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by Graham Day

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Authors note:

  1. This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys and/or men and boys so if this is not to your tastes, please leave now. If you are under age, or if it is illegal in your state or country to read or possess material like this then it is in your own interest to leave now.
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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.

-PART FIVE continued-



Just as it takes more than one swallow to make a summer, so it would take more than one shag, no matter how memorable a bonk it might have been, to change Dick Flaunting-Flasher's outlook on life.

Sure enough, the next day Sleepy - as Snowy and the lads now all referred to him - was around to call on Pricilla at "Once-upon-a-time". He proceeded to be as revolting smarmy as ever to Mrs. Whyte; asked Pricilla out to another movie; promised not to sleep though it and generally carried on as if the day before had never happened.

Snowy was still a little embarrassed at how his body had taken over from his brain the day before - how his penis had done all the thinking for him and lured him into all sorts or lewd sexual things with Sleepy. Worse yet, he was still unsure if he even liked the gangling lout. In fact, he was rather keen to get away from Dick, but then Pricilla, bless her fat-girl jealousy, raised that subject.

Over afternoon tea, she asked whether there had been very many organs on view at the Medical Research Laboratory.

"Well to be honest my sweetness," Sleepy oozed on in his normal odious way, " I can't remember a single thing about yesterday. It is all a complete blank! It is almost as if there was something in the tea that made me insensible the whole period -- you had better ask Snowy, maybe he knows." This was not a smart move on the older boy's part.

"Oh like that is it?" Snowy snorted indignantly, he could feel his hackles rising and laid into Sleepy in no small measure: "Oh Pricilla, it was really pretty ghastly, some of the organs were really deformed -- big and hideous and abnormal really. The poor individuals must be brain-damaged or something, because it affects their memories as well, so I hear."

"Oh gross!" Said Pricilla wrinkling her nose as she grasped her beloved Dick for protection from rampant abnormal organs, little realising that a really gigantic one was, so to speak, at hand.

"Well it was pretty disgusting. One of these poor, unnatural, laboratory-freaks was all over the place showing its deformed organ and forcing folks to touch it...."

"Oh... yuck!" Said Pricilla.

"We tried to be kind to it, but it was very ungrateful!"

"Oh they should put creatures like that down, really, it would be a kindness." Said Pricilla.

"Oh I agree..." said Snowy, but this discussion was interrupted by a sudden interjection from Dick, who seemed to think that it might be a good idea for him to see how Snowy was getting on with his computer.

Snowy realised this was a rouse for Dick to get himself away from a difficult line of questioning. To be honest Snowy had rather lost interest in the computer. However he went along with it anyway and they left the women to clean up the afternoon tea things.

"Gosh, what did happened to us yesterday?" he asked Snowy the moment they were out of earshot of the others.

"Oh really, Sleepy, don't try to tell me you don't remember!" Said Snowy a little irritable at this denial stuff.

"Don't call me that... it's a very rude nickname"

"It is a very suitable nickname, Sleepy." So saying, they arrived at the door of Snowy's bedroom.

Dick powered up the p.c. and Snowy's mind started plotting once more.

It really irritated him that Sleepy was pretending to be an innocent who had been lead astray and he thought it might be nice to get a bit of gentle revenge.

Now Snowy was not a nasty little flirt! He was not some wanton whore-boy! No, he was a very nicely brought up boy -- but he was a boy -- and boys - all boys - are shamelessly competitive creatures.

What boy can resist a challenge? Observe them tormenting each other in the playground and one understands that boys need to win! No matter what the game they will go for it! Even when the game is sexual, a boy would play the flirty coquette if it would help him win!

Snowy's mind was moving off in the direction of a nice snogging session - no real sex, just kissing and cuddling - maybe a bit of feeling each other up. The thrill of doing this with Pricilla only a short way off, made it almost irresistible - that way he could paying them both back and might even enjoy doing it!

Time to give him a nudge in the right direction, though Snowy, who went and stood behind Dick as he worked on the computer. He rested his chin very lightly on the scrawny lad's shoulder. He felt that he was invading Dick's space but he did not care - he slipped his hands round his waist and waited. Immediately Dick stiffened.

"Don't do that!" he managed to eject between clenched teeth.

"Why not?" Snowy whispered in his ear.

"It's not right!" Dick said.

"But I thought you liked it..."

"No I don't," he rejected this, but our blond hero was already working out another strategy - plotting Dick's downfall.

"You know what I can never find is pictures of nude Asian guys. I have been looking and looking and... well, can you find some for me?"

"I am not sure I should be doing that -- you being under age and all..." But he started logging into newsgroups and showing Snowy how to find binary files of Asian teen males. "Well I don't really like this stuff but here, I will open one for you..."

"Oh, you don't like this do you?"

"No, of course not! I don't like guys... really."

"Oh! Look at that Chinese lad! Now he is very cute -- how old do you thing he is."

"Don't know ...about fourteen or so I suppose," Said Sleepy trying to appear indifferent.

"Nice hair round his pee-pee, don't you think?"

"I don't think so..."

"Well, I think your willy is calling you a liar, Sleepy" Snowy chuckled, and brushed a hand over Dick's increasing erection.

Richard Flaunting-Flasher flinched and glared angrily at Snowy, who was hoping he was not over played his hand, but Dick's big meat spoke volumes, beginning to enlarge very obviously in his pants. Poor Dick was way out of his depth!

"Just don't do that it, it's... it's... rude!" Sleepy said plaintively. Snowy backed away and Dick looked both relieved and disappointed simultaneously.

Dick went back to the p.c. and opened a few more files. He kept casting a glance over his shoulder towards the blond lad, almost willing him to try again. Snowy advanced on the giant fellow once more and allowed his hands to slide round his waist again - this time Dick made no protest. Gingerly Snowy brushed his hand across Sleepy's groin and felt the hardness of his massive tool.

"Goodness me, you're so big, Sleepy," Snowy murmured into his ear as he traced the outline of it through his pants. Dick gasped slightly.

"Yes I suppose I am," he said, with just a hint of pride in his voice.

"I'll bet the girls like you," Snowy whispered, playing Sleepy at his own make-believe-macho game. Meanwhile, his small hand played with the lad's big thing.

"No they don't," he said sadly but he offered no further explanation.

"I would really love to see it... again...." Snowy breathed in his ear, as he fumbled with the flies on his jeans.

"You can't take it out here," Sleepy hissed at him. But Snowy provided a very convincing demonstration that he could and he eased Dick's balls out too, just for the hell of it.

"You are a dirty little bugger." Sleepy groaned with pleasure. Snowy could easily get both of his small hands on the shaft of it and the head still protruded. Gently he peeled back his foreskin to fully reveal the head.

"Yes Dick, I suppose I am... but this feels nice, doesn't it, Sleepy?" Snowy replied. The big oaf did not reply at once.

"I wish you were a girl, because then you could suck my cock," he said and this surprised Snowy a little, "...after all it's not right for a guy to suck cock, is it?" he added, by way of clarification.

"Well you didn't put up that much of a fight yesterday?" Snowy said, taking Dick's cock in both hands and peeling back the foreskin to admire the glistening head of it.

"You guys all turned me on talking dirty like that to me, and doing that stuff in front of me..." he declared, after thinking about it for a time, "I couldn't help myself...."

"Well sucking you did make my jaw ache! Gosh it is so big and I could barely get my tongue round it. Besides, there is something else we can do - something better!"

Sleepy groaned -- he knew he was, once more, a lost case. He watched Snowy stripped off his T-shirt, jeans and underwear. Then his hard, hairless stiffy leading the way, he approached the seated lad, who had swivelled on the desk chair to face his little assailant. Snowy straddled the lad's long bony leg, wrapping it between his naked hairless thighs, and sat with his pert, soft bottom on Dick's knee, facing the blushing teenager.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Dick asked, fear creeping into his voice.

Delicately Snowy pulled on the head of Dick's penis making the slit open. It too, was oversized, like the rest of his member.

Snowy reached up and placed his arms around Sleepy's neck. He pressed his short but very hot boy's willy against the massive man-sized cock and looked him deep in the eyes.

"Now we can rub willies - I have been longing to ride your big horsy..." Snowy said in his best little boys lisp.

This was the truth. Ever since he had first seen the Flaunting-Flasher's tool on the Internet he longed to feel his short hard one poking and prodding that massive length of hardness.

"That's disgusting," Sleepy panted, a look of horror on his face.

"Well yes, I suppose I am a disgusting little boy." Snowy said a little sadly, setting about building a good rhythm to his humping.

It was an awesome sensation for the little boy. Pressing flesh to flesh -- man-cock to boyish pee-pee -- three-inches against twelve! It was as if he were humping a boy with three legs and one of them was hotter than any leg he had rubbed off against in his short life. He felt his smooth balls pressing against it. Judging by the silky smooth lubricated sensation and the heavenly smell, Snowy knew the youth was producing lots of that nice slippery pre-cum stuff that older boys could make. Snowy Whyte was in heaven.

Sleepy Flaunting-Flasher's cheeks flushed crimson, his breath came in sharp gasps and he could feel his orgasm approaching. He could not believe a boy as young as this could dream up such amazingly pleasant sexual things. In his sixteen years he had never rubbed cocks with another lad's in his life.

"Snowy," Dick warned " I... I am about to cum...." he was covered in sweat and his head was thrashing from side to side. But the couple did not break for a moment, Snowy locked his arms around Sleepy's neck and kept going to the very last second, rubbing frantically.

In his mind's eye Snowy could see the cum shooting out of it -- he could certainly feel it -spreading like white molten-lava; spreading between their heaving bodies.

Snowy finally sat back and admired his handiwork. Dick was covered in a layer of sweat and cum. His big cock hung limply in the blond boy's hand.

"Now that was fun, wasn't it?" Snowy asked.


When next confronted with a couple who are whinging on about the difficulties of a mixed race or religion relationship; when they moan about being in a gay or lesbian relationship - put it in context by thinking of those with a really serious problem -- like Dopey and Doc!

For young gay lovers life is difficult enough, but when one of them is nearly eighteen and the other is only eight -- life is pretty damned near impossible.

There are the developmental problems when one of them had several university qualifications and the other still loves Telly-Tubbies, you have a problem. Then there are the difficulties of practical things, like when and how do you meet. The eight-year-old can't just tell his parents: "I am off to see my boyfriend tonight -- don't wait up!"

Finally there are the problem of how to rationalise the relationship to the environment. Saying you were related was impossible one of them was Chinese after all. Doc was also just too young to be his teacher.

In reality Mrs. Pratt was rather glad to see the back of one of her growing flock for a while and so they settled on the "I am off to Snowy's place" or the "can I sleep over at Snowy's tonight?" solution.

Both of the Pratt's like the blond lad and after all, his dad was a doctor - what could go wrong? Well Snowy was happy to help out the two lovers -- there was a genuinely touching relationship between them and often, Snowy discovered, the two would spend a whole day together with out sex just enjoying each other's company. There was also so much that was stimulating around Doc's Lab and flat -- books; the computer and his vast collection of pornography.

But the couple was not always chaste, of course. Both Doc and Dopey loved each other's bodies passionately.

And so on one of the days towards the close of the summer holidays, Dopey and Doc were in his control room, drinking Cokes and eating popcorn, while Dopey looked at pictures on Doc's computer, while Doc carried on with his work. Those sorts of pictures! The ones with lads showing their hard things and doing rude stuff. It wasn't the first time Dopey had discovered the joy of newsgroups.

"Oh my goodness, take a look at that one!" Dopey whispered in awe, as yet another downloaded JPG began to take shape on Doc's computer screen. They were downloading pictures even though there were heaps of them on the Doc's hard-drive. But teaching little Dopey how to do it himself, was not only fun but Doc argued, it was also educational. After about the tenth picture Dopey's hard little dick was just about to burn a hole in his short trousers.

"Wow, look Doc! Look!" he called, a look of intense concentration on his face, "That boy must be a whole mile long!"

Doc looked up for his own computer terminal, where he was struggling with a genetic problem, and had to admit it was impressive, even if it was nowhere near a measured mile.

When you're seventeen and a half, Asian and definitely small and your best friend is eight, and the only penises you've ever seen up close are those of your friends, basically, anything over five inches looks like a Californian Redwood tree.

Of course Sleepy had rather messed up this statistic fact. But still, that had only been the once, and there was something very unreal about that day for all the participants.

"Gee whiz!" Dopey exclaimed, running his finger to the monitor and outlining of the big boy's thick sausage. "How does he fit that thing into his jeans?"

"Well I'm sure it goes soft -- even Sleepy's becomes soft, I suppose." Doc answered honestly, studying the, alarming girth of the thing.

"I hope so," Dopey muttered, "It must be very embarrassing walking around with all of that bulging out of his pants," clicking back to the menu and selecting a further picture title.

"My Pee-Pee is all hard," Dopey complained, fidgeting in his chair. "Let's take our things off and do stuff."

"In a minute," Doc replied, "I need to finish off this report."

Dopey groaned impatiently. Why look at images when Doc had a nice real one, right there, ready to slip into his mouth? He double-clicked on another title, and the next picture started appearing on the screen.

It he were pressed, Doc would have to admit it to himself he would far rather be looking at the boy's small penis, than watching the big, solid cock that was forming on the terminal.

"Ooh," Dopey exclaimed, looking at the finished product. "That one's a thickie..."

Doc had had enough of the study of the correlation of male sperm count and sporting achievement, he saved his work, shut off the monitor he had been working on and smiled at Dopey. Then the lithe form of the Chinese lad lunged at the little boy who emitted a high-pitched squeal of pure delight

Doc lay on top of him, pinned him down and kissed him. Kissing was something rather new to new to the two lovers.

Since that first day they had done it in this very room with the other lads, they had been having light sex regularly, but Doc had been shy about kissing until earlier this that week. He feared such an immature boy might not be ready for snogging. Besides, he was just a bit troubled about catching his lips on all that steel-wire the boy wore on his buckteeth.

Doc still had memories of that day. It happened almost by accident. They had been lounging in Doc's sitting room, watching a Telly-Tubbies rerun, when Dopey leaned over and kissed Doc full on the mouth, and even though Doc was surprised, it felt really nice. Now they kissed all the time, and somehow that made all the other stuff feel even better.

And so it was that Doc lay there kissing him, running his tongue teasingly along the steel-wire braces and exploring his small mouth, biting his lower lip with little nibbles, which he knew Dopey, really liked.

Doc continued to press down on the lad, his hips grinding into his crotch, their hard erections crushed against each other's under their jeans. Dopey gazed up lovingly into the Chinese boy's face. Now that he had removed his silly over-sized black spectacle he was almost handsome with the dark oval eyes, flawless Asian skin and his bristly back hair.

"Let's take our shirts and jeans off," Doc told him, between nibbling-kisses.

The pair fumbled with their shirts, tugged on zippers, and before long, they were laying there in nothing but their underwear. Doc rubbed the front of his y-fronts against Dopey's cute Pokemon-undies. Doc loved the little moaning sounds his lover made and feeling the warmth of his sweaty, naked skin. Dopey liked the way his little tummy muscles clenched every time Doc ground down on him.

"Hmmm..." he whispered. "Keep on doing that." They must have been locked in that embrace for fifteen minutes.

They removed their underwear, hurriedly, helping each other, but not yet handling each other's penises. Since they had discovered the joys of kissing, they enjoyed rubbing each other and snogging for a good, long time before they even got around to touching each other's willies.

"Suck me," Doc whispered hoarsely, " and let me put yours in your mouth at the same time." This sounded very contradictory and Dopey sat staring at Doc in a rather puzzled way, but the little guy nodded between kisses and slipped down to get started on Doc's lovely cock.

Since boys will be boys, and under Doc's experienced guidance, they soon discovered the joys of sixty-nineing - an acrobatic exercise Dopey had never even dreamt off, much less engaged in. Apparently, Doc was well versed in the methods of boy-boy entertainment, since he told him later, that a much older Chinese cousin had showed him the ropes when he was about six-years-old.

Doc moved up and kneeled over Dopey's mouth. How Dopey loved his Asian dick and he started to lick it like a Popsicle, as he always did to start the action. His diminutive pink tongue lapped from Doc's straight black pubic-hairs to his throbbing glans, then back again. In a clever little manoeuvre, Dopey held Doc's cock and wrapped his tongue around the pink head then slipped it between his soft lips and proceeded to suck for all he was worth, it until it was red and sore!


Doc, meantime, licked his lips, getting them wet, getting them ready to suck the little penis, which was rock hard, at it's full two-inch length. Doc was very glad it was no longer. Doc knew how much he would dislike having one of those thick logs from the net in his mouth and feel it penetrating the depths of his throat. Dopey's beautiful, two-inch, circumcised penis was erect and poking out from his lower belly. The delicate silky skin of his sack was relaxed, revealing the slightly oval shapes of two very small testicles. Doc could feel the boldness of his shaft under the flimsy skin. The harder Doc went at it, the more Dopey seemed to like it.

"Oh yeah," Dopey moaned, feeling the Chinese lads hot lips wrap around the tip of his sweet wee erection. "Suck it, please, Doc!"

Doc hands wrapped around the tiny chap's bum and he squeezed tight, pulling him hard, ramming what little there was of him, into his mouth. Dopey, clearly loved this, he moaned a lot and made these sexy little whimpering noises that really drove Doc crazy.

Dopey plunged with his bum back and forth, shoving his penis into Doc's eager mouth, while Doc's five-incher was sliding in and out of his pretty mouth. He gagged once, like he always did, then he developed a rhythm, making soft gulping noises as Doc pummelled in and out of him.

Dopey started grinding his hips around and wraps his hands around Doc's bum and tries to pull him deeper inside his warmth and moistness of his mouth. Sometimes he even slips his little boy finger in Doc's bum, too. Not hard or deep, but just a little, which feels really nice.

Between sucks on his childish cock, Doc started whispering sexy things to him. He said dirty words and told him how good it felt. Dopey loved stuff like this.

"This is really cool." Thought Dopey. Unfortunately, thinking and paying attention, were two of the many, many things Dopey could not do together! And so, he was caught off-guard by the surging blast that gushed into his mouth. He coughed and spluttered. Sperm dribbled out of his pretty little nostrils and it took him a few minutes to recover and smile, once more, at his very concerned lover.

"Piss on girls," the little fellow said "Doc you are the best!"

Dopey polished the excess sperm from his mouth with the back of his hand.


Suddenly Grumpy's eyes were damp. "Oh, Snowy me precious baby," he said very softly. "Yer are such a luv. Yer break me heart."

Grumpy could get awfully sentimental when he had just had a really good cum. And he had just had a truly excellent cum right in Bashful's very accommodating bottom hole.

"Do I make you sad?" Snowy asked, a little confused. Neither he nor Bashful had the heart to laugh at Grumpy when he got into one of these moods even if they did find it a bit silly.

The three friends were alone together in the bedroom shared by Grumpy and Bashful. Doc and Dopey were now an inseparable couple and were at Doc's laboratory. They had invited Sleepy over to join them and after put on his "I couldn't care for your nasty boyish games" act he had become very excited at the prospect of a quick romp, but his dad had insisted he stay at home to polish the man's army-boots.

"No mate, but sometimes I fink I am afraid for yer. You are so innocent and there are so many bad buggers out there wot might take advantage of yer. Guys like Doc and Sleepy mighta turned out to be okay, but they not all like him. Some are no good shits...."

"Why is it that everyone is worried about me all of a sudden?" Asked Snowy a little irritated that Grumpy was ruining a perfectly fun afternoon with all this serious stuff.

"What do you mean?" Asked Bashful as he cleaned the excess cum off his legs and wiped his bum-hole clean with a pair of dirty underpants.

And so Snowy shared with the lads the story of the strange man in the garden with the red- hair.

"Oh.. Err..." said Bashful, "was he a pervert?"

"No, I asked him that, and he said no. Actually, I was rather sorry, because I was curious to know if his willy hairs were bright red as well." This made the three lads laugh a good deal. Then Snowy returned his attention to Grumpy and his serious question: "But I know that I have got you, you Grumpy and my friends to take care of me..."

Grumpy looked thoughtful. "I guess you, `ave at that mate. But yer must promise us yer will take care, yer just too binking nice to gets into trouble, like."

Then, cheering up somewhat, Grumpy looked over at where Bashful lay locked in the arms of their good mate, Snowy. "Now wot about Bashful fucks me bum good an' `ard and I sucks yer willy dry, Snowy me ol' china!"


Things started to go wrong on the Sunday. To start with, with Mrs Whyte had invited The Regimental Sargent-Major and his son to lunch after church and as he did not speak to the Reverend Prim, that faithful family friend had been asked NOT to come to lunch. This made Snowy both angry and sad, not that the Vicar would be missing out on much, as Mrs Whyte was having one of her `creative days' and there was Pigs' Bladder Curry and Prune and Pickled-Onion Trifle on the menu.

The usual state of complete and utter chaos, that went along with Mrs Whyte and Pricilla trying to get ready for anything, had broken out at "Once-upon-a-time". In fact, it had reached such alarming proportions that the good doctor suddenly remembered Mrs. Brown was due to give birth in the next village and left. Snowy fled the house too. It was a rather nice day and as he wandered down the long lawn to the woodland garden something caught his eye.

Well `caught his eye' was a bit of an understatement, as it was pretty hard to miss this red haired fellow in a body-hugging red cycling outfit lurking in the woods.

He tried to dart out of sight behind a very old Oak when Snowy saw him, but he was clearly a bit of a clumsy blockhead as he tripped over his own feet and came crashing down in a clump of ferns. Snowy moved rapidly to the fellow's side and fixed him with an icy glare.

"Are you alright?" He asked and the young man nodded his head foolishly. "Well then, tell me what are you doing here? Are you a burglar?

"Umm... err.... no lad, I'm no burglar." His face flushed bright red under the mass of freckles the covered his face so fully they almost looked like a permanent suntan.

"Well you would be pretty useless one if you were, because I am eleven and I spotted you a mile off. Next time you should wear something a little less eye-catching," he said looking up and down the chap's red cycling outfit. There was a big yellow smiley face in the middle of his chest and under it was written the single word `Happy'. "If you are not a burglar that were you doing."

"I woz watching yer, actually..." Said the young man.

"Oh!" Said Snowy a little startled, "are you one of those perverts? If you were planning to expose yourself to me I must warn you I have seen a big boys' thing's before so it won't shock me, you know."

"Oh... err...." Said the big fellow, looking mortified and interested all at once.

"Anyway, I thought a pervert would at least be wearing a raincoat, it must be very hard getting your willy out of those things." Snowy added helpfully.

"No, no I woz not watching yer because I wanted to do sexy fings wiv you, mate..."

"Why not?" asked Snowy a little indignantly, "don't you think I am sexy enough?"

"Cor blimmey! You're a treat for sore eyes lad, but nah -- not today! There are more important things than even that." Felix Jollybottom, for that was who it was sneaking around in the wood, felt his cock thicken, ever so slightly, in his very tight cycling-pants. But he had more important things on his mind.

"Well then, what is it?"

"I have reason to believe you are in great danger, son!"

"Oh don't be silly, who would want to harm me?"

"You might be surprised. I must warn you about...." But Felix Jollybottom was interrupted in mid sentence by a short blast from the hooter of Mrs. Whyte car.

"Oh that for me, I'll be late for church..." Said Snowy making to go, but Felix grabbed him by the arm and spoke to him urgently.

"Believe me, little mate, you are in great danger, you need to take great care. Promise me you will." There was something very sincere in the young man's green eyes and Snowy was rather sad that he could not stay and talk further to this nice fellow longer, but another, more impatient, blast from the hooter summonsed him.

"I... I promise..." but I must go now and so saying, Snowy disengaged his arm from the man's grasp and ran like the wind to the very annoyed Mrs. Whyte who sat revving her car's engine.

Felix Jollybottom sadly watched Snowy's pert little bottom running all the way to front of the house.


Snowy did not have much time to contemplate this strange warning during the church service. He was hoping to discuss it with Reverend Prim after the service, but the first ever visit of the Regimental Sargent-Major to St Giles caused something of a stir, and the odd visitor was forgotten in the ensuing hour.

It was well known that Flaunting-Flasher disliked the Vicar intensely, however he was so desperately happy that his son was finally showing interest in a girl, that he had reluctantly agreed to meet the Whyte family at church and then join them for lunch. Dressed in full Sunday uniform, he was as tall as his son and had this toothbrush moustache that made him look rather ridiculous.

"Your daughter, Ma'am, will make a fine Memsahaib for my son. So good to see a girl with a bit of flesh on her, what?" Snowy soon discovered Flaunting-Flasher had this annoying habit of using Indian words and phrases, that made it sound as if he had just returned from a spell of duty in the Imperial Army of the Raj.

"A Major Fart, is wot `e is." Said Grumpy quietly in Snowy's ear when he overheard this rather nauseating praise of Pricilla, "besides I'll bet va closest `e `as ever been to India is va bleedin' New Delhi Tandoori Take-Away on va High Street." This made Snowy, Bashful and even Dick Flaunting-Flasher laugh heartily, and earned them a very dirty look from Mrs Whyte and the Regimental Sargent-Major.

"They make a good couple," said Bashful.

"Who? Dick and vat lump a blubber?" Asked Grumpy indicating Pricilla with his thumb over his left shoulder.

"No, no," explained Bashful, "not even Sleepy deserves her. I mean Mrs. Whyte and Dick's dad -- pity your dad is saddled with her, Snowy."

"Yes..." said their blond friend very sadly.

Knowing that Regimental Sargent-Major was in the congregation, the Revered Prim had worked very hard on his sermon. His text was the love between David and Jonathan and he did a brilliant job of preaching the value of gay, bisexual and other unconventional relationships, and the blessing of tolerance.

The sermon made Snowy and his friends feel much about themselves but left Sleepy feeling more confused than ever. However, Revered Prim was delighted when he saw that he had succeeded in severely distressing both Mrs. Whyte and Sargent-Major Flaunting-Flasher with these "infernal leftwing-pinko-preacher's views" as they two referred to it latter.

"Well that will teach her for banning me from her lunch table." He thought to himself.

But trouble was fermenting. Mrs. Baker, the Vicar's housekeeper had Sundays off and she normally left to visit her sister in Slough after morning service. That Sunday she was a deeply troubled woman. Mrs Baker was a good Christian, but suffered from that most incurable of diseases - an inability to keep her nose out of other people's business.

She had been surprised to see Flaunting-Flasher and son in church together, knowing that the Sargent-Major and Revered Prim did not get on. After overhearing Dick's rather shocking confession to the Vicar she also now knew the reason behind for this feud - there was bad blood in the Flaunting-Flasher family -- the grandfather was a convicted pervert; the son exposed himself on the Internet and had scandalous sexual desires for boys!

Mrs. Whyte needed to be warned before her poor daughter was too embroiled with that Flaunting-Flasher boy!

Mrs Baker caught Mrs. Whyte on here way out of St Giles accompanied by the Flaunting-Flashers. Clearly, she could not say anything in front of them and so she discreetly slipped Mrs. Whyte her sister's telephone number and asked that she call her, when she had a moment for a private word, later in the day.


Unlike the food, which made Dick and Snowy physically ill, the luncheon nonetheless proved a great success. Mrs. Whyte had found that she shared so many views with the Regimental Sargent-Major -- it was almost a pity she was already married, she thought more than once during the meal.

When Mrs. Whyte's guests had left she made her way to the telephone in the study and called the number.

What she heard shocked her profoundly.

Poor Pricilla had broken down when Mrs. Whyte had informed her that she was never to see the Flaunting-Flasher boy again! Her sweet Prissy had started smashing things in the living-room, then stormed off to her room where she now lay weeping into her pillow. Even though Mrs. Whyte had found herself very enchanted by the fine military gentleman and his son, with the lovely manners - it was better to be safe than sorry. It was better this, than Pricilla got involved with that type of person.

Then Mrs. Whyte made her way to her stepson's room. The boy had taken his bicycle and set off to see one of his ghastly friends. If it was true what Mrs. Baker had said, then there was a chance that the lad was implicated in these disgraceful goings-on. If she could find some evidence she would be able to turn the boy's father against his son.

She wished she had some knowledge of computers, as there was sure to be something incriminating on the machine, if only she knew how to get to it.

She was just about give up -- the boy was exceedingly neat and tidy -- when she spotted something very intriguing. On the lad's desk stood a rather badly constructed set of four photo-frames. The photo's showed that retarded Peter Pratt boy, with whom her stepson had become friendly. Flanking him were two other lads who were clearly his brothers, but it was the last photo that caught her eye -- it was Percy Pratt the loutish forest-labourer whom she had met at the Crown in Windsor!

He was a known petty criminal and she had been confident he would help her get rid of the boy, but he had turned her down flat. Mrs Whyte did not like rejection. She was furious with him and longed to find a way of avenging herself for this rebuff.

This man was the idiot boy's father she realised, but what was fascinating was why would Snowy have his photograph on his desk? She picked the four frames up and as she did so, one of them detached itself from the, badly devised, hinge-system that held them together and smashed to the ground.

The next minutes were sweet moments of triumph that Mrs. Whyte would never forget!

Not only did she now have evidence of her stepson's perversions but, more importantly, she had all she needed to blackmail Percy Pratt into doing her bidding. Behind the smiling face of Percy Pratt she found two further photos -- one of the man's erect cock and the other was a photo taken from above, of him being sucked off by another man in a lavatory! This material found in the possession of a minor would not only see Percy Pratt disgraced, but also in prison for several years if the court could prove he had given it to the boy.

But Mrs. Whyte had no intention of it getting to court.

With a smirk Mrs. Whyte carefully cleaned up the broken glass and restored the frames to their original position. The photo of Percy Pratt now had no glass in front of it but she hoped the boy would not notice this - at least not before it was too late for him!


There were a number of problems with having five anoraks as your best friends.

Firstly, they were all universally scruffy. They paid absolutely no attention the their appearance. It was almost embarrassing for a boy, as neat and tidy as Snowy was, to be seen around town in the company of boys who looked as if the bought their wardrobe at the Oxfam shops. Bashful's and Grumpy's anoraks even stank -- Snowy found out this was because they had this rude habit of wanking off under the cover of their anorak and collecting their load on the inner facing - which was now crusty with the results of many a shooting practice!

Worse yet was the anorak's obsession with the minutia of their hobbies. Dopey could bore any one into a coma with his painfully slow explanation of the Gibbon's valuation of Commonwealth stamps. Bashful was a mine of useless information on routes across little-know footpaths. Grumpy could drive one to despair with lyrical accounts of the last Windsor Wanderers game. And Doc and Sleepy could speak about the comparative response-times of computer chips until even computer nerds asked them to change the subject.

While sex with his mates was fun sometimes, a lad just needed to do other things or talk about other subjects -- and this made anoraks, less than perfect companions.

The summer holidays were drawing to an end when his stepmother actually came out with a very nice idea. She had arranged with one of the forest rangers to take Snowy out for the day. This sort of thoughtfulness from Mrs. Whyte was extraordinary but Snowy was very thankful to get away from the house -- since Pricilla had broken up with Sleepy -- under mysterious circumstances - she was hateful and seemed to pass her time conceiving mean things to say or do to Snowy.

And so it was early one morning that a Landrover drew-up in front of "Once-upon-a-time" and out stepped Percy Pratt, Dopey's dad.

This was a rather delightful bonus and Snowy ginned happily.

"Hello Mr. Pratt, gosh it is nice to see you..." Snowy was wondering if Peter, Pip and Patrick might be joining in the adventure.

But the big man did not return Snowy's beaming smile. In fact Mr Pratt had never looked worse!

His hands trembled; he had dark lines under his eyes; he had not shaved or bathed in days; and his breath smelt of far too many pints of larger at the "Admiral's Bum Boy".

Snowy sat very quietly next to the solemn looking man. He had often seen the handsome man at Dopey's home and where he always had a ready smile and a naughty wink for Snowy.

"Is... is something wrong Mr. Pratt?" Snowy asked after a half-hour of bouncing along little-known tracks on the estate.

Snowy was feeling uncomfortable.

"Reckon it is Snowy, mate!" It was the first words the man had said to him all morning. This did not seem good.

"Hmmm... is every thing all right at home?" Asked Snowy as Mr. Pratt drew the Landrover to a stop in a very lonely spot surrounded by trees.

Snowy was feeling nervous.

"Well the lads are going to have another baby brother or sister soon...."

"Oh that is lovely news, Mr. Pratt. Congratulations!" But Percy did not look like a proud or happy man.

"Snowy...." He started then stopped. He sat looking straight ahead of him.

"What is it Mr. Pratt?" This was not the Mr. Pratt he knew and liked so much.

"Snowy... did me lads ever give yer any pictures of me?"

"Oh my..." Snowy's heart sank into his tiny trainers -- he knew he was in trouble. "Oh, you found out about that..."

"So they did, then?" He stared into the boy's beautiful blue eyes, which were gazing up at him full of trust and innocence.

"Yes, sir! I am sorry if you are cross about it." Snowy could not tell a lie even if it meant getting his friends into trouble, so he came clean with the whole story. "Well for my birthday see, Peter and Patrick and Pip all made me this picture-frame-thing and it had photos of each of them and when you lifted the picture up well..."

"Go on, mate..." said Pratt coaxing an answer out of the lad.

"Well they had taken pictures of their pee-pees for me."

"Oh god...." Said Percy Pratt grunted and his work callused palms knead his crotch. He loved it when a boy called his cock his pee-pee.

"And they gave me a picture of you smiling and holding an axe..."

"I remember `em taking it va little buggers..." he said just the ghost of a smile forming on his unshaven face.

"And under that was one they stole from you bottom draw..."

"What was it of?" asked Percy Pratt, although he knew he answer already.

"Hmmm..." Snowy remembered that he had to be truthful at all times, "...your big, thick one..." he said and blushed very prettily, "...your pee-pee and it was all big and hard and well nice...." Snowy concluded.

"Well bugger me! I had taken `em for a mate o' mine." said Percy Pratt, squeezing his cock. He was overwhelmed at this evident admiration for the little lad next to him.

"I'll bet he was pleased...." Said Snowy sincerely.

"Yeah he woz" said Pratt, thinking of Felix Jollybottom.

"Then one of the boys said they kept checking your bottom draw to see if your had more pictures of your nice big willy. A few days ago the boys found a new set of pictures -- I think you know they were of you being sucked off by another man and, well your boys thought they were so hot they had to let me see them..."

"Yeah, and...." Pratt encouraged him by now he was massaging his crotch rather openly and Snowy had noticed this with growing interest.

"Well it got us all horny, you know... like you are now, by the look of things... and well... I asked the lads if I could have the one of you throwing your head back. You know it looked as if you were cumming in the other man's mouth... you looked so happy I wanted it to...."

"Cor, you horny little devil..." said Pratt appreciatively.

"Peter and Patrick thought you were really lucky, to get such a good suck, but I think the other man was the lucky one really, because you have such and nice one..."

"Mate," said Pratt "nufink I `ave `eard `as ever got me so bleedin' `ard in me life!" he confessed to Snowy. He was just about cumming in his dark green overall to prove the truth of this statement.

"Well that's my story...." Said Snowy looking worried, "how did you find out about it?"

Snowy was now feeling rather panicky.

"Snowy me mate, we are both in big trouble, like! Yer mum found them pics and, well she told me wot I gotta to do next...." Percy Pratt's voice trailed off rather ominously at that point.

Snowy Whyte looked up wide-eyed at the rough broad-shouldered man. His growing sense of dread had now turned to real fear.

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