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by Graham Day

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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.

-PART FOUR continued --



It had been a truly disastrous trip to London. The train had been full and a very large man had sat upon Pricilla's pink ball-gown, crushing it in the process. Then the good Doctor had suddenly remembered that it was his son's birthday and in remorse removed himself to the Savoy's gentleman's bar where he dug deep into their supply of Scotch single-malts. Poor Pricilla spent the evening watching handsome young doctors waltzing by on the arm of girls who did not look as if they had been dressed from the damaged goods section of the local charity shop.

Finally Mrs. Whyte had had a furious exchange with the hotel manager about the size of the bar bill and she was only silenced when her, still groggy, husband informed her that, if anything, he had been undercharged.

At eleven thirty am on Sunday morning, a very grumpy Mrs Whyte stormed into the library of "Once-Upon-a-Time", and was confronted by the most extraordinary of sights -- Snowy still dressed in his blue ski-pyjamas sat on the library floor, sat shoulder to shoulder with Dick Flaunting-Flasher, his sitter.

The pair had clearly not been to bed. They sat chatting away, as together they surfed the Internet on the older lad's laptop computer.


Bert Goldblatt had not been employed as an actor for more than ten years. In truth, his last proper acting engagement was more like 15 years ago, if you excluded jobs as the Dame in Christmas pantomime, the only role in which he really ever excelled. But those too had dried up ten years ago. It started going wrong when he slapped the Sugarplum Fairy on stage during act two, while he was in a drunken rage. But assaulting the rear end of Jack's faithful cow Betsy, in act three was a considerably worse mistake, as the rear end was played by Garath Bland a Welsh Rugby player, who laid poor Bert Goldblatt out cold with a swift uppercut. The management concluded: while a drunken Dame was better than no Dame - an unconscious Dame was of no use whatsoever. Bert got the sack and the word soon spread to other theatre management's.

Then Telesis Inc. happened in his life and Bert had never been happier in a job. The scam was really very easy: get 'em to call and get 'em to hold on as long as you can as the meter ticks away. Get 'em to start setting silly goals and objectives and tell em to change stupid things, like the house name or getting rid of the cat or dog. Then, when they start to believe things are coming to pass, you have got 'em! Then you milk 'em dry. A fixed salary and 20% commission on billings for his clients and he was doing better than he ever had in his acting life.

Bert adopted the voice of the Pantomime Dame, he had once been famous for, called himself Madame Zelda and he was an immediate hit with the gullible callers. The fact that Bert was often drunk on the job just added to the mystery of his readings, the callers assuming the poor woman was in a demented trance.

Bert switched on his computer terminal and light up another Camel while he checked his organiser for the day. He had seven fixed time calls and then there was the Whyte woman, what a little gold mine she was turning out to be.

He decided he would call her this time. It was a nice touch and helped persuade the punters that Madame Zelda was not solely interested in the ticking of the meter.

"Oh Mistress Whyte..." he gushed "such news, such news...."

"Oh Madame Zelda I know. Isn't it too dreadful?"

This was were Bert always had to be very careful. He was calling her, because Madame Zelda was supposed to know already what the woman was about to say BUT at the same time he had to get the facts out of her, with out her guessing he did not know. He took a swig of whiskey for luck and waited...

Silence has a wonderful effect.

Soon the silly woman was babbling away about how ball had been a failure! How they had forgotten the stepson's birthday! How her husband had drowned his remorse at this oversight in Savoy's finest whiskey! How her dreadful stepson, Snowy, had spent his Saturday night exploring the Internet under the guidance of the sitter, who had seemed so promising at first! And how his father had now decided to buy him a computer of his own, in order to make up for overlooking his birthday.

"And we are talking of a more than to a thousand pounds, Madame Zelda. A thousand pounds imagine what a find wardrobe I could have bought poor Pricilla with that kind of money." The woman raved on, "it is so unfair!"

Bert actually felt sorry for the poor doctor having this manipulating bitch for a wife but more so for this poor boy that was her stepson. But his wave of humanity soon passed and he got back to the game: how to maximise his billings for the day and have more to spend at the Rose and Crown that evening.

"Ah yes Madame, but Chief Deerhunter tells me this Flaunting-Flasher, his babysitter is a mere tool of the spirits. There are ever so many temptations to lead a boy astray on the Internet and I had warned you that he would be visited by powerful of spectres from around the world. If the powerful of spectres from around the world choose to visit via the Internet that is up to the wisdom of the spiritual realm. The spirits who know all have led young Snowy to this place." Bert took a drag on his Camel and waited for the effect.

"Oh my! Are you saying this was meant to be?" Bert grinned to himself and remained silent.

"He looked far too happy to have been tormented by spectres."

"The spirits sometimes need time there are all sorts of snares for the young and unsuspecting on the superhighway... Drugs, sex, or perhaps he will lured into become a kiddie-porn star.... Need I say more?"

"Hmm. That will certainly shock his father. Well... I suppose the cost of a computer is a small price to pay if it is going to get him into trouble of that sort..."

"The Mirror on the Wall Psychic Guidance knows that sometimes you need to make sacrifices sometimes these are financial, speaking of which, Madame dearest, I have a message for you from a long ancestor of yours. It has cost Chief Deerhunter a great deal to get this private message to you and it will alas cost us here at Mirror on the Wall Psychic Guidance a great deal of money to have it deciphered by an Egyptologist."

"Oh my! Are you saying there is a message from ancient Egypt, for me? What can it be? Please tell me..."

"That is the trouble Madame we transcribed it here in a five hour long trance but it is all in hieroglyphics and we cannot understand it. If you could find some way to help financing the translation..."

"Oh my!" Mrs Whyte hesitated, the Doctor was already complaining about her extravagance, but a message from ancient Egypt, what could it all mean?

"We can have one of you top Egyptologist attend to it right away and I can call you back in a few days when he is done..."

"Oh my!" Mrs Whyte stamped her foot impatiently. "Do you mean I will have to wait? Well, of course, whatever it costs! You have my credit card details, just get it done, as soon as possible. We need to secure my beloved Pricilla's future."

Bert Goldblatt loved a sucker almost as much as he loved his whiskey.


There was a great flurry of excitement the day the courier firm delivered five, portentously large cardboard boxes that held Snowy Whyte's TX-S3-833 computer. It was the largest and most expensive gift his dad had ever given him, and he was desperately keen to get to work on his own PC system.
Perhaps he had eventually found a hobby that would keep him occupied during the long summer holidays and maybe even keep his young mind off sex.
Mrs Whyte was excited because the sooner Snowy went online, the sooner he would be kidnapped by one of the many white slavers she felt certain lurked on the Internet!
If the other inhabitants of "Once-upon-a-Time" were excited, Pricilla was ecstatic. Mrs Whyte had arranged for Robert Flaunting-Flasher to come around and help Snowy set his new equipment up and this offered the fat spotty girl the opportunity to flirt with the tall son of the Regimental Sargent-Major.
"I am ever so honoured that you should invite me back to your home Mrs. Whyte," Dick Flaunting-Flasher started in his oily-smooth tones, "we shall have young Snowy up and running in two shakes of a CD-ROM." Snowy groaned, as Dick cracked one of his rather pathetic Computer-nerd jokes!
The proud young owner of a new TX-S3-833 sat watching the tall angular sixteen-year-old. He rather wished he could like the youth but he had this awfully of-putting character -- obsequious and cringing one moment and cold and aloof the next. Worst of all, he had this disagreeable way of referring to Snowy, as "Young Snowy", as if he were forty years old himself and Snowy was some lower life form.
"Oh I say you must be extremely clever to know how to put the right plugs into the right sockets," said Pricilla blushing bright scarlet under several thick layers of pimple cream and makeup, secretly fantasising that the tall sad-faced boy was plugging her own moist socket!
"Oh no Miss, I am just a humble computer hobbyist, we can all learn these things. It would be my honour and privilege to teach you how to do so, if you liked." He said in his mournful tones as his long clumsy fingers removed the computer tower from several layers of Styrofoam.
"Oh could I Mama?"
"Good Lord, no!" Mrs Whyte said resolutely, if one of the youngsters in "Once-upon-a-Time" had to be abducted by pornographers it was certainly not going to be her precious Pricilla, she had to be kept as far from the perils of the Internet as possible.
"Mother always knows best," said Dick in his best slimy-toad manner. This reply made Mrs. Whyte appreciate him even more; made Pricilla straighten-up sharply, as a lusty wetness spread in her large-but-frilly underwear; and made Snowy want to throw-up!
In no time at all the boxes were cleared and a hum of static lighted up the 17" monitor for the very first time. Mrs. Whyte had to actually drag Pricilla to the morning room for a reprimand on not being too forward with young men, especially the painfully shy ones.
Dick spent a further two hours with Snowy showing him the rudimentary points of word processing, games and then finally showed him how to log on to the internet. He collected a small fee from Mrs. Whyte for his time and left after wishing "Young Snowy" well and informing him to check his e-mail as Dick would mail him soon.
Left at last to his own devices Snowy set to work exploring the wonders of modern technology -- making an awful lot of mistakes, but finding that it was not nearly as complex as he had feared.
By dinner time, Snowy had mastered two computer games -- but resolved that games were a waste of time -- and written a letter to Father Christmas on the word processor asking him for a special-boyfriend each, for both Dopey and himself, like Osbert had found in Damien Smyke.


The week that followed Snowy spent all his time closeted in his room with the TX-S3-833. The PC had almost become a friend to him. He had toured Disneyland; looked up all sorts of interesting things and found out how to build a pipe-bomb!
Accessing 'the Internet' was astonishingly easy he had found. Snowy's PC was had several Windows icons and one of these was named Internet -- you simply clicked on it and you were there. He had overheard several of the lads at school saying that the Internet had porn on it. Snowy knew porn had something to do with sex. Perhaps that was why, whenever Snowy heard about the porn on the Internet that he found his dick started to get unaccountably stiff and hard.

Snowy had not seen any porn yet on the net but even the thought of finding something was getting him into a state of great agitation. It all came to pass by complete accident.

As he sat messing around with something called a search engine, his creative mind started dreaming up the silliest things he could and seeing what the search engine made of it. "Silly Stuff" produced a list of links to jokes, some of which were very funny indeed. Realising he had tumbled onto something rather fun, Snowy now entered the words "boy's toilet." More than 3000 entries were listed. Snowy laughed out loud was there no limit to the stupid stuff out there?

He clicked on one of the links at random. A long body of text suddenly appeared. He scanned it rapidly and his pretty chiselled jaw dropped open -- this was a great shock!

The story was about how a boy was met in a toilet by an older man. After luring the boy into a cubical the man did all sorts of rude things to the boy. It seemed the boy was a bit alarmed at first but the man knew how to make the boy really take pleasure from what the bloke did to him. Snowy was compelled to squeeze his cock very firmly as it rose to full erection in his short trousers. The story, while not very long, was very explicit in its detail. The description of the thirteen-year-old boy's cock was lovingly written, with exquisite attention to even the smallest detail -- Snowy thought he could almost smell the boy's cum as he reread the story for the second time.

He had discovered porn! However, it was not the sort of porn the lads at school were talking about - that was full of ladies with great big boobs. No, this was porn that was of considerably more interest to Snowy Whyte. Convinced that this was a one-off fluke of nature, Snowy immediately listed the story under his list of favourites and promised himself to come back to it that night to have good toss-off as he read it that night in his pyjamas.

With trembling hands he clicked on one of the other links under the search engine window.

Here he found a letter from a twelve years old boy who had read the pervious story. Now the boy confessed that he spent hours hanging around the school toilets or down town at the local bus terminus. He lived in hope that some bloke would lure him into a cubicle and show him his big prick. The lad was definitely keen to try any or all of the things described so lovingly in the story. He was asking other readers if he should make the first move- could he just walk up to some bloke and ask him to show him his man-sized willy?

"Oh... err!" Snowy groaned. Has his felt his penis give sudden lurch. Could it be there were more sexually curious people in the world than Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey and himself?

Could it be that the Internet was some amazing way in which people with the same dirty thoughts as he had? Could similarly minded people meet up and swap ideas and information?

He wondered if he should e-mail the twelve year old boy and ask him if he had had any luck with getting hold of a man's willy. Perhaps he and his mates should invite the boy over to play with them? It never occurred to the naive boy that the "the twelve-year-old lad" could be in America or perhaps not be a boy at all -- Snowy had a lot to learn.

Snowy's face was flushed with excitement as he returned to window with the search engine and the list of links on the subject of "Boy's Toilet", when a little box flashed-up on his screen advising him that he had mail.

Snowy had had his TX-S3-833 for a week now and had not as yet received a single e-mail. Besides no one knew that he had an e-mail address other than Dick Flaunting-Flasher, who had set it up for him. That had to be it! Dick had said he would mail Snowy.

With some apprehension Snowy followed the instructions clicking on button icons and soon found he was reading a Message from a company called ICQ advising him that someone called "SleepY" was on line and wished to talk to him.

Snowy had no idea what the message could mean. He looked suspiciously behind the computer to see if some strange camera was watching him -- how did it know he was there? Worse yet, did it know what he had just been reading? He blushed furiously at this latter thought.

If it wanted to "talk to him" was there some kind of built in telephone or something like that?

Plucking up his courage he clicked on the box that indicated that he agreed to being connected to this SleepY whoever he, she or it, may be.

Then every thing happened at once! A program download commenced and after a time it auto-installed itself. By now Snowy's apprehension had changed to something approaching pride of at the very least a feeling of accomplishment. He had managed to get the computer to load a chat program and even given himself a name -- not very inventively he had chosen "Snowy".

Just then he was shocked when a little electronic voice went "Oh-Oh!" and a window popped up and winked at him advising him that "SleepY is on line!"

Before he could think twice he found a message box appearing that asked him to click on that box of he wished to accept a chat with the said "SleepY"

As if by magic a box appeared split into two boxes on black with yellow text and the other a was solid blue colour.

<SleepY> Hey snowy is that u?

Snowy wished he knew what to do next he leaned a little closse to the computer and said "Hallo"

<SleepY> if that is that you kid, type yes on the keyboard.

Feeling a little foolish that he was doing what a computer told him to he picked out the letters Y E S. Astonishingly the text appeared in the box in white letter on the blue back ground. Snowy grinned in delight.

<Snowy> Y E S

<SleepY> that is better! Hello squirt-face!

<Snowy> Hello

Snowy was now grinning like a cat that had stolen the cream and he picked out another message. SleepY? It was a hell of an appropriate name for Dick Flaunting-Flasher.

<Snowy> is that you, dick?

<SleepY> yes but for god's sake - we never use real names on here

<Snowy> why not?

<SleepY> believe me for now. You will find out

<Snowy> oh

<SleepY> ow are things with the puter?

<Snowy> the what?

<SleepY> LOL

<Snowy> what?

<SleepY> hehehe u newbies are so funny

<Snowy> did I do something wrong? Who is LOL

<SleepY> LOL = Lots of Laughs -- god u know nothing do u - you type that when someone says something funny. And u are saying lotsa funny things so LOL!

<Snowy> oh I see

<SleepY> and puter = computer u gotta keep things short on here so u abbreviate shit - uc?

<Snowy> huh

<SleepY> uc = do you see

<Snowy> ohhhh

Well that Snowy certainly did see and he found Dick online seemed some how different - he was rude and bossy not his usual smarmy self.

<SleepY> u better change ur nick

<Snowy> huh my what?

<SleepY> DUH!! your nick (nick=nickname)

<Snowy> oh my how do I do that?

Slowly but clearly impatient SleepY as he called himself online - explained how Snowy should avoid give his clues to his identity or personal information online. Snowy found this was rather troubling - especially when SleepY recommended that he pretended that he was older than he actually was.

<Snowy> but why would I do that?

<SleepY > cause they will hit on u if u don't

<Snowy> oh my who is going to hit me?

<SleepY> not hit you... HIT ON YOU... you know -, sexing you up and stuff. there are pervs out there waiting to pray on snotty nose kids like u

<Snowy> oh err!

For a brief moment Snowy wondered if he fully understood what he was letting himself in for. But he presumed that SleepY knew what he was talking about and so Snowy's online ID became "snwy-m16" and he became a tall, black-haired, well-build, sixteen-year-old living in Yorkshire, if anyone asked.

Snowy giggled at the thought and squeezed his little hairless penis in his shorts, as if to reassure himself that it had not magically turned into the hairy throbbing log of a sixteen-year-old Yorkshire lad.


With a few methodical, and by now well practised, keystrokes, Snowy connected to the Internet and zoomed towards a Web chat community he had been introduced to by "SleepY" a few days earlier.

He was not much for cyber-chatting, mainly because of his extreme youth. It seemed everyone he talked to always seemed to find him silly and immature - which, of course, he was -- they of course expected they were chatting to a sixteen-year-old football crazy lad from Yorkshire.

He had discovered that other than ICQ, there was also IRC, a better populated vehicle, that had these exciting rooms with names proclaiming wicked fun inside. It seemed to have hundreds of gay-theme chat rooms. Snowy had drifted from room to room over several days and nights: "#BigQueerTalk" or "#CockClub"; perhaps the oddly named "#TwinkSukers" - what ever a twink might be; there was even "#TeenBoyWankers", where he met other boys who were only too keen to discuss or compare their masturbatory practices.

The verbal exhibitionists that inhabited these rooms would say intensely rude things to each other in the open chat rooms - things about fucking and sucking and what they were doing with their hands right there and then! But more often they give graphic detail of what they would do with their hands and cocks, if they were really in the same room together! It drove poor Snowy's up the proverbial wall, not to mention what it did to his overworked eleven-year-old dick!

Then one day it all got out of hand, while reading one such erotic interchange - some guy had been telling the room that he had shot a load of hot cream onto the screen itself. Snowy found this so exciting and he was masturbating so furiously that he did not hear someone knocking at his door until it was too late -- Dick Flaunting-Flasher had, apparently, dropped by to check on how Snowy was getting on with the computer.

Poor Snowy died a thousand deaths!

"I am most humbly sorry to have disturbed you," said Dick in his most obsequious fashion, "I shall return at a more convenient and less troublesome time."

It was a narrow escape and Snowy took to locking his bedroom door when on line.

He had not chatted to Dick or "SleepY" since then and when he did come across him, he appeared even more rude than before and preoccupied with other things.

Snowy turned his attention to the chat line once more. Snowy signed in as snwy-m16 the name he had invented with Dick. He clicked on a chat room "#boysex" one he had earnestly wanted to enter in the past, but for some reason was too timid to do so. With a resolute click of the mouse he was in! Snowy surveyed the room: 9 other chatters. Two of the chatters commenced:

<DoK!> u sound cool

<BoyLoveR> u into what?

<DoK!> hehheeh

<DoK!> That would be telling

<BoyLoveR> well I go first then. I like little dicks

<DoK!> cool.. how little?

<BoyLoveR> anything over three inches is wasted

<DoK!> cool..

<BoyLoveR> and anything with hair is out!

<BoyLoveR> well maybe just a few...

<DoK!> hmmm thinking of a little hard one incher here

<BoyLoveR> BONER!!!!

This was amazing! The talk here was as rude as he had heard and it was about boys his own age and even younger! Snowy knew that most of the rudest talk took place when two chatters left the open room and talked privately, one-on-one. He had been too nervous to agree the few propositions for private parties on previous occasions, but today he was so horny and so sure that he could say enough filthy things to rival the very rudest boy in the land.

<BoyLoveR> soory puters slow tonight

<ali mir> hello room

<DoK!> WB ali mir

<ali mir> r u trading?

Trading? Trading what? Snowy knew there were other things going on here that he had not come across before. The excitement was too much for him after checking that the bedroom door was locked, he slipped his shorts down to his ankles and gazed at the tip of his hard penis, which was winking lustily at him from the protective folds of his foreskin. Then the chatter called "DoK!" addressed him.

<DoK!> `lo snwy-m16

<snwy-m16> hello DoK!

<BoyLoveR> greetings snwy-m16

<snwy-m16> hello BoyLoveR

<DoK!> where u from?

<snwy-m16> yorkshire engeland

<DoK!> good, another englishman

<ali mir> , me pakistani

<Brad 21> do u have anymore pics BoyLoveR?

<ali mir> aslam-u-alaikum

<BoyLoveR> hell yeah sending now!

<Brad 21> great dude!

<BoyLoveR> BTW am in CA, snwy-m16

<DoK!> so, u 16 yo snwy-m16?

<snwy-m16> hmm... yes

Snowy was dead set against telling fibs, but what else could he do? He typed as fast as he could with his left hand and stroked his throbbing three-and-a-bit with the right.

<DoK!> do you like boys snwy-m16?

<snwy-m16> hmm... yes I suppose I do

<DoK!> then u found the right address, lad

<snwy-m16> hmm... do you like younger boys/

<DoK!> fucking love em

<BoyLoveR> we all do snwy-m16!!

<snwy-m16> u don't find them silly and immature?

<DoK!> that is what makes em so fucking delightful!

Snowy grinned contentedly! At last some nice guys who were friendly and didn't think little boys were silly -- he felt immediately at home.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Hi!

<Brad 21> do u have anymore pics of that little kid?

<BoyLoveR> 5 more to cum Brad 21

<Brad 21> k

<DoK! to snwy-m16> want to talk to me in private?

It was happening. Snowy thought this "DoK!" guy seemed very nice and he had invited him for a private chat with this heart in his excited little throat he asked the "DoK!" to explain how to do this private chat stuff. Mean while he just couldn't pry his hand away from his hard little dick.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> so do u have any pics to trade

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> Pics? What do you mean pics.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> r u a newbie?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> hmmm I suppose so

<DoK! to snwy-m16> have you never traded a pic before?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> I don't think so

<DoK! to snwy-m16> god I love newbies! hehehhe

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> what kind of pics

<DoK! to snwy-m16> wait I will send u one

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> hmm k

Just as Snowy finished typing, a nervous shiver wracked his small body. Then something started happening. The computer asked him if he wished to accept a JPG -- whatever the heck that was! Goosebumps broke out across his arms as he agreed!

<BoyLoveR> hes about 11 I would say

<Brad 21> hell he is soooo hot

<snwy-m16> do you relly like boys of 11?

<BoyLoveR> course we do!!!

<Brad 21> as long as I have a face this kid will always have some where to sit!

<BoyLoveR> LOL!

<snwy-m16> heheheh u r very funny Brad 21!!!!

On the one hand Snowy found himself relaxing in the company of this odd bunch of people but at on the other he experienced a knot of sexual tension in the pit of his stomach. The file transfer of the JPG ended.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> what do I do now?

As impatient and dismissive as Dick had been, so this "DoK!" chap was charming and patient. He explained to Snowy how to locate and then open the file.

Snowy Whyte would never forget the next few minutes of his short but not entirely uneventful life. He would remember this as a watershed -- his life would always divided into a before jake&bro.jpg period and the after jake&bro.jpg era!

The explorer window opened and revealed a black and white photograph. It showed the simple interior of an American farmhouse kitchen, a calendar on the wall showed that it had been taken sometime in July 1955. The photograph exhibited great artistic talent -- it was well composed, the subjects were tastefully back lit and in very sharp focus -- but Snowy only had time to appreciate the artistic merits of the picture much, much latter - for right now, he could only focus on the subject.

A fresh-faced boy of about twelve, short-cut blond hair swept into one of those silly brush-cuts so fashionable in the fifties, sat with his bottom on the kitchen table, mischievously grinning a broken-toothed smile at the photographer. He had his left foot raised on a kitchen chair and his right dangled lazily.

Two things set the picture apart from other fifties photographs Snowy had seen in his dad's back-issues of Life magazine: firstly the boy was stark naked! Secondly, kneeling on the floor between the boy's smooth legs was a nineteen or twenty-year-old dark-haired dude who, from the facial similarity, was obviously his older brother, and he had the younger boy's hard cock firmly lodged between his hungry lips!

Snowy felt his short blond hair standing on end. The gooseflesh, once more, enveloped his arms and legs and he thought his heart had stood still! With trembling fingers he managed to type a reply.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> wow!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> do you like it?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> like it? I LOVE IT!!!

The photograph had a profound effect on Snowy. He knew what he was looking at was naughty, sinful even, he was breaking the law by merely having it on his computer, but he could not help feeling marvellously reassured by it! Not only was he not the fist boy to let older guys play with him, but it had been going on for years, and judging by the expression of undisguised pleasure, both sucker and sucked were enjoying it as much as Snowy and his anorak friends enjoyed boy sex.

Finally, unmistakably, there was something more -- he had always been told that boys who had sex with older brothers or men were victims, they were abused or maltreated, but the twinkle in the boy's eye left no room for doubt: in this relationship he was clearly the boss! He was the one who determined when and how his cock-addicted brother sucked on his hard tool, with its sparse crop of short blond hairs!

Snowy gathered up spittle on his right index finger for the jerk-off that was now unavoidable, as he typed eagerly with his left hand again.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> where did u get it?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> there are thousands on the net

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> where? I haven't seen them

<DoK! to snwy-m16> LOL u need to know were to look

But there was no time for any further refection on this life-altering moment for at that second a message flashed on screen:

<SleepY joins #boysex chat room>

<SleepY to snwy-m16> what the hell are u doing in here?

This rude message had popped up in a private chat window!

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> whats it to you? I can go where I like?

<SleepY to snwy-m16> Don't u know this room is full of pervs

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> they all seem very nice to me

Just minutes before, seeing that photograph of jake&bro.jpg had changed the way he thought about himself as a young boy and how he viewed sex between men and boys. Until that point he had thought that the highlight of sex was messing with his three young anorak friends, now other vistas were opening up!

<DoK!> well well look guys its SleepY

<SleepY> hiya DoK! Hi room

<SleepY to snwy-m16> well they all kiddy porn lovers they will be onto your cock in a flash if they knew you were a little snotty kid

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> Well maybe that would be nice -- at least they not rude and nasty to me

<BoyLoveR> hey SleepY dude u just woken up?

<Brad 21> hey dude u got any good new shit to trade?

<SleepY> No nothing new, but I got a good story for u.

<Brad 21> u been feeling up the kids u baby-sit?

<SleepY> No u know I never do stuff in reality

<snwy-m16> that is right he is no fun at all

<DoK! to snwy-m16> do you know this guy?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> I am sorry to say I do

<DoK! to snwy-m16> I think I know what you mean!

<Brad 21> so what's the story, SleepY?

<SleepY> one of my customers asked me to go check on how her son was doing on the computer he has just got for his eleventh birthday and the little fucker was wanking off in front of the screen!

<Brad 21> WOW! U see his dick?

<SleepY> well it was so small and puny I nearly missed it - but yep!

<Brad 21> tell us more tell us more

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> you bastard!

<SleepY> small three inches, no hair!

<Brad 21> fuck!!! did u suck it?

<SleepY>NO!!! no I am not into guys

<DoK! to snwy-m16> he can be a real bastard I have known him for AGES

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> poor u!

<ali mir> aslam-u-alaikum

<SleepY> whats up ali

<ali mir> not much with u?

<SleepY> so u got a girl friend?

<ali mir> no

<SleepY> a boy friend?

<ali mir> r you boy or girl?

<SleepY> boy

<ali mir> im bi

<SleepY> meaning?

<ali mir> i like boy as well as girls

<SleepY> me 2! Prefer girls unless the guys are asian.

<ali mir> cooool

<ali mir> , do you have a video cam

<SleepY> yes

<ali mir> goodness me!

<ali mir> do u show?

<SleepY> depends

<ali mir> what on?

<SleepY> if u are a girl or an asian guy in which case its is YES

<ali mir> me Pakistani

<SleepY> Chinese would be better

<ali mir> me Pakistani 17 male with cam and hard brown cock

<ali mir> can i see??

<SleepY> YES!

<SleepY> well later dudes! Im gonna give ali mir the show of his life!

<ali mir> goodness me!

<SleepY disconnected from "#boysex >

<ali mir disconnected from "#boysex >

<DoK!> and so the happy couple sail off into the sunset...

<snwy-m16> hhehhe you are really funny

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> were have they gone?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> do you have NetMeeting?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> I don't think so

<DoK! to snwy-m16> well SleepY is going to switch on his Web Cam, pull down his jeans and frighten the horses!

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> WHAT?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> well he is always showing off his BIG cock

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> I don't believe it

<DoK! to snwy-m16> well he is a grade one exhibitionist always flashing his big old cock around making us smaller guys jealous

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> it cant be the same guy he is... so uptight!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Man it is the biggest fucker I have EVER seen

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> have u seen it?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> OFTEN!

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> how?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> we spend tons of time on line trading and chatting

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> what trading?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> swapping pictures and movies

<DoK! to snwy-m16> I like him in some ways but... It is really boring he thinks he is str8!

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> what?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> str8 = straight or not gay or bi

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> hmmm well I don't suppose he would show it to me

<DoK! to snwy-m16> well he would if I told him to

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> why would he do that

<DoK! to snwy-m16> cause I got the guy by the short and curly hairs

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> what do u mean

<DoK! to snwy-m16> he gets live porn pics from me and I will cut off his supply if he gives me shit!

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> girls I suppose...

<DoK! to snwy-m16> hell no! Young teen dudes jerking off! sure he is always going on about being str8 or bi but he is as cock struck as I am.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> but I think he is all talk - I think he would die if a teen actually showed him his cock in real life

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> where do you get em?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> hehhe I make em!! Don't ask how or why

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> gosh

<DoK! to snwy-m16> but they all far too old for me...

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> so what do you get from him?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> that is easy -- kiddy porn!

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> gosh like u sent me

<DoK! to snwy-m16> yep -- love the stuff!!!!

There was an inexplicably long pause. Snowy wondered if he should say something. "DoK!" sounded so nice -- so unlike Dick Flaunting-Flasher. He cleared his throat, and type away hoping he would not somehow scared the guy off.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> I'm not really 16 you know...

<DoK! to snwy-m16> hehhe no I suppose you are 47 married with children with my luck

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> gosh no... hmmm I am the kid SleepY was talking about

<DoK! to snwy-m16> WHAT?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> sorry ... yes I'm eleven he was sitting me.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> I don't believe this

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> it is true SleepY caught me jerking off and has seen my naked cock you can ask him next time you see him

<DoK! to snwy-m16> I died and went to heaven a real little boy on line!!

Snowy grinned fiendishly. As devious young boys tend to do, he turned from being utterly defeated (when SleepY ran off with ali mir) to completely unassailable in one nanosecond.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> I suppose next you will tell me you are naked

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> not exactly!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> can i see? just to check u are not telling fibs like SleepY

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> hehhe I don't have one of those cam thingies silly billy!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> LOL!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> u jerking now?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> yes i am very hard right now

<DoK! to snwy-m16> What do u look like kid?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> 11 blond hair, blue eyes, 3" uncut.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> WHAT u trying to get my heart to stand still?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> hehheh sorry....

<DoK! to snwy-m16> u have a jack off buddy ?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> three of them!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> oh my god! lucky them!

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> what are u like?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Alright I am 17, 5'6", black hair and eyes, 6" uncut cock. And... I am half Chinese BUT don't tell SleepY he would never give me a monuments rest!

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> hehehe serves him right for being rude to everyone

<DoK! to snwy-m16> hehehe yeah! his best on-line buddy is Chinese and he doesn't know it!

Snowy couldn't quite contain his laughter. This was irresistibly funny!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Oooooooh such a bad little boy..

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> do you think I am really sexy? ;)

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Very sexy. My cock just got hard thinking about you.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> goodness I am blushing!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> do u wanna cyber with me little guy?

<snwy- m16 to DoK!> what is that?

And so <DoK!> explained the subtle modern art of mutual masturbation with the aid of modern technology and non of the practical down sides. Snowy's cock took over his thinking for him!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> You like that idea, man?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> Mmm hmm. Do you?

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Your cute baby face was should be sucking on my cock. Are you naked?

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> well I am now

So saying snowy slipped off all his clothing and set his hand to work flailing away, his right hand sliding up and down all three and a bit inches at breakneck speed. Suddenly, Snowy really liked this new technique.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> I wish you could see how hard you have made it, it would be nice if you were nibbling on it.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> then come here baby. Throw your legs over my shoulders and stick that pretty cock right in my mouth!

Typing slowly now, Snowy was desperately trying to find a mean between fevered masturbation, and leisurely milking. He didn't want the exchange to end.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Hold still so I can swallow this beautiful dick. Ohhhhhhh fuck.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> I can imagine I feel your soft lips against my willy. My stiffy is getting even stiffer!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> (DoK! licks on snwy-m16 balls and slaps his soft bum)

<DoK! to snwy-m16> hold onto my head, little boy. Pump it down my throat. I am all yours snwy.

Sweat gleamed against the nape of Snowy's neck. His entire body was flustered with the glow of sex. Snowy managed to jam his entire index finger up his own butt when he saw that fingering action appear on screen. Something deep inside of him responded.

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Mmmmmmmmm fuck I'm hungry for that load. Give it to daddy.

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> oh I am going to have a little cum

<DoK! to snwy-m16> do u still dry cum

<snwy-m16 to DoK!> sorry yes I do

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Oh GREAT!

<DoK! to snwy-m16> Fuck fuck fuck YES! snwy-m16! I'm shooting my load!

For a long while Snowy was totally removed from either his computer of aware of what he had been doing. Eventually became aware that he and his chat partner had shared strange, yet exhilarating, sexual climax. He shook his head in disbelief, a drop or two of sweat falling from his blond mop to his naked leg. Snowy tried to return his hazy focus to the keyboard.

<snwy-m16> Bye for now, sexy DoK!

<DoK!>:) Hehe. Later then snwy-m16 :)

<disconnected from "#boysex >


In the week that followed, Snowy Whyte spent time daily chatting away online with DoK!

DoK! was as charming and pleasant a companion as a lad could hope to find. That was more they shared a serious interest in dicks, boys and sexy talk!

Snowy would soon be fully erect after reading one of the many porn stories sent to him by DoK! He would squeeze the end of his little stiff prick as his older online buddy explained how to get into newsgroups where they would find picture of very skinny, but very smooth skinned little boys, many even younger than Snowy himself.

Snowy wanted to meet DoK! in real life - maybe invite him to wank off with him, but the other lad never made any attempt to even see him, though Snowy had long since worked out that they were both in the southern part of England.

They would also see SleepY from time to time. The name Sleepy really suited the lanky teen with the odd Jeckle and Hyde personality. He continues to be seriously unpleasant to Snowy at every given opportunity and often only stopped in this harassment when DoK! stepped in.

But try as he may, just the thought of Dick's stiff prick got Snowy going. He was obsessed with the thought of seeing it! The dammed youth seemed happy to show it off to all and sundry but steadfastly refused to show it to Snowy- as if this would be breaking some ultimate rule.

<SleepY to snwy-m16> Hey stop badgering me you snotty kid!!

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> but you have shown it to every one else

<SleepY to snwy-m16> Yeah but u a horrible hairless boy....

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> pretty please with sugar on top

<DoK! to SleepY > LOL, now how can u resist that?

<SleepY to snwy-m16> piss off kid

<DoK! to SleepY> hey I tell u what... if u show him and help him get it out of his system, then I will send u a close up movie of a Chinese guy jerking off..

<SleepY to DoK!> god YES!!! How old is he

<DoK! to SleepY> 17

<SleepY to DoK!> does he cum

<DoK! to SleepY> if you like ...

<SleepY to snwy-m16> you have a DEAL kiddo : )

Then it happened. After clicking on a link, a window opened and there, at the desk in his bedroom at the army barracks, sat Dick Flaunting-Flasher, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, his face barely out of camera range. The bluish light of the computer screen reflected off his skin as he sat in the darkened room.

His near adult nerdiness made Snowy get really hard. Snowy watched him type on the keyboard and a message appeared.

<SleepY to snwy-m16> what do you want me to do?

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> hmm not sure

<SleepY to snwy-m16> tell me to do something

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> hmm take off your shirt

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> good nice chest

<SleepY to snwy-m16> what else?

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> show me your arm pit

<SleepY to snwy-m16> NO!

<snwy-m16 to SleepY>why not?

<SleepY to snwy-m16> Too private! only my girl see that

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> oh well will you take off you jeans

<SleepY to snwy-m16> ok what next?

<snwy-m16 to SleepY>hmmm can you slip one of your .. your... you know... balls out of the y-fronts?

<SleepY to snwy-m16> how is that

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> gee it is as big as a ducks egg!

<SleepY to snwy-m16> do u like it?

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> gosh yes

<SleepY to snwy-m16> shall I take the y fronts off now?

<snwy-m16 to SleepY> Gulp .... Hmmm yes... please....

<SleepY to snwy-m16> there! Like it short arse?

But Snowy Whyte could not trust his fingers to type a response.

End of file: SNOWY-WHYTE-4.2 The story in continues: SNOWY-WHYTE-4.3

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