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by Graham Day

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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.

-PART SIX continued-



On the surface, at least, things appeared to be back to normal, that fine late-summer morning at the rectory. The Reverend Prim was working again and the jet-black Reverend Babosanjo was back in London, tending his own flock. Best of all, Mrs Baker's mood appeared to have improved.

Of course, this latter point might have had something to do with Cedric Snotfinkel's failure to visit his friend, the Vicar, for the past few days. But, whatever the reason, the good lady had set the breakfast table under the beech tree in the garden and the world could hardly have seemed better.

However, the Vicar knew that today was the day of his confrontation with Chrysanthemum, the second Mrs. Whyte, and he had a nasty suspicion that this tranquil spell in the garden, might be the lull before the storm.

He offered up a quick prayer that his preparations had been completed properly and that his arguments were sufficiently well organised to see off even that intimidating woman, allowing Snowy and the Pratt family to return home safely once more.

Reverend Prim had just folded open the Telegraph to the crossword and buttered his fist piece of toast, when a familiar and delightful sound made him turn around abruptly.


"Cedric! My dear, dear boy! How lovely to see you!" The Reverend Prim hastened across the lawn to greet the tubby little boy with a bear-like hug.

"Wotcha, Vicar!" Said Cedric. Reverend Prim could not recall ever having seen the normally sad boy looking happier.

"Where have you been the past few days, you naught little boy, I have missed you so much!" The handsome boy was wearing a charming pair of summer sorts, which showed off his slightly bowed legs and chubby thighs to perfection.

"Well, it's a long story, like, Vicar," began the boy, "but it woz like yer said, there is always va right mate out there for yer, if only yer can find `em."

"Oh Cedric, my plump little pudding, are you telling me you have met Mr. Right?" The Vicar had become quite misty eyed.

And so the story came tumbling out: how he had come across this really nice twenty-two-year-old man; how they had met Snowy Whyte and Pip Pratt in disguise, on their way back home from the dentist. He omitted to say that he had spent the past two days, below ground, in the small room that Felix called his office, as he didn't think the Vicar would approve of a nine-year-old hanging around the gentlemen's convenience. But most exciting of all - how both he and Felix, his special friend, were now the sixth and seventh anoraks in Snowy's troupe of seven!

"Oh Cedric! My dear Cedric, how perfectly wonderful for you!" Said the Vicar with out the slightest trace of jealousy.

The little Boy had done it! He had broken the cycle of loneliness and rejection, which the Vicar had never been able to conquer, when he had been the boy's age.

"And now you are one of Snowy Whyte's anoraks!" The Vicar said proud as a father. "My, my! How marvellous! As one of Snowy's coterie, my son, you will never know another day of loneliness!"

"Thanks Vicar!" said the nine-year-old, planting a very sloppy kiss on the Vicar's plump cheek. "I been missing yer too and so I told Felix vat I wanted to come see yer and like, tells yer vat I still loves yer forever an' ever." He hesitated, a contemplative look on his round face. "It is like yer me favourite uncle."

"Oh Cedric..." But the old man never completed his sentence as he dissolved into emotional sobs of joy!

The interruption that followed was equally emotional, but not nearly as kind.

"You!" Poppy Baker stood, her arms akimbo, her fists planted on her hips and her face a picture of rage.

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" Cedric returned the greeting with a snotty-shower, which he accidentally blasted all over the angry woman! Mrs Baker paled dangerously, then she launched an unprintable tirade at the chubby lad.

"I think that will be enough of that sort of language, Mrs Baker! Do I need to remind you that this garden is on sacred ground?" Said the Vicar severely.


As he awaited his afternoon appointment with Mrs. Whyte, the Reverend Prim occupied a good deal of his time, with the topic of the Choirmaster and his organist-sister. The old fellow's malaria attack had turned out to be worse than anyone had expected. His devoted, if slightly dotty, sister now need to care for him fulltime and so there was no one to take responsibility for the musical needs of St Giles. Damien Smyke was helping out, but there was no way that the Vicar could let loose Smyke's rampant hormones on a group of choirboys in a field for a week!

"The problem is," said the Vicar, "that after the service this coming Sunday, the whole choir traditionally leave for a seven day camping break. It is a wonderful motivator and the boys seem to enjoy it, even if the old boy is a bit past it, these days."

"ATTCHOO!" A sneeze was Cedric's contribution to the discussion. Mrs Baker's outburst seemed to have broken Cedric's euphoric mood. The chubby boy mooched around the Vicarage sneezing frequently.

"Now... if only, I could find a young adult male, to take his place..." The Vicar checked the list of potential candidates for the seventh time.

"ATTCHOO! Wot about vat Doc fella, wot Snowy lives wiv?" Cedric suggested.

"Oh, Doc has his hands full with the Pratts and Snowy right now. Besides, he has his normal university duties to attend to."

"ATTCHOO! Well wot if I ask..." But Cedric never completed his suggestion because a piecing scream emanated from the dinning room, shattering the quiet of the Rectory of St Giles.

"They have gone!" Shrieked Mrs Baker as she ran into Study in a most unladylike fashion. Her eyes were wild and her hands trembled. "They have gone! Vicar! Vicar! Your silver Regency candelabras have disappeared!"

"Oh Dear!" Said the Vicar sounding desperate. "But are you sure Mrs. Baker?"

"They were there this morning, I tell you, when I polished them, and now they are gone! Disappeared, I tell you!"

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" Cedric might have chosen a better moment for a sneeze for Poppy Baker spun on her heel and launched herself at the unsuspecting boy like a demented banshee.

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" The shock of the attack, and its ferocity, caught Cedric by surprise, and the boy let rip with a volley of mucus-laden sneezes!


Cedric Snotfinkel could not remember when he started thieving. It seemed as if shoplifting and petty crime had been part of his life for as long as he could remember. Nor could he provide an answer to why it was that he was continually steeling things in shops, at the market, from kids at school or wherever else the opportunity presented itself.

Well there was the buzz - the rush of adrenaline -- that was something he enjoyed a great deal.

It was never exceptionally valuable things he stole -- in truth, he did not know people who had valuable things. Being small himself, large things were, likewise, out of the question.

Yet there was a pattern to his pilfering: if one of the bullies at school made his life a misery, he would think "I'll get you, you pillock," and something of the boy's would disappear. Then, there was the man down at the market, a proper tosser, who was always yelling at Cedric to stay away from his stall -- now he was really asking for it! As a consequence the man had been keeping the Snotfinkels in fruit for years now.

His mother thought he just had an eye for bargain and sometimes left him money to buy things for her. He would bring not only the items on the lists, but also sweets, tins of stuff, little cakes, and small items of clothing -- things that could slip into a lad's anorak pocket.

Anyway, he would never have dreamed of pinching things from the Vicar! Hell no! he loved the old gent, like he was his grandfather or something. But that woman -- that Poppy Baker - she should bloody well know not to mess with a Snotfinkel - even a nine-year-old Snotfinkel!

He never actually nicked things from the Vicarage - he merely moved things around!

The gold pen; the onyx box; the tea caddy in which Mrs Baker kept the housekeeping money; and his triumph -- the two valuable solid-silver candelabra from the dinning room. Now if he had really been stealing, he could have fenced that stuff in a flash! There were people aplenty around the Admiral's Bum Boy who would fence the stuff for him -- but no! He did not steel it - he simply moved it to another place.

He did it because he knew it was driving that woman to distraction!

But not in his widest dreams, had he foreseen things would take this sort of turn!

Hours after they had arrived in response to the Vicar's call the Old Bill were still dusting the place for fingerprints and checking the Vicarage over. The tubby lad sat apprehensively in the Vicarage garden, while the coppers got on with doing their duty.

Cedric Snotfinkel did not like the police - they made him nervous! They made him sneeze! Moreover, they reminded him that if they took the trouble to check, they would find out that he had been in regular contact with the law over the past years!

Well, you can't be a thief, and nine years old, and not make mistakes! And while he was learning his craft, Cedric had made a number of mistakes!

Then, from within the house, there was a buzz of excitement; a rushing back-and-forth of heavy boots; and then a shrill cry! A cry that was a mixture of pain, disbelief and anger!

"It was him - the fat little brute!" Mrs. Poppy Baker screeched! "He has a record for theft -- his social worker told me! Vicar, please, you must believe me! I never touched those things -- I ... I..." her appeals evaporated. They fell on deaf ears.

A small, unassuming, smile passed over Cedric Snotfinkel's rotund face. He knew he would get her sorted, eventually. The coppers must have found the stuff beneath the loose floorboards under the hearthrug in the woman's bedroom - exactly where Cedric had been planted them!


Chrysanthemum Whyte arrived for her appointment at the Vicarage exactly on time. She was rather astonished to find her friend, Poppy Baker, bundling her bags into a taxi waiting in front of the Rectory.

"Poppy, my dear? Poppy, whatever is happening?" Mrs Whyte asked, her brow furrowed. "Are you going away?"

"I am getting out of this den of iniquity!" She growled as she flung her caged-canary onto the front seat next to the terrified looking cabby. "That fat little spawn of Satan will have to answer for this one day."

"Oh my dear, is there anything I can do? Where are you going to stay? Would you like to come and stay with me, for a while?"

"No! I will be with my sister, my dear Chrysanthemum, and I will see you and Hyacinth Snodgrass at the Thunder Lightning & Rain tea-room on Heath Street, as we agreed." She climbed into the back of the blacktop cab and then she called Mrs. Whyte over to the window. "Oh and Mrs. Whyte, whatever that demonically-possessed man in there might say to you, your son, Snowy, is alive! I have had enough of this cruel deception. He is living at a Reading University Research Laboratory in the woods with that Dr. Yang. You can reach it by taking a 7 bus to stop 14, which is directly in front of it."

Mrs. Whyte smiled at the departing cab, then turning, she slowly walked towards the rectory and rang the doorbell!

How she loved having the all cards stacked in her favour.


It was late and it was raining when Cedric Snotfinkel got back to the centre of town and made his way along Regiment Road to the Admiral's Bum Boy, the pub where his mother worked. He had not liked leaving the old Vicar alone after the events of the day, but there was nothing for it. There was no Mrs Baker to cook for them and so Cedric was forced to go home, pop into the pub for a meal, before retiring upstairs to the room the Snotfinkels occupied.

It was a Thursday but the Admiral's Bum Boy was as busy as ever, with the usual mixture of working regulars, stopping by on their way home, and the lager-louts, making an early start on a long drinking binge.

The tubby little boy made his way through the jostling crowd. He had just about reached the long bar, when he noticed a familiar, bright yellow, smiley-design on the reverse of a red T-shirt. It was Felix Jollybottom.

Felix sat nursing a small diet coke, his usual drink when he came down to the pub. The little fellow had no idea that this was also Felix's local -- but then, they had only known each other for two day and had only seen each other at the Parade Gents', the young man's place of work.

"Alright, Happy?" Said Sneezy Snotfinkel tugging at his special friend's elbow to attract his attention.

"Well, well, Sneezy, me little luv!" Felix beamed down at the chubby lad, "wot brings ya `ere?"

"ATTCHOO! Well, Happy, me mum works `ere and I come in for me tea. We lives up stairs, like." The two took private delight in using the nicknames that Snowy Whyte had bestowed upon them.

They two sat side by side on the high barstools, Cedric's chubby legs dangling down charmingly and his fat little hand resting lightly on Felix's bare forearm.

"Well `ow's yer day been me luv?" Asked Felix.

"Don't ask..." The nine-year-old gave the kind of sigh one might expect of a businessman that had laid-off half his staff that day. "I'll tell yer about it later, alright?"

Every-so-often Cedric's fat little fingers would stroke the freckles on the man's otherwise pale skin..

"Ouch!" Felix exclaimed, as he felt the boy run his fingers through the wiry hair on his forearm, then tugging hard at these same ruddy hairs.

Rose Snotfinkel, a buxom brunette, waved a friendly hello to Cedric from the kitchen-end of the long bar. She sent one of her colleagues over with a doorstep bacon-sandwich, a plate of greasy fried chips, a bag of cheese-and-onion crisps, a deep-fried Mars bar and ice-cream, and a pint glass of coke for her son. Cedric commenced wolfing it down as if he had not seen food in a month.

"Blimey! Are you sure you want to eat all of vat, luv?" Felix asked smiling.

"ATTCHOO! Wotcha mean?" Cedric was a little aghast, his cheeks bulging to capacity with a mixture of bread, bacon and chips. He was irresistible. Felix wanted to kiss and hug him.

"You should bloody know. You don't want to be getting fat now, do you?" Jollybottom mockingly puffed his cheeks outward like a little, chubby boy with a bulging mouthful of food.

"ATTCHOO! Happy, don't yer like me no more?" The boy was feeling deeply self-conscious and had visibly wilted under this comment. "Does yer want me to go on a diet, like?".

"Diet? You? With vat skinny body?" Felix continued in his insensitive teasing manner, as he attempted to switch his own diet Coke for the boy's drink. This was just too much for the little fellow. Cedric Snotfinkel exploded in rage.

"ATTCHOO! Why are yer such a mealy mouthed cretin?" Asked Cedric as he fended off the man's attempt to substitute his drink, his face aflame with humiliation. "ATTCHOO! Can't yer leave me alone? Don't yer even try messin' with me grub!" But under the rage he looked close to tears. Beneath the surface lurked a profound fear that Felix did not want him, as he was - a fat boy.

Finally, the impact of what he had done dawned on Felix and he repented having done or said anything so thoughtless to his little love. He sat raging quietly against himself for having been so crass and incentive.

Cedric was a difficult child, just a bit more than four feet tall, but weighing in at well above the average for a nine-year-old. Felix supposed that this sort of diet was a large percentage of the problem. Sneezy didn't do anything athletic, so he had rather charming love handles, and large thighs. He wasn't obese, but he was more than just chubby. While Felix loved every square inch of him, he could foresee later health problems. However, the damage to the boy's ego was more pressing than any possible future health concerns.

"ATTCHOO!" A nervous sneeze underlined the silence that had ensued since Felix's thoughtless wisecrack about the boy's eating habits.

In a way, he was right, - Felix did not want him fat - Felix did not want him thin - Felix wanted him, to be happy and healthy and if he were corpulent or slender, it made absolutely not an iota of difference to him.

The time had come! There, among the noisy boozers at the Admiral's Bum Boy, Felix Jollybottom took the little boy's hands in his own and stared directly into the eyes that peaked out mournfully from under his fringe and he spoke: "Well, me little mate, I loves yer no matters wot yer looks like!"

Sneezy nodded. Felix watched his Adam's-apple bob in his neck as he swallowed nervously. The boy finally understood how important he was to this adult man. Any future discussion of his weight would never again be the same -- this man really cared.


Funny that Cedric had never previously thought of his home as being poor. But then again, until he had been to the Vicarage, he had no idea what money could do. Now, it was different. He was ashamed of his one-room abode.

After the meal, Cedric had brought Felix up to the squalid little room he shared with his mother. If he thought it was awful, the man had not said anything.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed nervously. Felix sat in the one-and-only armchair in the room and the nine-year-old sat on the man's lap. "Sorry `bout va mess..."

"Vat's okay mate, it seems fine to me! Besides, I'm wiv this really cute date, and I ain't got eyes for nuffink else!" While the pair had learned to love each other in two short days -- they still did not know each other well enough for Cedric to know that Felix Jollybottom had never experienced any better than this sort of one-roomed squalor.

"Err...Happy, mate, can I ask yer somefing?"

"Sure, go for it mate!"

"When you was a kid, like... did you do... stuff?" His eyes looked awkwardly into the green eyes of the adult.

"Stuff?" Felix responded earnestly.

"Yer knows... Happy... sex stuff?" The young man could see the boy's uncertainty, his growing comprehension of his confusing desires.

Felix grinned as he nodded affirmatively. "Yeah. I fink just about every lad does vat stuff as `e grows up. Sneezy, mate, it's nufing to be ashamed about. It's part of growing up." Felix felt his penis growing harder and harder and Felix knew that Cedric could not possibly miss the increasing stiffness under his ample bum.

The man's hand moved down his abdomen, tracing his rotund form as he followed the voluptuous contours and his fingertips hesitated, then touched the wrinkled, elastic waistband of the "large-boy's" shorts.

"Humm..." Felix wanted to go further but he was hesitant, "won't yer mum be comin' up to check on yer?" The man was concerned about Rose coming up to check on her son and finding her nine-year-old sitting on a hard twenty-two-year-old cock!

"Nah! Me mum will be busy until well after last round is called. And vat is only if she don't meet a bloke to go bonk wiv, back at his place! If that `appens, I won't see `er before breakfast." It amazed Felix that the boy, who was in so many respects a total innocent, knew so much about his mother's sex life.

Cedric felt the unmistakable rigid projection of the man's penis. Finally he giggled as he jammed his bum down against the man's turgid penis.

"Yer got a stiffie, ain't ya, Happy?" he observed playfully then Cedric said softly: "Cor... vat feels nice," and his mouth opened partially as he sighed deeply. His enjoyment was evident and satisfying.

The man's hand trembled nervously and Felix brushed lightly across the thin cotton of the boy's short trousers.

"Happy..." Cedric began uncertainly. "Happy, when did yer start doing sex stuff? I mean `ow old woz yer?"

"A bit older van yer, me little china, maybe eleven," Felix said, "I don't fink I'd turned twelve." Felix stared at his adult hand as he fought to control the urgent desire to touch the boy's genitals. The heat between the pair increased, and Felix's erection flexed and jumped, seeking to escape the confines of his trousers and to press itself against Cedric's soft pulpy parts. Cedric's bottom stirred slightly, pushing back against it. He gasped gently - a little sigh of growing pleasure.

Lying there relaxed and happy, the fat boy was irresistible. Felix forced his hand away from the child, clenching it tightly to stop the endless trembling, and then he slipped it under the boy's T-shirt, to caress his soft, rotund belly.

His fingertips caressed Cedric's smooth skin, grazing the sensitive, velvety flesh as he neared the tiny navel. Felix touched against the fold of skin that covered the top half of his tubby belly, circled round it, then playfully pressed the tip of a finger into the little indentation of his bellybutton.

Silently, Cedric brought his knees up. Drawing his legs higher; his chubby thighs forced his knees wide apart. He very badly wanted the man to touch his crotch, but the man was avoiding it and Cedric's disappointment was visible as he and glared reproachfully at the man.

Sensing that the man was waiting for an invitation, he murmured: "Happy... if yer wants... yer can play with me todger."

"Alright, me ol' son, I will... if yer wants me to?" Felix exhaled tremulously. But before doing so, he dashed to the door and turned the key, safeguarding them from interruption by an inquisitive mother!

Returning to the boy, he placed him back on his lap and Felix began rubbing his chest again as he had done earlier. Sneezy sighed very softly again and began to relax, he continued rubbing his chest and noticed the front of his summer short-trousers stuck out like a little pup tent. Cedric placed his little hand on top of the man's work-hardened hand and the chubby boy's smiled as he guided Happy's hand downward till it very delicately rubbed the front of his summer shorts. Cedric jerked slightly in response, but his smile never faltered, and his eyes never looked away from the red-haired man's deep green eyes. The man rubbed his erection a little harder and a slight murmur came from his throat and his smile broadened. He liked this - he liked this a lot. He probably liked it too much!

"Happy..." he whispered.

"Yes, Sneezy?" Felix said softly as he his ravenous eyes on the tubby body.

"Happy..." he repeated, "do yer thinks vat I do it too much?"

"Yes, you does it a lot, but there's nothing wrong wiv vat, all kids yer age does it, and big kids my age too." Joked Felix Jollybottom in reply to Cedric's enquiry.

Jollybottom moved his hand back up, inserted it in the waistband of Cedric's shorts, dipped under his underpants, and caressed his naked little cock; it felt so wonderful, so smooth, so soft and so warm. He moved his hand down a little further and found his perfect little balls and fondled them gently. Cedric Snotfinkel's breathing became a little more rapid as the man continued exploring. The work-roughened hand came back up to his cock and slowly wrapped around it, rubbing his thumb along the side till he reached the top. It was finger-sized -- just a little shorter than Felix's little-finger, and certainly not much thicker than a pencil.

"Let's get yer kit off, son." Said Felix Jollybottom hoarsely.

He began to undress his beautiful chubby angel. Cedric stood there totally passive, totally silent and allowed the man to remove his clothing. He offered no resistance and yet no assistance either. Felix had to lift up his leg to take off his dirty trainers and socks. Wobbling on one chubby leg and giggling playfully, Cedric pretended to fall, loosing his balance and forcing the man to support him.

Felix had removed all of the child's clothing except for Y-front underpants. He feasted his green eyes on his handiwork - on the sensuous curves of the young, fat body. He admired the ample, dimpled bottom; the wonderfully wobbly belly; the large nipples on breasts, that would not be out of place on the chest of a thirteen year old girl. But, above all, he focused the tenting in Cedric's Y-front underpants that concealed the tiny sex organs.

Felix fingers prodded and pummelled the wonderful jelly-belly, compelling the boy to snigger merrily and his eyes sparkle.

"Yer hand feels nice on me tummy." Suddenly guilty and ashamed that Felix had aroused the boy, Felix started to pull his hand away. "No, Happy. Please don't stop. I like it there. It feels wicked-nice." Sneezy tittered teasingly.

Sneezy quivered and stirred. He thrust out his hips slightly, and slowly, sexily slipped his underpants down to his legs and kicked them off, he stood naked before the adult man.

"Gawd," Felix sighed, "it is so great vat yer also uncircumcised!" He gently played with the skin that covered the head and very gently worked it back exposing the pink head. Cedric's legs were beginning to move around and his breathing became increasingly rapid and before thing went too far too fast.

Felix decided to suggest the child undress him: "Wot about yer get me kit off too, Sneezy?"

"Oh can I?" The boy asked excitedly, barely believing his luck. The nine-year-old's little fingers fumbled and shook at the prospect of undressing a grown man. He could see Felix's cock pushing out the front of his trousers and he wanted to reach out and grab it, to squeeze it, to feel it throb in his hand, but decided to wait. After a few painstaking minutes Cedric had awkwardly removed his shirt and trousers off, and Felix, too, was down to his ancient yellowing underpants.

Jollybottom had one of those work-hardened bodies -- not the pumped-up sort one can acquire if you spend sufficient time and money in a gym, but the real thing! He was very lean and very hard - almost like a marathon runner. But it was the textures of the man's body that fascinated the young boy: the firmness of him; the sandpaper-like roughness of his cheeks; the silky-smoothness of his skin in some places; and its wiry-hairiness in others.

The boy's quivering, podgy hand now reached for the adult's bulge and cupped his hand around it and squeezed till his fingertips were touching each other. Jollybottom groaned and it began to grow and harden even more.

Felix heard a small, boyish giggle, "Wow," he muttered as he watched the bulge get bigger and bigger, forcing his fingers apart, "jeez, it's so bleedin' big!" He could see his balls swinging freely in their ginger-haired sack.

Never once taking his hand or his eyes off the huge bulge in the man's underpants, Cedric slowly began to move towards his small bed in the corner of the room leading Felix by the cock to follow him! They sat side-by-side on the side of the bed while Cedric's little hand clutched and squeezed the man's cock.

Sneezy leaned over, his nose only inches away from Happy's cock, wishing he had x-ray vision so he could see through the man's old, smelly underpants. He breathed in deeply and was overcome by the testosterone-rich small of unwashed adult male.

"What are you doing?" Felix asked playfully, Cedric quickly dropped his head shyly. "Are yer looking at me crotch, huh?"

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed.

"Right, yer a nasty little pervert? Ain't yer?"

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed nervously.

"Tell yer wot, `ere, let me `elp yer see it better." He said as he lifted his manly bum from the bed and stripped off his underpants. This permitted his firm erection to smack up against his belly, where it stood exposed to the boy's inspection.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed again, as he saw the man's genitals clearly. While the parts that were normally exposed to the elements, were covered with a mass of orange freckles, these private parts of Felix Jollybottom were very white -- almost as white as the skin of Snowy Whyte. His skin was almost translucent - as if it were made of opaque plastic, not real flesh and blood.

"So, what do yer want to do, mate?" Felix whispered, interrupting the boy's musings.

Sneezy hesitated as he deliberated. "Can... can I, like lie down on top of yer?" he asked sheepishly. Another long pause followed then he added shyly: "And can we put our things together?"

"Sorted!" Said Felix Jollybottom abruptly as he smiled crudely and lifted the boy up and drew him down on top of him. Sneezy straddled the man's thighs between his chubby knees and he wriggled as he settled his considerable bulk down, until he felt snug and comfortable.

"Cor, blimey yer gonna bleedin' squash me, mate!" He joked as the nine-year-old settled his full bulk upon him.

"Suffer Stick-man!" the boy retorted, playfully.

The joking came to an abrupt end as together they felt a shiver run though both of them when their genitals came together.

"ATTCHOO!" This time Cedric's sneeze was brought about by shocked surprise, as his fat little body, unhampered by clothing, as his hard penis made contact with the man's, his testicles. For several wonderful minutes Happy and Sneezy united their bodies and shared their bodily-warmth. Felix's heart filled with love for his preteen mate. The chubby lad was so very, very sexy - a chubby boy that needed to be touched, that needed love. Yet the rules of society said that Felix was corrupting the boy, leading him into depraved and degenerate acts.

"Ah... Ahh!" Sneezy emitted a low cry as he slowly lowered his head until his cheek was on Felix's chest. He was very, very happy.

"Yer feeling `appy, mate," Felix sighed. His big cock and balls squishing against the boys tiny replica!

Sneezy had worked out a smart-Alec comment: "Yeah, I'm feelin' Happy all over!" He giggled wickedly, "But right now, mate, yer big thing is sticking in me tummy."

"Is it `urting yer?"

"No. It feels good. It's so big and `ot." He said breathlessly, "Happy, can I... you know, move... move up and down on ya." Cedric make humping motions just in case his request was not entirely clear.

"Ya can shag me whenever ya wants, mate. And yer can do whatever ya wants, Sneezy-boy," Felix answered softly. "It's up to ya to decide what ya wants."

Felix felt him stirring, accelerating as his tempo. His rhythmic puffing-breath came in quick gasps, as his wobbly body became more agitated. On his upward stroke, the man's hard erection rubbed against his own hard cocklet; on the downward stroke, it burned into his floppy belly. Felix was in heaven, covered by a live-boy-blanket.

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhh!" The nine-year-old felt a thrilling mini-climax running through his portly body. In response Felix kissed him very tenderly on the lips. He recognised for the very first time that under his fringe he had oh such pretty brown eyes.

"Please Happy," he whispered, hungry for more of this, "please play wiv me todger some more, I'd like vat, it feels proper nice."

His hard, manly cock in the ample folds of the boy's bum, and then his hands moved down to play with the pencil-thin cock and slowly began to masturbate him. Cedric thrust his hips up each time to meet the man's downward stroke. Cedric was enjoying this -- he was enjoying this very much.

The plump lad's frantic energy alarmed the man. He pumped away on top of the man, increasing the rhythm all the time. The boy moved relentlessly, grinding his buttocks into the man's hard cock. The large red-hair-covered balls slapped against his fat bum-cheeks, and the man's gob-stopper cockhead rubbed rhythmically against the boy's tiny ball-sack. He humped his chubby thighs, slamming his buttocks into Happy's groin, grunting wildly as he set about determined to make the man cum under his fat bottom!

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhh!" The pre-teen lad was so in ecstasy! Felix was tossing the boy off for all he was worth, now set on getting the boy to climax at the same time as he did. He moaned and shuddered, his breathing becoming frenzied as he twitched and writhed.

"Oh Gawd, Sneezy I'm gonna cum soon!" Felix gasped as he kissed him fiercely on the top of his head, burrowing his nose the boy's hair, digging his fingers into layers of soft baby-fat and clutching his chubby cheeks, he longed to insert his fingers into the lad's deep, brown crevice.

"Do it! Do it!" Cedric gasped eagerly. "Oh! Do it! Shoot it all over me bum!" He was insane, wanting only to be drenched in Felix's sperm, as he approached his own crescendo.

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhh!" The nine-year-old boy's mouth opened in a wailing cry of joy as his orgasm caused him to writhe in ecstasy. White-hot sperm oozed out from their union.

Felix hugged the boy tightly, forcing the lunacy from him, as their passion faded. The dying spurts emptied between their bodies, and then Cedric Snotfinkel collapsed, falling forward onto the man's chest.

The man's semen covered him, from his lower back all the down to his thighs - his cock and balls, his bum-cheeks and his little brown hole, were covered in a sticky mess of semen. Felix could not remember ever having shot more cum in his life. Their flesh had stuck to Felix's, glued with the slime that coated both of them. The little fellow kept on wriggling, squirming on the slippery film as his gorgeously floppy body writhed against the man's.

"Blimey! Vat were a shit-load o' spunk!" Cedric sniggered. His body was hot, still excited, as only a prepubescent boy can be after an orgasm. He was still dangerously excited and ready for more!


"So tell me," began Felix as they lay nestled together after he had brought Cedric to a few more orgasms, and another, less messy one, of his own, "wot `appened today?"

"Well, it were a `ell of a day," Cedric commenced recounting the events of the day, "first off, va `ousekeeper got va boot -- va Vicar fired `er."

"Well vats okay... yer didn't like `er much did yer?" Cedric squirmed a bit as the man toyed with his big ears, which he had said reminded him of the FA cup!

"She `ad it in for me alright." Sneezy agreed.

"Well then?" But Cedric simply could not bring himself to tell the man about his own role in the hasty departure of Poppy Baker.

"Yeah... but now va Vicar is without a `ousekeeper. Ain't `e?"

"Well, I'm sure `e is a nice bloke an' all, but yer can't go fixin' everything, lad. Give us a break, yer only nine years old!

"Felix... I... I loves you!" The boy said emotionally as he hugged the man to him. "But va Vicar `as so many bleedin' problems and `e is just too bloody nice."

"Yeah, OK! So?"

"For one thing, `e is trying to fix up vat someone to takes us choir lads on our camping trip. But `e can't find nobody, can `e? `e is always finking of others, like vat."

"Well, `e sounds like a nice enough bloke but `e could `ave asked me, I need a spot a leave and I'd miss yer like `ell if you woz gone for a whole week." However, the boy was on a roll - ignoring this perfectly sensible solution to one of the Vicar's problems, he rushed on the next event in the troubled day: "And then SHE came! Yer knows? Snowy's stepmother!"

"Yeah! A proper bitch is vat one. Proper barkin' she is!"

"Va Vicar told me she tried to off poor little Snowy an' all!"

"Cow!" Felix said.

"Well the Vicar said it were weird, like. The cow tells va papers vat she wants to know where Snowy is an' all. When va Vicar offers `er a deal, she acts like she don't give a toss where `e `is any longer."

"Oh yeah?" Said Felix, suspicious of the mad woman's motives.

"So, anyway, he fixed it wiv va coppers vat they dropped all charges against Pip and Dopey's dad, Mr Pratt, and vat at least `e can come back `ome. The Vicar also got vat cow to signed something that says vat she won't try to mess wiv `im or `is family."

"Well anyway its good that Percy Pratt is comin' back, I reckon that Doc fellow must `ave `ad `is `ands full wiv them lad's of Percy's." He concluded with a knowing grin. While he was delighted to hear about the improved situation of his mate, Percy, this sign of co-operation from Mrs. Whyte failed to convince him. "and wot about our little Snowy?"

"Well Reverend Prim says vat `e ain't Happy for `im to come `ome just yet. `e is fixing the Doctor up at a `ome for drunks who can't give up on the booze, like. When `e comes out, then they can think about it."

"Well `e ain't no fool, vat Vicar!" said Felix proud of the old man's incisiveness. "Vat Doc Whyte `e is a good man, pity `e cant lay off va sauce for long..."

"Yeah! But `e is in va pub downstairs pissed as a newt every night." Said Cedric sadly, "I reckon dads are all a dead loss!" There was venom in his voice as he said this.

"Well, that is no way to speak of yer dead dad!" Said Felix a little shocked.

"Dead! That bastard ain't dead!"

"Wot?" Felix exclaimed. Rose Snotfinkel was constantly going on about her wonderfully generous late husband.

"`e ain't dead that's mum's story `e just flipping left us `e was last seen at a Butlin's Camp, working as a redcoat!"

"So are yer gonna, tell me what's up with your dad."

"I don't like me dad. `e is a frigging yob!"

"I know `ow yer feel lad... me old man woz a proper tosser, too."

"Well, `e was always acting like `e was pretty rich He, bought us a lot of stuff. Toys and things mostly. But it was only stuff `e was nicking weren't it?" Felix instinctively hugged the naked boy knowing he was now close to tears, "I `ate `im! I `ate `im! I `ate `im"


It never failed to amaze Snowy Whyte just how unpleasant, even cruel, boys could be to each other. There seemed to be no depths to which the three Pratt brothers would not descend, in pursuit of one-upmanship.

Hardly a day went by without Pip and Dopey crying at least once. Not a single day went by without something being broken around the place during a running battle.

Patrick was, of course, the worst offender, but he was by no means alone. Peter Pratt showed he was not all that slow-witted when it can to dreaming up schemes to torment one of the other boys. Pip, on the other hand, was the world's worst tattletale, which normally earned him a thumping from one, or another, or both, of his brothers.

One minute they would be engaged in Armageddon with each other -- then, the next minute, they would be ganging up against Snowy, or Doc, or both, presenting an absurdly united front against a common enemy. Snowy, who was, as the reader will know, the very nicest of boys, incurred the wrath of the Pratt brothers when he accidentally hurt Peter in a wrestling bout. Consequently Snowy took himself off and spent most of his time reading. Doc had introduced him to the Harry Potter books and read them avidly, completing all four books in less than a week.

But all was not war at the lodge in the woods. At times there was unmitigated joy and at other times they experienced the heights of sexual bliss.

Even their sexual acts involved a degree of coercion, or at least being ladish about it. Wanking, sucking or rubbing off -- hardly ever did they show affection and the rougher they did it, the better they appeared to like it! At least in front of the other brothers! None of the boys wanted to be mistaken for being sissies! Behind the doors Dopey and Doc remained really tender lovers.

The relationships between the five inhabitants of the lodge were, at best, complex -- while Dopey and Doc were an item, it was Doc and Snowy that where the closest to each other, at least, intellectually. Patrick and Snowy had a relationship, based exclusively on mutual lust, while Pip sort of hero-worshipped Snowy, wondering behind him like a lost puppy.

The time was rapidly approaching when this pressure-cooker existence could no longer continue. The boys had been away from home and their parents and familiar things for too long.

It was Pip broke down first. On Friday morning he wondered in late for breakfast, still dressed in his pyjamas and the corners of his pretty mouth were turned down.

"I want me Daddy!" He wailed and pretty soon all four of the boys were in tears.

Doc needed to think quickly -- and he did!


"Snowy..." said Pip Pratt sleepily, "Snowy, it looks like someone `as been sleeping in me bed..." This was a rather odd observation, even from a very tired and sleepy little boy, Snowy thought it better to check. He walked over to look at the state of the little boy's bed. Sure enough, it did indeed look as though someone had been in Pip's bed.

"Pip are you sure you made your bed up this morning? Your didn't perhaps just leave it this way, did you?" asked the Blond eleven-year-old as he hugged Pip's naked shoulders.

"Well, that was along time ago..." Pip complained. Snowy had to admit that this was true -- the morning did seen to be a awfully long time ago.

After the rather unpleasant and weepy start to the day, Doc, in his wisdom, had decided to declare it a holiday and he took the boys out on a picnic in the woods. As the eighteenth century gamekeeper's lodge, which housed the Research Laboratory was located at the very edge of the Windsor Great Park, it was very easy for Doc to find a location for a day out. The woods provided lots of opportunity for the boisterous lads to work off their pent-up frustrations - running; climbing trees; playing games and, if the truth be told, a bit of naked hanky-panky in the woods too!

It was a very weary group of boys that started their return to the lodge as the evening shadows drew longer and ominous clouds closed in around them.

"Well, Pip, are you sure you made it up properly this morning?" The blond lad repeated his question, but, on reflection, he was rather certain the he had seen Pip making up his bed that morning just before they had left for their exciting, albeit tiring, day in the woods.

"But Snowy, who would be sleeping in me bed?" Whined Pip in his little boy voice.

Hearing the commotion from the communal room, Patrick wandered in, still naked and dripping wet from the shower. Doc and Dopey were still towelling their hair dry, as they followed the elder Pratt boy, to determine what was the source of all the excitement.

On Doc's orders, all of the lads had had a shower, as a rainstorm had broken during their return journey and they had all been covered, head to toe, in mud. A good shower and straight to bed was on the agenda.

"And who `as been sleepin' in me bed?" Asked Patrick, seeing that his bunk had also been messed up.

This time there was no mistaking it! Doc had personally supervised the making of Patrick's bed that morning -- something that the swaggering twelve-year-old resented having to make up his bed or, in fact, do anything he under orders.

An intruder had been in the lodge while they had been out!

Doc rushed off towards the control room, to see if there than been a break-in to steal his computer equipment or, worse yet, his valuable research material.

"Bet he is worried that someone has stolen his smelly old underpants collection." Joked Snowy, trying to make light of the situation as the boys rushed over to Snowy's normally immaculate bed and it too had been messed about as though a great big beast had rampaged about looking for somewhere to lay its weary head!

"I'm scared!" wailed Pip on the point of tears, but the truth was that all of the lads were more than a little nervous.

"Well I'm not bleedin' scared of anyfing let me at em! I'll fuckin' kill `em!" Patrick, of course, felt duty bound to show off his lack of fear of anything and so he put on a rather unconvincing macho performance.

"We had better go check the main bedroom..." said Dopey in his slow singsong voice.

"Well the control room and equipment have not been touched," said Doc an unmistakable tone of relief discernible in his voice. He rejoining the group as they approached the room he shared with Dopey. "You check in there and I well see if there are any intruders anywhere else on the property."

The boys rushed through to the main bedroom shared by Doc and Dopey while Doc rushed off in the opposite direction. Burglar hunting in the nude was just a little too exciting, as a few partial erections soon showed.

"Well some one `as been sleeping in Doc's bed too and there `e is!" Yelled Dopey at the top of his voice.

And sure enough on top of the covers lay the prone form of a large naked man!

Snowy looked at the figure with interest. The man was very muscular - with thick tree-trunk legs and a broad hairy back. He had been fast asleep and had been shocked-awake by the hullabaloo, and he turned angrily to confront the intruders. A familiar mass of jet-black curls covered both his head and his broad muscular chest. He was still struggling to focus his eyes on the group that had him surrounded, as he sat up. Then the confusion drained from his face and he called out joyously:

"`ello lads wot's this then? Bleeding Goldilocks and va three bears?"

"DADDY! DADDY!" exclaimed Pip recognising him at once.

"Pip, me little darling, come give yer old dad a big kiss!" The tiny boy launched his naked body at his father's prone form, locked him in a half nelson and covered his face with slobbery kisses. Dopey too, launched himself at his dad and the combined weight of an eight-year-old added to a happy six-year-old tot, nearly winded Pratt.

"Oh Daddy, Daddy we missed yer so much." Dopey was unable to hold back his tears.

"Oh me darling little boys!" Percy too was now crying openly. "'ow yer old dad `as missed yer all."

"Oh Daddy, Daddy we `ad such fun today..." Pip launched in to an apparently unstoppable monologue! Above the din and through his tear-misty eyes, Percy sought out who else was present. His appraising eye spotted the naked body of Snowy Whyte. God, the boy was lovely! Pratt stared hard at Snowy's cock and balls before meeting his eye once more before he spoke.

"Well, well if it ain't Goldilocks! 'ello Snowy me old mate." Percy shouted above the information-stream being noisily delivered by Pip. Snowy Whyte had the uncomfortable feeling that he had wandered into the wrong fairy tale!

"Hello Mr Pratt, and welcome back!" Said Snowy as he stepped closer to the bed and offered the man his small white hand to shake. "I must introduce you to Dr Yang here, he has been looking after all of us while you were away."

"Wotcha Doc, and thanks a lot for lookin' after me lads." Percy said with utmost sincerity. He wiped the tears from his cheeks with the back of a hand, which was momentarily not filed with squirmy naked sons. He shook Doc's hand so vigorously, that the naked Chinese man's soft cock shook up and down like a bamboo reed in a breeze.

Then Snowy spotted Patrick hanging back, watching the tableau being played out before him. Evidently, the twelve-year-old was admiring his father's large hairy cock and balls and Snowy almost gasped in disbelief when he noted that Patrick had his hands cupped demurely over his sexual organs. Could it be that Patrick Pratt, the lad who was normally happy to wag his shaft at anyone, was bashful because his dad had caught him in the buff?

Then Percy noticed his eldest son: "Pat! Patrick me lad!" Pratt reached out the free hand toward the hunky twelve-year-old, "come give yer old dad a big kiss!"

"'ello dad." Patrick said a bit shyly, "it is good ta see yer back!" He removed one hand from his balls, coyly ensuring that the other still had his goodies well and truly covered, and held this hand out for his father to shake. He was clearly sending out a message that he was too old, and too grown up, to kiss his Daddy as his little brothers had done.

Snowy watched with interest, as Percy Pratt gave Patrick a sly wink - all was well!


Snowy and Doc slip away, leaving the Pratt family alone together. A quick telephone call to Reverend Prim was all that it took for Doc to confirm the validity of Percy Pratt's story. The Vicar had, indeed, succeeded in getting the Chief Constable to quash all charges against Pratt.

"I am so very sorry if it startled you, Dr Yang," the old man stammered his profuse apologies, "but I did try calling but there was no reply. Also you don't seem to have one of the portable watchermercallits that everyone seems to have these days." The truth was that Doc did have mobile phone -- what self-respecting nerd did not have one strapped to his belt in a black leather pouch, however the net-coverage was so bad in the woods, that it was switched off most of the time.

"It was a dilemma, if I had sent him off to town he would have been drunk in the Admiral's Bum Boy within the hour. And of course, it was my Woman in Distress meeting today and I could not have Percy Pratt hanging around the Vicarage, as he has personally been the source of a lot of that distress!"

"Well I am sure it is great relief to some, if not all, that Percy Pratt is back. When can we expect to see Mrs. Pratt and the girls?" Doc continued as he and Snowy spoke to the Vicar on a speakerphone, something that Snowy had never done before.

"Ah yes... I suppose he wouldn't have told the boys about that yet..."

"Why? What is wrong Reverend Prim?" Asked Snowy, his pretty face clouding over.

"Well, my sweet Master Whyte, when the story came out about Percy and the photographs of him in flagrante delicto with that spotty youth in the Gent's Lavatory, Mrs. Pratt failed to see the humour in it and told Percy to get out!"

"Oh dear..." said Snowy "are they going to get divorced?" The word `divorce' often retained a sort of terror for a very young person, but in Snowy's case, he could think of one divorce he would love to see -- his own father divorcing that woman.

"Well, yes, that is the plan. In the mean time, Mrs Pratt and the girls are staying in Cumbria and Percy Pratt has the boys. I don't mind telling you getting Pratt his old job and the house back, took some fixing. That Percy Pratt certainly lives up to his own surname!" The old clergyman chortled at his own joke.

"Well Vicar, if someone can fix it, you are undoubtedly that person!" Said Doc with sincere admiration. The old gentleman stammered, spluttered and giggled like a blushing schoolgirl.

"Oh! One more thing, I believe I have sorted out someone to run the choir camping trip and I am going to invite all the Pratt lads to joint it, it will give Percy the chance to sort himself out, and get back to work."

"And what about me, Vicar?" Snowy asked hopefully. He longed to hear that the Vicar had persuaded his Father to ditch-the-bitch and get him back to his home in Columbine Dell.

"Well..." the Vicar said very kindly, "that is going to take a little longer to sort out, Snowy my dear, and right now you are safer where you are..." Snowy sighed a little sadly - it was the answer he had expected, but he had hoped... "I have arranged for your dad to be sent somewhere to make him well. Once he is back..."

The mood in the control room was sober after the call: Snowy sat reflecting on his dismal future; Doc pondered loosing Dopey as a constant sleeping-companion.

"So, it is just the two of us now, Snowy." said Doc. Then his face took on one of those inscrutable Chinese smiles, which Snowy had grown to love. "Well then, Goldilocks, shall we check up on the three little bears and Daddy bear?" He joked with a lecherous grin playing on his lips.

His young companion watched, as Dr Yang pressed several controls on the panel before him, causing the monitors to spring into life displaying images from a number of concealed cameras in his own bedroom!

"Wow!" said Snowy Whyte. "Spy cameras! That is wicked!"

Now, security or spy cameras may or may not be wicked, however, what the pair saw being transmitted by the series of camera, was the sort of activity that most people would call wicked! Really sinful and really wicked!

Snowy and Doc sat back, prepared to enjoy an evening of truly entertaining viewing!


"And then Snowy took me to va dentist and `e pulled out one of me front teef. Look, Daddy, look!" Pip pointed at the gap in his front row of teeth. Pip Pratt had wound his two little legs around his Daddy's thick upper thigh and he was very gently, almost imperceptibly, humping his dinky little cock against this dad's furry leg.

"Give Daddy a rest, will ya, Pip?" asked Dopey irritably. The middle son lay full length to the left of his naked dad and was playing with the dense mat of hair on his manly chest. But Pip had no intentions of stopping.

"...and then we met your mate, Felix. `e was ever so nice to us and `e let us play with `is willy too!" Pip rambled on not paying the slightest heed to the groans of embarrassment from his two brothers. His father gaped at the boy in growing stupefaction at the boys' range of sexual exploits, as recounted by his youngest son.

"Bloody `ell..." Said Percy Pratt no longer able to contain his amazement, it was pretty clear that he found these tales more than a little exciting! The burley married-man flexed his thick, hard, nine-incher. From where he lay, Dopey had an excellent side profile of the fat, plum-coloured cock-head, which flared-out like a large police helmet on top of a very solid policeman. Percy Pratt's cock looked enormous. While Sleepy's might have been far bigger, this was the first, fully adult, cock that Dopey had seen. He was dead jealous that Pip had played with his father's mate's cock. He rubbed his crotch reassuringly.

"Wow!" Dopey blurted out, a little too loud, as it drew his dad's attention to him and he spotted his son rubbing his little cock. For the first time, since he had bathed him as a baby, his middle-son's sexual organs confronted Percy Pratt.

Dopey's beautiful, two-inch, circumcised penis was sticking straight out from his lower belly. His scrotum was relaxed, the silky skin revealing the oval shapes of two very small testicles.

"It's a proper beauty, son..." his dad whispered softly in the boy's ear. Percy Pratt's right hand eased down his slender back and playfully grasped Dopey's firm buttocks.

"Look at mine, Daddy! Daddy, look at mine!" Pratt's attention drifted to the hardness that had been poking into his right thigh. Pip pulled away and showed off his cock and balls, hoping to earn his dad's admiration too!

The littlest Pratt lad on his right was irresistibly cuddly. Below a rather tubby belly his son's delicious, one-inch erection protruded. His little boy's bollocks revealed no sign of the two very small pea-sized balls held within -- it was a smooth rounded-shape not unlike a flesh-coloured plum.

"Fuck me! Now ain't vat a sight for sore eyes!" said his Daddy and the handsome married man rubbed his crotch lustily, causing Pip to squirm with pleasure.

In that split second Percy knew what was going to happen --there on Doc's bed he was at last going to have sex with his own sons!

Conscious of how much he loved sex and boys in particular, Pratt was astonished that it had not happened sooner. He had three very sexy little devils under his own roof -- he would never again need to seek boy-love in toilets again.

"Oh Doc `as been playing with Dopey's that ugly pee-pee of 'is day in and day out!" Pip blurted out then he made matters worse: "I fink they are going to `ave to get married soon!" Dopey felt his dad's body stiffening next to him, and his little heart sank. Pip had gone too far!

"What?" Percy was fuming. "Wot's vat fucking idiot been doin' to yer?" The thought of another man trespassing into those places that he hoped belonged to him alone, was infuriating. "Who let that wanker play wiv me lads!"

Dopey Pratt felt tears of shame and disappointment welling up in his eyes and he started to whimper softly.

"I'll bet `e can't fuckin' play for shit!" He said, trying to sound gruffly playful about it but Percy was fearful that his outburst would change his relationship with his middle son.

Percy Pratt realised he had, once more, lived up to his name! His selfish outburst had now made his lovely, if somewhat slow-witted, son cry. What a stupid bastard he was! Besides, the man had probably done him a favour by teaching his eight-year-old son to enjoy sex.

Dopey's hard-on had wilted in his distress and without saying a word, Percy Pratt rubbed it back to a full erection.

"Well, I'm glad it was nice an' sexy for you wiv Doc, Dopey me lad. I am sure 'e `ad fun doing it! An' you've got yer a really lovely cock, perfect for sexy wanking!" The boy was soon hard once more as Percy continued to fondle him. "And yer dad is great big prat for making yer cry! Do I gets to give yer another kiss to says I'm sorry, Dopey? Wot about it?"

Percy hugged him tighter, feeling an all-too-familiar urge growing in his crotch. Dopey pressed hard against his Daddy, rubbing his belly deliberately against his dad's hard phalus. Percy drew his son's mouth to his own, loving the feeling of the boy's hard sex pressing into his chest, as they kissed.

Father and son kissed deeply for several more minutes. Doc had clearly give the boy excellent instruction on how to tongue kiss, they began to explore each other's mouths, swapping tongues and spit, yet Percy managed to avoid contact with the metal orthodontic-fittings on Dopey's teeth. Percy clasped his buttocks with one hand, keeping them close together, and fondled the back of his neck with the other. From the way he was moving his body against Percy, the little lad was sexually aroused all right!

"Boys don't kiss." Said Pip authoritatively. Percy Pratt looked up at him quizzically.

"Yeah, vey do. But if yer don't `ave to snog wif me if yer don't want to." Percy said.

"No they don't!" Pip insisted stubbornly, "We all like doing all the other sexy stuff, but Pat don't like snogging! Tell `im, Pat!"

But Patrick was not saying anything! The normally bumptious, always-randy lad stood rooted to the spot, desperately trying to conceal his own erection from his father. In any other situation, Patrick would have yelled out that this kissing stuff was "dirty", however, he was apprehensive about his father's reaction. He decided that since it was his dad, and since Dopey had had worse things - including numerous cocks - in his mouth, that his dad's spit would not hurt him much.

Percy's fingers drifted down and squeezed the hard organ that throbbed in his son's crotch. This caused Dopey to squeal with undisguised pleasure. With his free hand, little Peter reached down to where he knew he would find dad's plump big balls and he gave them a well-practised squeeze.

"Daddy, you can touch me pee-pee too, you know?" Pip advised him between giggles. The littlest boy was kneeing on the bed, next to the smooching couple.

Still holding Dopey close to him in the crook of his left arm, Percy reached out to caress Pip's chest. Little Pip Pratt seemed to automatically raised his arms up, surrendering himself to his dad's hands, and stretching his chest until his ribs were like bands under the tight white skin.

As Percy Pratt's work-roughened hand moved higher up, it brushed into the humid softness of his son's armpits! Pip he plopped his tiny bottom on his dad's chest and splayed his legs wide on each side of his dad's head. His son's sexual organs confronted Percy Pratt! Pip was as neatly circumcised as his dad and both his older brothers.

"Now kiss it!" The six-year-old demanded, taunting his Daddy.

"Wot me kiss vat dirty little pee-pee?" His Daddy teased.

"I dare yer to kiss it!" An smile spread over the angelic face. There was no escaping it now!

Percy swallowed with difficulty - his throat had dried from lust. He was aroused to dizzying heights. Finally, he surrendered and stroked the tiny rosy glans with the tip of his tongue!

Pip purred happily, as his proud father ran the tip of his tongue along the spongy baby-urethra, beneath the soft skin of his beautiful pee-pee. Then Percy plunged down and sucked the boy's entire cock and balls into the wetness of his mouth! Pip was bucking his hips wildly now, riding his dad's shoulders like a saddle and using his Father's head as a saddle horn.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, Percy caught sight of the look of shocked dismay on his eldest son's face.

Reluctantly he released the six-year-old penis and confronted Patrick: "And wot's up wiv yer then, son?" Pratt asked his eldest son. "Cat got yer tongue?"

Patrick, a cocky twelve-year-old, with a quick wit and a wise-arse comment for every given situation remained silent today.

Patrick Pratt was descending through three levels of hell! On the one hand, he was a shot as the proverbial cat-on-a-tin-roof and would gladly kill right there and then to shoot his youthful load all over his younger bothers, and yet his dad was there with them! This was not only the man, who had helped give him life, but also the man he most admired in the entire world! The selfsame Percy Pratt who was commonly acknowledged as the worst skirt-chasing pussy-fucker in the greater Windsor area!

Worst of all, his dad was playing with his little brothers in the most disgusting way possible - the same way that Patrick frequently did! The struggle was killing him.

"It ain't right and it ain't normal!" Patrick blurted out. His dad was straight -- he had to be!

"Did yer say sommat?" Percy asked.

"I says vat it ain't right for a man to play wiv his son's willy like vat!"

"Oh yer a man now, I suppose?" Percy retorted. "And I suppose yer never done stuff wiv lads, have yer?"

"Why should I tell yer!" Patrick retorted angrily. Then, on reflection, he settled upon a partial confession: "Well ... we wank each other off quite a bit, I suppose ... But I'm still a lad -- its different for me!"

"Sounds great!" said Percy and his cock gave an appreciative throb. "An' who's we?"

"Lad's at school, Snowy Whyte, and me bruvers too, sometimes... depends on who's in va mood!" Rather cheekily, he added: "From wot I can see I'd bet you'd like to wank them off as well wouldn't yer Dad?"

"Maybe!" Dad looked at him rather seriously.

"Yer a poof! A bleedin' poof! Me dad is queer for 'is own lads!" Patrick's face was scarlet with shame and rage.

"Come here, son!" Apprehensively Patrick approached the bed his dad was sharing with his little brothers. He was horrified when he saw that his dad was fondling both of the boy's dicks and that both of his brothers were toying with their dad's big cock and balls.

Patrick Pratt was furious... and jealous!

"Come ta fink about it, I could do wiv a bit of a shag right now!" Said Percy Pratt.

"Vat's disgusting!" Spat Patrick, but he words lacked conviction.

"Now, son! You drop vat `and of yours! Wot yer got to hide, there? I am sure yer cock is not about to drop off!" Percy barked a command at his son.

Reluctantly, Patrick did as he was told. Percy lay back admiring his eldest son's handsome genitals. The few wispy black hairs were hard to spot but visible on his chubby pubic mound. Patrick's thick-for-his-age penis was really very lovely - his pubescent balls were fattening nicely and the exposed knob just begged to be caressed.

"Tell me Patrick, me ol' son, do yer knows wot fellatio is?"

With a wicked smirk, the twelve-year-old nodded: "Yeah ... `course I does! It's `aving yer cock sucked, like!

"An' `ave you ever done vat with yer chinas?" Percy asked. While he was more than content to resume playing with Pip's or Dopey's lovely penises, he was determined to somehow pop his son's judgmental bullshit-bubble.

"Oh Daddy, Daddy Patrick sucks willies but Dopey is va champ! Snowy says `e should be

in va Olympic team!" Once more, Pip caused the older lads to die a thousand deaths with his guileless confessions.

"Oh, in vat case I bet you'd love sucking on vat..." Percy remarked, pointing at Patrick's throbbing erection, which was now covered by a shining glaze-coat of pre-cum. Blushing furiously, Dopey Pratt nodded his agreement, and pecked his Daddy on his sandpaper-coarse cheek, but actually, the only cock Dopey could think of, was his father's!

"Yer knows wot, Patrick me son, yer making a big fuss about nuffink! Wot wiv calling yer ol' dad a poof, and all, but I fink yer cock is callin' yer a liar!"

"No! No!" Patrick shouted. "I ain't a queer like `im there!" he said pointing at Dopey, who was rubbing his penis rhythmically against their dad's thigh.

"Take it easy, Patrick, `e's just teasing you." Said Dopey in a rather more friendly way than his older brother deserved. Dopey was now doing an excellent job of wanking their dad, but he was seriously contemplating asking Daddy if he could have go at sucking it.

"Daddy? Daddy I don't understand..." said Pip in his little boy voice, "why is Patrick being nasty about queer people? After all he was fucking Doc up va bum, an' all! And that is wot queer daddies do to queer mommies, ain't it?"

"Well, well, well..." said Percy grinning in triumph, " is vat right me old' son?"

Patrick prayed that the earth would open up and consume him whole! "Can't yer keep yer fucking big trap shut?" he shouted at his little brother.

"Enough of vat straight-lad shit son. Sex is sex! A hole is hole! And yer as `orny as any of us! If yer man enough to fuck a bum, then yer man enough to take a cock up yer bum! Do yer know wot I mean?"

Patrick knew exactly what he meant, and this made the twelve-year-old very nervous! Was his dad mad enough with him to fuck him up the bum? Patrick definitely did not want to take his dad's massive cock up his bum.

"I ain't gonna let yer fuck me, Dad." Patrick said darkly. "But... err... I suppose I could like... suck yer..." Patrick wasn't sure if he even wanted to suck on his dad's cock, but if it kept him out of his virgin bottom hole, then he'd do it.

"Now come `ere son, yer can `ave a go at yer dad's bollocks. But don'tyer dare touch me cock! Yer `ave to earn that privilege first! Do yer `ear me?" Patrick nodded sullenly. This was so humiliating!

"If `e won't, I'd love to `elp yer out Daddy." Said Dopey his voice redolent with sincerity. Their dad lay on his back with an arm thrown over his head and Dopey lay with his head pressed against his side, where the pungency of his underarm overpowered him. The eight-year-old buried his nose in the hair of his armpit and breathed deeply. Dopey was in heaven! Dopey truly loved the smell of his dad's body!

But Patrick Pratt had been rude to his dad and insulted his brothers. The embarrassing chore of sucking his dad's balls was his -- like it or not!

"Go on then, Patrick, me ol' son, take a close up look, then!" Pratt demanded. Patrick quietly got between his legs and was intrigued by both the view and the scent of him. Getting down on his knees between his dad's manly thighs he moved his face close to his dad's equipment.

Patrick become aware of the special smell of a man's cock and balls when aroused - a rich earthy aroma - but now the boy became aware of a different aroma, one that was emanating from the crack of his dad's bum! Patrick inspected the hairs growing down into the dark crack of Percy's arse and continuing on past his bum-cheeks to cover his balls and legs.

Patrick found the scent of Percy Pratt was stronger now that his face was this close to his buttocks. It was male! It was heady! It was raw! Patrick was fascinated with it. The twelve-year-old lightly ran his fingers down the crack of the manly bum, feeling the hairs gently bristle against his fingers. The eldest of the Pratt sons began to gently stroke the cheeks of his dad's bottom.

Percy Pratt put his hand under his balls and pulled them forward -- offering them to his son. His nuts were fat, hanging loose and velvety-smooth, except for a bunch of wiry black hairs. Patrick Pratt cupped them in his hand and kissed his dad's scrotum, feeling the egg-shaped testicles move slightly under his lips. He suddenly realised how much he wanted to taste his dad's cock. Remembering what his Dad had said, he didn't dare touch it, so he contented himself with the parental balls. He inclined forward, and opened his mouth wide and took his dad's balls into his mouth, one at a time and started to caress them with his tongue. Then he returned his hands to his dad's firm manly arse and he started to squeeze and rub it.

Meanwhile, Dopey, his eight-year-old bother, looked up at his dad's baby-making dick and saw a glistening drop of pre-cum forming at the tip. He felt an overwhelming desire to take care of his Daddy's erection.

"Daddy, err... can I ..." Dopey had trouble getting the words out but, fortunately, Percy understood.

"Alright me son! But just lick the `ead to start, baby." Percy Pratt gave his middle son, the good news and offered him his nine-incher, which he had been slowly tossing off.

Dopey did as he was told and licked it as if it was a lollipop. Then, by stretching his mouth wide-open, he found that he could get the head into his mouth and started sucking on it.

"That's a good lad," Percy said softly. His middle son ran his fingers through his Daddy's black pubic hair. Dopey glanced up at Percy and the look on the little boy face told him how much he loved doing this for his Daddy.

The boy could not believe the excitement of sucking off his rough, labourer father. He was sucking the very same cock he used to shag their mom and give him four bothers and sisters. He took his mouth off it for a moment to stare at the shiny purple dick-head. The child put his thumb at the base of his old man' dick and milked out a long stream of clear pre-cum which he licked off with his tongue, then he allowed his lips to surround the cockhead.

Next, Dopey brushed the bottom of the cock across his lips, close to where his brother, Patrick, was working on their dad's balls. It smelled nice - not just the sweaty dick smell of a rough man, who works hard for a living, but also the faint smell of something nasty and dirty. There was even something slightly dangerous exiting about his dad.

"Yeah ... vat's nice, that is! Really good!" Percy Pratt moaned, then added: "Man, I can't believe me own kid, eight-fucking-years-old and givin' a great blowjob like a five-quid King Cross whore!"

Patrick, meanwhile, watched helplessly as Dopey got to suck their Daddy. The twelve-year-old had to content himself with moving his dad's two giant nuts around inside his mouth as he slowly let his fingers play around his Dad's hairy arse and thighs. Percy raked his finger through Patrick's hair he noted that his eldest son was looking closely at his dad's pubic bush.

"There, that's nice going, Patrick! Do yer like yer ol' dad's cock hairs?" He teased, but Patrick had trouble replying with a mouthful of paternal-gonads!

Percy ran the flat of his hands over his eldest son's chest and stomach and then tugged at his hard, boyish cock a few times and polished his son's face on that part of his cock that was not inside Dopey's mouth. Suddenly Percy realised that his middle son, whom he thought, could take no more than the head of his penis, had more than half of him inside of his mouth. Meanwhile, passively and according to instructions, the elder son squeezed his nut-sack with his lips. Releasing Percy's balls, Patrick Pratt started kissing his Daddy all over his dick and balls while he mumbled something incoherently.

Percy Pratt was living out a dream -- a darkly incestuous wet-dream! He recalled one of his wildest erotic fantasies - an imaginary scene in which he was wanking Patrick, while he sucked on Pip's little piddler and Peter sucked on his big, fatherly dong.

It took Percy only a few seconds to find Pip's penis once again. He sucked it deep into his mouth. He loved the taste and feel of the child's erection. Percy was beside himself as he sucked his youngest boy's penis. He had never dreamt he would be able to to suck such a very young child's penis.

"Suck it, Daddy!" Pip moaned at the sensation of his Father's hot mouth on his swollen little cock. "Suck it!" Pip whimpered. He wanted his dad to take all of it!

Sucking a little deeper, Percy found that he could take the boy's tiny testicles into his mouth as well. Percy was in heaven - his six-year-old son's genitals were deep in his mouth, and he sucked them as if they were the last sexual organs that he would ever see.

Little Pip moaned. Lacing his fingers behind his Father's neck, Pip force-feed his small organ to his Dad, riding the man's shoulders like a saddle. The tiny boy gripped his father's head, holding the man's face buried in his crotch, his pee-pee was buried down his Daddy's throat, and this was the greatest sensation he'd felt in his short life.

Percy Pratt was hornier than he had ever been, and he knew that he could not last long. His head was bobbing wildly up and down on the dinky erection, and he was lost in his own world of pleasure. It was a few minutes before he surfaced from his dream world sufficiently to realise that he was feeling awesome sensations in his own penis.

Dopey was sucking away at him with almost as much vigour as he was sucking his youngest son's penis. Percy Pratt's whimpers of pleasure spurred Dopey to try and make this suck even more exciting for him, and soon Percy could feel his cum begin to rise in his balls. He knew that he could not hold off much longer. He thought about stopping the boy, or warning him that he was about to cum, however, it seemed as if the boy could sense this, and instead of slowing down, he began sucking even harder and faster.

"Come on then Dad... spunk up for us, then!" Patrick breathed into his dad's ear, urging him on, quite unnecessarily. With just his lips on the head of Percy's erection, Dopey ran his tongue all around it, coaxing Percy to shoot into his mouth - that was all it took for Percy and this sent him over the edge.

Suddenly, it all seemed to happen at once! Percy Pratt could feel his six-year-old child climaxing inside his mouth. He thrust himself deep into Dopey's mouth, and he sensed the eight-year-old gagging and choking briefly, then with a groan that could be heard for miles, Percy came inside his boy's mouth!

Fearing that Dopey could not handle the cum, Percy thoughtfully attempted to pull his penis out from the boy's mouth, but the lad grabbed onto the shaft; held on to it; wrapped his tender lips back around his father's erection, and the boy started sucking once more.

Spurt after spurt, shot into the boy's mouth. Dopey no longer gagged. Percy heard the child swallow noisily several times, and he realised that the young boy was drinking down his load as he shot it into his mouth. Percy felt as if his entire soul was pouring out of his body into his child's mouth.

Long after their climaxes, Percy, Pip and Peter Pratt lay together still wrapped in a three-way embrace, their penises still resting in each other's mouth. None of them could speak yet, and none of them wanted to end the post-orgasmic bliss. Finally, his two boys broke away from Percy and he sat up. The father watched Pip's tiny fingers playfully milking a last drop of the man-cream from his still throbbing cock.

"Vat's nice Dad, but you've shot all over me face! I don't really care though, vat were proper fun!" Said Dopey, wiping his cum from his mouth with the back of his arm.

"Fucking great! That woz a really sexy show, Dad! Thanks!" Patrick, his oldest son, was wanking off excitedly; hot and horny from the family-sex he had just witnessed. The twelve-year-old grinned at Percy, then lay down next to him and snuggled up close to his dad. Percy wrapped his arms around the boy and caressed his back.

"Yeah! Well son, shall I do yer now? I will if yer wants..." Percy Pratt offered the eldest of his offspring.

"Dad?" Patrick Pratt stammered and blushed. But then, turning slightly, he allowed his boy's dick to brush against his dad's hand in a highly flirtatious manner!

"Cor Blimey! Vat feels very nice an' very hard! Can yer ol' dad wank yer off!"

Patrick shrugged: "Ok! But if yer wank me too much, I'll spunk up!"

"Cor, me own son shooting sperm! I gotta get me some of vat! Try and stop me!" Retorted Percy as he slid an arm round the boy and pulled Patrick Pratt's hand from his dick. Patrick's grin progressively disappeared, as he became lost in what his dad was doing.

Percy lowered his face to get a closer look at his eldest son's thick-for-his-age cock and chubby balls! They were wonderful! His finger traced the few wispy black hairs on his pubic mound, and he caressed the fat pubescent balls, then he took the cocky twelve-year-old boyhood between his fingers, moving to-and-fro slowly over the ridge of the very sensitive glans of his circumcised cock.

Patrick Pratt whimpered, as he became even more aroused. Soon he was making puppy dog-like sound from somewhere in his throat. That was when he felt his dad's work-roughed hand caress his bum! Patrick lifted his hips higher so that his dad's finger's movement was less restrained. Percy ran his fingers between the boy's buttocks, rubbed them up against his hole.

With his upward motion, Patrick's penis came within reach of his Daddy's mouth and the man licked it! Percy Pratt licked from his testicles all to way to the tip, before sinking down on it and taking it all the way into his mouth. Patrick needed no encouragement from his dad. His legs hooked behind his shoulders and his hips began to thrust forward instinctively, beginning a natural rhythm that had existed in him since he was born.

His dad's hands explored the smooth mounds of his son's bum until finally his hardened forefinger pushed its way into Patrick's tight pucker. The movement of Patrick's hips served to drive Percy's finger back and forth in his rectum as his penis pumped into his dad's mouth.

Patrick's penis barely reached to the back of his mouth and he used his tongue to force it against the roof of his mouth. Both of them breathed heavily, gasping for air, their bodies recklessly excited. They worked in depraved unison; his forefinger fucking into his son's bowel while the fingers of his other hand squeezed, his balls.

"Aah ... aah ... aah!" Patrick was quick off the mark - his moans of pleasure came as he reached his orgasm! As Percy sucked away, his cock jerked strongly and a thin jet of his watery sperm shot from it, most of is hitting the back of his throat.

As Patrick's cock gradually subsided, his dad stopped tossing it off and simply held it still.

"Well there yer `ave it then!" said Percy Pratt philosophically, as he sniffed the forefinger he had used to finger-fuck his eldest son, "Va family wot plays together, stays together! That is wot I always says!"


A row of ostentatious Victorian mansions was located on Heath Street, Windsor. They backed onto the River Thames and in earlier days they had been the habitation of large families of successful businessmen. Now, however, most of them had been converted into corporate offices.

The exception was number thirteen, a particularly muddled example of Victorian Gothic ornamentation, which would not have been out of place in a Hammer Horror Film. It had once been one of several homes of Lord Beth, the notorious corporate raider, who made and lost a fortune up in the City.

He had been only twenty years old when he pulled off the Banquo Corporation deal, using a dwindling family fortune to take control of a large business. The young aristocrat, known to his friends as "Mac" had seemed unstoppable. Then he met and married his wife who, word had it, was the brains and power behind the throne. There had been blood all over the corridors of power when he concluded hostile take-overs of the Glamis Group and Cawdor PLC. Asset stripping, staff redundancies and mega-profits followed.

In a spectacular manoeuvre, he destroyed the control of Duncan, the chairman of All Scotland PLC and set himself up as King of the take-over market. The Financial Times voted him as The Businessman of the Year.

"But then it all went wrong," said Miss Snodgrass to her friends, "Lady Beth, a very dear school friend of mine, told me that it was Dunstunain Forestry Group under Malcom, a young American corporate raider that ruined him. He shot himself and all my poor friend had left was this place on the river."

"Out! Out damned Spot!" The three friends tuned as one to watch the tall Lady Beth in her widow's-weeds, trying to chase a very playful looking Damnation dog out of the tea-room/restaurant, that now occupied the lower portion of her home.

Number thirteen Heath Street was now a tearoom and restaurant, specialising in what Lady Beth, the proprietor of Thunder Lightning & Rain, called `New Earth Cuisine'.

"Well my dears, have you managed to make a choice?" Said the elegant Lady Beth in her widow's-weeds, as she waited to take the luncheon orders, pad in hand and pen posed at the friends' table.

"The Hubble-Bubble Stew for me, please." Said Hyacinth Snodgrass.

"And I think I will go with the Toil-and-Trouble Selection." Chrysanthemum Whyte concluded and returned the parchment coloured menu.

"What is the `Cauldron of the day'?" enquired Poppy Baker.

"Oh, that is our special Bog Creature Chowder -- it is like Clam Chowder, but we substitute newts and blind-worms for the clams."

"Sounds excellent! I will have that with the Slug and Lettuce salad on the side." Said Poppy Baker. "My dear Mrs Whyte, since meeting you, my eyes have been opened. How could I abide all that plain cooking? I will never understand."

The three sat in the rather gothic tea-room and restaurant on Heath Street, the interior was Scottish baronial with a touch of the grotesque.

"And how are you getting on now without the job, Poppy?" asked the second Mrs. Whyte.

"Well I am certainly pleased to be free of the rectory and the Vicar." Poppy Baker grinned. "I am baking the cakes and puddings that Lady Beth serves here and it has been a great success.

"Marvellous!" said Miss Snodgrass. "You must let me have the ingredient list for that marble-cake I had here yesterday. I understand it is made with real marble-dust?"

"Yes indeed, a big hit, that cake! The Coven of Black Witches, that meets here every Wednesdays for tea-and-spell-swapping, loved it too!"

"And how are you getting on without your husband and the boy?" asked Hyacinth Snodgrass of Chrysanthemum Whyte.

"Oh perfectly well, thank you my dear." Mrs Whyte advised them. "Men are such a bind and as for the boy... well I suspect I have found the permanent solution."

"Permanent solution?" asked Poppy Baker her ears pricking up.

"Well, it was Madam Zelda in one of her few lucid moments. She gave me indispensable advice and that address of that electronics expert of yours, Hyacinth, was the cherry on top of the cake. I should have complete control of the Whyte family fortune soon enough, my dears! The boy is on his way out and the boy's father should be certified soon enough!"

"You are right there Chrysanthemum," said Hyacinth Snodgrass, "men and boys are worse than rodents. A plague one can do without."

"Well there is the sex..." said Poppy Baker a little nostalgically.

"Sex?" exclaims the social worker " Poppy, my dear, you should buy yourself a double-ended dildo, like mine, and join me on the next girl-guides camp! Now that is what I call sex!"

"Well, shall I propose a toast?" suggested the second Mrs. Whyte. The three weird sisters raised their Bloody Mary's, which Lady Beth told them contained a touch of real blood, and clinked their glasses: "To us and a life without the affliction of men and boys."


The meeting with Reverend Prim was merely a formality. Happy knew it and so did the Reverend Prim. Nevertheless they meet formally at his St Giles church, anyway.

"You come highly recommended" Reverend Prim smiled. "Two persons said you'd do very well".

Felix Jollybottom was a youngish looking twenty-something year old and the Vicar would have wondered why he, fit and strong, would have chosen to stand in for the absent choir-master, had he not known about the young man's special friendship with Sneezy.

"Well, I knows `bout Sneezy, like, But who could va other one be?" he asked.

"Ah, yes! Cedric Snotfinkel- a young boy from a problem background. Whereabouts of his father currently unknown, mother on and off the game, I'm afraid to say. I'm concerned, he's really a social-work case, but I'm trying it myself first. Of course he is always speaking of you so I would welcome your help, but you had better be aware that he has a Criminal record already for theft, so you'll need to keep your eye on him."

"Who? Yer don't mean me Cedric, do yer?" asked Felix incredulously.

"I am afraid so, Mr. Jollybottom." Said the Vicar in a low tone of voice. Cedric sat waiting for them outside the study and he had no desire that the boy would overhear them. In low tones the Vicar shared with the man what he knew about Cedric and asked of his help in dealing with the boy.

"Love, Mr Jollybottom". The Vicar looked at the young man. "Love is that he needs. Just love him."

Felix was silent for a long, long time. There might be a lot wrong with Cedric, but this did not make him love the boy one-ounce less!

"And you says vat another of va lads recommended me? Who was that?"

"Yes, you seem to have met a lot of people, or at least they know of you. Well Percy Pratt was lyrical about you, but I am not sure I can count on his recommendation, really. And then there was Snowy Whyte. I'm sure you'll recall him when you see him." Felix went a little pale around his throat unsure what Snowy might have said of him. "Then, I took the liberty to check with your employer." Reverend Prim offered and poured whiskeys for the two of them.

"Thanks!" Happy said as he took the drink, gratefully. "Yer do know I `ave not been to church much?"

"Mr Jollybottom, my congregation is shrinking and I am pleased that you have sufficient interest in the boys to share your time with them." Felix blushed under his freckles.

"Reverend Prim, I'm doing it for Sneezy... err Cedric. `e is special to me. I don't even know wot va other lads are like".

"A church needs a choir and little things like this camping trip is the way to keep them. Anyway, we have to take what we can get. As long as they can keep a tune, we use them! A lot of these boys are in the choir to get away from problems at home. It's an escape route for them. Your Sneezy has a voice like an angel, but you'd be surprised at what he does in his private moments." Felix's face turned from red to brilliant scarlet.

"Another fing, Reverend, I `ope you are not expecting me to run this trip like a bleedin' Sunday school. I'm no good moralising, preaching, praying and stuff. In fact, I am a person with me own problems, and can't see meself playing va role of priest".

Reverend Prim smiled. "Mr Jollybottom, these are young boys. Many are trapped in family situations that are a living torment. Some are trapped in young pubescent bodies, racked with lusts and desires. I think they face a private hell daily. What they need is someone to treat them like adults." He sipped at his whiskey.

"Vicar, I am beginnin' ta understand `ow come yer earned such loyalty among va lads." Felix Jollybottom smiled.

"Love, Mr Jollybottom," the old man repeated, "love is that they need. They have faced enough hostility in this life. A boy like Sneezy steels to get attention. The real culprits are his father, who did not care enough to stay to bring him up, and his mother who finds her god in the bottom of a gin bottle. Just love them, Mr Jollybottom, that's what they need."

Then the old man proceeded to discuss the boys in the group. It appeared that there were several not yet back from their holidays and some of the youngest were excluded. Billy Bunion, Jack Jerker, Damien Smyke these were all grown lads in their teens. So too were Fred Marley, a handsome Afro-Caribbean lad, and Jock Pringle, a thirteen-year-old lad from the Scottish highlands

Felix's ears pricked up as the Vicar discussed the ten-year-old Tweedle twins - Dee and Dumm - now they were defiantly interesting as they, too, were prepubescent, like Sneezy and Dopey Pratt.

"Besides the choir members a few outsiders will be going along for the trip, that is the Pratt boys and my nephew." It then appeared there were some boys from good homes, from whom he could expect few problems: Bashful, the Vicar's own nephew, and Sleepy, the son of the Regimental Sargent Major.

Happy was in a contemplative mood for a time -- he was still taking in what he had heard about Sneezy and he was uncertain what he was letting himself in for. With all these boys around he'd have to tell Sneezy that they would have to be on their best behaviour.

"Now if only my housekeeper had still been with me, I would have invited you and Cedric to stay for supper with me." The Vicar said apologetically. "Perhaps even spend the night..."

"Well, as it `appens I'm a bit of a wiz in va kitchen, Vicar, and if yer `ave some eggs, I saw some fresh `erbs in va garden and I can make us some omelettes if yer likes." Said Happy, perking up.


As his hands moved over Cedric's voluptuous chest the boy's tiny pale nipples hardened in excitement. Bending forward Felix Jollybottom sucked his lover's left nipple into his mouth, alternately sucking on it and nipping it gently with his teeth.

Cedric lay back on the comfortable double bed in the spare room of the Vicarage, shivered and moaned pulling Happy's head closer urging him to suck harder on the sensitive tip of his plump breast. Then Felix released the nipple and smiled at the boy

"I wants ta touch yer bum, Sneezy," Felix whispered as he continued to gently massage the little, now-taut scrotum, rolling his testicles back and forth between his fingers. "Is vat okay?"

" I suppose you are going to put yer pee-pee in me?" Sneezy asked curiously. "Ya can... if yer really wants." He offered stoically.

Felix smiled. "No Sneezy. I ain't gonna do vat to yer mate. Leastwise not now, anyway. But wot I does want is to kiss yer lovely bum, mate!"

Cedric nodded, giving his permission and Felix moved his right hand from his wobbly tits, over belly and down his hip, to join his left hand around to his buttocks. With infinite care, the man ran his finger lightly from the start of his crevice, downward to the loose, moist folds of skin where his little scrotum began. Felix barely touched the boy's flesh and yet he nearly came when his fingertip brushed against his anus. It was the first time Happy had touched him there.

"But vat's wot big men like yer wants wiv little boys like me -- aint it?" Sneezy didn't seem to mind as carefully, sensitively, Felix eased the ample, fat cheeks apart with his thumb and fingers and gently inserted his forefinger down into the deep, hot crevice.

"Not on yer life, mate! I just loves all of yer me little lovely jelly-belly!" Felix was wracked by a guilty feeling that he was intruding on the child's most private place, but there was a hot moistness in his crack that was totally unlike any other part of his perfect chubby body.

"I might be dirty back there, mate, " he responsed, "yer wants me to go wipe it first?"

"No, `course not. I'm sure yer clean, and it don't matter if yer not," Felix said kindly. His hand moved downward. Again his finger stroked the length of his bum crack and the thrill he felt from touching it made him shudder. Happy lifted his finger away and brought it to his nose. His friend giggled, as he smiled. The nine-year-old looked at him hopefully.

"Clean as they come, Sneezy." He grinned.

"Yer sure?" he asked anxiously. "I can go wipe me bum, if yer wants me to. I could even wash it," he offered

He shook his head. "No way, son. You're staying right `ere wiv me." To prove the point the man put the tip of his tainted finger in his mouth.

"Oh yuck! Yer gross an' disgusting!" Cedric Snotfinkel shrieked and then he began to laugh. It was infectious! Felix began to tickle the chubby lad, digging his fingers into the folds of little boy fat, until they were both laughing and giggling.

The twenty-two-year-old hand returned to Sneezy's bottom and this time the saliva-moistened finger probed a little harder. Felix felt the slight indentation of his anus. He rubbed the tiny, puckered hole lightly, not daring to push hard enough to penetrate him. He was perfectly content with caressing the minute wrinkles of the puckered entrance.

Once more Felix brought his finger back to his nose. A slight faecal aroma on lingered his finger. It was a boy's smell, Sneezy's smell, a fine, earthy odour. The boy beamed at him wickedly.

"Do yer want to lick it this time?" Happy teased the child.

"No way." Cedric squealed in mock disgust but he watched as the man returned it to his mouth, wetting it to the first joint then licking downward, moistening its full length.

Sneezy watched his in silent fascination. Felix rolled his beautiful chubby boy onto his back, then onto his side, so that he faced away from him. He knew what he must do next. With his finger coated in saliva, he began to press a fraction deeper, not hard enough to penetrate, but enough to burrow into the opening.

Like Cedric's little penis, his anus was a source of indescribable pleasure. He sighed and he shivered, then he wriggled back as a million nerve-endings responded.

Happy edged downward on the bed until his face was level with his cubby bum. Leaning forward and he prised his fat, soft cheeks apart and smelled the boy. Even close up, the aroma of residual faeces not unpleasant - it had a musk-like odour, reminiscent of bread dough.

He looked at the boy's glorious anus - it really was about the size of his thumb, and it was beautiful. It was perfectly shaped, unblemished by even the faintest trace of pubic hair, smooth and pinkish-brown. Felix Jollybottom burrowed his face into his fat-boy buttocks, his nose pressed into his tight boy-sized opening. His mouth was between his cheeks and his tongue caressed the beginning of his scrotum.

"ATTCHOO! Yer blowing up me bum," the child giggled.

"So?" Happy murmured. "Don't you like it, mate?"

"ATTCHOO! `course I likes it. It just feels funny - vat's all. Don't it smell bad?" He asked nervously.

"It smells nice," Felix admitted. But in spite of this confident reply, Felix felt afraid -- as the boy's smell was so intense in had overpowered any inhibitions he might have had! He went back to the dirty thing he knew he had to do! He returned to licking the crack from one end to the other, again and again until the entire cleft was wet with his saliva. The succulent taste of hot, fat, nine-year-old flesh drove the man wild.

The tip of the man's tongue hovered above his puckered hole, then he probed with a gentle assurance that made Sneezy gasp, then tremble with excitement. At first the childish body would not admit hispink tongue, but after a minute or two, it slipped inside him! It slid past the boy's tight, little sphincter withou t any difficulty, and the chubby lad was left with out a shadow of doubt that the sanctity of his virgin anus was, slowly but surely, being violated.

"Ohhhh! Vat feels nice." He whimpered as he shivered with delight and turning around, he looked over his shoulder at the red-haired man. Cedric was suddenly shocked as he realised what Felix was doing to his bottom. "Oh.. err... Felix, ain't vat dirty?" His voice was tinged with embarrassment.

But Felix Jollybottom had his mouth too full of chubby-boy bottom to reply. He never took his mouth away from Sneezy's anal opening. By now the nine-year-old found that something had awoken in his chubby body, and was taking charge of events. The boy whimpered in delight and his plump legs trembled and twitched. His little anus desired more of the adult tongue and his sphincter relaxed and loosened, allowing his tongue to advance relentlessly. Felix's tongue, wriggled and stabbed into the loose, soft hole as he tried desperately to get just a little bit further in and reach his immature, little prostate.

Cedric's penis was now so hard that its short shaft was rigid and unyielding. Even though Felix was in an awkward position - his hand trapped under the boy's weight -- he took the chubby kid's swollen little penis in hand. Running his fingers up and down, then working the long foreskin back and forth over the sensitive, bulbous head and driving the child wild in the process, the man started to roll the tiny head between his thumb and first finger, almost as if he wished to twist it off. The buxom child shuddered, puffed, and began to hump into his fingers. It was easy to tell that Sneezy liked it.

Happy came up for air - he pulled his face away from the saliva-slick crack, immediately replacing his tongue with his forefinger, sliding it into the boy's rectum and pressing back into his fleshy belly aiming at where he thought his prostate was. The child's anus already weakened and loose, did not resist. His finger made it in, up to the second joint, in one thrust.

"Bloody `ell wot woz vat?" Cedric convulsed as Felix hit the target on the first attempt! The lad yelped in surprised and then as Felix began to stab his finger at his prostate, he suddenly added: "Ohhhh! Vat's so good!" A few seconds later he was gasping for air and whimpering as his little-boy orgasm peaked and he let out a squeal of gratification.

Sneezy come down from his ecstasy. Behind him Felix drew the chubby body close to him. The boy's plump back pressed against his heavy ball sac and the man's ginger-red bush crushed, then tickled, against his soft skin.

"Well, me ol' china, it seems like yer liked vat, huh?" The man teased as he licked his neck and shoulders, then nibbled on his large jug-ears.

"Oy! Bloody `ell Happy, mate vat tickles!" The fat boy yelled, then giggled and grinned like a little devil. "Yer beeldin' killin' me! Yeah, I like it! Will yer keep doing it wiv yer finger, please? It made me come over all queer when yer was doing vat."

"If that's what yer wants, Sneezy'? Is it better than me tongue?" The man asked playfully. Very gently Felix resumed propelling his finger back and forth inside his quivering anus as Cedric pressed his buttocks back against the manly finger inside him.

"No, no... I likes yer tongue up me bum too, but yer finger feels great, 'specially when yer rub it just inside. Yeah! Vats it... right there!" Felix partially extracted his finger, halting immediately behind the lining of the boy's rectum then he pressed it resolutely into the prostate and began to rub it. "Ohhh! Shit! That feels great...Right there...."

"Brilliant, ain't it!" Felix responded.

Sneezy's young body began to shudder again, right on the very edge of another orgasm. He convulsed with a sudden, painful spasm. As with all really young boys, it passed in seconds but his lover sensed that the boy was eager for more, as his bottom thrust back at the adult finger. Felix let his finger push further into him. He wondered how far the boy would go.

That was when Felix's finger hit it! He had made contact with something firm yet yielding! The boy's stool's soft texture gave way and the tip of his finger plunged into the tip of the boy's poop. Far from making him feel ill, it somehow turned the man on even more!

Unaware of this close encounter of a lavatory kind, Sneezy tried to look at the man over his shoulder: "Happy, ain't it dirty to do it wiv your tongue? Can't ya get sick from me poop, like?" Cedric asked nervously after regaining control over his breathing.

"Maybe, but I want to do it... `long as yer like it.."

"But poop is dirty.... I don't want to make yer sick or somefing." He said hesitantly.

"Nah! Stop fretting mate!" Felix reassured him. He lay the plump boy on his back and kneeled between his splayed legs, keeping his finger in the boy's wondrous hole.

"What are you going to do now?" he whispered. "Are you going to put `im up me bum now?" His voice showed an instinctive fear of the unknown and caution about the risk of pain.

Felix knew that it would probably never be easier for him to take the lad's virginity. He was nine years old and he was as aroused as any teenager. Cedric Snotfinkel was as ready for sex as he would ever be. His own penis was throbbing and pulsing with anticipation. It would be so easy to lift his chubby legs up to his shoulders, part his buttocks and guide his penis forward into the loose hole until they were joined as one.

"No," he whispered in the fat boy's ear. "Not now, not yet. Yer not ready for vat stuff, mate. Besides I `aven't finished wiv me finger, or me tongue, for that matter."

The nine-year-old nodded, visibly relieved. He was scared that the pain would be terrible and he was apprehensive of taking that final step that would confirm that he was gay.

"I can't believe `ow `ot it is inside yer," Felix whispered as felt the pressure building in his testicles, the familiar painful pressure that signalled his approaching orgasm. "It's like a little oven in `ere, mate."

Sadly, Felix started to extract his finger from the boy's bum but as it popped from the child's anus, Cedric moaned in disappointment. He was having none of it!

Cedric trust his hand between his podgy legs, playfully squeezed the man's big hairy bollocks as he by-passed them, then he captured the man's forefinger as if it were a naughty runaway puppy. His plump hand guided the man's forefinger up his valley then he slipped it smoothly into his dilated opening. Sneezy sighed as he propelled the man's finger into his rectum, slowly running it around his now-loose, little opening, and then twisting and pressing it back onto his prostate.

Within less than a minute, Cedric's legs were taut and his plump chest was heaving with each struggling breath, he gasped and trembled, as yet another orgasm built from deep inside him! After only a minute more he was bucking wildly and his heart was pounding in an erratic frenzy. After already having two orgasms in only a few minutes, the nine-year-old boy went on to show his lover that he could have one dry climax after another. In a way Felix was surprised that he had to work so hard for the third one, but when it came it was the most phenomenal orgasm the child had ever had.

Inside the boy's bowel Felix felt a sudden looseness and a slipperiness that hadn't been there before. The tautness of his once-puckered hole had vanished completely -- he was nicely loosened up and strands of rectal mucus coated his finger and lubricated his hole enabling him to finger-fuck into him harder and deeper. Cedric didn't stop pushing back on his probing finger, until his freckled knuckles were squashed into the chubby bum-crack and his adult finger could go no further!

Felix continued working his finger in and out of Sneezy's clutching, sloppy, little anus and it was some minutes before he realised that the anal mucus had also dislodged the small brown stool in the boy's rectum! It had slipped down the cavity and now coated his fingers, the boy's anus, and was smudged over his the widespread bum-cheeks.

The nine-year-old shrieked! The combined stimulation from his anus and his baby testicles was driving him to the brink of losing consciousness. Worse yet, the terrified boy suddenly realised with he was abandoning control over his bodily functions.

Then his bladder muscle failed! Felix groaned with lust as the chubby boy's urine leaked out in abrupt little squirts, as if he was trying to ejaculate, and then started to dribble onto the bed.

The man had to have it! He had to suck the boy's cock while he pissed!

He swooped upon it as if he was the eagle and Cedric's throbbing, little cock was a worm. Felix sucked until his mouth filled with boy pee and he had to drink it down. When he pulled away, the child's rigid penis slapped noisily on his loveable wobbly belly and the remaining piss trickled out onto his body. With his thighs lifted high, Cedric's pee ran downward, following the creases in his ample tummy, to his belly button, filling it quickly with the clear boy-pee. The urine-river flowed down his chest, between his fat breasts until it reached his neck where it ran either side of his double chin and dribbled down onto the bedding.

The child wanted the experience to go on forever - he wished to die like this. It was also more than a man could stand.

Felix's own penis was stiffer and bigger than it had been, even when he was a teenager. His scrotum was tightened right up and his testicles ached painfully, demanding to release their juice all over Sneezy. Felix could still taste the sweet-and-sour of boy pee in his mouth and the spectacle of the boy pissing on himself drove him over the edge!

It took him only two strokes with his shit-smeared fingers, before his penis emptied his seed all over the beautiful chubby body.

Cedric Snotfinkel's body glistened and shone as the light from the bedside-lamp in the Rectory guest room, picked out the lakes of boy pee interspersed with white islands of man cum.


In a state of near ecstasy, the Reverend Prim mopped his forehead with a large white handkerchief and polished the sweats from his red-flushed face. He was breathing heavily and his legs were threatening to give in under his considerable bulk. Trembling, he leaned against the wall that separated his study from the bedroom of the adjoining guest suit. He wondered if this form of physical exertion was good or bad for his ageing heart. Whatever its medical consequences, it had been a wonderful experience in every way.

The Reverend Prim had seen enough. With shacking fingers he replaced the slot that covered the spy hole into the guestroom next-door. Only the most observant of occupants would have spotted the eyes in the rather stern portrait of a former Vicar of St Giles, could be replaced by human eyes! However, the two occupants of the double bed had noticed nothing for they had been otherwise occupied!

The omelette and garden salad that Mr. Jollybottom had made for their dinner had been memorable. The Vicar found himself wondering how the Bishop and the parish council might react to a proposal that Felix Jollybottom replace Mrs. Baker as housekeeper at St Giles. As he was male, he could call him his butler. That would seem more appropriate. Yes indeed -- Jollybottom, the butler, sounded very good indeed -- it had a ring to it!

Then Felix could have Cedric, his little plum-pudding, stay over whenever he liked. In fact, he thought that he would let Jollybottom take over the guest suite, rather than Mrs. Baker old room - that way The Vicar would certainly give his circulatory system a lot of exercise. Ands so what is little Cedric made bit of a mess on the bed - he the Vicar of St Giles was happy to clean it up!

Then Reverend Prim looked down at the limp thing in his right hand and pondered the messy task of cleaning up his own mess!


A strange thing happened on Saturday morning. Well, "strange" is a relative term - it depends on your definition of the word -- not many people would consider it "normal" living or working in an establishment where athletic men and boys came to wank off in the name of science. Some would call Dr. Lon Yang's reproductive studies, on men and boys of above average athletic physique, serious science - Doc and Snowy Whyte called it serious fun.

But to return to the issue, Doc thought it was strange and so did Snowy. A woman called Doc from Reading University, saying that it had come to the attention of the University Authorities that he had a number of children resident on University property.

Expecting that this was a prelude to a reprimand, Doc braced himself! But the reprimand did not come, instead, the woman went on to explain that the University's Industrial Design Unit had come up with a new range of electric toothbrushes for children and they were looking for volunteers to try them out.

Now, clearly, the information was bit out of date, as the Pratt boys had left with their dad, but Snowy was still there and Doc knew that the one thing that his little blond guest missed more than anything, was his electric toothbrush!

It seemed sensible to agree to help with the test, after all, there was nothing to loose and Snowy would get a free toothbrush out of it.

And so it was that Professor Von Scheissenhoffen from the University's Industrial Design Unit arrived late that afternoon. He was a very curious looking fellow - big and fat, with an abnormally large chest and an odd bushy black beard. He peered out at the world through small, but very black, dark-glasses.

"Und dis is our new prototype. It is eine remarkable piece of precision engineering. Ja!" The Professor's voice was even more odd than his appearance -- it had a high-pitched tone with a strong German accent. "Und dis is ze range of colours we have developed."

As electric toothbrushes go, it was fairly ordinary looking to Snowy and Doc. It was difficult to imagine why the university should be investing in something so mundane. Another thing, they had big chunky handles that made these toothbrushes seem clumsy. However, the colours, were bright and cheerful and rather nice. Snowy picked up one of the appliances - a very bright blue one. It was rather heavy, but otherwise acceptable. He turned it on and it whirred away. Then, he pressed the bristly end to the palm of his hand and it felt rather agreeable. All in all, it seemed like a pretty good trade -- a free toothbrush if he would fill in a questionnaire after using it for a week.

"We call it ze Electro-Toothy Mark III," said Professor Von Scheissenhoffen rather proudly in his funny high-pitched voice. " Do you not think it is wunderbar?"

"Oh yes it is okay." Said Snowy rather non-committal.

At that moment the ringing of the doorbell interrupted the discussion. Professor Von Scheissenhoffen from the University's Industrial Design Unit was so startled that it looked, as if a hornet had strung him on his ample bottom.

"Oh that will be my 16.30 appointment." Said Doc. He excused himself and told Snowy to join him in the control room when he was completed his the section and had seen the Professor on his way.

Alone with the professor, Snowy took his time to study the odd German academic more carefully. There was something awfully familiar about him, but Snowy could simply not put his pretty little finger on it.

Then Snowy spotted it - the familiar thing about the man - his dad had an old suit that looked very much like Von Scheissenhoffen's! While his dad had the good sense not to wear it any longer, and this silly man was wearing a similar suit that was just all wrong for him. The length was far too long, yet it was far too tight over his overdeveloped chest.

The man continued: "Und you are a lucky, leedle boy because I haf wiz me eine special version! Ein brand new Disney version! Zis is ze Electro-Toothy Mark III flagship - ze Electro-Toothy Mark III -- Bambi-Baby!"

With a flourish the odd man produced another model. It was shaped the same as the others but it boasted a bright translucent blue, plastic outer-cover that showed the intricate electronics inside. To top it off it bore a wonderful Bambi transfer!

"Wow!" was all Snowy could utter. It was love at first sight between boy and toothbrush!


Now that the Pratt lads had left the Research Laboratory, Snowy Whyte was permitted to rejoin Doc in the control room. By the time Snowy arrived, Dr. Yang's 16.30 appointment had arrived, and everything was set up and the bright young academic was seated behind the one-way mirror twiddling knobs.

"Come on in Snowy," said Dr. Lon Yang to the fair-haired lad as he hesitating at the door of the control room. The young Chinese academic, in his black-rimmed glasses with thick-lenses, was slight of build and he had that stooped-shouldered, bookish look that marked him out as a true nerd!

Not since `Boots' Stryker, the East-European footballer, had unwittingly given Grumpy a memorable birthday show, had Snowy observed one of Doc's little `experiments'. "I think you will enjoy this." Doc called the excited boy over to join him. "Did the Professor get away safely?" he asked absentmindedly while he tweaked with controls on the panel.

"Oh yes thank you Doc," said our hero politely, "and I got a very special one, only, the battery is flat, so I plugged it in to charge it up."

"Well that's good" said Doc more interested in getting a good picture on the monitor than Snowy's information. Then he added: "Now, come and see what I have here..."

Snowy approached the one-way mirror and peering into the small white painted test room: "But... but there are two of them!" He said a little startled. Seated on the bench were two lads in their early teens. Two! Normally there was only one lad at a time. Even more oddly, they were attired in white bow ties, stuffed white shirts and black tailcoats. They looked exactly like twin headwaiters.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Doc gave a wicked giggle and the light from the screen flashed across his nerdy spectacles. "Snowy, meet the Hon. Harry and the Hon. Horatio Hyde-Basset!" He said, very pleased at the little trick he had played on his handsome little friend. "The Hon. Harry is fourteen and on the left, the Hon. Horatio is fifteen years old and on the right! They are brothers and aristocratics!"

It took Snowy a few moments to realise that this `headwaiter' apparel was actually the school uniform of an Eton schoolboy! Eton, it must be said, is not only the small town separated from Windsor by the breadth of the river Thames, but it is also the name of an exclusive school, of the same name. This school was renowned for its high school-fees; odd uniforms; and upper-crust students. More recently, Eton had become renowned, due to the presence of the British Royal Princes.

"Oh err... " Said Snowy, "I thought that you'd have had enough of brothers by now..." as he thought back to the recently departed boisterous Pratt lads.

"Well yes, there is that..." said Doc a little sadly, "but life must go on, and I think the Hyde-Bassets want to get their sticky aristocratic hands on our wank mags! Oh, by the way, they are both excellent rowers in their school's coxless six rowing team."

"Oh err..." Said Snowy, not liking the sound of this one little bit, "does that mean it's a team of six boys who don't have any cocks?"

"No silly, a `cox' is the man the sets the tempo for rowers to stroke properly!" Doc informed him.

Feeling a bit foolish Snowy leaned forward to watch the Hon. Harry strip off his tailcoat, struggle with his bow tie and finally make his way out of the stiff-collared shirt, revealing his smooth, hairless torso that tapered down to a very narrow waist. There was an extraordinary contrast between the lad's face and his body. His face was soft, chinless and aristocratic -- almost effeminate -- while his body was hard and athletic for so young a teenager.

"Is this some kind of Sperm bank?" Asked the younger of the two, in his plumy voice. Snowy thankful for the ingenious way Doc had rigged this up things so that they could not only see the lads tossing off, and record the image on digital media for later enjoyment, but they could hear what they had to say as well! It was a voyeur's paradise!

"Oh goodness, no" said the older Hyde-Basset, "this chap want's DNA samples for research, but, I say, he does have rather spiffing good wank magazines!" It seemed that the Hon. Harry had listened to Dr. Yang's scripted speech, which explained that the volunteer was required to deposit his sperm in a beaker, and leave behind his underwear, from which Doc could harvest DNA specimens. He was now holding his cock in both hands under his school trousers.

They both had these stupid-looking, faces above receding chins, yet their young bodies were of the type you would expect in mature youths, many years their elder.

Doc had placed a pile of `tits and slits' magazine between the Hon. Harry and the Hon. Horatio and one of these lay open. The young teenagers glanced at it from time to time, as they started undoing their pants. Harry slid his trousers off completely and sat staring at the intimate outline of his younger brother's semi-hard cock behind the pouch of his jockstrap.

The Hon. Horatio, on the other hand, took his time. Snowy couldn't tell if it was shyness or a desire to gawk at Harry, which caused his hesitation. Horatio was manipulating himself through the fly of his school trousers, alternating glancing between the magazine and the progress of his brother's disrobing, but he was in no hurry to strip naked himself.

"Golly, will you look at that!" Horatio Hyde-Basset yelped over the speaker, but it was not clear to the two voyeurs whether he was referring to one of the fleshy females in the Playboy or his brother. Harry stood in his briefs and socks, pretending to be interested in the magazine. Doc and Snowy smirked at each other knowingly. The lad's cock was just a little fatter than usual for a softie and the sexual tension between the brothers was electric, for all their efforts at acting nonchalant.

With a flourish, the Hon. Harry finished peeling his jockstrap off and now stood stark naked next to his older brother.

Now, it wasn't that Harry Hyde-Basset was particularly well hung, but whenever his cock took it in its head to fill with blood, it did so with remarkable speed and fanfare, usually pumping up to full hard-on in three or four pulsing bobs! But, by the time his insignificant cock-tip had completed its ascent to the vertical a few seconds later, Horatio was gawking at it, and the magazine was forgotten.

The Hon. Harry had discovered, early on, that by contracting certain muscles he could make his cock bounce at will and so Harry bounced it at Horatio.

"Oh I say..." The older of the two lad's managed to say breathlessly as he stared at his younger brother's fine longish cock, furry from early puberty and his smooth balls. Harry was uncut and he clearly had a slim but slightly longer than average cock. The younger aristocrat had no way of knowing that he was also making his cock dance for an appreciative Snowy and Doc beyond the glass!

"Doc... err... do you think that we can..." Snowy's cock was a throbbing pole in his jeans - the fabric swelling around his eleven-year-old penis and his hand was plucking feverishly at his crotch, while his keen eye scanned the youth from his bulging calves to his head of long brown hair and gentle hazel eyes. These sexy aristocrats were getting the two observers very horny indeed.

"Shall we toss off, together?" Dr. Yang asked gently. "Why, Snowy Whyte, it could be the highlight of my day."

"Oh I say, my Jockstrap is rather wiffy." The two observers heard Harry confess to his brother, and he held it up to his face and breathed in deeply as if he needed further confirmation of his suspicions. A pulsing thick vein ran down the length of Harry Hyde-Basset's willy.

"Oh...Err!" Snowy exclaimed. Seeing the young teen doing something so rude made him very, very horny.

"I suppose mine is too, do want a sniff?" the Hon. Horatio confessed to his brother, clearly they understood each other's secret lusts. Horatio tossed the Playboy aside and made room for his brother to sit beside him on the bench.

No sooner had Harry sat down than Horatio, almost reluctantly, started undressing and finally stepped out of his school trousers, his back toward the observers behind the one way mirror.

While Harry was almost hairless, his year-older brother was very hairy indeed. This much was clear when Horatio struggled out of his school-trousers and tugged them down to his thighs, revealing a form-embracing elegant jockstrap. The tightly packed chest and stomach muscles where covered in short but abundant bodily hair. Horatio's cock was still in his jockstrap but it wasn't lonesome; both his hands were keeping it company.

"Oh good," said Doc with an inscrutable Chinese grin, "two jockstraps well I will have something to sniff in bed tonight." What a funny, little oriental-pervert he was, thought Snowy Whyte. `Loveable' and `naughty' was a winning combination in Snowy's book.

"Oh I say! He really is awfully hairy..." Said Snowy, watching Harry's downy bum. Bums didn't usually turn Snowy on but the Hon. Harry's did. His bum was so pale against his tanned legs and back; it was as if he were wearing some translucent swimsuit. When he turned around, he revealed a slim, uncut cock of modest length that stuck straight out from his brownish pubic hair like a fleshy, quivering lollypop. He resumed his seat next to the Hon. Harry and they leaned against each other, like lovers well versed in each other's bodies. Horatio closed his eyes and four hands explored his hairy body from knees to navel.

The Hon. Harry give his Dong a lusty tug! The two brothers sat side-by-side directly facing the observers. This was great, as it afforded them a wonderful view of the naked rowers.

Horatio Hyde-Basset, was even more hairy under his jock -- from tumble of lush hairy-undergrowth, a pulsing, thick-veined erection peeked out at the world. Horatio, a dry cock in each of his hands, tossed them off simultaneously, both until Harry's knob started to leak precum and he allowed his younger brother to take over for himself.

Harry's hand hadn't left Horatio's cock, nor Harry's his. Horatio concentrated on milking some pre-seminal fluid out of his younger brother, but nothing came. Surprising the voyeurs with his familiarity, Horatio threw a hairy leg over Harry's and nestled his cheek against his broad hairless chest and he pecked at his armpit with his lips. Harry began palming Horatio's hairy belly and the inside of his furry thigh with his spare hand.

"Oh goodness," said Snowy, as he and his older Chinese companion, were now groping their own crotches, "I didn't expect such uppercrust boys to go at it this eagerly. I think they do this regularly!" Doc grinned in agreement and settled back in the swivel chair to watch the pair as he vigorously worked his lovely ivory-coloured boner.

Doc said: "I'd liked it even more if I had one to hold as well." Doc drew the blond boy toward him, placed his hand round the beautiful preteen cock and started to move his foreskin up and down. "I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it wasn't a compulsory subject at that type of school." Joked Doc. " Image them taking their examinations in mutual masturbation."

"Imagine the two Princes taking theirs..." Snowy grinned.

"Now there is a thought!" said Doc. Then his warm hands moved to the boy's back, as he cupped Snowy's bottom cheeks.

Over the speakers, they could both hear the smacking of Harry's assault on his Horatio's hairy cock. They loved watching the younger lad's rhythmic arm movements and his bother's regular tightening and relaxing of his thigh muscles as he built up steam. Then, the Hon. Harry slowed down his flogging of the Hon. Horatio's cock, allowing him to trade hands and to wipe some of his excess precum onto his bother's cockhead.

Horatio's hand on Harry's cock was picking up speed, too. His roving palm made Harry shudder every time it passed over one of his erect nipples. Harry started to pitch and moan accompanied by agitated breathless panting.

"As Pater said to Mater: Stand back when I cum dear, unless you are in need of a shower," Horatio 's wisecrack very nearly broke his concentration - but thanks to Harry's determined, uninterrupted assault, he quickly regained it. "Oh, I say, I'm about to cum!" Horatio howled, with his eyes shut and his thighs pumping in and out like an aristocratic two-stroke engine.

"Oh jolly hockey-sticks!" Harry Hyde-Basset yelped, as his brother's cock sprang in his hand, its entire six inches throbbing like crazy. But Harry clearly had other ideas for his brother than having him blow his upper-class load right then! Harry slowed right down, with his cock in his hand he was stroking it slowly, lightly, barely holding it at all. He looked Horatio in the eye, as if trying to read his thoughts.

"I say, you are a dab hand at wanking, Harry." Horatio complimented him on his technique, but he was a little uncomfortable with constant eye contact with his brother.

"Well, I had a rather good teacher." Harry cupped Horatio's bollocks. A wide smile spread over the older lad's chinless face as he grasped the hand that encircled his shaft to show his bother the pressure and speed he preferred.

"I say. Come here and stand in front of me, like this!" Harry suggested to Horatio, adopting a friendly tone. Horatio surrendered his cock to his smiling younger brother.

The Hon. Harry suddenly wanted to kiss his brother in the worst way. Slipping off the bench, he knelt on the floor between his older brother's knees and commenced slow-wanking him, employing a rather good underhand technique. The fourteen-year-old's dextrous, but rather stubby, fingers somehow made his cock look even fatter than it really was. That was when Horatio saw Harry's head move forward!

The hairy fifteen-year-old watched his younger brother's lips curl inward, forming a pink love-tunnel and presently, half his cock disappeared into his mouth! On contact, the Hon. Horatio felt his cum near boiling point. Horatio knew he wouldn't be able to enjoy much of this. The haughty face was fixed in a tormented expression - his eyes clamped shut, so that the sight of the Hon. Harry's face pressed to his crotch wouldn't push him over the edge too soon. But the image's was burned indelibly on his consciousness.

"Well, well, well!" Doc called out in surprise at this turn in events. "Upper-class cock-sucker in action! What would the Windsor Witness make of this?" The younger Hyde-Basset swirled his tongue around his bother's glans before diving down attempting to swallow the entire six inches.

Reeling from the heat around his organ, the Hon. Horatio rolled his head from side to side in a vain attempt to release some of his pent-up energy. Horatio felt the humid breath exhaled from his brother's nostrils warm his crotch on every plunging downward stroke. Purring his own enjoyment into his brother's pubic patch, Harry regularly impaled himself on his brother's prick, his hands roamed over the furry chest and thighs.

Finally, he grabbed Horatio by the balls and tugged on them, hard and that caused the fifteen-year-old to start losing control before Harry even got a decent sucking rhythm established.

"My God! I don't believe our luck!" Said Doc behind the glass, as Snowy took his blood-engorged Chinese cock between his short fingers and started tugging at it firmly.

Horatio felt his cock swell and he grabbed the back of his brother's head and involuntarily fucked his face. Harry gagged on his first couple of blasts, but as Horatio eased off the jabbing, Harry took the rest of his load, contentedly tonguing the rumpled collar, that his retracted foreskin made behind the ridge of his glans.

Back in Voyeurs Paradise, Lon Yang, the seventeen-and-a-half-year-old "wunderkind", was astonished that somehow he had managed not to squirt his own juices, but he was grunting and groaning like a wounded animal, as Snowy polished his cock with his tiny hand.

Horatio' face had a contented look about it. When the Hon. Harry finally stood up, he came up wanking but Horatio couldn't see him pumping very well, as he was having trouble focusing his eyes, but he knew he just HAD to see his young brother shoot.

Harry, it appeared, did not need to work very hard for his climax, as he swayed between Horatio's splayed hairy knees, grinning at him with cum-washed lips and tossing-off like a maniac. For an instant it looked as if he might be offering his cock, in case Horatio wanted to return the favour, but the awfulness of what they had done and the thought that that Doc was around somewhere made their straight-boy fear of being discovered take charge.

That was when Horatio realised just how well thought out this had been! Harry had the two glass beakers close at hand. Most of the first blast sailed past Horatio's balls-squeezing hand, into a glass beaker in Harry's right hand, then he thrust this first beaker into Horatio's free hand and rapidly grabbed the second glass beaker. Harry Hyde-Basset tightened his body like a taught watch spring, as the second and subsequent jets of cum squirted into the second container!

The blasts eventually diminished and near the end of his climax, one nice warm squirt caught Horatio across the wrist where it hung like a slim, wet bracelet.

Suddenly, behind the glass of the control room, Doc gasped and out shot a load of white stuff while Doc's hand still gently masturbated his little blond friend. Then the Doc and Snowy overheard the discussion inside the test room:

"Well now, there is no way that Dr. Yang fellow can tell that this is one load not two!" Said Harry in an unabashed way, he inspected the load in each of the glass-beakers, sniffed them, then grinned down at his rather shocked looking older brother.

"Topping good show, brother! He will have trouble getting at my load, unless he plans to give you a stomach pump!" Laughing raucously the aristocratic brothers dressed, taking care not to replace their jockstraps, which they now had to surrender to medical science along with two helpings of healthy Eton-rower's cum, shot from one young cock!


It was a very tired but very happy Snowy Whyte that eventually left the control room of the Laboratory that night, after enjoying numerous dry orgasms.

He and Doc had - watched video clips of Doc's subjects; sniffed sweaty boy's underwear; wanked; sucked; and flipped through Doc's, collection of pornography for hours.

Snowy's electric toothbrush, with the cute Jungle Book transfers, stood waiting for him on the shelf in the communal bathroom. There had been plenty of time to charge it up and he was looking forward to the comfort of using an electric toothbrush one more.

He made his barefoot way to the bathroom and reached up for the brush. It really was a lovely colour and the transfer was very cute. Pity it was bit thick and chunky, but then he giggled a little when he thought it was about the same thickness as Sleepy's cock when it was hard! With this rather naughty thought, he turned the Electro-Toothy Mark III -- Bambi-Baby over in his hand.

Snowy was certain the manufactures were on to a good thing -- and he, lucky boy, had the privilege of trying out the new prototype!

He turned it on and heard a whining buzzing sound -- it was almost musical. The odd thing was that the bristles were not vibrating the way they had on the model he had tried earlier.

Odd that! Professor Von Scheissenhoffen was pretty clever to have come up with this winner but he was not certain that it worked. Well, Snowy thought, perhaps it would kick in when it was pressed to his teeth, it was after all a prototype - and prototypes had problems!

Teething-problems he giggled joyously!

None too concerned, he raised the whining apparatus to his mouth and pressed the Electro-Toothy Mark III -- Bambi-Baby to his pretty pearly white teeth!

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