Disclaimer: This story is true. The names have been changed to protect the people. This story details sexual acts and encounters, so if homosexual acts offends you, do not read any further. Again, if it is illegal in your city or state to read stories of this nature: DO NOT CONTINUE. You have been warned.

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I remember when I was eleven years old; I was an average kid, blue eyes, brown hair, average height and weights for an eleven year old. My friend, "Chris", was a tan skinned wonder, with soft black hair, and hazel eyes. He had invited me over for his tenth birthday pool/sleepover party. I kindly asked his father for a ride which he readily agreed to. Chris and his father came to pick me, on a warm day in May. I asked Chris whether he invited any more friends to his party. He said that he invited "Nick". When I saw Nick, my heart jumped and so did my young uncut cock. Nick was blond hair, with green eyes, and a flat stomach, not bad for a nine year old. We arrived at Chris' house we sat and watched TV, while Chris' mom cleaned the pool for us. After about fifteen minutes his mom came in and said that we could get into the pool. Mom and dad said that Chris' older sister "Emily" was in her room, and would be available if we needed her. We went into Chris' room and grabbed our trunks, while Chris was in his room, I went into the bathroom, and Nick went into Chris' parent's bedroom to change. We raced outside and jumped in the pool. We spent about thirty minutes trying to pull each other's trunks off, and trying to cop a feel every now and then. His parents arrived with the pizza. We wrapped towels around our waists, ate pizza, cake, and drank coke.

It was getting dark so Chris decided to open his gifts. This was the time that Sega Genesis was popular. Chris' parents got him the system, another controller, and Mortal Kombat. Chris, Nick, his dad, his sister, and I had a Mortal Kombat tournament which lasted about three hours. Nick winning with Kano of course, I came in second with Sub Zero, Chris, third, with Sonya, Chris' dad, with Lui Kang, and his sister with Johnny Cage. It was now ten at night. We pulled out the couch bed and fell asleep talking about school and girls. I woke up about three in the morning. The house was quiet.

I slept in the middle of Nick and Chris. Chris always slept on his left side. I woke up with my hand under his warm butt. When I turned on my side I was face to face with Nick, the blonde beauty. Something about him caught my eyes. He was gorgeous. There was nothing wrong with him; he was perfect. For some reason, I instantly became hard as I placed my hand on his. It was warm, and soft. I must of disturbed him; he rustled around and turned on his back. I waited about ten minutes to make sure he was asleep. I gently placed my hand on his chest and rubbed around his nipples. I lift my head and placed it on his chest. His gentle heartbeat bumped against my ear. I lifted my head and moved my hand down to the front of his swim trunks, which he slept in. I poked him in the side a couple times; he was a heavy sleeper when he was asleep. I took this as a sign. I gently took my time and pulled down his bathing suit. His little incher was sticking up in the air. I touched it, took it in my fingers, rubbed it up and down, then a crazy thought happened in my mind. I opened my mouth and put it over it. I sucked it up and down and licked it. I started to squirm. He rolled over. I was disappointed, but his soft bubbly butt was up in the air. I rubbed my hand over it. I opened his butt cheeks and looked at his clean hole. I took off my green briefs and I climbed on top of him, rubbing my little penis in between his little crack. I hear someone at the front door. His mom was coming in from her shift at work. I quickly jumped off Nick, pulled my briefs up, and threw a blanket over us. I fell asleep. Nick was gone when I woke up.

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