Single Rider


This story is a work of fiction. Though it is based on real people, parts have been fictionalised and the names of main players have been changed. All other names, including those of "Cast Members" remain true, these are wonderful people and we ask that you not harass them.


This is for the Dolphin, Donkey, Tigger, and a special little Jesster. And finally, Alex: Do You Remember


" `So, I guess I'll see you- I'll see you around. 'Cos I'm spinning while falling down. Now you know why I'm begging you to stay.' " My phone screams at me.

What kind of idiot calls whatever time it is? I love sleep. I silence my phone and roll over, reaching for T... It's then that I realise whose bed I'm in- my own. I sit up quickly, a little too quickly, and grab my phone.

"Hello?" I ask, sounding quite frantic.

"Hey, babe." Mmm...Tyler. The calm in his voice makes me relax, like nothing else could have at the moment.

"What's going on?" I ask, not really caring much about sleep anymore.

"Nothing, I'm at my dad's and I really can't sleep."

"Well, I was asleep. And I thought I was with you at your mom's. I sort of panicked when I rolled over and my hand wasn't on somewhere."

He giggles, saying: "My bed feels a little empty too. So, when are you coming back up to Oregon? I miss you, babe."

"I'll be up there before you know it."

"That's what you said about something else."

I rolled over, shoved my face into my pillow and groaned. This boy is sending me on a guilt trip, and I didn't get to pack my bags. Not now, it's just not right babe. I know that I'm ready, but I'm not sure if you are. I realise that you are thirteen and perfectly capable of knowing what you want, but if we go that far, then...


"I'm here. You know that I want to do that for you, and I want to be with you...I just don't think that after a week-"

"This is so typical, Kyle. You think I'm too young and you're sitting there thinking ' What if I'm not the one you want to lose that to?' Tell me I'm wrong babe, and I'll call you a liar."

     I'm now fully awake, and not fully aware that I had just had my brain ripped out, analyzed and handed back to me by this boy who is five years younger than me. My boy had a point, a very good one. Not that I liked to admit to it. I never expected it to get to this point. I had just wanted to go to Disneyland.


     I finish hanging my last shirt at the laundry, gather my clothes and carry them out to my car. I open the back hatch of my "Eclipse Blue" Ford Escape, which I admit probably wasn't the best choice in the world, but I love it none the less. Being a Coke addict, I grab a can from my stash before heading out [if you're thinking the white powdery substance, you're insane].

     I crack the can open and start up the car, just sitting there listening to my music which happens to be Jesse McCartney's new album. It's only four-thirty, and I don't want to go home yet. I just got paid! I could go shopping and get some new clothes. Nah, I want to buy my new camera. DUH! Disneyland, I already have my pass...and I haven't been in a while. I take off determined to get there, as soon as I can. Dude, you'll get there when you get there. It's not like you only have tonight.

     I finally reach my intended destination for the night, after getting lost like I usually do [getting off at Knott Blvd. thinking that somehow I would get there faster, heh not really]. I flash my pass with the parking endorsement and head to the top level of the parking structure. Hiding everything of value, I leave the car.

     The tram has to be the coldest ride at Disneyland, no matter how hot it is outside you'll always end up freezing your butt off. But it's a beautiful night, maybe a little too breezy but an awesome night all together. Usually, I'm here with my friend Chase [Guys name for a girl strange but she's cool, most of the time. We also think she's a gay boy trapped in a women's' body, yeah that's right]. We are always checking out the boys and sharing some Coke, and talking with the awesomeness that is called Jay [he's in Drawn to the Magic you really should check him out sometime].

     I head straight to DCA [I've been here way too much, DCA = Disney's California Adventure] to ride California Screaming [the tad-bit-wimpy but still ever-so-fun roller coaster]. The guy standing at the entrance is the usual, totally cute and minutely flam cast member Joey. You know you're a Disney freak when the staff members know you and you know them. He hands me a single rider pass and I head up the exit ramp to the queue for the single riders.

     I look across the track to the stand-by queue, and see a boy [ahem, can I just say "Duh", what else would I be looking at?]. He has this amazing hair, that's sort of a golden brown and a round but nicely shaped face. He's got muscle, but not defined. His heather-grey hoody makes him look bigger than I know he is and his khaki coloured cargo shorts are a good fit for him. We make eye contact and I give him my patented smirk/smile. We end up on the same train, and exit together.

     I run and get another single rider, and am back up the ramp in a few seconds. Only to be joined by the boy who I had just made eye contact with. He stands next to me, copying my stance [you know it, the one foot on the wall and one foot on the ground, leaning against the wall stance]. My hands are in my pockets, and I face the track and I look at him with my peripheral vision. Yeah, he's definitely cute all right, but I just need to size him up [not in his pants, just you know his personality]. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I struck it up:

     "So, how many times have you ridden this today?" How lame?

     "Heh, I just got here. But I rode it like two times waiting in line and then three single rider." He responds in this totally cute, sort or high-pitched voice.

     "Cool, I just got here too. You have a pass...or what?"

     "Nope, I'm here from Oregon. I'm visiting my aunt, she lives in LA."

     "Very nice, you're just out here for Thanksgiving then?"

     "Yep, I've been running around all day at Disneyland with my aunt. We've been doing Winnie the Pooh all day. I've got a little girl." He says, doing the universal "little kid" height measure thing with his hand.

     I knew full well it was either his little sister or cousin, but I went with the flow of my actors' brain. "Wow, man. You already have kid?"

     "No...Eh dude she's my cousin. Aww...I'm only thirteen." Sweet, I made him laugh and I don't have to ask the always-awkward age question. Score!

     "Ha-ha, only joking you man." We end up sitting next to each other, which I admit is a wish granted. The boy screams like no other, let me tell you. But it was more fun than I had ever had on that ride.

     We go back down to get yet another single rider pass; however when we get to the cast-member station, no one is there.

     "Ahh man. That's not cool." He says, looking a little disappointed.

     "It's cool." I say, and then I take a little bit of a chance. "So, I'm planning on going over to Tower of Terror. You want to come with me?"

     "Which one is that? The hotel one?"

     "Yeah, it's over on the back-lot. It's kind of like Mali-boomer, you drop and then go up again. It's insane and it's never the same ride twice."

     "Sweet, we were supposed to go on it last time I was here. But the line was too long and my mom didn't want to wait."

     "Awesome." More than awesome come on! I have a totally hot boy on my hands coming with me, this night couldn't get much better.

     "Hey, I need to go to the bathroom before we go..." He says.

     "Okay, ha-ha. I think I should go too."

We're off to the bathrooms on the Pier; you know the ones in the far off dark little corner? yeah, those bathrooms. I follow him in, and he takes residence at urinal. I choose one that's a couple down from him [So, I'm one of those guys who can't pee with a hot guy standing next to him for some reason].

     I take a brief glance over my shoulder; we make eye contact, again. He steps back and pulls himself back into his shorts; revealing to me for a brief second [what I think to be] his most prized possession. I finish up and move over to the sink where he's fixing his black leather belt.

     He has his shirt and hoody pulled up, clenching it under his chin to keep it up; his tummy is showing. Well, what very little of one he has. This is where I get a bit sentimental. To say he is perfectly smooth and has an adorable little navel would be rather cliche; but he is and he does. His back's lean and not at all bony, leading down to his perfectly round [not a bubble butt, and not one of those non-existent ones, just very nice]. Why he is so meticulous about his belt, I don't know. He washes up, and we leave.

     We take the "Scenic Route" to the back-lot, which takes you past Grizzly Rapid Run. It's this white-water-rafting kind of ride, you get soaked no matter what seat you're in. Usually it's a lot of fun. But, not when it's eight o' clock at night. Out of the blue say:

     "Want to go on it?"

     "You're nuts, it's going to be freezing!" And that's when his phone rings. He fishes it out of his cargo pocket and looks at the caller ID. He holds it up to me and it reads "Mom", and then he puts his finger to his mouth telling me to keep quiet.

     "Hey mama." He says, oh so cutely. She talks for a minute, probably just checking in on her baby.

     "Yeah, we're going to go on Grizzly Rapids." I see the look on his face, and I know before he did that he messed up. I don't think it was the fact that he didn't want his mom to know about me, I think it was my age that played into it more. 'Who's we?' I can imagine his mom saying.

     "This guy I met on California Screaming. He's really cool," He says, looking over to me with a smile. "He's seventeen, mom."

     We come to this point and I'm thinking, oh crap in the face! She's going to think I'm trying to abduct her son. Great.

     "I won't mom, I know. All right, I'll see you about nine. Love you, bye."

     "Yikes." I say.

     "Heh. Yeah, I kind of messed up there. It's cool though, I have an older brother who's nineteen."

     "Oh, cool." I utter back, when what really comes to mind is: Of course you do. So, if I try and date you, I'm not only going to have your mom on my ass- but your dad and your big bro too.

     He jokingly asks, "You're not going to kidnap me are you?"

     "Yeah, I was thinking about it. I'll just throw you into the back of my extra large white van and take you home."

     "Yes! I'm ready." He said, joking...but was that a hint of hope in his voice?

     "It was my plan all along. Actually, I drive a Ford Escape."


The queue for Grizzly Rapids at this time of night is, let's just say minimal. We're through it and on a raft in two minutes. He and I sit next to each other in the middle two chairs. The raft heads up the incline, and slips into the "River". As we head toward the first set of rapids we look at each other. He has this look on that says: "Why the heck did I let you drag me on this?" I just smile back at him and as the first wave of water comes over the edge of the raft, getting my black slip on Vans soaked, I return the same look.

     "Why did we get on this stupid ride?" He asks.

     "I have no idea." At that we move in closer to each other, trying to dodge the waves of water. We both have our feet up on the centre wheel, our legs over lapping each other's. The other people in the boat laugh insanely at our poor attempts to stay somewhat dry. Over all, we don't get too wet. It's only our shoes that are soaked.

     Now, if you know me, I usually can't go without a Coke for too long. At this point it was reaching about four hours since I last had one, and heh well I wanted one.

     "I need to get something to drink" This gorgeous boy says to me.

     "Sweet, I need a Coke." We head over to the little "Fresh Fruit" stand over by "A Bugs World". I grab a Coke and he takes a fruit punch Power-Aid. He starts fumbling around in his pocket for his money. Me, I take out my card and paid for both. He looks at me like I'm a nut.

     "What?" I ask, nonchalantly.

     "I owe you." He says.

     "Nope, don't think about it."

     "I'm buying you something later."

     "Dude, you are not."


We head out to Tower of Terror. We talk and he sucks down the Power-Aid like it was nothing. Whenever we talk, we're always looking at each other. When we walk, it's like were attached. My hand keeps brushing his hip and butt. I feel a little guilty, especially 'cos we haven't gotten around to the name part yet.

     The wait time reads "13 Minutes", which really means that there is just about no line what so ever. We go in and walk into the first library [which is the better one, because you drop further down and it's just better].

     "Please move towards the centre of the library and remain only on the chequered tile. Thank you." The cast member says eerily.

      I grab my boy's wrist and pull him over toward the dark corner by the exit. He doesn't question me. He just follows. We stand there in the corner; his hand falls into mine. Neither of us notices for a second, but my hand starts to warm up. I slip my hand out from his and place it at my side. It's a moment from tonight I know I'd never forget.

     The lights dim in the "Library" and the intro movie begins to play. I lean against the wall because I've seen the movie one too many times. He does something that really surprises me: he leans against me. His whole back is pressed into my chest; his head rests just below my chin. My heart does something funny at that moment, it hurts- really bad. It feels like something is trying to get out, to tear through me and show itself. I think I'm falling in love with him, maybe not completely but mostly there.

     He probably feels my heart trying to rip through my chest, tear through his back and then sit next to his. He looks up at me, with these deep brown eyes that are glowing from the television screen. I don't know what to do: I'm absolutely shocked. This is something I dreamed of a million times over. I put my arms around his perfect chest, and pulled him closer to me. My heart beats just once, but it's the strongest and most violent beat I have ever experienced in my life.

     I just can't believe it. The movie ends and the doors slid open next to us, I look at him in the dim light. He smiles. It's a brilliant and totally true. He said everything he needed to with that smile. And I still didn't even know his name.

     Ken, this awesome cast-member sits us together in the front row. The scenario plays out, and we were soon at the top of the hotel. The shutters opened and revealed the brightly lit Disneyland Resort. I slide my hand over to his lap and grab his hand. I squeeze it three times. [I read in some story that instead of saying "I love you" in public, that these boys would hold hands and squeeze each other hands three times to mean it] He understood what I meant, because he gives me one solid squeeze back. We drop and scream our lungs out, our hands still tightly clasped together in the air.

     We go to the photo review area to see what it was like. Our photo has "Dropped into another Dimension". I don't mind I still have my boy by my side. I check my cell phone: 8 o' clock PM.

     "It's eight. You want to ride the coaster one more time before you have to go?"

     "Yeah, that'd be awesome."

There we walk, side by side with a little more excitement to be here. I have a reason to go back to the job I hate so much: to save up as much money as I could so I can go visit this awesome boy, or to fly him out here again.

     When we get back to California Screaming, Bonnie this lovely old woman lets us on without passes. She sit us next to each other in the last row. I think she knows we want to be together by the way we walked in together. We scream, and laugh and keep the high going. Before I know it, the ride is over. My high's over...

     "So, I guess you better get back to your mom and aunt." I say, with a little more than sadness in my voice.

     "Yeah, I guess." He says.

     "Hey, I never got your name." I say as he vaults over the closed exit bar.

     "Tyler." He says with a smile in his voice. He spins around on his heel, and sticks out his hand for me to shake.

     "Tim." I say, matching his hand. "Hehe, Tyler. I love it. I was thinking of going over to Disneyland."

     "Awesome, then you can meet my mama."

     "I'd love to."

We walk to the front, and pass under the "Golden Gate Bridge". Tyler stops to get some cotton candy; he tears off a couple pieces and sticks them in my face. I take it and bite the tip of his finger in the process.

     "Hey!" He yelps.

     "You asked for it, babe."

     "You just-" He cuts himself off and smiles.

     "Mmhmm that I did. Now let's get your butt over to your mom before she kicks mine."

     "Okay, we're meeting her over by Splash Mountain."

We walk down Main Street and take in all the holiday decorations. I love this time of year, and I couldn't ask for a better way to start it.

     As we get closer to Splash Mountain, I pull Tyler off into a secluded corner I found a long time ago. I'm thankful I finally have a reason to use it. I take his hands and pull him closer to me, and look him in the eyes. He gives me a small smile, and I can't help but smile back. A look flies across my face after that, serious and thoughtful, loving and careful.

     "I have to tell you that I'm a little nervous about meeting your mom." I say to him.

     "Why? I like you a lot, and she's going to, too." He says, giving me a smile of reassurance.

     To precede my next statement, I say this: Love knows no age. If you truly love someone, you forget about his or her age. What I mean to say is that, even though this amazing boy is only thirteen, the whole night I've only thought of him as someone who is my age.

     "I could be your older brother, Tyler. She might think it's weird that a guy my age would want to hang out with you."

     "Duh- she thought you were going to ab-

     "Does she know you're-

     "That I'm what? Thirteen? A boy? G-A-Y?"


"Whoever said I was gay?"

Me being a little frazzled and out of it come back with, "Wait- what about in the elevator...and my hand...and-"

     He quickly slides over and gives me a kiss on the cheek, then steps back and smiles. Taking my hand, he pulls me out into the open and then down towards Splash Mountain. We turn the corner by the Winnie the Pooh ride, when I hear:

     "Tyler." A very nice, feminine voice says. My hand slips from his as he walks over. I keep walking, like an idiot. I get about a foot past them.

     "Kyle?" I hear Tyler say, just a little bit surprised that I kept walking.

     "I'm sorry, man. I totally zoned out."

     "Hehe, it's cool. Kyle this is my mom, Theresa." He said, pointing to this beautiful woman with loose, curly dark brown hair. She holds her hand out to shake mine; I take it and give her a nice, caring handshake.

     "And this is my aunt Lisa." They look almost exactly alike, but she is a tad bit skinnier. She has a little girl in a stroller in front of her, who smiles at me.

     "It's really nice to meet both of you. My name's Kyle."

We stand there awkwardly for a few seconds, and then Theresa breaks in:

     "So, we want to go on Splash Mountain. But we have to go to the bathroom first."

     "Okay, sounds good."

     "Kyle and I are going to go on it while you guys go."

     "Okay, just wait for us by the exit so we can go on with you too."

We walk through the empty queue quickly, and it ends up just the two of us in the log. He sits in the very front, and I just behind him. I put my hands around the barrier and around his waist. He stands up to get situated in the seat better; I leave my hands where they want to be. In this whole process, my hands lift his hoody      and shirt leaving me with a nice smooth palate for my hands. Basically, I feel skin. I'm not complaining, and he doesn't seem to mind. My hands decided to roam around a little bit [they're not attached to my brain, whichever one that you think I might be using]. I feel his abs hiding under a light layer of padding. He quivers as I run my fingers over them lightly.

     Well, enough about that for now. While my hands and his tummy are enjoying their entertainment, we fail to realise how fast the water's actually flowing. To put it short, we had reached the final drop before either of us noticed. He throws his hand over his head, turns back and smiles. I grab his hand and we hold on as we soar down the slope.

     His hair gets a little wet, and it clings to his forehead tightly. He looks devilishly cute. I realise that at the beginning of the night, that I had at first only liked him because of his looks [and rightfully so], but every little thing that he did made me that much more fond of him. Call it a little lustful, but there was something oh-so-genuine about this boy.

     It was something that I had only seen in one other boy in the world, and his name is Alex. I had met him online, through this story that we both loved. The boy even changed his screen name to the numbers that were on mine. We talked, and then one day decided that we should go out [online dating...hmm a little sketchy I know]. He was fourteen and so was I. He lived in Britain [which I must admit was a little bit of a dream come true], and I was [well am] in good old California. Enough about my past, I'm in the present with the best present I could have asked for.

     We come back to the loading dock, and there stand Tyler's mom and aunt with his little cousin.

     "That's our party!" Theresa says. "Just stay in the boat boys."

     "Ma'am they're going to have to get out." The cast member says.

     "Haha, no they aren't. There's no line."


They board, and off we are again, my arms still around Tyler's waist. Theresa notices and she gives Tyler and I a sort of look. I can't tell whether it was a good, questioning or a totally bad "Get your hands off of my little boy, now!" kind of look. Whatever it is, Tyler puts his hands on top of mine; making it clear that he wants them there. I never intended to actually remove them, however I do feel a little uncomfortable.     

     "Have fun!" The cast member says in fake happiness as he shoves us off.

We reach the top of the final drop again, in less than ten minutes. Now, when it had just been Tyler and I we floated easily and nicely on top of the water. But now that we have a full log and with it added weight, we sink. We fly down faster then I have ever slid down before, and it was the biggest splash that had ever come up. My boy got soaked.

     He is mostly wet from head to toe, his hoody soaked through and his khaki shorts revealing a little more than before. I barely got anything at all. I pull off his hoody and hold onto it. My suspicion from earlier is confirmed, he does have some nice arms and a pretty nice chest.

     "Kyle and I want to go on Space Mountain." Tyler says out of nowhere. I don't mind, He followed me to Tower of Terror, I think with a smile.

     "All right, well I think you should eat something before you head out." Theresa said in true mom form.

     "All right." Tyler said with a bit of a whine.

     "I could use something to drink anyway, Tay."

     "He hates that nickname."

     "Sounds good, Kai."

The five of us headed over to the French Market, it's that little restaurant next to Tarzan's Tree house [Formerly the "Swiss Family Robinson Tree House", for all of you who haven't been there since the mid-nineties]. We sat at one of the half-booth, half chair type tables.

     Theresa then pulled out a silver lunch bag, and subsequently a bag of sandwiches marked "Tyler". It was rather cute, I thought. Tyler however had a terrible look of humiliation on his face.

     "Would you like one, Kyle? Tyler still has three sandwiches left."

     "Yes, please." I said. She then handed me one of the peanut butter sandwiches.

     "Where's my peanut butter and jelly one, mom?" Tyler asked.

     "I think you should have one of the turkey ones, you haven't eaten since twelve." Theresa says in another true-mom form. "Oh, and here's your soda. " She added handing him a bottle of root beer. He took it and opened it right away to swish down the turkey that was sticking to his teeth.

     Myself? I was gagging a little on the peanut butter. It was sticking to the roof of my mouth, and I was looking more pathetic about getting it off than a dog. Theresa started to hand me a bottle of water, but Tyler beat her to it with his bottle of root beer. I took it willingly, and a little too eagerly and drank it down so I was able to talk again; doing this earned me a very strange look from his mother, again. His aunt, however merely smiled and lightly slapped her sister's arm.

     "Thanks, Tyler." I said, as I handed it back to him.

     "No problem, Kai." We sat there eating in silence it wasn't exactly pretty. Theresa started to clean out here back pack, and creased her nose when she found a smashed banana.

     "Hmm, you could back some banana bread with it." I said, trying to break the silence.

     "Ha-ha. I don't think so. Kyle, you get to throw this away for getting to be here with us." Theresa said. It was a bit of a cold remark, and to say I was little hurt by it was an understatement.

     "Not a problem, I've handled worse." I replied, trying to brush it off with a smile.

     I got back to the table, and the music I have always loved started; well that I have loved since I was about ten. It was the intro to "Fantasmic", one of the best shows Disney had ever put together. Out on the "Rivers of the America", the lights were dimmed, and a single beam of light reached for outer space. The sound resonated through the air, and reached into me. I had always wanted to watch it with a boy in my arms; right now Tyler was the absolute best I could have ever asked for.

     "We want to go watch 'Fantasmic'," Lisa said.

     "Okay, well we were going to head to Space Mountain." Theresa said. I looked at Tyler and he was definitely ready to go.

     "All right, we wanted to go, too. Can you wait and we'll go over together?"

     "It's all good, can we go on "Big Thunder Mountain" while you guys watch?" I asked, looking to Tyler for approval.

     "Yeah. It's a deal." Tyler said.

     "All right boys, Tyler you need to take a jacket Honey." Theresa said, "You're freezing me just looking at you.

     "I'll be fine mom." Tyler insisted.

     "No, take mine. It's Adidas, it won't look weird."

     "I'm fine."

     "All right. You know what, stay together." His mom said, resigning herself a little bit.

     "We'll be fine. We'll meet you by 'Pirates'" I added, so she'd feel just that much more comfortable.


Tyler and I went off to "Big Thunder", and due to "Fantasmic" the line was nil. We got on, and sat in the very back. He and I sat hip to hip, and with no place to put my hand I placed it on his left thigh. Like I said before, his shorts were soaked from "Splash Mountain", and he was shivering. This boy from the seat in front of us turned around, he couldn't have been older than twelve.

     "Gross, boys aren't supposed to touch each other!" He yelled back to us. I took initiative, because Tyler was frozen for a second. My hand slid up his leg and stopped right next to his crotch, the boys mouth hung open in disbelief. I stuck my tongue out at him and said:

     "Real boys, kiss boys." I then leaned over and kissed Tyler's cheek. Tyler blushed and smiled at me. He lipped "Thanks". We headed over the first hill that lurched us forward, screaming all the way and leaning more than was necessary on the curves the ride ended. As we went through the exit queue the boy who was sitting in front of us looked back at us. I went up to him and grabbed his round little butt, his eyes popped and I think something else did too, 'cos the front of his jeans were tenting out.

     "Mmhmm, that's what I thought." I said to him as I took Tyler's hand and walked past him. We sat down by the McDonald's Fry Wagon to take a little rest before meeting with the rest of the group.

     "Kyle, you're a nut! Do you know how many people saw you kiss me?" Tyler asked.

     "Yeah, it's cool. Don't worry about it babe, we'll probably never see these people ever again." I replied. At that he frowned and I then realized why. We might never see each other again. "I'll see you again, I know it. Even if your mom doesn't particularly care for you to."

     "We will, I know it." He said with as much assurance as his body would allow him. He shivered again, and jumped as the cannon was fired from the "Jolly Roger", which was actually the Columbia sailing ship.

     "Take my jacket babe. I'm used to the cold." I said, slipping my grey and black Quiksilver jacket off.

     "You're a Cali-boy, you don't know what cold is." He said, laughing as he took my jacket and put it on. It fit him much better than his own hoody.

     "It looks good on you, now lets get you back to your mama."

When we saw them, Theresa and Lisa were standing by the stroller parking by "Pirates". I knew that the first thing Theresa would notice was her baby wearing some strange, older boy's jacket; it showed in her face.

     "How was the ride, boys?" She asked as a cover, "Aren't you cold Kyle?"

     "It was awesome," Tyler said.

     "Pretty cool, and I'm fine. I've got Under Armour on under this tee." I returned. She shook her head a bit and then Lisa took he by the arm.

     "Tyler, Kyle could you watch Lena for a few minutes?"

     "Sure, she's cool with us." I say. I pick her up and she sits straddling my right hip.

     "Thanks Kyle, I've been carrying her all day." Tyler says.



Theresa and Lisa go off to the area outside the "French Market", and have a seat at an empty table. Theresa sits, asking herself why her sister pulled her aside. Lisa looked up from the table and matched Theresa's eyes.

     "Terry..." She began, "I know what you're thinking. Kyle's this older boy, who Tyler seams to like very much. Tyler is wearing his jacket instead of yours; they shared a drink at dinner... I get it."

     "Kyle is what? four, maybe five years older than Tyler. I think he's just in it for...I don't even want to talk about it."

     "Say it Terry, he's in it for the sex." Lisa said blunt as a spoon. Theresa shuddered thinking of it.

     "All right, yes. I don't want my son to be used and tossed away like that."

     "I know that, I wouldn't want that for Lena either. I'm just saying, Terry, that you've known the boy for less than an hour. I don't think that is long enough to form a good impression about someone."

     "All right. You know I'm a fair person Lisa, but if I'm still wrong let me know. If Tyler is happy with always being lead around, then that's fine with me."

     "Terry, I think Kyle's a fair boy, too. He is smart, and so is Tyler. They're both teenage boys, and are going to want control from time to time. And if they are both as smart as we paint them, then they will compromise."

     "Let's just get through this night." Terry says, reaching out for her sister's hand.


Tyler, Lena and I sat along the brick boarder of the "French Market". Lena had fallen asleep against my right arm, and Tyler was leaning against my left. I smelled his hair, still smelling a bit of shampoo but mostly his own natural smell that I seemed to already love.

     "What do you think they're doing?" Tyler asked, keeping his head on my shoulder.

     "Talking." I said. He nudges his head against my arm and I lift it. He rests his head on my lap and I put my hand on his chest where I feel his heart beat. I then add, "About me."


I looked down at him, studying his face. He looks so pensive. He's probably trying to figure out why I was so worried about how his mom saw me. I rub my hand on his chest, and trace the line of his sternum, down to his navel and back up. I lip to him, "I love you."

     "You're amazing, Tyler." I start, "You decided to trust me, and just follow along with whatever I had schemed in my brain. I never thought that you would come with me, and I'm glad you did.

     "I'm worried because I know your mom thinks that all I want from you is sex. And sure, that's what I liked about you at first; the way you look- you're awesome body. But I think I saw something else in you. I don't know what, exactly."

     "Don't explain it, Kyle. It was just there, and we're here now. I hadn't thought about the sex part. But I get where you're coming from, now. I'm not ready for it, I just want to be with you for now." Tyler says. I look at the sky, and uttered a low "Thank you".


Lisa and Theresa got up from the table and headed back to the boys. They came around the corner, and saw them sitting on the brick wall. Lisa was happy with what she saw; her daughter asleep against Kyle, who had draped her jacket around Lena. And Tyler, with his head on Kyle's lap staring up at him contently; she couldn't understand why Theresa was thinking what she was. This older boy, who looked at her nephew with love, was only doing what she would want for her daughter. Loving him and treating him how he should be treated- with nothing less than he deserved.

     Theresa looks at her son, lying with his head across a stranger's lap [he's a stranger as far as she is concerned]. He looks happy. She knew that this is what he wanted. If this is what would make her son happy, then what would she be able to do when they were home in Oregon? It just wouldn't be the same.


It wasn't like I didn't like Theresa. I just didn't like the looks that she kept giving me. As I sit with Tyler's head on my thigh, she walks up with her sister. Lisa looks happy enough, but Theresa seems down for some reason. I look down to Tyler,

"Should I talk to her?" Tyler asks.

"No. If she wants to confront you about us, then let her. But we're exactly that, an 'us', so if she wants to talk it'll be between the three of us." I say, just being firm enough to reassure him.

"Thanks, Kyle." He moved his head toward my waist, and nuzzled into it. My arm was still draped across his chest, holding onto him just below his rib cage.

     It was a matter of time before she said something, and it was while we were waiting in line for "Space Mountain". I leaned against the side railing that overlooks the turnaround for the old "People Mover", and Tyler leans against me; my arms around his waist.

"I don't have a problem, ahem much of a problem with you two being boyfriends. But do you really have to hold him like that, in public?"

"For as much as everyone else knows, he could be my little brother. I really like Tyler. I've always wanted to come here with an awesome guy who loves this place as much as I do, and who doesn't mind being held- a lot. But I do see that you're worried about what could happen to Tyler and I.

"There are so many people and cameras around, that I feel totally safe. Disney wouldn't allow it, heck half of the cast members wouldn't allow it. Honestly, you've nothing to worry about. If I felt for one second uneasy about holding him, then I wouldn't. I can handle my own, but I wouldn't want to leave Tyler hanging."

"Really mom, I don't mind it. And I'm not worried." Tyler says, pulling in closer to my chest.

"I'm worried for my son, Kyle. I don't want him to..." She couldn't bring herself to say it. I knew, or pretty much knew what she was talking about.

"You don't want him to be used, right?" I said, then I took a chance; I grabbed the inside of his thigh and slowly slid it up, stopping just before I would hit the gold. Tyler's eyes must have been popping out, and his face flush because Theresa gave me the "Take your hands off of him, now" face. My face was absolutely void of emotion as I did it; I knew it felt wrong. I eased out of it, turned Tyler around and looked him in the eye. He knew, he just knew, that I wouldn't go that far with out his permission. I gave him a nod and a quick kiss.

     Theresa looked at me with disdain, like I had touched her son inappropriately. She was right to and I had touched him rather inappropriately, but I didn't go too far. Tyler stood there with a smile on his face, not a beaming smile just a simple and content smile.

     It was a simple as that, I guess. It was seeing her son smile that made her realise she had nothing to worry about. She hugged me and even though it was one of those half hugs that you get from the side, it was a step. Apparently a few other people in line thought so, too, 'cos they started clapping. I was just a little embarrassed. I pull Tyler into my arms, whether it was for my own sake or his, it felt good.


I said that the Tram was the coldest ride at Disneyland. Well, it still is and I have no plans on changing my mind about it. You can imagine why it was a better ride back to the parking lot, than it was on the way to the park. Tyler gives me his phone it reads "Sprint" on the cover. Sweet, we can talk all we want and we won't get charged! I put my number in it, and call myself. I save his number to mine and hand it back to him.

     Tyler and I look at each other and a smile works it's way across his lips. "Call me!" He lips. "All the time, babe." I lip back.

     "Kyle?" Lisa said, as we were getting onto the escalator.

     "Hmm?" I say, looking up from Tyler's face. "What's going on, Lisa?"

     "Would you like to follow us back to my house?"



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