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This story is about two pubescent boys. That’s not a big surprise because you’re here.  If it is, then why are you here? Leave now!
No actual boys were used in the creation of this story.  It is a product of overactive imaginations.
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Hey, I’m 13 today!

Almost a man!

In my dreams!

Fucking wheelchair!

Who’d look at me?


Oh well, time to hit the sack. At least Mom doesn’t hang about worrying I’ll fall out of my ‘chair anymore.  Not since I popped a boner right in her face!  Heh!  God the look on her! You’d think she never saw one before!  Upside is I get to take baths by myself now! And get dressed alone too.

Bedtime’s more fun these days. Wink wink nudge nudge quality time? Mr. Happy’s really happy these days! Don’t sperm yet.  Dad says give it time. I don’t sweat it.  I mean whodafuck’s gonna ever do stuff to me?  Or vice versa?  Yep, no vice for me!  Typical nerd. Typical CRIP nerd.  Fucking legs. I even get to wear shit glasses! Lucky me!

Least my chair’s fairly decent.  Mom says I gotta keep the arms on. She obsesses ‘bout me falling out, but I guess you figured that. Heh!  At school I toss them in my locker.  Footrests too. Easier to get around. Heck once I even showed the jocks how to pop a wheelie. Pop a boner! Shit there I go again. Better get to bed.

Another thing, I don’t get inspected before bed no more!  So I go commando, like my bud Ben says.  No pyjama bottoms, no undies, nada! Feels good... unrestricted access to Mr Happy and the boys. Fuck here comes another boner! What’d I do?

Bed now.  Reading that fucking sad story for English tomorrow.

Guess you figured I was in junior high?  I’m not. I got nothing to do but study. So I started year 9 last week. It’s kinda neat.  Different teachers and you gotta change rooms.  A bitch, but hey, I cope.  At least they got elevators. Kind of.

One thing sucks. I gotta take gym! Me! The crip nerd. But Dickhead the principal says I can learn the stuff even if I can’t do it. The gym teacher even makes me go in the locker rooms with the guys. At least I don’t have to take showers. Learning to keep score don’t break a sweat. Some new kids too, from the other school. A couple of dudes I wouldn’t mind knowing. But they’re jocks. One kid, Greg, kind of smiled at me and winked when he ran by the scorer’s table. Wearing those shorts.  Going to slee…

 Here’s me practicing slam dunks in the driveway. I do 10 of them in a row.  Hey, I’m six feet four!  In my dreams!

So here I am outside. Ward Street. Lived here all my life. Real short street. Real short driveway. Boy my shorts feel comfortable!  I look down. Fuck! No shorts.  On the fucken street! Naked, nude, nada! I pop major wood, and grab myself.  I hear clapping.  Oh fuck! I turn around and it’s Greg!  Winking at me!

I wake up moaning, Crap I pissed myself. My hand too! It was down there keeping Mr Happy company! I pull my hand out just as Mom barges in.  I almost shit!  She started to say something then she saw my hand!  And my tummy. Did I mention I’d pedalled the blanket off when Greg winked? Yeah!  Oh fuck, I spermed and Mom gets to see everything. Well she’s gone. Oh shit SHIT. Dad comes in.  God will this night NEVER end! But he just tosses me a wet face cloth and winks.  

Winks!  Oh God, what will I do tomorrow if Greg winks?

I’m walking down this street and out of nowhere zooms this wheelchair, it’s the kid from school who is keeping score.  He is in a motorized wheel chair and is using his dick to steer with, like a joystick, nothing on and twisting his dick every way, chasing me.

I end up in this long hallway and the light is all red and scary, lots of doors and as I walk past them, they open, inside are the guys from gym class, taking showers in little glass booths.  They all look out and point at me.  I look down and see my dick and it’s hard as a rock. It’s huge! I can see them mouthing words but can’t hear anything.

At the end of the hall and these doors open up and the cute guy in the chair comes in.  Cute guy?  My dick is even bigger now and he looks over at it and waves to it.  Waves to my cock not to me but to my dick.  My cock waves back and the best feeling in the world happens deep inside.

Fuck!  I’m almost 14 and I piss the bed!  What a dream.  So strange and weird.  I never looked at guys’ dicks in the showers before.  And my dick was so big.  

I turn on my light and check out how bad I pissed.  That ain’t no piss.  It’s sticky and almost creamy but not.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.  What’s Mom gonna think.  Maybe there is something wrong with me.  Some infection or something.  I can’t tell Mom.

Wish I had a dad still, he would know what to do.  I wish the school could teach sex stuff, but Mom said I didn’t need those classes; they would give me ideas, and signed the form that says I have to go to the study hall.  I can’t even look up stuff in the library.  The teacher watches me like a hawk.  Any time I grab a book whoosh what are you looking at.  I hate her.  Ever since Dad died, Mom drinks all day and goes to that church every night.

I hate it here.  We have to move every six months and I have no friends.  They all think I am poor white trailer trash.  Fuck this slimy stuff is getting cold.  Maybe if I wipe it up with a sock it won’t be so bad.

That felt good!  Wiping the end of my dick with a sock.   Fuck what’s wrong with me, it gets hard and soft all day, and tonight I make a mess in my bed.  Now it’s hard again from touching it with a sock.

I wish I had someone, any one to talk to, to be friends with.  I wish I had a Dad.

In the hall at school in front of my locker Mandy is talking to me and I start looking at her tits.  All the guys say she has nice tits.  What's so nice about them?  Jerry the Jock comes up and puts his arm over her shoulder and rests his hand right on her tit.  I can see his dick push his pants out he is getting hard.  I can feel my dick getting hard, looking at his.  

Shower time in the gym, all the dicks on all the guys are hard, and I am walking between lockers, looking at all these hard dicks.  I look down and mine is normal size but hard.  

Fuck!  That scared me!  Mom knocking on the door.  Time to get up.  Time to go to school.  Geez my balls hurt, maybe I do have an infection.  Maybe I can ask the coach, he teaches health.  Maybe he’ll know what to do.

Fuck I can’t ask him about my dick.  I don’t know what these dreams mean and I have an infection in my dick and I am going to die!  


That was a fun morning.  Dad comes and gets me and dumps me in the tub. Tells me to wash up - good advice - I smell.  I’m washing Mr Happy and the boys, and thinking ‘bout my dream.  Geez that was real.  I remember the wink. Crap, it happened again! I moan just as Dad comes in and sees me staring at the blobs in the water. He clears his throat and turns red, and I think ‘O my shit, he’s mad’! Then he shakes his head and grins!  My Dad is soo cool! I use the shower hose to rinse off, and then he lifts me onto the towel in my chair. Get dressed, get pop tarted and head out.

So anyway I get off the bus and damn!  Right at the crip entrance I see Greg.
He’s standing there staring at Jerry the Jock. My eyes drift to his crotch – boy I better watch that – and he’s popped a boner.  I follow his eyes, and see Jerry’s popped one too!  ‘Course being that he had his hand on Mandy the Slut’s left tit could explain it. I pop one too, just looking at ‘em.  I blush, Greg blushes, and Jerry blushes as I clear my throat at him to move his ass away from the crip button.

The day goes by, and I manage to get out of school.  I get home, eat, do my homework, shit, shower and shave.  Yeah right! Like in about 5 years. Shave I mean.

I go to bed, and Dad’s sitting there.  Oh oh, lecture time.  But he just shows me the big box of tissues, and geez a damp washcloth in a baggie!  He tells me I gotta look after myself, and try to keep the noise down.  He winks. Then he goes out and closes the door.  Great!  They’ve never done that before.  I like it!

I’m laying there trying to read Oliver Twist.  How boring is that?  But I get the chapter done, and make a note about something intelligent to say tomorrow, and then off to dreamland.

My dream’s weird tonight!  Playing basketball again.  I remember and check my shorts and thank god, they’re on tonight.  So here I am doing my thing in the driveway… you know real NBA stuff, and I see Greg coming down the street.  Must live in the trailer park.  Geez poor bastard!  No wonder his shorts are so thin and worn.  But he tries hard in gym.  Doesn’t come easy.  Not like Jerry the Jock.  He comes up and I look over, and fuck, he’s walking ‘round town with his bits hanging out his shorts.  He comes up and we play together, trading the ball off.  His balls are bouncing and when he jumps, I get a look up his shorts.  Fuck even his pubes are blond!  And that cock!  Must be at least six inches hard.  Not like mine.  I look down and shit myself!  No shorts again!  Greg reaches over and cups my balls.  I grin and reach for him. Then I hear a noise and we turn around, and Jerry’s standing there pounding his meat and perving on us.  Shit he’s got a trail of pubes right up his belly.  I can see it cuz the jizz makes them darker.  He keeps pounding and it keeps cumming and Greg shoots and I shoot.  Dribbling balls.  Bouncing balls.  Greg’s balls.  Jerry’s balls.  My balls.

Mom was knocking at the door when I woke up.  Then Dad said something and she stopped.  Thank god!  I was in a real sweat, and Mr Happy went and played with himself again.  My balls hurt too.  What IS it with these dreams?  Now there’s two guys I can’t look at without blushing!  Fuck fuck FUCK.  I used the tissues and wiped off mosta the evidence, and then I hit the showers again.  I’m gonna stop having one in the evening if this keeps up.  No point.  But Happy’s pointing again.  Oh well, shower and piss and dress and hi ho hi ho, it’s off to school I go.

Fuck, what’s real what’s not?   I’m standing at the doors and Mandy comes up and starts talking to me almost like my dream last night, then Jerry comes over and puts his arm around her, and my dick gets hard.  Fuck I start to blush!  

The guy in the wheelchair clears his throat, I never even heard him come up.  Shit.  He can see my dick pushing against my pants.  It’s almost eyelevel.  How can he not see it getting hard?

Mandy pushed the button for him.  I watch him go in.  Everyone tries not to stare.  Poor guy, being treated like a thing.

I hear Mandy giggling something to Jerry.  Something about how that creepy Nicky always stares at her butt, and Jerry snorting.  

Nicky, Nick.  That’s his name.  I don’t even hear the first bell.  Until Jerry punched my shoulder, and told me I could stare at Mandy’s ass some other time.

The morning passes and I see him in the hall between classes.  Nicky.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Every time I see him my dick gets hard.  

Geez I hate English.  We have to read this fucking huge book written like 500 years ago called Twisted Oliver or something like that.  I can’t see what’s on the blackboard half the time and now I have to read a book, and do some stupid report.  Mom is going to be pissed that I fail, and we’ll move again.

Fuck, it’s Nicky, talking to the Coach.  I guess I’ll try to talk to coach on Monday.  Maybe he can tell me what’s wrong with me.  It’s hard to walk when your dick is stiff all the time and your balls hurt.

On the way home I see that little bus that Nicky takes to school.  He lives close to the trailer park.  I didn’t know that.  I give him a kinda wave and then keep walking.  Almost home.  Mom is probably drunk and passed out again.  At least it’s the weekend.  Fuck I am tired.  Maybe I’ll have a nap before trying to find something to eat.

I’m floating…over the trailer; the wind is blowing me around like I am a big balloon. The string snaps and off I go.  On the wind right over Nicky’s yard.

He is in the driveway and waves at me.  Then grabs my dick and pulls me down, shit I’m not a balloon.  Oh man that feels good, pull on it Nicky, pull, Uhhhh.  Stuff comes shooting out all over him.  He starts laughing and it gets higher pitched then cuts off.

Fuck!  Mom is standing beside me and laughing.  

“Just like all men you pervert, sex, sex, sex!  Dreaming of sluts.  You disgust me get cleaned up.  Maybe the bible group can help you.”  She slurred.

 Drunk and still she goes to bible meetings and now I have to go too.  

What a fucking drag.  Bla, bla, bla.  Book of someone thou and thee and words that make no sense.  Then mom drags me up to see the preacher guy.  He is fat and sweaty.  She said something I didn’t hear and I have to go wait in his office.

After a while the preacher guy comes in and without even looking at me started talking.  The preacher guy is kinda creepy.  He has his hair slicked back like in the ‘50’s or something, and he has a way of looking at you that almost makes you feel dirty.

“Masturbation is wrong it’s called self-abuse, solo-sex, self-love, or self-gratification. The emphasis is on self, not on one's relationship with God or one's family.  It is not part of God's original design for man.  Masturbation can never be fulfilling and satisfying.  It tends to turn one's focus inward upon oneself, leading to shame, low self-esteem, and self-consciousness.”

What the fuck?  What’s masturbation?  Why is he telling me this shit?  I have an infection and am going to die.  He is carrying on and on about God and shit.

“God did not design sex to be a solitary experience.  It is supposed to be shared with another, and only in marriage.  Unlike hunger or other purely physical desires, human sexual response encompasses body, soul, and spirit.  Without food and water you cannot live, but living without sexual expression does no harm and can often be of great benefit because it allows your energy to be refocused into socially redeeming activities.  Do you understand what I mean son?”

“Ummm… Don’t have sex until I’m married?”

“Right! Put the animal lust behind.”  He looked at me for the first time since he started talking.  His tongue slips out moistening his lips, and he pats me on the shoulder.  He squeezed kinda hard.  “If you want I can schedule some after hours counseling.  Off you go your mother is waiting.”

What was that all about?  Something doesn’t add up here.  What have sore balls and stuff coming out of my dick got to do with sex?  I have to talk to Coach on Monday!  I am so screwed up.

We get home and I try to read the English book.  I can’t understand what the fuck it’s about look at this shit. “ Among other public buildings in a certain town, which for many reasons it will be prudent to refrain from mentioning, and to which I will assign no fictitious name, there is one anciently common to most towns, great or small: to wit, a workhouse; and in this workhouse was born; on a day and date …” What town?  What’s a to wit workhouse?  Fuck!

I throw the book back on the floor, and crawl into my bed.

The fat preacher guy is standing there and I have nothing on.  My dick is standing straight up and bouncing all I can here is the blood rushing in my ears.  Whoosh whoosh whoosh.  He is looking at me like I’m a side of beef or something, then Nicky walks in the room and the preacher guy pops like a bubble.  Nicky is naked too and his dick is huge and wags as he walks.  He reaches out starts to say something.

Fuck!  Another mess.  I better see a doctor or something.  It’s getting worse; at least my balls don’t ache any more.  I wonder what Nicky is doing today.  

I like it here better than the last place we lived.  The only thing is there don't seem to be real seasons.  It gets cool but not frigid, the grass is always brown around the trailer, but some houses have green grass.  I hope we can live here for a long time.  Maybe I can make friends or something.  It would be nice to have a friend.  Maybe he won’t hate me because I live in a trailer.  He lives in a wheelchair.  I think I’ll walk over and see if he ever goes outside.


I’m sitting outside bouncing a b-ball around.  I can dribble not much point in shooting.   Hoop’s too high.  Nothing happened last night.  I asked Dad about it, and he said it didn’t happen all the time.  Just felt like all the time.  He ruffled my hair, and grinned.  I told him about my change in shower time.  He told me that was a plan.  Geez he talks funny sometimes!  He also said he would talk to Mom to get her stop freaking.  He giggled.  Great my pathetic sex life is now a laughing matter!  He saw the look on my face, and whispered “Hey Nick, your Mom never did this with Kevin!  Don’t think she even noticed actually!  I giggled ‘cause I never thought I’d have to tell your Mom about boys and sex…”  I blushed, and popped one, and Dad giggled again.  He didn’t say anything more though.

Anyways here I am bouncing around in the driveway.  Reminds me of that dream.  Greg bouncing and showing his ‘nads, and Jerry the Jock jerking off at the both of us naked.  Shit SHIT, it’s leaking!  I squeeze my thighs together real tight and it stops.  Neat trick!  Maybe… oh FUCK now my balls hurt.  Someone says hi and I spin around. Oh fuck its Greg.  I calm down and say, Hi.  I blush.  He blushes.  Then he takes the ball from me, and asks if I want to shoot a few.

Fuck did I want to  shoot!  But not baskets.  At least his bits were tucked in.

He was looking at me funny, but he wasn’t upset.  Christ he was checking my wood.  Doesn’t matter.  I was checking his.  Not hard to do when it’s almost in my nose.  He blushed, I blushed and we both turned around.  I was lookin’ for Jerry, and he was looking for something too!  God this is getting unreal!  I handed off the ball and told him I couldn’t do the hoop.  He nods, and takes a jump shot!  Oh my shit!  I can see everything.  He does have light blond pubes.  His penis isn’t so big though.  He tosses me the ball and winks.  God, I almost creamed myself.  Then he grabbed my ‘chair and I started to tell him I hated that, when he got me positioned a little further away. Told me to try shooting from there.  I do, and I almost make it.  Cool!  We play so long that Dad comes out to tell me supper.  He was watching as I finally got one in.  He beamed, I beamed, and Greg beamed.  I did the polite, and they shook hands. Dad invited him to stay for supper, but he said no.  His Mom was expecting him and he had to go read Twisted Oliver.  I burst out laughing and Dad smiled.  He said something about church, and I blinked.  He blushed and told me his Mom went to Zion Church of the Firstborn, and even if he didn’t go his Mom wanted him home, away from evil influences.

That got Dad going for sure.  As he often says, we’re just one step above Christmas Catholics, but my Dad is real nice.  And we do go to church, just not as often as we should.  Anyway, Dad gets Greg’s number, tells him he can speak Evangelical, and before you know it, we’ve had supper, and we’re sprawled on my bed on our tummies, sharing my copy of Twisted Oliver.  I notice he’s squinting, and his nose is on the page sometimes, so I tell him where my computer glasses are – they’re just a pair of drugstore magnifiers, but more comfortable than my nerd glasses for the ‘puter.  He gets them and puts them on, and his eyes go real big.  So do mine, cuz he popped a boner at the same time!  Geez what IS it with boners?  He looks real cute in the glasses though.

Later I’m in bed.  I’m happy, Happy’s happy!  I got a friend and I hit the basket.  I grin to myself and turn off the light, giving Happy a goodnight tug.

No basketball tonight!  Instead I dream of Oliver Twist.  He’s at Mr Brownlow’s and in bed.  Mrs Bedwin is changing him.  Except Greg is Oliver and I’m Mrs Bedwin.  I lift his nightshirt off, and take his penis so he could pee in the bottle.  He springs wood, and so do I.  As I touch his penis, he screams and so do I.  Fuck I spray all over.  He sprays all over me.  I look out the window and there’s Jerry playing Bill Sykes.  He’s flogging his monkey,

But I don’t wake up.  I just roll over and go back to my dream.  My semi-conscious notes that I have adjusted the size of Greg’s boner to reflect what I saw.

Now I’m at school.  The game’s over and the guys are in the shower.  Oh god, I gotta shit, and the crappers are the other side of the showers.  So I go through, and there’s Greg waving at me, well part of him’s waving and Jerry too.  The other guys just moon me.  Anyway I get to the toilet, and turn to close the door.  No door.  I shrug and get on the can, and I’m just transferring a load when the super jocks come in and take my chair away.

So I just sit there on the toilet, waiting for them to come back with it, and it does come back.  Except it’s Greg and he grins at my boymeat.  I look down and it’s pointing at my stomach and drooling.  He takes some toilet paper and wipes the drool.  Smiles at me and licks his lips and…

I wake up moaning again.  Look at my clock and it’s already 7 am.  I gotta shit bad too!  Better hurry!  I throw back my covers and moan.  Christ, it happened again.  There’s wet stuff and dry stuff all over. Twice!  Oh well, no time to think gotta hurry.  So I get in my steed and take off.  Fuck here I am in the hallway bareass.  I check the ‘rent’s door and its shut, so I scoot into the toilet and drop a real stinky.  I’m gagging here!  Anyway, it’s done.  So I transfer my nerdy bod to the shower and clean up.  I notice that one part of me’s not nerdy.  I grin.  Get out of the shower, drape a towel over my lap, and go back to my room.  Wonder if I’ll see Greg today. He said he’d try.


Fuck!  I had a great time at Nicky’s house.  I went up hoping I could see him maybe try the friend thing.  He is sitting in his driveway bouncing the b-ball and I scared the crap out of him.  We talk a bit and I shoot some hoops, and then move his chair.  Geez I thought he was going to bite me.  How was I to know not to help unless he asked?  Anyways he tries to hit the basket and finally makes it.  His dad was watching.  And looked all proud and shit.  They invited me for dinner and I had to explain about my mom.  His dad was real cool, phoned mom and sounded better than that preacher dude.  I got to stay and eat then Nicky showed me his room.  He has a computer and everything.  

He lented me his spare glasses.  Holy shit!  Every thing like jumped into focus.  I looked at him and my infected dick stared to swell and drip.  I noticed he had a lump in his pants… maybe he has an infection too.

He asked me if I can come back over tomorrow.  If I can ditch bible classes I will.  I’ll tell mom I have to do English and Nicky said he would help me.  Wow I have a frie….

What the hell is going on here, I am like in the olden days, all Oliver Twisted and everything.  Nicky is here and there is Jerry the Jock and lots that I don’t know, then Nicky touches my dick and out shoots the stuff again, and he shoots stuff too.

Then we are in school walking down the hallway, both of us.  Carrying a suitcase.  Its heavy and then we open the lid and there is Jerry, all curled up in the suitcase.

What the fuck!  That freaked me out.  What is Jerry doing in a suitcase?  I wonder if Nicky has these fucked up dreams.  Wonder how do I ask him about this infection thing.  It squirted all over again.

After I took my shower I had a talk to mom.  I asked if I could go and study, at Nicky's, maybe get him to help me pass English or something.  I think mom was drinking early today, she finally said I could go as long as I called if I was going to be later than 7.  She said she thought Nicky's dad sounded respectable and like a good Christian.

Yessss!  I can go to his house all day if his dad says its ok.  I’m gonna run over there now.  It’s so cool having a friend.


The bell dings.  Mom calls me, its Greg wouldn’t you know it I’m on the can again.  I hear Mom telling Greg to go on to my room.  Before I can do anything he’s moving fast down the hall.  Fuck I didn’t shut the door all the way.  I pop one, just as he glances in, looking for my room.  Oh god, he sees my boner!  He pops one too.  I blush, he blushes.  Just like in my dream!  Don’t let him come in.  Oh God, don’t let him cum…

He’s standing there watching as my penis dribbles.  Staring right at me, the perv.  Heh, he looks real cute with his mouth open like that!  And he’s got a damp spot in front of his shorts too.  I break eye contact and he blushes again.  So do I.

I finish up, pull up my sweats and spin into my room.  He’s sitting on the bed.  Oh crap, he’s crying!

I touch his knee, and he jumps!  Wheelchair’s real quiet!  But he’s got his left hand covering his crotch and he’s still crying.  Then I smell that bleachy smell and I guess he spermed his pants or nearly.  Keeps babbling he’s sorry.  He’s got an infection… I finally punch his arm, and he’s shocked!  Takes his hand off to rub it, and yep!  He spermed right in his shorts.  Big wet spot.  Time to bring in the re-enforcements.  I go get Dad.  But first I give him the Kleenex, and tell him to wipe his nose, and then I nod at his crotch.  He gets the idea and he wipes it!  He sits there looking at the Kleenex, and I finally take them from him and toss them in the basket.

Anyway, Dad.  I told him what happened, and he didn’t even blink.  We went back to my room and Greg got a condensed version of Boysex 101.  When Dad finished Greg was looking happier and relieved.  Poor guy!  Dad even got a pair of Kev’s old shorts and a tee, and took the spermy ones away.  Dad was doing the PC thing he said the nuns taught him about custody of the eyes, but not me.  Shit his pubes are so blond they’re almost white.  And his dick’s about the same size as mine soft – which means not big, in case you’re wondering.  Dad takes the stuff to my dirty clothes hamper and takes the whole thing out.  On the way he grabs a book from my shelves and tosses it to me.

So for the next hour, we review a dorky book Mom gave me for my birthday.  What’s Happening To My Body?  And by the time we went for a snack, he was completely clued in.

Then we got back to Oliver until lunch, and Dad decreed a play break.  I explained about the glasses and Dad and Mom look at each other.  When we finished playing Dad went to the drugstore and got Greg a pair!  How neat is that!  He said he would talk to his mom again, so she wouldn’t have a fit.

So we get back to Oliver and Artful’s just made Oliver take off his new clothes and put on his old ones, the perv.  Stood right there and watched him.  Wonder if he got a boner?  I turn to Greg to share this, and he’s sleeping.  So I do the same.  Sunday naps are great.

It’s all olden day shit again.  Nicky is talking like in that book, and tells me to change out of my clothes.  My dick is so hard and he is helping me get out of the pants.  Just like in the book he showed me his dick is almost as big as mine and waving all over the place.

He puts his hand on my dick and I touch his, and together we move.  Ohh I am shooting and so is he.

In a field with green grass and sunshine.  So warm I pull off my shorts and shirt.  I help Nicky take off his shorts and shirt.  His hair is brown and curly.  I see a drop form on his dick and before I know what I am doing I have his dick in my mouth.  Oh oh he is doing it to me too oh.

I am half awake, Nicky is beside me my head is in his lap and he has a huge wet spot on his shorts.  I open my eyes…

Awake my head on Nicky’s lap, his shorts wet under my mouth.  I look up and see him looking at me.  Fuck.  Shit.  What have I done?

He is smiling and stroking my hair.  I feel so relaxed.  My shorts are wet, but who…

Mmm so tired.  His hands rubbing my head.

Nicky is walking holding my hand.  I can see everything clearly.  There is a hill and a cave.  Blue light flows from the cave.  Nicky is holding my hand…


Greg was pushing me through a field and he was naked.  He stops and takes off my shorts and undies.  He stares at my cock, and pets my pubes.  He’s cooing!  And I reach over and pet his gold pubes and I coo too.  We grin at each other.  Then he leans toward me and his dick is in my face, so I lick the end!  Then I take it all in, and he shoots in my mouth. … I shoot straight up, and he gets it on his chin… Shit even a bit on the end of his nose!

I wake up… my hands are in Greg’s hair, and he’s drooling in my lap.  Shit no.  I spermed in my pants, and he’s lying in it!  He’s asleep, and so …

Now we’re hand in hand and walking towards a cave.  There’s this eerie blue light coming out of it like in those Twilight Zone videos Dad likes to watch.  

We’re walking… I’m walking … wheredafuck’s my chair. I can’t walk… I can’t walk…

I wake up.  Shit I fell asleep.  But we’re under a blanket now, and it feels good.  I check and my shorts are gone.  Geez it musta been Dad! I look for Greg and he’s zoned out beside me, holding on to my waist.  His ass is sticking outa the blanket and it’s bare too!  Crap. How we gonna explain this one?

Dad comes in with my laundry basket, and winks.  Supper’s ready!  Supper?  Ohmigod we slept for like two hours.


Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck, I wake up and Nicky’s dad is lookin at us.  Fuck I’m bare naked and under a blanket.  I have my arm around him fuck.  What’s his dad gonna say?  How the hell did I loose my shorts?

“Have a good nap guy?  Supper is in 15 minutes.  Why don’t you two grab a shower?  Here are your shorts and shirts, don’t forget to dress.”

This is too much!  Nicky’s dad just helps Nick into his chair, and walks out.  I help him into the tub.  There is this seat thing and the shower is on a hose.  I was just standing there with nothing on, and Nicky looks at me and giggles and blushes.

“Don’t just stand there hop in.  We only got a few minutes.”

I step in the tub and Nicky starts to hose me down.

“Grab the soap Greg, when dad says supper soon he means it.”

“Your dad is so cool; I wish I had a dad.  I am so embarrassed he saw me naked though.”

“Who do you think got us naked and under the blanket?  The house elf?”

“What’s a house elf?”

“You know from Harry Potter?”


“Geeze it’s an awesome series of books and movies you never heard of them?”


“Oh I get it there’s magic and stuff your Mom would probably object.  Hey if I ask dad maybe he can convince her to let you sleep over and we can watch the first one.  If you want.”

“Ya I never get to sleep over, but I doubt she will let me.  School tomorrow.  And evil is everywhere she thinks.”

“Duh it’s a long weekend.  No school tomorrow.  I’ll ask dad.”

The whole time we are talk’n, Nicky is looking at me and his dick gets hard, and my dick gets hard.  I don’t help him wash and he don’t help me, but I want to.  After him getting mad with me moving his chair I don’t want to do anything to make him mad again.

“Ask him what?”  Nicky’s dad says from outside the tub.

Fuck!  My dick droops, one minute it’s like all hard and stuff, next softer than a rope.

“Dad can Greg sleep over?  It’s a long weekend and he has never heard of Harry Potter, and maybe you can talk to his mom and he can sleep in my room and we can talk and stuff.”

“We’ll see, get dressed and come and eat first.”

Nicky’s dad is so cool, we had hamburgers cooked on a grill in the back yard, and I got to eat two.  He went in and was on the phone for like a half an hour.  When he came out again he had a Bible in his hand.  Fuck!

“Your mother said yes you can stay the night but you have to be home at six pm tomorrow at the latest.  And I have to give you a Bible reading tonight.  She left it up to me to find a good reading.  You ready?”

“Yes sir.”

“Right tonight’s reading is Song of Solomon 1:1-4

1 The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.
2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.
3 Because of the savour of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.
4 Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine: the upright love thee.”

I sat there stunned, Nicky started to blush.  His dad closed the Bible and went back in the house.  Nicky and I just stared at each other.


After supper, I told Greg we should read some more Oliver, it’ll keep the ‘rents happy and if we work hard we can get Oliver outa the clutches of Fagin and into the clutches of Brownlow, that old perv.  He snorts and gets a stiffy.  So do I.  He’s checking me out too.  I hug him and we begin to read.  It really is a neat book.  Greg makes some comments as we read and I can see he’s enjoying it too.

At 8:30 we take a pee break, and while he’s peeing I go to Mom and get the popcorn organized, grab some drinks and rescue Harry from the family vid.

Mom comes in as we were setting up and suggested we get in our jammies, and snuggle under the covers to watch the movie.  Jammies geez!

But it’s a good idea, so we do.  Except Greg keep his undies on, and so do I.  We get comfy and put the popcorn between us, and I bring in the movie.

We watch the movie. Greg’s real quiet and watching it and gasping.  I told him wait ‘til he sees Chamber of Secrets.  When it’s over Mom comes in again and tells us to settle down.  So we do.  But we lay there and whisper for hours.  I never had anyone over before.  It’s fun.  Finally we heard Dad get up and pee, and he looked in on us and mouthed us “Go to sleep now”.  He grinned and closed the door.  And we’re asleep.

I’m with Greg.  Oh shit!  We’re naked again.  Not hard though.  He’s holding my hand, and we’re in a cave.  There’s this weird blue light, and then we can see a glowing stalagmite.  I gasp and drop Greg’s hand and reach to touch it.  So does he!

Now I’m in a field, with daisies and sunflowers… butt naked and dancing with my wheelchair.  No sign of Greg.  I shrug.  I continue to dance.  Suddenly, Greg appears, dancing in front of me en pirouette.  He takes my hand… and then I don’t remember anything more…


Nicky’s Dad is so cool!  I get to sleep over and watch this totally wild movie about a kid wizard.  There’s spells and he hates his aunt and uncle, and he flies on a broom and stuff.  There is this real asshole guy and some of the teachers are creepy.  I never get to see a movie, and we had popcorn and he has a TV in his room and it was so cool.

I think he really likes me, I am sitting in his bed and we are talking and shit.  His mom comes in and tells us to calm down so we are in the dark with this night light thing that comes on all by it’s self when it’s dark.  And we just talk.  I never had anyone to talk to.  

Anyways his dad comes in and tells us to get some sleep.  I don’t even remember saying night.

There is this field and flowers and stuff and I see Nicky he is grooving and dancing to this band.  There is like speakers and guitars wailing away and a real heavy beat.  I start to dance what the fuck I don’t know how to dance but I am shaking and dancing and laughing.

Nicky is laughing too.  I am so happy.  He is happy and we are happy.  Shaking and rocking.  That blue light is like a spot light.  Coming out of the cave.  It’s so bright but pulses in time to the music.  

Nicky grabs my hand and we move up to the cave and look inside.  There is this pointy rock thing in the middle of a pool.  And the pool is all sparkly.  I can see into the water and its bottom is white sand.

Nicky pulls me in the water and I get all warm all over.  It starts in my middle and gets bigger and hotter.  Nicky’s dick is throbbing to the beat of the music, and mine is too.  Bobbing in the water.  I feel so good.  I wonder if this is what having a brother is like…

I’m getting used to this spermy stuff every fucking morning.  At least I still have my jams on and my undies.  I guess I dint scream or moan too loud cuz Nicky is still sleeping.  I don’t want to disturb him he looks so happy sleeping.  I grab the Twisted book.  It is pretty good.  And, using those new glasses I got, reread the last chapter.

I’m reading and I hear Nicky start to moan a bit.  I look over and he has the goofiest face, and is stroking his dick and is still all asleep.  He crunches up and moans loud and pushes.  Then sighs this huge sigh.

I feel like a perv, watching my best friend play with his dick till he sperms, and my dick is hard again.  Still sticky and wet from my dream.  I really want to jerk off like that book he showed me said.  But am afraid I’ll wake him up.  Just touching it gives me the shivers and I figure what the hell.  We are both guys and its not like he hasn’t seen my spermy pants before.


I wake up and lay there with my eyes closed.  My undies are full of sperms again so I turn and reach for the facecloth and tissues.  Instead I bump into Greg’s hand.  Oh My Shit, he’s jerkin off and my hand is right on his dick Hmm it feels different from mine  –  softer but harder too.  I stroke his tip and he moans and turns and stares at me.  He gets this funny look in his eyes, and sticks his hands right in my spermy pants and squeezes Happy.  It goes hard again.  Geez I didn’t think it could do that so quick.  He rubs my sperms all over my dick and is jerkin me off, so I stick my hand in his pants and start doing the same to him.  His tip is just a bit wet, so I guess he makes precum.  I don’t and Dad says some boys and men don’t either or not much.  It’s really cool, I can feel his heart beat, and then his toes curl and he bucks and my hand is full of his jizz.  And I fill his hand at the same time.  Shit how we gonna clean this mess up with one cloth.  He musta thought the same cuz he took his hand and wiped it on my tummy, so I did the same to him.  Felt weird.  Nice but weird.  We grin at each other, and I take his pants off and toss them in my basket, and he does the same to me.  Then I get in my chair, and we go into the bathroom and shower together.  Greg really likes the shower hose.  We dry and he gets out and positions my chair.  We were leaving the bathroom when Dad comes out in his boxers.  He sees us and grins at us, and rushes past.  We hear him peeing and giggle.  After breakfast I suggest that we work on Ollie Twist again, and before you know it, its lunchtime and we’re starving and Bill Sykes has hung himself.

What a neat story!

After lunch, we change into play clothes.  Greg’s my size, how neat is that!  My undies are tight on him though, but it looks cute.  He sees me staring and he pops a boner, and I do too.  We giggle and go play b-ball.  Dad comes out and we play a little of two on one and beat his elderly ass.  Then its supper and Greg’s gotta go home.  He doesn’t want to, and I don’t want him to, but he’s gotta go.

As he’s leaving he hugs my mom and dad, and then he turns to me and gives me a big hug too.  Then mom and Dad are in the hug again, and Mom kisses him and he blushes.  Dad and me walk him home.


Nicky is so kewl, we spent all afternoon reading and talking about the English book.  Then we beat the ass off his dad playing b-ball.  Nicky just needs to be in the right place and he can make a basket almost every time.  I can’t believe how his mom and dad like me.  We had more grilled burgers and I got to eat three.  Then I have to leave and his mom and dad give me a big hug.  I don’t know why but I turned and hugged Nicky like I would never see him again.  His mom got all teary and I thought I had done something wrong.  Then it was group hug time.  It felt good.  To hug.  And Nicky is so nice.

They walk me back to the park; I’m kinda embarrassed about the trailer we rent, but Nicky’s dad doesn’t seem to mind.  We get to it and I open the door.  Shit.  Shit. Shit.

Mom is passed out again.  The trailer stinks like puke.  I go over and shake Mom.  She’s all cold and stiff.

Nicky’s dad is right behind me.  He takes one look and goes to the phone.  All I can do is stare at Mom.  Nicky’s dad guides me out side.  I hear words but they don’t make any sense.  I feel arms on me.  Pulling me.  It’s Nicky; tears are coming from his eyes, and he hugs me.

I can hear a siren.  Then it’s dark.


I wake up.  It’s dark.  I roll over, giving Mr Happy a companionable scratch.  Hmm musta been tired, I still got my unders on.  As I wiggle, I feel someone beside me. Ohmigod its Greg!  Then I remember tonight.  Greg fainted, and Dad brought him back.  When we got home, he put him in my bed, and I lay down to comfort him.

I rub his tummy, then give him a kiss.  He sighs and turns to me and hugs me.  Still sleeping.  My bedroom clock says its 1130 so I figure I might as well….

Greg and I are in the cave again.  Standing side by side.  Standing… I do a quick check and yep, we’re naked.  Can hardly see our penises though, huh.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Greg without at least a semi.  It looks cute all soft like that.  I look at him and grin.  And he’s crying!  I hear him, he’s moaning Mom, Mom’s gone.  I grab him and hug him tight, and we look like we’re joined together in that blue light.  The stalagmite is glowing so white, it looks hot.

Then we’re in the field again, still hugging, still naked, and whoops here comes the pastor of Greg’s church.  I know it's him, cuz Greg described him to me.  Told me what he said too.  Heehee he looks funny just wearing that jockstrap with his collar.

Then he’s grabbing me and Greg and tears us apart.  I see his mouth working but no words yet.  Then they’re there.  Just like he was preaching…

Sinful sons of Sodom!  See where your lust has got you!  A fine Christian woman like your mother shouldn’t have to put up with you.  I’ll take her away; you’ll never see her again!  Not even if you beg me on your knees!

On our knees, we’re there now, and the pastor’s taken off his jock, and he’s holding up his stomach, so we can see his … ohgod, he’s gonna make Greg swallow it.  He won’t he won’t!  I won’t let him… won’t…

I wake up gasping, and realize I’m in bed, and Greg is snoring beside me.  But now I got a stiffy, and so does he, and oh man, it’s uncomfortable in my undies.  I tug them off, and look and Greg.  I tug his off too.  Geez, they were really squashing him.  They were tight.  I hug him, and try to go back to sleep.  My stiffy is rubbing between his legs and his is doing the same to me.  I kiss him and then I’m asleep…

Back in the cave now, but we’re holding hands, and our stiffies are pointing at our chins.  Greg looks at me, and grabs my hand tighter, and he reaches out to the stalagmite.  I figure WTF and reach out too.  We grab it together, and just then, I cum like old Faithful.  Oh FUCK!


Nicky and I are holding hands in the field in front of the cave.  He is pulling me up to the mouth and we look inside.  I feel the cool wind making my cock shrivel up.  I look at Nicky and I think for the first time his dick is soft.  I start to cry, and call for my mom.  Nicky holds me so tight.  In the blue light he strokes my hair and hugs me and just holds me.

Then we are in the field again.  My mom comes up in this truck.  She gets out and throws Nicky’s wheel chair in the back.  The preacher guy from her church gets out of the passenger side and mom drives away.  She doesn’t even look back she just drives away.

He’s preaching away bla bla baa baa, and starts talking about blood of a sheep or something.  He starts stripping down and each thing he drops bursts into a puff of flame and smoke.  Finally he is down to his collar and a jock strap and his collar is a wide leather thing.  His huge belly hangs down he pulls his fat up and slides his greasy hand down and fishes his dick out.

He starts screaming about my mom and tells us to get on our knees and pray.  Nicky is trying to get up and stop him from getting closer.  The preacher guy gets real close and drops his fat belly on my head.  He is going to try to make me put…

I wake up struggling, tossing my head back and forth.  I feel something warm on top of me.  Oh it’s Nicky and we are naked.  Mmmm that feels good; he’s rubbing his dick against mine.  Oh that feels good.  I close my eyes and hug and rock with him.

We’re in that cave now, but we’re holding hands, and our dicks are pointing at our chins.  Nicky looks at me, and grabs my hand tighter, and he reaches out to the stalagmite.  I figure WTF and reach out too.  We grab it together, and just then, I cum like old Faithful. Oh FUCK!


Huh, what’s Dad doing here?  Oooh, God!  I just came, Greg just came, and we’re bareass in bed, and Dad is standing there.  Oh shit, it’s like 9:00 and we just missed the school bus.

I look up at Dad and he just grins.  He’s still in his boxers?  What’s going on?  He reaches out and tucks me under his right arm, and then he reaches for Greg and tucks him under his left arm.  Then he runs screaming from the room an dumps us both in the tub and sprays us with cold water.  By this time we’re all screeching, and Dad is just as wet as we are and covered with our sperms too.  But he’s still laughing, and where’s Mom?

He adjusts the water and then he washes us both carefully, even our privates.  Hehe, I guess they’re not so private any more.  Then he kisses us both, and then dries first Greg and then me, then takes us back to my – our – room.  Breakfast in 10, he says, and uh guys, sheets in the wash on your way out.  Then he heads back to the shower, and I hear him singing some golden oldie called O Perfect Love.   Trust me you don’t want to ever hear my Dad sing!


Dreaming dreams of dreams.  Flashes of light, flashes of insight. Flashes of memories all mixed up and confused. Melting magic moments of the mind.  Slippery thoughts of memories. Stillness broken by muted sounds of life.

How did we get from here to there?  How did we become one?  Have we become one?  What’s happening?  Is Nicky Nicky?  Am I me?  How did it all come together?  Did we get what we wanted?  Do we want what we wanted?

I hear sounds of passion, I feel the bed moving, I know that it’s Nicky.  Who else could it be?  I open my eyes and watch my boyfriend, my brother, my lover writhe in ecstasy.  We kid each other now.  He will pull it off, or I will chew it to a stub.  Neither of us can get enough it seems.  Nicky is sprawled out, cum all over himself, with a shit eating happy smile on his face.  He’s happy.  Am I?  Has my life changed?  When did it change?

I sit up. Sunlight streaming into the second story window.  Now that’s weird!  The patterns on the wall, shadows of the big oak tree from the yard.   It feels like summer, proper summer, the real summer you get after the seasons change.  Life renewed after winter's rest.

I must have had another wet dream I am covered in sperms.  I get up and stretch and scratch my balls.  I giggle at the joke Nicky told me, “why do girls rub their eyes in the morning?  Cuz they don’t have balls to scratch!”  

I hear the lawn mower make another loop of the yard, and I kiss my Nicky fully awake.  He opens his eyes and stretches then scratches his balls.  Standing he comes over and takes my hand.  Holding hands we walk to the adjoining bath and step into the shower.  Our morning ritual; wash and touch each other.  My fingers trace along his body, touching the scar on his back, raised and white against the tan of his skin.  He shivers under my touch and returns the butterfly like motions soothing the unruly hairs down across my body.

Refreshed and clean we walk hand in hand back to our room.  Fuck what a mess.  Shorts, socks, pants all over the place.  

I remember something about a cave, and a pool and Nicky.  I remember wishing for something.  I remember playing b-ball.  I remember a trailer.  I remember a flash of light.

In the mess we help each other pick out shorts and T-shirts.  Anything is possible if you want it hard enough, anything can be done if you take one step at a time.

I still can't remember what happened.  It doesn't matter.  Are all dreams one dream?  Can two boys, two men, share a dream?  Slip through the fabric of space and time?  Is this a dream?  Am I awake?  Are we awake or asleep?
I hear our son Oliver bang into the kitchen.  Yard work done, he’ll want his allowance, and be off on his bike, to have his own youth, to be with his friends perhaps to find a perfect soul mate.

Love will find a way, live in the moment, and plan a path to happiness  -  it could happen to you too.

I smell new mown grass.  As I move into the hall I can smell Oliver.  I smell the coffee.  I smell my love, my mate, my Nicky.

Out of the autumn, out of the winter, we have passed through spring.

A real summer indeed.