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by Graham Day

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Authors note:

  1. This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys and/or men and boys so if this is not to your tastes, please leave now. If you are under age, or if it is illegal in your state or country to read or possess material like this then it is in your own interest to leave now.
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  5. This story is a parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by the brothers Grimm, which is in the public domain, and is in now way associated with any property of the Disney Corporation.
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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.




It was a very weary Reverend Prim that made his way onto Platform 2 of the Windsor Railway station the following morning. This was hardly surprising, as he had not slept the night before after sorting out the appalling affair with Percy Pratt.

In his younger years, of course, he had often been called upon to sort out domestic situations and intervene in crisis cases. The posting to St Giles had been intended as a partial retirement, not one that would confront him with such a grim situation involving people he cared very much about.

The elderly Vicar eased his bulky form onto the wooden bench on Platform 2 and he waited for the London train.

Reverend Prim was hardly in the mood for a birthday celebration but it was a birthday party that was drawing him away from the distressing affair of Snowy Whyte and Percy Pratt. Had it not been the eightieth birthday of his dear friend Bunny Bogtrotter, the Bishop of Blackball, he would have cancelled straight away, however, the venerable old Bunny Bogtrotter and he went back so far, it was unthinkable that Reverend Prim should miss it. Besides, he hoped that reminiscing in the comfort of the quaint Clerical and Marine Gentlemen's Club, would be just what he needed to get his mind off man's inhumanity to man, after the events of the day before. In many ways he was glad to be away from the telephone and people that had invaded his privacy in the afternoon and night of the previous day and secretly, he hoped to catch up on an hour's shuteye on the train.

The platform appeared to be deserted and the Vicar checked the overhead clock and information board to make sure he had not arrived at the wrong time or on the wrong platform. He had just been reassured on this point, when he was startled by a very load sneeze that reverberated under the metal canopy that covered the platform.


"Oh! I say! Bless you!" called the Vicar to the unseen producer of so loud a sneeze.

"Thank you, Sir..." Said a very young boy's voice behind the Vicar. A little edgy after all this talk of hired killers and parental cruelty, the Vicar spun around and was confronted by a rather tubby, but otherwise nondescript, lad of about nine or ten who stepped out of the shadows. "I... I am sorry if I gave yer a fright, sir." The boy stammered an apology, then he wiped his nose on the back of the sleeve of his navy blue anorak.

"You sound as if you have a streaming cold, my son..." The Vicar said, managing a friendly smile.

"Nah... it ain't a real cold, Sir, it's just a chill. It's these railway platforms, they are so draughty and cold. It is even worse in winter."

"On your way to London, my Boy?" Asked the Vicar, rather cheered by the prospect of the company of a lad on the trip.

"Oh `ell no, I'm just `ere doing me spotting."

"Doing your what?"

"Spotting! I am a trainspotter and this is me normal pitch, this is." He said with just a trace of pride of ownership in his voice. He looked around the platform as if it were his home and smiled at the small trickle of passengers that had gradually joined the Vicar in waiting for the 11.03 to London.

"Well my goodness, I don't believe I have ever met a trainspotter before," said the Vicar, "and what exactly does a Trainspotter do?"

The crowd on the platform was growing as the arrival time of the train approached. The Vicar was enjoying his little chat and remained thankful for any distraction from the problems of the previous day. But the young fellow never got around to explaining what exactly it was that trainspotter actually did.

"ATTCHOO!" He expelled a second, even louder sneeze and caught it full blast on his sleeve.

"Oh I say that does not sound too good my boy, you should tell you Mum about that! Get her to take you around to the Doctor..." Unfortunately that brought the good Dr. Whyte to mind, and his son, Snowy, and that business with Pratt and the Reverend Prim rather lost his enthusiasm for his prattle with the lad.

Just then the 11.03 to London Paddington was announced and seconds latter it rumbled into the station and the Vicar made his way hurriedly to the door, pausing briefly to wave a sad fair well to the tubby little lad.


As he travelled on the 11.03 to London, Reverend Prim sat contemplating the events of the past twenty-four hours.

By the time the Vicar had responded to the call from Snowy Whyte on Pratt's mobile telephone and followed the rather vague instructions to the point into the woods, Pratt had better control over his emotions and the pair awaited the Vicar next to the Royal Estate Landrover. However, as Reverend Prim opened the door of his ancient Mini Cooper, Pratt had broken down once more, crying -- almost screaming -- "I can't do it! I can't do it! I can't do it!"

"Now, now, Mr Pratt, you calm down and tell the Vicar all about it..." Snowy said stroking the man's hand in a fortifying manner.

The Reverend Prim looked from man to boy and from the blond boy to the burly labourer and wondered which was which. Was the man really the child and wasn't the blond child, the real adult?

And so the whole sordid story came tumbling out: the photographs; the illicit sexual activity; the blackmail; Mrs. Whyte's role in the whole event; and even the independent corroborating evidence of a certain Felix Jollybottom, Pratt's friend.

On the surface Reverend Prim might have appeared to be one of those upper-crust clerical twits you come across in a P. G. Woodhouse novel, however he was anything but that. He was sharp-witted enough to see that Mrs. Whyte had the upper hand.

Going to the police was out of the question, as it would have cost Pratt his marriage; custody of his beloved children; perhaps even a term in prison. The damage to his friend Dr, Whyte and the impact on Snowy's life would likewise have been incalculable. It was not worth taking the wicked woman on directly -- not until the cards were better stacked in their favour.

Reverend Prim swung into action and set his plot in motion. The Landrover was abandoned, after they had manufactured signs of a struggle, and a strip of Snowy's T-shirt had been deliberately snagged on a nearby hedgerow. The Vicar drove Pratt and Snowy, under cover of midsummer-semi-darkness, to the vicarage where the kindly old gent led the weeping labourer and Snowy Whyte into the Study. Mrs Baker prepared a meal for Snowy, while the Vicar fed Pratt with 20-year-old brandy until he was more co-operative. Once the inner man had been satisfied, the Vicar and Snowy continued engineering the solution.

The church ran a refuge in Cumbria for battered families, families in crisis and refugees from criminal activity. They had vacancies for two adults and two children -- but no more. Not pausing for a total solution, the Vicar put the wheels in process to get train tickets for Pratt, his wife and the two youngest girls on the overnight train. Within hours a team of church volunteers had them packed up and shipped off.

The problem of the three remaining Pratt boys and the blond "victim" was more complex. The Vicarage had the room to accommodate them but it would not do, as the lads had to "disappear from the face of the earth". It was Snowy who thought of Dr Yang and the research laboratory in the woods. A call from Snowy to Doc soon had the young researcher over at the Vicarage and he was delighted to help out. Snowy had no doubt much of this enthusiasm was due to the prospect for Doc of actually living with Dopey for a while.

The Vicar liked the Chinese youth immediately and they were firm friends before the night was out. In fact, when they all went back to the laboratory to get the Pratt clan and Snowy settled down in their new home, Doc solved Reverend Prim's most perplexing problem -- what to give Bunny Bogtrotter, the Bishop of Blackball, for his birthday!

Bunny Bogtrotter had two great passions in life -- rugby and well hung young men! The Vicar told Doc that in his younger days, when the Bishop of Blackball had been a missionary, he had been `speared' by more Masai warriors then seemed decent for a future Bishop.

Dr Yang produced the ultimate gift - a wondrously smelly jockstrap from a young and particularly butch, member of the Lions Rugby team!

Then Reverend Prim telephoned Chief Countable Plod personally. Happily, the Vicar happened to know that Plod had a dubious past involvement with London rent boys, and once he had been advised of the whole sorry story, he was very obliging - arranging a cover-up and notifying the police of the disappearance of Snowy Whyte and his suspected assailant.

By the time Mrs Baker brought in breakfast, the Vicar had time turn his thoughts to his good friend, Doctor Whyte. The disappearance of his son would cause the good man great pain, but the problem was that he could not be told of the real fate of his son, without this getting back to his wife, and she was after all the cause of all this misery. The Vicar also knew from previous attempts to raise the subject, that the Doctor was not prepared to heed any criticism of his new wife. Reverend Prim had to think of better way of dealing with the longer term Whyte domestic situation, but that would have to wait until later.

When dawn broke, Mrs Pratt, Percy and the girls were on the overnighter to Cumbria, under the care of a Church volunteer, and the Pratt boys and Snowy were safely asleep in camp beds in the research laboratory deep in the woods.


That first night the boys had been tired out. It all seemed more like an adventure, than the reality of new circumstances. It was only on the following morning that both Doc and Snowy were confronted by the enormity of what they had taken on. Snowy had never had brothers and so his first day's exposure to the Pratt boys was more a baptism of fire than a pleasant change to his normal solitude.

Patrick, Peter and Pip Pratt moved into the Research Laboratory like a minor tornado.

The boys shared a large dormitory room that the University occasionally used to accommodate biology students on field trips in the woods or medical students making visits to the laboratory, once in a while.

Of course, Doc had his work to get on with, and so it was largely down to Snowy to try to maintain some semblance of order, in the growing pandemonium caused by three boisterous lads. The first problem was one of getting to grips with the complex relationships between five young males under a single roof.

Pip was hell on wheels; Patrick was showing the first signs of entering puberty, with all the associated mood swings; and all three bothers were uniformly sloppy and messy.

Peter or Dopey - as they all called him these days - was finally living with his boyfriend -- not that he used the word "boyfriend" in front of his older brother. While Patrick was a fun lad, he got rather nervous about that word. Patrick would kill him if he knew Dopey was calling Doc his "boyfriend" --especially out it public.

Snowy soon concluded, Patrick was entirely straight and simply enjoyed sex with other lads for the sake of the sex. But the relationship between the nearly eighteen year old Doc and Dopey was clarified when, at breakfast, they promptly announced that Dopey would be moving into Doc's bedroom and sharing his double-bed.

"Cor, vats ok," said Patrick Pratt raucously, "leaves us more room in va dorm lads!".

Snowy grinned knowingly and he gave Doc and Dopey a big wink. Pip, however, looked very thoughtful for a long while.

"Does that mean we `ave to call you mummy and daddy?" asked five-year-old Pip rather innocently.

This earned his a sharp right jab to his shoulder from Patrick who bellowed: "Our bruver ain't a queer! They are just good mates! Its not like they are boyfriends or nuffink!"

But "boyfriend" was definitely the right word to use, whether Patrick could admit it or not - when you have your willy almost constantly in the other lad's mouth - like it or not, you are pretty-much at the boyfriend stage.

Snowy recalled rather warmly the very piquant, private photographs of the three brothers that he had received for his birthday and the constant invitations to come over for a naughty romp with the brothers.

Snowy Whyte feasted his eyes on Patrick Pratt, who had suddenly become a very grown up twelve-year-old! It was difficult to know precisely when the change in Patrick had taken place. The cocky looking young lad was still as handsome as ever, but there was a greasiness on his nose, his voice was more gravely and a spot or two had appeared on his normally flawless face -- unmistakable signs that puberty was setting in. The big boned and a solidly built lad reminded Snowy more than ever of the boys' rugged labourer father.

Patrick had also been having a lot of difficulties at school and he had been left back a year. He had a reputation as a troublemaker in the neighbourhood. A lot of Snowy's school friends thought he was rather cool. He always dressed in cut-off-jeans and a T-shirt and big Bover-boy boots. He smoked cigarettes and sometimes worse things too, so Snowy heard. Even though he didn't have his license yet, and at twelve, was still years off of it, he was always working on a motorcycle in dad's garage.

Snowy first saw Patrick Pratt's willy in the bedroom he shared with his three younger brothers. Dopey had taken Snowy to the his home to see his stamp collection, but they had ended up watching Patrick masturbate instead, which Snowy felt was a lot more educational, and certainly more fun. The Pratt lad was not in the slightest bit shy - it was as if he had been naked in front of people all his life.

The second occasion had been at school where the older Pratt lad had startled Snowy by taking off his underpants, exposing his `huge' penis. Patrick laughed because Snowy could not take his eyes off of his monster -- well, when you are eleven years old, even a few extra half inches can a cock seem like a monster.

Sleepy longed to wrap his hand around the middle of it and give it a good wanking. But Snowy's revelry about Patrick's cock was interrupted by the need to make plans for the day.

Doc had two appointments that day, and considering Patrick's, scruples about such matters, they could not sit in as observers, much as Snowy and Dopey might have enjoyed that. It was also bucketing down with rain, so, that left four lads free from nine o'clock in the morning on, with the whole lodge to themselves with no responsibilities except for Pip, whom they had to keep an eye on.

After a particularly riotous pillow fight, which was won by Patrick, needless-to-say, Snowy decided to made some popcorn and put on a movie from Doc's collection of Disney favourites.

"Well if we are going to watch a movie I have to change into my pyjamas." Said Pip rather solemnly.

"Why?" asked Snowy -- he still had to learn exactly how whimsical the mind of a five-year-old child could be.

"But I always need to wear pyjamas to watch a movie." He explained with irrefutable five-year-old logic.

So there they were, at eleven thirty in the morning, eating popcorn, with Pip already dressed for bed.

Snowy and twelve-year-old Patrick sat next to each other on Doc's old sofa in the sitting room; five-year-old Pip lay sprawled on the floor, captivated by the movie; and their brother, eight-year-old Dopey, sat on a chair with the large bowl of popcorn on his lap.

Patrick lit up a cigarette, apparently this was intended to prove he was the oldest and could do as he pleased, as he seem to just let it burn between his fingers most of the time, rather than actually smoke the smelly thing.

The lads had chosen to watch of the Jungle Book. This was not good news!

For some extraordinary reason, the animated figure of the boy, Mowgli, always made Snowy feel very sexy. He just couldn't help it -- the line drawing of the skinny lad in his loincloth, always made Snowy's cock hard and keen for playing around. Snowy knew he couldn't withstand the temptation much longer.

He looked at the three brothers, a little concerned that they might be angry if he started playing with his hardened cock, but he was by now just too excited by the film and close proximity of these three cute bothers.

`What the hell,' Snowy said to himself, since they were all together under one roof the probability that they would all end up doing stuff with each other was almost a forgone conclusion. You know, dear reader, the kind of stuff Snowy meant - sex stuff!

"Alright, Snowy?" Patrick asked the younger boy, sensing that something was up with the blond lad.

"I am fine thank you, Patrick." As usual Snowy was struck by the animal-like attractiveness of the junior-school football-ace. Surreptitiously Snowy's fingers drifted down and squeezed the hard organ that throbbed in his own trousers.

Patrick spotted this!

The fleshy, coarse and ever-randy older lad squirmed with evident pleasure at seeing Snowy's action! This was exactly what he had hoped was the matter with Snowy Whyte.

Patrick spread his own legs wide -- it was obvious that he was equally aroused - a very conspicuous bulge throbbed in his cut off jeans. Snowy began rubbing his privates through his shorts very furtively.

Patrick Pratt gave Snowy a lewd wink as he watched him squirm about -- it was a wink that said while he might be a right-lad, he was always up for a bit of sexy fun!

Feeling his ears blush a delicate shade of vermilion, Snowy sat on the sofa next to the oldest of the boys, he leaned back and spread his legs open wide permitting Patrick to touch his inner thigh and crotch, if he so wished.

This was the opening Patrick had been anticipating. He glanced up towards the television to make sure they weren't being observed, then Patrick's hand slid up to the lump in Snowy's shorts. Snowy's heart was drumming as his hard on filled out and throbbed in his underpants, responding to the older lad's manipulation.

Patrick knew Snowy would not resist if he took the next logical step. He quickly unzipped the fly and tugged the blond lad's shorts down each side of his hips to reveal the underpants-concealed prize. He fondled the boy's foreskin through the fabric of his y-fronts. Snowy moaned happily at the sheer warmth of it, as Patrick fondled him.

Not waiting for a printed invitation, Patrick Pratt unzipped the fly of his shortened jeans and whipped out his rather thick, yummy-looking, rubbery cock! Then, he shook it at Snowy, making it get harder and even longer

"Do yer like it, mate?" he wheezed as he waved it at Snowy. Snowy said nothing and turned away, slightly embarrassed.

Patrick was a bit surprised when he found that Snowy's hand had taken charge of his willy and had began stroking it.

"Wait!" Patrick hissed and took a quick look to see if the others were still watching the movie. "Good, va lads are occupied." They sniggered very softly so as not to alert the other two boys, who were glued to the Disney Classic. Patrick's rubbing of the front of Snowy's shorts was getting Snowy extremely roused, he clenched and relaxed his bum muscles and this caused him to hump into Patrick's hand

"Let's get yer chopper out, too, mate..." he murmured into Snowy's ear, his voice thick with lust.

Tugging his underpants aside, Snowy aided the cause, and extracted his penis. Patrick evidently liked looking at the hard uncircumcised-cock, it excited him so much and his own cock sprang to full erection. Snowy was thrilled by the naughtiness of showing Patrick his thing with his two bothers in the room.

"Now are yer gonna show me `ow good you can wank again, or wot?" Patrick whispered.

Snowy's three-inch cock was rock hard. He fondled his foreskin nipple and began gently stroking it methodically up and down over the entire length of his glans, using just the same technique he used when he tossed himself off in private. Patrick sat watching his every move intently -- his own hand working rapidly at his chubby cock.

"Oh... I'm telling!" A small voice almost gave both Snowy and Patrick a heart attack! Snowy sat up sharply on the sofa, putting his hands over his hard cock, blushing a little. Then he jerked his attention to Dopey, who sat in the other chair, the bowl of popcorn in his hand, munching away while leering wickedly at his bother and his blond friend.

"Shit," Snowy said, then blushed even more furiously, as he had uttered a rude word. Pulling back quickly, he tried madly to tuck his penis away.

Patrick laughed: "It's okay, Snowy mate," he said. "Relax. Pip won't tell anybody, will ya, Pip?" Patrick smirked wickedly, then untroubled by being caught, he speed up his pace, to show off his wanking prowess and arched his back, lifting his bottom entirely from the sofa.

"'ell, no," Pip swore, a wide grin spreading over his cute five-year-old face. "You fink I never saw a willy before?" He beamed at Patrick from where he lay on the floral carpet, then looked back at Snowy, "I was just making a funny. I won't tell." All three of the other lads laughed at Pip's casual remark.

"You are both sex maniacs!" Dopey yelped.

"Too fucking right we are, mate... `ear, do yer lads wanna wank wiv us?" With his free hand, little Patrick reached down to where he knew he would find the bulge of Snowy's plump little balls and he gave them a well-practised squeeze.

"Besides," Pip added proudly. "Patrick and Peter suck my willy too, sometimes."

"You weren't supposed to tell him that, Pippy." Dopey rolled his eyes and groaned in mortification as both he and Patrick blushed furiously.

"Big mouth," Patrick grinned, smacking his baby-brother playfully `round the ear hole.

"Well, it's TRUE..." Pip shrugged. You could have knocked Snowy over with a feather.

"What?" Snowy smirked at Pip's older brothers' discomfort. "You let these nincompoops suck your thingy? They look so hungry to me, how can you be sure they wont bite it off." The blond boy said playing with the five-year-old.

This caused Pip to squeal in delight and wriggle on the carpeted floor clutching at the front of his pyjamas defensively. Snowy laughed a little more comfortably.

"No wonder you lads don't mind taking care of him,"

"Guilty as bleedin' charged, mate" Patrick grinned, raising his hands in the universal sign of surrender.

Snowy was enchanted by the playful sexual banter and thought this was a good time for him to reveal his cock once again. Seeing the blond boy exposing himself, Pip jumped up and rushed to his side, calling: "Let me see him! Let me see him! Let me see him..."

"So, what do we do now?" Dopey asked joining in the naughty mood of the moment.

"Pip, why don't yer an' Dopey come over `ere and play wiv us for a while? I'm sure you'd like some of va games we got in mind, like." Patrick winked at Snowy then at Dopey.

"Really?" Pip was standing on tip-toe's squealing in joy - delighted to be included in the big boy games.

"Sure," Dopey grinned. "Why not? We might as well all do it together."

"Yippy!" Pip cheered, launching his small body onto the sofa to join them.

Snowy watched Pip jump up onto his lap in his little flannel pyjamas. In the back of his mind he thought that perhaps Pip was a little too young for this, but then Snowy remembered he was only a couple years younger than Dopey, who was extremely active sexually. Hell, he even had an older boyfriend. Besides, as all Dopey's friends agreed, if cock sucking ever was declared an Olympic sport it was certain that Dopey would take Gold for Britain and Pip was likely to follow in this family tradition. Snowy's qualms soon disappeared, as he was thrilled at the prospect of so young a child joining them in their activities.

"Great!" Pip beamed at the blond boy. "I love wanking my pee-pee, don't you?"

"Yes, I think all lads love tossing off!"

"Take your jammies off, Pippy," Dopey said, smiling at his five-year-old brother.

Pip nodded, clearly he was used to this routine. Then, as the older boys both watched intently, he stripped down to his cute little Pokemon underwear. His little stiffy was already straining against the fabric, begging for attention.

"Goodness me," Snowy said, smiling at his groin. "That's cute underwear, Pip."

"Mummy makes me wear them. I prefer white." He rolled his eyes in exasperation at the foolishness of mothers.

"So, what must I do next?" Pip asked, his eyes eager and sparkling.

"Why don't you take your underwear off," Snowy suggested. "It'll be easier to see each other that way."

Before he could do anything about it, Patrick stuck his hand inside his underpants and immediately grabbed his penis and balls, Pip put his arms around Dopey and sighed happily as Patrick fondled him. Snowy noted that the bigger boy's other hand went down the rear of his little Pokemon underwear and massaged his bum.

With no complaints and no trace of embarrassment, Pip yanked off his underpants and knelt on the sofa, his exquisite, one-inch erection jutted out -- at full mast - from his lower belly! Snowy, Patrick and Dopey leaned in closer, staring down at the five-year-old genitals.

The little boy still showed that sort of puppy fat that makes really young boys irresistibly cuddly. Below a rather tubby belly the v-shape of his pubic region was decorated by a very cute and tiny set of sexual organs!

Pip Pratt was as neatly circumcised as his older brothers. Snowy longed to stroke the tiny pink glans and probe the tiny pee slit at the pinnacle with the tip of his pink tongue.

Patrick looked down and Pip was staring straight up at him, glassy-eyed. Still balancing on his tip-toe's, his chin rested on his chest, a look of blissful happiness shining from his angelic little face, as Patrick's hand returned to pumped and squeezed his little penis and balls. Pip's little mouth opened and he spoke:

"See?" he said in a self-satisfied manner, "my pee-pee is stiff!"

His little boy's scrotum revealed no sign of the two very small testicles held within -- it was a smooth rounded-shape not unlike a flesh-coloured plum.

"Oh my!" Snowy exclaimed, barely controlling the urge to run the tip of his tongue along the sponginess of the baby urethra that ran under the soft skin of Pip's exquisite, miniature pee-pee.

"Now, why don't you show me how you suck Patrick's thing." Said Snowy with an ardent desire to watch the baby lips around Patrick's pubescent cock.

"Really?" Pip exclaimed, wide-eyed.

"Oh yes, please. I'd like to watch you two." Snowy experienced a tingling feeling in his belly.

"Okay," he agreed, kneeling between his brother's legs. Patrick's exposed pink knob begged to be licked and his pubescent balls were fattening nicely.

Pip's little mouth wrapped around his Patrick's chubby penis and he began sucking happily. The few wispy hairs - straight and very black - around it were hard to spot but Pip was getting a nice close-up opportunity for inspection.

Snowy was fascinated! The child was pretty good!

Patrick winced a couple times as Pip scraped his teeth against the shaft, but other than that, Snowy could tell Pip was well versed in what he was doing. Patrick's left hand cupped his own nuts firmly and his legs pumped in a circular motion.

By this time, Dopey had stripped off his clothes and was tugging off Snowy's last sock. The two friends fell lovingly into each other's arms. Dopey pecked his friend on a cheek that was blushing furiously, in the onset of serious sexual excitement. Snowy whispered into Dopey's ear as he tugged at Patrick's bollocks with his free hand:

"Oh and I bet you just love sucking on that thing..." said Snowy. Peter nodded his agreement vigorously.

Snowy always loved looking at Dopey's beautiful, two-inch, circumcised penis -- and this occasion was no different. It was erect and sticking straight out from his lower belly. His scrotum was relaxed, the delicate skin revealing the oval of two very small testicles. He had stroked it so often, in his imagination Snowy could almost feel the firmness of his penile shaft under the sensitive, silky skin.

"It is beautiful, Dopey..." Snowy whispered into the ear of his slow-witted friend.

"Thanks Snowy!" said Dopey, blushing purple at the unexpected compliment.

"At last you me and both me lil' bruvers are 'aving a go wiv vat thing o' yours, mate." Said Patrick, giving Snowy's cock an affectionate tug.

"Please Snowy, why don't you do it with me now?" Dopey sounded so pitiful. "Please Snowy... Please?"

"Ok," Snowy said in mock irritation at Dopey's desperate pleas. "but just for a little while, ok?"

"Yessss," Dopey hissed softly, he wanted Snowy' uncut cock very badly.

Dopey dove down and took Snowy's dick and balls into his mouth while he was still in the standing position, reaching under him, grabbing his bum and hoisting him into the air. Dopey held him up in mid-air, sucking and chewing his cock and balls while his legs flung about madly in the air, the eight-year-olds hands were squeezing and kneading his bum cheeks, his fingers finding their way inside his crevice and finding Snowy's virgin little hole.

Snowy's moans and pants of joy were getting louder and louder, Dopey continued gnawing on his privates - nibbling on his little sac. The blond lad's trembling hands were clutching at the younger boy's head as he tried his very best to hump into his face - but he was trapped and he could not hump any faster than Dopey's firm grip on his bottom would allow. He sobbed in pleasure as he allowed Dopey's cock-torturing mouth to continue its assault on him. Dopey let the balls slip from his mouth and he returned to sucking Snowy Whyte's hard penis as fast as he could, matching his finger fucking actions in the blond boy's bum-hole, stroke for stroke.

Suddenly, Dopey felt Snowy's body tense; his legs straightened; he cried out to the heavens; and he had a thrilling dry cum! But Dopey continued sucking him, feeling Snowy grinding his crotch hard against his face, his hands clutching his head so tightly, that Dopey thought the blond lad would rip his hair out, for sure!

"Oh my, oh my, oh my!" Snowy whimpered uncontrollably, as his orgasm subsided and his little body began to relax. The poor little chap ended up having to hold him up, as his legs kept buckling. Once again Snowy thought he was going to pass out from the pleasure Dopey Pratt had given him. Dopey stroked his hair and he sat Snowy back on the Sofa.

Meanwhile, Pip was still sucking Patrick and as Snowy recovered he realised once more what a fine cock the twelve-year-old had.

"Gosh, you have a nice one, Patrick, it's so nice and fat." Snowy said appreciatively. Patrick started thumping it harder into Pip's mouth, in acknowledgement of the compliment.

Patrick's hips began to jerk violently, Snowy guessed he was getting closer and closer to another reverberating climax.

"I think he's close," Dopey whispered in Snowy's ear.

Then something very unexpected happened - Patrick's face looked perplexed.

"Oh fuckin' `ell... something weird is happening to me!" He squealed. His body shuddered, yet he continued shagging Pip's little face as hard as he could, moaning and panting.

"What's wrong Pat?" Asked Dopey, concerned for the wellbeing of his older brother.

"I think I am going to pee... Oh!" He said, between energetic grunts and pants. A fine moustache of sweat had formed on his upper lip. "I gotta pee!" he repeated more urgently.

"Don't make a wee-wee in his mouth! Mum will be ever so grumpy if you did." Yelled Dopey, forgetting for the moment that mum was in Cumbria and not in the next room.

"No you're not going to pee. You're going to come!" Snowy said authoritatively.

"You better pull out mate!" Dopey advised his bother. Patrick wiped his cock out of a rather displeased Pip's mouth and grasping his dick and fisting it as hard as he could, he tumbled headlong towards his orgasm. Patrick felt weird all over, as if his whole body was tingly. Then his hips starting to twitch and his legs straightened out a little. He felt dazed!

Pip had by now stopped sucking on him but he squeezed Patrick's bollocks, making him groan out loud.

He pounded into his fist, his cock throbbed a couple of times, then he then stopped and Patrick Pratt, for the fist time in his life, experienced the surge of a liquid discharge as a few droplets sloped onto his thumb and wrist.

"Fucking ace..." Oddly enough, though he had realised this was great cum, and was somehow different from the others; Patrick had not registered that he had just shot for the first time! Snowy and Dopey looked over at Patrick - his cock had softened but was still fat and rubbery.

"Patrick," Snowy said, looking fixedly at the lad's hand that still held his wilting willy "I think you just had a cum."

"'course I `ad a bleeding cum, mate." Patrick was exactly that type of crude, earthy lad that Snowy, found very exciting.

"No, no! I mean a wet cum! Look at your finger." Snowy said, pointing at the few droplets of something shiny on his fingers.

"Cor blimey!" Said Patrick. Once he was satisfied that was a not drop of spit from Pip's mouth, he held his finger up in triumph! "Yer bleeding right mate!"

"Well, well," Snowy grinned at Patrick. "That was unexpected."

"Yes," smiled. "va, little bugger! `e's ain't `alf learning fast, huh!" Yer gone an' made me `ave me a bleedin' wet cum, yer little shit!"

Patrick punched little Pip on the arm in a ladish kind of way and lay down on the sofa with him, nestling the tot in his arms, enjoying his soft sigh as Pip stretched his arms around him and laid his tiny head on his shoulder.

"Oh boy! Pip, me lad... did vat ever feel good!" And in the tradition of all good Hollywood stories, Patrick lit up a post-coitus cigarette.

Pip could not have looked any happier!


At about seven that evening, the telephone rang. As agreed, only Doc was permitted to answer it.

It was Reverend Prim and he was calling from the Clerical and Marine Gentlemen's Club. It had clearly been a very long and very alcoholic luncheon, judging from the way in which the old gentleman was slurring of his words. Moreover, on the evidence of the raucous rendition of some very scandalous rugby songs from the assembled group of elderly Clergymen, he was not the only drunken priest in London that night, either!

"I think I will be sh-sh-staying over here in London tonight Doc, my g-g-good fellow, I'm afraid we are all a bit pish-pish pissy-boots here tonight." The Vicar giggled like a naughty schoolboy. "I will get onto the case of Snowy Whyte and the huntsman again in the morning."

"Have your heard from the Pratt's Vicar?" Doc asked.

"Oh yesh-sh-sh they are sh-sh-safe and Mr Pratt was been given a sh-sh-sedative and has sh-sh-sh-slept all day he will be find. And the girls sh-sh-sh-send their love to the boys."

"Oh good. And tell me, Vicar, did the Bishop like his gift," Doc asked with a wry grin, thinking back to the nasty, soiled jockstrap from the Lions rugby-star, that he had donated from his collection.

"Like it? Why my dear fellow he loves-sh-sh it! He has been wearing it over his nose and mouth like an oxygen mask all evening -- thinks-sh-sh-sh it's the best gift he has ever had."


The problem with Jack Snotfinkel's `passing away' was that the bastard was not really dead.

This made Cedric neither an orphan nor really a part of a normal family.

One day his father simply failed to return from work to the East-End-of-London, two-up-and-two-down building, that they called home. It was as simple as that. They never saw him again!

The police had, after three fretful days and nights, delivered a note sent via one of his former work-mates saying he wished to start a new life and had no time for a wife and a seven-year-old.

With no money, little education and precious few skills, Rose Snotfinkel, his `widow' tried to put a brave face, on it - returning to Windsor, where she had previously lived. She found work in a local pub -- The Admiral's Bum Boy - serving chips and thick sliced sandwiches to labourers.

Home was now a one- roomed flat off Regimental Road and they had been there for the past two years.

It was Rose, Cedric's mother, that started to refer to Jack as the `late Jack' and soon she was referred to as the `widow' Snotfinkel. Somehow this made it all that much easier than having to admit that she and her son had not been good enough to keep a husband and a father at home.

It was this unspoken sense of failing that weighed most heavily on the lad. How can a child trust a world where his beloved dad just one day decides never to come home again? A slow numbing conviction had removed all certainty about his life, all concern and all care about himself or what went on around him.

The boy that had previously been almost obsessively neat, had started neglecting his room, then his schoolwork, and then finally his person. He was eating too much of the wrong things and none of his clothes fitted him any longer, but then again, there was never any money to buy him others, anyway. The only things he seemed to care about were his trains!

It had been his dad that he taught him to do it. They would go down to the station and spending the day waiting for trains that passed through. They would note down the numbers. The great thing about a train was that it, and the people on it, were all going somewhere!

Meanwhile, he, Cedric Snotfinkel, was not going anywhere!

Cedric saw very little of his mum - she worked long hours and when he woke for school she was asleep. Gradually the draughty Railway Station became more like home than the one-roomed flat off Regimental Road.

Cedric Snotfinkel, at nine-years-old was not a boy that attracted much attention. He walked slowly, his chubby body slumped, and his shoulders curved inwards, while he cocked his head to one side, as if he was trying to disguise his shape. He seldom made eye contact with people - a long fringe of hair hung in his eyes, like a shield.

All of this made him all but invisible to passers by. Cedric had learned that if he did attract attention, as happened at school, this attention was usually negative. He had big ears inherited from his father, and boys unkindly called him "Jug-ears" or said things like - "Oh Snotfinkel! -- `e is a nice lad, but `e `as ears like the bleeding FA Cup!"

Like many nine-years-olds, Cedric Snotfinkel was still subject to puppy fat, but in his case it had veered of into bigger proportions, the result of chronic comfort eating. This had earned him a host of other, much more hurtful, names.

He sometimes wished he could yell -"Flipping yobs!" at the blokes from this school. But Cedric had resolved that being invisible was best

"Who gives a toss anyway?" He thought to himself - no one cared.

He was at his usual post at the Windsor Railway Station that day when the 11.20 from London arrived on Platform 1. Cedric recognised the nice old gentleman, in his Vicar's dog-collar, from the day-before

He staggered off the train and fell to the ground. Cedric did not know what made him rush up to the old man and try to help him to his feet, but he did.

"Are you alright, Sir? Can I gets yer an ambulance or a doctor?" he asked the very ill looking old man.

"No, no my boy why don't you just hail me a taxi and ask the driver to help me into the cab?" Cedric was off in a flash and he and the burly cabby soon had the Vicar in the back seat of the Ford taxi.

"Shall I come with you sir?" Asked Cedric before he could stop himself from breaking his golden rule of not getting involved.

"Don't be daft," Cedric said to himself, "'e won't want me at `is nice place."

"Oh my dear, dear boy," said Reverend Prim, "you have been so kind to me I would be delighted if you would ride with me hope and then I will call for my doctor and he can give you a ride home latter. Will that be alright, young man?"

Cedric smiled at the nice old gentleman, then the turned to watch the world whizzing by out of the taxi windows. Absentmindedly, his little fingers scoured the inside of his nose, then placed the fat snotty deposit he dug out, on the sleeve of his navy blue anorak.


During the first week they were at the lodge in the woods that served as a Research Laboratory, at least ten windows had been broken; the place was coated with a layer of grim; and sweaty socks, dirty clothing and half-eaten sandwiches could be found everywhere!

As Doc pointed out to Reverend Prim, whatever they might have thought about godliness, cleanliness was not uppermost in the minds of the Pratt family.

"Pip actually stinks and even my darling Dopey is starting to smell like an overripe Stilton-cheese." Doc told the Vicar.

The Vicar, who was still laid up, recovering from the memorable eighth-birthday of the venerable Bishop of Blackball, could confirm that the retreat in Cumbria shared this view of the parents and youngest two girls.

"Now, Snowy is quiet the opposite." Doc continued. "He is probably the cleanest boy in the known universe."

"Oh, that's my Snowy!" You could hear the smile in the Vicar's voice.

"Then again Patrick spends hours in the bathroom, but that is mainly to smoke and masturbate, I suspect."

"Oh my!" Said the Vicar, feeling a rush of blood to his crotch that made him feel a good deal better. "Not that he needs to do that behind closed doors in your wonderful establishment, Dr. Yang." Reverend Prim said, in fact he was wondering if Doc could be induced to part with a pair of Patrick's dirty underpants. He was suddenly feeling so much better that he thought that, perhaps, grubby boys' underwear might be the new penicillin! The miracle cure, of the twenty-first century!

After dinner that very evening, Doc pushed his black-rimmed glasses back up the bridge of his nose pompously and laid down the law! He declared it bath night!

The groans were not as entirely universal as he had anticipated. Snowy looked overjoyed and then Dopey spoke up:

"Cool!" Dopey said, with a big grin on his grubby face. "Doc, I think I'm going to like having a bath `ere."

"I didn't think you liked bathing at all..." Doc suggested as he marched his lover straight to the very large communal bathroom that the University had installed for overnight groups. The rest straggled disconsolately to their bedroom to fetch their things.

"I don't. But its because you can shower with me, silly." He glanced at the row of toilet bowls in cubicles. "I have to go pee-pee, Doc."

"So? Do you wish me to leave? I might be wrong, but I think I have seen it before." Doc smiled back at him.

Dopey smirked. It took a second before his zipper was open, his boxers pushed aside, and he displayed the tip and about half the length of his short pink penis. He looked like a gleeful cherub, pointing his penis at the toilet, while he smiled over his shoulder at his nerdy Chinese lover.

"Watch where you're pointing that big thing," Doc chided, "or there'll be pee everywhere." So saying, Doc crossed the floor and stood behind him, placed his hands on his lover's shoulders and he gazed tenderly as Dopey directed the steady stream of pale urine into the bowl. It spattered into the water as Dopey playfully traced a figure eight in the water in the bowl below.

Doc felt Dopey's body tense, as he emptied the last drops from his bladder, then a slight jerk, as he flipped the end clear.

"Better?" Doc asked.

Dopey turned back to face him, nodded slowly then, transferring his gaze down to his cock once more, he shook the drips off the end and gave it a couple of masturbatory strokes, making it semi-erect in the process.

"Oh my! Look who is here? It's my favourite little wanker!" The Asian fellow teased.

"You can suck it now or wait till we are naked under the shower, if you like." Dopey taunted his lover, which was unusual for the normally slow-witted boy. Doc watched the lad struggle to put his hardening dick back inside his trousers. He realised that Dopey was still too shy to be the fist one naked in front of his brothers and Snowy, especially as he was clearly aroused.

Just then Pip arrived, bearing not only his towel, but what looked like a good deal of his toy box.

"And what is all that for young man?" Doc asked sternly.

"Well, if I must have a shower then we had better do it properly. Me daddy always plays with me in the shower and as me real daddy isn't here, you will have to be daddy..." He said with all the assurance a five-year-old can muster.

"That could be fun," Doc chortled, but he was aware that he had the beginnings of an erection under his white lab coat. "Now what games did your daddy play with you?"

Snowy and Patrick Pratt had both drifted in and they stood about rather shyly, watching this exchange, as if they were both waiting for permission to undress.

"Fire-engines!" Pip exclaimed with wicked grin and a quick rendition of a war-dance! Patrick howled with laughter.

"Oh no!" Dopey sighed, dying a thousand deaths, on the spot!

"And what is wrong with Fire-engines?" asked Doc good-humouredly.

"It means `e dose a pee on yer leg, mate!" Patrick shrieked delightedly. "If yer wants ta be `is daddy yer gotta take va consequences!"

"I'm sorry," Dopey wailed dejectedly. "I should have warned you."

"Would you like me to be your daddy, Pip?" Doc asked solicitously.

"Yes. You know we all would. But as long as we can also keep our real daddy, because..." Pip left the thought unfinished.

"Why don't we all have a shower together?" Doc proposed.

"That sounds great!" Pip yelped.

"But I thought we was going to shower alone -- just the two of us?" said Dopey rather sadly.

"'Cause, bruver, we all goona `ave a shower together, like wot real men do in va gym. Real men always take showers together, yer knows." Patrick told his slow-witted brother, entirely missing the hint that the lad wished to be alone with his special friend. "Now, are you up for vat?" Pip nodded his head in vigorous agreement.

"Well Snowy my lad, are you going to help me get these grubby boys clean?" Doc asked with a very suggestive wink.

"Oh I think I can manage that," said Snowy, as his penis commenced a slow, but determined, upward journey, under cover of his jeans.

"I suppose we had better set a good example and get undressed first..." said Doc to Snowy, as he stripped off his white lab-coat, business tie and white shirt. Snowy stared appreciatively as the Chinese lad, revealed his well-portioned ivory-coloured body and while he stripped, Doc returned the compliment. Dopey felt a tiny bit jealous as he noticed his Asian lover's apparent enjoyment as he ogled their blond friend as he stripped naked in the tiled bathroom.

Once he was naked, Snowy had to practically drag Pip away from his toys and guided the tot to where the Doc waited for them. The Chinese lad lifted off Pip's shirt, as Snowy got down on his knees and started taking off his shoes and socks. Doc undid the little boy's belt and opened his pants, and Snowy slid them off his legs. Finally, they each put their hands on his hips and pushed his briefs down slowly. Pip's puppy fat wobbled irresistibly. Doc seemed to be feeling his skin as he lowered his tiny Pokemon briefs.

When Pip was completely naked, both of them started moving their hands over his entire little body, but they wouldn't touch his cute little penis. Doc turned Pip around as he continued feeling the child up, but Snowy observed Doc was paying a good deal of attention to Pip's baby-boy bum.

Tearing himself away from this not unpleasant task, Doc took five towels from the linen cupboard and handed one of them to each of his comrades, then he turned on the very large communal shower and checked the temperature, and invited Pip into the hissing water-stream. Doc placed his towel on the rack and was the next to step in. Snowy followed.

Doc manoeuvred the five-year-old under the showerhead and got him well and truly wet. Snowy grabbed the soap and lathered up a washcloth, he knelt down next to Pip and began scrubbing his chest and potbelly. Doc turned him around and scrubbed his back, working his way down to his pert little behind. Lon Yang washed it very carefully, scrubbing up and down his crack. Parting the boys soft cheeks he saw the wonderful pink and brown crevasse and its tight little button of an anus. Becoming a little bolder, he stopped using the cloth and began rubbing the littlest boy's bottom with his bare hand! It felt so good Pip had no intention of stopping him.

Snowy and Doc exchanged a naughty glance between them, then Doc began moving his hand down his legs then back up to his chest. The Chinese lad rubbed around the child's tiny nipples. Then Snowy slowly moved his hands down Pip's belly to his cute little penis and balls. Snowy held them in his hands then started massaging the exquisite miniature penis. Snowy continued this for a while until Pip's cock reached a full one-inch erection.

"Why is your willy big and hairy like my daddy's?" Asked Pip of the Chinese lad as he gazed in admiration at the Doc's five-incher with its straight black pubic-hairs and the pink throbbing glans that peaked out from its ivory coloured foreskin.

"Vats cause `e is grown up, bruver." Said Patrick who was gently rubbing the front of his jeans as he relished the show before him.

Dopey, who had seemed to have been half-asleep, must have been daydreaming about Patrick could not even guess what! He was so far gone in his trance, as he watched the naked figures of Doc, Snowy and his youngest brother under the shower, that he didn't even notice Patrick tugging his jeans down until it was too late. Realising that he had been debagged, he spun around and he was startled to find Patrick, his older brother, standing there, bollock naked!

Smiling wanly, Dopey tried to hide his embarrassment by telling Patrick that he had taken so long to do anything that it was only natural that he'd fallen asleep -- bored into a coma!

"Bollocks!" Patrick smiled, "You woz dreaming about Doc's dick, I know it!"

"Fuck you! I've got better things to think about than our mates."

"Oh yeah? Well think about this then," and grabbing Dopey's jeans, Patrick pulled them right off and pushed the lad flat on the cold tiled-floor!

Dopey must have been feeling particularly horny and randy, as he was never as forward or domineering as he next proved to be, he was usually much more content to take things easy and let Doc, Snowy or Patrick take the lead in their sex games. Patrick's suspicions were confirmed when Dopey jumped on top of him, placed Patrick's fattish cock between his legs and allowed Patrick to fuck him slowly and gently between the legs.

How Patrick loved this technique! Not only did it make him feel terrifically happy, but he could also look at his younger brother, at the same time.

Dopey pressed his cheek against the side of Patrick's cheek while the older lad's head rested on the `pillow' of the white tiled floor. His pretty little mouth inclined towards Patrick's ear. Above the hiss of the shower, the older lad heard Dopey breathing hard, in time with Patrick's thrusts into his loins. The little boy loved the friction from his brother's growing cock, which was tucked, snugly under his own hairless balls. Suddenly he took Patrick completely by surprise and started sucking at his neck, trying his best to give his big brother a 'love bite'!

"'ey! `ey!" Patrick said caught by surprise, "Slow down a bit, then. What's got into yer tonight?"

"Nothing really," Dopey said, "but I have never felt so horny as I do now."

"Wot's caused all this, then?"

Dopey softly whispered a confession into his brother's ear: "When I came to see you in your room earlier, you know when Doc was working, I caught you having a wank! It was so sexy I almost raped you there and then!" Dopey was only half-joking Patrick suspected. He was both surprised and delighted to hear his brother sharing his incestuous desires.

"Cor! It's not like I'm complaining, provided yer leave me neck alone!" Patrick Pratt replied, pushing Dopey's face gently back his shoulder and keeping up a steady fucking motion between his brother's thighs.

Meanwhile, under the shower, Snowy stood up, having played with Pip's penis for a while, and moved Pip back under the shower spray. Doc handed Snowy the soap and washcloth and told the blond lad to lather the dirty lad up.

Doc's grip on Pips shoulders tightened and he drew the tiny boy closer so that his chest pressed against his belly. With his head so close, Doc could apply the shampoo to his gossamer-fine hair. The lingering scent of the shampoo smelt almost as wonderful as the smell of wet little boy.

Doc kissed the top of his head and immediately felt Pip's arms lock around his back to give him a hug.

"Mm," Doc sighed, "you smell so good."

"I love you, Doc," Pip said softly. Meanwhile Snowy was just about done with washing Pip.

"You can put your arms down now," Doc laughed.

"Lick me armpits."

"Lick your armpits?"

"Uh huh! Daddy always licks me armpits!"

"It'll tickle," Doc warned.

"So? I don't mind."

Doc stooped and nuzzled the warm hairless hollows offered to his tongue. There was an aroma of soap and wet, washed little boy. Doc licked the sweet exposed cavity. Pip emitted the barest hint of a giggle, as the tongue probed, swirling back and forth across the sensitive area.

"Mmm..." Pip sighed as Doc brought his mouth into contact with his saliva-slick skin, producing a wet smacking sound. Pip squealed in delight and giggled loudly.

Now that he was enjoying this game, Doc sucked harder, playfully nipping with his teeth, his ivory coloured hand caressed the baby-chest, searching for a soft little nipple. But the almost romantic moment was interrupted by a sudden snort of laughter from Pip. Doc looked down in time to see the little boy holding his hard penis and directing an arch of urine at this left leg.

"Fire engines! Woo-woo-woo-woo!" Pip yelped as the pale golden stream of pee traced its way up and down the Chinese youth's leg.

"That's a good boy," Doc said softly, lust trembling on his voice and secretly wishing Pip had pissed in his mouth instead!

As the flow of urine ebbed away, he reached out his hand and he started playing with Pip's little, perfectly circumcised, prick. But Doc knew what he had to do next!

The exceptionally gifted academic knelt in the stinging shower of water and within seconds he had commenced licking Pip's crotch, then drew the tiny boy's entire cock and balls into his mouth. He began to rub it between his lips and tongue, squeezing it gently until Pip quivered and whimpered, thrusting his baby-buttocks forward.

Then the littlest of the lads looked up into the red-flushed face of the beautiful Snowy Whyte. Snowy stood openly masturbating as he watched the university graduate sucking off the boy who had only recently been a toddler!

"Snowy," Pip asked, "can I touch yer willy?" Snowy giggled and nodded. Little Pip reached out and felt his cock.

"Ya can touch mine too, if yer want," Pip offered, "when Doc has stopped sucking on it..." He tittered delightfully. It was an excellent offer and one that the blond lad was not about to pass up! Doc grinned as he let go of his prize and surrendered it to the attentions of the blond.

The two boys stood under the streaming water, looking at each other and playing with their little pricks. Snowy leaned over and kissed Pip on the cheek, but he reeled back as if Snowy had bitten him.

"Boys don't kiss!"

"Yes, they do. But if you don't want to..."

"Patrick says boys don't kiss!" Pip warned him. "So I better not or `e will get mad." He started pulling on his erection once more as if the incident had never occurred. "I like doing this. Don't tell Patrick, but I even liked kissing."

"Well I shall have to sort him out then..." said Snowy with a determined look on his face. "We can't have him telling his little brother porky pies! Of course boys kiss!"

From their frantic rutting it was clear that the older Pratt lad was now very close to an orgasm and Snowy left the sharp needles of water to get the other two lads under the shower.

"That's enough of that then!" He said in a bossy kind of way "you two dirty boys, under the shower -- now!"

Now Patrick had never been too good with accepting authority, but to be frank, he was too shocked and more than a bit embarrassed to be caught in the act of humping his little brother, to ague with Snowy Whyte.

Reluctantly the two very randy boys went under the shower of water rather sheepishly.

Patrick got down on his hand and knees so that Snowy could applied a jet of water to his head. Once he was wet, the blond boy started to apply shampoo to Patrick's dirty head, gently massaging it into his head making sure to really lather it up. Doc was waiting to do the same thing to Dopey and as soon as he was wet all over, Doc started to massage the shampoo into Dopey's silky hair. Snowy moved Patrick over to the water and put his head under the jets and rinsed out the shampoo.

After they had cleaned their hair and rinsed off, the friends started to wash each other from head to toe. Snowy Whyte knelt on the tiled floor of the communal shower as he worked the soapy towelling facecloth up between Patrick's strong ladish thighs. Dopey came to his assistance and scrubbed his brother's chest and stomach. Patrick turned around, allowing little Dopey to scrub his back. As Dopey neared his brother's bum, Snowy grabbed his hard cock and began rubbing it. Dopey put the face-towel aside and began rubbing Patrick's bum in exactly the same way as Doc had done to Pip's earlier. Patrick Pratt moaned and Snowy rubbed his penis more energetically. Having been cheated of a cum with Dopey on the tiled floor, Patrick was very happy to be receiving this attention and he decided to share something with the lad's -- something dirty -- something secret, that he normally hid from his friends:

"Oy! Dopey me ol' bruver, yer can stick yer finger up me bum `ole if yer likes." Patrick told his rather startled slow-witted brother.

"Oh... Err!" Exclaimed Snowy Whyte.

"Do you like that kind of thing, Patrick?" asked Doc, rather alarmed by this revelation from such a very butch lad!

"Yeah, as long `e goes slow..." he said. "Besides," he confided " there is viz thing up there wot feels bleedin' great when yer fingers it!"

After a bit of searching, Dopey found his brother's hole and wiggled his index finger inside. Patrick moaned loudly, which frightened Dopey and he hurriedly wiped it out, afraid that he might be hurting the bigger lad.

"Oy!" Patrick bellowed his displeasure. "Wot yer do that for?" Then he bent further over, and spread his legs wider to make access easier. "Get yer finger up there again, lad!" Patrick instructed Dopey, who had, by now, worked out that it was all right for him to stick his finger back in.

As the eight-year-old did so once more, Patrick groaned again: "Cor, luverly!"

Patrick felt Dopey at work, moving around behind him. There was a little pain to start with but that soon went away and then it felt really nice. He felt his hard little finger jabbing into his poop-hole. He moved his finger in and out of hole slowly and gently at first, and then started to speed up, going faster and faster. Patrick had a ragging hard-on by this stage. and was really enjoying this type of sexual experience.

Snowy rubbed his Patrick's chubby penis faster and harder. He remembered the wonderful cum that Doc had had when Doc had wiggled that plastic thing in his bum and he wondered if it would work with a finger and so he suggested to Dopey that he might like to wiggle his finger around.

Snowy's hand was a blur as he masturbated faster and faster. Patrick's wispy, straight and black pubic-hairs were plastered down in the streaming water. Dopey gasped, Patrick's bum-hole clamped on his finger and then a drop or two of white stuff came out of his penis and dripped over Snowy's fingers.

"Oy! Patrick, are you okay?" Dopey asked him - he was concerned at how he was breathing just that much too hard.

"I'm bleedin' great, bruver!" Said Patrick, between gasps. "Never better! Never better!"

"Oh... Err!" Said Dopey, after he had extracted his index finger from his straight brother's hole and examined it critically. " It is all brown and smelly!" He held it up for Doc to see he was telling the truth. The Chinese youth did something very odd, he grabbed Dopey's hand, brought the tainted finger to his nose then breathed in deeply and appreciatively, before helping Dopey to wash it clean.

Once he had recovered from this exceptional cum, Patrick started to wash Doc, commencing with his back, rubbing his hands all over his back getting it covered with soap, and then he moved down his smooth ivory-coloured legs. He then moved back up to his bum and started to massage the soap into his soft round bum and then stuck a finger into Doc's bum-hole all the way in.

Doc couldn't believe it. It felt really nice having something stuck into his bum again. He had always liked playing with his own anus and had a variety of dildos that he used in his sex play.

While Patrick and Doc were occupied in this fashion, Snowy and Dopey had covered each other with soap and were rubbing their bodies up against each other - face to face - and having a good time doing so, laughing and carrying on.

Doc looked over at Patrick and smiled saying that it felt good. Pat's other hand was rubbing soap over his finger and Doc guessed what was about to happen, and he knew he couldn't wait for it to happen! Doc moved down onto his knees again and waited for it!

"What do you think it's like, being screwed up the arse?" Doc asked with as much implied meaning as he could manage.

"Dunno," Snowy replied honestly, "but it looks as if Grumpy and Bashful like it a lot."

"What do you think?" Doc replied thoughtfully looking at Patrick.

"Do yer wanna try it?" Patrick asked, his heart in his mouth. Not withstanding the fact that he had only just cum in Snowy's hand, the lad was ready for a new experience.

"Bumming another lad -- Wow!" He thought!

Ah, youth!

"Hmmm I don't thinks so." Snowy counted himself out from this type of anal action, "I was sort of waiting for mister right. But Doc sort of likes thing in his bottom-hole so he might let's you go for it, if you ask him nicely."

By this time everyone's cock was rock hard once more and eager for some sort of action, but Patrick was self-conscious, not wishing to make the first move - not wishing to seem over-eager, least he be called a queer. Silently Patrick, Dopey, Doc and Snowy all stared at their erections, waiting for the first one to speak.

"Well, if Damien Smyke does it, ven it must be ok. No way vat Smyke is gonna do bleedin' queer stuff now, is `e?" said Patrick with incontrovertible straight-lad logic. "Besides, if Doc `ere can take va pain, then I can satnd va shit!"

"I'll try if you like." Doc eventually volunteered. "Your cocks are smaller than mine and perhaps it won't hurt so much." Doc was still a virgin and as much as he liked really little boys, he could think of no better person to loose his virginity to than this randy, straight twelve-year-old!

"Okay then, me ol' china!" Patrick agreed, "But let's try and find something to make it go in easier, like."

Leaving the shower, Snowy set to searching the room for something suitable. It wasn't long before he found a jar of antiseptic cream in Doc's cupboard.

"This ought to do," Snowy grinned. Carefully he smeared some of it around Patrick's boner, while Doc squished a bit into his bum opening.

"You lay on your back, Doc and lift your legs onto Patrick's shoulders," Snowy choreographed the action, "That's how Grumpy and Bashful do it, anyway and it seems to work for them! They are always at it like bunnies."

Patrick hadn't thought about it before, but having got himself into position, his prick was automatically positioned directly in front of Doc's bum-hole and all he had to do was lean forward, and press the tip against the Chinese lad's tight little hole!

"Patrick, are you ready?" Doc enquired, taking hold of the twelve-year-old's waist. "But for fucks sake stop if I tell you to do so..." he pleaded.

Gently, but with increasing pressure Patrick Pratt began trying to force his way in. At first there was only a bit of pain, but the harder Patrick tried, the worse it got.

Just as Grumpy had warned all his friends, at first the pain was excruciating and Doc drew blood from biting his bottom lip, as he tried to overcome it. Doc tried not to let it show too much, but it soon became more than the Chinese teenager could not bear much more and Patrick stopped pressing quite so hard.

Extraordinarily, this did the trick, for, at exactly the same time he was conscious that the muscles around Doc's hole had relaxed and he slid in. As quickly as he could the Asian lad reached round and grabbed his arse cheeks.

"Yesss!!!" Patrick hissed in triumph.

"No, don't move, Patrick. You are in now. Just give me a second." Apart from anything else, having the twelve-year-old cock inside him, Doc didn't want to go through that again - at least not just yet!

"Let him get used to it," Snowy offered some advice.

"That's better," Doc said, relieved that the pain had completely gone, "it's as if I can feel every vein on your cock in my bum. It's not bad now I've got it in."

'Not bad' was something of an understatement. It was absolutely phenomenal! As Patrick slowly and carefully began to draw in and out, Doc felt as if he would burst with delight and pleasure.

"Don't stop for Christ's sake," he pleaded as Patrick slowed down to get his breath back, "It's brilliant!" Doc's oriental face was a vision of eastern pleasure.

Getting into a smooth rhythm, Patrick started to screw him in earnest, each time he thrust forwards managing to reach a bit deeper into Doc's rectum.

"Fucking marvellous. It feels brilliant!" Patrick grunted. Doc was conscious of Patrick saying somewhere in the distance, but he was far too wrapped up with his own feelings of ecstasy to hear him properly.

Patrick thought that he had had some gigantic ejaculations before -- well gigantic for a twelve-year-old who had only just started cumming! However, when he came without any warning just a few seconds later, it was the best ever!


He pushed so deep and hard into Doc's bum that he thought he would come out the other side! And he was sure that he produced as much spunk as all the other times put together -- at least a teaspoonful -- he thought proudly!

Slowing down, then stopping involuntarily, he collapsed, falling forward onto Doc's chest. Patrick was surprised to feel come all over his body.

"'ow va `ell did I do vat?" Patrick asked in surprise.

"I don't know how you did it, but it was just as if you were pressing a button inside me, as you were fucking me, Patrick. It was making my cock get harder and harder and just as you came, so did I! I didn't even need to touch mine!" Doc managed to say between deep breaths. "It was bloody brilliant!"

Patrick still had his cock in Doc's bum. It was growing softer in the teenager's bum when it finally plopped out.

"So vat's wot it's like," Patrick said softly, as if he were speaking to himself, "fuckin' somebody! I didn't fink it would be as good as vat, mate. It were fuckin' awesome!"

Snowy cast his eyes around the room to see where Pip was. He had not, after all see him for a while. He spotted the boy playing on the tiled floor with his toys. He seemed to have found a soft plastic duck that he normally played with in the bath and the little bugger had discovered that he could poke his cock into the hole that formed the mouth of the unsuspecting duck. Snowy grinned! These Pratt males were all the same, he concluded!


"Hello?" Said a rather superior voice.

"Oh madam, this is the Mirror," a rather frosty silence ensued. " Hmmm... Mirror on the Wall Spiritual Guidance Counselling?" Bert said a little hesitantly.

Still, there was no reaction.

Then Bert Goldblatt tried once more: "... this is Madame Zelda..."

"Well! Well! Well! I thought you had deserted me," Mrs. Whyte said rather icily.

Mrs Whyte had called "Mirror on the wall" often since that very odd conference with Madame Zelda while she was in a "trance", but it was to no avail - the world-famous psychic was never available.

The sad truth was that Bert Goldblatt's notorious bender had taken a turn for the worse after the call and he had spent the past two weeks in a drying-out clinic.

Now Bert needed money, almost as much as he needed a drink! He had no income while not actually on duty at Telesis Inc and the Crapper & Cotch Clinic had cost him a small fortune.

He had dragged himself into the offices and was valiantly trying to reopen his contacts with his regular clients. He started with Mrs. Whyte -- after all, the woman had been a veritable goldmine. If he could get her billing again, he could afford the time to recover.

"Madame Zelda, you were exceptionally rude to me last time..."

"I was communing with spirits from the dark side, Madame, and it can take the form of demonic possession at times..." said Bert huskily and knowing he was on very shaky ground.

"After the way you have neglected me, I would not be bothering with you if it were not for the very good advice you gave me in the trance..." Bert searched the database desperately to see what it was he had told the arrogant woman to do, but there was no record at all!

"And... err... what advice was that, Madame?"

"My dear Madame Zelda you and the sprits have rid me of the boy!"

"We have done... what?"

"The boy is gone! Missing presumed dead!" At this Bert took another swig of his cup of tea and desperately wished it were something much stronger. "Is that not marvellous! And it is all down to you! I have been trying to reach you to offer you a bonus!"

"And you are telling me, Madame, that I am implicated in this matter!"

"Naturally Madame Zelda -- I would never have thought of it by myself. I asked one of the forest workers to take him out into the woods and ensure he never returned. Well, the police found the Landrover the following day, with no trace of either the forest worker or Snowy Whyte." Mrs Whyte gloated and sighed with evident delight. "Is that not marvellous? They have opened a case - suspecting that Pratt fool of foul play."

" `Mirror on the wall' cannot be implicated..." But Bert was drowned out by the woman's booming voice.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall implicated? Don't be silly! It was entirely your doing! You told me to find someone who will do anything for money -- and I did! It was totally your plan and I am very grateful..."

Bert was stunned!

He could see charges pending for `accessory before the fact of murder' and now that the murderous bitch had told him about it that would make him an `accessory after the fact of murder' as well!

"Oh and Madame Zelda, you will understand just how grateful I am once I have instructed my bankers to make a deposit into your account."

Bert hardly even noticed these words of financial comfort and joy as he stammered: "But it cannot be. The boy must be in hiding..."

"Really, Madame Zelda, Snowy Whyte is no more! He is deceased! He has gone to join the ranks of dreadful little boys in the after life."

"God help us! It can't be!"

"I knew you would have the insight to help me Madame Zelda! Oh how glad I am to have had you at my side."

Bert took a slug from the cup of tea. He decided to rush directly after this call to the off-licence for a large bottle of comfort.

"Oh dear..." said Mrs Whyte as she suddenly recollected that she was speaking to a world famous woman with supernatural powers! If Snowy Whyte were dead, this woman would have come across him, among the spirits! If not, this too, would be known to a medium!

"And are you saying that the huntsman strategy might not have not worked? What am I to do then?" Mrs Whyte trembled in fear and anger - her wonderful plot had been foiled!

"You must silence the lad. Find him and ensure he tells no one of what has happened..." Bert said a tremor passed through him.

"Why, of course! Last time you said the show must go on! You were so right! You were as wise as ever!" Mrs. Whyte pondered the profound wisdom from Madame Zelda.

Indeed, if that fool of a hired killer did not work, she would have to try something else to rid the world of Snowy Whyte!

"Mrs Whyte this dangerous matter must come to and end." Bert said, unmistakable panic sounding in his voice. "You must locate the boy and prod him into keeping his mouth shut."

"Prod him into keeping his mouth shut?"

"Prod him into keeping his mouth shut?" Mrs. Whyte repeated, as she tried to work out the hidden meaning in these words.

"Prod him into keeping his mouth shut... Yes, well I shall have to decipher that..." The stepmother hung up at that point -- clearly the celebrated psychic was re-entering a trance -- and she set about trying workout to how to locate a lost boy and then prod him into silence.

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