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by Graham Day

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Authors note:

  1. This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys and/or men and boys so if this is not to your tastes, please leave now. If you are under age, or if it is illegal in your state or country to read or possess material like this then it is in your own interest to leave now.
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  5. This story is a parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by the brothers Grimm, which is in the public domain, and is in now way associated with any property of the Disney Corporation.
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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.

-PART SIX continued-



"But it must be there..." said the Vicar of St Giles petulantly. A muffled grunt was the only response from Mrs. Baker his housekeeper. This good lady was on her hands and knees under the Vicar's desk and had succeed in getting her ample rump lodged in the knee gap between the teak draw units. "What was that? Please speak up, woman!"

Mrs. Baker dislodged herself with a noisy plop. Her face was flushed with exertion and anger and she yelled: "Well it is not! And it was not there the other nine times I looked for it this morning!"

"ATTCHOO!" A noisy sneeze shattered the momentary quiet in the study, and drew the eyes of the adults to Cedric Snotfinkel, who sat quietly eating one of Mrs. Baker's sticky buns.

"But I have always written my sermons with that pen," said the Vicar returning to the problem at hand, "it was a gift from Bunny Bogtrotter, the Bishop of Blackball and it is solid gold."

The vicar tucked his travelling rug around his knees and looked forlorn. His recovery was taking longer that he had hoped and, while the nice Nigerian replacement Vicar was doing a good job, the Vicar did so want to deliver the sermon on the following Sunday. But how could he do that, without his pen?

"Well it has disappeared! Gone!" Snapped Mrs. Baker. "I have looked everywhere for it and it must have taken legs and walked." Then she cast a recriminating glance in the direction of little Cedric Snotfinkel. The chubby boy's face was a mess and it was difficult to say what was icing and what was the nasal mucus that seemed to continuously leak from his nostrils. "And if you were to ask me, it was sticky little fingers that helped it walk off!" she said venomously.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric Snotfinkel leapt to his feet and tried to bury himself in the curtains, wishing he could become invisible. The nine-year-old hated it when adults argued! He had seen too much of that between Jack and Rose, his parents, before Jack had abandoned them.

"Too many things have been disappearing here lately for it to be a pure coincidence, Reverend Prim!"

"Now then, Mrs. Baker, that is not very Christian, nor is it very fair to make accusations about my guest."

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" When Cedric became nervous, he sneezed a great deal and when he sneezed a great deal, he needed to pee-pee! Just then, he was very, very nervous. The little boy plucked agitatedly at his crotch from the relative safety of the chintz-drapes and peaked out at the angry housekeeper.

"Harumph! Guest, indeed!" snorted Mrs Baker. She had not approved of the Vicar's friendship with Damien Smyke, who now appeared to be having an unnatural relationship with the Vicar's nephew, Osbert. She knew, after overhearing his confession, that Richard Flaunting-Flasher, another of the Vicar's protégés, had perverted sexual desires. But worst of all, Mrs. Baker hated being part of the cruel conspiracy to keep poor Mrs. Whyte from knowing where her son, Snowy, was hold-up. And she certainly did not approve of the Vicar consorting with this the tubby little boy, who was there for three meals a day - every day - since the Reverend Prim had taken ill.


"If you asked me, there are far too many little guests, little secrets and little intrigues about this place at the moment..." So saying, she stormed off to the kitchen, slamming the solid study door behind her.


"Oh dear! I fear it will be burnt lunch again today, Cedric." Said the Vicar rather miserably.

"ATTCHOO!" A loud sneeze was the only reply Cedric could manage. The Vicar noticed that a very long bulbous snot-bell hung perilously from Cedric's left nostril.

"Cedric my dear, I think you had better go and blow your pretty little button nose." Said the Vicar affectionately.

"ATTCHOO! Right, guv!" Said the portly lad, pausing to snort the snot-bell back up into his nasal cavity once more, "ATTCHOO! I gotta go pee-pee anyway."

The rather tubby, but otherwise nondescript lad clad in his navy blue anorak, waddled off to the toilets. Reverend Prim lovingly watched his bottom wobble deliciously as he retreated from the study.

"ATTCHOO!" A parting sneeze echoed down the long hallway that led to the outer door that opened out on a courtyard beyond which was St. Giles church.

It was sad that Mrs. Baker seemed to have a very particular dislike for the chubby boy and was constantly yelling at him for either not lifting the seat of the downstairs toilet, or for failing to lower it again! Hence the sweet boy was banished to the communal lavatory in the church itself, which fell outside of Mrs. Baker's domain.

Reverend Prim sighed. The nine-years-old was not the sort of lad that attracted much attention, but the good Vicar had become very fond of the boy. Cedric Snotfinkel neglected his person; he ate too much of the wrong things; he had trouble making friends and had become a loaner as a consequence. In short, he was very much like the Revered Prim had been at the same age.

Then the Vicar remembered that, when he arrived that morning, the lad had brought him a newspaper from town.

In retrospect he had bee a bit ungracious towards the lad -- pointing out to him that he was a regular Telegraph reader and not a tabloid man at all, but the boy had added: "I knows vat Vicar but there is summat in it for yer!" The Vicar picked up the Windsor Witness and stared at the grainy back-and-white features of the second Mrs. Whyte. The Vicar read with mounting interest:



Windsor, Wednesday 21 July.
From Prudence Peeking, our own correspondent.

The mystery surrounding the dramatic disappearance of eleven-year-old Robert Whyte, better known to his loving family and friends as Snowy, suddenly took a emotional new turn today with the startling announcement from Mrs. Chrysanthemum Whyte that a world famous medium, who has advised her that her stepson is still alive!

Breaking the silence that has surrounded the entire affair, Chrysanthemum Whyte, wife of the popular local general practitioner, has offered a 20,000 reward for information concerning the whereabouts of her stepson.

"Madam Zelda of the Mirror on the Wall Psychic Guidance Service informed me that Snowy is alive and well. Seeing as Madam Zelda spends all her time with the dead, she would know wouldn't she?" said Chrysanthemum Whyte to your reporter, Prudence Peeking. The offer of 20,000 was a new twist is a very strange saga.

Other than the abandoned Estate Landrover of the principal suspect, Percy Pratt nothing has been seen or heard of the victim, the supposed suspect, or his family. Until today the Whyte family has remained tight-lipped.

"We all miss dear, dear Snowy so much," said a tearful Mrs. Whyte, "and we are appealing to those that may have abducted him, or may be harbouring him, to bring him back into the bosom of his loving family."

Pricilla, the missing boy's stepsister, made an emotional appeal for her brother to return: "Dear, dear Snowy, poor mummy misses you so and we need you back here, or at least, to know where you are."

The surgery or Dr. Whyte has been closed since the disappearance of the handsome blond lad, and the Doctor, who could not previously be reached for comment, was finally tracked down by Prudence Peeking of the Windsor Witness to the Admiral's Bum Boy, a local hostelry. Rose Snotfinkel, one of the barmaids, showed Prudence Peeking the spot where the good doctor lay in a deep alcoholic stupor in corner of the room.

"The loss has all been too much for the poor luv," said Rose Snotfinkel, "he is on the sauce from opening till we close and most nights he is passed out and needs to sleep it off behind the counter."

Local Police spokesman, Codger Crumblebum, said that the police were still pursuing the current line of thought that young Snowy had last been seen in the company of local man Percy Pratt, who has subsequently disappeared from his home along with his entire family.

"While the police welcomed any new information, they could not rely upon information from so-called mystics, telephone guidance clinics or any other form of charlatan organisation." Crumblebum told Prudence Peeking they would be rounding up local paedophile rings and continue searching for a body.

"Very interesting..." said the Reverend Prim to himself as he contemplated the inherent tone of panic that he read into the quotations from the second Mrs. Whyte. Perhaps now was the time for him to make his move.


Thursday was a day which Damien Smyke looked forward too all week, for Thursday was choir practice day!

Not only had he grown to love the experience of singing in harmony with the other lads, but Thursdays was also his chance for nipping off into the vestry broom-closet of St Giles, for a bit of recreational sexual activity with Billy Bunion and Jack Jerker, two fourteen-year-old choirboys. Often Osbert, Smyke's lover, would join in the wank session and just recently they had introduced both of the lads to the joys of anal sex, both Osbert and Damien being the passive, but enthusiastic, recipients of the teenager's cocks up their bums.

Sad to say, it was the holidays and the choir was decimated. Only four other choristers had turned up and the choir was in crisis. The Vicar was emphasising the need to recruit fresh blood, but the pedantic old choirmaster didn't have the qualities to bring new young boys into the fold of the St. Giles choir.

The entire choir was sad and shocked that Peter Pratt, the lead boy-soprano, had disappeared, along with his whole family. This was disappointing, as Dopey could always be counted upon to give a randy lad a good blowjob!

One of his two regular partners, Billy Bunion, was off on a family holiday in Bognor, while the other, Jack Jerker, was going though one of his frequent we-should-not-be-doing-this-it-is-for-queers periods, and had decided not to turn up for practice, lest he be led, once again, into temptation by Damien Smyke!

Bashful, the Vicar's nephew, was off with his mum visiting an ailing aunt in Slough, so even his well-used hole was not available.

To make matters worse the choirmaster was also watching Smyke like a hawk as he had long suspected the tough lad's motives in being such an enthusiastic choir-member.

All of this eliminated any prospect for a hearty mate-to-mate session in the closet! They would not be leaving any spunky reminders of their visit running down the walls for the good Vicar to help clean up - however, the Vicar was not well enough to clean up sperm, Smyke reminded himself.

All in all, Damien Smyke was in a bad mood -- the sort of mood that had earned him his nickname -- Grumpy! The sort of mood that had, in earlier times, caused him to go out and pick a fight with any-and-all-comers.

But, all that had changed. Since he had grown to know Snowy and fallen in love with Bashful, he no longer had the compulsion to work off his frustration with physical violence.

A frustrated, lonely and depressed Damien Smyke excused himself from a rather lack-lustre rendition of "Lift Thine Eyes," and went to the men's lavatory in the Victorian extension of St. Giles.

Smyke approached the Victorian piss-trough, unzipped the army-surplus camouflage pants he had chosen to wear that day, extracted his penis, and the amber flow of urine commenced.

As he stood there pissing, Grumpy thought of the sexual options open to him. Both Fred Marley, a handsome Afro-Caribbean lad, and Jock Pringle, a thirteen year old lad from the Scottish highlands, were defiantly interesting, as were the ten-year-old Tweedle twins - Dee and Dumm - but hell, he thought of all the work required to get them into the mood!

No, there was nothing for it, but a good old-fashioned wank!


The first time Cedric Snotfinkel ever saw anybody masturbate, was in the men's room in the vestry of St Giles parish church.

During the entire nine years of his existence, he had never seen this strange practice before - it had certainly never occurred to him that a male could pleasure himself in this way. While his own little willy became erect at odd times, he had somehow thought this was something that only happened to nasty-minded little boys. It had never occurred to him that it was of any other use, than something you pissed with.

As he entered the Gents he noticed this older bloke with a ugly, mean, little body - only five-foot tall, but hardened but frequent physical violence. There was still something dirty and dangerous about his small face. He had lascivious thin lips, usually fixed in a jeer. His lack of stature -- the product of genetics and malnutrition -- would never give rise to teasing - that was clear from the lad's body language. There was something about his bearing that said: "fuck you all!"

He stood there - right in the middle of the row of urinals. The man - well a teenager really - stood with his fly open, doing something that Cedric did not understand. He was stroking his cock back and forth with his right hand, with very quick movements as his legs made strange, convulsive scissors-movements.

From the rear Cedric noticed that the man's broad forehead, receding chin and bull-like neck, were accentuated by a Mohican-hairstyle. Damien Smyke, for that was who it was wanking-off at the piss trough, had adopted this new hairstyle much to the annoyance of Bashful Prim, his lover with whom he lived.

The tubby little lad didn't plan to stand around long enough to see more of what might happen, because he'd always been told by his mother to be afraid of such men.

Cedric was about to move off as quietly as he could, when it happened:

"ATTCHOO!" A shattering sneeze emitted from his portly frame, echoing around the Victorian lavatory, causing the masturbating lad to turn sharply and look at the nine-year-old boy who stood spying on him.

Standing, nervously, a little way off, Smyke saw this young lad. He, like many boys of his age, was still subject to puppy fat, but in his case it had veered of into bigger proportions, the result of chronic comfort eating. He had a round open and loveable tubby-boy face, his belly wobbled when he moved, and he with these huge "Jug-ears".

"I'm done for!" thought Cedric Snotfinkel, "'e is gonna bleedin' kill me!"

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" Two further nervous volleys reverberated around the room.

"Bless-ya!" said Damien Smyke, in a very cheerful way that astonished the little lad more than verbal or physical abuse would have done!

"A-a-are y-y-you o-o-okay?" the young boy asked tentatively.

Smyke's knees were quivering a little and the disconcerted sixteen-year-old made no effort to conceal his own body's needs. His erection, whether he was comfortable with it or not, was still sticking up in all its throbbing splendour. Smyke didn't answer the question immediately as his adolescent lungs fought to regain control of his breathing - his approaching orgasm and the proximity of such an exciting and attractive little lad, made him smile contentedly. He nodded, communicating that he was indeed, fine.

After a time Smyke swallowed with a little bit of embarrassment. Then, finally, he spoke: "'ello there jelly-belly! Are yer `ere for va choir?" The fat little body had earned him a host of other much more hurtful names, and Cedric found himself smiling at this older lad that was doing peculiar things to his willy.

"ATTCHOO! N-n-no," his strained voice finally replied. "W-w-what a-a-a-are you d-d-doing?" Cedric stammered, still very much concerned.

"Tossing off," Smyke said, feeling a little like laughing. Smyke was still rubbing very slowly on his boyhood and it was softening a little, his chest and ribs were swelling rhythmically as he continued breathing heavily. Cedric was astonished by the colour of his cock, it was darker than the skin of his hand. But most of all he was alarmed by the wiry-gingerish hairs jutting out from his fly.

"W-what's that?" Cedric asked apologetically. He was clearly the sort of nine-years-old boy that did not wish to attract much attention, but his tone appeared a little less distressed now that he had decided that Smyke was all right.

"Oy! Ain't yer ever rubbed on yer willy before?" Smyke inquired.

"ATTCHOO!" The tubby lad looked down pensively. The rough older boy could see Cedric's neck go through swallowing motions, even though he had no discernible Adam's apple. He was apparently familiar with erections or he'd have been even more frightened than he was, but he was also, without doubt, a complete virgin.

The chubby kid swept his long fringe out of his eyes, he looked up at Smyke, his brown eyebrows still knitted in worry above his round face.

"Why?" he asked softly. He was adorable, thought Smyke.

"'cause it feels really great, mate." Smyke said "but yer can take a better look if yer comes a bit closer, like" Damien Smyke said hopefully. Smyke's hand paused during his efforts to show his young thing the attention it required. He was still breathing very heavily, but managed to let go of his penis and stood up straight giving the boy a better view. Smyke looked down happily at his erection again, the thing sticking straight up between his legs and pulsing, with its wiry fuzz and phenomenal hardness.

Cedric Snotfinkel walked slowly toward the urinal, as if he were a condemned man taking his final walk. His chubby body slumped, his shoulders curved inwards and he failed to make eye, but he did briefly glanced up at Smyke, before looking back at "it" once again.

"It" was a notably short cock for a sixteen-year-old, but Cedric had no way of knowing this. A very fat bulbous head peaked out from under a short but thick foreskin. The little lad noticed the fat balls in a tight furry sack and the wiry ginger bush of pubic hair decorated the entire thing. Cedric stood rooted to the spot, incapable of saying anything - he just looked flustered and anxious.

"Oh wow! Th-th-that is really w-w-wicked!" Cedric said wiping away a long fringe of hair that hung in his eyes, like a shield. "So tell me, `ow come, doesn't it feel good, like?" He asked.

"Dunno!" Damien said, as he shrugged his shoulders. His demeanour appeared softer than usual, "but it feels weird."

"Oh `ell" said Cedric suddenly remembering why he had come into the men's room in the first place.

"Wot's up, mate?" asked Grumpy, grinning at the chubby fellow.

"I gotta pee-pee!" Cedric admitted blushing, very delightfully, and then he did a very odd dance, springing from foot to foot.

"Well go for it mate." Said Grumpy, suddenly realising that this way he might get to see the kid's cock.

"But you are going to put yer fing away, and I wanna look at it..." Cedric confessed as he blushed furiously. By now it was actually too late! A dark, spot of dampness had appeared at the crotch of Cedric's boys'-large shorts.

"Yer likes it ven?" Said Damien Smyke removing his hand and showing it off to the nine-year-old. As the observant reader will know, Damien Smyke was not particularly well endowed, his cock when fully erect, was only four inches long, a good deal smaller than even his lover's, thirteen-year-old Bashful. But it looked large enough for Cedric, who stood admiring its thickness. The tubby lad gaped at the swollen head, shining a bright pink, and the boyish slit, which yawned open from hardness. He longed to touch the springy bush of wiry pubic-hair, down around the base.

"Wow! Disgusting!" Cedric vented a cute giggle, "all hot an' hard! It's so big... and all `airy, like!"

"An' if you're not careful, it'll spit at ya!" Grumpy told the boy, "you'd like vat though wouldn't you, ya naughty boy?"

"ATTCHOO! What do you mean `spit at me' ?" Cedric asked nervously imagining this tough looking bloke wanted to gob at him.

"Yer really don't know -- does yer?" Smyke smiled fiendishly. "Vat is really wicked!" Damien Smyke marvelled at his luck at finding a real innocent that he could corrupt. "I meant when I shoots me wad -- yah knows? When I sperm, like!"

"ATTCHOO! When you spunk up?" Cedric mouthed the words in awe. He had heard boys on street corners talking about spunking up, but he never thought he might ever see it. "Wow!"

"Well get yer's out and I'll watch yer pee and keep me own chopper out for yer ta looks at. Vat all right wiv yer?" Grumpy longed to explore what the tubby lad hid beneath his jeans; he longed to reach out for his warm, hard cock. He longed to savour that magical feeling of a pre-pubescent penis when aroused and ready for fun.

Much to Smyke's delight, Cedric nodded vigorously as he pulled up his anorak and tee shirt a little, revealing to Smyke's appreciative eye, a smooth and ample, podgy belly and his hand reached towards the ever-widening piss stain that marked the fly of his pants.

The moment he had his fly open, it was instantly clear that the lad had been enjoying what he had seen Smyke doing. Pulling down the fronts of his shorts Cedric Snotfinkel exposed his little, two-inch penis. It was already dribbling urine -- Cedric always had trouble holding it back -- and this proved just that bit too stimulating for Smyke,

"Fuckin' ace, mate!" He moaned and resumed wanking as he watched.

Cedric Snotfinkel had a diminutive but rather fine cock! It was short and very slender - thinner even, than eight-year-old Dopey's willy. The chubby lad's surprisingly slim cock didn't bend off in any direction; it was almost completely straight, just curving upward very slightly like a miniature banana. The only visible blood vessel was a slender, blue artery that ran halfway up the shaft, before plunging into his penis's inner-depths. The nine-year-old was also blessed by a very long and succulent looking foreskin that Damien yearned to work his tongue under.

Sadly, though, Smyke assumed that the boy did not often get to admire his fine goodies as the boy's big fat-boy belly obscured his own view of his private treasure! But, Smyke's eyes had been opened! He suddenly realised how incredibly sexy a fat little boy could be! The belly wobbled deliciously as the boy rearranged his cock.

Damien Smyke felt his mouth dry with lust as he admired Cedric's penis. Very smooth, very hairless - throbbing frantically, hard and childish and incredibly excited. Then he noticed that the chubby chap had a modest, but splendid pair of low-hanging balls in a gloriously soft sack. Smyke could kill to nuzzle them -- fortunately as events developed, no one has to loose their life that day!

Equally happily, as there was no one around, Cedric could amuse himself by showing off, just a little, in front of the older lad!

By leaning backward slightly, he could piss without needing to hold his cock -- it was a very erotic sight indeed! There was not a lot of the amber liquid left in Cedric's bladder, as much had escaped in his shorts, and what little there was, shot out in uncomfortable jolts in all directions. It was impossible to direct the flow of urine through an erection, especially when you were not holding it.

"Fuckin' hell! Vat is so `ot, mate." Said Cedric's appreciative audience

Shaking the last drops from his hard cock, the tubby lad watched as Damien bent a little closer to his boy-cock and then he heard him sniff.

As with all lads with a very low self-esteem, Cedric Snotfinkel assumed the worst! Smyke didn't like his smell!

Cedric decide to come clean and he sadly confessed to his little hygiene problem: "Mine smells a bit funny, some times!" he said and wrinkled his button-nose.

"Hang on, me ol' china!" Damien said, remembering that he too, had once had the same personal hygiene issue to deal with. "I'll clean out yer ol' cheese factory for yer, but... but...err... yer gotta let me touch yer willy. Is vat okay wiv yer?"

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed then nodded his permission.

Smyke set to work professionally and placed two fingers and a thumb around Cedric's erection - he longed to start lovingly rubbing on it, but he decided to proceed slowly with the tubby beauty.

"Ah... Ah..." A sweet, high-pitched whimper echoed softly in the tiled room as the nine-year-old responded instantaneously with classic innocence -- as a mixture of surprise and pleasure raced throughout his body. He tried to pull in his little potbelly and the muscles of his body all grew taught. Even his wondrously wobbly big breast looked firmer and the expression on his adorable face was one of fear and wonder.

"Wow! Smashin' pair a tits yer got there!" Smyke said smiling up in adoration, then he added: "Feels good, don't it? And if yer think that feels good, yer stick wiv me, mate, yer ain't felt nothing yet!"

Smyke rather timidly retracted the longing foreskin, revealing a marble-sized glans. He leaned in a bit closer, his eyes were stinging a bit from the ripe smell emanating from the boyish sex organ.

"Ah... Ah..." the little lad yelped as Smyke made contact with his sensitive penis-head. With a few well-practised swipes of his forefinger, Smyke did his duty and displayed the outcome to the boy. Cedric was amazed to see a thick, white deposit of a crumbly substance coating the teenager's finger.

"There yer go! All done, mate!" So saying, Damien wiped the thick deposit off on his trusty anorak, adding to the coating of a variety of bodily functions he had smeared on it over the years.

Cedric, his cock head now cleansed of the smelly cheese, stood watching the wanking teenager next to him unsure what to do next.

That was when it happened!

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" A noisy brace of sneezes shattered the quiet of the men's room of St Giles.

With mounting horror Cedric Snotfinkel gazed at the ghastly thing he had done!

The Vicar had told him to come to the bathroom to blow his nose, but this pair of violent sneezes had dislodged the vast quantity of snot that he had been meaning to blow into toilet tissue. The entire disgusting blob had deposited itself on the hard pulsing four-inch length of Damien Smyke's cock!

"Oy! Blimey mate, watch were yer blasting yer snot!" said Smyke reacting more out of surprise, than anger.

"Oh! Flipping `eck!" Cedric gazed down in horror at the slimy green and yellow mucous that was now slithering down the length of Smyke's cock towards the wiry bush of pubic hair. "Yer g-g-gonna fink I'm j-j-just a d-d-dirty s-s-sod!" The boy stammered an apology, then he wiped his nose on the back of the sleeve of his anorak, as the tears started coursing down his fat little cheeks.

"Wow! Wicked!" Smyke called out. He was quite awe-struck and had not noticing how upset the boy was. "If in a couple of years, yer blast yer spunk off, same way yer blast off yer snot, we `ad better all stand clear!" He joked.

But Cedric failed to see the humour in the situation.

He had just met this really sexy older guy who was being really nice to him, and then he goes and spoils it all, by glazing his very pretty cock with snot!

Cedric could not control it any longer - he broke down, sobbing his nine-year-old heart out.

Damien Smyke started in shocked disbelief at the wobbling belly and heaving shoulder of the tubby lad next to him.

"There, there me ol' lad!" Said Smyke gently placing his arm around the little fellow's forearm. "What are yer bawling about? Who gives a toss anyway? It is only snot."

Cedric simply whimpered incoherently then manage to get out: "I'm a disgusting little yob! Yer been vat nice ta me and I bleedin' snot up yer nice willy."

"Cheer up, mate, it ain't vat bad..." Smyke struggled to know what to say - he had never tried to comfort a crying nine-year-old before, but then again, he had never had a great big gob of snot on his dick either.

"ATTCHOO! Yer gonna bleedin' kill me for this!"

"Says who?"

"You really make me feel all sexy an' good ... And I snot up yer cock! I'm a real first class toe-rag! It were fuckin' fantastic watching yer wanking off!" Cedric blurted out: "Why don't yer just beat me up and get done wiv it?"

"Wot? Me beat up a nice little bloke wiv ears like va FA Cup?" Even Cedric managed a snigger at this, through his tears. "But if it makes yer feel better, yer can do somefing for me."


"Yer can `elp me wank off."

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO! Are you being serious?" asked Cedric, the astonishment suddenly drying up the flow of tears.

"Nah, well I kinda guessed yer wouldn't want touch me nasty ol' cock. Sorry if I embarrassed yer by asking..." Smyke said glumly.

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO! Wot do yer me?" Cedric muttered with an impish grin, as he gradually calmed down. "I'd love to touch yer cock." Absentmindedly, his little fingers scoured the inside of his nose then placed the fat snotty deposit he dug out on the sleeve of his navy blue anorak.

"Bloody oath, mate!" Said Grumpy, seizing the moment before the lad changed his mind. "You're just as dirty as I am! Well, go on then..." Cedric hesitated, but Smyke urged him on: "come on then ... I really need one now!"

"Well we better clean up yer hairy dick first, like. Let's see it again!" Cedric blushes and looking around for some toilet paper, while Smyke pointed his cock towards the little lad.

"Well, I suppose you could do that," said Smyke thoughtfully, "but it seems a bit of a waste..."

"ATTCHOO! Wotcha mean?"

"Well I'll bet it makes one `eck of great lubricant!" And so saying Damien Smyke plunged his hand down to his cock and rubbed the slimy mess over the length of this cock, pausing to polish a good load of snot into the throbbing head and his yawning piss-slit.

"Cor! Wicked!" said Cedric Snotfinkel, suddenly understanding that he had finally met a lad as nasty and dirty-minded as he was!



There was no other word for it - it was blackmail!

Richard Flaunting-Flasher was astonished to find that he had even bothered to respond to the Vicar's insidious threats.

He had been sitting at home, minding his own business, when the call came in -- "Richard," the Vicar had said, "the Choir is in trouble and we need some help. Now, you have a very fine baritone and I think you would enjoy its. A couple of your little friends are in the choir including Damien Smyke and he knows how to have fun, don't you agree?"

Now Richard Flaunting-Flasher was a boy with deep problems and one problem he did not need was further exposure to Damien Smyke, Osbert Prim, Peter Pratt, Lon Yang and Snowy Whyte and the kind of perverted sexual activity that they called FUN!

"Oh, by the way, the choir always has a camp outing once a year in the final week of the summer vacation, if your sign up now, you can join in the fun." The Reverend Prim had added as if that sealed the matter. "I am sure that will be a lot better than staying at home in the military barracks." Now the thought of Smyke and his friends in the Choir was one thing, but the thought of Smyke and company, let lose on a group of unsuspecting boys on a camping trip was quiet another.

It was disgusting!

It was immoral!

It was almost entirely irresistible!

While his conscience disapproved, his rather awesome penis took a different view on the matter, and so it was on that fateful Thursday, that Richard Flaunting-Flasher arrived at St Giles for his first choir practice!

Besides, he thought, it couldn't be bad getting away on Thursdays, Sundays and an entire week, from his father and his barked commands - "Sit up straight! Stand to attention when you speak to me! Get a haircut! Pull that slack bottom of yours in - you are a disgrace to the family name."

As he made his way though the vestry area, he heard an extraordinary thing: a young, obviously gifted, boy soprano was running though his scales:

"Ah... Ah... Ahhhhhhhh!" The talented lad hit a perfect high note.

Now this was, in itself, not surprising. What was surprising was that the singing came from inside the men's lavatory!

Unfamiliar, as yet, with choir procedures, Dick Flaunting-Flasher assumed that they must rehearse in the toilet for acoustic reasons and he deduced that he had found the rehearsal room. He pressed open the solid oak door and entered.

It would take Flaunting-Flasher a long, long time to recover from the sight that greeted him.

Damien Smyke was on his knees and a rather tubby, little boy stood with his trousers around his ankles, his naked, rather-podgy bottom confronting Richard. On the front of the little boy's navy-blue, anorak were the unmistakable shiny trails of a big wad of thick, slimy spunk that Smyke must had just deposited there.

Smyke had his eyes closed in ecstasy, while the little lad's pencil-thin cock pointed at his face.

Smyke's tongue was there to greet it immediately, welcoming it with warm, loving caresses from his slippery tongue. It was so hard that it was easy for Grumpy to feel the tiny ridges of his piss-slit, like tiny quivering lips, awaiting a kiss. Glistening on those sweet lips were a few droplets of his precious, nine-year-old urine. Smyke cherished each drop, carefully directing them around on his taste buds.

Whether the boy was ready for it or not, Grumpy let his hand slip down to gently pet his hairless testicles and as he let his mouth descend towards his hard, slender shaft, almost consuming the entire young organ before the head pressed at his throat.

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhh!" The nine-year-old was so thrilled and yet so frightened by his deed that Grumpy knew the greatest risk was that someone would pass by outside, hear his pathetic - yet musical -squealing, open the door and see what was going on. But Grumpy couldn't let that detract him from the task at hand - Smyke had a delicate, nine-year-old erection buried in his mouth to the root and he had to do his best to make it an amazing experience for the boy. Besides, if the truth was known, Smyke didn't think either he or Cedric could wait until they could go to some more private place for their bit of fun.

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhh... Ahhhh!" The tubby boy's very artistic practice of the tonal-scales proved that he was clearly bursting from pleasure. His small willy was a remarkable size and shape and was so hard and throbbing that it made sucking on it as pleasurable for the sucker as it was for the sucked!

He groaned in delightedly -- evidently sucking on Cedric's penis was one of Grumpy's the most enjoyable experiences to date. Grumpy let the penis head slip from his lips, ran his tongue tenaciously up the smooth, silky shaft, slid the foreskin carefully over his glans with his lips, then quickly slid his tongue back down the length of the two-inch cock.

Dick Flaunting-Flasher watched Grumpy worshipping the perfectly smooth, baby-soft body and saw the little lad's wobbly-bottom spasm again and again in response to that Grumpy did to him. Smyke's knuckles were white, his thin forearms were knotted with long ripples of muscle, as they gripped the chubby boy's bottom.

Cedric's loveable face, was the quintessential mask of a boy experiencing his first orgasm, his face registered terror, anxiety, shame, desire, gratification, wonderment and awe all at the same time.

"Ah... Ah... Ahh... Ahhh... Ahhhh!" His saucer-like eyes locked on the bristly top of Smyke's newly acquired, Mohican hairstyle, Cedric's mouth hung open, sounding-off with boyish cries and gasps.

The little boys' floppy-abdomen, was clearly no miniature washboard - it did not showing hard well-muscled ripples, rather the soft, gentle ripples of a healthy chubby-boy. His belly was like soft white pillow that Smyke buried his face into, pausing only from time to time, to surface for a breath of air before plunging into its velvety warmth, once more.

Cedric started grunting so abruptly that it took Dick Flaunting-Flasher a moment to realise that the sacred moment had arrived and the boy was losing his childhood. At that precise moment, his tubby-body stiffened as his high pitched voice echoed in the confined room.

"Ah... Ah... Ahhhh... Ahhhhhhhh!" Smyke's child-protege hit a perfect top C as quick, convulsive jolts passed through his body.

Even though he was incapable of ejaculating, the poor boy continued to jerk from his orgasm as Grumpy kept rubbing his tongue along the swollen head of his penis.

"Oh... err..." Flaunting-Flasher exclaimed from his post at the doorway. Involuntarily he reached down and palmed the apple-sized cockhead of his hard dick where it threatened to burn a hole though his jeans. He squeezed it with his big hand, let it go and then reaching further down, he cupped his large balls, which when taken together were the size of a tennis-ball.

Even as his passion finally began to ease and his ravaged chubby-body finally regained control the chubby lad's attention was attracted by Dick's moan.

Their eyes met in shocked surprise.

"ATTCHOO!" The added shock of being caught out, caused Cedric's to let rip with another sound-barrier-shattering sneeze.

Grumpy scarcely paid any attention, focusing all of his attention on the thin, sweet penis that was softening in his mouth.

"Oy!" Said Cedric tremulously, "we've b-b-been n-n-nicked, m-m-mate!"

Smyke released the boys cock and swung round to confront the intruder.

"Well, well, well!" Smyke grinned, "`ello, Sleepy, me ol' mate. Do yer want ta `ave a go wiv va little lad, next?" He offered in what he thought was a generous gesture.

"You are really, really disgusting!" Richard Flaunting-Flasher spat out and he stalked out of the lavatory as fast as his uncomfortably hard cock would allow.

"Barking!" Smyke informed little Cedric. "Absolutely bloomin' barking mad, is wot `e is!"

Richard Flaunting-Flasher slammed the solid oak door firmly behind him.


There was a delighted murmur of approval when Reverend Prim, hobbling on the arm of, Reverend Babosanjo, his young Nigerian stand-in, made his way into the St Giles parish church on Sunday morning.

"Oh they make a lovely couple," said Damien Smyke in a whisper to his compatriots in the choir.

"Don't be disgusting!" Richard Flaunting-Flasher, the latest addition to the St. Giles-choir, said.

"Do they also go at it like bunnies?" asked Cedric Snotfinkel innocently.

"Well really!" Flaunting-Flasher snorted indignantly. "Besides, the Vicar has taken a vow of chastity."

"Oh, I see..." Said the chubby little chap, but, in truth, he did not see at all. Having just discovered new uses for some parts of his anatomy, he could not understand why people were not all "going at it like bunnies", all the time.

"Shut up now, will yer, they are about to start." Said Grumpy, sounding very bossy indeed.

The Choirmaster had come down with a recurrence of his Malaria, acquired during his period as a missionary, and his sister, the organist, had taken the day off to care for him, leaving the Choir under the dubious stewardship of Damien Smyke.

However, the Service proved to be pretty remarkable success, all things considered.

Smyke had put together a program of easy-to-sing-along Negro spirituals and, without the wheezing accompaniment of the old organ, the newly renewed choir, and even the ageing congregation, seemed to be having fun, for a change.

There were three notable exceptions to the rule!

They sat together like something out of the first act of Macbeth: Mrs. Chrysanthemum Whyte; Mrs Poppy Baker, the Vicar's housekeeper; and Hyacinth Snodgrass, the social worker, sat clucking their disapproval about every aspect of the service.

"When shall we three meet again?" whispered Mrs Baker after the opening anthem.

"Tuesday next, I think," said Miss Snodgrass, "Lady Beth, a very dear school friend of mine, has just opened this rather nice tea-room called the "Thunder Lightning & Rain" on Heath Street."

Having sorted out their social calendar, the three friends fell silent until after the scripture reading.

"Black as the ace of spades!" said Mrs. Chrysanthemum Whyte in a low whisper, underlining the obvious. The jet-black and rather handsome, Reverend Babosanjo had just delivered a very fine scripture reading.

Now Mrs. White did not think of herself as a bigot. On the contrary it was only blacks, foreigners, homosexuals and Labour Party voters, that she disliked.

"You would have thought a Parish in Royal Windsor would have deserved better," she was very offended and let her two companions know about it.

"A bad lot the three of them," said Mrs Baker, nodding at three figures clustered in the centre of the choir formation. "That Richard Flaunting-Flasher takes after his Jail-bird grandfather, don't you know! And I know for a fact he too, is involved in all sorts of unnatural sexual practices. Your dear Pricilla had a narrow escape, may dear Chrysanthemum."

They waited until after the following hymn before they turned their kind attention to the rest of the friends.

"I cannot tell you the sort of trouble that Smyke has given me over the years..." said Miss Hyacinth Snodgrass.

"And look at him now -- leader of the choir! It is unhealthy, I tell you." Said the Vicar's housekeeper, who shared her view of the Smyke.

"And, he is not the only criminal in the choir..." Said the social worker. "That fat little boy in the middle, well I could tell you a few things about him."

"I wish you would tell the Vicar," sighed Mrs. Baker, "he is always around the Vicarage."

"A bad lot!" Clucked Hyacinth Snodgrass, disapprovingly. Completely ignoring the scriptural message about Christian charity, that Reverend Babosanjo had delivered from the lectern, she continued her judgement on the chubby lad: "Mother is as common as muck. She is a barmaid at the Admiral's Bum Boy."

"I have had my doubts about him." Said Poppy Baker, screwing up her eyes and peering at the cherubic boy.

"Well, you had best keep and eye on the silver! He has very long fingers..."

"I knew it!" Whooped Mrs. Baker in triumph. "Things have been missing from the vicarage ever since he has taken to hanging around the Vicar." She would have him out of her house and out of her life!

It was shortly after the second hymn that Poppy Baker turned to the second Mrs. Whyte and spoke: "A very moving interview you gave to the newspapers, Mrs Whyte." Said patting the woman's forearm with a gloved hand. Mrs Baker had terrible trouble dealing with her guilty secret --after all, she knew where Snowy Whyte was hiding, and she was being forced to keep this knowledge from her dear friend.

Mrs Whyte said nothing but during the closing hymn she whispered to the social worker "You must be ever so brave dealing with the criminal classes every day, my dear Miss Snodgrass."

"Not brave. Just sensible, dear." Whispered the redoubtable social worker. "I have my protection."

"Oh and what is that?" Asked Mrs Whyte, curiously.

"Oh this!" Said Miss Snodgrass, proudly brandishing a rather battered, but oddly heavy-looking folding-umbrella.

"An umbrella? That can't be much use against the likes of Damien Smyke."

"Not just an umbrella, my dears, this one has been adapted. I know this fellow who has altered it for me. He built in the parts of a cattle-prod and it has proved very effective -- can knock a teenager out cold and I suspect it could even kill one as young as that fat Cedric Snotfinkel."

A bell rang loudly and clearly in Mrs. Whyte's mind. This was the sign she had been waiting for - the words of the world famous psychic came back to her, This must have been what the spirits meant her to do!

"How very interesting," said Mrs. Whyte, " you wouldn't perhaps let me have his address, would you?"


It had been a comparatively quiet day for Felix Jollybottom at the Gentlemen's Public Lavatory under the Parade in Windsor.

Early in the morning a busload of Japanese tourists had stopped by to make use of the facilities, then, it had been deserted until around 11 am, when Willy Bobbin, the ugly, young clerk from Blob's Bank had taken up his regular pitch in down in cubical 12.

Bobbin spent most of his break periods `Cottaging' here in the Gent's under the Parade - wanking away vigorously at his cock hoping to get his hands on another cock to service. He had remained in cubical 12 for a full hour, during which time he had sucked off two builders from the neighbouring building site. The good things about the pimply youth was that he always did a good job of sucking up every single drop and then, considerately, deposited his own load in the porcelain bowl and flushed it away. This saved Felix from having to clean up a cum-stained, floor, wall and door in the cubicle.

Felix Jollybottom had, therefore, found the time to polished up all the Victorian fittings, until he could see his face smiling back at him, and mopped up the floor until it shone brightly. The Gents' under the Parade had won several awards as the best kept lavatory in the county, and Felix was well on his way to a further award.

Felix was just regaining his breath, and he stood, resting his chin on the tip of his mop, when THEY arrived.

Based upon Jollybottom's considerable experience, the latter days of the school holidays, were good times to encounter young teenager boys visiting the lavatories. In his expert opinion, as holidays wore on, boredom set in; boredom often tended to turn boys' minds to masturbation; and masturbation and often turned boys'minds to casual sex; and casual sex often lured school boys into public lavatories!

But these two boys were young -- much too young to be actively seeking it - surely?

They were dressed very oddly!

They both wore anoraks that were several sizes too big for them; baseball caps pulled down so low on the heads that their ears bent over; and dark glasses. In fact, Felix Jollybottom was almost tempted to believe that he was being visited -- in secret - by two of those pre-teen pop idols, dressed incognito, to avoid the fervent attention of fans.

Now, the contrast between the sunny parade and the dimness of the Gents was blinding at best -- add dark glasses to that and the lads were blind as bats! The two lads took the cue from each other and proceeded to bounce off of everything in sight -- buzzing around like crazed Dodgem-cars, they collided with the walls, the hand-basins and each other - each collision causing a high pitched explosion of boyish laughter.

After several years of working as an attendant at the Parade Gents', it never failed to amaze Felix Jollybottom that wearing a dark-blue overall made him entirely invisible! It seemed as if an overall-clad worker was, like the wall-tiles, not there to be noticed by the public!

These two little lads were no different! They failed entirely to notice the twenty-two-year-old attendant with his flame-red hair, who stood, resting his chin on the handle of his mop, as he watched their boyish antics. In fairness, Felix Jollybottom had to admit that the dark-glasses on the comical pair made it very difficult for them to see much, anyway!

"Oy! Snowy, watch this! Watch this, Snowy..." called the littlest of the two as he pirouetted around the freshly polished floor.

"Pip," called the older of the two, rather sharply, "you are not supposed to call me that!"

"Oops! Sorry, Snowy, mate." Said the five-year-old, compounding the felony, but sounding irresistibly cute while he did so.

Even if the wee lad had not let the unusual name of his slightly older companion slip, Felix Jollybottom would have known who they were straight away!

Felix moon-lighted as a courier and he recalled setting off on a fine summer's Saturday morning to cycle to a place with the unlikely name of "Once-upon-a-time" in Columbine Dell in Windsor Great Park -- in his satchel he carried a small parcel addressed to a Mrs. Whyte. The thin-lipped woman proved to be dangerously mad and she had ended up blackmailing his mate, Percy Pratt, to harm a boy - the very same little blond boy, who was now in the toilets with his little friend!

Felix had been that concerned that he had later re-visited the house and actually spoke to the blond beauty, warning him to take care! The boy was gorgeous!

He remembered how hard his cock had been in his beloved body-hugging, spandex cycling-outfit, as he cycled back towards Windsor.

But how could it be? Snowy Whyte was missing and Percy Pratt was the prime suspect. He too, was missing and so was his entire family. Yet, unless he was very much mistaken, here were both Snowy Whyte and one of Percy's little lads in his Public convenience buzzing around like lunatic hornets on speed!

Then the game was interrupted. The tiny lad froze on the spot, his body stiffening and his hand flying to squeeze his bottom-cheeks together.

"Snowy! Snowy!" he yapped anxiously.

The blond beauty stopped and raised his sunglasses, revealing those lovely eyes, which still haunted Felix's dreams.

"What the matter, Pip?" he asked in genuine concern.

"I think I have to go poop now."

"Just hold it in a few more seconds," Snowy said, as he put his arm around the little lad's shoulders and manoeuvred him rapidly towards the first available open cubical. Pip valiantly tried to hold in his poop. He walked stiff-legged, but a sudden cramp, forced him to let out a groan.

"Ohhhh! I really have to go," he cried. "It's my poop... it's trying to come out!" wailed the five-year-old on the verge of tears, as the offending stool tried to escape his tiny clenched anus.

"Here we are, get in there and do your poop..." said Snowy sensitively.

His day had turned into a nightmare, thought Snowy Whyte, as he steered the little boy into the cubical and pulled down his pants briskly.

Pip had woken with bad toothache. A medical emergency was NOT one of the things they had planned for while concocting their elaborate scheme to hide out in the woods. The boy was crying in pain and he needed immediate attention. Doc had left before breakfast for a meeting in Reading and was unaware of the problem. The Vicar was still too ill to drive out to the laboratory to pick up the ailing child and take him to the dentist. Both Dopey and Patrick looked too suspiciously like their younger sibling, and this would draw attention to them and, to be honest, were simply too unreliable to be trusted on a mission into town. And so it was down to Snowy. He had arranged an emergency appointment at the dentist; disguised themselves in anoraks and sun glasses, and took the bus to town. Things had gone well until, on their way back to the bus station, Pip had announced an urgent need to go to the lavatory and with little-boy determination there was no option but to make the detour to this, the nearest public convenience.

"Ohhh..." The littlest boy sobbed. "Its too late! I am pooping in me pants, just like a baby!" He wailed. Poor little Pip was humiliated. "Big boys of five don't do it in their pants no more --mummy said so!"

"OK, Pip, get on the toilet." Luckily, Pip made it on to the seat before the soft, watery poop burst out, with a rush of foetid air. Pip thought that it felt nasty and weird and nice, all at the same time, as it splattered noisily into the bowl.

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" Snowy exclaimed, pinching his nose between thumb and finger as a joke, "Pip, your poop stinks sooo bad, I think it will kill me!".

The little boy squealed his appreciation.

"I'll be right out here waiting for you, Pip," he said as he drew the door shut from the outside.


With trembling legs Felix Jollybottom walked back to the small room that he called his office and put on the ancient kettle to make a good strong cuppa! He needed the solace only tea could give an English lad.

He had been an only child, and had always longed to have a little brother. Many a night he lay in his narrow bed masturbating while he was dreamed of an imaginary little brother. He dreamt of even having to help him the basic things - even unpleasant things, like going to the loo with him, perhaps even having to wipe his little bottom!

The gentlemen's lavatory under the Parade was indeed, not just a place where people came to perform disgusting bodily functions - it was also a place filled with secrets. And some of those were the dirty, peculiar yearnings of Felix Jollybottom himself!

He stood for some time steadying himself at the table listening to the kettle whistling, then switching itself off. Then he returned to the present and made a resolution.

"Well bugger it!" said Felix the slightest trace of a frown creasing his normally happy face. "Va older lad is only eleven and va little guy has pooped in `is pants and they need `elp."

The scene being played-out before him, here in his own domain, was precisely what he had dreamed of doing! It had shaken him deeply!

By the time he left the office, Snowy was waiting outside Pip's cubical. Felix Jollybottom's heart skipped a beat when he saw that the eleven-year-old had his eye fixed to the tiny hole in the wooden door, conveniently at cock level.

Now, as any lavatory attendant will tell you, peepholes were useful in spotting where drunks and junkies had passed out, and a total lack of locks on the doors helped one getting them out. At the Parade, however, some of the holes in the doors were even conveniently large enough for man to push his entire cock through! These features had proved to be convenient, popular and very useful for voyeurs and horny lads, looking for bit of action!

While Snowy could see, and indeed play with, Pip's penis anytime of the day, there was something deliciously naughty about sneaking a peek at the tiny member, while the lad was sitting on the loo.

"Are you still there?" Pip asked nervously.

"Yes Pip, I'm not going anywhere till you are all finished."

Looking up Snowy saw the redheaded attendant approaching him. There was something very familiar about the man, who seemed to be in his twenties, but Snowy could just not place him.

The man was smiling very agreeably and Snowy beamed back at him.

Then the man bent close to Snowy's ear and whispered: "Is everything all right, wiv the little lad, then?"

"Oh yes," Snowy murmured back, "but I think he pooped in his undies and I don't think he can wear them home." So saying, Snowy peeked though the hole again. "I think he is about done..."

"If yer needs some `elp, I got me a face flannel and warm water back in me office." Felix suggested tentatively.

"Oh! Yes please! That will be a big help. I don't know what to do with a boy covered in poop!" Snowy said in a breathless way that Felix found unbearably erotic.

"Umm... Mind if a have a little peek?" asked the man, breathless with anticipation and expecting rejection of his suggestion.

"Be my guest!" Muttered Snowy, with a wicked, knowing twinkle in his eye.

Felix Jollybottom could not believe his luck! He knelt on the ground in front of the door and pressed his eye to the small hole.

The little boy sat on the loo, his legs dangling, unable to reach the floor. He had drawn up his T-shirt and anorak, unwittingly showing off his belly to the enthusiastic onlooker. The lad's puppy fat made him irresistibly cuddly. Below his rather tubby belly, the v-shape of his pubic region was decorated by a very cute, set of tiny sexual organs! Pip Pratt was as neatly circumcised as his Dad.

"Fuckin' `hell! `e is so cute! " Groaned Felix, feeling his cock throb into life in his overalls!

"Who is there?" Asked Pip a little nervously, thinking he had detected an unfamiliar voice.

"It is nothing Pip! Don't worry!" said Snowy, covering-up for the friendly man He pressed his finger to his lips suggesting the man to control his ardent outbreak.

"I think I'm done," Pip said to Snowy. Little Pip was utterly relieved to have let it all go. It had taken a several bursts before he felt cleaned out.

"Well stay there for a bit longer and see if there is any more in there." Somehow Snowy enjoyed the close proximity of the big man and he didn't want this naughty game to end too quickly. Smiling, Snowy gestured the attendant-man to bend lower, so that he could speak very softly into his ear.

"Do you like...?" Snowy whispered. The lad's breath on his ear gave the man gooseflesh and he quivered with pleasure.

"He's a beauty, all right!" gasped Felix. It seemed totally improbable - but here he was, sharing his deepest lusts and desires with an eleven-year-old, who appeared to be as much interested in boys' cocks as he was.

"Take a good look," Snowy whispered back in his ear in a self-satisfied manner. "Do you think his pee-pee is stiff?"

Felix pressed his eye to the hole once more and closely examined the boy's organ. His little boy's scrotum revealed no sign of the two very small testicles held within -- it was a smooth rounded-shape not unlike a flesh-coloured plum. And yes, indeed, the cock was pointing straight at him but it was difficult from this angle to see if it was hard or not. Felix longed to stroke the tiny pink glans and probe the tiny pee slit at the pinnacle with the tip of his pink tongue.

"Oh my!" Felix exclaimed and he had to squeeze his cock reassuringly - this did not go unnoticed by Snowy, who winked back at the man.

"Snowy? Snowy? Who is there with you?" asked Pip, now certain he had heard voices.

"It is just the man who runs the toilet. He is going to help us clean you up. Is that alright, Pip?" Snowy asked apprehensively.

"Is he nice?"

"Yes, he seems very nice." Pip evaluated this information for few minutes.

"Okay then!"

Snowy Whyte opened the door.

The half-naked lad balanced precariously on the loo, as his diminutive bottom was far too small for the adult-sized seat on white bowl. Pip beamed up at the man with his carrot-top-red-hair. Pip still wore his sunglasses, which made him look like a minute agent on a secret mission -- which was, more or less, what he was.

Felix groaned in pleasure! It took all of his energy to prevent him sinking to his knees and run the tip of his tongue along the sponginess of the baby urethra that ran under the soft skin of boy's exquisite miniature pee-pee.

"Alright, Mr Man?" enquired Pip grinning beneath his shades. "Look `ere mister..." He said pointing at the large gap where one of his front teeth had recently been extracted.

"He had it pulled at the dentists," Snowy explained "and he was ever so brave." Pip grinned very self-satisfied. "Now Pip, why don't you take your underwear off, all together." Snowy suggested. "It'll make it easier to clean you up and I don't think you can were those again, if they have poop in them."

"Really?" Pip squealed, wide-eyed. "Mummy says that I must never go anywhere without underpants!" Then he told Felix conspiratorially: "It makes me feel all sexy all the time when I `ave no undies on."

"Well mummies don't `ave willies - do they?" Said Felix and this made both boys snigger merrily. "So wot do they know anyway?"

Before Pip could do anything about it Felix promptly grasped the sides of the five-year-old lad's jeans and swept them off. Then he grabbed his little Pokemon underpants and Snowy caught sight of a small, but glutinous, deposit of honey-brown in on the boy's underpants, as Felix yanked them off. The unmistakable smell of little-boy shit filled the air

"I'll just take these manky things to va office to get rid of `em." For some inexplicable reason there was something about the way that Felix Jollybottom blushed red, under his freckles, when he said this, that made Snowy suspect he would not be throwing the underwear away! "I `ave some water back there I will bring back a warm flannel to wash yer bum for ya, lad."

With no complaints and no trace of embarrassment, Pip sat on the loo like a little prince, his exquisite, one-inch erection, at full mast, jutted out from his lower belly! It was still like that when Felix returned with a roll of loo-paper and a warm face flannel.

"Are ya goin' to wipe me arse'ole!" The little boy's rude words perplexed Felix. His head was swimming and his knees felt watery, once more.

Pip made no motion to resist, as Felix lifted him up and then slowly lowered him into a standing position on the tiled floor. Pip was now entirely naked below the waist and both Snowy and Felix smelt the acrid sent of his unwiped bottom!

Bizarrely, although it was the smell of shit that filled the air - it was little-boy shit and this, Felix found, made him very excited!

Snowy heard Felix breathing more heavily, as he gently turned the boy around until his buttocks faced them - Pip Pratt's bum was very brown, and very dirty indeed. Even, more tentatively, he spread Pip's legs until he was in a comfortable position, and his bum-cheeks were well parted.

Taking a wad of toilet tissue in hand, and he ran it over the smooth mounds of the boy's bottom. Felix felt the wee lad quiver under his hands, at the first touch of his hands on his buttocks. The young man's first reaction was an overwhelming desire to wretch, as his fingertips felt the paper removing the boy's waste - but this queasiness was quickly vanquished by his mounting excitement.

Cleared of the thickest layer of poop, the soft, pink-cheeks looked wonderful! Felix parted them and slid a fresh wad of tissue around the outside of Pip's anus.

Felix found his heart had started beating faster -- it was almost as if he was caught up in one of his dirtiest wet dreams. An immense struggle was taking place inside Felix Jollybottom -- one part of him knew he was living his darkest dreams; yet another part of him was warning he was committing the worst of crimes!

The man's hands slowly wrapped around and started caressing the inside of his diminutive thighs then he set to work with a further wad of tissue. Pip's faeces seemed to melt off of his bum onto the tissue as he ran slow, light circles around his arsehole. Soon his pert bum cheeks were looking pink and clean once more.

A further wad of tissue cleared all the remaining excrement from his baby arsehole. Felix could see his tiny hole now, brownish-pink in colour, and unbelievably desirable.

"Oh Jesus!" Felix muttered under his breath as he felt his cock burst under his overalls! It was not was not a proper cum, for he not touched himself and he still felt an overwhelming desire to shed a huge messy load on the boy's smooth bottom. Yet he was unmistakably wet under his overall. The lust was definitely getting the upper hand -- something dirty inside him, told him to kiss the boy's bum and to lick his musty shit-hole!

Then some primitive desire took over, and Felix Jollybottom set to work on the boy's now clean bum with his naked fingers. Pip felt the man's fingertips flick over his little hole, caressing his tight sphincter

"Hmmm... that's feels nice, mister man." Little Pip Pratt let out a loud moan of delight. Pip would have ever thought that having his bottom wiped could be so quiet so enjoyable?

Snowy looked down at Pip's angelic face staring straight up at him glassy-eyed, and blissfully happy. Then the little boy drew Felix's free hand towards his penis and balls. The man's hand commenced caressing and squeezing his little organ.

Snowy and Felix leaned in closer, looking at the five-year-old and staring down at his genitals. Pip put his arms around Snowy's neck and sighed happily as Felix fondled him.

His exposed pink knob begged to be licked -- the struggle in Felix's conscience reached a climax of sorts!

"Err..." Felix stammered. His throat was dry and he had difficulty in speaking. "Err... would one of yer like a cup of tea? I have just boiled the kettle."


Fully dressed and more than a little disappointed both Snowy and Pip sat side by side in the small room that was Felix Jollybottom's office. The ancient kettle was boiling away and he was about to brew a good strong cup of tea for the three of them!

The man's hands were trembling a great deal. The two lads were very grumpy indeed and ignored all of Felix's attempts to draw them into a strained conversation.

Pip felt very cheated and Snowy's cock was screaming for sex! Judging by the big bulge under the man's overall, there was no doubt that he was equally excited. So why was he being so mean?

"Do I know you?" asked Snowy after a while.

"Yeah I wondered `ow long it would take yer to work it out. I was at yer `ouse one Sunday, ya was on yer way to Church and I spoke to yer."

"Oh! Now I remember... " Said Snowy, slapping his forehead. " you were warning me..."

"Yep! It seems like I woz right... don't it?" Felix smiled very sweetly at the handsome blond boy.

"Yes!" said Snowy thoughtfully, if only he had taken the happy red-hair fellow more seriously. Even Grumpy was worried about him. And now here he was, sneaking about in disguise, and living away from home and worst of all he had not seen, nor heard, from his dad. It was all enough to get a lesser character into a gigantic low. "But you look a lot more sexy in your cycling outfit than the overall!" said Snowy his playful smile returning to his pert face.

"Who are you?" asked Pip of the carrot top man.

"Well I'm Felix Jollybottom, mate," he extended his hand to shake both boys' hands.

"An' you me young fella," Felix said to Pip, "I'm guessing you is one o' me ol' mates, Percy Pratt's lad's. Ain't ya?"

"You know my daddy, Mr Jollybottom?" asked Pip his tiny face lighting up like a Christmas tree, and showing off his gap toothed grin.

"Course I does. `e was always in `ere for a cuppa tea...and wot ever..." Snowy looked at him sharply and then recalled the photograph of Percy Pratt having his cock sucked off -- could it be that it had been taken here?

"I miss me daddy, Mr Jollybottom." Said Pip his face looking as if he were about to cry.

At that moment there was a sharp rapping on the glass door of the little room that Felix called his office. This startled the assembled group, each of whom was tied up with their own guilty thoughts.

Grateful for something to break the tension in the room, Felix leapt up to open the door. There was a fat little boy standing in the doorway.

"ATTCHOO!" A noisy sneeze emitted from the chubby lad.

"Alright mate?" Asked Felix very pleasantly.

"Well... err... " The tubby lad stammered. "ATTCHOO! Er... is this va right place?"

"Yes mate, is this wot place?" Felix tried to coax it out of him. Cedric noticed the two younger lads behind the man and took courage.

"Well the place were lads come ... err for... IT!" The conversation was not going very well at all.

"Are yer feeling all right, mate?"

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO! Well me mate in the choir said..." Cedric was clearly getting nervous.

"Sorry mate this is this is a bog, not a church." Felix thought he was being helpful.

"Err is that the St Giles Church choir?" Interjected Snowy, who had the beginnings of an idea of what was going on.

"ATTCHOO! Err... yeah..." Cedric blushed as he looked into the eyes of the exceptionally handsome blond boy.

"And your friend in the Choir, he wouldn't be Damien Smyke, would he?"

"ATTCHOO! Err... yeah, `e is actually..."

"Bless you!" Said Snowy politely before continuing. "Well then, knowing Grumpy, I can guess what he told you that you could get here..."

"Why do yer call Damien, grumpy? `e was vat nice to me!" Cedric asked but more to deflect attention from his look of utter mortification. His plump round cheeks turned bright scarlet and he lowered his eyes in shame.

"Its his nickname, actually." Snowy told him - but with a bad-tempered look at the red haired man in the overall he continued: "and I am sorry to tell you that this man here didn't want too do any of the fun stuff with us!"

"Yeah?" said Cedric snapping his eyes sharply to the older guy, "why va `ell not?"

"Well Pip and I here were both keen and he told us to have cup of tea instead. I think that is very mean really. Don't you"

"Blimey!" Cedric could not believe he was having this conversation with the blond lad. Could he and the little lad really do sexy stuff like Damien Smyke had shown him? He could not believe his luck. "So is this one of them `shipping' places?"

"'Shipping' places?" They all looked at the tubby boy blankly.

"Yeah, Damien like told me there are these places were lads go looking for a wank wiv another lad and, like, they call it `shipping'."

"I think you mean `cruising,'" said Felix reluctantly.

"ATTCHOO! Yeah that's right cruising. Well I can't wait till next Thursday for wank wiv Damien so I, like, thought is. I'd come `ere and see wot's up." His eyes narrowed, as he looked very hard at Felix Jollybottom. "So if this is one of `em `cruising' places, way won't yer play wiv these lads"

"Well I fink `e is a proper spoilsport!" Squeaked Pip "'e did not want to rub me pee-pee when I put `is hand on it."

"ATTCHOO! Cor vat is real mean." Said Cedric clucking his tongue in disapproval, "did `e at least let ya see `is willy?" he asked enthusiastically looking Felix up and down.

Now, Cedric might have embarrassed by the conversation, Felix Jollybottom, however, was convinced he had died and gone to hell and was now being punished for unnamed but terrible crimes!

He looked at the three lads who were clearly getting on as if they had known each other for years -- as young boys tend to do- and they were ganging up against him. Ignoring the unmade tea, he turned and fled, calling to the lads over his shoulder as he went:

"Sorry lads, but I gotta go to va loo... I'll be back later. Alright?" He fled to the comfort and protection of a cubicle.


Felix Jollybottom had taken off his overall and torn off his underwear. He sat in the same cubical and on the same seat that Pip had occupied shortly before. Now, one of Felix Jollybottom`s dirty little secrets, was going into a loo cubical after a boy had occupied it, then sitting on the seat and soaking up the warmth of the boys bum, while he wanked off and fantasised about the lad in question.

Today, however, his mind was in turmoil! A myriad of impressions were vying for his attention and percolating through his boiling brain. Jollybottom did not consider himself a virgin - he had, after all, had oral sex with a few men here in the Parade Gents'; he had also engaged in a few a few mutual wanks with lads in their late teens! But never -- never in his life, had he come across boys so young, who openly made their desires so clear.

On offer was what he had longed for all his life! Now that it beckoned, he ran away like a frightened rabbit -- frightened of the lust that burned within him!

Felix looked down at his throbbing hard cock. It was big, but not massive - it must have been about eight inches long and almost two inches thick, with a big, low-hanging ball sack. But it did have particularly impressive knob at the end. In his younger years his mates had tease him about it, calling it "Jolly's club". Around these lower regions, he had red orange hair and very pale skin -- he often thought it was odd that the freckles, that almost entirely covered his face, arms and shoulders, almost entirely disappeared about his thighs, cock and bum.

It was his mother that had given him his red hair, and when she had still been alive, he had been a nice looking kid. But now in his twenties he was a nicely built, but plain lad. It was his red hair and his freckles that stood out, on those parts not normally covered by clothing. He sat completely naked, except for his shoes and socks, a bright red T-shirt with a lurid yellow smiley-face in the centre of his chest, with his overall around his ankles, stroking his large cock, still slimy from his earlier spontaneous discharge.

On the other side of the closed door, Snowy just couldn't tear his eyes away from the wondrous sight!

The ringleader, Snowy, and the other lads had crept silently out of the tiny room that Felix called his office and took turns peaking through the hole at the red-haired man on the loo, each in turn gawking at his amazingly interesting dick!

Snowy had taken out his rock-hard, three-inch cock. He fondled his foreskin nipple and began gently stroking it methodically up and down over the entire length of his glans, matching his strokes with those of Felix, who sat unwittingly, tossing himself off. Cedric's eyes widened -- he had hit the jackpot -- the blond lad and his little mate were as sexy as he was!

The man's red hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat, and the bright red T-shirt clung to his body, revealing his chiselled chest muscles and hard nipples. His green eyes seemed hypnotised - gazing sightlessly in front of him.

"Co! What a big pee-pee!" Pip mumbled, in praise of the huge cock that he observed when it was his turn to peek through the hole. Felix Jollybottom was playing with the thickest cock Pip had ever seen and it had a real gob-stopper head!

Pip looked straight at Mr. Jollybottom and saw his hand massaging his giant fuck-tool and enjoying the sensations of the slick, spermy-mess he was using to lubricate his throbbing cock. Even little Pip could tell Mr. Jollybottom was doing a good job, because the man was letting out regular moans and grunts of pleasure.

Next, the rather tubby little boy took his place at the hole and peeked at the man! Snowy now had a chance to admire Cedric's rather-podgy bottom. He noticed that on the front of the little boy's navy-blue, anorak were the unmistakable dried up trails of a big wad of thick, slimy spunk! This boy had indeed, been playing with an older lad -- and he guessed this was Grumpy's handiwork.

"Bloody `ell, `e is just so beautiful! Look at va colour of `im!. ." Said Cedric breathless with admiration. "I love `is red hair and `is skin is so white and pretty

Then Snowy took the initiative. He boldly stood in front of the door and tapped on it gently.

"Err... Y-y-yes?" came a nervous response from within.

"Err... Mr Jollybottom..." Snowy began uncertainly, "did Pip drop his handkerchief in there?"

It remained ominously silent inside the room. Boys' can sense weakness from a mile off! And Felix Jollybottom was weak from lust and confusion. He was an easy prey for this blond horny boy!

"It is only that I need to wipe my pee-pee and I always use a hanky and not toilet paper, because linen is so soft and nice on your pee-pee..." the boy said, taunting the man.

Very, very slowly the door opened a crack, sufficient for the boys to see a nervous eye and one of Felix Jollybottom's hairy, but very white, naked legs.

"There is n-n-nothing i-i-in `ere m-m-m-mate..." he said nervously!

"Oh well, then..." said Snowy slowly shrugging his shoulders in a dismissive manner. Felix made a half-hearted effort to close the door but he caught sight of Snowy's cock jutting out of his pants.

The man's mouth hung open in lust - now he could not move an inch!

"Oh, another thing Mr Jollybottom, we all like your T-shirt. It is really very nice..." Snowy tugged at his exposed member suggestively, "and we really love the other thing!"

"and we really love the other thing!" The words reverberated in his brain.

"and we really love the other thing!" Those words would haunt him for the rest of his life!

"and we really love the other thing!" Why did the boy have to say that?

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed nervously, but he spoke his meaning, none the less: "Cor Snowy's right mister!" Said Cedric plucking agitatedly at his crotch, " Yer `ave a wicked big cock - it is so cool! And massive bollocks - they're wicked too!"

Felix opened the door a tad more and the boys were disappointed to see that he had pushed his cock away and shut his thighs firmly together. You could read the disappointment on their young faces!

"S-s-so," Felix Jollybottom started, interrupting the boy's thoughts and trying to sound tough, "tell m-me, is there s-s-somefin' fuckin' weird a-a-bout yer, kids l-l-looking at me bollocks?" The three boys nodded their heads in vigorous agreement.

"Oh yes! We are all very interested in you bollocks!" Said Snowy on behalf of the three of them.

"We won't tell, Mr Jollybottom." Said Pip helpfully. "I never tell tales." He said with irrefutable little boy confidence. Felix had gradually opening his thighs giving the boys an opportunity to gawk at his carrot-red pubic bush!

"And we finks yer skin colour is so nice and yer hairs too." Said Cedric, commenting on the fact that they had all noticed that what they said about redheads was true - for as they now could all see, Felix was a natural red-head!

"You a-a-are all v-v-very b-bad l-lads." Felix stammered sounding as sternly as he could.

Snowy grinned and asked: "Is it good that we are bad?" He rubbed his hand down over his flat belly and caressed his exposed penis once more.

"What am I going ta do wiv yer all?" Felix asked in a tortured voice.

"What do you want to do with us?" Asked Snowy, smiling wilfully. He was, by now, openly stroking his dick and curling his fingers under his small balls.

"I t-t-take it that you really m-m-mean that you l-l-liked what yer s-s-seen, mates?"

"YES!" The three boys said in perfect harmony. Pip dropped his hand and rubbed his own sweet hard dick through his jeans.

"ATTCHOO!" Conscious of all this wanking going on, Cedric asked nervously: "What if some one comes?"

"Well the only one to cum here will be Mr Jollybottom," said Snowy on the basis of sound medical know-how.

"ATTCHOO! Well perhaps we should all come in there wiv you, mister, an' we can shut va door?" Cedric suggested, tentatively.

Felix Jollybottom was apprehensive about this suggestion. Part of him was worried that the local constabulary might raid the Parade Gents' and he might be caught playing with three preteen boys.

He was even more concerned that Cedric's innocent suggestion might frighten the other two boys away.

But he was even more anxious that he might die of a heart attack, induced by being in a confined space with three sexy underage boys!

"Well yer better all come in then," Felix sounded as cheerful as a condemned man on his way to the rope room.

Snowy smirked in triumph - his terrible trio had won!

The three giggling boys huddled together in the small cubical and Snowy closed the door behind them.

In among the sniggers there was time for each of the boys to take in the spectacle of an adult male sitting on the loo and each of them noticed something different.

Cedric Snotfinkel, noticed the man's eyes. They were green -- deep pools of green. He could not take his eyes from the man's eyes and Snowy noticed that Felix had the same reaction. The couple was gazing fixedly at each other, in the way you might gape at your postman if you suddenly found out he was actually a rock star.

For Snowy it was the smell - there were beads of sweat on the man's upper-lip and forehead from the exertion of a vigorous wank -- but the smell was not only that of sweat, there was something else, more powerful and much more intoxicating. Testosterone! The smell of an aroused male! --Snowy realised he could quiet easily become addicted to testosterone.

In the case of Pip Pratt, he noticed the soft gingisher hairs that coated the twenty-two-year-old man's legs. The body hair fascinated him it was wonderfully soft and inviting - almost like one of his cuddly toys at home. Pip's tiny hands reached out and caressed Felix's naked furry legs.

The man cried out in distress as his cock sprang out from between his legs like a jack-in-the-box!

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed in nervous surprise!

"Oh...Err!" Exclaimed Snowy it was a very fine piece of hot man-meat that had so alarmingly sprung into action. There was a great deal of semi-erotic touching as they jostled to get a better view of the cock.

"Oh, look Snowy! Snowy, look! It is all soft and furry, like a ginger pussy cat!" Shouted Pip pointing at Felix's pubic patch and jumping up and down excitedly. His tiny fingers leapt into action and soon he was stoking the hair above the young man's cock and murmuring affectionately, as if he was petting his favourite pussycat.

"Oh, stone me!" Jollybottom groaned. What had he done to deserve all this?

Pip kept brushing Felix's red hair and when Snowy looked down at him, he could see that he was studying his pubic hair very intently. The tiny lad ran the flat of his hands all over the man's chest and stomach and then pulled his hand off the man's bright orange dick-hair and scoured his face across with the wiry bush, while he squeezed the Felix's big balls.

"Man, I can't believe this kid. Five-fucking-years-old! Wow!" Felix wailed.


It was clear that Snowy found this scene equally arousing. He re-commenced his fervent masturbation while with his free hand groped Pip's crotch, rubbing the small hard on he found under it.

Cedric Snotfinkel, having recovered from the surprise of seeing the man's cock close-up, found his confidence was restored, and feeling more comfortable in the confines of the cubical. He fumbled with his zipper and produced his pencil-thin cock and pointed it at Felix Jollybottom.

It was so thin! It was so hard! The young man could not believe what a beauty it was. He sighed as he reached out his trembling fingers to greet it, welcoming it with warm, loving caresses.

"When I woz a little nipper like you lads," Felix confessed to the three lad's "I always played wiv me little chinas too. Now that vat I am an adult, I can't do all vat stuff anymore..." He said with a little sigh and a sad look on his face. Jollybottom let his hand slip down to gently pet his hairless nine-year-old testicles then his index-finger stroked the slender shaft, along the entire length of the two-inch cock, before he the pressed his fingertip to the head and felt the tiny quivering lips of Cedric's piss-slit.

"Why not, Mr Jollybottom?" asked Pip, as he continued playing with the gingerish hairs on the man's muscular leg.

"Well `cause its, like, illegal. I can go down -- be sent to va nick, for even touchin' yer cock , mate.. I miss all of vat stuff now..." He told his three new little friends, that it made him sad: "'cause I always loved suckin' little dicks!" Eventually Felix decided to give, what was on his mind, a try: "I... I would... I would love to try sucking yer, mate..." He said looking at the chubby boy in front of him.

"Damien Sucked me off and I loved it! Yer can if yer wants to, I don't mind..." Snowy watched happily, it was clear that Felix Jollybottom worshipped Cedric's perfectly smooth, baby-soft body.

"Mate I'd like nuffink more van ta sucks yer dick, but I'm afraid vat one of yer might tell someone, and that I'd get into trouble, won't I?"

"Don't be silly," said Snowy bossily, "we wouldn't tell, and to prove we are not lying, you can suck Pip and me as well." Snowy reflected on the problem even further, then came up with a truly persuasive argument: "In fact I know what will prove it - that big gob-stopper of yours looks ever so yummy and I think I would like to lick the head if you will let me."

Felix perked up no end, and smiled widely at Snowy Whyte and the two young boys. He could not believe his ears, or his eyes.

He had just met two of them and only barely knew the other. Yet the nine-year-old boy had his penis out of his pants offering it to him to suck; the cutest little five-year-old was stroking his pubic hair; the blond eleven-year-old was tossing himself off vigorously and suggesting he might like to lick Felix's sexual equipment. Jollybottom could not believe his luck!

Felix smiled at the pretty blond boy, and ruffled his hair. "Me ol' china, sucking on any of ya would make this the happiest day of me life. And yer can lick on me ol' dick head any time yer likes."

With that the man still seated on the loo, bent over and lowered his head to Cedric's crotch. Because Cedric was so small, it would be difficult to suck his penis really well with it just sticking out of his trousers, however, he decided to take it one step at a time. As if he had read Felix's mind, Cedric unbuckled and dropped his jeans entirely, offering Felix unimpeded access to his meagre family jewels.

Felix moaned with pleasure as his lips found Cedric's hard little penis. As he wrapped his lips around the tiny head, he sighed. His small cock was a remarkable size and shape, which made playing with it delightful, if delicate, work. Felix eagerly sucked the small boy's `penis into his mouth, savour the smooth young erection, Finally he found what he had been looking for, a boy who would let him suck him he was hoping that Cedric would not stop him before he had his fill.

From time to time, Snowy observed the chubby little lad's wobbly-bottom spasm in response to Jollybottom playful abuse.

With Felix and Cedric occupied in this manner, this seemed like a sensible time for Snowy to get Pip's little willy out. Getting him completely naked might have been an option, but there was so little room in the loo cubical. He unzipped and drew his little boy jeans down to his knees. Having pooped in his pants earlier, he was no longer wearing underpants and so his naked lower body freely offered itself for Snowy's attentions.

The blond boy started moving his hands all over the five-year-old body. That was when he happened upon a hand! A big hairy hand! Felix's hand found it possible to fee up a hand and was paying a good deal of attention to Pip's baby-boy bum, rubbing it feverishly as he eagerly sucked on the cubby boy in front of him. Snowy turned Pip around so that Felix could continue feeling the child up, while Snowy could have a go at his cute little penis.

"Oh my!" Snowy exclaimed He gave into the urge, fell to his knees and ran the tip of his tongue along the sponginess of the baby urethra that ran under the soft skin of Pip's exquisite miniature pee-pee.

"Ah... Ahh." Cedric started grunting. It was clear he was approaching orgasm.

Being the considerate little boy he was, Snowy recognised that if Cedric was about to cum, that it might be nice for Felix to cum at the same time! Abandoning the five-year-old cock, he went in search of other, bigger, challenges.

There it was! It seemed like a big snake or a fat sausage. The head seemed as big as a peach. Snowy wasn't sure if he could manage to open his mouth that wide, he rather wished that Dopey had been there to help.

Snowy held Felix's dick between his fingers to steady it, then he opened his mouth and placed his teeth on each side of the eight-incher pretending to himself that it was an ear of corn. He teased the man with his teeth, nibbling lightly up and down his cock to his balls and back up again. Felix ran his fingers through the blond hair and moaned with pleasure.

"Oh, you little `orny devil!" was all Felix could say as he panted and tried to catch his breath.

After a few minutes of this, Snowy commenced licking it as if it were a lollipop - taking long licks with his pink tongue, lapping from his furry balls to his piss slit then back down again. All this was giving him the ideal opportunity for a nice close-up inspection of a man's cock. Snowy had never played with an adult man before. He was surprised to see that the hair started to grow up the sides of his cock from a point about midway, and that his balls were covered with long fine orange hair.

To his surprise, he found that he could get the head into his mouth and started sucking on it.

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhhh" The tubby boy's high pitched voice echoed in the confined room. It was as if he was practising his tonal-scales sensually.

Then Snowy began to taste the precum oozing out of Felix's erection. His dick was big and hard and covered with velvety skin.

Snowy Whyte held it just above his balls and took him into his mouth, sliding in one long slow motion, as far down toward his balls as he could get. But it was a good eight inches after all, and he only had an average eleven-year-old mouth, and it gagged the blond chap a little.

Felix sucked air through his teeth -- this was despite him having his face buried in a chubby nine-year-old belly.

Snowy was squeezing a handful of the man's red pubic hair with one hand while rubbing Pip penis with the other. Jollybottom's hips were thrusting up and down and Snowy could tell that he was close to cumming. Snowy thought that Felix might have liked to make things last, but our Snowy really wanted to taste his cum in his mouth.

From somewhere in the depths of Cedric's tubby belly, Felix started making a high pitched crying noise His green eyes were shut and he was now holding onto Snowy's head with both hands and fucking his face harder and faster. Snowy pressed his lips hard around the young man's cock as it went in and out. Even though his jaw ached, he was rather pleased with himself that he was sucking the man's cock just as Dopey and Grumpy had taught him.

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhhh ... Ahhhh!!" Ceric's pleasure sounded in their ears.

Felix's moaning took on a deeper pitch. His bum and thighs came clear off the loo seat when he humped into the eleven-year-old face. Then Felix Jollybottom started to cum and Snowy Whyte had a firsthand encounter with the sexual climax of an adult male!

Firstly, his balls drew up against is body until they almost withdrew inside him, his cock became very rigid and the gob-stopper head swelled up and became almost as hard as the shaft. Then Snowy could feel it start to pulse as the sperm burst through the tube underneath his cock and hit the inside of his mouth with considerable force. Snowy felt the penis throb inside his mouth, each pulse ejecting a powerful stream of spunk. Snowy tried to swallow it but there was too much of it, flowing too quickly and he coughed and spat much of it onto the floor.

Gasping for air, Snowy let go of the man's cock and saw the terrible mess he had made. Felix's balls and belly were coated with a white mixture of semen and Snowy's saliva, which plastered his pubic hair down as if he had adorned his crotch with hair-gel. A few lazy final spurts dribbled out of his wilting, but still pulsing, erection. Finally Felix exhaled and settled back down on the loo seat.

"Holy shit Snowy, are you trying to kill me?" He gasped.

It took Felix a moment to realise that while he had been doing his best to drown Snowy Whyte, that the sacred moment had arrived and Cedric had also climaxed in his mouth!

Cedric's tubby-body was still stiff as a ramrod and the little boys' floppy-abdomen trembled.

Felix Jollybottom stood up. Pip giggled when he noticed that there was a very clear ring on his manly bum from the seat. He rested for a few moments while he squeezed every last bit of cum from his cock, before wiping his hand clean on his overall. Snowy, Pip and Cedric looked up at him and saw a large grin on his face. He bundled the three boys together and he hugged them as a group in his wide manly arms.

"Good work, lads!" He said.


Back in the tiny room that Felix Jollybottom called his office, each of the new friends sat with a mug of hot, sweet tea in their hands, chatting with the red-haired man.

"And do you have any hobbies?" Snowy asked Cedric and Felix.

"ATTCHOO! Well, yeah, I does me trainspotting. Vat is `ow I met up wiv va Vicar, like." Said Cedric, a little shyly. Then they all noticed Felix blushing a very bright vermilion, under his mass of freckles.

"Humm... eerr well..." he stammered embarrassed and then realised he was talking to three boys who had just been doing very rude things with his cock. "Well... I collect graffiti off the walls and I writes it up in a book and sometimes I take like Polaroid's of stuff..."

"ATTCHOO!" said Sneezy a little startled at the implications of the word `stuff'.

"Oh ...eer" said Snowy thinking that this sounded rather more interesting than a number other his other anorak's hobbies. Snowy insisted on seeing an example of this very interesting `stuff' and Felix had to retrieve some of his many scrapbooks.

The boys drooled over Polaroid's of an assortment of men's and boy's sexual organs; photo's of drawing of sexual acts; hand-written reproductions of sexual invitations copied off toilet walls across several counties. Many of the pages showed photo's of drawings on cool tiled walls that had been spoilt by large volumes of cum shot across them by art-critics! Best of all were the stories of men and boys having sex.

"Which one is yer favourite, Mr. Jollybottom?" Asked Cedric, rubbing his pencil-thin cock, which was hard once more.

"Well, this one!" said Happy, his hand trembling as he opened the page. Snowy read it aloud for the benefit of Pip who, while he was enjoying the pictures, was having trouble with the written word:

"I wank off whilst sucking off my 9 year old brother. He loves it. I rub him till its stiff, then I suck him good and hard!" Snowy's cock lurched upward, to show his approval of Happy's taste in reading material.

"Cor vat is bleeding `ot? Tell me, do brothers do this stuff together?" Asked Cedric, very intrigued at the possibility.

"Oh yes Patrick, Dopey and Pip do it like bunnies all the time." Said Snowy.

"ATTCHOO! Wish I had a big brother..." Said Cedric sadly.

"And tell me do you both have anoraks?" Snowy continued his interrogation. But the answer to the question in one case was rather obvious, for Cedric was still wearing his anorak.

"Well, yeah," said Felix, "its me favourite clothing other than me cycling-suit and best of all is when I wears `em both like, at the same time." He explained, displaying the absolute lack of dress-sense that marks the genuine `anorak'.

"Well that settles it," said Snowy finally, "if you would like to join us, I would be very happy if the two of you were to become my sixth and seventh anoraks."

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric interjected in alarm!

"Your anoraks?" Felix asked for clarification.

"Yes... my anoraks!" Explained Snowy helpfully. "There are five off them right now, and I need two more to make the set complete."

"Cor blimey!" said Cedric Snotfinkel.

"But... how...? Who...? Why...?" Felix stumbled.

"Well let me see... the first was Bashful, that's Osbert Prim..."

"Yer mean the Vicar's nephew?" Asked Cedric, "I `eard all about `im!"

"That's him. He is thirteen years old. Next I met Dopey, that Pip here's older brother. He is eight."

"And he goes at it like a bunny rabbit with Doc." Said Pip proud as punch. "And he sucks willies off for England! All the lads tell him he could go for Gold!"

"Thank you Pip, but we getting out of sequence." Continued Snowy. "Next came Grumpy, that is Damien Smyke, he has just turned sixteen and..." here he was cut off by a gushing Sneezy.

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" Cedric was almost too excited to speak coherently. "Oy! Do yer see this?" He pointed proudly at the dried up satin of the front of his anorak, "it was `im wot shot `is load on me `ere!"

"Bloody `ell!" exclaimed Felix Jollybottom convinced he had died and gone straight to pervert heaven.

"Next came Sleepy. He was tough nut to crack, `cause he thinks he is straight. And, well, he is very, very nice and big..." Snowy trained off wistfully thinking how much he missed the big lummox's fat cock. "Finally there is Doc. He is Chinese and very clever. He has university degrees and all and..."

"We think he is going to be me brother-in-law!" Interjected Pip in the lisping little boy voice, "and `e is very nice too, and he lets me play with `is willy, but the other an-u-raks haven't played with me." He concluded sadly and struggling to pronounce anoraks.

"Oh Pip, they all play with each others willies and they will play with yours too, if your are nice to them all." The two recruits remained wide-eyed, but silent, for a long while.

"It would be an honour and a privilege!" said Felix Jollybottom emotionally understanding exactly how distinguished a circle of friends he had been invited to join. "And that goes for Cedric, 'ere too `e we would love to be yer last anoraks, Snowy, sir!"

"I think you will have to be known as Sneezy, Cedric, and you Felix, well your T-shirt says it all, you have to be known as Happy!"

"Thank you Snowy," the two freshly appointed anoraks said in chorus.

"There isn't any pay, but the fringe benefits are pretty good." said Snowy with a rather suggestive wink that did not go unnoticed by the rookies.

"Oh..." said little Pip from his position wrapped rather firmly around one of Felix's leg, "Snowy, does that mean that I can't be one of your an-u-raks?" he said sadly feeling certain he was going to be missing out of a lot of fun.

"Well no..." said Snowy gently stroking the tiny five-year-old's head, "that's because you are not an anorak, Pip."

"No indeed," said Happy taking up the case, "Pip, me little lovely, you are far too cute and good-looking to be an anorak."

"Yeah," said Sneezy, "We anoraks are either very plain and you never notice us. Or we are fat like me, ugly and pimply like Grumpy..."

"... or plain and nerdy, like Bashful and Doc or big and gawky, like Sleepy..." Said Snowy.

"... and we all have really, really boring hobbies, yer know, like me trainspotting, or stamp collecting and nerdy stuff like computers..."

"...and I'm a proper sad case - a graffiti-anorak who only ever get to wank off alone in the toilet. I just longs to meet a nice good-looking boy and never get any action, really..." said Felix rather serious for such a normally cheerful fellow.

"...and they always really nasty to us anoraks and its only nice blokes like Snowy wot is nice to us." Sneezy hugged Snowy tightly.

"Well, then," said Pip "as long as I can still play with you and your an-u-racks, I will be nice to all of you too!" The tiny lad picked-up his rhythm, as he was now humping his hard little cock against Happy's firm, manly leg.

At that Happy raised his mug of tea and said: "Gents, will yer join me in a toast? Raise yer mugs if you please: I give you a toast to Snowy Whyte and plain, ugly anoraks everywhere and all va smart lads wot `ave learned `ow good it is to fuck wiv `em!"

"And God Bless us one and all." Rejoined tiny Pip Pratt.

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