WARNING: This ADULT fiction contains sexual accounts between boys





by Graham Day

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Authors note:

  1. This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys and/or men and boys so if this is not to your tastes, please leave now. If you are under age, or if it is illegal in your state or country to read or possess material like this then it is in your own interest to leave now.
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  5. This story is a parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by the brothers Grimm, which is in the public domain, and is in now way associated with any property of the Disney Corporation.
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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.





170 miles; 17 packed sandwiches; 16 hamburgers; 15 bags of potato crisps in assorted flavours; 14 painful bottoms; 12 Mars Bars; 11 bags of boiled sweets; 10 litres of cola; 9 long, long hours; 8 less serious arguments; 7 serious arguments; 6 incidents of punching or kicking; 5 scheduled stops at Services to stretch legs; 4 unscheduled stops to relive pressure on young bladders; 3 deviations due to road works; 2 unscheduled stop for Pip to puke on the side of the road; 1 unscheduled stops to ask for directions, and the groups were there!

The late summer shadows had long since lengthened toward night when they reached "The Woods", as the church owned campsite was known. They were to camp at the foot of a hill bordering onto the Peak Districts National Park and the campsite was there to satisfy the needs of groups such as the St Giles choir.

The transporter paused while Grumpy opened the padlocked gate, then rumbled its way toward the fully equipped kitchen, dining room and ablution blocks where it stopped. There was also a single bungalow, which the Vicar and Felix had agreed should be used by Doc and Snowy when the arrived during the course of the Monday.

Felix indicated the weary and rather grumpy boys to follow him to the buildings once they had piled out of the transporter, where the acting youth leader got the group organised. Percy Pratt managed the unloading of the truck, and when this was done, Felix saw Percy Pratt on his way back to Windsor, where the tried man had to report for work the following morning.

Felix noticed the Tweedle twins hanging back nervously and put his arm around Dumm's shoulders. "'Ave you lads been away from `ome before?" he asked. Dee shook his head and smiled weakly.

"No, but we are looking forward to this adventure."

"That's the spirit me lads!"

"Thank you Mr Jollybottom." Said Dumm Tweedle as he hugged the young man around the waist.

Teams erected two tents a good distance apart from each other: one very large brown one, the other smaller and blue. Cedric and Fred were charged with kitchen duty -- soup that needed re-heating and sandwiches.

By the time the meal was ready, it was well past ten o'clock. The group paused expectantly before eating. Sleepy, who was sitting at his elbow had a whispered suggestion for Felix. "Ask Sneezy to sing grace, Sir." Said the lanky teenager in his rather creepy servile way.

Felix, unfamiliar with the habits of churchgoers, followed the suggestion. The boys bowed their heads and closed their eyes. Sneezy stood up and began singing; his lover possessed a brilliant and spine-chilling boy-soprano voice. Felix stared at him as if he were seeing him for the first time. Their eyes met, and then the fleshy nine-year-old moved his hand deliberately down to where his pale shorts pinched up tight across his plump thighs, then onwards to his crotch. He squeezed his boyish cock with the palm of his hand, then pulled it forward, causing its hard-swelling outline stand out prominently, as he held the high note of the Amen.

Felix felt his blood run cold. Had the other boys seen this overtly sexual display? Why had Cedric deliberately defied his request to keep it cool and be discreet in front of the others?

After supper and washing up, Sleepy suggested a sing-a-long. Around about 11.00, Grumpy proposed they go to bed. Some of the youngsters suggested that after the rigors of the journey, that they would like a shower before bed. But by this time Felix Jollybottom was no where to be seen, having earlier retied, exhausted, to one of the tents.


The boy was the first to arrive in the communal ablution facilities in the campgrounds and he stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked at his reflection. All the while on truck he had been aching for the soothing realise that only the sting of a shower could produce.

Unfortunately, it was not the only physical desire that had been disturbing him. Another, much more troublesome one, had been tormenting him and this one would not relent!

Osbert Prim had vowed never to do it again! Well, at least not with Damien Smyke! Not with him - that offensive, that unpredictable yob! He had now adopted the outward appearance of a Punk just to annoy Osbert and to embarrass his mother, who had, after all, been good enough to take him into their home. Now, that that particular avenue of escape had been exhausted, he would have to find someone else with whom to do it!

He peeled off clothing until he stood in only T-shirt, socks and Y-fronts. The full-length mirror showed a lean fifteen-year-old, in wire-rimmed glasses. Dark rings, the result of lack of sleep, encircled his eyes. He drew the disorderly hair out of his face and pulled it back hard, as if he had a ponytail.

Looking down at the underwear he saw his penis, aroused and rampant, forming a ball near the top of his jockeys' pouch. It was relentless! His hand slipped under his T-shirt caressing his boyish chest, tweaking hardened nipples, panting at the feelings stirring in his body.

He thought back fondly to how he had discovered the joys of sex at the tender hands of Snowy Whyte. The blond boy had been spellbound by the changes to Osbert's body - the fussy soft hair on his legs, a few sparse ones under his arms and of course, those meagre but precious, blond pubic hairs. The blond child would play with his penis and scrotum in those seemingly far off, innocent-days, - it was all mysterious and new and very, very exciting.

It was only later that he had discovered the foul and forbidden joys that his bum offered!

Osbert's left hand snaked their way into his underpants and he drew the smelly Y-front briefs around his ankles. He stripped off the last of his clothing and standing there, naked, before the mirror, he looked at himself. The lower half of his body was now unmistakably that of a teenager. His firm legs and bum were well developed, even his upper body, no longer had its former sunken chest and potbelly, and Osbert no longer had a young boy's body.

His left hand loosely held the length of his five-and-a-half-inch member - should he jerk it? Could it wait `till he found a partner? As the thought through his options, he lazily began to pump his hand; he began to stroke himself, working at the hardness, milking it slowly.

But Osbert Prim knew it was futile: he would have to have something up his arse if he were to cum! His body seemed to only truly come alive, when he had a finger, a dildo or, better yet, a cock up his arsehole. It was Smyke that had helped him to accept that it was part of his sexuality to penetrate and stimulate his anus. The two of them would finger fuck each other, while wanking or sucking. First it had been only he and Smyke that had used each other's bottoms, later they had tricked both Jack Jerker and Billy Bunion from the St Giles' choir, into joining them. Osbert Prim could really use one, or another, or both of them up his hole!

Prim's hole had been inching the whole day as he fantasised about one of his fellow campers fucking him stupid! God, he had even been fantasising about that cute Tweedle child penetrating his shit-hole! What a pervert he had become!

Bashful Prim watched himself carefully in the mirror; he smiled. The decision had already been made - Osbert Prim had a plan! He walked towards the showers.


When Jack Jerker arrived at the communal ablution block, he saw Osbert Prim was already under a jet of hot steaming water. Six showerheads were mounted on single, ceiling-mounted chrome pole, which hung above a tiled area large enough to accommodate a group of six to eight men or boys at a time. Jerker paused in the doorway, considering whether he should turn around and escape to the tent without showering or wait for the others.

The fourteen-year-old was going though one of his frequent we-should-not-be-doing-this-it-is-for-queers periods and he was dead nervous of being caught alone in the shower by either Prim or Smyke.

Fortunately, Osbert had his back to the entrance and he had just applied soap to his face, he was, therefore, blissfully unaware to Jack's furtive examination of his naked body.

Jack pinched his eyes closed and fled to the secure cover of a concrete pillar, which hid him from the view of, that worst sort of sexual predators, Bashful Prim! If only the infernal queer had showered in his swimsuit, this would have saved poor Jack the indignity of seeing his flaccid penis bounced pleasantly, as he scrubbed his face with his hands.

It had all started off innocently enough. Jack and Billy Bunion were not known as the terrible twins for nothing - they were inseparable and did everything together. Doing everything together inevitably extended to matters sexual and choir members often spotted Jack and Billy pulling on their growing pee-pees under their cassocks during the sermon. Then, on one occasion, he and his mate nipped off into the broom closet for a quick wank after service. The two boys had developed this into a delightful and regular twice-weekly habit. They laughed when they speculated that the Vicar of St Giles was personally cleaning up their streams of creamy teen-sperm from the walls after their Sunday encounters, as the walls were always clean when they returned for an encore in the broom cupboard.

Then, after one of the Thursday rehearsals, Damien Smyke caught the two fourteen-year-old choirboys nipping off into the vestry broom-closet, for a bit of recreational sexual activity! Knowing his violent reputation, Bunion and Jerker were sensible enough to know not to deny Smyke anything that he wanted.

Soon Osbert, Smyke's friend, was joining in the wank sessions. Then Smyke had suggested sucking cocks. Finally, the two mates had been introduced to the dirty joys of anal sex!

Billy and Jack had, at first, been nervous that the sanctity of their virgin holes might be at risk of being invaded, but this fear proved wholly unfounded. Both Osbert and Damien were the enthusiastic, but passive, recipients of the teenager's cocks up their bums, and they never once suggested the two mates return the favour.

Billy, with his devil-may-care-attitude and his reckless sexuality, did not suffer the way Jack did! He could fuck Smyke's bum one minute, then chat-up the girls at the bus stop, the next!

Smyke and Prim pursued the twosome relentlessly; they could not seem to get enough! Billy though it was an easy way of getting no-commitments sex, but Jack Jerker had had enough! The two homo's would have to find someone else to do it! He, Jack Jerker, was not a queer! He did not want to do it! The dirty thing! That dammed accursed thing!

But why was he such a lily-livered chicken? When Billy was not around, Jack would miss choir practice - anything to stay out of their clutches. And so, dear reader, this was why Jack stood behind the pillar, concealed from the view of the youth under the showerhead. He hated himself for being too much of a coward to confront the pervert alone. He prayed for someone else to join him. Feelings of self-loathing washed over, making him dizzy.

What tormented the Jack Jerker most, were the dirty feelings, which he seemed incapable of dismissing from his mind. When following the younger boys at choir practice, or during a service, he found himself examining the buttocks of the boy in front of him, or a he would spot a boy's bum, flexing in his shorts while he played. He would feast his eyes on the boy's bum, his cock would rise and throb in his underwear and Jack would find himself caressing the boy's bottom in his daydreams then, pressing his erection to the hole in the boy's bum and then he would fuck the lad silly! He was obsessed with boys' bottoms and he prayed no one would uncover his guilty secret.

His fantasies were foul, loathsome and outrageous exciting. The problem was not that he was afraid of having sex with another boy. NO! He was afraid that he liked it too much!

"I am becoming a dirty queer, know wot I mean?" The confused teenager groaned to himself. More than anything, Jack wanted to leap out from behind the pillar, strip-off his clothing, part Osbert's buttocks and plunge into his pinkish hole!

Then, thankfully, he heard some horseplay breaking-out at the entrance to the shower block.

The door flew open and banged loudly. He heard the tramp of heavy boots, laughter and shouts, then the smart snapping of a towel making contact with a bum, echoed off the tiled walls.

"I'll fucking kill yer, Bunion!" Patrick Pratt yelled, his breaking-voice changing key in mid-sentence.

"You fucking won't, you Wally." Billy was whipping Pratt's arse with a towel.

"I fucking will! I'm gonna kill that geezer!" Patrick said to Jack, as the lads passed the pillar that had given him sanctuary. Now there was no way on earth that you might call Billy Bunion good-looking, with his acne and close-set eyes, but right then, he was the most beautiful thing Jack Jerker had seen in his entire life.


"Fuck off!" Patrick yelped.

Jack thanked the good Lord for his mate's entrance, and then he prayed he would make it through this shower without getting an erection. However, Jack had the vaguely uneasy feeling that Osbert Prim had been watching his every move, even when he had been out of sight. There was a tension in the air, which was, unmistakably, sexual.


Dumm Tweedle was in a real quandary - on the one hand he ought to be with his brother, Dee. After all, he was always with his brother, but he desperately wanted to be with Osbert Prim, the handsome Anorak who had sat next to him on the truck. Besides, if he made friends with the older lad, perhaps he would let Dumm try on his trusty anorak! That possibility settled the debate in the boy's mind. He had heard that Osbert was planning to take a shower and if that was what Osbert was going to do; that was what he, Dumm Tweedle, was going to do as well! Showering at eleven o'clock at night with the big boys. What would his mother say? Was there no end to the excitement of this trip?

Dumm arrived at the ablution block seconds before Patrick Pratt and Billy Bunion. Jack Jerker was already there, looking as if he was waiting for something or someone. High-pitched boyish voices and darker-toned adolescent voices echoed sharply from the tiled walls and floor, and near naked young bodies scurried in and out of his view. Dumm's ten-year-old heart quickened as his eyes darted furtively from one forbidden thrill to another and his keen senses registered these scenes with relish. After this glorious week at camp, tales of seeing other lads naked and specifics of what their willies looked like could provide Dee and Dumm hours of material for discussion, once they were back in the safe, but boring, confines of Tweedle Hall in Windsor.

Out of the corner of his eye, the ten-year-old caught sight of Osbert under the showers. Dumm felt his heart sinking. Now that he was faced with the prospect of showering with Osbert Prim, Billy Bunion and the others, Dumm felt his small prick beginning to inflate, and he knew he had no hope of stopping it. It climbed steadily, rising in pulses with every heartbeat until it stood out, full and firm. He somehow managed to conceal this while walking to the shower block, but his slightly tight, new blue-jeans were not as forgiving as his Sunday clothes and his stiff cock made a small but discernible bulge, which he prayed the other lads would fail to notice.

As the four boys made their noisy way towards the showers, they stripped off and started leaving a trail of clothing as they went. Dumm made a quick decision to stop off in the toilets, to see if he could better adjust his disgraceful erection. He stood at the smelly urinal, pretending to piss, bending his hard three-and-a-half-inch rod up against his belly and trying to hold it there with the elastic of his underpants. Suddenly a taller figure stepped up to the next urinal. It was Billy Bunion.

"Alright, Dumm?" The fourteen-year-old greeted him, astonishingly, getting his name right. He looked Dumm in the eyes and seemed very thoughtful. "Didn't expect ta see you `ere at this time of night." He smiled, then seemed to reach a decision and leaning forward, he whispered conspiratorially: "Look at this, then." So saying, Billy lowered the front of his shorts to reveal a fine six-inch cock! It appeared fully erect, angling up Billy Bunion's thin belly and extending almost up toward his navel. Dumm had, until now, only heard that big boys had pubic hair and he had only dreamt about seeing a grown boy's cock for himself.

Dumm's mouth went dry and a rather pathetic, "wow!" was all he succeeded in saying. Dumm found himself gazing in awe at the teenager's sparse, black pubic-bush. He had never seen a cock that big on anyone.

"Well? `Ave you seen any like it?" Billy Bunion sniggered nervously, glancing over his shoulder to be sure the coast remained clear. Dumm could only shake his head rather wistfully; his eyes still locked on an excellent prick. This was scary, yet thrilling.

"Are ya gonna let me see yours, then, lad?" Dumm obediently lowered the front of his jeans, allowing his three-and-a-half-inch prong to spring forth. Billy locked his close-set black eyes on the child's cock. It was painfully thin but had a mushroom shaped head that was far larger than the shaft, giving the boy's hairless tool the impression of greater thickness.

"Cor! Nice one mate!" Billy Bunion spoke very softly: "Blimey, me cock don't `alf turn you on, mate?" A broad smile creased his ugly pockmarked face. "Tell yer wot mate, if yer hang about `ere for a spell, yer can do some catching up on yer sex education!" In his astonishment, Dumm forgot to say thank you for the offered tutorial help, but if there had ever been any doubt Dumm spending time in the shower block that night, this offer of extra-lessons rather sealed the deal.

"Well, I better get back to va lads. We should get together alone sometime, then you can look at it for as long as you like." Billy Bunion said, and flushed the urinal as if it sealed their agreement. Reluctantly, he gave his dong a final tug, ripped his baggy shorts off entirely, and Billy stepped out of the urinal area.

"Ok lads, move yer smelly arses out of va way and make room for a real big cock!" He yelled.

"Says who?" Patrick Pratt hooted. "Bet yer never even see a big cock, crater-face!"

Dumm just stood there a moment, his stiff young cock jutting toward the urinal as he listed to boisterous prattle from under the shower. He earnestly wanted to wank, but he didn't dare, if he lingered any longer his hero would be out of the showers. He did his best to arrange his tool, but ended up with a bulge anyway, and hurried toward the shower.

"Oh my!" Dumm gasped as he halted in his tracks. Osbert Prim stood there under the shower: head back, eyes closed, legs wide open, water running down his smooth chest and across his belly, and water pouring off the end of his three-inch soft uncut cock in a stream. In fact, Dumm's Anorak hero looked like one of those fountains with the bronze boy pissing.

"Why does he have to stand under the shower like that?" Dumm asked himself silently, then he felt it: it was getting stiff again! To make matters worse, Billy Bunion was under the showerhead next to Osbert, untroubled that the others could see his hard cock! Worse yet, Billy was staring right at Patrick Pratt who sported half an erection! Even Jack Jerker had rather timidly stepped under the stinging spray, but he seemed to be at pains to keep a distance between himself and Osbert.

Dumm watched Billy Bunion shower. Billy Bunion wasn't the cutest of the naked boys, but he had seemed very friendly at the urinal -- and after his encounter with Cedric in the bedroom at the Vicarage, Dumm was now very curious about things sexual. Billy had his back to Dumm, but soon turned to reveal his six-inch standing up proudly for all to see, and a loose ball sack swinging below. Dumm stared as Billy Bunion calmly soaped his long, slim torso, putting on a bit of a show for Dumm and the other boys whom, he knew, were all watching.

It was all happening too fast for poor Dumm Tweedle! Yesterday he had never worn a pair of jean - today he was stripping them, off not caring if the boys saw his cock was as hard as Billy's. Just this morning he had touched another boys' cock - now he was about to shower with a group of twelve to fifteen year old boys, at least one of which was rock hard.

Billy Bunion glanced around slyly, making eye contact with Dumm, he winked and flashed his jaunty smile. He ran a handful of liquid soap across his chest, making his boyish muscles glisten like an oiled bodybuilder. His nipples were pointedly erect, and he casually toyed with one as his hand passed it by. The tall lad took another fresh handful of soap and lathered it between his hands, then placed both palms against his flat belly just below the navel and began to slide the stuff toward his crotch. Dumm glanced nervously at the other boys, and saw that they were equally enchanted by Billy Bunion's show. Then he saw Billy Bunion's lathered hands reach the six-inch hard-on and begin to sheath it in liquid soap.

The twin shifted his focus to Patrick, Dopey's older brother. Dumm gaped at the ladish, naked boy; he detected an animal-like attractiveness about the twelve-year-old. He longed to touch the sculpted roundness of Patrick's perfect bottom; the pointed tiny nipples; the hollow of the twelve-year-old lad's hairless underarm; and the few cock-hairs that had been plastered to his fine, loose-hanging boy's testicles by running water.

Dumm was too lost in his trance-like state to notice a smirking Bunion nod to Jack, Osbert and Patrick. The trio turned and, admired Dumm's small, hard penis with its interesting bulbous head - the voyeur was himself being wickedly leered at. "Horny little blighter, ain't he?" Billy joked with his mates, and then he took a liberal amount of liquid soap and began soaping his acne-covered face.

The interlude of mutual admiration, in this intoxicating realm of nudity and excitement, was abruptly ended when the water supply was tuned off! It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over the festivities.

"Oy!" Billy Bunion yelled, discovering he was unable to rinse the soap from his eyes. "Turn va bleedin' water back on Jerker, yer pillock! This ain't funny!"

"It ain't me!" Jack protested his innocence.

"Fuck you, Pratt, you stupid prat!" Snapped Billy, as he shifted his suspicions to Patrick. The soap was beginning to sting his eyes.

"I didn't do it, you stupid bumhole!" The younger lad said and he smacked Billy bum as if to prove it. What Dumm could see, and the soap covered lads could not, was that Osbert Prim had left the shower and was tinkering around with a large brass wheel which Dumm Tweedle presumed controlled the water supply.

"Well, who woz it then?" The poor half blinded boy whimpered.

It is a scientific fact that teenaged boys are not known for impeccable personal hygiene. This was true of Jack and Patrick, who simply abandoned their showers, and moved into the changing area.

Once Jack was safely out of harms way, it seemed like fun to bait his mate so he yelled: "And besides, it is kind of funny seeing yer blinded by va soap."

"Wait until I get yer, Jerker!" Billy squeaked he was clearly in pain but, somehow, this seemed to make it even funnier for Jack and Patrick. Dumm, who knew exactly how cruel boys could be, took pity on him, snatched the youth's towel and ran to the dripping lad.

"Here, Billy." Dumm said, pressing the towel into his hands. "Here's a towel for your face. I hope it helps." A groan of disapproval for his rescue issued from the other lads.

"Thanks, mate," Billy said with real gratitude. Billy wiped the soap out of his eyes and then loudly said: "At least SOMEBODY around `ere ain't a bleeding pillock!"

"Why don't you fuckin' marry him, Bunion?" somebody said.

"Hey!" called out Patrick in his strange half-broken voice. "Where is Prim?"

"Err... All the showers are off, Billy, there... err... must be... something wrong. " The ten-year-old would have said anything to protect his hero. But Dumm's voice betrayed him and he found himself blushing.

"Yeah! Right!" Billy sneered. "Where is va bastard?" His eyes drilled into the blushing boy's, and in spite of himself, Dumm's eyes strayed involuntarily towards his hero's place of hiding, next to the water-valve.

Then, it all occurred so quickly, that Dumm hardly had time to yell out: "Run, Osbert, run!"

The culprit found his legs knocked out from under him, and he hit the ablution-block floor with a thud. Immediately a heavy weight landed on him whacking the breath from his body.

"Hey guys, I caught vat cocksucker wot turned off va water." The nerdy teenager heard Billy shouting behind him, as he tried to catch his breath. Even on a good day, Osbert could not have made a get away, for while Billy might have been a choirboy, he was also a brown belt in martial arts. In seconds Bashful's arms were pulled roughly behind his back. Osbert started trying to whimper apologies but Billy pulled his arms back so hard, he thought they were going to come out of the socket. He was terrified and fighting back his tears when the rest of the group sauntered up.

"W-w-what are we going to d-do to him?" Jack asked nervously. "He needs to be taught a lesson, know wot I mean?" He added displaying a good deal more courage than he had earlier on. Getting even with Osbert Prim was a exceptionally enticing proposition.

Keeping up his firm grip, Billy got off Bashful and jerked him to his knees. Tears of pain, embarrassment, and fear welled up in his pale, short-sighted eyes. When he had dreamed-up his scheme, Bashful had not expected that it would hurt quiet as much. He dropped his eyes to Billy's penis; it was a pity he did not have his glasses so he could see it better, but it was pretty evident it had shrivelled. This, too, had not been part of Osbert's plot!

"Oy, queer, what do you fink we should do to punish yer, know wot I mean?" Asked Jack Jerker, the self-appointed interrogator.

"Please just let me go." Jack grasped a handful of Osbert's hair and jerked his head back so that he looked up into his rat-like eyes. The other boys, still all nude, gathered around.

"Not bloody likely!" Jerker's dark eyes derided him.

"Why not just let me go?" Osbert Prim asked with quivering lips.

"'Cause I fuckin' said so, yer little cunt." Jack released his hair and his head dropped forward. "We ought to beat yer to a pulp, yer little fairy, know wot I mean?"

"I promise not to do it again."

"We are going to make bleedin' sure of vat." Billy said. Then in a whispered voice, he had a question for Jack: "What do you want to do?"

"I dunno." The more aggressive, but more sexually coy, of the two mates confessed.

"Well, I reckon I'm gonna `ave to dream up somefing. `Ow is this as a deal?" Billy leaned over and whispered an explanation in Jack's ear.

"No way!" Jack yelped. A hissing whispered exchange between the two followed.

Then, Bashful caught sight of Patrick Pratt! He had not met him before today and even with out his glasses, he was rather delighted with what he saw. As his myopic eyes panned down the rough lad's body, he noticed his circumcised cock was half-hard! A few wispy black hairs were hard to spot, but visible on his twelve-year-old pubic mound.

"No way!" Jack kept barking in response to whatever Billy said.

"C'mon, you'll love it," encouraged Billy, "don't be suck a tosspot!"

Patrick's had just noticed Osbert's eyes were focused on his cock. "Do yer like stud cock, arsehole?" He asked.

"I ain't doing vat stuff no more, know wot I mean?" Jack and Billy kept up their banter.

"Okay, keep yer shirt on, mate!"

"Do yer like me cock?" Repeated Patrick Pratt. Osbert could not help noticing his twelve-year-old member swelling in his hand. Patrick's thick-for-his-age penis was really very lovely - his fat pubescent balls and the exposed knob just begged to be caressed. Patrick gave it a yank. "Sure you do!" The eldest of the Pratt boys concluded, as he leered down at the Anorak.

Then Prim cast his eyes around to the others. Billy's six-incher was pointing skyward, and now that he was certain that the others were also aroused, Jack Jerker allowed himself to stroke his stiffening rod, which had a strong curve to the left. Even little Dumm Tweedle was hard -- his three-and-a-half incher standing up proudly from a hairless pubis. This was much more like the plan he had conceived, but in his growing excitement, he had forgotten the reality of his situation. This was quickly brought back as Jack jerked his hair back once more, refocusing Osbert's eyes on Jack's ratty face and smug grin. "So wots it gonna be, poofta?"

"I don't know..." Osbert Prim croaked.

"Jack, mate, its useless asking `im!" Billy said assertively. "Try wot I told yer, to try!"

"Err... right then..." Jack deferred to the natural leader in the group. "Now look, `ere me mates, `ave some problems err... popping up. If yer do exactly wot we tell yer, and then we won't pound va shit outta yer. Understand?"

Osbert felt he ought to resist - but, all things considered, he didn't see much point. Slowly he nodded his assent. Jack grinned triumphantly.

"Okay, I'm going to letcha go. Don't try to do a runner!" He said belligerently as he released his grip. Osbert's painful arms dropped to his side.

"Err... Lads, I think we have a bit of a problem." Patrick Pratt hesitated and the other two followed the direction of his gaze; soon they were all looking directly at Dumm Tweedle. How do you have an orgy when one of the participants is still a learner driver?

"How old is he?" Patrick asked.

"Ten," said Billy, "just like `is twin brother."

"Sounds good to me," Patrick said, "me one brother is eight and va other is only six and they both go at it like bunny-rabbits!"

"Yeah but this lad is a virgin - know wot I mean? He ain't done nothing yet -- I mean nothing!" Jack placed very heavy emphasis on the last word.

"Lad's leave it to me." Billy said and he walked over to the naked ten-year-old. "Dumm, mate, can you keep a secret?" He asked.

"Oh, of course I can," Dumm returned indignantly.

"I mean really secret! This is, like, top secret. You can't tell no one, especially yer Mum an' Dad." Now even the naive Dumm Tweedle knew that this was the best kind of secret! Confidences that could not be shared with parents meant you were going to have fun! Dumm nodded his assent eagerly.

"I can only do one of you at a time." Bashful said.

"You go first." Billy decided it was best to get Jack fully committed before he lost his nerve.

Osbert saw Jack's erect cock bounce between his legs as he straightened up. His cock was of average length and girth for a fourteen-year-old, if Snowy Whyte's medical books were to be believed. He had fuzzy hair on his legs and dark pubic hair. Jack's thick veined shaft jutted out about twenty degrees off of true perpendicular, due to its strong curve to the left. A thick cum tube ran down the underside. Jerker flexed it a few times to make sure he had the nasty queer's full attention.

"Nice one!" Gasped the Vicar's nephew.

"What do I do?" Jack asked nervously.

The changing area where they stood was surrounded on three sides by cheap deal-wood benches. A further bench ran down the centre of the area and it was this bench that Osbert indicated. "Just lie down on the bench," said Osbert, "and leave the driving to me," he added with a giggle.

Jack sat on the wooden bench and spread his legs. As he reclined he rested his back on the slatted wood of the benches and his cock slapping against his stomach. Jack's position was openly obscene! Dumm had evidently never seen a boy do anything like this. At ten, the little lad had a decent erection himself and he was squeezing it enthusiastically.

"Okay," Billy said, "it's time for your punishment, Prim! Open yer gob wide and don't let me `ear me mate complaining about feelin' yer teef."

Osbert did as he was instructed and kneeled on the floor to the left of Jerker. Then he put a hand on the teen cock and lifted it into a vertical position. Jack's foreskin was stretched tight over a fat cock head, not unlike too small a sweater being pulled over someone's head. Osbert's deft fingers pulled back his skin until the head slipped free then arranged it around the base like a polo-neck. This done, Bashful began the practised ritual of licking up and down the boy's shaft - his mission to pleasure the teenager.

"Right, Dumm, me little mate, starting now is what yer can't tell nobody about," said Billy. Dumm was too dumbfounded to reply.

Osbert took Jack's cock into his mouth and repeated what he'd done so often to others. He was a little nervous about "performing" in front of an audience, but a few minutes into the blowjob he had forgotten about it entirely and was completely wrapped up in the job he was doing on Jack's penis.

Billy and Dumm were watching with great interest. "'Ave you ever seen vat before?" he asked Dumm. The lad shook his head.

"Well, do yer ever play wiv yourself?" Another negative shake of his head followed.

"`Ere, wot about yer give it a try?" said Billy. "Give me yer `and." Out of the corner of his eye Osbert saw Dumm part his legs, embarrassed perhaps by the hairless erection that jutted up from between his spindly legs. It was probably as large as Patrick's, but had no pubic hair whatsoever.

"Do this," said Billy, and stroked the boy's cock for him briefly then he removed his hand and Dumm tried to mimic him.

"Does that feel nice?" Dumm nodded his agreement. "Just keep doing it, mate." Dumm was breathing in short gasps, whether from arousal or nervousness Billy could not tell. The older boy put his free hand over his heaving chest and felt his heart pounding.

The young boy was inches from the action as Jack rocked his hips back and forth, sliding his hard cock between Dumm's hero's lips. The bulbous head was unsheathed now except for the rolled ruff that stood proud from the hard staff.

As he sucked Jack off, Osbert was able to stroke his own cock and Dumm was trying to do the same thing, although he wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to be achieving.

Meanwhile, Jack was ready to blast. "Oh, fuck," he said, "`ere it comes!" And so saying, he arched his back, grunted, and filled Osbert's mouth with hot cum.

Jack had apparently been conserving his seed, because Bashful had a hard time taking it as fast as the teenager discharged it. A drop leaked out around the corner of his mouth and dribbled down his chin. It hung in a long, pearly-string before falling onto Jack's belly.

"That's sperm," said Billy. "Ya probably `ave a couple a years before you `ave to worry about vat."

Swallowing bravely and gasping for breath, Bashful pulled away from Jerker's cock, which was already limp enough to hang down as it cleared his lips. Dumm looked at it in utter fascination; he was still having a hard time stroking his own in just the right way.

"My turn, my turn!" Patrick yelped eagerly. He was all boy - slightly chubby, boisterous and a junior school football ace, but right then all he could think of was getting a thrill from the nerd's mouth. He held his cock out for Osbert's convenience. A little drop of precum beaded up at his piss slit.

"And vat stuff ain't sperm, its pre-cum." Billy continued his tutoring, "It makes yer cock all slippery, like."

Jack, now mostly recovered, looked at Dumm, almost ashamed. He was struggling with the conflicting emotions that tormented him so. But Dumm was too engrossed with lads having real sex right before his very eyes! Dumm particularly liked looking at Patrick's fat little testicles, and found he longed to touch them - perhaps to even kiss them!

Osbert was already on his knees between the pubescent boy's legs and he lapped Patrick's dripping precum up eagerly. Dumm wondered briefly if one's hero ought to be sucking on body parts that one used for pissing, with such undisguised enthusiasm, however, given the pleasure it gave the lad being sucked, Dumm dismissed the thought. It was clear to him that Osbert was so considerate a comrade that he was prepared to get his mouth dirty to help his friends!

Bashful lowered his face to get a closer look at the eldest Pratt son's thick-for-his-age cock and chubby balls! They were marvellous! His finger trailed over the few wispy black hairs on his pubic mound, and he caressed the fat pubescent balls, then he took the cocky twelve-year-old boyhood between his lips, moving to-and-fro slowly over the ridge of the very sensitive glans of his circumcised cock.

Patrick Pratt sobbed, aroused beyond the limit, soon he was making puppy dog-like sound from the back of his throat. Osbert Prim licked from his nuts all to way to the tip, before dipping down on it and taking it all the way into his mouth. Billy put a hand on Bashful's head to steady it while he fucked his mouth, but Patrick needed no help from his mates, his hips lunged mechanically, starting a natural rhythm that had existed in him since he was born.

"Suck me," Patrick said with a horny huskiness in his voice. Bashful took him to the root with no trouble; mindlessly he slurped as the twelve-year-old groaned with satisfaction. A fine moustache of sweat had formed on his upper lip from his energetic fucking of the nerdy teenager's mouth.

"Aah ... aah ... aah!" Patrick was as quick off the mark, as most twelve-year-olds tend to be. He moaned as he reached orgasm. As Osbert sucked away, the kid's cock jerked and a thin jet of the boy's watery sperm shot from it, most of is hitting the back of his throat.

"I'm not sure a little lad should be watching this kinda shit, mate." Jack said disapprovingly as he sat on the bench, morosely watching the display, his cock shrivelled against his thigh.

"Well, that's all well an' good for yer to say now," complained Billy Bunion, "yer `ave `ad yer jollies, ain't' yer?" Then turning to Dumm he added: "Let's get him to lay down on va bench properly, like. I'm just getting me cock good an' slick."

"Bloody `ell, Billy!" Jack protested, "yer not gonna... Yer not gonna do VAT wiv `im? Know wot I mean?"

"'Course, I bloody am!"

"But you... you promised!" He wailed

"Spit out some of that cum in me hand, Osbert, then I can split yer bum wide open!" Billy ordered. Dutifully, Osbert spat in his hand.

Osbert experienced a mixture of relief and anticipation. He was not terrified that Bunion would REALLY split him open. Hell no, the boy had had Billy and others up there far too often, but his overcharged adolescent libido wanted Billy to fuck him silly. They had done it so often in the cupboard in a standing position and now, finally, they could do it properly.

"Get on yer back Prim and put yer legs in va air." It was obvious that Billy had taken control of the situation, and knew how he wanted things to proceed. "Yes Prim, you're going to like this! Dumm mate, `old his ankles. That's right! Now, pull back and roll `is bum up in va air."

While Bashful got down on his back and swung his legs up into Dumm Tweedle's waiting grasp. The ten-year-old looked Osbert in the eye, awaiting a sign that his hero actually wanted this. Prim looked up at the boy's cock bobbing over his face then he gave the boy a conspiratorial wink: Dumm gave a deep sighed of relief -- it was all going to be all right.

"Oh Fuck nooooo!" Jack Jerker wailed in an agony of disgust. "Yer not really goona do it, are yer Billy?"

"A `ole is a `ole, mate!"

"G-g-go ahead," Prim encouraged, in a blur of lust. As he lay there on the wooden bench, the teenager focused his attention to satisfying the ugly lad. Osbert liked getting fucked! It was usually what he fanaticised about -- hell, he even fantasised about the pain! Bashful winced as Billy pushed a barely wet finger in up to the knuckle.

"God, Billy will you take it easy?" The Anorak grumbled.

"Shut up!" Billy said gruffly, as he spread his trench apart and spread saliva on his hole. "This is meant to be punishment, not a bleeding pat on va back! If you have to use yer mouth, get your lips around that boy's cock!" He added, pointing to Patrick Pratt's sex-organ! As Osbert lowered his face down to Patrick's tempting crotch, Billy placed his cock head at his tender bum-hole and pushed and he felt his tense ring widen.

Billy barked: "Come on, Prim, relax and open up, will yer?" He accompanied this with a stinging slap to his arse, this surprised Osbert so much he did relax and Billy buried his dick-head in the outer ring of his sphincter. The Anorak yelped in agony and tried to squirm away but Billy grasped him around the shoulders and would not be dislodged. Osbert was sure he ripping him to pieces - his painful anal lips burned from the cruel entry. None of his previous encounters with Jack had lasted longer than a minute or so - this was totally different -- he was dammed sorry he had sucked him off first.

Billy's pitiless thrusting was achieving little and so, with a grunt of displeasure, he plucked his engorged head free from Osbert's bum. Bashful reached back to finger his gaping hole - he was relieved to discover his anus was still intact.

Osbert pulled off Patrick and glared angrily up at Billy. "God Billy, can't you do it right?"

"Do yer miss me already?" Billy asked mistaking his fingering of his hole for masturbation. "Well, luv, we can fix vat!" Billy and his mates guffawed among themselves.

"I thought you were going to kill me." Osbert objected but he was cut short, as a six-incher, dripping wet with spit, thrust into him ferociously. Billy gave a brutal shove and suddenly he popped through the inner ring. Osbert had not had time to prepare for the dick that tunnelled past his clenched anal ring and into his distended channel. It felt as if Billy was driving one of the columns in front of the Library up his bum. The Anorak nearly passed out! Through the haze of pain, Bashful realised that tears were streaming down his face.

Patrick was still ready for more and he took advantage of the interruption: "Hey, Bunion, let me `ave a go at Osbert's bum. I need to blow my load."

"Toss off, then." Billy answered.

"Fuck you!" Patrick swore, then Osbert felt Billy's hard rod pushing against his packed sphincter.

Billy bent over and whispered in his ear: "You're know ya want this." Osbert's cock shrank and he looked up to see Jack's twisted smile.

Osbert was still trying to house the invading cock, when he realised Billy's knob was rubbing a tender spot in his guts that, unaccountably, had his withered cock reviving and within a few more moments, dripping with pre-cum! It still hurt like hell, but he was getting used to it. More than that, he was starting to like it. He started thrusting back to take more.

"Yeah, told yer, vat yer woz gonna love this," Osbert heard Billy chuckle, "now get yer mouth back on Patrick's cock, will yer?"

Obediently he bent toward Patrick and he reapplied his mouth to the engorged young knob. Soon spit was drooling from his mouth as he polishing Patrick's downy balls. Bashful started tonguing Patrick's prick, causing it to swell.

"Oh, God," said Patrick, as Osbert licked his way around the smooth boy's joystick, ending back up at the crown where he found a stick gob of clear salty nectar. He lapped it up and then commenced sucking him in earnest.

While Osbert's lips were wrapped around Patrick's pubescent cock, the normally bumptious, lad started to gasp: "I'm ... I'm ... I'm cumming," he managed to blurt out.

"Go on mate, fuck his face," Jack said as he stroked his own hard cock.

But Osbert had other plans. As soon as Patrick's cock cleared his lips, Prim began jacking just under his glans, where boys are most sensitive. He put his free hand behind Patrick's balls and felt the convulsion of the muscles that expel semen. His cock was pointing almost straight at the teen's face when Patrick's first wad flew into the air and landed splattering on his cheeks.

His second load for the day spent, Patrick pulled his cock from Osbert's mouth and escaped to the shower.

By now Billy's thrusting was punching and kneading his prostate, this was more than Bashful could take, his balls pulled tight and his untouched cock started jumping and squirting his seed on his own chest. The shocked Anorak wasn't even aware you could even cum without being touched.

"Holy shit!" Osbert heard Jack Jerker say with awe in his voice. "You are fucking va cum out of `im, mate! God, he really likes it."

Each ropy spurt of cum caused the violent convulsions in his rectum to strangle Billy's cock! Bashful heard a loud gurgle rising from Billy's throat -- he, too, was cumming!

"Take me load, Prim!" Billy Bunion's pumping gradually lost momentum and he sank down, kissing Osbert's ear. "Gawd yer bum is `ot as `ell!" He withdrew and rubbed his rather messy, brown cock on Osbert's cum-covered belly. "Well that will opened him up." Billy Bunion concluded, he got up and took a running jump under the shower to wash off.

Osbert was quiet a sight! Cum ran from his battered hole, his own load lay on his chest and Patrick's small contribution, adorned his face!

"Are you all right?" asked Dumm nervously.

"Never better, my little friend! And you, are you having fun?" Bashful asked Dumm.

"Yeah, that was so cool." Dumm seemed to finally have his wanking technique sorted out.

"Do you want a turn?" Osbert asked.

"Me?" he asked. "You'd suck to me too?" He looked uncertainly at Osbert.

"Sure," he said. "Unless you wanted to fuck me." Dumm looked at over at Jack.

"Don't be disgusting, yer dirty queer! Yer can't let a little lad fuck yer dirty bum!" said Jack. "But yer might as well give sucking a try, Dumm,"

"Oh no! I couldn't hurt you like Billy did..." But Dumm's cock had a mind of its own, as one look at his throbbing hardness would tell the observer.

"Come here man, you got to try this." Osbert insisted.

"Get on the bench," Jack said and he stood-up to make room. Dumm put his head on the bench and spread his legs a bit. He was a really cute little lad, his body was smooth, with no trace of baby fat.

"Now if I do anything you don't like, just say so and I'll stop." Osbert said and Dumm nodded.

"Holy shit," said Billy returning with Patrick from a quick rinse-off under the shower. He saw little Dumm on his back on the bench, while Osbert knelt astride him, his face hovering above the ten-year-old cock, and his well-fucked arsehole ready to receive another cock, doggy style!

Billy Bunion slapped Osbert's bum cheek and issued a command: "Next!"

"I've got his arse next!" Patrick exclaimed.

"Bet yer too young to fuck!" Said Jack disdainfully. "Besides, yer just came!"

"Yeah, right, mate but I'm up for more! So he's mine next!" Patrick Pratt repeated as he kneeled behind him.

"Pratt, I said that I bet yer too young to fuck!" Jack taunted the boy.

"Fuck you Jerker!" Patrick yelled

"Fuck you Jerker!" Patrick yelled. "I `ave fucked! I fucked a Doctor for one and me own dad for another!" It was out before he could help it! He had told the lads his secret.

"See? I told yer he woz making it up! Fucking `is own dad? Percy Pratt takes it up va bum? Who would believe that bullshit now, I ask you?"

"Fuck you Jerker!" Patrick yelled, rather relieved they did not believe the truth.

"In yer dreams," said Jack, "yer a proper bull-shitter, you are!"

Ignoring the dispute about who next had access to his hole, Osbert felt little hands on his head and as he turned round he found Dumm's little cock in his face demanding entry. Prim took the boy's prick and guided it to his lips. He rubbed Dumm's virgin boy-cock over his lips, kissing it lovingly. God how he loved pre-teen cock, he thought. But in truth, boy cock came a poor second to Osbert's love of a hard teen-cock up his back passage! Osbert Prim licked the cockhead and sucked it in.

"Oh," the boy gasped. He hadn't expected this treatment and it really turned him on.

"It's okay, mate." Billy said, bending over to look into the ten-year-old lad's face. "Yer going to love this." Osbert opened wide and he thrust down. The three-and-a-half incher slid down his gullet smoothly due to the lubrication from older lad's cum. When Osbert hit the hairless pubis at the bottom, he flexed his throat muscle, stretching it out to accommodate the bulging knob at the end of the thin cock. Osbert took a big gasp of breath and he enclosed Dumm's little shaft with his lips and sucked deeply on his plum-shaped head. At first Osbert thought he was about to gag but then he realised he couldn't breath. The cock was too short to reach right into his throat and just long enough for the fat knob to lodge at the beginning of his larynx.

"That's a good cocksucker." Billy Bunion said encouragingly stroking the back of his head.

Osbert slowly began pumping his head up and down the child's shaft, fingering his balls as he went. The ten-year-old instinctively bucked his hips up from the bench to meet his head strokes. These Tweedle's must have a strong fucking instinct, Billy thought, the boy knew exactly what to do even though he'd probably never done anything like this before.

Billy's hand was on the lad's shoulder, reassuring him as Dumm's breathing got heavier. Then with incomparable pre-teen fury he lifted his hips off the bench and gasped in a primal grimace of ecstasy. Osbert felt the lad's crotch-muscles spasm, even though no liquid came from his hard cock. After a dozen or so convulsions Dumm fell back on the bench.

"Cor blimey, mate," said Billy "that was some cum for first timer." Dumm smiled broadly, he could not have been happier. Then turning to Patrick Billy added: "Come here man, you got to try this."

On the edge of his vision Osbert Prim had spotted that Patrick Pratt wasted no time taking Billy's place, kneeling behind him. Clearly the argument with Jack was over and he saw Patrick Pratt spit in his hand and slick up his cock, then he lined it up to his Osbert's sloppy hole!

"I'm ready." Young Pratt said, as he stroked his yummy twelve-year-old rod.

"Push in, lad. I'll guide you." Billy told Patrick helpfully. Since he was slightly smaller than Billy, his cock slid easily into his dripping chute.

"Oh yeah." Patrick groaned as his cock slipped easily into the wet hole. Billy pulled his hand away and stood up. His hard cock reared up just in front of Osbert's face, a little drop of precum beaded up at his piss slit.

"Oh god! That's so soft and wet," Patrick said rhythmically pumping away at his bum.

Patrick laid into him like a man on a mission and it was only three minutes before his cum was mingling with Billy's and dripping down his legs. Then, he too, got off his back and ran for a shower to wash off.

The older boys expected Osbert would stop after sucking Dumm to one climax, but he had another idea. Dopey could have multiple orgasms because he was so young and he thought Dumm might be able to as well and so he kept going, kept milking his cock with his tongue. He ran his tongue around the tip and then slid it into the juicy embrace of his luscious turtleneck, which was fresh and clean.

Sure enough, Dumm pushed in and held it there. Within a few seconds the horny lad was back at the height of climax! Spasm followed spasm, in his hero's mouth.

Bashful gave Dumm three more orgasms before his jaw ached too much to continue. The youth was almost unconscious, his young body bathed in sweat. He was panting heavily, but he had a satisfied grin on his face. His dark brown locks were plastered to his forehead.

"I'll bet yer arse is fucking itchy -- right?" Billy said as he looked at the cavity that Patrick had so recently vacated. The look on Osbert's face was all the confirmation he needed

Osbert couldn't deny it. His cock was almost instantly hard once more. "Why do you ask, Billy? Are you up for a second helping?" Osbert asked gazing at the painfully red looking cock dangling limply between Bunion's legs.

Billy snapped in reply: "No way, I've `ad my fill. If you want to get bum-rushed, slide your bum onto Jack's cock. Jack `ere, he hasn't fucked anybody today."

"Disgusting, perverted, son on the devil and a whore!" Jack face went deep red and he appeared to be on the verge of a stroke as he scraped the bottom of the barrel for rude things to say: "Shit, piss, fuck, cunt... err... dirty, dirty, dirty queer!" But his cock as calling him a lair!

"Err... Dumm, mate if you look in my jeans pocket there is a jar of Vaseline can you get it for me please." Osbert asked Dumm Tweedle.

"So why do yer only get that out now?" Ask Billy

"Cause I think I am going to be needing it..." Osbert said winking at Dumm as he handed over the small jar.

Billy gave Jack's erect cock a frisky tug. The poor thing positively ached between his legs. He seemed to have discharged litres of precum - it shimmed down the sides of its average length. The fourteen-year-old, was longer and thicker than Billy's six-incher and Osbert particularly liked the way its strong curve to the left rubbed against his prostate when it was safely lodged up his rectum.

After a few minutes Osbert Prim spoke up again: "Bunion, my arse is itching to get fucked. If you are not man enough to do it, let me know and I'll get little Dumm here to do it for you. He looks as if he is macho enough to do it." Then turning to Dumm he said: "You want to try, sonny?"

In the brief silence that ensued, you could feel the pain that Jack Jerker went through. There was no way he could ignore the challenge to his manhood -- if he had to fuck the lad to affirm it, then he would have to fuck him.

Jack pushed Billy's hand off his cock and stood in front of Dumm. "Slick me up!" He commanded. "Slick me up." he repeated. "I'm gonna' fuck you."

Billy handed Dumm the lubricant and the boy slipped his slick fingers into Osbert's tight cleft, found his battered rosebud and slipped a gooey finger in. Osbert grunted. Then the dark-haired child took Jack's rigid erection in hand and, paying particular attention to the thick cum tube that ran down the underside, he covered the whole hard thing in Vaseline.

Then Dumm helped Jack Jerker to take aim, positioning him at his hero's back door. Osbert pushed back against it with such force and determination that Dumm thought Jack's cock might break in two.

"Don't hurt yourself." Dumm said softly behind him.

But the warning came too late: Suddenly the nasty queer's aperture surrendered, his sphincter parted and impelled by his own force, Jack's cock tore into his rectum in one lunge and surged more than half its length into the wet hole. Osbert Prim howled and rose up, but he did not attempt to pull off. Hell, that twenty-degree curvature made a hell of a difference, he cursed.

Osbert gritted his teeth. "I'm OK, I just need a minute." But Bashful gave himself no time to adjust to his size and he rocked himself back and forth on the curved reamer. Dumm turned his head to look at his hero. A single tear track ran from his eye, then Osbert whispered into his ear: "My God, it hurts so good!"

As soon as he broke through the ring Jack drove his full length into his cum-soaked depths. Osbert's soft wet passage welcomed him back like a well fitting glove. The Anorak's hot, moist fuck-hole gripped down on his precum slick knob and with a tortured yap he pushed back to the hilt.

He had been fucked by Jack's prick many times, but abstinence made him long for it again. His memory left him unprepared for the severity of burning agony of his entry. "God, Jerker," Prim said "your hard cock hurts almost as much as Grumpy."

Jack Jerker's overloaded nerves jangled with conflicting signals. Jack Jerker missed the sessions in the cupboard badly. He needed real man sex so badly that now that he was the centre of a fuck session, he found the eroticism of the situation was getting to him.

No guy had ever let him put his rod up his bum AND flattered him on his skill! The tight passage was awash with a load of Billy's cum and one mini-deposit from Patrick and gave little resistance as he started to move back and forth. Each withdrawal of Jerker's curved probe made the nasty queer growl and thrust back hard to push him back in deep.

"This is too much." The pain was written clearly on Osbert's face cock. He gritted his teeth and he started to extract the pole out of his distended hole.

"Oh no you don't!" Jack locked onto Prim and held him firm, "you bloody wanted it and now yer bloody gonna get it!" He released a guttural moan as he roughly shoved his spike back into him until felt his curly pubic hair rub against Osbert's crack. Again and again he impaled him. Soon his fucking had become so vigorous that he was pulling all the way out of his hungry hole, each lunge pummelling his prostate.

"This is yer bleeding fantasy come to life, so I'm gonna fuck yer silly." Jack hardly had time to finish the statement before Osbert felt his balls start to tighten up. Behind him he heard Jack's groans building; the rigid fucker was pulsing and throbbing inside him.

Osbert and Jack were both close when Billy stuck his head between them. "You two still at it?" He asked. They were unable to answer or to stop.

"Gawd! I'm cumming!" Osbert felt him start to unload inside him. The lad's hole squeezed his powerful tool and convulsed violently, clenching rhythmically and milking the juice from Jack's shaft.

"Oh yeah! Fuck my bum," Prim groaned as he threw his head back "OH! GOD!"

Billy reached down took Osbert's rod in his hands and within a few strokes, Osbert exploded and he had cum spaying all the way over his shoulder. Osbert Prim seemed to collapse in an comatose-heap on the bench.

"Look at him!" Jack said, a look of triumphant self-satisfaction crossing his face. "All bleeding shagged out!"

"Yeah, right mate! We bonked `im right into next week, we did." echoed Patrick Pratt

"Yeah! We done `im good an' proper!" Said Billy joining in the triumphal tone, which both annoyed and saddened Dumm.

As the lads trooped off, tired but happy, they picked up their clothing from the floor and struggled back into it.

Osbert lay very quiet, very still.

Dumm touched the cold cheek of his hero. Looking between the youth's legs he examined his poor battered hole. The lips were thick and puffy and the gaping orifice looked more like opening of a cave. A trickle of dirty off-white sperm ran out of the lad's hole and dripped its way onto the wooden bench, then it ran in sloppy globs to join a growing pool of slime on the floor.

Dumm sank to his knee next to the still form of the wonderful, the marvellous, Osbert Prim. The boy had borne it all like a martyr! Truly, he was worthy hero for any boy. The pain he must have endured - the disgusting things he was forced to do! And now here he lay, unconscious.

Dumm was torn between going for help or staying there to protect this wonderful youngster. The tears of rage started slowly trickling down his face.

"Osbert! Osbert! Please speak to me!" The poor boy sobbed. When Bashful awoke Dumm held him gently in his arms. Osbert Prim could not remember ever having been this contented.

Then a remarkable thing happened. Bashful, his hero, cracked open one of his eyes! A laughing, good-humoured eye which searched the room!

"Are they gone?" Dumm's hero asked.

"Yes, yes! They are gone, the... the bastards!" He spat out the rude word with venom.

"Oh good!" Said Osbert Prim, opening his other eye. "I'm not sure even I could have given them seconds!" He added sounding as if he were talking about school dinners.

"Oh Osbert, how are you?" Asked the child. "Osbert, I'm sorry about all the rough treatment they put you through. Billy is really a pretty nice boy when you get to know him. He just likes to boss people about." A guilty tear coursed down Dumm's cheek. "I suppose I should have called for help!"

When Bashful had regained his composure, he sat up and grinned broadly: "Well now, that was bloody marvellous!" He said to the astonished child. "Sorry I ignored you Dumm, but I was waiting for them to go."

"Marvellous?" Dumm went pale from disbelief. He was certain that the poor youth had suffered brain damage during the prolonged abuse he had just endured. "But they did such horrid terrible things too you."

"Oh no, Dumm, my lad, you are wrong!" The teenager said. The events of the night flashed through his mind. "Truly, once I knew they were not going to be beat me up, I actually enjoyed it."

"But... But that dirty stuff up your..." Dumm gulped with guilty embarrassment, "up your bum hole? That must have hurt like mad!"

"Oh, no Dumm, my little friend." Osbert said stroking the lad's dark hair, "It's the most beautiful natural act between two people. Only the word sounds dirty - `Fucking'." Osbert said. His hole, sore and raw, still ached from the wonderful punishment inflicted upon it.

"Oh my," the twin said cupping his hand over his mouth. "You said the `F-word'! I've heard that word before. The boy's at school say that when they get cross."

"It is a beautiful act." The older lad elaborated.

"How can you call it beautiful when their willies came out covered in poo?"

"Don't get me wrong. It hurt like hell, especially the first time with Jack." Osbert could feel his cock fatten slightly. "But that is the type of thing I dream about when I wank off."

He relived the wrenching pain as Jack forced his rosebud. Experienced as his arsehole might have been, three cocks had fucked him in rapid succession and this had never happened to him before.

"Now cheer up, Dumm. The whole show couldn't have been more of a turn on for me, if I was dreamed the whole thing up myself." Osbert's cock was twitched with unmistakable arousal. "I am getting hot again just thinking about it! Imagine Smyke's face when he hears I had a hot group of tough straight-boy cocks bringing our shared fantasies to life."

"What is `Straight'?" the little boy asked, looking a lot more contented with the affair, while he toyed feebly with Osbert's enlarging organ.

"Well the world is divided it gay boys, straight boys and boys who go both ways. Gay boys like only other boys; straight boys like girls."

"Oh Girls! Yuck!" Said Dumm, making it clear where he stood on the question.

"I'm pretty sure they're all straight, and aren't going to do anything more than poke their dicks into any exposed hole." Osbert elaborated. "They might even pull on your cock while they're at it."

"Jack was really mean and nasty!" said Dumm.

"I think he will be all right," Bashful said. "Unless he jumps off a bridge because he is now afraid he might be gay."

"Thank you for letting me watch and play, Osbert, that was really fun except for the parts I though they were hurting you."

"No problem. I suppose we should probably get to bed now." Osbert said reluctantly.

Dumm was quiet for a time, his mind replaying the events of the night. Suddenly he understood an important lesson in life, one many adults five times his age have yet to learn: - Things are seldom what they seem. He also hoped he had made some new friends.

"And Billy? Is he going to be all right?" Asked the ten-year-old.

"Ah good old Billy! Well he did his best!"

"Do you mean he was a good ... fuck?" Dumm blushing for the rude word.

"Well that too, but he and I planned the whole thing to get Jack back to having a bit of fun Only thing we did not plan on was you joining us -- that was a bonus but Billy? Yeah, Billy will be fine. He also isn't gay, just REALLY horny." Then after a pause Osbert added: "Come to think of it, I'm really horny."

"Yeah, me too," said Dumm, who thrust out his crotch to prove it.

There was only one thing for them to do, and the two of them commenced doing it.


The early morning crisis at the gents' on the Parade, then the rigors of the trip and setting up camp had taken their toll, Felix Jollybottom must have fallen asleep, in spite of his best intentions, before the three other occupants joined him in the smaller of the two tents.

Happy Jollybottom seldom dreamt, but he dreamt vividly when he did dream, and his dream that night was as vivid as it was torrid! That strange morose Dick Flaunting-Flasher lad was in it and he was attempting to impale the acting youth leader on his abnormally large cock.

"Ever so humble, sir." The dream Flaunting-Flasher smirked while he thrust his joystick hard and deep up his Felix's arsehole. The sleeping man begged him to withdraw it. His hand groped fitfully at the air attempting to grasp the phantom cock, but it kept slipping off it. Then finally, he had it firmly in hand, but it would not budge - it was stuck fast. "Ever so sorry! Your humble servant is ever so sorry!" The dream Dick sneered. Tears streamed down Felix's ruggedly handsome face as he begged Dick to pull it out.

Felix woke in a state of extreme agitation. He found himself in unfamiliar surroundings and unexpected blackness. A feverish sweat had broken out on his brow. A hand was gently stroking his forehead and a pair of warm lips gently kissed his hot cheek. He thought in his confused state, it might be Flaunting-Flasher, but it was Cedric's voice that whispered to him gently: "It's okay, mate. You woz dreaming".

The man detected the familiar, soothing aroma of a fat-boy that he loved so well.

"Did I wake the others?" Felix whispered hoarsely.

"No, I don't fink so. They are all snoozing away, its okay". The couple lay for a long time, listening to the rain on the canvas, reassured to hear smooth and rhythmic breathing. Cedric's fingers toyed with his ear and nuzzled his neck.

"Did I say anything?" Felix whispered.

"You woz begging Dick to stop shagging yer bum." Cedric sniggered -- it seemed ludicrous that that lanky nerd could terrify his big, strong, adult lover. "Don't worry about him, mate. I'm here". He reached out and hugged Felix's sleeping bag clad form.

"Open yer sleeping bag. I wants a bit of a cuddle" Cedric commanded. Like a child, he did as he was told. Cedric slipped soundlessly out of his sleeping bag and into Happy's.

Felix always slept naked and he was not very surprised to find the chubby boy too, was totally naked. The sleeping bag was not large enough to be zipped up with both the fat boy and his lover in it, so they stayed as close as possible as Cedric shared his warmth with the man. Felix caressed the sensuous curves of the immature, fat body. He toyed with the chubby dimpled rump, the wonderful wobbly belly and the nipples on his ample breasts.

"Yer so warm," he said, nuzzling his neck. "I just want to stay `ere forever".

"Shhh... You'll wake va others!" Felix commanded in a stage whisper. "Besides, I'm still a bit pissed off with yer, mate. Wot did yer mean trying to sex me up in front of va other lads, during grace?" Cedric Snotfinkel giggled deliciously. His whole body trembled and his love handles wobbled. Happy Jollybottom was very aware of his own erection and the boy's hand brushed against it from time to time, but the adult realised the risks attached to the other boys waking to find their acting youth leader bonking with one of their mates.

The couple lay together for a long while before Cedric whispered breathlessly; "I ain't `ad any action yet today, you know?" He said invitingly.

"Well, well, well! Seems you `ave forgotten about vat little Tweedle lad already!" Felix teased him.

"Vat don't count!" Cedric protested. And he threw one of his fat legs over the man's torso, squeezing the hard adult erection under a delightful chubby thigh.

"You're `urting".


"You're `urting me bum!" Cedric protested softly but Felix had not touched his young bum! And yet the young lad was squirming with discomfort.

"Cedric, I ain't touched yer bum, mate." The shocking realisation dawned on both of them at the same time.

Moving like lightning, Jollybottom reached over Cedric's back and grabbed the delinquent hand that was ruthlessly assaulting Cedric's puckered little hole. His other hand followed and found that the intruder had two fingers lodged deep in the kid's arse. He wrenched them out and heard Cedric breathe a sigh of relief.

Angrily Felix Jollybottom leapt out of the sleeping bag in the dark, assumed a kneeling position and yanked the bandit's hand upward with such force that it to smacked him in his face. The assailant's fingers smelt of shit and this made Felix even angrier.

"Oy, what the fuck!" The assailant complained. Try as he may in the dark, Felix could not make out who's hand it was. He vaguely remembered asking Cedric to sort out the sleeping arrangements, but he had no idea of the final tent assignments. As his eyes became more accustomed to the dark, he found one youth lay to his left and another on Cedric's right.

"Who is this?" Felix demanded angrily.

"Oy! `old on, yer 'urting me fuckin' arm!" The voice had a strong accent. The delinquent could have been any one of a number of the teenagers. He wondered which of the lad's could be violating a nine-year-old child's arsehole this way.

Jollybottom scrambled hastily over Cedric's body, his whipping cock smacking wetly against the fist, which had arrested the hand of the aggressor. The sound of wet cock-to-flesh contact and the feel of pre-cum oozing over the upper part of his hand - forced the man to accept that he actually found the situation oddly exciting. Felix crawled over the juvenile offender, sat on his upper thighs, pinning his legs beneath his weight, without once freeing the lad's hand.

"What the `ell are you up to?" Felix forced his voice to assume a tone of quiet authority, but in reality the acting youth leader was worrying about waking up the other kid, whoever he might be.

"Hold on mate, you woz 'aving yer fun..." With a sinking feeling, Felix Jollybottom realised the reprobate must have overheard Cedric transferring to his sleeping bag.

"I don't know what yer on about?" Felix strained his eyes to make out who it was.

"Wot do yer fink yer up to, Damien?" Cedric asked.

"Me name is Grumpy!" The assailant growled in reply.

"So?" Felix thought, the delinquent was Smyke - the punk with the Mohican hairstyle. Everyone in Windsor knew him by reputation. But it had been a big surprise to discover that he was involved in a church choir.

Felix's hand touched the boy's face in the dark and found the remaining scars of the ravages of acne around his mouth. The acting youth leader remembered the tough kid's slender, slight build, his rather ugly face and the strip of thick dark blond hair. The boy had been helpful enough earlier and it had appeared as if Cedric knew him, and liked him well enough.

"You `urt me fuckin' arsehole, yer pillock!" Cedric remonstrated.

"Yeah? " The boy seemed to be labouring his way towards an apology. "Err... yes... well..."

"Do you understand wot you woz doing? Yer can't just attack a little lad like vat." They all heard a stirring at the far side of the tent. Their tent mate was now awake. How to deal with this randy skinhead and an inquisitive kid? This could be trouble.

"Yeah, well, what you going to do about it then?" Smyke's voice was arrogant, provocative but also, oddly, erotically appealing. "You two woz 'aving a bit of a cuddle, and I felt like a nice bit o' bum meself!" The miscreant's tone had softened considerably.

The acting youth leader let his hand relax its grip on Grumpy's and was surprised when the teenager grabbed his hand and drew it to his chest. He too was naked! Damien Smyke placed his own hand gently on top of the man's hand and stroked the strong fingers.

"Sorry if I 'urt yer Cedric, me ol' mate, he stammered an apology. "Can we blame it on the dark?" Felix could feel that Grumpy was not physically large, but he had a hard, young body.

"Sorry mister, I didn't mean to wake the whole bleedin' tent." Then he dropped his voice and said seductively: "I didn't want to stop nuffink! Well, I wanted to... join in, like... you know what I mean?"

Now if Felix Jollybottom were honest with himself, Smyke was roughly three to four years older than his usual upper age limit, however, the man felt his cock rising to full-mast once more and this made him grateful for the dark. The teenager guided the man's hand over his naked chest - across his pectoral muscles and hard nipples. Jollybottom found Smyke's skin-tight jeans and boots disconcerting, but a naked Damien Smyke was a very different matter.

"I'm also sorry if I woz rude to you Mister." After a pause he asked: "`ave you and Cedric been going at it long?"

"None of your bleeding business." Cedric's voice was shrill with indignation.

"Cedric, are you okay?" Felix asked concerned at the tone his lover was taking.

"Well... I suppose I'm okay!" the chubby boy said, then he spat: "But only if `e promises not to try an' rape me again!"

"Okay, Damien... err... Grumpy," Felix said, trying to be firm, but gentle, "I think we all need some sleep... so..." The sentence froze in his mouth as he felt a hand stroke his rock hard cock. Felix hoped it was Cedric, but somehow he guessed Damien had found out all he wanted to know!

With deliberate slyness, Smyke said: "Oh, Mister, I fink we all done enough sleeping for one night!" So saying, the boy guided the man's palm from his chest down his firm flat belly, then brought it to rest on a bush of springy pubic hair at the base of his stomach. Felix Jollybottom felt his resolve not to mess around with the choir-campers disintegrate entirely!

"Oh wow! That feels real wicked, mate!" The young tough groaned. "I figured you'd fancy a bit of me cock when I saw you." For a sixteen-year-old, Damien Smyke was not particularly well endowed, his cock when fully erect, was only four inches long. As he caressed it, it started gaining weight. What Damien Smyke's cock lacked in length, it more than made up for in thickness! The springy pubic-bush surmounted a very fat, short cock with a fleshy bulbous head, which peaked out from under a short, thick foreskin, and supported by heavy balls in a tight furry sack. Felix's fingers could make out the swollen head, and he felt the poor boy's slit gaping open with hardness.

"Is `is cock any good Sneezy, me ol' china?" Damien asked, but his hand was already finding out for itself. "Truth is me an' Cedric `ad fun together before `e met you, least that's wot va lads in va choir says."

"Well... I suppose vat if it weren't for Grumpy, `ere, telling me about the men wot suck cock at yer loo on va Parade, then we would never `ave met..." Cedric conceded ungraciously.

"Ahhh!" The acting youth leader exclaimed is shocked surprise as wet warmth surrounded his hard cock.

"What's going on?" A sleepy voice asked. Cedric, Felix and Smyke froze!

Almost immediately a flashlight illuminated an extraordinary tableaux. Felix Jollybottom's cock had some way found it's way into young Cedric's mouth; the chubby child's short hard cock was fully erect and pointing skywards; the acting youth leader's forefinger was probing under Grumpy's foreskin, while his other had was squeezing his fat, hard four-incher!

"ATTCHOO!" A shattering sneeze broke the silence. Cedric let Felix's cock to slip from his ruddy lips as he sneezed and the torchlight highlighted the man's cock, which glistened with the chubby boy's spit.

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" All in all, it was a pretty amazing spectacle!

"Turn off vat fuckin' light!" Shouted Smyke, who was always aggressive when surprised.

"Why should I?" Asked the voice, which was a whole lot less sleepy now.

"Who is that?" Felix demanded. With a flick of the wrist, the lad holding the torch shone the torchlight directly in his own grinning face. It was little Dee Tweedle. At ten, he and his twin brother were among the youngest of the kids and certainly the most innocent, if Cedric was to be believed.

"Mr Jollybottom, do you think mine is big enough to play along?" he asked.

The group was too shocked to know how to respond. "I suppose you guys want to see mine first, don't you?" Dee Tweedle turned the flashlight downwards and illuminated the gap in the fly of his new jeans, from which his white worm-like tool extended. He was masturbating vigorously and had clearly been doing so for some time.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric giggled and then laughed out load. Finally, the fat child ceased his belly-wobbling laughter long enough to say, "Well, this `as all worked out nicely".

"What ya mean, Sneezy?" The sixteen-year-old punk asked.

"ATTCHOO! Well, I don't know about va lads in va other tent, but I knew you lads played around. Damien sucked me off, Dee, `ere `as a great dick and so I fixed it vat we all got together!" He was shameless and Felix loved him for it.

"I think we all struck it bleedin' lucky, then." Grumpy Smyke grinned and wiped his nose with the back of his hand.

"Oh goody, goody!" Said the nice boy from a good home.

Felix was uncertain what to make of all of this. At sixteen, Smyke was a sexy, streetwise lad who, no doubt, had had sex many times before. He believed, incorrectly as it turned out, that the former football hooligan was straight, but willing. His off-hand manner did not disguise a real interest in Felix's manly body.

His cool logic told him that whatever he and Sneezy did behind closed doors was no business of others, but having sex with either a nine or ten-year-old in front of witnesses! Why, that was asking for trouble. The problem was that it was not cool logical Felix Jollybottom that was now doing his thinking for him. No! It was his hard, two-inch thick, cock!

Felix caught the boy gaping at the hard, throbbing, eight-inch cock and looking the pretty lad over, he found the lust rose in his throat, almost choking him.

"Gee whiz, Grumpy, you have a nice one." Dee Tweedle had worked his way out of his sleeping bag and worked his way to where Smyke lay on his back, still pinned under the strong thighs of the acting youth leader.

"Cor!" Smyke said appreciatively as the boy's thin hand reached for the sixteen-year-old cock and gave it a playful squeeze.

Dee Tweedle had gone to bed in his T-shirt and new jeans; for fear that they might some how mysteriously disappear overnight -- now they were just in the way. The jeans had slid down around his ankles while his clenched fist wanked feverishly on his three-and-a-half-inch willy.

With a nod of his head, Sneezy indicated Dee's little circumcised treasure and whispered in the man's ear: "I know yer wants him, mate. So see what you can do wiv `im. I'll `ve some fun wiv Grumpy, `ere. Alright?" Felix knew he HAD to have the ten-year-old boy and it was a great relief that his beautiful chubby angel was giving him permission.

Smyke grabbed his little friend's prick and started giving him a good blowjob. With Cedric and Smyke entertaining each other, Felix turned his attention to little Dee, who was clearly excited, but also a little nervous! The acting youth leader bent his head forward and pressed his lips to the tip of Damien Smyke's cock. "I'm going to give Dee va old once-over, but don't you go away now. I'll get back to yer later, sexy." He said to Damien.

"Don't forget vat cowboy." Said Smyke as he squeezed the man's cock playfully and then slapped his arse hard. "I need some meat in me diet". Then Damien launched himself at hungrily at Cedric and the pair collapsed in a fit of giggles.

"Just relax, Dee, mate." Said Felix Jollybottom hoarsely as Dee Tweedle scooted over to join the red-haired man. "Does yer want to go back to sleep?"

The boy he blushed as he confessed. "No! I want to ... you know do things!"

"I'm sorry if they gave yer a fright, Dee, mate." He stroked the boy's chest and worked his fingers into the arms of his new T-shirt, which seemed far too big for him.

"It's okay, Mr Jollybottom. I've seen and played with a boy's cock before".

"You have?" Felix was puzzled.

The boy hesitated for a moment. "Err... yes. Well, it was with Cedric earlier today..." He sounded rather wistful, then he added with more confidence: "But I have seen lots and lots of men's things!"

"How did yer do vat? `ow does a nice young Windsor boy like you get to look at lots of men's cocks?" As he had guessed, the young armpits were entirely hairless.

"Well Dumm and I hang around in the men's room longer than we should, when we have to go," Dee said shyly. "It's the only place we can get away from Mum!" He added sadly then, brightening up, he concluded: "but the good thing is Dumm and I get to see lots of willies that way!"

"And when will ya be eleven?" The man asked. He felt compelled to talk to him, to help overcome the boy's anxiety, or was that, perhaps, his own anxiety?

"Dumm and I will be eleven within two months, Mr Jollybottom".

"My! Yer a big boy then?"

"Well bigger than Cedric." He squeezed his hard three-and-a-half incher suggestively and sniggered. Felix stared down at the sweet mushroom pink tip that appeared and disappeared as the boy wanked himself off. Happy gentle took the torch out of his hand and placed it on the ground between them and the other couple. Felix was grateful the boy had not yet spotted that Grumpy and Sneezy were now sucking each other in a sixty-nine formation, as this might have deflected the boy's focus from himself. He raised Dee's childlike hand to his lips and kissed it. He sucked the boy's index finger lovingly and his little body responded by quivering gently.

"You're going to be fine. No one is going to `urt yer." The defused-light provided an added stimulus to the setting. The tent was silent once more, other than the energetic sucking sounds and the rain falling steadily and gently outside. Jollybottom was certain that there was now no fear of awakening the other guys in the other tent.

"Let's get yer kit off, son. I'm sure you'll be more comfortable'.

"Of course, silly of me." He smiled and helped to strip off the too large T-shirt and he threw it over his head. Dee kicked his new jeans off completely; revealing a pair of white Y-front briefs that looked silly on his boy's body.

Now that Felix had removed all of the child's clothing except for the underpants, he could feast his green eyes on the smooth and milky white, boyish body. The boy's hair was dark and thick and he looked like a fragile, porcelain statuette. Jollybottom noticed its unusually thick pink glans entirely free of the usual skin polo-neck!

Felix felt his face being caressed by fingers that seemed unusually long for a boy of only ten. It was a boy from heaven -- even if the boy was skinny compared to his chubby cherub.

The thrill of the entire situation brought him to discharge a bit of pre-cum. This caught Dee's eye and he looked more closely.

"What's that?" he asked immediately.

"Well, it's... pre-cum. It is some kind of juice me cock makes when I gets excited".

Little Dee reached out a finger, then hesitated. He looked up into his eyes and whispered. "Can I touch it?"

Felix smiled and ruffled his thick brown hair and felt the boy's long slim finger explore his pre-cum, then stroked his piss slit and run his finger from the tip downwards, the entire length of his cock. Dee then withdrew his finger and put it, childlike, in his mouth.

"It tastes a bit salty". The other couple heaved with laughter, but did not let up on their sucking. They seemed to enjoy each other's cocks a lot.

"Y-y-yes, it does." Felix managed to stammer. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he caught the boy carefully appraising his adult body.

"Golly, Mister Jollybottom, you are big and strong. " The boy gulped, then laughed nervously, as if the ten-year-old was looking at the body of a man for the very first time. Indeed, this nicely built man with his red hair, was the first naked man he had seen nude. The boy noticed how his freckles stood out, on those parts not normally covered by clothing.

Meanwhile, Jollybottom moved his hand up, inserted it in the waistband of Dee's underpants, and caressed his naked little cock; it felt so wonderful, so smooth, so soft and so warm. He moved his hand down a little further and found his perfect little balls and fondled them gently.

Dee's breathing became a little more rapid as the man continued exploring. His work-roughened hand came back up to his cock and slowly wrapped around it, rubbing his thumb along the side till he reached the top. It was finger-sized -- not little finger size, like Cedric's, but a little longer and thicker than his index finger. But it did have a pretty remarkable bulbous knob at the end of his young cock.

"Look! We have matching tops to our dicks." The young lad pointed out the characteristic, which he shared with the man. He held his dick closer to the man's eight-inch long and almost two-inch thick, cock for comparison.

"Yeah, in me younger years me mates teased me about it!" Felix smiled at the happy memories. "They called it `Jolly's club'." The boy laughed infectiously as he admired the big, spongy-looking cockhead.

Felix pulled Dee on top of him. They had baited their raging hormones more than was reasonable. The couple's throbbing crotches pressing against each other - rigid and hot - they were humping against each other, Felix could not help himself nor could the pubescent boy in his arms.

They were both grunting in passion, as their bare legs rubbed against each other. Felix slipped a manly leg firmly between Dee's own where the child held it firmly as he humped away. Dee quivered and stirred. He thrust out his hips slightly, and slowly, sexily.

Then the man moved his mouth towards the child's parted lips and they kissed clumsily.

The child's mouth was warm but Felix realised from his frantic thrashing that the child had never been kissed before. They parted and the man looked into his eyes. The childish face registered total shock. The boy had never dreamt that kissing could be like this!

Their faces once more approached each other and this time his tongue slipped in between Dee's pearl like teeth and Felix pressed his little body against his own, the child's hot cock buried itself in his balls.

Dee wriggled about on top of him as he was introduced to the delights of French kissing. The child was really enjoying all that we were doing, his tongue urgently moving about in his mouth as he kissed with equal passion. "W-w-was...w-w-was that a-a-a s-s-s-snog?" The boy asked nervously as he broke away.

"Yeah mate! That was a snog and I can see yer going to be an ace at it." This time the boy opened his mouth a bit wider was the came together one more time.

A protracted snog followed!

Tweedle's legs were thrashing around, rubbing and humping his tool on the manly leg. His breathing became increasingly rapid as they kissed. Felix hands drew off his Y-fronts and his hand stroked his naked white arse, then he ran his hand over a smooth hairless body, and stroked his blushing cheeks.

"This is fun! And your dick feels nice!" Dee lifted his head and smiled at him as their mouths parted.

Then the boy looked at the man's work-hardened body. He was very lean and very hard - almost like a marathon runner. But it was the textures of the man's body that fascinated the young boy: the firmness of him; the sandpaper-like roughness of his cheeks; the silky-smoothness of his skin in some places and its wiry-hairiness in others.

Dee took the man's cock in his hand, gently playing with the skin that covered the head and very gently worked it back exposing the pink head.

"Mr Jollybottom," the youngster said, looking up into his green eyes, "that big gob-stopper of yours looks ever so yummy and I think I would like to lick the head if you will let me."

"Yer can if yer wants to, I don't mind..."

Very slowly his face drew nearer his prick and that sweet young tongue came out to lick up his pre-cum. Happy's body arched with pleasure.

Felix felt like grabbing his head and face fucking him, just as the randy Sneezy was doing to Grumpy at that precise moment, but instead, he drew him close. Dee's face reached up to his as continued to teach him how to kiss.

As their tongues duelled and their lips explored new territories, Jollybottom let his hand slip down to gently pet his hairless ten-year-old testicles. Then his index finger stroked the slender shaft along the entire length of the three-and-a-half-inch cock, before he the pressed his fingertip to the head and felt the tiny quivering lips of Dee's piss-slit.

He was filled with a passionate longing to suck Dee's young cock. He showered his soft, gentle body with kisses, pausing at his belly button, which he licked and probed with his tongue. Then he hesitated above his young dick, which Happy saw - gloriously fresh and tender.

It was young - yes, a boy's cock, certainly. It could not have been more than three and a half inches long. It's skin was pulled back hard against its shaft and his comparatively large glans was pinkish blue and in the torch light his little nuts were still small and hung in an tight sack between his smooth hairless legs. Happy amorously looked once more at his big tip before plunging down and sucking at it deep and long.

Dee trembled, and then his thighs started to thrust forward. He opened his mouth a bit wider and slipped both his balls in as well. He groaned and the slurp, slurp, slurp of the other suckers mingled with his noisy sucking of his boyish weapon and balls. Felix released his tool and masturbated it while he kissed both his hairless armpits. Dee's body was really trembling now; he thrashed around like a hooked fish.

"Oh, Mr Jollybottom, please suck me again..."

"Oh, Mr Jollybottom, please suck me again!" Cedric imitated the boy's plaintive tone.

"Oh, Mr Jollybottom, please suck me again!" Pausing from the workout he was giving young Cedric, Damien mimicked Dee's voice as well.

"Stop it boys!" Felix warned them to stop baiting the child, and then plunged down on the youngest boy's cock again, determined to get him to climax

Felix expertly coaxed the boy lie back and to ignore the taunting from the others. He first fondled, then began licking his ten-year-old friend's scrotum. This seemed to relax the small boy his wiggling tongue tasting the taught testicles.

He traced the length of the little youngster's penis and suckled the fat cockhead back in his mouth. Dee rolled on his back, spreading his legs wide for the gratifying tongue of his adult playmate.

The grown-up slobbered over his genitals. Dee's toes were curled up. He groaned, tortured by the incessant wet tickling. Felix's mouth sucked at the pricklet with urgency this time, his full lips were really flying, swallowing the hard on to the root.

The ten-year-old bucked his hips, thumping his bottom on the tent's ground-clothe with the jolts of his dry orgasm.

For a while the child's eyes were frozen as if he had seen a ghost.

"Blimey, Dee, mate" Damien said, "you really got me going there! Fuck me that were some orgasm! Woz vat yer first?" But Dee could not respond - his breathing was coming in short, hot gasps.

Then, gradually, the boy returned to consciousness.

"W-w-what w-w-was th-that?" The boy finally managed to respond. The brief moment of ecstasy passed too quickly.

"You came, mate! You `ad an orgasm!" Cedric Snotfinkel informed him.

Coming up for air, he looked over at the two boys on the other side of the torch and said: "Did I really? W-w-wow it... it was t-terrific!"

"Cor, you are a proper horny lad, yer are." Smyke's vigorous stroking of his own cock showed just how much he had appreciated the action.

Dee Tweedle giggled and grabbed his penis, totally ecstatic, from the naughty sex play.

"Yeah. `e is a fuckin' randy shit on va quiet." Cedric agreed.

"Th-th-that was w-w-wonderful, thank you Mr Jollybottom." His state of confusion was passing rapidly.

"Well, was that yer first time, son?" The older man stretched on his back passively and hugged the happy boy to him. He was a great teacher.

The boy managed a silent nod of agreement. Felix Jollybottom grinned triumphantly; he had sucked a virgin lad to climax! This was, indeed, a night to remember!

"Alright lads? How yer both doing?" Happy inquired looking over at the other couple. Cedric was not a problem, as he knew the nine-year-old could stay the night long, fucking but never shooting, but it was young Damien that bothered him. Would the teenager want to cum more than once? It suddenly troubled Felix that this streetwise punk might loose interested once he had shot his load once. Jollybottom reflected on the problem even further, then came up with a solution.

He kissed the dark-haired boy again and said, "Mind if we swap for a while?" Dee Tweedle rolled over, mounted Felix and sat on his belly; his white arse cheeks rested directly on the man's cock. Looking at his exposed bits, Dee thought it was odd that the freckles, that almost entirely covered the man's face, arms and shoulders, almost entirely disappeared about his thighs, cock and bum.

"Well, that depends..." Dee said playfully. Some instinctive knowledge told the young boy that there was something magical about boys' bums and grown men's cocks and this wisdom told him what to do. He ensured Felix's cock was resting in the crack of his cheeks, then pulsed and pressed up and down, squeezing his adult tool between the muscles of his young bum. He shuddered and groaned in response.

"Oh, that's nice. It's so nice!" The tip was about an inch and a half wide and seemed disproportionate to the slender shaft of his cock.

"Please come back" he whispered in his ear, then practised his nearly learned kissing skills. His ten-year-old tongue flicked in and out of his mouth. "Please, don't take too long" he said again.

He reached over and tapped Cedric on the shoulder, which parted from Smyke's cock with a loud slurping smacking sound. He gave a loud sigh and farted loudly. All three boys laughed and giggled. Felix recalled how, at their age, farting was wildly funny.

Cedric, bubbly tyke, was crawling to where Dee sat on his cock and belly. He paused, directed his fleshy arse toward Smyke and let rip with loud fragrant response. Again, laughter all round. Damien responded by throwing both legs in the air in a mock surrender and released an even louder wind from his ladish furrow.

Amid this wild hilarity, Cedric dragged Dee off his lover and started tickled him with both hands. He reduced the boy to a quivering, laughing, wreck. He took the opportunity to make his way over to the streetwise fart artist with his strip of wild blond hair and bald sides that made him at once dangerous, alarming and irresistibly sexy.

Smyke was not completely clean. In fact his body was rather smelly: unaccountably, this just seemed to add to the boy's earthy attractiveness. He tried to look menacing the way he felt he should and had worked out these tricks with his eyes to help this along.

Little did Felix realise, that this was not only attributable to the lack of a shower earlier that evening, but Smyke had reverted to a behaviour pattern he had displayed prior to moving in with the Prim's! He was, once again, going through that phase when boys considered it cool to go without a shower or bath for as long as possible. The sooner knew he grew out of it and start taking greater interest and pride in his firm, young, tough-lad body, the better!

"Well `ello, luv..." Damien Smyke leered up at Felix as he straddled his thighs. His rather dirty hands caressed the line of his jaw and fingered the cleft in his chin. "You want a bit, then?" He asked, his fingers passed under the man's nose; they still smelt of Cedric's bum.

Felix knew from Reverend Prim that his family had moved to the district by a peculiar set of circumstances from the east-end of London. His Father was currently a guest of Her Majesty in Pentonville and the whereabouts of the rest of the family was unknown. Reverend Prim had hoped that his nephew, Osbert would be a good influence on the lad and, indeed, this had for the most part succeeded. Bashful and the choir were keeping him from drugs, football battles, the streets, gangs and violence for which the family had a taste.

Cedric's spit gleamed on Smyke's erection and had matted his dark blond cock hair, while he was gently masturbating his own cock. Felix Jollybottom wanted him badly. His smell was strong and rich and his cocky arrogance turned him on.

Felix sniffed a ripe manly smell emanating from the sixteen-year-old sex organ. "Blimey mate, ain't yer cleaned out yer ol' cheese factory lately?" Grumpy retracted the short foreskin, revealing the fat plumb shaped glans. A thick deposit of a crumbly, white, stuff coated the teenager's cock head - the stink was very conspicuous.

"Yer would thought vat it would cleaned up while ol' chubby `ere woz sucking it for me." Smyke jested as he wiped his cock head clean of the smelly cheese with his fingers, then he rubbed the fingers clean on his upper thigh.

As they faced each other, Felix reached down and kissed him on the cheeks. Grumpy's hands grasped the man's cock and drew it onto his own and he simultaneously jerked off both cocks in one hand, while squeezing four balls with the other hand.

The adult's mouth found his to the teenager's. Smyke resisted his tongue at first, then stopped resisting and allowed him to have his way.

"Sorry luv," he said after a while, "I'm not too 'ot at this kissing stuff. At least, not wiv grown men, yer know wot I mean? Now boys -- vats another matter!"

"Have you done much of this?" Felix inquired. As you, dear reader, will perceive, Felix had a great deal to learn about our friend Grumpy!

"Not much!" A wicked gleam appeared in his eye. Grumpy thought it wonderful that this silly man was under the impression that he was some kind of innocent. He horny lad that was trying gay sex for the first time and he sustained the joke: "I just done wanking, sucking and stuff, but none of this sissy kissing shit!"

The lust took over! Now he needed that cock. Felix slipped between the boy's legs and roughly drew his cheesy-cock deep into his mouth. He squeezed his balls firmly as the lad started to face-fuck him. Its smell was rich and ripe and he'd decided body odour added to his rough quality.

"But I'll tell yer wot, mate, va fing wot I likes best is great big dick wedged right up me bum hole and cumming so bleeding `ard vat it shoots out me nostrils!"

"Fuckin' `ell!" Felix exclaimed as if you had just administered a thousand-volt shock to his testicles! "Wot did yer just say?" he asked incredulously and he realised his foolishness when he heard Cedric snigger merrily, saw his eyes sparkle and his jelly-belly wobble with mirth.

"Gotcha!" Damien Smyke whooped triumphantly!

But Felix was too far-gone to be deterred by this disclosure, but he paused long enough to say, "Fuck me face hard, pal."

Grumpy increased his rhythm. He groaned and his legs started thrusting around and the acting youth leader guessed he was close to shooting his wad. The man drew the foreskin back and sucked at the cockhead. Smyke's arse muscles flexed rhythmically, his knees where in the air and open and closing around Felix's head, while the man drew the whole shaft into his mouth and thrust it in and out.

Jollybottom was overcome by a dirty, instinctive desire to explore his arse. His face ran down the length of the teen cock, licked his nuts and he explored the areas between arse hole and balls.

Among his other personal hygiene problems, Smyke did not keep his love hole too clean either. None the less the man's index finger explored his tainted hole, rubbing the muscles. The few hairs around his anus were caked together with shit and Felix decided to keep his tongue for cleaner holes in the tent.

""Yesssss!" Grumpy groaned "I'm gonna cum mate. Push yer finger up me bum! Harder!" His voice trembled. ""Yesssss!" Now, suck! Suck! Suck!" Happy obliged him and soon felt gush after gush of teenage sperm discharging in his mouth.

"Oh, fuck! Yesssss!" Damien Smyke yelled in ecstasy. "Yesssss!"

Felix did not swallow. No! He had other ideas. He withdrew Smyke's prick from his mouth, restrained the spunk in his mouth and crawled over to the younger boys. He learned over and drew Cedric's mouth to his own. As they kissed, he let Damien's sperm stream into Cedric's mouth.

The initial surprise soon passed, the nine-year-old did not find the idea in the least bit nauseating and he drank hungrily from his lover's mouth.

"What yer doing?" Damien asked, squeezing the last white droplets out onto his belly. He realised something was up.

"Cor! Vat woz great, Happy!" Cedric called out. Then, turning to Damien he added: "Happy woz just sharing your hot cum with me, mate".

"You guys drink cum?" Smyke said surprised.

"Hot and straight form the tap, its great!" It was Felix's chance to shock Smyke.

"I spit it out... Unless was Bashful's...Blimey that lad's cum were as sweet as nectar. But I reckon vat is all over now!" Sadly the youngster lay on his side, his head resting on his hand, his cock promptly subsiding. "We woz an item, yer know, but `e hates me guts now!" Felix had been unaware of any relationship with the Vicar's nephew - he determined to get all the facts about this side of Grumpy Smyke from Cedric later.

"ATTCHOO! My turn, now!" Called Sneezy. As he arched his back, pressing his buttocks down to the tent floor, offering him his, by now familiar, enthralling anal-groove. As Felix kneeled behind him, supporting his back and pressing his legs in the air, he looked down. Only his shoulders were rested on the floor. It was clear that Felix Jollybottom worshipped Cedric's perfectly smooth, baby-soft body and the boy knew where to put that charming chubby bum.

Felix pulled Cedric's cheeks apart enthusiastically. He caught a whiff from his fragrant trench. His tongue wet the whole cleavage and cleaned up and down, then took aim at the hot pink rim. Cedric shuddered. On and on he licked and sucked his tight little arse hole.

"Bloody `ell! Vat looks great!" Smyke was grinning widely as he expressed approval. Eating a lad's bum hole - now that was a very thrilling pastime. His concern that this streetwise punk might loose interest had proved to be completely unfounded. His free was already stroking his limp tool back into life.

Felix paused and spat on his index finger, then he worked it gently between the rubbery, outer ring and rim muscle that protected the deep velvety interior.

Felix worked his tongue in and out of his pulsating back-passageway. "Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me please." The child moaned encouragement. Cedric's index and forefingers started to draw open his rim helping to draw Felix's eager tongue to press on in. The man plunged deeper into Cedric's arsehole with his tongue.

After he finished tongue fucking him, he returned his mouth to his small but rampant cock.

"No, Happy. Please don't stop. I like it there, mate, it feels wicked-nice." Sneezy whined teasingly.

"Here, hold on lad's," said Smyke lifting his head from his sleeping bag, "I got a better idea." Smyke had been wondering how close Felix was getting to his orgasm. He suspected he was holding out, seeing if his ability to keep from cumming would outlast his stamina. He decided to have ago at including his adding some inspiration to proceedings and he motioned to Felix. "Get up on yer knees mate an' let me slip under yer."

"Then wot?" asked Cedric a little irritated that this rearrangement was depriving his arse of the benefit of Felix's tongue.

"Then Happy, `ere, fucks me hole, good and `ard, while he sucks yer `bunghole for yer and I sucks on va little lad"

Felix's jaw was starting to ache. A break from tonguing his little jelly-belly would be welcome and he was not as antagonistic to the idea as he once might have been.

"You got any Vaseline, then?" asked Felix.

"Never without it, mate! Never know when I might get lucky!" He made a dive for his backpack in the corner of the tent and returned with a jar. Felix smeared a bit on his dangerous looking eight-inch cock and a bit on Smyke's dirty-brown asshole.

Smyke seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He got onto the bed of sleeping bags under Felix on all fours, sticking his arse up into the air.

Smyke's hairless boy balls hung in their tight sack between his thighs. Felix manoeuvred himself into position behind the boy. He put his hand on Smyke's shoulder and with the other hand guided the tip of his cock to the boy's anus.

The reality of what was transpiring was not lost on the most inexperienced of the group, Dee Tweedle gazed at Smyke open-mouthed. He was going to be fucked.

"Yeah, Dee, yer `eard right." Said Felix in a patiently effort to educate the boy, "some lads need to `ave something up their holes. And our mate Grumpy, `ere `as a bit of an itchy bum, like."

"O-o-oh I-I s-s-see!" Dee said doubtfully, and trusting his hole would not be the next to suffer the same treatment.

"While we're doing it, open yer legs up so that grumpy can suck yer cock for yer."

"Does that hurt?" The novice asked while he obediently opened his legs and pressed his tool against the teenager punk's lips.

"It did at first," said Smyke as he gave the child's bulbous cockhead an exploratory lick. "Yer gets used to it. Happy `as a big one, but I'm sure I can take it."

"Now just relax and don't try to stop me," Felix said, as he lent forward. Damien felt the head of that cock of his slip between his buttocks. It was not precisely on target so he moved his bum until it was pressing directly on his back door. God, how he loved this anticipation!

Dee and Cedric leaned in closer to get a good look. They were anxious to see if Smyke would really do it. Cedric had only seen this in pictures but Dee had no idea what to expect.

Smyke felt the bedding sag as he placed a hand on each of Felix's shoulders and transferred his weight on to them. Jollybottom's initial thrust was surprisingly gentle, but quite effective and it got the head of his manhood in him.

But sure enough, the pre-teen audience saw Felix swung his hips forward and sank his cock slowly into Smyke's tight arse. The boy didn't even flinch.

"Yesssss!" Grumpy groaned with something between pain and ecstasy.

The feeling of his arse getting filled was not a novel one for Damien Smyke, but none of the lads that had fucked him to date, had quiet as much on offer as this adult man.

"Cor! Nice one, mate!" Said Cedric. He was impressed by the penetration and stood masturbating his little tool gently.

Smyke had a fair idea that asking him to stop would not work so he pretended that he was sitting on the toilet and tried to push him out as if he was having a crap.

"There we go," Happy sighed. Then he slowly shifted his weight slightly and began to sink into him. But his efforts to dislodge him did not have the desired effect and actually helped Felix plough deeper into him. "Now just do that one more time and I'm there."

He wasn't really hurting, Smyke just felt over full back there. So it was quite easy to try to expel him again. He relaxed and pushed, he slid all the way home. He could feel the carrot-coloured hair round his cock pushing into his buttocks.

"You see, yer gotta be gentle, or it must `urt like all heck." Cedric explained to Dee as they stood by and watched. The chubby lad was proving to be rather good teacher. The older Anorak's undulating hips had started a gentle fucking motion. They were close enough to see the man's shaft disappearing between the teenaged boy's tight cheeks. Felix felt a bit guilty for not letting him in the fun as they had arranged.

"So Smyke, are do yer still wanna suck this little guy off?" asked Felix.

"Sure," said Smyke and started tentatively licking his three-and-a-half-incher. Dee moaned with pleasure as Smyke's lips found his hard little penis. As the big boy wrapped his lips around the bulbous, circumcised head, he sighed. The twin's modest cock was a remarkable size and shape, which made playing with it delightful, if delicate, work. Smyke eagerly sucked the small boy's penis into his mouth, savouring the smooth young erection. Finally he found what he had been looking for, a boy suck while he was being solidly fucked! He was hoping that Cedric would not become jealous and stop him before he had his fill.

Slowly Felix lowered his full weight onto him. Smyke was now helpless. Pinned to the ground below the tent by a grown man, with his hard cock as far up his arse as it would go.

Smyke squirmed experimentally. Deep in his innards the eight-inch cock responded by twitching. "Yesssss! My Gawd vat felt real great, mate," Smyke said appreciatively. He shivered with delight and he began to move.

With exquisite slowness he pulled back and he experienced the merciful release of his bowels emptying. It was not at all like the normal feeling, as he had no control over it. Then, just about when he was about to crying out from feeling so empty, he reversed direction and he was filled once more. When he got to the deepest part he wiggled and Felix's cock gave an answering twitch.

"Ah, you like it?" The acting youth leader asked a murmured question, in his ear. He was now punctuating his questions with sharp thrusts of his cock. By way of an answer Smyke wriggled again and the cycle repeated.

Cedric watched in amazement. He was quiet content to sit and watch his lover fuck the living daylights out of the punk while he masturbated. The practicalities of the situation were making the plans impractical. Felix was fucking Smyke doggy-style; Smyke had his mouth full of Dee's cock and so there was no way that Felix could suck Cedric unless the boy stood beside him.

"Come on lad, a deal is a deal. Come stand `ere were I can get me mouth round yer todger!"

The fat child stood on the tent floor next to the fornicating group and Felix lifted his head and swallowed his cock. Felix's fuck strokes became Felix's suck strokes, and Cedric had to keep his body rocking back and forth. Felix had his hands on Smyke's shoulders and so he could not use a hand on the child's lovely fat bum, to help hold him in place, as he would normally have done.

From time to time, Dee noticed the chubby little lad's wobbly-bottom spasm in response to Felix's playful abuse.

As great a time as he was having, this was all still not good enough for Smyke. He wanted that great big man's cock to explode inside him! That would sort Osbert Prim out! He, Smyke, would get the adult to send his lovely cum shooting into him.

"I want yer to fuck me and cum inside of me, mate." Damien said.

Felix removed little Cedric 's cock from his mouth and moaned loudly. "That's a good lad," he sighed in Smyke's ear. There was no way that Felix could realise that he was only a pawn in a complex game of sexual one-upmanship between two teenagers. At this point Felix increased his fucking tempo and Smyke braced his arms to absorb the force.

Smyke was very excited. He could feel the pre-cum running down his shaft. He licked the full length of the Dee's shaft (which, as he had already said, was not that long) and once again placed his lips and mouth on the head of his young cock. He was really bouncing around by now, as Felix really got stuck into a good rhythm. He managed to keep the spongy head of the pre-puberty cock into his mouth, all the while licking and sucking on it at a furious pace. He then slowly started to push his head mouth down the shaft, taking more and more of it into his hungry mouth. He started to hum slightly, setting up strange vibrations throughout the shaft of Dee's cock and right down into his ball and arse.

"Oh my goodness!" Dee Tweedle exclaimed.

Jollybottom kissed the back of Smyke's neck this dirty, rough boy turned him on. Gradually his strokes speeded up. Smyke found that he was now thrusting back to meet him. The pleasure he was giving the boys; the sight of the rough young skinhead, who was warmly sucking at Cedric's cock, turned him on very much. This and the sense of danger of having sex with three under-age boys, all enjoying the pleasures of his flesh, finally drove him to the limit. Felix's breathing was becoming ragged and, from experience, Grumpy knew the adult's orgasm was close at hand.

Then, with four or five deep strokes, supplemented by loud grunts, Felix's hands grasped his shoulders and his hips began to thrust more forcefully. Then his cock was jumping around like crazy inside him and all too soon his orgasm peaked and he could feel it pumping his white-hot seed deep in Smyke's arse.

"Yesssss! Yesssss!" With each stroke Grumpy let out a triumphal roar. "Yesssss!"

Meanwhile Cedric began to moan and thrust his hip way up into his lover's face. Felix's sucking was increasing in pace and strength. Felix had his eyes tightly shut as he shot his load, but in his minds eye he could see everything that was happening. He saw Cedric's adorable face - his gorgeous, wobbling, smooth body moving in rhythm to his oral thrusts, his other little hand furiously massaging the base of his cock and his hairless pubic area while his ravishing boy dick was lodged right in his lover's sucking mouth.

As Damien Smyke lay there under the man, his cock still inside him, quietly wilting, all he wanted to do was to get fucked again! Out of curiosity he twitched his bum and felt Felix's cock respond.

"'oly Mary, muver of Gawd" he groaned! It took the tough-boy a while to realise he was being tossed off! His head wiped around to see who was doing it. "Happy, oh fuck. I'm going to cum!" Smyke yelled. Dee's hands received the full blast from Smyke's flawless four-inch beauty. Cum ran splashed onto the bedding and left a puddle in the outstretched palm of young Dee's hands. Dee felt Damien convulsing as his second wad flowed from his clenched fist and ran onto his leg. Again and again Smyke shot.

Smyke had made use of the grown-up for his own pleasure, now he realised that young Dee had been using him in much the same manner and in some way this increased his perverse delight.

Damien Smyke looked over to Dee. He gulped in surprise at what he saw. The dark haired twin knelt closely to his body, his knees pressing against the punker's side. He was masturbating alone. Dee raised his cupped hand to his lips and slowly poured the puddle of Cedric's spunk slowly into his own mouth. Then smiling at some private thought, he rubbed the last traces all over his shining head of his sweet cock!

Smyke's eyes remained locked on Dee. The kid went into frenzy, he jerked his cock wildly for a few seconds, shuddered and feel to the floor in the throws of violent dry cum! Finally, the twin fell back, exhausted.

They lay in silence. The rain continued falling on the canvas roof above them.

Dee had rather quickly brought himself off to another dry climax, while Happy caressed Cedric's hairless nakedness. Smyke muzzled Dee's neck and ear.

"Enjoy it, kid?" Smyke asked and Dee nodded violent agreement.

"When will mine grow?" The little lad asked.

"Who cares" Smyke said.

When he made a move to get off him but Smyke begged the man to stay inside him. Eventually Smyke expelled the man's softening cock from his shit hole and Grumpy have never felt so empty, and in a strange way, so lonely, in his life. His asshole glistened with Vaseline, and a rivulet of pearly-white drops leaked out of the puckered hole and ran down his ballsack.

"How's it feel when 'e did vat tongue stuff to your 'ole, mate?" Smyke asked the chubby boy. The punk was already considering new anal sensations. Cedric farted in reply.

"You could try vat with me" Smyke turned to Felix and volunteered.

"Grumpy, mate, you are a lot of fun, but I fink if yer fink about bathing some times, then maybe we'll try it".

"Oh?" He seemed in deep thought for a moment.

"Okay, Mister Jollybottom. Okay. I'll take you up on vat".

Exhausted, they slowly drifted into a sleep just where they lay. The last thing Felix remembered was a considerate Smyke lifting his head and putting a pillow below it, then throwing a sleeping bag over four naked moist bodies.

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