by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006



by Larkin

Gavin wiped his nose on his sleeve and then pausing for a moment, sneezed twice making matters even worse. He pulled up the front of his tee shirt and used it to wipe most of the snot off of his face. He had just turned eight. He stood still for a moment as if he was lost in thought.
The reality of the situation was that the sneeze triggered him to pee and once started, he couldn't stop. Standing there, he soaked himself completely. When I saw him he had a bewildered look on his face. It was obvious that he had peed his pants. I was older by just a few years and not having a brother; it was an opportunity for me to do a good turn.

"Come on Gavin, let me take you home to your Mom and get you changed before the other kids see you. They will never let you forget it."

I took him by the hand towards his house. I don't know if he appreciated my help, he just looked confused and perplexed.

She was tall. We both looked up at her standing at the door of Gavin's house.

"Richard, Thank you so much! Come in while I get him out of these wet pants."

I followed them into the unfamiliar house. I watched while his Mother quickly stripped him naked in front of me. She ran off carrying his dirty and wet clothes. We stood there staring at each other. I was embarrassed seeing him naked but he didn't seem to care. He had a peculiar smile and reaching down, tugged on his little dickie.

His Mother returned and kneeling down, she stretched open a pair of white underpants for him to step into. I'm sure he was probably capable but he stood there like a silent doll while she dressed him. Un-expectantly, he sneezed again and she came running back with a wad of paper towels.

In the middle of her busyness she looked over at me and said, "Richard, let me make you boys some sandwiches and you can watch TV."

I shrugged my shoulders and said. "Ok."

It took me a minute but then it dawned on me that she was plotting to make Gavin and me friends. I guess she held me in high esteem for bringing him home to her. I didn't mind helping out a little, but I would go so far as to want to be friends or anything. After all, anyone could see that he was a stupid scrub.

Both of us climbed the stairs carrying a sandwich plate and a glass of milk. She followed us into Gavin's bedroom, turned on the TV and continued to cluck like a giant chicken. By this time even I was ignoring her. We sat on his little bunk facing the TV and she finally left us alone. Actually, I was hungry.

Contentedly, I ate my sandwich and we watched "Pinky and the Brain". Except for one small bite, Gavin wasn't interested in eating. He snuggled up next to me as if he was in on the plot to make us pals. I drank and looked at the cartoons through the bottom of my milk glass. I finished with a satisfying gasp.

When I turned to look at Gavin, I was met with an unfamiliar shock. He had pulled down his pants and he playing with himself. He kept pulling his stiff penis down and letting it spring back. He had the most cheerful smile on his face. My mouth dropped open in disbelief. Then to make matters worse, I heard his Mother approaching the room. She burst into the room talking a mile a minute. She was carrying clean clothes started putting them away in drawers.

When I looked back at Gavin, his pants were pulled back up and he was nibbling delicately at his sandwich.

This was too much for me so I said I had to be home.

Over the next day, I couldn't stop thinking about the incident. I only guessed that it suggested things that we weren't supposed to do, but I didn't know what or even why.

And why, when I closed my eyes at night, did I keep seeing his stiff dicky and his silly and stupid smile? It was so bad and yet it filled me with the most incredible feelings.

It was morning and I knocked on the door.

I said, "Is Gavin home?"

"Richard, I am so glad you're here. Listen, I have to go to the Mall. I'll only be gone for an hour. Could you come in and stay with Gavin? I would bring him but he drives me crazy in the Mall and he doesn't want to go anyway and I don't want him alone in the house. I promise, no more than and an hour or maybe a little longer. Richard, you don't mind, do you?"

I stepped inside.
There was a flurry of coats and purses that ended with the slam of the front door.

The house was suddenly silent. Gavin and I stood there looking at each other.
He turned around, pulled down his pants and showed me his behind.