. You remember what I did when we were younger?"

"Yeah, you've done that a thousand times with Robbie. You kissed the pain away, just like your Mum, but I'm not a little boy anymore."

A second passed while their eyes met and Jason knew what he was supposed to do, slowly leaned in gently kissing the aching finger...once...twice...three times, before he looked up to see how his opposite's reaction was.


"Yeah," said Ryan feeling closer to his cousin than ever before with all they had gone through and all that has been said along the day, "and you really think, it's love?"

"I know it is, but don't worry, I guess I feel the same with you."

"What do you mean, WITH me?"

"When you said, you feel safe around me and that you like looking at me and so on. I feel the same with you."

"So in case this is love..."

"It is!"

"...then I feel...love for you?"

"Yep, and I guess I feel love for you, too. I wouldn't have showered in front of anybody else on this planet, believe me."

To say those words has been a real challenge for the youngsters. The words were more difficult to say to another boy than to your mother. Even though, both weren't sure about the deeper meaning, the words themselves weighed heavier than others as they passed their lips and therefore spread their meaning without concrete comprehension.

"Does that mean....we're gay?"

"No, of course not. We are like brothers, and brothers can't be gay. I mean they could, but aren't we supposed to love each other?"

"Oh yeah, right!"

What a wonderful conclusion, and a relief for both of them. Finally they were able to talk about their feelings - one other secret off of their shoulders. Knowing that, another moment of silence surrounded the boys and another satisfying talk completed - so open-hearted, so familiar, so meaningful and yet easing. Thousands of synapses fired off in both of their heads as all that had been said needed assessment for significance.

"I'm hungry," said Jason, dropping his hammer to the ground with a dull thud, "let's get something to eat!"

"I'm in."

With this good news, the boys walked back home and satisfied their hunger, once again gobbling down Sharon's already prepared sandwiches, before they would head back to continue their craftsmanship until Mrs. Campbell would come home and the preparation for their trip tomorrow would begin.


*** At the same time - Eastbourne - 2nd of July 2004, 5:12 PM ***


Susan was having the third sitting with her new shrink - not Dr. Clarke - and was sitting in the dark office talking about the loss she experienced 2001. It was obvious that she couldn't get the required, meaningful connection to him and was slowly becoming angry because of the repeated unjustified counsel to calm down and think realistic. The young psychologist seems to have less experience with such cases and Susan asked herself, why she was there at all.

"Do you have kids?"

"No, Mrs. Harris, but that's not important. I know how it feels."

"How do you know that if you don't have kids, not to speak of losing one?"

"Please, calm down. I'm not the enemy here. And I don't need to know how something feels. We are talking about the physical and emotional mechanisms and how to cope with them. That's a bit different."

"Is it really? Ok, I'll tell you something. You are constantly telling me what I should feel or not and don't give a damn about what's going on inside of me, inside my heart. I can't reply to my heart with this mechanisms shit. This is not helping me. I HAVE LOST MY SON AND MY HUSBAND AND THAT'S THE WORST THING ONE COULD EXPERIENCE. SO STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO THINK, PLEASE!"

"I know. Let's take a deep breath here."

"Yeah, I WILL TAKE A BREATH, but outside. I'm finished with this. Thanks for your time."

With a loud bang, she closed the door behind her and left the office, driving home, thinking about her son, both sons. The permanently missing one, Robbie and the temporarily missing one, Ryan, not being able to decide what was harder, losing one son forever or not having the one left, at her side. She was homesick from being without him and felt all alone, felt all the pain, all the anger the old ghosts were putting on her that she now seemed to have to fight on her own. Since her son had left, the stress doubled up - as if she had to carry his sorrows and worries on her shoulders as well as her own.


*** ***


"Hey Sharon!" said Ryan's mother holding the phone in her hands after dialing the U.S. telephone number as soon as she returned home.

"Hey Sue, how are things going over there?"

"Not so good. My new shrink is an asshole and I just quit. I'll have to find a way to make Ryan's psychologist mine - he's really good."

"Sure, why can't he take you as well."

"Policy reasons...I'm too involved into it or he knows too much from Ryan and may confuse things....I don't know."

"Perhaps he can make an exception?"

"Hope so. Listen I wanted to talk to Ryan, is he around?"

"Yes, he heard your name already - here is he."

Sharon handed the handset over to her foster-son, who happily grabbed it and went outside to have a little bit of privacy.


"Hey Baby-Bear, how are you?"

"I'm good, it's really cool here, as always. We have been swimming a lot this week, went climbing and continued building our tree house and tomorrow we are going camping...and then it's Independence Day on Sunday and there's a big festival here with firework and stuff like that. And guess what, we have visited Jackson in the gym. That was so mega cool and I trained with him a lot..."

"Wow, there's so much going on. That sounds like a lot of fun."

"It is, and even if I lost my balance a bit, I could still do most of the exercises, and...."

Susan felt relieved that her son was so happy over there and continued to listen to what he had to say. Hearing his voice was all she wanted at that very moment - it made her feel close to him, feel the love and happiness he shared whenever he was in the U.S..

"I guess you would talk for an hour, if I won't stop you right?"

"Yeah Mum, but I miss you."

"I miss you too, my love, I really do. That's why I wanted to hear your voice and make sure you're okay."

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Actually I love it. You know, it's like a second home here. And guess what....Jay and Sharon had a welcome gift for me."

"Oh wow, what was it?"

"It was my old crucifix necklace. You remember, the one I'd thrown away."

"No way, really? The one I gave you as you started school?"


"That is so cool. I love the idea of you being faithful in God again."

"I don't know....but I try to."

The talk continued for another 5 minutes and both chattered about what was going on here and there. A wonderful, satisfying talk that calmed Susan down as much as it worried her, because her son was so happy.

The memorable sentence Dr. Clarke had once said raced through her mind, `Love is the answer...the solution...the medicine Ryan needs'.

That was obviously, what he was getting over there from his aunt and cousin. This combined with the less turmoil he seemed to go through while being in the U.S., she honestly questioned if Ryan was better off without her. Even if it was a completely erroneous and saddening idea, the thought was still motivated by all the love she felt for her son.

Having this in mind, Susan opened a bottle of wine and drowned her memories and bad feelings in alcohol.


*** Back in the U.S. - 2nd of July 2004, 9:22 PM ***


After a couple of hours of preparation all items required for camping were packed, stuffed into backpacks or the car so that they could leave early after breakfast next morning. Lunch, which had followed the search and packing exercise, consisted of Sharon's trial and error Tandoori Chicken with rice - not as delicious as if Susan would have prepared it, but still enjoyable to both the pre-teens.

"So, my dearest boys, what are you up to now?"

Looking at each other, the youngsters shrugged their shoulders and decided to go upstairs for a shower. Working out in the woods and all the following activities had been demanding - a refresh was very welcome and would also help clearing up their minds about the day and all its unforeseen surprises.

Being upstairs in the boy's room they dropped on their beds for a couple of minutes and discussed who was to go first, the idea of showering together still in their minds, but with Sharon around, not a wise choice.

"I go first then!"

"Okay..." said Ryan thoughtfully looking up to the ceiling.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah....but...a little bit afraid, Jay."


"I don't know exactly...about all what we talked about and what it means."

"I'm not. It's right and I knew it for a long time."

"How long?"

"Dunno, one or two years?"

"And you never said anything?"

"I was afraid that I'd lose you. I couldn't know that you feel the same."

"Same here," Ryan said with an insecure smile on his face.

"You felt it, too?"

"Kind of. I always knew that I had special feelings for you without knowing what they meant. Not the same as for Robbie or so. I wanted to be with you as much as possible and I didn't know how to say it. You know, I felt better when I was with you, no matter when."

"And still you are afraid of it?"

"Yes, because it feels awkward."

"What of it?"

"That love thing. It makes me sick."


"My tummy...it's all tense and I feel queasy. I don't want the same to happen as with Gareth. You remember?"

"Yeah, but fuck that....Come here," said Jason patting his bed indicating Ryan to lie down.


"Ry, don't think, do it! Lie flat on your back"

The little boy did as he was told recognizing the same weird sensitivity as in the morning. Jason lay down sideways next to him, supporting his head with his right arm, gently putting his left hand on the stressed out boy's belly.



"How does it feel?"

"As before...you ain't done anything."

"Describe it!"

"It feels like my inside is cramping up, as if my muscles contract permanently - I know that from gym, when I exercise. But this feels different. It's more intense, bigger, heavier...as if someone was standing on my belly."

"Can you feel my hand?"

"Yes, it gets warm."

"Does it feel good?"

Ryan nodded, looking at Jason full of expectations and eager to know what this was all about. He noticed an irritating awareness coming up inside his little body that was unused to such sensations - only this time it didn't feel as wrong as before. And while this thought concluded, Jay's hand slowly slid further down....and further down....Ryan turned his head towards his cousin with eyes wide open - the comforting hand stopping only half an inch away from the 12-year-old's most sensitive area, which already started reacting. Without any hesitation Jay shoved Ryan's shirt up a bit - his belly now completely exposed and soon after covered by the companion's warm hand again.

"How does that feel?" Jay breathed.

"Even better," answered Ryan with a shaky voice from all the excitement enjoying the bare touch for a minute - nothing but silence surrounding the two.

"I'm going to do something now....please, don't freak out!"

"Uhm, okay?!"

Jason removed his hand, leaned in, pursed his lips and as soft and slow as a feather kissed the naked belly in front of him....once....twice....

"AHAHAHAHHAA...that tickles!"

"Should I stop?"

"Yes...NOOO....I mean no, you shouldn't stop....it feels funny."


A nod was the answer. Ryan stopped wiggling, lay back again and raised his shirt even more - an invitation Jay was not rejecting.

Again lips and belly made contact - a wonderful warm, comforting and relaxing feeling - tempting, intense and immensely erotic. The younger boy's cousin inhaled the scent of the skin so close to his nose. Sweetness and sourness, both in perfect balance. The smell told of vulnerability and purity, virginity and pureness...it was intoxicating. Without thinking about it, the tongue of the older one split his lips and smoothly touched Ryan's satiny skin - and there it was...electricity!

"What are you doing?"

"I'm...tasting you."

"It feels wet."

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes!" Ryan breathed, silently moaning from the sensation he felt in his crotch area even though it hadn't been touched - a mix of tickling and foreplay - "whatever you do there, keep doing it!"

Jason was using his tongue more and more. He liked the taste of his younger `brother'...cousin....love....and slowly licked along Ryan's abdomen. Whenever he went a bit lower than the belly button in front of him, he could feel Ryan's excitement...the tension...he was getting high from it. The same high as if he was jacking off, being only seconds away from experiencing a tremendous orgasm. Ryan drowned in this very moment and wanted the addictive feeling to last forever....he wanted to stay on the edge for the rest of his life.

Jay, sensing the intensity of his touch, continued full of all the sensuality a 13-year-old could give, once in a while wetting his tool of joy. Ryan's heavier and deeper breathing, the bulge in his pants, the tension in his tummy and his moving toes were the proof of this delightful moment.

Right before the young boy was about to explode in happiness and satisfaction, still his genitals not being touched, Jay stopped not knowing what he was doing.

"WHAT? Why did you stop?" Ryan asked in disbelief.

"For no special reason. Why? Did you like it?"

"Hell yes, it was....wow!"

"Did it help with your tummy?"

"Yeah, I feel...really good."

"But now you have a problem down there," said Jason smiling, pointing to the bulge in his cousin's pants, "did I do that?"

"You have no idea how good that felt."

"Can you do that to me as well?"

"Can I shower first?" Ryan said winking.

"Oh...you have business to do, I understand. Sure!"



"If I would have hurt my....foot for example - would you kiss me there as well, to make it go away?" Ryan asked.

"I would kiss you everywhere."

"Cool....if that's what love is all about....I like it."


End of Chapter 6